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Full text of "Debrett's Peerage of England, Scotland, and Ireland. revised, corrected and continued by G.W. Collen"

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peerage of (Smt iSritain anb 



peeragt of (great 33ritain 
anb 3Irclantj 


















HODOSON ! 1-- « 



now; J-. TEMP 







The Proprietors of Debrett's Peerage, in order to render this 
Edition yet more worthy of the patronage of the Public, have, in addition to 
the several improvements which have characterized the late impressions of 
the work, adopted the alphabetical arrangement, for the purpose of affording 
a greater facility of reference ; and the Editor has, at the same time, pre- 
fixed a list of the Peers of the United Kingdom of Great Britiun and Ire- 
land, according to their respective precedency, a feature which has hitherto 
been wanting to the Work. 

July 1840. 


Ablxreriatioiifl •..••.•.••.. Tiii 
Occunenoes doring Prindng ..... riii 
List of the Peen and PeereMea (in 
their own Right) ofthe United King^ 
dom of Great Britain and Ireland^ 
aeoovding to their Preoedenee ... z 

Peereaaee in their own Bight zii 

Somnnee and Superior Titles of the 
Peers and Peereeoee of the United 
Kmsdom of Great Britain and Ire- 


and borne by Mem- 
of noble Families ....... xrii 

SeeoxulTitles g;eneraUy borne bj Peen' 

eldest Sons zriii 

A List of such Peers of England who 

are Peen of Scotland or Ireland, the 

Pedisree of whose Family will be 

found under their superior Titles . xx 

List of the BepresentatiTe Peers of 

Scotland and Ireland xxi 

A Last of Peers entitled to Tote at the 
of Irish Representatire 


rHSerent Degrees of Nobilitj .... zxii 
P^rrileges of Peers of the United 
Kinsdom of Great Britain and Ire- 

ImcKi zxv 

'NumlMr of Ch^lains the Peen may 

qualify zzv 

TaUes of Precedency, with Lists of 
those who have special Gnnts of 

Precedency zzyi 

An Alphabetical Arrangement of the 
Mottoes of all the Veen of the 
Umtnl Kingdom of Great Britain 

and IreUnd, with oorrect Transla- 
tions zx:^ 

A Table showing the Years of erery 
King's Reign, from William tKe 
Conqueror to ner present Majesty, 
togetner with the Year of dnrist, 
corresponding with those of the re^ 
spectire Sovereigns and the contem- 
porary Kings ofiScotland and France zzzviii 

Descent of the Royal Family zlri 

Dukes of the Royal Blood Ivii 

DukeSy Marquesses, Earls, Viseonnts, 
and Barons of the United Kingdom 
of Great Britain and Ireland, in 
Alphabetical Order 
Archoishops and Bishops of England. 787 
Archbishops and Bishops of Iielan4 . 793 

Bishops ot the Colonies 797 

Alphaoetical List of the Married 

Daughten of Peen 799 

Enqusr Titles eztinct, dormant, and 

in abeyance 815 

Scots Titles dorpiaat and extinct . . . 835 
Irish Titles dormant and extinct . . . 839 
Irish Titles granted by James II. after 

his Abdication 847 

English and Irish Peerages conferred 

or restored by each of our Sovereigns 

during their respectire Reigns . . • 847 

Knights of the Most Noble Order of 

the Garter, with the collar, star, and 

jewel of the order 849 

Knights of the Most Ancient Order of 
the Thistle, with the collar, star, 

and jewel of the order 851 

Knights of the Most Illustrious Order 
of St. Patrick, with the collar, star, 
and jewel of five order . , 853 

y.B, CommamctdMooB to be addressed to the Editor, to the care of Mr. Pickehiko, Chan- 
enj Lane, or to anj other of the Publishers. 


b. for bom 

m. nuurried 

unm, unmaiTied 

da. or dafl. daughter or daughters 

h. heir or heiress 

«. p. without issue 

d, died 

P.C. Privy Counsellor 

D.C.L. Doctor of Civil Law 

B.D. or D.D. Bachelor or Doctor of Divi- 

D.M. Doctor of Music 

F.A.S. Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries 

F.R.S. Fellow of the Royal Society 

F.L.S. Fellow of the Linnaean Society 

M.D. Doctor of Medicine 

M.R.I.A. Member of the Royal Irish Aca- 


K.G. Knight of the Garter 

K.T. Knight of the Thistle 

K.P. Knight of St. Patrick 

G.C.B. iGught Grand CxtMS of the Bath 

K.C.B. Knight Commander of the Bath 

C.B. Companion of the Bath 

G.C.M.G. Grand Cross of St. Michael and 

St. George of the Ionian Islands 
K.C.M.G. Commander of St. Michael and 

St. George of the Ionian Islands 


K.C.S. Charles III. of Spain 
K.A. St, Andrew in Russia 
K.C. Crescent in Turkey 

K.W.E. White Eagle in Poland 

K.S.E. St. Esprit in France 

K.A.N. St Alexander Newski in Russia 

K.B.A. St. Bento d'Avis in Portugal 

K.B.E. Black Eagle in Prussia 

K.E.S. Ernest of Saxony 

K.F. Ferdinand in Spain 

K.G.F. Golden Fleecy in.SpiMn 

K.G.V. Oustayus Vasa in Sweden 

K.I.S. Isabella of Spain 

K J. St. Joachim 

K.L. Leopold of Austria 

K.L.B. Leopold of Belgium 

K.L.H. Legion of Honour 

K.E.S. Ernest of Saxony 

K.M. Knight of Malta 

K.M. Merit in Holstein 

K.M.J. Maximilian Joseph in Bavaria 

K.M.T. Maria Theresa in Austria . 

K.N.S. Royal North Star in Sweden 

K.R.E. Red Eagle in Prussia 

K.R.G. Redeemer of Greece 

K.S. Sword in Sweden 

K.S.A. St« Anne in Russia 

K.F.M. St. Ferdinand and Merit in Sicily 

K.d.G. St. George in Russia 

K.S.L. Sun and Lion in Persia 

K.S.P. St. Stanislaus in Poland 

K.S.W. St. Wladimer in Russia 

K.W. William in the Netherlands 

K.T.S. Tower and Sword in Portugal 

K.E. Elephant in Denmark 

G.C.H. Grand Cross of the Kanoverian 
Guelphic Order 

K.C.H. Kniffht Commander of the Hanove- 
rian Guelphic Order 

K.H, Knight of the Hanoverian Guelphic 


Pace 4, Lieut.-col. the Hon. George-Ralph 
Abercrombvy to be lieutenant and sheriff 
principal of the shire of Clackmannan. 

Pitfe 54y Hon. and Rev. Charles-Brodrick 
Bernard, to the vicarage of Bantry, co. 




Jan. f2, Hon. Mrs. John H. Roper-Cnrzon, a 


March 29, Lady Barbara Newdigate, a son. 
March 30, Lady Theresa Digby, a da. 
April 11, Hon. Mrs. Arthur ArundeU, a da. 
^ ^ril 22, Hon. Mrs. Charles Stanley, a da. 


April 25, Hon. Mrs. Edward Cecil Curson, 

a da. 
April, Lady Fanny Howard, a son. 
IVfay 12, Viscountess Chels^ a son. 
May 13, Lady Kinnaird. a son and heir. 
May 14, Lady Robert Urosvenor, a da. 




Majr, IjuAy Louiaa Knox, a son and heir. 

Alay 9S, .lion. Mrs. Robert Forbes, a 3on. 

May 25, Hon. Mrs. Spring-Rice, a da. 

May 96f Ladj of rear-adm. hon. M. J. Hen- 
niker, a da. 

May 26f Lady Emma YeseVy a da. 

May, Hon. Mrs. Andrew Stuart, a da. 

May 38, Hon. IVIrs. Craven F. Berkeley, a da. 

June, Hon. Mrs. Boyle, a son. 

June, The Counteaa of Leven and Melville, a 

June, The lady of the hon. and rev. H. Leg:ge, 
a son. 

June 13, Lady Charles Tliynne, a da. 

June 17, Lady Lyttelton, a da. 

June 19, Viscountess Combermere, a still- 
bom son. 

June 20, Hon. Mrs. Douglas, a son. 

June 20, Hon. Mrs. Frederick D. Ryder, 


twin das. one still-bom. 
June 20, l^y Rivers, a da. 
June 21, Lady Howard, a son. 
June 22, Lady Harriet Ilervev, a da. 
June 22, Lady of hon. sir Hercules Paken- 

ham, a da. 
June 23, The Countess of Lincoln, a son. 
June 23, The Countess of Denbigh,- a da. 
June 29, Lady Andover, a da. 
June 29, Lady Ernest Bruce, a son. 
June 30, The Countess of Brecknock, a son 

and heir. 
July 3, Lady Fitzallan, a da. 
July 3, Hon. Mrs. Charles Hanbury-Trac}', 

a son. 
July 4, Lady Henrr Cholmoddeley, a da. 
July 4, Hon. Mrs. St. Clair,.a da. 
July 7, Countess of Grosvenor, a son. 
July 9, Lady Mary Gordon, a da. 



Jan. Earl of Ashbumbain, to Miss Baillie, da. 
of George Baillie, of Jerviswood, esq. and 
sister to the marchioness of Breadalbaiie. . 

April 7, Hon. Rachel- Emily Irby, da. of lord 
Boston, to William Jones Prowse, esq. 

April 21, Lady Louisa Cadogan, to rev. Wil- 
liam Marsh, D.D. 

April 23, Frances-Caroline, 2d da. of lord R. 
Edward Henry Somerset, G.C.B. to Theo- 
philus Clive, esq. 

June 4, Lady Isabella Erskine, to John Gor- 
don, esq. 

I 1840. 
June 24, Williakn Corbet Smith, esq. to Hon. 

Emily St. John, da. of viscount lioftngbroke. 
June 25, Lady Georg^ana-Isabella Campbell, 

da. of earl Cawdor, to John Balfour, esq^. 
July 2, Hon. Charles Napier, brother of lord 

Napier, to Annabella Jane, only da. of cot. 

Gatacre^ of Gatacre, co. Salop. 
Julv 4, James Nevill Heard, esq. to lady 

Charlotte Tumour, sister to the present 

earl of Winterton. 
July 9, Col. Frederick Clinton, to hon. Mary 

Margaret Montagu, 2d da. of lord Montagu. 



Jan. f8, Hon. Frederick Ashe A'Court, 

youngest son of lord Heytesbury. 
Feb. 13, Hon. John-Charles Best, son of lord 

Feb. 17, Frances-Ursula, eldest da. of hon. 

and rev. George Pellew. 
Feb. 25, Arabella-Cecil Gage, wife of hon. 

T. W. G. 
March 25. Lady Mary Hussey, da. of Hora- 
tio, earl of Onord. 
March, Mrs. Elizabeth Acklom, sister to 

Francis, 1st earl of Bandon. 
April 19, The Hon. Thomas Arundell, infimt 

son of lord Arundell. 
April 17, Hon. Mrs. Everr, wife of Henry 

£. esq. eldest son of sir Henry E. bart. and 

da. otvisoount Ashbrook. 
April 22, Lady Barbara Newdigate, da. of 

earl of Dartmouth. 
April 23. Hon. Mary-Isabella Carrington, 

eldest dia. of lord Carrineton. 
April 23, Hon. Mrs. Freaerick 8. Wedder- 

oarUf da. of viscount Arbuthnot. 
May 1, Frederick lord Ashtown, and was suc- 
ceeded br his nephew, Frederick, present 

Msy 6, Lord William Russell, uncle of the 

<mke of Bedford. 
Mar 7, Lady Anna Lumley, eldest da. of 
fohn, 6ih emrl of Scarborough. 


Mav 7, Arthur-Richard, youngest son of lord 
Robert Grosvenor. 

May, Lady Frances Beresford. 

May 27, Hon. Mrs. FuUerton-EIphinstone, 
set. 84. 

Mav 30, Mary, countess dowager of Cork and 
Orrery. . 

June 9, Hon. sir William H. O'Callaghan, 

June 9, Viscountess De Vesci. 

June 17, Hon. Mrs. Causton, da. of lord Lil- 

June 21, Anne, countess dowager of Hadding- 
ton, et. 81. 

June 22, Thomas earl of Ducie, and was suc- 
ceeded by his eldest son, Henry-George- 
Francis, present earl. 

June 23, Lady Mary-Anne Vaughan, sister of 
earl of Kenmare. 

June 24^he infant da. of hon. lieQt.-col. and 
Mrs. Douglas. 

June 30, Hon. Maria Tennant, sister to the 
earl of Yarborough. 

July 5, Lieut.-col. hon. Edward Stopford. 

July 5, Charles-George, Lord Arden, set. 84, 
and was succeeded by his eldest son, George- 
James, present lord. 

July 5, Rev. lord E. Chichester. 

July 6, The right rev. John- Banks Jenkinson, 
DO. bishop of St. David's. 



651 DufliiB, S 
651 RoUo, S 
651 Ruthven, S 
683 KinnairdyS 
690 Polwarth, S 
711 Middleton 
728 Monson 
741 Montfort 
746 Bruce 
746 FortesGoe 

760 Sondes 

761 Scaradale 

761 Boston 

769 Holland 

762 Vernon 

765 Camden of CamdenPlaoe 

776 Hawke 

776 Folej 

780 Dvnevor 

780 Walsingbam 

780 Bagot 

780 Southampton 
782 Grantley 

782 Rodnej 
784 Carteret 
784 Berwick 
784 Sherborne 
786 Monta^ 
786 Suffield 
786 Dorchester 
788 Kenyon 
788 Braybrooke 

790 Douelaa of Douglas 
792 Thurlow 
794 Lyttelton 
796 Calthorpe 

796 RoIIe 

797 Carrington 
797 Bayning 
797 Bolton 
797 Wodehouse 
797 North wick 
797 Basset 

797 l.ilford 
797 Ribblesdale 
597 Kingsale, I 
461 Trimlestown, I 
490 Dunsany, I 
541 Dnnbojrne, I 
.541 Louth, I 
621 Blayney, I 
715 Carbery, I 
718 Aylmer, I 
756 Famham, I 
758 Lisle, I 

770 Arden, I 

776 Newborough, I 
776 Macdonald, I 
776 Kensington, I 
776 Ongley, 1 

776 Massy, I 

777 Rokeby, I 

781 Muskerry, I 

783 Riyersdale, I 


783 Muncaster, I 
789 Kihnaine, I 

789 Cloncurry, I 

790 Clonbrock, 1 
792 Waterpark, 1 
794 Graces, I 

794 Bridport, I 

795 Rancliffe, I 

796 Huntingfield, I 

796 Rossmore, I 

797 Keith, I. 
797 Hotham, I 
797 Cremome, I 
797 Headley, I 
797 Teignmouth, I 

797 Crofton, I 

798 Ffrench, I 

799 HenW, I 

800 Lancrrord, I 
800 De Blaquiere, I 

800 Dufferin&Claneboye, I 

800 Henniker. I 

800 Ventry, I 

800 Wallsoourt, I 

800 Mount Sandford, I 

800 Dunalley, 1 

800 Hartland, I 

800 Clanmorris, I 

800 Radstock, I 

800 Gardner, I 

800 Nugent, I 

.800 Ashtown, I 

800 Clarina, I 

801 Moore, I 
801 Carysfort, I 
801 Alvanley 

801 Abercromby 

802 Redesdale 
802 Rivers 

802 Ellenborough 
802 Sandys 

805 Barham 

806 Rendlesham 
806 Erskine 
806 Granard 

806 Crewe 

807 Manners 
812 Decies 

812 (^astlemaine 

814 Lynedoch 

814 mil 

815 Churchill 

815 Harris 

816 Prudhoe 

817 Colchester 
821 Silchester 

818 Garvagh 

819 Howden 
821 Glenlyon 
821 Maryborough 
821 Ravenswortn 
821 Delamere 
821 Forester 

821 Rayleigh 


822 Downes, I 

823 Bexley 

824 Gifford 

825 Bloomfield 

826 De Tabley 
826 Whamclifie 
826 Feversham 
826 Seaford 

826 Fitzgerald and Vesci 

827 Lyndhurst 
827 Tenterden 

827 Plunket 

828 Cowley 

828 Stuart de Rodiesay 
828 Heytesbnry 
828 Clanwilliao 
828 Skelmersdale 

828 Wallace 

829 Wynford 

830 Br^ughsm and Vaux 

831 Talbot ^e Malahide, I 
831 Ludlow 

831 Panmvre 
831 Poltimore 
831 Mostrn 
831 Seg^e 
831 Temj-lemore 
&31 Dinorben 

831 De Saumarez 

832 Godolphin 

833 Western 

834 Denman 
834 Carew 
834 Werjnan 

834 DuEcannon 

835 Abingpr 

835 De L'Isle and Dudley 
835 Ashburton 
835 Glenelg 
835 Hatherton 

835 Strafford 

836 Cottenham 
836 Stratheden 
836 Langdale 

836 Oranmore and Browne 

837 Portman 
837 Lovat 

837 Bateman 

838 De Mauley 
838 Wrottesley 
838 Sudeley 

838 Methuen 

839 Beauyale 
839 Stahley 

839 Stuart de Dedes 
839 Leigh 
839 Wenlcck 
839 Lurgan 
839 Colbome 
839 De Freyne 
839 Dunfermline 
839 Monteagle 
839 Seaton 
839 Keai)^. 


1797 Basset, E. baroness 
1529 Braye. £. baroness 
1299 De Clifibrd, E. baroness 
1643 Dysart, S. countess 
1324 Grey de Ruthyn, E. ba- 

1840 Inverness, E. duchess 
1797 Keith, I. baroness 
1264 Le Despencer, E. ba- 

1776 Mansfield, E. eountess 
1688 Sempill. S. baroness 
1836 Stratheden, E. baroness 
1834 Wenman, E. barones 
1306 Zouche, E. baroness. 




^i^*B. — ^The names within parentheses are additional sumameB to he placed hefore the name 
ocscnrring in alphabetical order, which is the principal or last surname of the Peer ; — e. g, 
yaijen (Child), is to be read ChUd-Villiers, Stanley (Smith), Smith-Stanlejr, &c. 

d Dnke — ^m Marqaesft— « Earl — ▼ Viscount. 
Those without any letter are Barons. 

A BBOT — Colchester 
Abbott— Tenterden 
Abercrombv — Abercromby 
Acb^on— Goaford e 
A'CouTt— Heyteabury 
Addington — Sidroouth r 
Agar — Normanton e 
Agw-ElUa-CUfden r 
Aiexaoder — Caledon e 
Allanson-Winn — Headley 
Allen — Allen r 
Amherst — Amherst e 
Anderson « Pelham — Yarho- 

roa^h e 
Annesley — Annesley e 
Ammley — Mountnorris e 
Anson — Lichfield e 
Arbutfanot — ^Arbuthnot v 
Arden — ^AlTanley 
Amndell (Monckton) — Gal- 
way ▼ 
AnxndeU — ^Arundell 
Ashbomham — Ashbumham e 
Aahley-Cooper — ShaAesbury 

Aaton — ^Aston 
Ayfaner (Whitworth)— Ayl- 

Ba^ — Bagot 
Barinjr — Ashburton 
Bampfylde — Poltimore 
Bamewall — Trimlestown 
Barrington — Barrington ▼ 
Basset — Basset baroness 
Bateonan-Hanbury — Bateman 
Bathorst — Bathurst e 
Beaoderk— St. AlbanB d 
Bennett— TankerviUe e 

Portland d 
Bere8fonl(De la Poer)— Wa- 

terford m 
Bereaford — ^Bereaford v 
Beicsford (Horsey )—Decies 
Berkeley—Berkeley e 
Berkelef— Segrsve 
Beram-'Bandon e 

Ihm titt 1 AnAmc y © 

Bertie— Abingdon e 

Bickersteth — Langdale 

Bingham — Lucan e 

Bingham — Clanmorris 

Blackwood — Dufierin and 

Blake— Wallscourt 

Blayney — Blayney 

Bligh — Damley e 

Bloomfield — Bloomfield 

Bootle - Wilbraham — Skel- 

Boscawen — Falmouth e 

BoBTille - Macdonald — Mac- 

Bourke — Mayo e 

Bourerie (Pleydell) — Radnor 

Bowes (Lyon) — Strathmore e 

Boyle— -Cork and Orrery e 

Boyle — Shannon e 

Boyle — Glasgow e 

Brabazon — Meath e 

Brand — Dacre 

Bridgeman — Bradford e 

Bro£ick — Midleton v 

Bromley — Montfort 

Brougfaiam — Brougham and 

Brown — Sligo m. 

Browne — Kenmare e 

Browne— Kilmaine 

Browne — Oranmore& Browne 

Bruce (Brudenell) — Ailes- 
bury m 

Bruce (Brudenell) — Bruce 

Bruce — Elgin e 

Brudenell--Cardigan e 

Brudenell-Bruce— Ailesbury e 

Brudenell-Bruce — Bruce 

Brydges - Chandos - Grenville 
([Temple - N ugent) — Buck- 
ingham d 

Burgh — Downes 

Burrell (Drummond) — Wil- 
loughby de Eresby 

Burroughs — Paulett — Win- 
chester m 

Burr — Charleville e 

Butler — Ormonde m 

Butler — Carrick e 

Butler — Kilkenny e 
Butler — Dunboyne 
Butler — Lanesborough e 
Butler — Glengall e 
Byng — ^Torrington v 
Byng — Strafford 
Byron — Byron 
Cadogan— -Cadogan e 
Calthorpe (Gough) — Cal- 

Campbell — Argyll d 
Campbell — Breadalbane m 
Campbell — Cawdor e 
Campbell — Stratheden ba- 
Canning — Canning v 
Canning — Garvagh 
Capel — Essex e 
Caradoc— Howden 
Carew — Carew 
Carey — Falkland v 
Carleton — ^Dorchester 
Carnegie — Northesk e 
Carpenter— Tyrconnel e 
Carring^n — Carrington 
Cathcart — Cathcart e 
Caulfeild — Charlemont e 
Cavendish - Bentinck - Scott — 

Portland d 
Cavendish — Devonshire d 
Cavendish — Burlington e 
Cavendish — Waterpark 
Cecil (Gascoigne)-— Salisbuiy 

Cecil — Exeter m 
Chandos - Grenville (Temple- 
Nugent-Brydges) -^ Buck- 
ingham d 
Charteris- Douglas (Wemyss) 

— Wemvss e 
Chetwyncjf— Chetwynd v 
Chetwynd-Talbot— Talbot e 
Chichester — Donegal m 
Chichester — ^Templemore 
Child-Villiers — ^Jersey e 
Cholmondeley — Cholmonde- 

ley m 
Cholmondeley— Delamere 

Churchill (Spencer)— Marl- 
borough d 



Clements — Leitrim e 
Cliflbrd— Cliflbrd 

CochniDe — ^Dundontld « 

Cocks — Sommera e 

Coke — Leicester e 

Cole — Enniskillen e 

Colville— Colville 

ComptoQ — Northampton m 

Conway (Seymour) — Hert- 
ford m 

Conjngham — Conyngham m 

Cooper (Ashley) — Shaftes- 
bury e 

Copley — Lyndhurst 

Corry (Lowrv)— Belmore e 

Cotton (Stapfeton) — Comber- 
mere T 

Courtenay — Devon e 

Coventry— Coventry e 

Cowley- Wellesley -^ WeHes- 
ley m 

Cowpei^-Cowper e 

Cranstoun — Cranstovs 

Craven — Craven e 

Creighton — Erne e 

Crewe — Crewe 

Crichton-Stuart — Bute m 

Crofton — Croftoa 

Cuffe— Desarte 

Cunon-Howe — ^Howe e 

Curson (Roper ^ — ^Teynham 

Curson — Scanoale 

Cunon — ^Zouche baroneas 

Cust — Brownlow e 

Dalrymple — Stair v 

Dalzell — Camwatb e 

Dawnay — Downe v 

Dawson — Portarlington e 

Dawson — Cremome 

Deane-— M uskeirr 

De Blaquiere — De Blaquiere 

De Burgh— Clamicaide m 

De Courcy — ^Kingsale 

De Grey — ^De Grey e 

De Grey— WaLnngham 

De la Poer-Beieaford— Wa- 

De Montmorency — Frankfort 
de Montmorency t 

De Montmorency — ^Mantmor- 
res V 

Denman — Denman 

De Ros ( Fitseerald)— De Bos 

Devereux — HereffOird t 

Digby — ^Digby e 

DiUon — Clonbrook 

Dillon — Roscommon e 

Dillon-Lee— Dillon v 

Dormer — Dormer 

Douglas- Scott (Montagu)— 
Bucclench d 

Doufflas (Wemyas-Charteris) 
— -Wemyss e 

Dougla»--Qneensb«ny m 

Douglas— Morton e 

Douglas — Selkirk e 

Douglas— Dooglaa 

Drummond (my)— Kinnonl 

Drummond — Strathallan y 

Drummond - Burrell — Wil- 
loughby de Eresby 

Duff— Fife e 

Dunbar — Dufltis 

Duncan - Haldane -*- Camper- 
down e 


Dundas(Saunders) — Melville 


Dundas— Zetland e 
Dutton — Sherborne 


Saye and Sele 
Eden — ^Auckland e 
Edgcumbe — Mount Edg- 

Edwardes — Kensington 
Egerton — ^^Vilton e 
Eliot — St. German's e 
Elliot-Murray-Kynymnond — 

Minto e 
Ellis (Agar)— CHfden v 
Elli»— Howard de Walden 
Ellis — Seaford 
Elphinstone — Elphinstone 
Elphinstone ( Mercer)^ICeith 

Erskine — Marr e 
Erskine — Buchan e 
Er8kine(St.Clair)— R4]e8lyn.e 
Erskine — Erskine 
Evans- Freke — Carberj 
Eyre — Newburgh e 
Fairfax — Fairfax 
Falconer (Keith)^Kintore e 
Fane — Westmoreland e 
Fermor— Pomfret e 
Feilding — Denbigh e 
Ffrencf— Ffrench 

Save and Sele 
Finch — Aylesford e 
Finch-Hatton — Winchilsea 

and Nottingham e 
Fitsclaienoe — Munster e 
Fitzgerald — Leinster d 
Fitsgerald-de-Ros— De Ros 
Fitseerald (Vesey) — Fitsge- 

Fitsgibbon — Clare e 
Fitzmaurice (Petty) — Lans- 

downe m 
Fitzmauzice — Orkney e 
Fitsroy — Grafton d 
Fitsroy — Southampton 
Fitswilliam— Fitzwilliam e 
Flower — Ashbrook v 
Foley — Foley 
Forbe»-— Granard e 
Forb^ — Forbes 
Forester — Forester 
Fortescue — Fortescue e 
Fortescue— Fortescne 
Fox-Strang^ays — Ilchester e 
Fraser — SaJtoun 
Fraser — Lovat 

Freeman-Mitford — ^Redesdale 
Freke (Evans) — Carbery 
Gage — Gage v 
Ganinei^— Oardner 
Gasooigne - Cecil — Salisbury 


Germain — Dorset d 

Gifford— Giffoid 

Ginkell — Athlone e 

Gordon - Lennox — Richmond 

Gordon — Huntly m 

Gordon (Hamilton) — Aber- 
deen e 

Gordon— Kenmure v 

Gore — Arran e 

Gongh-Calthorpe— Calthorpe 

Gower (Leveson) — Suther- 
land d 

Gower (Leveson) — Granville 

Graham — Montrose d 

Graham — Lynedoch 

Grant — G lenelg 

Grant>— Ogilvie— Seafield e 

Graves— G raves 

Gray — Gray 

Grenville (Temple - Nugent - 
Brydges -Chandos)— Buck- 
inghittn d 

Grenville( Nugent-Temple) — 

Grevifie — Brooke and War- 
wick e 

Greville — ^Mansfield countess 

Grey — Stamford e 

Grey — Grey e 

Grey — Grey of Groby 

Grimston — Vemlam e 

Grosvenor — Westminster m 

Haldane (Duncan)— Camper- 
down e 

Hamilton— Aberoom m 

Hamilton — ^Hamilton d 

Hamilton-Gordon — ^Aberdeen 

Hamilton — Haddington e 

Hamilton — ^Belhaven &8ten- 

Hamilton— Boyne v 

Hampden (Hobwt) — Buck- 
inghamshire e 

Hanbury (Bateman) — Bate- 

Hanbury-Tracy — Sudeley 

Handoock — Castlemaine 

Harbord— Suffield 

Hare — Listowel e 

Harley — Oxford e 

Harris — Mahnesbuy e 

Harris — Harris 

Harvey-Hawke— Hawke 

Hastings (Rawdon) — Hast- 
ing m 

Hastings (Rawdon) — Grey 
de Rttthyn baroness 

Hastings— Huntingdon « 

Hawke (Harvey)— Hawke 

Hatton (Finch)— Winohilaea 
and Notts e 

Hay-Drummond — Kinnool 

Hay— Twee^dale m 

Hay — EiToll e 

Henley — Henley 

Henlev-Ongley — Onglegr 

Henniker-Major — ^Heniuker 

Herbert — Powis e 

Herbert — Pembn^ h Mont- 



H^bert^<:arnirToii e 

Uenrey — ^Bristol m 

Hewitt— Lifford r 

Hill — Downshire m 

HiU (Nod>-Berwkk 



Hohirt Hmpdm Bockin^ 

hamshire e 
Holroyd— Sheffield e 
Home (RamejV— Homfi e 
Hood— Hood V 
Hood— Bridpoit 
Hope'^Hopetoun e 
Honlej-BereBfoid— DecieB 
Hotlum — Hotham 
Horell-Tharlow — Thnrlow 
Howaid— Norfolk d 
Hotrafd — Sufiblk Mid Berk- 

Howard— Carlisle e 
Howard — ^WioUowe e 
Howard — Effingbame 
Howe (Ciirxon> — How€ e 
Httghea— Dinorbeo 
Hatchiiuon-'-Doiioagluaoic e 
lones-Ker — Soxlmrgh d 
IrbT— BoatoB 
Jenraiioo — Livmoel e 
Jennnffbam (Steabrd) SUf - 

Jenrifr— St Viaoent r 
Jooelyii — Roden e 
Jones — Ranelagh r 
Keith-Faloooer— Kmtore « 
Kennedy — AJlsB m 
KenjoD — Keayon 
Keppel — Albojoarle e 
Ker (Iniiea)>-Roxbiugh d 
Kerr^LoUuan at 
Kiag<-.KiBg«t«fBi « 
King — ^Lorelaoe 6 
King — Lorton v 
KiBBaird — Kimtau^ 
Knox— Ranfinriy e 

— Mutoe 

Laml>— Meiboame T 
Lunb— Beflttvale 

Lambton — ^Duiiaia e 
LMeeUe^Har0«rood e 
Lawkia— Cloncurry 
I^ (IKlloaWDiUoa t 
I fm ot k Miltown e 

Lennox ( Gordbn ) — Rieii- 

Le Poer Treacli— Chnoar^ e 
L«»lie — ^Rothes e 
Uriie — Leren and Melville e 
l^reson-Gower — Sntherland 


UresoD-Gower — GranviUe e 
Uddell— RareDtworth 
lindsay — Balcaxres e 
Uster— Ribbleadale 
UttletOD — Hatherton 
Uoyd— Moatjn 

Loftiia— Ely m 

Lowrv-Corry — ^Belaore e 

Lowtaer — Lonadalee 

Ludlow — Ludlow e 

Lomley - SavUle — Scarbo- 
rough e 

Lyon-Bow«fl — Strathmore e 

Lysaffhtr— Liale 

Lytt^ton — ^LytteltoB 

Idacdooald (BoaviUe)— Mao- 

M'DonneU — ^Antrim e 

Mackay — Reay 

Mackensie (Stuart- Wortley) 
— WhamcUffe 

Mahon— Hartland 

Maitland — Lauderdale e 

Major (Henniker) — Heniii- 

Mannera— Rntlaiid d 

Manners-Sotton— Caoterbnxy 


Maimers-Sutton — Manners 

Mann — ComwaUiao 

MarBbam-RomDey e 

Maasey— Claiina 

Maasv — ^Maasy 

Maude — Hawarden 

Maiil&— Panmiws 

Maxwell — Famhaaa 

Maynard — Maynard v 

Meade— ClanwiHiani e 

Mercer - Elpbinaloae — Kaith 

Methoen— Metfanea 

Millea— Sondes 

Mitford ( Freeman >— Redea- 

Moleaworik— Moleawortli v 

Molyneox— SeftoB e 

Monck-^latbdown « 

MoncktoB - AjrundeU -» Gal- 
way v 


Monta^ — Manchester d 

Montagu-Sandwich e 

Montagu - Douglaa - Soott^ 
Bnocleuch d 

Montagu— Rokel^ 

Montagn-Soott— Montaga 

Montgomerie--rEgli]ikm a 

Moore — Drogheda m 

Moore-— MountcaahflU e 

Moreton (Reynolds) — Dusie 

Moat^rn— Vanz 

Mullina— Ventry 

Murray— Adiolld 

Murray — Dunmore e 

Murray — Mansfield e 

Murray — EUbank 


Murray-Kynynmond (Elliott) 
— Minto e 

Napier— Napier 

Needham — Kihnorey e 

Nelson — Nelson e 

Netterville — Netterville v 

Neville— Abergavenny e 

Neville— Braybrooke 

Noel — Barham 

Noel-Hill— Berwick 

North— GuiUbid a 
Norton — Grantley 
Nugent — VV'estmeath m 
Nugent - Biydees - Chaados - 

Grenville (Temple ) — 

Buckingham d 
Nugent - Temple - Grenville— 

O'Bryen — ^Thomond m 
O'Callaghan — Liamore v 
Ogilvy — Airlie e 
Oplvie (Grant)--Seafield e 
O Grady — Guillamore v 
O'Neill— O'Neill e 
Ongley (Henley)— Ongley 
Onslow — Onslow « 
Orde-Powlett— Bolton 
Osborne— Leeds d 
Osborne — Godolphin 
Paget — ^Anglesey m 
Paget— Paget 
Pakenham — ^Longfbrd a 
Parker— Macclesfield e 
Parker — Morley e 
Parkyns — Raneti^ 

Paulett ( Borroaghs )— .Win- 
chester m 

Pelham-CUnton — Nawoastle 

Pelham— Chiohefter a 

Pelham (Andenon) — Yarbo- 

PeHew — Ezmonth v 

Pennington — Muncaster 

Pepya— Cottenham 

Perceval — ^Egmonta 

Perceval — Arden 

Percy — Northumberland d 


Percy — Prudhoe 

Pery — Limerick e 

Petrc- — Petre 

Petty - Fitzmaurioe — Lans - 
downe m 

Phipps — Normanby m 

Pierxepont — ^Manvers e 

Pindar — ^Beaachamp a 

Pitt-Rivers — Ravers 

Pleydell-Bouverie — ^Radnor e 

Plunketr— Pfamkat 

Plunkett— FingaU e 

Plunkett — Dunsany 

Plunkett— Louth 

Pole (Welkaley)— Maiyba- 

Pomeroy-^Harbartan ▼ 

Ponsonby— Beasborongh a 

Ponsonby— Ponsonby v 

Ponsonby — ^Dancannon 

Ponsonl^ — ^De Mauley 

Powlett (William>-niU7niDg 

Portman — Portman 

Poulettr— Poulett e 

Powlett (Orde)— Bolton 

Powys — Lilford • 

Pratt — Camden m 

Pratt — Camden 

Preston — Gormanston v 

Primrose — Rosebeny e 

Prittie— Dunalley 

Proby— Carysfort e 



Quin( Wyndham) — DuQraven 

Kamej-Home — Home e 
Ramsay — Dalhousie e 
Rawdoa-Hastings — 1 laatings 

Rawdon-HaatingB — Grey de 

Ruthyn baroness 
Reynolds- Moreton — Ducie e 
Rivers (Pitt)— Rivers 
Rice — JDynevor 
Robinson — Ripon e 
Rodney — Rodney 
RoUo— RoHo 
Roper-Curson — ^Teynham 
Rous — Stradbroke e 
Rowley — lAngfbrd 
Rushont — North wick 
Russell— Bedford d 
Russell — De Clifford baroness 
Russell — Howland 
Ruthven — Ruthren 
Ryder — Harrowby e 
St. ('lair— Sinclair 
St. Clair-Erskine — Rosslyn e 
St. John — Bolinrbroke y 
St. John — St. Joun 
St. Lawranoe — Howth e 
St. Leger — Doneraile ▼ 
Sandford — Mount Sandford 
Saumarez — De Saumares 
Saunders - Dundas — Melville 


Savile — Mexborough e 
Savile (Lumley) — Scarbough 

Scarlett — Abin^er 
Soott ( Cavendish - Bentinck ) 

—Portland d 
Scott— Polwarth 
Scott ( Montaffu - Douglas ) — 

Buccleuch d 
Scott — Clonmel e 
Scott — Eldon e 
Scott (Montagu)— Montagu 
Sempill — Sempill baroness 
Seymour - Conway — Hertford 

Seymour— Somerset d 
Sherard — Harborough e 
Shirley — Ferrers e 
Shore — ^Teignmouth 
Sidney— De L'Isle and Dud- 
Sinclair — Caithness e 
Skeffington — Massereene ▼ 
Skeffington — Ferrard v 
Smith-Stanley — Derby e 
Smythe — Strangford v 
Somerset— Beaufort d 

Somerville — Somerville 
Southwell — Southwell r 
Spencer - Churchill — Marlbo- 
rough d 
Spencer — Spencer e 
Spencer — Cnurchill 
Stafford - Jemingham — Staf- 
Stanhope — Chesterfield e 
Stanhope — Stanhope e 
Stanhope — Harrington e 
Stanley (Smith)— Derby e 
Stanley — Stanlev 
Stapleton — Le Despencer ba- 
Stapleton - Cotton — Comber- 
mere V 
Stewart — Galloway e 
Stewart — Castle Stewart e 
Stopford — Courtown e 
Stourton — Stourton 
Strangways (Fox) — Ilchester 

Stratford — Aldborough e 
Strutt — Rayleigh 
Stuart (Crichton)— Bute 
Stuart (Villiers)— Stuart de 

Stuart - Wortley-Mackenzie — 

Stuart — Stuart de Rothesay 
Stuart — Moray e 
Stuart — Traquair e 
Stuart — Blantyre 
Sutton ( Manners ) — Canter- 
bury ▼ 
Taafffr— Taaffe ▼ 
Talbot — Shrewsbury e 
Talbot (Chetwynd)— Talbot e 
Talbot— Talbot de Malahide 
Taylour— Headfort m 
Temple — Palmerston v 
Temple - Nugent - Brydg^ - 
Chandos-Grenville — Buck- 
ingham d 
Temple -GrenviUe (Nugent) 

— -Nugent 
Thellusson — Rendlesham 
Thicknesse-Tuchet — A udley 
Thurlow (Horell) — ^Thurlow 
Thynne— -Bath m 
Thvnne — Carteret 
ToUemache — Dysart countess 
Toler — Norbury e 
Tonson — Riversdale 
Townshend— Townshend m 
Townshend — Sydney 
Tracy (Hanbury) — Sudeley 
Trefusis — Clinton 
Trench — Ashtown 
I Trench(I^Poer)— Clancartye 
» Trevor — Dungannon v 

Tuchet (Thicknesse) — ^A udley 
Tufton— Thanet e 
Tumour — Winterton c 
T wisleton- Fiennes ( Eardley ) 

— Saye and Sele 
Underwood — Inverness dss 
Upton — ^Temuletown v 
Vane — Cleveland d 
Vane — Londonderry m 
Vanneck — Huntingneld 
Vansittart — Bexley 
Vassall— Holland 
Vaughan — Lisbume e 
Vereker — Gort r 
Vemev — Willoughby de 

Vesey — De Vesci v 
Vesey- Fitzgerald — Fitzgejrald 
Villiers — Clarendon e 
Villiers (Child)— Jersey e 
Waldegrave — Waldegrave e 
Waldegrave — Radstock 
WalUce— Wallace 
Wallop — Portsmouth e 
Walpole— Orford e 
Ward— Ward 
Ward — Bangor v 
Warren— De Tablcy 
Warren — Vernon 
Wellesley — Wellington d 
WeUesley(Cowley)— Welles- 

ley m 
Wellesley — Cowley 
Wellesley - Pole — Marybo- 
Wemyss-Charteris- Douglas — 

West — Delawarr e 
Westenra — Rossmore 
Western — Western 
White— Bantry e 
W hitworth- Aylmer — A ylmer 
WUbraham ( Bootle ) — Skel- 

William- Powlett — Bayning 
Willoughby— Middletbn 
Wilson — llerners 
Windsor — Plymouth e 
Wingfield — Powerscourt y 
Winn (Allanson) — Headley 
Wodehouse — Wodehouse 
Wortley- Mackenzie (Stuart) 

— Wnamcliffe 
Wrottpsley — Wrottesley 
Wykeham — Wenman baron- 
Wyndham — E^mont e 
Wyndham - Qum — Dunraven 

Wjmn — Newborough 
Yelverton — Avonmore y 
Yorke — Hardwicke e. 



A'Cottrt - Holmes — Heytes- 

Agu-Robaites — Clifden v 

Aston (Hervey) — BriBtol m 

Ajn&hsj — Atholl d 

BailUe - Hanulton — Hadding- 
ton e 

Barclay — Lauderdale e 

Barker (Ponflonby) — Bessbo- 
rongh e 

fiathnnt (Hervey) — ^Bristolm 

Belasyse — Xewborouffh 

Bertie -Percy (Greatheed) — 
Bererler e 

Bourerie (Pleydell)— Radnor 

Bowles (Roshout)— North- 

Boyle (Carr) — Glaagow e 

Boyle - Walsingham — Shan- 
non e 

Bradshaw (CaTendiah)— Wa- 

Bridgeman - Simpson — Brad- 

Boiler • £lphinBtone — Elphin- 

Burrell — ^WiUooghby de Eres- 


Barton — Conyngham m 

Batler - Clarke - Southwell - 

Wandeaford — Ormonde m 
Butler - Danrers — Lanesbo- 

Butler - Johnstone — Dun* 

Carr-Boyle — Glaagow e 
CaulfeUd (Eyre) — Charle- 

Carendiab - Bradahaw — Wa- 

Clirtwynd - Stapylton — Chet^ 

wvnd Y 
Clarke - Southwell - Wandes- 

ford (Batler) — Ormonde m 
Cochrane - Johnstone — Dun- 

donald e 
C<»Ie-HamiIton — Ennislrillpn e 
Colley-Harberton r 
Compton (Douglas)-— North- 
ampton m 
Conolly (Pakenham)— Long- 

Constable— Clifibrd 
ComwaUis — ComwaUis e 
Coytmor — Newborough 
Cost (Home) — ^Brownlowe e 
Daaier (Dawson) — Portar- 

I^toren ( Butler) — Lanesbo- 

rongh e 
iJ'Arcy Evans — Carbery 

Dawson (Alassy) — Massy 
Dawson-Damer — Portarling- 

ton e 
Douglas - Compton — North- 
ampton m 
Duff-Gordon — Aberdeen e 
Egerton — Sutherland d 
E^hinstone - Fleming — £1- 

Elphinstone (FuUarton) — El- 

Elphinstone (BuUer) — El- 

Erskine (Kennedy)— Ailsa m 
Evans (D'Arcy )---Carbery 
Eyre - Caulfeild — Charlemont 

Eyre — Nelson e 
Fellowes — Portsmouth e 
Fleming - Elphinstone — El- 
Fleming-St. John — St. John 
Foley (Hodgetts) — Foley 
Forrester-Inglis — Dundonald 

Fox— Holland 

Fullarton - Elphinstone — El- 
Gordon (Duff) — Aberdeen e 
Gordon-Hallyburton — Hunt- 

ly m 
Greatheed- Bertie-Percy — Be- 
verley e 
Grenville (Neville) — Bray- 

Hallyburton ( Gordon ) — 

Huntly m 
Hamilton ( Cole ) — Enniskil- 

Hamilton ( Baillie ) — Had- 
dington e 
Haroourt (Vernon) — ^Vernon 
Harley (Rodnev)— Rodney 
Harman rKing>— Lorton v 
Hay-Mackenzie — Tweeddale 

Heriot— Lauderdale e 
Hervey-Aston — Bristol m 
Hervey-Bathurst — ^Bristol m 
Hodgetts-Foley — Foley 
Hohnes (A'Court)— Heytes- 

Hom^Cust — Brownlow e 
Hope- Weir — Hopetoun e 
Hope (Johnstone) — Hope- 
toun e 
Howard (Molyneux) — Nor- 
folk d 
Howard — ^Templetown 
Inglis (Forrester) — Dundo- 
nald e 
Johnstone (Butler) — Dun- 

Johnstone (Cochrane) — 

Dundonald e 
Johnstone-Hope — Hopetoun e 
Kennedy-Erskine — Ailsa m 
King-Harman — Lorton v 
Langdale — Stoorton 
Langley — Downe 
Leicester — De Tabley 
Leieh — Sudeley 
Lesue-Melville — Leven 
Lloyd-Mostyn — ^Arfostyn 
Long - Wellesley (Tilney) — 

Lvgon — Beauchamp e 
ftlacfirill (Maitland)— Lauder- 
dale e 
Mackenzie (Hay) -— Tweed- 
dale m 
Mackenzie (Stewart)— Gallo- 
way e 
Maitland - Macgill — Lauder- 
dale e 
Mansel — Jersey e 
Massv-DawBon — Massy 
Matcham — Nelson e 
Melville (Leslie) — Leven 
Molyneux- Howard — Norfolk 

Mostyn-Lloyd — Mostyn 

N aper — Sherborne 

Neale — Bexley 

Neville - Grenville — Bray- 

Pakenham - Conolly — Long- 
ford e 

Pawlet — Cleveland d 

Percy (Greatheed -Bertie) — 
Beverley e 

Pleydell-Bouverie— Radnor e 

Ponsonby- Barker — Bessbo- 
rough e 

Powys — Denbigh e 

Pusey — Radnor e 

Quin — Headfort m 

Rice-Trevor — Dynevor 

Robartes (Agar) — Clifden 

Rodney-Harley — ^Rodnev 

Rushout-Bowles— Northwick 

St. John (Fleming) — St John 

Simpson (Bridgeman)— Brad- 
ford e 

Smith — Carring^n 

Southwell-Wandesford (But- 
ler-Clarke)— Ormonde m 

Stapylton (Chetwynd) — 
Chetwynd v 

Stewart - Mackenzie — Gallo- 

Stratford (Wingfield)— Pow- 

erscourt V 
Stuart (Villiers)— Bute m 



Talmash — Djurt oounteu 
Tilnej-Lone - Wellesley — Ma- 
ry Dorouffo 
Towiuhena — Bayning 
Trevor (Rice) — Dynevor 
VaTaaour— Stoorton 

Vernon — ^Vernon 
Vemon-Harcourt — Vernon 
Villierg-Stuart — Bute m 
Walsingham (Boyle) — Shan- 
non e 
WandMford (Butler - Clarke 

Southwell^ — Ormonde m 
Weir (Hope) — Hopetoun e 
Wellesley (Tilney-Long) — 

Wingfield - Stratford — Pow- 

ersoourt ▼ 
Wynne — ^Ayleaford e 



Thoie in Italics are the second titles of Peers who have no heirs apparent, and are oonse- 

Jiuently not at present in use ; those marked [*1 are titles taken cram the surname of the 
amily. and used where the father has no second title. 

d iJuke— m Marquess— « Earl— ▼ Viscount. Those without any letter are Barona. 

Aberdour — Morton e 
Aborne e — ^Hnntly m 
*Acbesbn — Gosford e 
Adare ▼ — ^Duniaren e 
Aekrim — Athlone e 
Alfoid V — ^Brownlow e 
Altamont e — Sligo m 
AUharpe r — Spencer e 
Alexander r — Caledon e 
Amiens ▼ — ^Aldborough e 
Ancrum e — Lothian m 
Andover ▼ — Suflblk e 
Anson ▼— Lichfield e 
AptUy — Bathurst e 
Ashley — Shaftesbury e 
Balgonie — ^Leven e 
Beerharen y — fiantry e 
Beaumont m — Roxburgh d 
Bectire e — Headfort m 
Belfast e — ^Donegal m 
Bernard T-^Banaon e 
Berriedale— Caithness e 
^Bertie — Lindaey e 
Bingham— Lucan e 
Binning — ^Haddington e 
Blandiord m — ^Marlborongh d 
Bormgdon r — Morley e 
Boscawen-Rose — Faimonth e 
Boyle V — Shannon e 
Brabaaon— Meath e 
Brecknock e — Camden m 
Brome ▼ — ComwaUis e 
Brooke — Brooke and War- 
wick e 
Brace e— Ailesbnry m 
Bmoo—Elgin e 
BnMisii«tf--Cardigan e 
Burford e— St Albans d 
Burghersh — Westmorland e 
Burghley — Ezetmr m 
Bury ▼ — ^Albemarle e 
GtrnMireftsn m— Leeds d 
Caher — Glengalle 
Caatalupe ▼ — ^Delawttire 
Cardross — Buchan e 
CMing/ord r — ^TyreonBel e 
CarUno v — Portarlingtoa e 
Cassilaa e — ^Ailaa m 

Cattle Cuff y — Desart e 
Casdereagh ▼ — Londonderry 

CattUroae r — Kenmare e 
^Caulfeild r — Charlemont e 
Cayendish — Burlington e 
Chandos m — Buckingham d 
Chelsea ▼ — Cadogan e 
ChevoUm r — Waldegrare e 
^Clements y — Leitrim e 
Cajhrn — Darnley e 
Chve ▼ — Powis e 
CUmmort — Wicklow e 
Cochrane — Dundonald e 
CodEsmiotttfc^Egremont e 
Coke T — Leicester e 
*Cole ▼ — Enniskillen e 
ColethiU T_Diglnr e 
Compton e — Nortnampton m 
•Corry v— Belmore e 
*Courtenay — ^Devon e 
Cranbome t — Salisbury m 
Cranley ▼ — Onslow e 
*CreigMmi r— £me e 
Curaon ▼ — Howe e 
XXui^-SeUdrk e 
Dalkeith e — Buccleuch d 
Dalmeny— Roseberry e 
DcUrympU — Stair r 
DalM/^— Camwath e 
Darlington e— Clereland d 
Deerhurst t— Coventry e 
Deioti»— WesCmeath m 
Douglas m — ^Hamilton d 
Douro m — Wellington d 
Doune — Moray e 
Drvmbmrig r — Queensbeny 

Duncan v— Caaa uer d ow u e 
Duncasnoa ▼ — Bosborough e 
Dwndai Zetland e 
Dungarvan ▼— Cork and Or- 
rery e 
Dunglas-^Home e 
Dunkelin— <laariearde m 
Dunlo ▼— Cianoaity e 
Dunluce v — Antrim e 

T Sti adbfoke e 

Duplin ▼ — Kinnoul e 
Dunley r — Berkeley e 
Earlsfort — Clonmel e 
Eastnor y — Sommers e 
Ebrington y — Fortescue e 
EIcho~-Wemyss e 
Eliot — St. German's e 
ElmUy y — Beauchamp e 
EmlyJ y-Cawdor e 
Kneombe y — Eldon e 
Emiismore y — Listowel e 
Euston e — Grafton d 
Feilding y — ^Denbigh e 
Fentan y — Marr e 
Fincastle y — Dunmore e 
Fitzclarence y — Munster e 
Fit%£ibbon y— Clare e 
Fitxnarris y — Malmesbuiy e 
Folkestone y — Radnor e 
* Forbes y — Granard e 
Fordwich y — Cowper e 
Garlies— Oalloway e 
Gifibrd e— Tweeddale m 
Gilford—- ClanwiUiam e 
Glamia — Strathmore e 
GUmdine y — Norbury e 
Glentworth — Limerick e 
Glerawley v — ^Annesley e 
Goderich y — Ripon e 
Graham m — ^Montrose d 
Granby m — Rutland d 
Greenock — Cathcart e 
Grey — Stamford and War- 
rington e 
Grey de Wilton y— Wilton e 
Grimston — ^Vemlam e 
Grosyenor e — Westminster m 
Guernsey — ^Aylesford e 
Hamilton y— Aberoom m 
Haddo— Aberdeen e 
Harley — Oxford e 
HartingUm m — ^Deyonshire d 
*Haating$ — Huntingdon e 
HawhetSury — Liyerpool e 
Herbert — Pembroke and 

Montgomery e 
Hillsborough e— Downshire m 
Hinchinbrook y — Sandwieh e 



Hinton y — Poulett e 
Hobart — Buckinfrhamshire e 
Holmesdale ▼ — ^Amhenit e 
Hopts— HopetduA e 
Howard — Eflbighiun e 
Howick y — Grey e 
Hantingtower — Dysart ooiint- 

Hyde — Clarendon e 
Ikerrin ▼ — Carrick e 
lucrum e — ^Thomond m 
Ingeetne ▼ — ^Talbot e 
layemrf — ^Kintore e 
Jernnm ^^Brittol m 
Jooe^n T — Roden e 
Kelbume r — Qlaigow e 
Kilcoaraie r — Cavan e 
Kildare m— Leinster d 
Killeen — ^Fingall e 
Kiihmnjf' WeU — ^Roscommon e 
Kilmarnock — £ny>U e 
Kflwosrth — ^MoiuntcaslieU e 
Kmg$boraugh v — Kingston e 
Kmnaird v — Newborgh e 
Kirkwall r — Orkney « 
Lamliton r — Dorham e 
Laaoellea y — Harewood e 
Leketter e — ^Townaheod m 
LrCBipftef*-— Pomfir^ e 
Leslie — ^Rotliead 
Lereson— <yranTiIle e 
Lewiaham r-^DartmootJi e 
Lincoln •—Newcastle d 
Lindsay — Baloarretfe 
Untan — ^Tnqaair 
Loftna T — ^Ely m 
Lorn m — ^Argyll d 
Loraine — Bererler e 
Loagliboroii|d»*-Ko8ilyn e 
Lowtber r— -Lonadale e 
Lvau — De Grey e 
latmlty t — ScanMrougb e 
lymit^tan r — Portamoutb e 
Hacdt^y — Fife e 
MaboQ y-^tanbope e 
Maidstone v — Wincbilsea e 
Maxtland r^-Lauderdale e 
Maiden r -£wox e 

Mandeville ▼ — MancbeBter d 
Marcb e — Ricbmond d 
Marsham y — Romney e 
Melffond y^Minto e 
MidaUtex e — Dorset d 
Milton T— 'Fitswilliani e 
Molyneux y — Sefton e 
Mandi y-»Ratbdown e 
Montgomtri&^lEg^ton e 
Moore r — ^Drogbeda m 
Moreton — Dncie e 
Morpetb y— Carlisle e 
Mornington e-^Wellesley m 
Mountcnarlas e—- Conyngbam 

Mounigarret y— ^Kilkenny e 
Molgraye ^^Normanby m 
Naat — Mayo e 
Neyille y-— Abeigayenny e 
Newark y— Manyers e 
Newport y — Bradford e 
Newry y — Kihnorey e 
Newtown - Butler — Lanesbo- 

rougb e 
Norreys — ^Abingdon e 
*Nortli--^iiilford e 
Nortbland y — Ranftirly e 
Ockbam y — Loyelace e 
OgilvjjT — ^Airlie e 
Ormelis e— Breadalbane m 
Ottory e-— Ormonde m 
Ossolston— TankeryiUe e 
Oxmantown^^Rosse e 
^Paktnham — ^Longford e 
Parker y — ^Macclesfield e 
Pelbam— Cbicbester e 
Perceyal y — Egmont e 
Percy e — Noruumberland d 
Petersbam y — Harrington e 
Peyenaey y — Sheffield e 
Pollington y — Mexborougb e 
Porcbester — Camaryon e 
Preston y — ^Ludlow e 
*Proby y — Carysfort e 
Ranuay — ^Dalbottsie e 
Rawdon e-^Hastinffs m 
Raymond y — O'Neul e 
Reuihaven y— Seafield e 

Rocksavage e — Cbolmondeley 

RotehiU — Nortbesk e 
Royston y — ^Hardwicke e 
Russborougb y — Miltown e 
Sandon y — Harrowby e 
St, Aaaph v — ^Asbbumbam e 
St. Lawiance y — Howtb e 
*Seabam y — Londonderry m 
Seymour — Somerset d 
Sbelbume e — Lansdowne m 
iSA«rar<i->-Harborougb e 
Somerton y — Normanton e 
Stafford m — Sutherland d 
Stanbope — Chesterfield e 
Stanley — Derby e 
Stayoraale — Ilcbester e 
Stewart y — Castle-Stewart e 
Stopford y — Courtown e 
Stormont y — Mansfield e 
Sudley y — Arran e 
Suirdale y — Donoughmore e 
Surrey e— Norfolk d 

* Talbot — Shrewsbury e 
Tamwortb y — Ferrers e 
Tayistock m — Bedford d 
Titcbfield m— Portland d 
TnMgar y — Nelson e 
Tujton — ^Thanet e 
TuUamore — Cbsirleyille e 
T%Mibardxn m — Atholl d 
Tumour y— Winterton e 
TVnms e — Waterford m 
l/ffington y — Crayen e 
Uzbndge e — ^Anglesey m 
Valentia y — Mountnorrts e 
Valletort y — Mount- Edg- 

cumbe e 
*Vaugban — Lisbume e 
Villiers y — Jersey e 
Weymouth y — Bath m 
Wiltshire e — Winchester m 

• Wwdtor — Plymouth e 
Windeor e-— Bute m 
Worcester m — Beaufort d 
Worsley — ^Yarborough e 

Yarmouth e — Hertford m 

« Borne hy his lordship's sacoad Km as heir appaient to the English honours. 






Scots Honours, 

Hamilton d. 

Buccleuch e. 

Lennox d. 

ArgyU 1^- 

Atholl e. 

Montrose e. 

Roxburgh e. 


Huntlj b. 

Lothian b. 


Sutherland d. 

Erroll b. 

Eglinton b. 

Caasilis m 

Moray - ]^* 

Aberoom m 

Galloway b. 

Haddington b. 

Eng. Honours. 

of Brandon, 
of Doncastpr. 
of Richmond. 
Sundridge and Ha- 


. of Ailsa. 
Stuart, of Castle 
. of Abercom. 
Stewart, of Garlies. 

Scots Honours, 




Bute and Dumfries. . 

















Belharen and Stenton 


Irish Honours, 

















Cork and Orrery .... 




Waterford and Wex- 



Kerry and Shelbume 








Eng, Honours, 

y, Leinster. 

b. Tyrone. 

e. of Hillsborough. 

b. Fisherwick. 

b. Moore. 

b. WeUesley. 

b. Tadcaster. 

b. Kenlis. 

b. Monteagle. 

b. Loftus. 

e. Vane. 

b. Minster. 

b. Ormonde. 

b. Somerhill. 

b. Boyle, 
e. of Denbicrh. 
b. Chawortn. 
b. Fingrall. 

e. of Shrewsbury. 

b. Granard. 

e. Fitzwilliam. 

m. of Lansdowne. 

b. Clifton. 

b. Loyel and Holland. 

b. Ponsonby, of Sy- 

b. Carleton. 
b. Fife, 
b. Ludlow. 

Irish Honours, 


Courtown. . . , 
Charlemont . . 
Kington . . . . 
Enmskillen . . 


Canrsfort . . . , 


Clanwilliam . . 



Nugent \ 





















Eng, Honours, 
b. Laudercude. 
b. Hay. 

m. of Breadalbane. 
m. of Bute, 
b. Wemyss. 
b. Dalhousie. 
b. Wigan. 
b. Kintore. 
r. Gordon, 
b. Dunmore. 
b. Roseberry. 
b. Ross, 
b. Hopetoun. 

b. Hunsdon. 
e. of Mansfield. 

d. of Leeds. 

e. Cathcart. 

e. of Verulam. 
b. Hamilton, 
b. Rosfiie. 

En^, Honours. 
m. of Hastings. 
' b. Saltersfbra. 
b. Charlemont. 
b. Kingston, 
b. Orinstead. 
b. Sefton. 
b. Carysfbrt 
b. Clanbrassil. 
b. Clanwilliam. 
b. Fitagibbon. 
b. Clements. 

d. of Buckingham and 

T. Hutchinson, 
b. Silchester. 
b. FoxfonL 
▼. Clancartv. 
b. Worlingnam. 
b. Sheffield. 
b. Ranfurly. 

e. of Jersey. 

e. of SoarTOKmgh. 

b. Penshurst. 

m. Cholmondeley. 

m. of Aberoom. 

b. Brodrick. 

e. of Verulam. 

b. Gaee. 

b. Melbourne. 

b. Mendip and Dorer. 

b. Lismore. 

b. Oriel. 




IriA Honourt* ^^- Honours, 

Digbj e. of Dtgbj. 

Shernrd e.of Harbonmglu 

Conway m. of Hertford. 

Clire e. of Powis. 

Molgnve. m. of Nomumby. 

Ardoi b. Arden. 

Wegtcote b. LTttelton. 

Hood T. Hood. 

Anekkiid. e. Auckland. 

Irish Honours 


Keithy baronew 



Fitagerald and Veaey. 


Talbot de Malabide. . 

■Eng, Honours^ 
b. Cloncurry. 
b. Roesmore. 
b. Carvinrton^ 
baroness Keitb. 
b. Gardner, 
b. Howden. 
b. Fhsgerald. 
b« Carew. 
b. Fumiral. 




George, MarqnesB of Tweeddale. 

George-Sbolto, Eaorl of Morton. 

AlexandCT. Earl of Home. 

Thomas, Earl of Elpn and Kincardine. 

Dtrid, earl of Airhe. 

Dind, Earl of Leven and Melrilk. 

Baabar- James. Earl of Seairic. 

Tkomas-Jolm-Hamiltony Earl of Orkney. 

Jobn, Viscount Arbutbnot. 
James, Viscount StrathaUan. 
James-Ochoncar, Lord Forbes. 
Alexander-George, Lord Saltoun. 
Francis, Lord Gray. 
Charles, i.ord Sinclair. 
John, Lord Colrille, of Culroas. 
Eric, Lord Resy. 



WiLUAMj^ MairpieflB of Tbomond. 

" -Jithay Marquess of West- 

Fmds-WiDiam. lEarl of Cbarlemont. 
Sti^phen, Earl of MountcaahelL 
ioha, Earl of Mayo. 
WJiiarn, Eari of Wicklow. 
George-Cbarlea, Eari of Lncan. 
SooMsnet. Eoi of Belmore. 
Ckarlea-Henry-St. John, Earl O'NeilL 
Jnes, Earl of Bandon. 
£<liDiiiid-Heiii7, Eari of Limerick. 
AfdiibaM, £iri of Goaford. 
Uwience, Earl of Roase. 
Chariea-WiUiaiii, Eari of CharlerilJe. 

Richard, Earl of GlencaU. 
Windham'Henry. Earl of Dunraven. 
John, y isoount i>e Veaci. 
Hayes, Viscount Donoraile. 
Comwallis, Viscount Hawarden. 
Robert-Edward, Viscount Lorton. 
Charles, Viscount Gort. 
Edward- Wadding, Lord Dunaany. 
John, Lord Carbery. 
Heniy, Lord Famham. 
Robert, Lord Clonbrock. 
James, Xord Dunalley. 
Ulyises, Lord Downeib 
Edward, Lord Croftoo* 



H.R.H. Emefll Avgosta^Earl 
of Aimairh ; ( Duke of Cum- 
Wrlaadyaadkingof Hano- 










Cork and Orrery* 




Cairan. ■ 

Kelly and Shelbume. 














































De Vesci. 

Frankfort De Montmorency. 




Conway and Killultagfa. 
























DuTOrin and Claneboye. 



Mount Sandfbrd. 












Fitxgerald and Vesey. 

Talbot de Malahide. 


Oranmore and Browne. 



The d^^ees of nobility in the United King- 
dom or Great Britain and Ireland are five, 
yiz'. Dukes, MarqueaUf Earls, VitccunU^ and 
Barons ; to which may perhape be properly 
added a sixth, vis. the Arekinskops and Btmopsy 
who as spiritual lords are entitled to a seat in 
the house of peers, and possess for their lives 
all the faculties and privileges of the peera^. 
It is proper to advert to a mode of creation 
and advancement of peers in use in ancient 
times, viz. in full parliament ; on which oc- 
casion it does not appear that any writ was 
used, but that the person advanced or recently 
created, after undergoing the usual ceremonies 
of investiture, had his patent delivered to him, 
and did homage to the king. 

The following instances, amongst many 
others, of the alwve mode of creation, appear 
in the Rolls of Parliament. 

The marquess of Juliers, created eaW of 
Cambridge, in fuU parliament, 14 £dw. III. 
The lord chancellor notified the king's pleasurp 
to create his son. Lionel, then in Ireland, duke 
of Clarence, to him and his heirs male, ms son 
John, duke of Lancaster, and Edmund, earl of 
Cambridge, iil fee accordingly. The Com- 
mons pray the Lords that the King woold 
create Richard de Bourdeaux, (son oTEdward 
the Black Prince, late Prince of Wales,) 
Prince of Wales, to whicli the Lords answer, 
that he could only be created by the King, 
50 Udw. ill. Richai'd, prince of Wales, duke 



of Cornwall and earl of Chester, opened the 
parliament bj oommiaaion, aitting in the 
Kixiff'a own plaoe, the Lord Chaneellor, in 
notifying the canaea for caJIing the parlia- 
oKnt, aaid that the King, agreeahlT to their 
desire, had crei^ed Richard de Joourdeatuty 
priiue tf WaUs^ ^r. 1376. Edmund^ earl of' 
Cambridge, advanced to ibe di^t/ of duke 
ef yVIt, by the king himielf in full parlift- 
ment, bj girding him with a sword, putting 
a crown of gold on his head, and delivering 
him his patent of creation, 1385. The ean 
of Bockineham and Eaaex advanced to the 
dignilj of duke of Glouoeater in the like 
nuuiner< Upon request of the Commons, sir 
John Holland, the king's brother, created 
tarl if Huntingdm^ in rail parliament, in tail 
male spcciaL John, duke of Lancaster, cre- 
ated duke of Aquitaine for life, in full jMrlia- 
ment, and did homage to the king aa king of 
France. Edward, eldest son of the duke of 
York, created earl of Rutland, in full parlia- 
ment, durinff the un or his rATHca. 1389. 
^ir Aubrer ae Vere created earl of Oxford, to 
him and nis heira male^ in full parliament, 
and did homage accordingly, lo Rich. II. 
John de Bemfort createa earl of Somerset, 
and his heirs male, in fiiU parliament, and dia 
homage^ and was placed between the earl 
manhaJ and the eaif of Warwick. 20 Rich. II. 
the earl oi Derby created duke of Hereford, 
the earl of Rutlaiid orasted duke of Albemarle, 
the earl €>( Kent created duke of Surrey, the 
earl of Huntingdon created duke of Exeter, 
the earl cnf Nottingham created duke of Nor- 
folk in tail male, Margaret, countess of Nor- 
folk/or l^gf in her absence created duchess of 
Norfolk, and her patent of creation sent to her, 
all in full psriiainent. The earl of Somerset 
oeated marqueaa of Dorset, lord Le Doipencer 
ereatedearlof Gloucestcar, lord Neville created 
eari o{ Westmoreland, Thomas de Percy cre- 
ated earl of Woroester, William Le Sicroop 
earl of Wiltshire^ in tail male, and all in full 
parUainest, 31 Rscb. IL 

Henry, eldest son of the king, created 
prince of^ Wales, duke of Cornwall, and earl 
of Cheater, in fall parliament, 1 Henry IV. ; 
declandon that the king's eldest son, at the 
time of kit birthy is by placing on his head a 
circle or coronet, and putting a gold ring on 
his finger, and placing in his hand a rod of 
told, and after kissing his said eldest son, 
Heoiy, sad givine him a charter, and being 
so invested was. oy his uncle, tne duke of 
York, condmeted to his seat in parliament, 
appointed for the principality. CottanU Abr, 
heeonU, 1 Hen. iV. p. 391. Duke of Corn- 
wall, Lords' Jonmals, vol. 6, p. 9, confirma- 
tion in full parliament of the grant of the 
dignity of pnnce of Wales, and earl of Ches- 
ts, to the King's eldest son: and also of his 
right to the titfe of duke of Cornwall firom his 
hirth, pumnant to stat. 11 Edw. III. and 
livery of the docby to him accordingly. 

DuKEy in Latin Dux, a dueendo^ si^fying 
thf leMier of an army, noblemen being sn- 
tiently either generals and commanders of 
tnnies in time <n war, or wardens of marches, 
aad gowmors of provinces in peace. This is 
now die first rank of Ae nobility; but it was 
the latfa of Edward III. 1336, before this 

dignitr was introduced into £neland, when 
his elaest son, Edvoard, commonly called the 
Black Prince, was created duke of Cornwall, 
The onlv ceremony at this investiture was 
girding him with tlie sword. When John cf 
Gaunt, son of king Edward III. was created 
duke of Ltmcastertiy the same monarch, he 
had investiture, not only by the king's 
eirding him witn a sword, but by puttine: on 
nim a cap of fiir, under a coronet of gold set 
with precious stones. In the 21st of king 
Richard II. 1397, the duke of Hereford and 
several others were created by putting a cap 
of honour on their beads, and by delivering a 
rod into their hands ; tlien the surooat^ mantle, 
hood, and patent were introduced with much 
ceremony ; all of which are at this day omitted. 
The mantle and surcoat which a duke wears 
at the coronation of a king or queen is of crim- 
son velyeL lined with white taffeta, and a 
mantle is aoubled from the neck to the elbow 
with ermine, having four rows of spots on 
each shoulder ; his parliamentary robes are of 
fine scarlet cloth, lined with taffeta, and 
doubled with four guards of ermine at equal 
distances, with gold lace above each guard, 
and is tied up to the left shoulder by a white 
riband; his cap is of crimson velvet, lined 
with ermine, having a gold tassel on the top ; 
and his coronet, which is also of gold, is set 
round with golden strawberry leaves. He is 
styled Hi* Grace ; and by the king or queen 
in public instruments, Uur right trugttf and 
right entirely beloved Cousin; and if of the 
privy council, then with the addition of Coun- 
eelhr. His general style is the Mott Nohle : all 
his sons are by courtesy styled Lardi, and his 
daughters, Ladieg, 

M ARQu CSS (Marc^) was first styled so from 
the government of marches or mntier pro- 
vinces ; by the Saxons, Marfan Reeve; ana by 
Uie Germans, Mar/wrat)€. This title, which has 
the next place of honour to that of a duke, 
was introduced sevend years subsequent to 
the establishment of that dignity in England; 
and the first on whom that honour was con- 
ferred was the sreat favourite of king Richard 
II. Robert de Vere, Earl of Oxford , who was 
created marquess of Duolin, and by him 
placed in parliament between the dukes and 
earls. The creation to this dignity was with 
nearlv the same ceremony as that of a duke ; 
but tney are now createdfby patent under the 
ereat seal, without any additional ceremony. 
His coronation robes are of crimson velvet 
lined with taffeta, and have four guards of 
ermine on the right side, and three on the 
left, set at equal distances, with gold lace 
above each guard, and tied up to the left 
shoulder bv a white ribsnd; bis cap is of 
crimson velvet, lined with ermine, having a 

fold tassel at top ; his coronet is or gold, and 
as pearls and golden strawberry leaves mixed 
alternately round^ of nearly equal heirht. 
His general style is 3fost Honourable ; and he 
is s^led by the king or queen, Our right 
trueiy and entirely beloved Coutin, His sons, 
by courtesy, are styled Lords, and his daugh- 
ten. Ladies, 

Earl, anciently called Comes, being in the 
habit comitari regem, to wait on the king for 
counsel and advice. The Germans call tbem 



Graves, as Landgfwe, Margravet Paligrav€y 
and Rheiiigrave, This honour, which was 
derived from the Saxon, was of great dignity 
and power, and for many ages continued the 
highest rank in England, till king Edw. III. 
created dukes and marquesses, hoth of whom 
had precedency assigned ahove earls. They 
had anciently, for the support of their state, 
the third penny out the sheriflTs court, issuing 
out of the pleas of the shire from whence they 
assumed their title; as in ancient times, there 
was no count or earl hut bad a county or 
shire for his earldom ; subsequently the num- 
ber of earls increasing, they have frequently 
taken their titles from some eminent town or 
village, or even from their own seat or park, 
and some frcmi illustrious families, as PouLet, 
CholmondeUyf Ferrtrt, Walde^ravey Utanhopey 
AMhbumham, ^c, ; nor were titles confined to 
England alone, as some were taken from the 
kingdom of France, as Albemarle and Tanker- 
viUe. Upon the increase of earls their reve- 
nues ceased, and their powers were much 
abridged, and it became the custom of the 
monarchs of England to assign some stated 
pension to the person whom he ennobled, for 
the better support of his dignity, and it was 
commonly done in the following proportion : 
viscountt, a fee of 20 marks ; earlt, of ^l. ; 
marqueMseiy 40 marks ; and dukes, of 4/01, out of 
some particular part of the royaJ revenue. A 
creation fee to barons was not settled ; but 
Charles I. when he created Mouutjovi Blouttt, 
lord Mountjoif, of Thurodston, co. Derby, 
aasignned to him and his issue male a creation 
fee of 30 marks per annum . Anciently an 
earl was created with nearly the same cere- 
mony as a duke or marquess, but they now 
receive merely letters patent. His coronation 
robe is the same as a duke's or marquess's, 
except that he has only three guards of er- 
mine and g:old lace ; his cap is the same as 
theirs. It is uncertain when the coronets of 
dukes, marauesses, and earls, were settled. 
Sir Robert Cecil, earl of Salisburv, viscount 
Cranboome, was the first of tnat degree 
who wore a coraoet. An earl's coronet has 
pearls raised upon points, and strawberry 
leaves low between them. Hiv stvle is Right 
HoncurabUj. and he is addressed dt the kmg 
or queen, Uur right trtttty and right well be- 
loved Cousin. His sons, by courtesy, are styled 
Honourable, and his daughters. Ladies, 

Viscount {Viceeomes) was anciently the 
name of him who held the chief office under 
an earl, who, being oftentimes at court, was 
his deputy to look after the affairs of the 
country ; but in the reign of Henry VI. 1499, 
it became a degree of honour, and was made 
hereditary. Ine first viscount in England, 
created by patent, was John, lord Beau- 
mont, who was by toe above monarch created 
▼iscoont Boaomont, and he cave him pre- 
cedence above all barons. His coronation 
robes are the same as an earl's, with the ex- 
ception that he has only two rows of plMn 
white fur on his parliamentary robes ; his cap 
is the same, and the golden circle of his coro- 
net is surmounted by fourteen pearls. His 
style is Right Hottouruble,and he is addressed 
by the king or queen, uur right trvstit and 
veil beloved Cou»n, His sons and daughters, 

by courtesy, are styled Honourable. 

Bishops. The precedence of bishops wis 
settled by sUt. 31 Henry VIII. 1599, chap. x. 
to be next to the viscounts. They have the 
style of Lords, and Right Reverend Fathers in 
God, Previous to the Saxons coming into 
England, there were in that kindom tiiKe 
archbishoprics, viz. London, York, and Coer- 
leon-upon-Udc,each of which had many sof&a- 
gans ; but soon after St. Augustine's arrival in 
England, he, from the neat kindness he re- 
ceived from the king of Kent, settled the me* 
tropolitan see at Canterbury, where it has 
continued' to the present time. York continued 
archiepisoopal, but London and Caerleon lost 
that dignity. The latter was situated too near 
the Saxons to be much at ease ; so that one of 
its bishops removed the see to St. David's, in 
South Wales. The archbishop of Canterbury 
is the first peer in Great Britain next to the 
blood royal; the lord high chancellor is the 
next ; and the archbishop of York is the third ; 
they take precedence of idl dukes, and hare 
the title of Your Grace given them. The 
archbishop of Canterbury styles himself By 
Divine Providence ; but the archbishop of x ork, 
and the other bishops. By Divine Permission, 
The bishops of London, Thirham, and Win- 
chester, have precedence of all the other bi- 
shops^ the otners ranking according to the 
senionty of their consecration. 

Baron. This dignity is either by writ or 
patent : in the former case descendible to heirs 
general ; in the latter, according to the limita- 
tions of the patent. It is extremely ancient ; 
and its original name in England was Vavas- 
sour, which by the Saxons was changed into 
Thane, and by the Normans into Baron, Many 
of this rank are named in the history of Eng- 
land, and undoubtedly had assistea, or been 
summoned to pariiament ; but from the defi- 
ciency of public records, it has so happened 
that the first precept to be fiound bears no 
higher date than the 49th Henry III. 1964, 
which, although it was issued out in the kind's 
name^ yet was neither by his authority nor by 
his direction ; for not only the king himself, 
but his son, prince Edward, and most of the 
nobility who continued loyal to the monarch, 
were then prisoners in the hands of the rebel- 
lious barons; having been so made in the 
month of May preceding, at the battle of 
Lewes, and so continued until the memorable 
battle of Evesham, which took place in August, 
in the subsequentyear, when oy the fortunate 
escape of pnnce Edward, he rescued the king 
and his aoherents out of the hands of Simon 
Montfort, earl of Leicester, It cannot be 
doulited but that several psriiaments were 
held by king Henry III. ana by king Edward 
I. ; y€>t no record has been handed down to us 
by which we are enabled to ascertain this cir- 
cumstance, ^except the 5th Edward 1. 1276,) 
until the 99a year of this last-mentioned sove- 
reign, anno 1993. Some of the barons were 
summoned but once. When a baron is called 
up to the house of peers by writ of summons, 
the writ is in the king's name, and usually 
runs in these terms : 'MVhereas, by reason of 
certain arduous and urgent affiurs concerning 
us, the state and defence of our kingdom of 
Great Bi Uain and the church, we strictly en- 




join YoUf under the fiuth and allegiance bv 
whicL vou are bound to us, that the weighu- 
neas or the said affiunu tatd. eminent pezils 
oooadered, (wairing all ezcuaeSy) you be at 
the fiaid daj and place personallj present with 
ua, and with the aaid prelates, g^reat men, and 
peers, personallj present at our parliament, 
Westminster, (or elsewhere,) with us, and the 
prelates, nobles, and peers of our kingdom, to 
treat of the said affairs, and to give your adrice ; 
sad this jou may in no wise omit, as you 
tender us and our honour, and the safety and 
defence of oar said kingdom and church, and 
the despatch of the said affiurs." The ceremony 
of the admiafiion of abaron, as well of adl other 
orders of the temporal peerage, into the house 
of peers, is thus : lie is brought into the house 
between two peers of his own rank, who con- 
duct him op to the lord chancellor ; his patent 
and writ ot summons being carried by Garter 
king of arms, who presents it to the lord chan- 
cellor, who directs the same to be read ; which 
being done, the oaths are administered, and 
the peer takes his seat, from which he again 
rises and returns to the ebanceUor, who oon- 

Kitulates him on becoming a member of the 
use of peers, or on his eleyation, as the case 
may be. The first who was advanced to the 

dignity of baron, bv patent, was John de Beau" 
champ, rf Holt Castle^ created buron of Kidder- 
minster. CO. Worcester, to him and the heirs 
male of his body, by Richard II. 1387. He 
inyested him widi a mantle and cap. The 
robes of a baron have but two shards of white 
iiir, with as many rows of gola lace ; in other 
respects they are the same with those uf other 
peers. King Charles II. granted a coronet to 
the barons, who till his reign wore only a plain 
circle of gold ; it has now four pearls set at 
equal distances on the circle. His style is 
Right Honourable, and he is styled by the king 
or queen. Right trustjt and well beloved. His 
sons and daughters, by courtesy, are styled 


Scots Peers take precedence of British Peers 
of the same rank, created since the Union wjth 
Scotland J and IriJt Peers created before U>e 
Union with Ireland, in like manner, take place 
of British Peers created since. Irish Peers of 
later creation than the Union, rank, according 
to the dates of their patent, among the Peers 
of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and 



The nobility of England enjoy many great 
snnlegesy toe fnincipal of which are as fol- 
low: — 

1. That the^ are free from all arrr«t for 
dfbtSf as being tn£ king's hereditary counsellors. 
Therefore a peer cannot be outlawed in any 
civil action, and no attachment lies against his 
persoD. This privilege extended also to their 
domestic servants, as well as to those of mem- 
ben of the lower house, till the year 1770, 
when their lordships joined the house of 
eommoas in a bill for abolishing it. For the 
same reason they are free from attending courts 
ket, or sJhsrijfs turns ; or, in cases of not, at- 
tending the pome comUatus* 

f . IB criminal canses they are only tried 
by their peetg, who give their verdict, not 
apon oath as other Junes, but only upon their 
ksmntr: and then a court is fitted up for the 
parpose in the middle of Westmiostet Hall, at 
the king's charge. 

3. To secure the honour of, and prevent the 
spreading of any scandal upon peers, or any 
great officers of the realm, by reports, there is 
an express law, called scaiidalum magnatu^, 
by which any man convicted of making a 
scandalous report against a peer of the realm 
(^though true) is condemnea to an arbitrary 

Jine. and to remain in custody till the same be 

4. Upon any gn^t trisl in a court of justice, 
a peer may come into the court, and sit there 

No peer can be covered in the royal pre- 
sence without permission for that purpose, 
except lord Kingsale. {See De Courcy, Ba- 
ron KiNosALB.) In case of the poll-tax, the 
peers bear the greater share of the buxtlen, 
they bdng taxed every one according to his 
degree. Each peer can qualify a certain num- 
ber of chaplains, as under. 


Archbishop • • • ^ 

Duke r 6 

Marqoess • • • • 5 

Earl 5 

discount ^ 

Bishop ^ 

Baron ^ 

Knight of the Garter «• " ^ 

Duchess, Marchioness, Countess, or Baro- 
ness, being widows " 




Prince Albert op Saxe Cobouro and Gotiia. 

Prince of Wales. 

King's Sons. 

Kino's Grandsons. 

King's Brothers. 

Kino's Uncles. 

King's Nephews. 

Prince Leopold of Saxe-Cobourg (king of the Beleiane). 

Archbishop of Canterbury; Primate of aU England^ and Metropolitan. 

Lord High Chancellor, or Lord Keeper (being a Baron). 

Archbishop op York, Primate of England. 

Archbishops of Ireland. 

Lord High Treasurer (when existing). 1 

Lord President of the PRiy\' Council. i * 

listing), r 
ehold. I 

Lord Privy Seal. 
Lord Great Chamberlain. ^^ 

honu High Constable. j 

Earl Marshal. 
Lord High Admiral (when ezi 

Lord Steward of the Household. 

Lord Chamberlain of the Household. 

Dukes, according to their Patents. 

Eldest Sons of Dukes of the Blood Royal. 

Marquesses, according to their Patents. 

Eldest Sons of Dukes. 

Earls, according to their Patent!. 

Younger Sons of Dukes of the Blood Royal. 

Eldest Sons of Marquesses. 

Younger Sons of Dukes. 

Viscounts, according to their Patents. 

Eldest Sons of Earls. 

Younger Sons of Marquesses. 

Bishops of London, Durham, Winchf.ster, and then all other Bishops, 

according to their Seniority of Consecration*:. 

Bishops of Meath, Kildare. and then all other Bishops op Ireland, 

according to ttieir Seniority of Consecration. 

Barons, according to their Patents^. 

■ Bein^ of the degree of Barofas, by statute^ 31 Henrj^ VIII. 

^ To Sit and be placed afler the Lord Pnvv Seal, in manner and form following: — ^ris. 
Every of them shall sit and be placed above all other personi^es being of the same estates or 
degrees, that they shall happen to be of; tlie Great Chamberlain, first ; the Constable, next : 
the MarshiU, third ; the Lora Admiral, fourth ; the Grand Master or Lord Steward, fiftn ; ana 
the King's Chamberlain, sixth ; by statute, 31 Hen. VIII. 

By this statute, the Lord Great Chamberlain had place next to the Lord Privy Seal ; but in 
the year 1714, upon the Marquess of Lindsey (then Hereditary Lord Great Chamberlain) 
being created Duxe of Ancaster, it was ordered that he should have and enjoy that precedency 
only when he or they (his successors) shall be in the actual execution of the said office, attending 
the person of the King or Queen for the time being, or introducing a Peer or Peers into the 
House of I^rds, which was confirmed by statute, 1 George 1. 

« But if any Bishop be Principal Secretary of State, he shall be placed above all other 
Bishops, unless they have any of the great offices before mentioned, by statute, 31 Hen. VIII. 

* But if any Peer be Principal Secretary of State, he shall be placed above all other Peers 
of his degn^pe, not having any of the great offices belore mentionea. 

By the 23d article of the Union of Scotland, which was confirmed by stat. 5th Anne, cap. 
8, afl Peers of Scotland shall be Peers of Great Briuin^ and have rank next after the Peers of 
the like degree in England at the time of the Union, which commenced the 1st of May 1707, and 
before all Peers of Great Britain of tlie same degree created afler the Union. By the act for 
the Union of Ireland, 39 and 40 Geo. III. cap. 67, it is enacted, "The Loxtls of Parliament 
on tlie part of Ireland shall have the same privileges as the Lords on the part of Great Britain ; 
and all the Lords Spiritual of Ireland shall have rank nextafter the Lords Spiritual of the same 
rank of Great Britain, and shall enjoy the same privileges, (except those depending upon sitting 
in the House of Lords;) and the Temporal Peers of Ireland shall have rank next after the 
Peers of the like rank in Great Britain at tlie time of tlie Union; and all Peerages of Ireland 


Spkaker of thk Hovsb op Commons. 
Lords Commusionbbs of the Great Seal (when existing). 
Treasurer '\ 

Comptroller f „ 

Master of the Horse f ®' ™* Household. 
Vice-Chamrerlain J 
Secretaries of State (being under the degree of Baron). 
Eldest Sons of Viscounts. 
Younger Sons of Earls. 
Eldest Sons of Barons. 
Knights of the Garter. 
Privy Counsellors. 
Chancellor of the Order of the Garter. 

Chancellor of the £xche<)uer. 

Chancellor of the Ducuy of Lancaster. 

Lord Chief Justice of the Queen's Bench. 

Master of the Rolls. 


Lord Chief Justice of the Common Pleas. 

Lord Chief Baron of the Exceequsr. 

Judges OF the Queen's Bench. 

Judges of the Common Pleas. 

Bakons of the Exchequer, (if of the degree of the Coif.) 

Bannerets^ made by the King himself in person under .the Royal Standard, 

displayed in an Annj Royal in open war. 

Younger Sons of Viscounts. 

Younger Sons of Barons. 


Bannerets, not made by the King in person. 

Knights of the Thistle. 

Knights Grand Crosses of the Bath. 

Knights of St. Patrice. 

Knights Grand Crosses of St. Michael and St. George. 

Knights Commanders of the Bath. 
Knights Commanders of St. Michael and St. George. 

Knights Bachelors. 
Companions of the Order of the Bath. 
Companions of the Order of St. Michael and St. George. 
Esquires,* (those of the Bath and by Creation are allowed precedence of all others.) 

Gentlemen (entitled to bear Arms)^. 

tad of the United Kingdom, created after the Union, shall hare rank according to creation ; 
And all Peerages 4>f Great Britain and Ireland shall in all other respects be considered as Peer- 
if^ of the United Kin^om; and the Peers of Ireland shall enjoy the same privileges, except 
those depending upon sitting in the House of Lords." The priority of signing any treaty or 
pablic inatrumenty by pnblic ministers, is always taken by rank of place, and not by title. 

'Modem Tables of Precedency nsually subairide the degree of Esquire to a considerable 
extent ; comprehending Flar and Field Omcers, Eldest Sens of the younger tons of Feert, Baronets' 
tidest Sons, EUeat Sons of Knights of ths Garter, Eldest Sons of Bannerets, cf Knights of the Bath, 
nd of knighU Bachdors, and the Younger Sons of the younger sons of Peers, of Baronets, of 
Knieku of the Bath, of Knights Bachelors, Jfc. 

^ Many printed tables extend the Order of Precedency to Divines, Members of the Legal 

Profesnon, Officers of the Army and Navy, Citizens and Burgesses ; in point of fact. how- 

Admiralty, Law Officers of the Crown, and others, have formed part of those proceedings, the 
following precedency appears &a many years to have been obserred : vis. 

Knights op the Bath. 

Knight Marshal. 
Judffe of the Admiralty. 
Prime Sergeant. 
Gentlemen of the Friyy Chamber. 

£SQUIRES OF the King's BoDY. 




Masters in Chanceiy. 

Knights Bachelors. 




As Marque5Ses' Dauciitebs. 

Ladj Mary Fox ; countess of Enroll : lady 
Augiista Gordon ; viscountess Falklana ; sis- 
ters of the earl of Munster. 

T^y Mary Saurin and lady Harriet Uoare, 
das. of James O'Bryen, esq. and sisters of the 
marquess of Thomond. 

Lady Mary Beckwith, and ladies Christian 
and Catherine Doughis, das. of sir William 
Douglas, of Kelhead, bart and sisters of 
Charles, 5th marquess of Queensberry. 

As Earub' Daughters. 

Lady Emily Hardinge, grandda. of the 6thy 
and sister of the present earl of Denbigh. ^ 

Lady Albinia-Jane Foster; lady Harriett 
llagerman; lady Vere - Catharine - Louisa 
Cameron; das. of the Hon. George- Vere Ho- 
bart, and sisters of the earl of Bucldngham- 

Lady Jane Hamilton ; lady Henrietta Fer- 
guson ; lady Maiy-Tult on Dundas ; das. of the 
Ist viscount Dundas, and sisters of the earl 
of Camperdown. 

Countess of Stamford; lady Catherine Stew- 
art: baroness Rossmore; das. of Francis, 
lora ElchOy and granddas. of the 5th earl of 

T^y Alicia Gordoiu da. of lord Haddo, 
and sister of the earl ot Aberdeen. 

Lady Penuel Grant, da. of sir Ludowick 
Grant, and sister of the earl of Seafield. 

Lady Anne- Louisa Burgh ; ladr Catherine- 
Henrietta Bernard; lady Charlotte -Sophia 
Wolfe : lady Louisa Hutchinson ; das. of Fran- 
cis- Helyluitchinson, esq. and sisters of the 
earl of Donoughmore. 

Lady Henrietta Gamier; lady Lucy North ; 
and Elisabeth, lady Walnngham; das. of 
Brownlow North, bishop of Vvinchester, and 
sisters of the earl of Guilford. 

Lady Harriett Searle ; Charlotte, countess 
of Roscommon; and lady Susan-Margaret 
Talbot ; sisters of the earl of Shrewsbury. 

Lady Charlotte Douglas; lady Emma- 
Elizabeth Ash ; and lady Caroline Lane Fox ; 
sisters of the earl of Morton. 

Lady Elizabeth Courtenay ; and lady Ca- 
therine Berens : sisters of the earl of Devon, 
and das. of the bishop of Exeter. 

Lady Agneta-Elizabeth Bevan, sister of the 
earl of Hardwicke. 

Lady Mary-Catherine Lindsay ; lady Eliza- 
beth-Anne Gore; and the lady Emily-Jane 
Gore : sisters of the earl of Axran. 

Laay Fanny Howard, sister of the earl of 

Lady Letitia Aid worth, and lady Catherine- 
Anne Balders, sisters of the earl of Listowel. 

I jidy Horatio Capel ; lady Jane Maclough- 
Hn ; lady Mary Capel ; and lady Amelia Ca- 
pel ; sisters of the earl of Essex. 

Lady Henrietta - Augusta Lambart; lady 

Alicia Lambart: and lady Julia Lambart; 
sisters of the earl of Cavan. 

Lady Maria-Theresa Lister, sister of the 
earl ot Clarendon. 

As Viscounts* Daughters. 

Hon. Mrs. Emma-Sophia Grant, da. of col. 
Lucius-Ferdinando Carey, grandda. of Lucius- 
Charles, 6th viscount falkiand, and wife of 
Charles-Thomas Grant, esq. 

Hon. Theodosia Osborne; hon. Arabella- 
Catherine Wolstenholme ; and the hon. Ura- 
nia-Caroline Meade ; aunts of viscount Ban< 

Hon. Caroline Gregory, sister of viscount 

Hon. Matilda-Sophia, wife of Dr. William 
Austen; hon. Georgiana, wife of John-Ed- 
ward Maunsell, of Cheltenham, go. Glou- 
cester, esq.; hon. Catherine-Elizabeth, wife 
of Thomas-iPhilip Maunsell, of Thorpe Mal- 
sor, CO. Northampton, esq.; das. and co-hh. 
of the hon. William Cockayne, brother of 
Borlase, last viscount Cullen, by royal war- 
rant, Sept. 1836. 

Hon. Maria - Catherine, wife of Geoi^- 
Francis Barlow, esq. ; hon. Dame Charlotte, 
widow of sir Henry Goodricke, htart. ; ana 
hon. Emily-Grace, wife of Charles Grantham, 
esq. ; sisters and co-heirs of William Charles, 
late viscount Clermont, by royal warrant, 
Feb. 1837. 

Hon. Mary- Anne, wife of William Adams, 
of Thorpe, m Chertsey, co. Surrey, esq. da. 
and co-n. of the hon. William Cockayne, 
brother of Borlase, last viscount Cullen, by 
royal warrant, 4 Sept. 1838. 

As Barons' Daughters. 

Hon. Lady Charlotte-Geortriana Beding- 
feld, da. of sir William Jemingham, and sister 
of lord Stafford. 

Hon. Grace- Conyers - Charlotte Menxies: 
hon. Caroline -Elizabeth, Mary -Ellen, ana 
Augusta -Anne Norton; das. of the hon. 
Fletcher Norton, and sisters of lord Grantley. 

Hon. Frances Grey; hon. lady Julia-Va- 
lenza Head ; das. of lieat.-col. hon. Hugh 
Somerville, and sisters of lord Somerville. 

Hon. Mary, and the hon. Ann Mackay, 
das. of the hon. George Mackay, and sisters 
of lord Reay. 

Hon. Catherine-Saverr-de-Lisle Beamish, 
da. of the hon. capt. Micnael de Courcy, ana 
sister of lord Kinssale. 

Hon. Susanna- Anne Caulfeild ; hon. Char- 
lotte Antrobus ; hon. Frances Tighe ; and the 
hon. Frederica M'Laughlin ; sisters of lord 

Hon. Maria King, wife of rev. James 
King^ rector of Henley-upon-Thames ; and 
Henrietta-Priscilla Smith, wife of Heniy- 
Jeremiah Smith, of Beabeg, co. Meath, esq. ; 
sisters of Grey, lord Dorchester. 





lue no Mottoes. Buhops have oo Sapporters, and do not use either the Crests or 

Mottoes of their families. 

d aandifor Duke ; mfor Marqueu ; efor Earl ; yfor Viteount ; and Ifor Lard, 

Dieu et mon droit, God and my right. The 

A cUan hsart, and a cheerful spirit. 1 Portman. 

A cruee mdue. Salvation from the cross, e 
Mayo; 1 IDownes. 

A eu^ide corona. From a lanoe to a crown, 
r Midleton. 

A Deo et rege. From God and the king, e 
Chesterfield; e. Stanhope; and e Harring- 

A HM pttisaanee. According to my power, e 

Stamford and Warring^ton. 
€quttbiUter et diligenttr. Steadily and dili- 
gently. 1 Rede^ale. 
Squam tervare mentan. To preserve a steady 

mind. 1 Rivers. 
A fin. To the end. e Airlie. 
Apneourt. 1 Woodhouse. 
Atmez loyauk^. m Winchester ; 1 Bolton. 
AUs voUt propriis. The bird flies to its kind. 

Algiers, r Exnaouth. 

Amo. I love, d Buccleuch and 1 Montagu. 
Anchor, fast anchor. 1 Gray 
Animo etfide, "Bj courage and faith ; and La 

terlu est la seule noUesse. Virtue is the only 

nobility, e Guilford. 
Animus non deficit ttquus. Equanimity is not 

wanting. 1 Willoufhby de Eresby. 
Antiquum obtinens. Possessing antiquity. 1 

Aperto vioere voto. To live in open faith, e 

Winchilsea and Nottingham ; e Aylesford. 
Appetitus rationi parmt. Let your d^ires obey 

jour reason, e Fitzwilliam. 
AfuHa nan capiat mnseas* An aigle does not 

catch flies. 1 Graves. 
Aon eastm, Numen lumen. The stars my 

campy the Deity my light, e Balcarres. 
At spei nonfracUu But my hope is not broken. 

e Hopetoun. 
An ban droit. To the best right, e Egremont. 
Auetor pretiaea fadt. The founder makes it 

more valuable, e Buckinghamshire. 
Audacter et sincere. Boldly and sincerely, e 

An plaisirfort de Dieu, At the almighty dis- 
posal of God. e Mount Edf^cumbe. 
Anspiaum meliorie evi. A pledge of better 

tnnes. d St. Albans. 
Ant nunquam tentes, ant perfice. Either never 

atumpt, or aooomplish. d Dorset. 

Auxilium ab alto. Help from above, e Ros- 
common ; and 1 Clonorock. 

Avancez, Forward. 1 Hill. 

Avi numerantur avorum, A long train of an- 
cestry is enumerated. 1 Grantley. 

Avisex la fin. Consider the end. m Ailsa. 

Avito viret honors. He flourishes through the 
honour of his ancestors, m Bute; 1 Stuart 
de Rothesay; 1 Whamcliffe; 1 Stuart de 

Be fast, e Mexborough. 

Be just and fear not, v lifford. 

Be mindful, e Cawdor. 

Bear and forbear, 1 Langford. 

Bella ! horrida bella ! Wars ! horrid wars ! I 

Bonne esp^rancSy et droit en avant. A good 

hope, and straight forward. Nugent 

Candidi et constanttr. Sincerely and con- 
stantly, e Coventrv. 

Candidi sincere. Witn candour and sincerity. 
1 Lynedoch. 

Cassis tutissima virtus. Virtue is the safi^t 
helmet, m Cholmondeley ; and 1 Delamere. 

Cause causit. 1 Elphinatone ; and v Keith. 

Cavendo tutus. Secure by caution, d Devon- 
shire ; e Burlington ; and 1 Waterpark. 

Che wa, sard. What will be, will be. d Bed- 

Cio che Dio vuole, io vogUo. What God wills, 
I will. 1 Dormer. 

Clarior e tenebris. Brighter from the darkness, 
e Miltown. 

Clementid et animis. By clemency and forti- 
tude. 1 Panmure. 

Cielitus mihi vires. My strength is from Hea- 
ven. V Ranelagh. 

Commejefus. As 1 was. 1 Ward. 

Commeje trouve. As 1 find, m Ormonde. 

Commit thy work to God. e Caithness. 

Compositumjusfasque animi. Law and equity. 
1 EUenboroueh. 

Consequitur qttadcunque petU. He attains what- 
ever he pursues, m Headfort. 

Consilio et animis. By wisdom and courage, 
e Lauderdale. 

Consilio et prudentiA. By counsel and prudence, 
e Clancarty. 

Constantid et virtute. By perseverance and 
courage, o Amherst. 



Cor ununiy via una. One heart, one way. m 
Exeter ; and 1 Mount Sandford. 

Courage tant peur. Courage without fear. 
y Gage. 

Craignet honte. Fear disgrace, d Portland. 

Crede Bynm. Believe Byron. I Byron. 

Crescit tub pondere virtus. Virtue increases 
under oppression, e Denbigh. 

Crom a too. Crom for ever. The ancient 
fathering or war cry of the clan or sept of 
tne Fitzgeralds, A boo meaning, in Irish, for 
ever! long live! vive! Crom being a 
castle, CO. Limerick, which formerly was 
part of the Duke's family domain. An act 

f)assed ^lOth Heniy VII. c. 20) for abo- 
ishing tne words, Crom a boo, Butler a boo, 
Sharyet a boo, Gairiah a boo, &c. : by this 
statute it is enacted, ** That no penon or 

Sersons, of whatsoever estate, condition, or 
egree, do take any part with any lord or 
gentleman, or uphold variances or compari- 
sons in word or deed by using these wwds, 
Crom a boo, Butleb a. boo, or such like 
words, or otherwise, contrary to the king's 
laws, nis crown, dignity, and peace, but to 
ddl only on St. George, or the name of his 
Sovereign Lord the King for the time being ; 
and it any person or persons do contrary, 
or offend in the premises, he may be taken 
and committed to ward, there to remain 
without bail or mainprize^ till they have 
made fine^ after the discretion of the king's 
deputy of Ireland, and the king's council of 
the same for the time being." d Leinster ; 
and 1 De Ros. 
Cruci dum spiroj tpero. Whilst I breathe, 
my hope is in the cross, v Netterville. 

Dat Deut incrementum, God gives increase. 

1 Crofton. 
Data fata tecutus. Following his declared 

fate. 1 St. John of Bletsoe. 
De bon vouloir tervir U rot. To serve the 

king with good will, e Tankerville; and 

e Grey. 
DecrevL I have resolved, m Westmeath. 
Deed thaw. 1 Ruthven. 
Deleetare in Domino. To delight in the Lord. 

1 Poltimore. 
Deo data. Given by God. 1 Arundell. 
Deo duee, J'erro comilante. God my leader, 

and my sword my companion, e Charle- 

Deo, non fortund. From God, not fortune. 

e Digby. 
Deo, patria, amicit. To God, my country, 

and my firiends. 1 Colchester. 
Deo, regit patri^. To God, my king, and my 

country. 1 Feversham. 
Deprettut, eitoUor. I was humbled, I am 

exalted, e Kilkenny. 
Deum cole, regem terva. Worship God, serve 

the King, e Enniskillen. 
Deut major columtui. God, the safer reliance ; 

and over the crest of Henniker, TOT 

AFIZTBTEIN BMBKA. In order to excel. 

1 Henniker. 
Dieu avec nout. God with us. e Berkeley. 
Dieu aide. God aids. v. Mountmorres ; and 

V. Frankfort de Montmorency. 
Dieu d^fetui le droit. God defends the right. 

e Spencer; and 1 Churchill. 

Ditponendo im, non mutando me. By dis- 

Sosinff of me, not by changing me. d 

Dominut providebit. The Lord will provide, 
e Glasgow. 

Dread God. v Kenmure. 

Droit et avunt. Right and forward, v Syd- 

Droit et loyal. Just and loyal. I Hunting- 

Dum tpiro, gpero. While I breathe, I hope. 
V Dillon. 

En grace affie. On grace depend, e Cardi- 

En la rote je fUurie. I flourish in the rose, 
d Richmond. 

£fi tuivant la verity. By foUovring truth, 
e Portsmouth. 

E^uanimittr. Kven-mindedly. 1 Suffield. 

Esp6ra$ice en Dieu, Hope in God. d North- 
umberland ; e Beverley ; and 1 Fnidhoe. 

Etsayez, Try. e 2^tland. 

Ette, quam vuleru To be, rather than seem to 
be. e Winterton. 

Etto quad ette viderit. Be what you seem to 
be. 1 Sondes. 

Et decut et pretium recti. The ornament and 
recompense of virtue, d Grafton ; and 1 

Et not quoque tela qxtrtimut. We too have 
scattered arrows, m Hastinn. 

Et vitam impendere vero. To hazard life for 
truth. 1 Holland. 

Ex Jide fortit. Strong through faith. e 

Excitari, non hebetcere. To be spirited, not 
inactive. 1 Walsingham. 

Faire mon devoir. To do my duty, e Roden. 
Faire tant dire. To act without ostentation. 

e Ilchester. 
Famaia exlendere factit. By deeds to spread 

my fame, v CTalway. 
Fareyfac. Speak, do. 1 Fairfax. 
Fari qua tentuu. Speak what you think, e. 

Fax mentit ineendium gloria. The incitement 

to glory is the firebrand of the mind, e 

Fear God in life. 1 Somerville. • 
Fear to truntgrett. e Clonmel. 
Fettina lente. Quick, without impetuosity. 

e Onslow; eFingall; IDunsany; 1 Louth; 

and 1 Plunket. 
Fide et amore. By faith and love, m Hert- 
Fide et fducid. By fiuth and courage, e 

Fide etfortitudine. By faith and fortitude, e 

Fidei coticula 'crux. The cross is the test of 

faith, e Jersey ; and e Clarendon. 
Fideli eerta mercet. Reward is sure to the 

faithful, e Morley. 
Fidelitt ett de Dieu, Fidelity is of God. v 

Fidut et audax. Faithful and coun^geous. v 

Fiel, pero detdichado. Faithful, though unfor- 
tunate, d Marlborough. 
Fight, e Rosslyn ; and! Sinclair. 



Fmem re$piee. Look to the end. e Darnlej. 

Firm. V Stair. 

Firmiar fud paratur. The firmer for heing 

prepared, e Selkirk. 
FtecH, HonfrangL To he hent, not hroken. 

▼ Pahnerston. 
Follow me. m Breadalbane. 
Forte el JideU. Strong and (aithiiil. b Talbot 

of Malahide. 
Forte teutum salus dueum. A strong shield is 

the safety of commanders, e Fortescue. 
Fortem poeet animum. Wish for a strong 

mind. 1 Saye and Sele. 
FrnUi fortuna juvat. Fortune aids the braye. 

1 Bloomfield. 
Forti et Jideli nihil difficile. Kothine is dif- 
ficult to the brare and the faitnful. 1 

Fariiier.jideliier,feHciter. Boldly, faithfully, 

SQoceMfully. e Rathdown. 
Fortiur et JidelUer. Boldly and faithfully. 

I OnuunOTe and Browne. 
Fortiter gerit crucem. He bravely supports 

the cross, e Donoughmore. 
Fonis cadtre^ cedere turn potest. The brave 

man may fall, but cannot yield, m Drog- 

Fortuita eequalur. Let fortune foUow. e 

Forward, m Queensberry, and e Castle- 
Foti pour devoir. Faith for duty, d SomerKt. 
Frangas, nan Jleetes. You may break, but 

ahul not bend me. d Sutherland, and e 

Fvimus. We have been, e Elgin, and m 

FvHhfortutte, and Jill the fetters, d Atholl, e 

Dunmore, and 1 Glenlyon. 

Garde la/iri. Keep the faith. 1 Kensington. 
Gardet bien^ Take good care, e Eglinton. 
Gttrdet lefoy. Keep the faith, e I^>ulett. 
Gawlet tentamine virtuu Virtue rejoices in 

triaL e Dartmouth. 
Gloria rirtutie umbra. Glory is the shadow 

{or the connpanion) of virtue, e Longford. 
Gcd be mif guide* e Glengall. 
God send grace, e Erne. 
Grace me^ guide* May grace guide me. 1 

Gradu dherm, via una. The same way, by 

different steps. 1 Calthorpe. 
Grandeacunt auda tabore. Increased by labour 

th^ grow laige. 1 Heytesbury. 
Grip fast, e Rothes. 

Her generi incrementa fides. Faith obtained 
th^ hoDonrs for oar race, m Towns- 

Haul et ban. Great and good, v Doneraile. 

BA dduw Heb ddum Vduwadygan. 1 Moetyn. 

Honesta qtiam sptendida. How splendid are 
the acquirements of honour, v Barring- 

Houeste audax. Virtuously bold. 1 Ran- 

Iloaor Jtdelitatis pra^mium. Honour is the 
reward of fideli^. 1 Boston. 

Honor mrtutis prsemium. Honour is the re- 
ward of vtrtne. e Ferrers. 

Horaettemjtre. Now and always, e Pomfret. 

Hoslis hanori invidia. Envy is honour*s enemy. 

e Harborough. 
Humani nihil alienum. Nothing human is 

foreign to me. e Talbot. 

/ dare, e Camwath. 

/ hone to speed, e Cathcart 

In Deo spero. I hope in God. 1 De Sau- 

In God is all. 1 Saltoun. 
In hoc s^w spes mea. In this sign is my 

hope. vTaaffe. 
In hoc agno vinces. Under this sign thou 

shalt conquer, e Arran. 
In omnia parattts. Prepared for all things. 1 

In portu quies. In the haven there is lepose. 

1 Skelmersdale. 
In solo Deo salus. Salvation in God alone. 

e Harewood. 
In te, Domine, speravi. In thee, O Lord, have 

I put my trust, e Strathmore. 
In utrdquefortund parutus. In every situation 

preparea. And round the crest, iiialamanca, 

V Combermere. 
In vtroquejidelis. Faithful in both, v Falk- 
In veritate victoria. Victory is in truth, e 

Inseryi Deo et Uetare. To serve God and 

rejoice, e Wicklow. 
Int^ra mens augustissima possessio. An honest 

mmd is the most noble possession. 1 

Invitum sequitur honos. Honour follows 

against his will, m Donegal ; 1 Temple- 

J*av bonne cause. I have good reason, m 

Jamais arriere. Never behind. Round e 

Selkirk's crest ; and 1 Douelas. 
Je le tiens. I hold it 1 Audley. 
Je le maintiendnU. I will maintain, e 

Malmesbury. a motto to his crest. 
Je me Jie en Dieu. I put my trust in God. 

e Plymouth. 
Je ne cherche qu\n. I seek but one. m 

Je n'oublieray jamais. 1 shall never foiget. 

m Bristol. 
Je pense. I think, e Wemyss. 
Je pense plus. I think more, e Marr. 
Je suis prit. I am ready. 1 Famham; 1 

Je veux de bonne guerre. I wish for fair play. 

IWenlock. ^ 

Je vive en espoir. I live in hope. 1 Strad- 

Jour de ma vie. The day of my life, e Dela- 

Jud^e nought, e Buchan ; and e Traquair. 
Judicium parium, aut lex terra:. The judg- 
ment of our peers, or the law of the land. 

m Camden. 

La fortune passe par tout. Fortune governs 

all things. 1 Rollo. 
Lam dearg Erin. The red hand of Ireland. 

e O'Neill. 
La vertu est la seule noblesse. Virtue is the 

only nobility, e Guilford. 



Labor ipae volufOas. Labour itself is plea- 
sure, e Lovelace. 

hahart. By labour. 1 Tenterden. 

Lahore et honore. By labour and honesty^ 1 

Laus Deo. Praise be to God. v ArbutbnoL 

Le jour viendra. The day will come, e 

Le roi et V estat. The king and the state, e 

Lead on, I Hotham. 

Let Curxon hold what Curton held, e Howe. 

Uberlat. Liberty. 1 Carbery. 

lAbertas in Legmu. Liberty in the laws. 1 

Ubertat sub rege pio. Liberty under a pious 
king. ▼ Siomoutfa. 

Libert^ tout entiere. Liberty entire, e Lanes- 

Lock ticker. Be sure, e Morton. 

Lard have mercy, v Strathallan. 

Love — eerve. e Shaftesbury. 

Loyal devoir. Loyal duty. 1 Carteret. 

Loyal en tout. Loyal thronghouL e Ken- 

Lotfalje urai durant ma vie. I will be loyal 
dunng my life. 1 Stourton. 

Loyalty me oblige. Loyalty binds me. e 

LoyauU^ n*a honte. Loyalty knows not shame, 
d Newcastle. 

Magittrattu indicat virum. The magistrate 
shews the man. e Lonsdale. 

Magjuinimiter crucem switine. Support the 
cross with magnanimity. 1 Kenyon. 

Malo mori quamj'xdari. I had rather die than 
be dismced. e Athlone; 1 Trimlestown; 
and 1 Ffrench. 

Manu forte. With a strong hand. 1 Reav. 

Manut hac inimica tyrannis. This hand is 
hostile to tyrants, e Carysfort; and 1 

Manusjusta nardus. The just hand is as pre- 
cious ointment, t Maynard. 

Medioeria Jirma. Firm in mediocrity, e 

Memoria pii aterna. The pious are held in 
everlasting remembrance. 1 Sudeley. 

Mens contcia rectu A mind conscious of rec- 
titude. T Ashbrook. 

Metuenda corolla draconis. The dragon's crest 
is to be feared, m Londonderry. 

Mihi eurafuturi. I am careful fbr the future. 
1 Oneley. 

Morte leani* vita. Life by the death of the 
lion. 1 Vaux. 

Moveo et propitior. I strike and am appeased, 
e Ran/urly. 

Mums aneus conscientia sana, A sound con- 
science is a wall of brass, e Scarborough. 

Mutare vel timere spemo. I scorn to change 
or to fear, d Beaufort. 

My prince and my country. 1 Harris. 

Ne cede malis. Yield not to misfortunes, e 

Ne cede malis^ sed contrit. Yield not to mis- 
fortunes, but oppose them. 1 Garragh; 
T Cuining. 

Ke oubUet. Forget noL d Montrose. 

Ne vile fano. Disgrace not the altar, e 

Ne vile velit. Form no mean wish, e Aber- 
gavenny ; and I Braybrooke. 

Nee cupias nee metuas. Neither desire nor 
fear, e Hardwicke. 

Nee devius unquam. Never varying. I Wal- 

Nee prece, nee pretio. Neither by prayer, nor 
by price. 1 Bateman. 

Nee male notut eques. Not an unknown 
knight. V Southwell. 

Nee qumrere nee spemere honorem. Neither to 
seek nor despise honours, v Bolingbroke. 

Nee rege nee populo, sed utroque. Neitner for 
the king nor for the people, but for both. 

Nee temere nee timide. Neither rashly nor 
diffidently, d Cleveland ; e Bradford ; 1 

Nee timeo nee spemo. I neither fear nor de- 
spise. V Boyne. 

Nil admirari. To be astonished at nothing, 
e Clare ; 1 Carew. 

Nil conscire dbi. Conscious of no guilt, e 
Winohilsea and Nottingham. 

Nil desperandum. Despair not. e Lichfield. 

Nil nisi cruce. No dependence but in the 
cross, m Waterford; v. Beretford; I De- 

Nobilitatis virlu*^ non stemmOf character. Virtue, 
not ancestry, should characterise nobility, 
m Westminster. 

Non generant aquiUe columbas. Eagles do not 
bring forth doves. 1 Rodney. 

Non inf'eriora seeutus. Despising mean pur- 
suits. 1 Montfort. 

Non quo, sed quomodo. Not by whom, but in 
what manner. I Howard ae Walden. 

Non revertar inultus. I will not return unre- 
venged. e Lisbume. 

Non mi, sed patriae. Not for himself, but for 
his country, e Romnev. 

Non hsce sine Numine. These things are not 
without a divinity, v Clifden. 

Non nne Numine. Not without God's assist- 
ance. 1 RibblesdEde ; 1 Gifibrd. 

Nous maintiendrons. We will maintain, e 
Suffolk and Berkshire. 

Numini et patrisc asto, I stand to my God 
and my country. I Aston. 

Nunc aut nunquasn. Now or never, e Kil- 

Occurrent nuhes. Clouds will intervene, e 

St. German's. 
Odi vrqfanum. I hate whatever is profane. 

e Listowel. 
Opera illius mea sunt. His works are mine. 

e Brownlow. 
Ora et labora. Pray and labour, e Dal- 

Oublier ne puis, I can never forget. 1 Col- 

Over fork over, m Conyngham. 

Palma non sine pulvere. The palm, bat not 
without difficulty, e Liverpool. 

Palmam qui meruit ferat. Let him wear the 
palm who has deserved it. e Nelson. 

Par ternis sttpfmr. llie two are almost equal 
to the three. 1 Northwick. 



Porta tueri. To maintain acquired posses- 

noDs» 1 Lilford. 
Poms avant. Pass onward, e Waldegraye. 
Patience paste tcience. Padence surpasses 

knowled^. e Falmouth. 
PatientiA vtnoo. You shall conquer by pa- 
tience. 1 Alvanley. 
Patria cam, earior libertat. My country is 

dear, my liberty is dearer, e Radnor. 
Patria infdiei fideliu Faithful to an un- 
happy country, e Courtown. 
PatrtU virtutiims. By patriotic virtues, e 

Pax in bello. Peace in war. d Leeds ; 1 Go- 
Per acuta beUi. Through the asperities of 

war. e Tyrconnel. 
Per o^gnfta ad au^iuta* Through difficulties 

to honours, v Massereene. 
Per Deum etferrum obtinvi. By God and my 

sword I have obtained, m Downshire ; 

1 Sandys. 
Per U sue eontrario. By its reverse or oppo- 
site, m Anglesey. 
Per mare per terras. By sea and by land. 

e Caledon. 
Per trios recta*. Through undeviating paths. 

1 Dnfferin and Claneboye. 
Perieulum fortitudine evasL By fortitude I 

have evaded danger. 1 Hartland. 
Perimus ticUis^ We die in a good cause. I 

Peneverando. By perseverance, e Ducie. 
Pit reponi te. In piety confide, e Manvers. 
Pallet virtus. Virtue prevails. 1 Mavybo- 

Parro umen est necessaritun. Moreover one 

thing is needful, m Wellesley ; 1 Cowley. 
Post pralia pr^mia. After batUes reward. 

1 Rossmore. 
Post tei naufragia portum. After so many 

shipwrecks, I find a port, e Sandwich. 
Pour bien disirer. To desire good. 1 Dacre. 
Pmir 3f pervenkr. In order to accomplish. 

d Rutland ; v Canterbury ; and 1 Manners. 
PrmUo et pento. I undertake and persevere. 

e Haddmgton. 
Prends mm & que se suis. Take me such as I 

am. And round the crest, Loyal d. la mart. 

Loyal to death, m Ely. 
Prest iTaeeompUr. Ready to perform, e 

Shre wabury . 
Prest j»ur man pays. Ready for my country. 

1 Honson. 
Pro Christo et patria duice perictikun. For 

Christ and my country danger is sweet. 

d Roxburgh. 
Pro Deo et rege. For God and the king, e 

Pro libertate patria. For the liberty of my 

country. 1 Massy^ and 1 Clarina. 
Pro rege et putrid. For king and country, e 

Leven and Melville. 
Pro rege, lege, grege. For king, law, and 

Deople. e B^lMrough; v l^nsonby, of 

imokiUy ; and 1 Brougham and Vaox. 
Pretiias verus hanos. Probity is true honour. 

V Chetwynd. 
Prtdease quim eonepid. To be useful, rather 

than conspicuous, e Morley ; e Sommers. 
Prudens qui patiens. He is prudent who is 

patient, e Leicester. 

Prudentia et constantia. By prudence aiui 
constancy. 1 Denman. 

Qiue amissaf salva. What was lost is safe, e 

Quod surmm voio videre. I wish to look at 

that which is above, e Dunraven and 

Qualis ab ineepto. The same as from the be- 

g^ning. e De Grey. 
Quern te Deus esse jussit. What God hath 

commanded you to be. e Sheffield. 
Quod verum, tutum. What is true is safe, e 

Qui invidet minor est. He who envies is the 

inferior, e Cadogan. 
Qfdparue. Which heals, e Howth. 
Qui uti sett, et bona. To him who knows 

how to use them, all things are good. 

1 Berwick. 
Quid verum atque decens. What is just and 

honourable, v Duneannon. 
Quo fata voeant. WhiSier Uie fates may call 

me. 1 Thurlow ; 1 De L'Isle and Dudley. 
Quod potui perfect. That which I could do, I 

have done, v Melville. 
Quondam his vieimus armis. Formerly we 

conquered with these arms. 1 Dorchester. 

Ready, aye ready. 1 Napier. 

Recte et suaviter. Justly and mildly. 1 Scars- 

Renaseentur. They wiU rise again, v Avon- 
more ; V Ferrard. 

Renovate animos. Renew your courage, e 

Reparobit comua Pkeebe. The moon will re- 
plenish her horns. 1 Polwarth. 

Retinens vestigia fanut. Retracing the achieve* 
ments of an nonourable ancestry. 1 Rib- 

Rhad duw a ryddid, 1 Dinorben. 

Ride through. 1 Belhaveu and Stenton. 

Right can never die. e Norbury. 

Rinasee piu gloriosa. I shall rise more glo- 
riously (round the crest), e Rosslyn. 

St. Vincent. 1 Radstock. 

Solus per Christum Redemptorem, Salvation 
through Christ the Redeemer, e Moray. 

Sans changer. Without changing, e Derby. 

Sans Dieu rien. Nothing without God. 1 

Sans tdche. Without stain, v Gormanston ; 
and over the crest of 1 Napier. 

Sapere aude. Dare to be wise, e Maccles- 

Secret et hardi. Secret and bold. 1 Dynevor. 

Secundis dubiisque rectus. Firm in every for- 
tune, e Camperdown. 

Semper eadem* Always tlie same. 1 Forester. 

Semper paratus. Always ready. 1 Clifford, 
of Chudleigh. 

Sequor nee itif'erior. I follow, but am not 
inferior. 1 Crewe. 

Serb, sed serib. Late, but seriously, m Salis- 
bury ; m Lothian ; e Antrim. 

Servttjugum. Preserve the yoke, e Erroll. 

Servabojidem. I will keep faith. 1 Sherborne. 

Servatajide* cineri. The promise made to the 
ash<% of my forefathers has been kept, e 



Shunti€t a Auo. I Fitzgerald utd Vesey. 

Si ,e uuit^ If I can. e Newlmrgb. 

M >it yruJrntui. If there be prudence. 1 

Aucklaud; I Henlej. 
•Sit una Ubt decus. Let joar booonrB be 

without a stain, e EldoD. 
•Si>/a /uuit tirtau. Virtue alone delights me. 

I lUantrrp. 
&Wa HifbilUai virtus. Virtue ia the only no- 
bility', m Abercom. 
Sola vtrtut imicia. Virtue alone ia uncon- 
querable, d Norfolk. 
Soio Deo talus. Safety in God alone. 1 

Sotinferme, Be stedfaat. e Carrick. 
^are nought, m Tweeddale. 
Sptctemur agendo. Let us be judged by our 

actions, r Clifden ; 1 Montagu. 
Sftero infettit. metuo tecuwlit. I hope in adver- 
sity, and rear in prosperity, e Ludlow. 
Spiro meliora, I nope for better things. 1 

Spet mea Chriitut. Christ is my hope, e 

Lucan; eCIanmorris. 
Sites mea in DeOm My hope is in God. 1 

Spes tutistima corlis. The safest hope is in 

heaven, e Kingston ; r Lorton. 
Standfast, e Seaneld. 
Stand sure. 1 Glenelg. 
Slant eectera tigno. The rest stand on a beam. 

m Huntly. 
Start super vias antiqwu. To stand in the 

track of my ancestors. 1 Bayning. 
Steady. I Aylmer ; 1 Bridport. 
Strike. IHawke. 
Suaviter et fortiter. Mildly and firmly, e 

Suaviter in modo, fortiter in re. Gentle in 

manner, vigorous in deed. 1 Newborongh. 
Sub eruce Candida, Under the fair cross, e 

Egmont ; 1 Arden. 
Stdf cruee talus. Salvation by the cross, v 

Sub hoe signo vinces. Under this sign thou 

shalt conquer, v De Vesci. 
Sub spe. Under hope. 1 Dufiiis. 
Suis Stat vhribut. He stands in his own 

strength. I Abinger. 
Suivex raimm. Follow reason, m Sligo; 1 

5iiMm euiaue. To every man his own. 1 


Tdche sant tdche. Spot without spot, e 

Templa quam dileeta. How beloved are thy 

temples, d Buckingham and Chandos. 
Tenax et Jidelis, Persevering and faithful. 

1 Carrington. 
Tenax propotiti. Tenacious of purpose, b 

Teneto. 1 will maintain. 1 De Tabley. 
The noblest motive is the pubUe good, e Bantry. 
Thou shalt want ere I want, 1 Cranstoun. 
Through, d Hamilton. 
Thus. V St. Vincent. 
Tien* a la vh-'U^, Maintain the truth. 1 De 

Tien tafou. Keep thv faith, e Bathurst. 
Timet pudorem. He iears shame, v Ifowne. 
Timor Domini, font rii«. The fear of the 

Tout bieu 

hard w die Ibmtain of fife. 1 Bonbome. 
Toujtntrt pret. Always ready, e tha- 

Tomjoursprapite^ Always propitious. I Cre- 

AU well Qfr nodring. I 

Tout rient de Dieu. All tilings come frota 

God. 1 Clinton. 
Traditus nan vietut. Betrayed, not conquered. 

1 Howden. 
Trici by jury. 1 Erskine. 
Triumfiu> morie tam HtA. I triumph in death 

as in life, v Allen. 
True to Uie end. e Home. 
Tuebor, I will defend, v Torrington; 1 

Tuum est. It is your own. e Cowper. 

UUfue pttriom rtminian. To remember ny 
countey every where, e Malmeabury. 

Ultra pergere. To push onward. 1 Lynd- 

Vng DieUf wtg roy. One God, one kng. 1. 
Lyttelton ; 1 Hatherton. 

Un roy, une foy, uns toy. One king, one 
faith, one law. e Clannearde. 

^^^"i J* Mrrtray. One I will serve, e Pem- 
woke and Montgomeiy : e Carnarvon. 

Uni spquus virtutL Friendly to virtue alooe. 
e Mansfield. 

r^nia et idem. One and the same. 1 Ravens- 

Ut prodm. That I may do good. 1 Foley. 

Vt auoeumam parmtus. Prepared on exerj 
side, e Cavan. 

Valet anehora virtut. Virtue is a sheet anchor. 

I Gardner. 
Ventis seeundit. With prosperoos winds, v 

Ver non semper viret. The spring does not 

always flourish; or Vernon always flou- 
rishes. 1 Vernon. 
Veriti sans peur. Truth without fear. 1 

Vertue vauneeth. Virtne prevails. 1 Wil* 

lou^hby de Broke. 
Vestmi nulla retrorsum* There is no receding. 

e Buckinghamshire. 
Via triia, vta tuta. The beaten pith is the 

safe one. e Noimanton. 
Vigueur de detnu. Strength firom above, m 

VigUantibut. To the watchful, e Gosfbrd. 
VigUate et orate. Watch and pray. 1 Castle- 

Vincit amor patriet. The love of my country 

Srevaib. e Cfaachester; v Molesworth; I 
luncaster; e Yarborough. 
Vineit omnia veritat. Truth conquers all 

things. 1 Kingsale. 
Vineit, qui patitur. He conquers, who soflers. 

1 Kinnaird. 
Vineit Veritas, Truth conquers, v GorL 
Viretcit vulnere virtus. Virtue 

from a wound, e Galloway. 
Virtus ariete fortior. Virtue is stronger than 

a battering ram. e Abingdon. 
Virtus basis vittt. Virtue is the basis of life. 

1 Stafford. 


FirlMt m mcHom epm$ulii. Virtue oonsistB in 

action. eCimFen. 
Virttu in anhm. Fortitiide under difficulties. 

I Anhbnrton. 
Virtus megndit oireu Virtue inspizefl strength. 

ViriuM mvtdUt aeopus. Virtue is the mark of 

otvy. Utfetfanen.^ 
Virtus milU teuta. Virtue is equal to a tfaou- 

■and ahirids. e Effingham. 
Virtus probata Jbrtbit* Proved virtue will 

iooriah, e Banden. 
Virtus propter «„ Virtue for itself alone. 1 

Virtus rqndsst nsseia tordufm. Virtue ignorant 

of neaadeniaL e Oesart. 
Virtus semper viridis* Virtue flourishes for 

erer. e Belmore. 
Virtus sola wubiUtmt, Virtue alone ennobles. 

1 Wallacourt. 
Fwfus suh eruee ereseit. Virtue incr ea s es 

under the cross, e CharleviUe. 
Virtus vhteit inDidiam^ Virtue oyeroometh 

eary. e Comwallis. 
Virtute et fide. By Tirtue snd fkith. e Oz- 

finrd ana Mortimer ; t Melbourne ; 1 Beau- 


VirtuU et Ubere, Bj courage and labour, e 
DuiMfiMiald ; 1 Headley. 

Virtute et Numiue. Br rirtoe and the pro- 
tection of HeaTen. 1 Cloneurrr. 

Virtute et eperd. By Tirtue ana hiboor. e 


rutute Jide^ue^ By rirtue and faith. 1 Eli- 

Firtvit, nan armis, fide. 1 trust to nrtne, not 

to arms, e Wilton. 
Virtute, turn astutid* By courage, not by craft. 

e Umenck. 
Virtute, non verbis. By courage, not words. 

m Lansdowne. 
Virtute quiet. Rest in virtue, m Normanby. 
Virtute seeurus. Safe in virtue. And roimd 

the crest, De numte alto. From a high 

mountain, v Hawarden. 
Virtuti nihil obslat et ttrmis. Nothing can 

resist valour and arms, e Aldborougn. 
Virtuti$ amore. From the love of virtue, e 

Annesley ; e Mountnorris. 
Virtutii avorum pnanium. The reward of the 

virtue of my ancestors, v Templetown. ^ 
Virtutisfortuna comes. Fortune the companion 

of valour, d Wellington ; e Clancarty ; 1 

Ashtown ; v Harberton. 
Virtutis comes invidia. Envy is the attendant 

of virtue, v Hereford. 
Vis unitaf'ortior. Force united becomes more 

powernil. e Mountcashell. 
Fite via virtus^ Virtue is the way of life, e 

Vive ut vivas* Live so as to ensure immortal 

life. 1 Abercromby. 
Vivere tat vineert. To conquer is to live 

enough, e Sefton ; I Ventry. 
Vivit post Junera virtus. Virtue survives the 

g^ve. e Cork and Orrery. 
Vix ea uoelra voeo. Scarcely can these thines 

be called our own. d Argyll; e Brooke 

and of Warwick. 
Volo, turn valeo. I am wUling, but not able. 

e Carlisle. 
VotaviUtmea, My life is devoted, e Meath^ 


Showing the oontemponry Kinn of England, SeoUand, and Fnne^ from the Conquest to the 
present tune, together with the Year of our Lord oorre4K>nding with the Year of the Reign of 
the respectiTe Sovereigns. 

N.B. — At the accession of William the Conqueror to the Throne of England, Malcolm Can- 
more was king of Scotland, and in the 10th Year of his Reign ; and Philip I. King of France, 
in the 7th Year of his Reign. The name of each succeeding soTereign is placed under the 
last year of the reign of his predecessor, tog^ether with the precise day ^where that is asoer> 
tainable) of his accession. The next figure m the years of reigns is 3. snowing that the new 
sojereign entered the 2d year of his reign on the day of the month in that year corresponding 
with tM day of his accession in the preceding. Thus, William Rufus, 9 Sept. stanos under 
the 22d year of King William the Conqueror, A.D. 1067, showing that he succeeded to the 
Crown on that day, and the figure 2 under his name, and against A.D. 1068, shows that he 
completed the Ist and entered the 2d year of his reign on the 9th Sept. in that year. 



ind. Scotland. 






d. France. 





'on. Malool 
let. Canmo! 


Philip I. 

Henry I. 

1 Aug. 

3 • . • . 


5 •• . 

Philip I. 


2 . . 

. . 11 . . . 



4 . . . 

6 . . . 



3 . . 

. . 12 . . , 



5 . . , 

7 . . . 

. 45 


4 . . 

. . 13 . , . 



6 . . . 

8 . . . 

. 46 


5 . . 

. . 14 . . . 



7 . . . 

9 . . . 

. 47 


6 . . 

. . 15 , . , 



8 . . . 

10 . . , 

. 48 


7 . , 

8 . . 

. . 16 . . . 
. . 17 . . . 





9 . . 

18 . . . 



7 .... 

2 . . . 



10 . . 

11 . . 

12 . . 

. . 19 . . . 

. . 20 . . . 

21 . . . 


Louis VI. 
29 July. 


13 . . 

. . 22 . . . 



10 . . 

3 . . , 



14 . . 

. . . 23 . . . 



11 . . 

4 . . . 



15 . . 

24 . . , 



12 , . 

5 . . . 



16 . . 

. . . 25 . . . 



13 . . 

6 . . . 



17 . . 

26 . . 



14 . . 

7 . . , 



18 . . 

. . . 27 . . 



15 . . 

8 . . . 



19 . . 

28 . . 



16 . . 

9 . . 



20 . . 

29 . . 



17 . . 

10 . . . 



21 . 

. . . 30 . . 



18 . . 

11 . . 

. . 10 


. . . < 

. . 31 . . 



19 . . 

12 . . 





20 . . 

21 . . 

13 . . 

14 . . 

. . 12 
. . 13 

9 Se 



22 . . 

15 . . 

. . 14 


2 . 

. . . 32 . . 



23 . . 

16 . . 

. . 15 


3 . 

. . . S3 . . 



24 . . 

17 . . 

. . 16 


4 . 

> • • irw . . 



25 . . 

18 . . 

. . 17 


5 . 

. . . 35 . . 





6 . . 

■ • • 36 • • 



7 . 

. . . 37 , . 



26 . . 

2 . . 

. . 18 

Donald VII.» 


28 . . 

3 . . 

4 . . 

. . 19 


8 . 

2 . . 



29 . . 

5 . . 

. . 21 


9 . 

3 . . 



30 . . 

6 . . 

. . 22 


10 . 

4 . . 



31 . . 

7 . . 



11 . 

5 . . 



32 . . 

8 . . 



12 . 

6 . . 



33 . . 

9 . . 




34 . . 

35 . . 

10 . . 

11 . . 

. . 26 


13 . 

■ .. «••■. 



36 . . 

12 . . 



■ « . 

• . * 9 . ■ • . 


2 Dec. 



1 A 



7 • • • fl 

13 . . 

. . 29 


2 . 

■ . . 4 ■ . 

■ • 



3 . . 

• 9 

14 . . 


* A short usurpation of Duncan, natural son of Malcolm, is not noticed here. He was 
^^ved king at the same time with Donald, hut held the throne only a few months. 












David I. 

Txmiii VII. 

lor 25 


Richard I. 
7 July. 



10 Dec. 

Philip IL 


4 . . . 




2 . . . . 

26 . . . 



5 . . . 

16 .... 



3 . 

27 . . . 



6 . . . 

17 .... 



4 . , 

28 . . . 



r . . . 

18 ... . 



5 . . 

29 . . . 



8 . . . 

19 .... 



6 . . 

30 . . . 



9 . . . 

20 ... . 



7 . . 

31 . . . 



lO . . . 

21 ... . 



8 . . 

32 • . . 



11 . . . 

22 ... . 



9 . , 

33 . . . 



12 . . . 




10 . . 

3* ... 



13 . . . 

14 . . . 

24 .... 

25 ... . 



m U M d. 

36 . . . 



■ ■••WW 

6 April. 

^M^ • • • V 



15 . . . 

16 . . . 

26 ... . 

27 ... . 



17 . . . 

28 ... . 



2 . . . . 

36 . . . 



18 . . . 

29 ... . 



3 . . 

37 , . , 



19 . . . 

30 ... . 



4 . . 

38 . . . 



5 . . 

39 ... 




6 . . 

40 . . . 





7 . , 

41 . . . 



8 . . 

42 . . . 



z • • • • 



9 . . 
10 . . 

43 . . . 

44 . . . 


^fc^fc*^ ^ 

25 Oct. 




11 . . 

12 • . 

45 . . . 

46 • . . 



2 . . . 

3 . . . . 



13 . . 

47 . . . 



S • . . 

4 . . . . 



14 . . 

48 . . . 



4 . . . 




15 . . 

49 . . . 



5 . . . 

6 . . . . 



16 . . 

50 . . . 



6 . . . 

7 . . . . 



17 . . 




7 . . . 

8 . . . 

8 . . . . 

9 . . . . 


Alexander II. 


9 . . . 

10 .... 



lo • . . . 

2 . . . . 


1163 10 . . . 

1164 11 . . . 

11 .... 

12 .... 


Henry III. 
19 Oct. 


12 . . . 

13 .... 


M ^ X^ V *• 

Wilfiam the 
10 Dec. 


2 . . 

3 . . 

3 . . . 

4 . . . 




4 . . 

5 . . 

5 . . . 

6 . . . 



13 . . . 

2* .... 



6 . . 

• • 

7 . . . 



14 . . . 

3> . . 



7 . . 

8 . . . 




15 . . . 

4 . . 



8 . . 

9 . . . 



16 . . . 

5 . . 




17 . . . 

6 . . 




18 . . . 

7 . . 


lor 14 


19 - . . 

20 . . . 

8 . . 

9 . . 





21 . . . 

10 . , 



V .... 

10 .... 



22 . . . 

11 . . 



10 .... 

11 .... 



23 . . . 

12 . 



11 .... 




24 . . . 

13 . . 


Louk IX. 


25 . - . 

14 . . 


7 Not. 


26 • . . 

15 . 



27 . . - 

16 . 


12 . . 

13 . . . 


Philip II. 

1228 13 . 

1229 1 14 . 

14 . . 

15 . . 




15 . 

16 . . 



28 . . . 

17 .... 



16 . 

17 . . 



29 • . • 

18 .... 



17 . 

18 . . 



30 • . . 

19 .... 



18 . 

19 . . 



31 . . . 

20 ... . 



19 . 

20 . . 



as . • • 

21 ... . 



20 . 

21 . . 



33 . - • 

22 ... . 



21 . 

22 . . 



34 . . - 

23 ... . 



22 . 

23 . . 



35 . - - 

24 ... . 



23 . 

24 . . 

. . 13 


^^*^ • » -" 
• • • • « 

25 . 

. • • 



« .. 













Henry III. 
19 Oct* 

Alexander II. 

Louia IX. 
7 Not. 

Edward I. 
16 Not. 

John Batiol. 

• • 

PhiUp IV. 

6 or 15 




26 . . . 



22 ... . 

X • « . . 



26 ... . 

27 . ... 



23 . . 

o .... 




28 , . . 



24 . . 

4 .... 



28 ... . 

29 . . . 



25 . . 

«y • . « . 




30 . . . 



26 . . 




30 ... . 

31 . . . 



27 . . 



31 .... 

32 . . . 



28 . . 



32 .... 

33 . . . 



29 . . 




33 ... . 

34 . . . 



30 . . 




31 . . 

32 . . 





33 . . 



34 ... . 

2 . . , 




34 . . 





3 . . . 



35 . . 




37 ... . 

38 ... . 

39 .... 

4 . . . 
.5 . . . 

6 . . . 

7 . . . 


Robert I. 


25 March. 



41 .... 

8 . . . 

9 . . . 
10 . . , 



» a . . . 



Edward 11. 
7 July. 



43 ... . 

11 . . . 



44 ... . 

12 . . . 




3 . . . . 



45 ... . 

13 . . . 



3 . . 

) . a 

4 . . . . 



46 ... . 

14 . . . 



4 . . 

1 • . 





15 . . . 



5 . . 

. . 

6 . . . . 



48 ... . 

16 . . . 



6 . . 

1 . . 

7 . . . . 



49 .... 

17 . . . 



7 . , 

1 • . 

B .... 




18 . . . 



8 . . 

t M m 




51 .... 

52 .... 

53 ... . 

19 . . . 

20 . . . 

21 . . . 



Louia X. 
24 Not. 


54 ... . 

22 . . . 



V « • a » 

10 .... 



55 ... . 

23 . . . 


10 .... 

11 .... 

Philip III. 

Philip V. 



5 June. 


56 ... . 

24 .... 



11 .... 

12 .... 



57 .... 

25 ... . 



12 . 

13 .... 




13 . 

14 a . . . 


16 Nor. 


14 . 

15 .... 



15 . 

16 .... 



2 . . . . 

96 . , , 



16 . 

17 .... 


3 . . . . 

4 . . . . 

27 . . 
98 , . 


Chaa. IV, 


5 . . . . 

29 . . 


3 Jan. 


6 . . . . 

CHI . . 



17 .... 

18 .... 



7 . . . . 

31 . . 



18 . 

. . . 

19 .... 




32 . . 



19 . 

. . . 

20 ... . 




33 . . 



20 . 

. . . 

21 ... . 



10 .... 

11 .... 

•34 • . 

35 . . 



22 .... 




12 . . . • 

13 .... 

36 . . 

37 . . 


Edward III. 
25 Jan. 

Philip VI. 


14 .... 

38 . .. 



X .... 

23 ... . 


Philip IV. 


o .... 

24 ... . 


6 or 15 

DaTid II. 


9 June. 


15 .... 

^ S 



m .... 

z ..... 



16 . . . 




«9 .... 

%f .... 



17 . . . 



6 . . . . 

^ .... 



18 . . . 



19 . . . 





?0 . . . 





n ... 





7 . 

« • • 

* . . • . 













Kdwaid III. 


Philip VI. 

Richard II. 

Robert II. 

Chas. VI. 

25 Jan. 



2 Jnne. 

29 Feb. 

16 Sept. 


8 . . . 

3 • . • a 



5 . . 

12 .... 



9 . . . 

4 . . 



6 . . 

13 . < 

>- • . 



10 . . . 


5 . . 



7 . . 

14 . , 



It . . . 

6 . . 



8 . . 

15 . , 



12 . . . 

7 . , 



9 . . 

16 . . 



15 . . . 

8 . . 



10 . . 

17 . . 



14 ... 

9 . . 



11 . . 

18 . , 



15 . .. 

10 . . 



12 . . 

19 . . 



16 . . . 


11 . . 

• • 1 



13 . . 

■ % 

20 . . 




14 . . 

• . 

21 . . 


11 •. 


Robert III. 


ir .... 

2 . . 15 


12 April. 


18 . . . 

3 . . 16 



15 . . 

2 . . . . 



19 . . . 

4 . . 17 



16 . . 

3 . 



20 . . . 


5 . . 18 



17 . - 

4 . . 



21 . . - 


6 . . 19 



18 . . 

5 . . 



22 • . . 

7 . . 30 



19 . . 

6 . . 



23 . . . 

8 . . 21 



20 . . 

7 . . 



24 . . . 

9 . . 22 



21 . . 

8 . 


John the 


22 . . 
98 . . 

9 . 
10 . 

.- . . 



25 . . ■ • 

10 . . 23 

22 Aug. 

HeniT IV. 
29 Sept. 


96 ... 


11 . . 24 



2 . . 

11 .... 



27 . . . 

12 . . 25 



3 . . 

12 . . 



28 . . . 

13 . . 26 



4 . . 

13 . 



29 . . . 

14 . . 27 



5 . . 

14 . , 



50 • . • 

15 . . 28 



6 . . 

15 . . 



51 • • • 

16 . . 29 



7 . . 

, •, 

16 . . 



52 • • • 

17 . .30 



8 . . 

. . * 1 



53 • . • 

18 . . 31 


James I. 


99 ... 

19 . . 32 



16 March. 


59 ... 

20 . . 33 



56 • . • 

21 . . 34 



9 . . 

2 . . . . 



57 . . • 

22 . . 35 



10 . . 

3 , . 



5o ... 

23 . . 36 


11 . . 

4 . . 


Charles V. 
8 April. 


12 . . 

13 . . 

14 . . 

5 . , 

6 . . 

7 . . 



59 . . . 

24 .. 37 



. • « . 

8 . . 



40 . . . 

25 . .-38 


20 March. 


41 . . . 

26 . . 39 



42 . . . 

27 .. 40 



45 . . . 

28 . . 41 



2 . . 

9 * . . . 



44 . . . 

29 . . . . 



3 . . 

10 , . 


Robert 11. 
29 Feb. 


4 . . 

3 . . 
6 . . 

. '. 

11 . . 

12 . . 

13 • . 



45 ... . 

2 . . . . 



7 . . 

14 . . 



46 ... . 

5 . . 



8 . . 

15 . . 



47 .... 

4 . 



9 . . 

16 . . 




5 . 



10 . . 

17 . . 



49 ... . 

6 . 


Henrv VI. 
31 Aug. 

Chas. VII. 


50 ... - 

7 • 


20 Oct. 


51 .... 

8 • 


Richard II. 


2 . . 
5 . . 

18 . . 

19 . . 


2 Jane. 


4 . . 

20 . 



s .... 

V • • • • 



5 . . 

21 . . 



5 .... 

10 .... 



6 . . 

22 . 



4 . . * 


11 . 

• • • 



7 . . 

23 . 


• The doable Bpnrem denote that the rear 1343 was 
from his first aeoeenony 1529; the 2d if counted from 

the 15th of David H.'s r«ign if reckoned 
his restoration, 1342* 








Henry VI. 
31 Aug. 

8 . 

9 . 

10 . 

11 . 

12 . 

13 . 

14 . 

15 . 

16 . 

17 . 

18 . 

19 . 

20 . 

21 . 

22 . 

23 . 

24 . 

25 . 

26 . 

27 . 

28 . 

29 . 

30 . 

31 . 

32 . 

33 . 

34 . 

35 . 

36 . 

37 i 

38 . 

39 . 

I • 

Edward IV. 
4 March. 





















James I. 
16 March. 

24 . 

25 . 

26 . 

27 , 

28 . 

29 . 

30 . 

31 . 

Jamea 11. 
21 Feb. 

2 . 

3 . 

4 . 

5 . 

6 . 

7 . 

8 . 

9 . 

10 . 

11 . 

12 . 

13 . 

14 . 

15 . 

16 . 

17 , 

18 . 

19 . 

20 . 

21 . 

22 • 

23 , 

24 . 

James III. 
3 Aug. 
























Chas. VII. 
20 Oct. 




Ix>uis XI. 
22 July. 


















Edward V. 

9 April. 
Richard III. 

27 June. 

« • . . . 
J .... 

Henry VII. 
22 Aug. 

z .... 

«7 .... 

4 .... 













15 . , 

16 . . 

17 . . 

18 . . 

19 . . 

20 . 

21 . 

22 . 

23 . . 

24 . 

HeniT VIII. 
21 April. 

7 • . • . 
o • . . . 

4 • a • a 

9 .... 

. a a . 
a . a . 


James III. 
3 Aug. 

X9 .... 

26 a a . a 

3C# a a a a 
«0 a a a . 
. a • a a a 

James IV. 
11 Junea 




23 a a . a 

24 a a a • 

25 . a a a 

26 * a a a 

James Va 
9 Sept. 






» m • » 
a a a a 




30 Oct. 







Louis XII. 
7 April. 










Francis I. 
1 Jan. 













1 1 









Henry VIII. 
' 21 April. 

Zwr a a • . 

James V. 
9 Sept. 

19 .... 

Francis I. 
1 Jan. 


17 Not. 

James VI. 
James I. of 




1632 : «4 ... . 

20 . . 


15S3 1 25 .... 

21 . . 



16 • « . . 

7 "^ 

. .... 



26 ... . 

22 . 



17 .... 

8 . . . . 


27 . a . . 

28 ... a 

23 . 

24 . , 


Henry III. 


29 . . a . 

25 . 


30 May. 


30 . . a a 

26 . 



18 a . 

9 . . 



31 .... 

i7 . . 



19 . . 

10 . . 


1540 ! 32 .... 

28 . 



20 . . 

11 . . . 


1541 33 ... - 

29 a 



21 . . 

12 - . . 


1542 i»4 . . • • 

30 . . 



22 a . 

13 . . . 


13 Dec. 


23 . . 

14 . . . 




24 . a 

25 . . 

15 . . . 

16 a . . 



35 ... a 

' z .... 



26 . a 

17 . . . 



36 . a . . 

3 a . 

1 . . 



27 . . 

18 . . . 



37 . a . . 

4 . 

> • . 



28 a a 

19 . . . 



OO a . . . 

5 . . 

1 . . 



29 a . 

20 a . . 



6 . . 

> . . 



30 . . 

21 . a 


Edward VI. 
28 Jan. 

Hmry II. 
31 March. 


31 . . 

32 , . 

22 . . 

23 . . 



2 ... a 

3 . . . . 

7 . . 

8 . 


Henry IV. 
2 Aug. 


4 . . . . 

9 . . 



33 . . 

24 a . 



5 . . a . 

10 . . 



34 . . 

25 . a 



6 . . . . 

11 . . 



35 . . 

26 a . . 



7 a . . . 

12 . , 



36 . . 

27 . . . 


6 July. 


37 , . 

28 a . . 



38 a . 

39 . . 

29 . . . 

30 . . . 



Z ■ • a . 

13 .... 



40 . . 

31 . . , 



>s » » » » 

14 . . 

1 . . 



41 . . 

32 . . , 



4 . . .'. 

15 . . 

• « 



42 . . 

33 . . . 



5 . . • . 

16 . . 

. . 



43 a . 

34 . . , 



6 . • • • 

17 . . 

. . 



44 . . 

35 . . . 


17 Nov. 


45 . . 


36 . . , 
« • * < I 




2 . . . . 

18 . • . • 


24 March. 

Francis II. 
11 July. 


2 a . 

3 . . 




3 ■• « . 

19 .... 



4 . . 


Charles IX. 


5 . . 

6 . . 



7 . . 




20 a . . . 



8 . . 


5 . . . . 

6 . . . . 

7 . . . . 

21 . . 

22 . . 

23 . . 



Louis XIII. 
14 May. 


8 . . . . 

24 . . 



9 . . 



9 a . . . 

25 . , 



10 . . 



10 .... 

... I 



11 . . 


James VI. 
James I. of 


24 July. 


12 . . 

13 . . 

14 . . 

15 . . 

16 . . 

17 . . 




11 .... 

* • . • . 



18 . . 



19 .... 

3 . 

• a . 



19 . . 



13 .... 

4 . 

. • a 



20 . . 


1571 14 

5 . 

. . . 



21 . . 

I 14 


15 ... . 

6 . 

. . . 



22 . . 







JameB I. 

Louis Xin. 

24 March. 

14 May. 



Charles I. 
27 March. 























































lionis XIV. 
14 Maj. 


















Charles II. 

30 Jan. 















'A • . 




r r 















































































Charles II. 

Louis XIV« 

30 Jan. 

14 Maj. 


















Jamm IL 
6 Feb. 













Wflliam III. 
and Maiy. 















6ic7* . . . 



























8 March. 



























10 .**.•■ 











Oeorge I. 


1 Auj. 




Louis XV* 
ISept. . 




























* The 6th year of William and Mary began the 13th February 1694, and (on the queen's 
death) the 7th year of king William, on the 28th December in the same year. 















LouiB XVI. 

10 May. 



WILLIAM 1. " The Cosditeboh," bam M 
Filiise, in Kormmidy, 10*3, enncntdSb Dec. 
1066, marrHd Maud, da. of Bald irin.StbcoBBl 
of Fluideis, uid b; her (who d. S h'oT. 1063) 

1. RoBEBT, who succeeded hia &ther in the 
duch; of Nannandy, and d. 1134. 
Z. RicHjRD, duke of Bernay, d. yonnR. 

3. KiogWlLUAHlL 

4. KiniHENRvI. 

5. Cecily, abbeu of Caen, in N'onnandj, i. 

6. CoNSTtNci, n. Alan Fergannt, or the 
Red, coonl of Britlan;, uid eail of Richmoud 
in Enffland, bat d. $. p^ 

7. Adluia, d. Toung. 

B. Adbu, or AucE, n. Stephen, count of 
Bloia, by whom abe wu mother of king Ste- 
PHIN, and other children. 

9. GuNDnrD, n. William dc Warren, eail 
V/pmo and Surrey. 

10. AoATKA, affianced to Alphonio, king of 
Gallicia, but d. unm. 

'" I William d. 19 SepC 1087, and waa 
<y hia aemnd aurriTing «on, 


King WUliw 
■ucceMed by h 

■lain while banting in the New Forest, t Aug. 
1100, unnia>Ti«d, and wai buried at Winchester. 
He wu ■nccceded b; his brother, 

HENRY I. (umamed " Beaucleki," Lorn 
at Selby, in Yorkshire, 1070, enmnied at West- 
minater 6 Aae, 1100, rmmid, 11 Nov. 1100 
Maud, da. of Malcolm Canmore, king of 
Scotland, by Margaret, da. of Edward the 
Exile, (son ofEdmund IninsideB,) and heiress, 
on the death of her brother, Edgar Athsl^g, 
of the Saion kings of England ; by her (who 
d. 1 May lllB, and wa< buried at Westmin- 
ater) be had iuue, 

1. WiLUAK, duke of Xormsndy, &c. b. 
tltyt, m. June 1119, Matilda, da. of Fulk, 
count of Anion, but waa drowned in the great 
storm, 36 Not. following, without issue. 

3. Maud, b. 1114, (calied hy hisioriuis the 
" EMrREsa, " from her Brst marriage with 
Henry IV. emperor of Germany). After the 
death of her father, she conteated the crown of 
England with his successor, king Stephen ; 
m. «dly GeoSij Plantagenet, count of Anjou, 
and had issue by him, (who d. Sept. 1150,) 

1. KingHE«»v II. 

9. GcorrHT, earl of Nantes, d, 1157, j. p. 

3. WiLUAii, earl of Poiclou, d. 1163, t. p. 
Shed. 10 Sent. 1167. 

King Henry I.m. 2dly, ! Feb. llii nneiiu, 

da. of GodJrey, 1st duke of Bnbant, by whom 
(who surriTed him, and tn. Idly, William de 
Albini, to whom she took the cutle, honour, 
and earldom of Arundel as her dower) he had 
no issue. He d. in France S Dec. 1135, and 
was buried in Reading Abbey, Berka. He 
was succeeded by his nephenr. 

STEPHEN, son of Adela, counteaa of 
Blois, 4th da. of William the Conqueror, 
crowntd 36 Dec. 1135; niarritd Maud, da. of 
Eustace, count of Boulcwne, by whom (whod. 
3 May 1151, and was huned at Fererabam, 
CO. Kent) he had issue, 

1. Baldwin, ri. young. 

i, Eu3TACE,earl of Bauloiriie,ia.Coiutance, 

sister of Louis VII. of France, (who n-m. 

Raymond, earl of St. Giles,) hut d. 1. p. 115«, 

'' grief occasioned by the compositim made 

hisfati--^-- '■ - -- *^ 

r his father with Heiuy, son of llw eupreas 

3. William, earl of Mortawne and Bou- 
logne, n. Isabel, da. and h. of William, tmz\ 
Warren and Surrey, and i(. i. p. 1 159. 

'. Mai 

IB of Boulogne and Hor- 

taigue, m. AlaCthew, younger son of Theodore, 
count of Flanders, and bad iuue. 

King Stei^n was compelled by the empreaa 
Maud to acknowledge her son as his sucoeuor 
in the crown of Engbnd. He d. S5 Oct. 1154, 
and was buried at Feyersharo, oo. Kent, being 
succeeded on the throne, purauaat to the treaty, 
by hia cousin, 

HENRY II. IvTB 1IS3, owned 19 Dec. 
1155, marriid, 1151, Eleanor, eldest da. and 
G«-h. of WilUam, 5th duke of Aqoitaiiw, the 
divorced wife of Loaia VII. of Franoe, by 
whom (who d. M June l!Ot) be had iMne, 

1. WiLLtAH, d. young- 

a. HENBY,i. 1155, craunalatWeatnunster, 
15 July 1170, by command of his father : m. 
1173, Margaret, only da. of Louii VII. king 
of France, (who n-m. Bela, 3d king of Hun- 

>f France, (who rt-m. B 
;ary,)but(J. i.p. 11 Jul 
3. king Richard I. 

earl of Brittany and Richmond, 
b. S3 Sept 115B, m. Constance, da. and h. of 
Conan, {it pelit,) count of Brittany, and was 

ccideAully killed ii 

earl of Cheater; and 3dly, Gay, < 
Thonara, and if. ISOl,) 

1. Arthur, 5. posIhumooB, 



contefted the crofvri of England with 
Mb uncle, John, but d. in an attempt to 
ewsape from the castle of Rouen, unm, 
2. EleuuHT, who also d. unm, 1241. 

5. King John. 

6. Maud, m. Henry the Ljon, duke of 
Bnmswick, aneeator of the present royal family 

7. £l£anob, m. Alphonxo VIII. king of 

8. JoAX, m. 1st, WUUam II. king of Sicily ; 
and Sdly, Rajrmond, count of Thoulouie. 

King Henry II. d. 7 Julj 1189, and was 
bnried at Fontevraud, in Anjou ; he was suc- 
ceeded by his eldest sonriTing son, 

RICHARD I. surxumed '^Caun dm Lion," 
Urn Sept. 1157, morritd^ 1190, Berengaria, 
da. of Sancho, 6th king ot Navarre, by whom 
he had no iasoe ; and being slain by an arrow 
at the sieffe of Chalnz, in Limosin, 6 April 
1199, was Duiied at Fontevraud, and the throne 
waB usurped by his next surriring brother, 

J0HN,8umamed *^ Lackuind," Wnll66, 
envned S7 May 1199; contracted, 1173, to 
Alice, eldest da. and co-h. of Humbert, 3d earl 
of Manrienne, (now called Savoy.) but her 
d^atb prevented the comnletion ot the mar- 
riage; married Isabel, 3a da. and co-h. of 
^Vtllia]l^ earl of Gloucester, (with whom he 
acquired that earldom,) but was afterwards 
divorced firom her on the plea of consanguinity 
(her grandfather, Robert, consul or earl of 
Gloucester, having been a natural son of king 
Henry I. ; and she re-m. Gefirey Mandeville, 
earl of Enex) ; and he m. again, ISOO, Isabel, 
da. of Aymer^ count of Angoul^e, by whom 
he had issue, 

1. King Hbnry III. 

i. Richard, b. 1209, created earl of Corn- 
wall, and dected, 1356, king of the Romans ; 
M. 1st, 1230^ Isabel, 3d da. of William Mar- 
shall, earl oi Pembroke, and co-h. of her bro- 
thers, Walter, William, Richard, and Gilbert, 
successively earls of Pembroke, by whom he baa 
issue, four sons and one da. who all d. young 
or tmm. He m. Sdly, Sanchia, 3d da. and 
eo-h. of Raymond Bierenger, count of Pro- 
vence, by whom (who d. 1261) he had two 

1. Edmoad, earl of Cornwall, who suc- 
ceeded his father, m. Margaret, da. of 
Richard de Clare, earl of Gloucester 
and Hertford, but d. without issue. 

2. Riohard, kiUed at the siege of Ber- 
wick, unm, 1996, 

He n. 3d}y. Beatrice, nitoe of the elector of 
Cologne, WDO snrvived htm, but by whom he 
had no isme. Richard, king of the Romans, 
rf.U Berkhanpstead^ 1271. 

3. JoAK, m. 25 June 1221, Alexander II. 
bngof Seodaad, and d. s. o. 4 March 1238. 

4. ELZANoa, m. 1st. William Marshall, the 
ounger, earl of Pemoroke; and 2dly, Simon 
ilon&rt, call of Leieester. 

5. IsAasL, 6. 1214, m. 20 July 1235, Frede- 
rick II. eoroeror of Germany, and d, 1 Dec. 

King John d. 19 Oct. 1216, and was buried 
in Worcester cathedral ; he was succeeded by 
his SOB, 


HENRY III. bom 1 Oct. 1206, crotimed 28 
Oct. 1216, marriedy 14 Jan. 1236, Eleanor, 2d 
da. and co-h. of Raymond Berenger, count of 
Provence, and by her (who survived him, and 
d. a nun at Ambresbury, co. Wilts, 25 June 
1291) had issue, 

1. King EnwAiin L 

2. EoMOND, (sumamed Crovthbaek, from 
his having takien the cross,) b, 16 Jan. 1245. 
earl of Lancaster, Leicester, and Derby, lord 
of Monmouth, and steward of England, m. 
Ist, 1269, Avelina, da. and h. of William de 
Fortibus, earl of Albemarle, by whom he had 
no issue: and 2dly, Blanche, da. of Robert, 
count or Artois, and widow of Henry, of 
Cliampagne, king of Navarre, and countess 
palatine of Champagne and Brie, by whom 
he had issue, 

1. Thomas, who soooeeded his father, m. 
Alice, da. and h. of Henry Lacy, earl of 
Lincoln, with whom he acquired that 
earldom, but was beheaded, 15 Edw. 
II. leaving no issue. 

2. Henry, succeeded his brother, m. Maud, 
da. ana h. of sir Patrick Chaworth, knt. 
and d, 1345, leaving issue, six das. and 

one son, 

1. Blanche, m, Thomas, lord Wake, 
of Lydell, and d.8,p, 

2. Mau<L m. Ist, William de Burgh, 
earl of Ulster (by whom she haa 
an only da. EUzabeth, m. Lionel, 
duke of Clarence, son of king Ed- 
ward III.) ; and 2dly, Ralph, lord 

3. Joan, m. John, lord Mowbray, of 
Axholme, ancestor of the Mow- 
brays, dukes of Norfolk. 

4. Isabd, abbess of Ambresbuir. 

5. Eleanor, m. 1st, John de Beau- 
mont, son and h. of Henry, earl of 
Bncnsn, in Scotland: and 2dly, 
Richard Fits- Alan, earl of Arundel. 

6. Mary, m. Heniy, lord Percy, 
father of the 1st earl of Northum« 

7. Henry, who was created duke of 
Lancaster 25 Edw. III. and d. 
1360, leaving two das. his co-hh. 

1. Maud, m. William, duke of 
Bavaria, but d. s, p. 

2. Blanche, m. John of Gaunt, 
3d son of king Edward III. 

3. John, lord of Beaufort and Nugent, in 
France, d. unm. 
3, 4, 5, 6. KiciiARD, John, Wii.uam, and 
Henry ; aU d. young. 

7. Margakxt, 6. 1241. m. Alexander III. 
king of Scotland, and haa issue. 

8. Beatrice, 6. 1242, m. John de Dreux, 
duke of Brittany. 

9. Kathbrinb, b. 1253, d. an infant 
King Henrv III. d, 16 Nov. 1272, and was 
buried at Westminster ; he was succeeded by 
his son, 

EDWARD I. bom 17 June 1239, eroumed 
19 Aug. 1274, married, 1st, 1254, Eleanor, da. 
of Ferdinand III. kixiff of Castile, and by her 
(who d. 27 Dec. 1290) had issue, 

1, 2, 3. John, Hxnry, and Alphonso; all 
d. young. • 

I **■ 

XI via 


4. fiurwAADy prince of Wales, (the first of 
the royal hooae of England who had that 
title,) afterwards king £dward II. 

5. Elbanor, m. 1994, Henry, earl of Bane, 
in France. 

6. Joan, (samanied of Acres, from her birth 
in that oitr,) 6. 1272, m. 1st, 1290, Gilbert de 
Clare, earl of Gloncester and Hertford ; and 
2dly, Ralph de Monthermer, and had issue by 

7. Maroabbt, b. 1275, m. 1290, John, 2d 
doke of Brabant. 

8. 9. Bebevoer and Alice, d» infimts. 

10. Mary, a nun. 

11. Elieabbtb. b. 1284^ m, 1st, 1296, John 
IV. count of Holland, by whom she had no 
issue : and Sdlr, HuBipfairy de Bohun. earl of 
Hereford and Essex, and constable of England, 
by whom she had issue. 

12. 13. Beatrix and Blanch, rf. infguits. 
King Edward m. 2dly, 8 Sept. 1299, Mar- 
garet, eldest da. of I'hUip III. (the Bold,) 
King of France, by whom, who survived him 
and d. 1317, he had issue, 

14. Thomas, (of Brothtrton,") earl of Nor- 
folk, and Marshal of England, 6. 1 June 1300, 
m. Alice, da. of sir Roger Haiys, knt. and d, 
1338, having had issue^ a son, 

Edward, who d, m his father's lifetime 
without issue ; and two das. 

1. Margaret, created duchess of Norfolk, 
m. 1st, John, lord Segrave, by whom 
she had a da. and h. 

Elisabeth, m. John, lord Mowbray, 
ancestor of the Mowbrays, dukes 
of Norfolk. 
The duchess of Norfolk m. 2dly, sir 
Walter Mannv, and had issue. 

2. Alice, m. Edward de Montague, and 
had issue, an only child, 

Joan, m. to William de Ufford, earl 
of Suffolk, but d, I. p. 

15. Edmond, (of noodstoeky^ earl of Kent. 
b, 5 Aug. 1301, m. Margaret, oa. of John, ana 
sister and h. of Thomas,, lord Wake. He was 
beheaded 1329, leaving issue, two sons, 

Edmond and John, successively earls of 
Kent, who both d, without issue ; and 
a da. 

Joan, the fair maid of Kent, m. 1st, sir 
Thomas Holland, K.G. created earl of 
Kent: 2dly, William Montague, earl 
of Salisbury, from whom she was di- 
vorced ; and 3dly, Edward, the Black 
Prince, by whom she was mother of 
king Ricliard II. 

16. Eleanor, d, an infant. 

King Edward I. d, T July 1307, and was 
buried at Westminster, being succeeded by 
his son, 

EDWARD II. (sumamed of Caemarvan^) 
bam 25 April 1284, crmnud 28 Feb. 1307-8; 
marriady 28 Jan. 1307-6, Isabel, da. of Philip 
the IV. (le Bel,) king of France, and had 
issue by her, (who d. 22 Aug. 1357,) 

1. Edward, prinoe of Wales, afterwards 
king Edward III. 

2. John, (of Eltham,} earl of Cornwall, d. 
tmm. 1334. 

3. Joan, m. 1529. David Brace, king of 
Scotland, and d. withottt iisu^ 1357. 

4. Eleanor, m.. 1332, Raynald, 2d earl of 
Gueldres. and had issue. 

King Edward II. being deposed and mur- 
dered, 25 Jan. 1326-7, was buried at Glouces- 
ter, and succeeded by his sotf, 

EDWARD Hi. (sumamed of Windmr,} 
Founder of the Order of the Garter, bom 15 
Nov. 1312 ; enwned 1 Feb. 1327 ; marriedy 
1327, Philippa, 3d da. of William, count of 
Hainault, by whom (who d. 15 Aug. 1369) he 
had issue, 

1. Edward, prince of Wales, (isumamed 
the Blacx Prince^) b, 15 June 1330, m. 1361, 
Joan, countess of Kent, only da. of Edhaiond, 
of Woodstock, earl of Kent, his great-uncle, 
and widow of sir Thomas Holland, K.G.; and 
by this lady (who survived him, and d. 1386) 
he had two sons, 

1. Edward, 6. 1365, d. an infknt. 

2. Richard, afterwards king Richard II. 
Edward, prinoe of Wales, d. in his father's 
lifetime, 8 July 1376. 

2. William, (of Hatfield,) 6. 1336, d. an 

3. Lionel, (of Antv>erp^ duke of Cla- 
rence, and earl of Ulster, ». 29 Nov. 1338 ; 
m. 1352, Elisabeth, da. and h. of William de 
Buivh. earl of Ulster, and by her (who d, 
1363) ne had issue, an only child, 

Phdippa, b, 13 Aug. 1355 ; m. 1368, Ed- 
mond Mortimer, earl of March, and 
had issue by him, three sons, 

1. Roger, earl of March. 

2. Sir Ecunond, who settled in Scot* 

3. Sir John, who was hanged s. p. 
1424; and two das. 

1. Elizabeth, m. HenrVy lord Percy, 
(sumamea Hotspur). 

2. rhilippa, m. 1st, John Hastings, 
earl of^ Pembroke: 2dly, Richiura 
Fits- Alan, earl of^ Arundel ; and 
3dly, sir John Poynin^^ lord St« 
John, but left no survivmg issue 
by either husband. 

Roeer Mortimer, earl of March, 
eldest son of Philippa, m. Eleanor, 
eldest da. of Thomas Holland, 
earl of Kent, and was killed in 
Ireland 1398. leaving by her, (who 
f-m, EUlwara Charlton, lord Pow- 
is^ and d. 1405,) three ohildran, 

1. Edmond, earl of March^ who. 
on the death of Idn^ Riohara 
II. became, according to the 
laws of descent, rigfaiful heir 
of the Finglish crown, and was 
in conseouenoe kept a close 
prisoner oy king Henry IV. 
and d. in confinement at TVim 
Castle, in Ireland, without i»- 
sue, 1424. 

2. Anne, who became heiress of 
her house, and conveyed its 
claims on the crown to the 
house of York, by marriage 
with Richard, earl of Cam- 
bridge, as here a fter stated. 

3. Eleanor, who m. Edward 



Conrtenay, earl of Devon, bat 

UoDeil of Antwerp m. Sdlj, 1368, Violanta, 
da. of Galesseus. prince of Milan, but d. in 
Piedmont, 17 Oct. the lame year, without 
iatiieby her. 

4. John, (of G«imt,) duke of LaacaaCer, 
eerl of Rachmond, DeroTy Lincoln, and Lei- 
cester, and steward of luigland^ alao king of 
Cagtile and Latm in rifht of hie Sd wife, 6. 
I340f M. 1st, 18 May 1369, Blanch, jonngest 
da. vad co-h. of Henxy. duke of Lancaster, by 
whom (who d, 1969) ne had issue, one son, 

Kioe Hem AY IV. ; and two das. 

1. Philippa, m. 1367, John 1st, king of 
Portugal, and d. 1415. 

2. EGzaoetii, m, 1st, John Holland, duke 
of Exeter ; and SdW, sir John Come- 
wall» K.G. created baron Fanhope. 

The duke m. Sdly, 1372, Constance, eldest da. 
and co-h. of Peter, (the Cruel,) king of Cas* 
tile and Leon, (who d. 1594.) and thereupon 
assumed the titte of those Kingdoms, but re- 
ugned his pretensiona on the marriage of his 
ou J child, 

Katherioe^ with Henry, prince of As- 

turias, afterwards king of Castile and 

The duke m. Sdljr, Catherine, da. of sir Payn 
Hoet, knt. and widow of sir Hugh Swynfoni, 
fait. By thia lady he had, before marriage, 
three sons and one da. who were afterwaxus. 
by act of parliament, 20 Richard II. rendered 
Intimate, with power to possess all di|puties; 
but a reservation of the royal dignity was 
afterwards inserted by HenrylV. 'Aeywere. 

1. John, created marquess of Dorset ana 
Somerset, m. Mamret, da. of Thomas 
Holland, earl of Kent, (who re-m. 
Thomas, duke of Clarence,) and had 

John, duke of Somerset, whose only 
da. andh. 
Margaret, was mother to 
King Henry VII. 

2. Henry, bishop of Winchester, cardinal 
of St. £iBSebius. 

S. Thomas, created duke of Exeter, d. 

4. JooDy M. 1st, Robert Ferrers, son of 
loid Fervers, of Wem; and 2dly, Ralph 
KeviU, 1st earl of Westmoreland. 
John oT Gaont d. 1399. 

5. Edmond, (ofLanrUyj) duke of York and 
fisri of Canlsyge, ft.l341, m.lst, 1372, Isabel, 
yousBSt of the two das. and co-hh. of Peter, 
(the Cruel,) kiitf of Castile and Leon ; ana 
2dlT, Joan. da. ofThomas, and sister and oo-h. 
of Kdmond HoUand. earls of Kent. By his 2d 
wife (who sarrivea him, and m. three other 
hosbisidSy via. 2. William, lord WiUoughby, 
of £reri>y ; 3. Henrr. lord Scrope ; and 4. 
Heaiy firomflete, kora Vcaey) he had no issue; 
but by his Ist duchess, he had a da, 

Consrance, si. Thomas le Despenoer, earl 
of Ghmoester ; and two sons. 

Ir Edward, duke of York and Albemarle, 
who waaalfin at the battle of Agin- 
ooart^25 Oat. 1415^ without issue. 

2..IUoliMd* (of Comngsburgh,) earl of 
Caiiibri4ge, who si. to his Ist wife. 

Anne Mortiiner, ereat-craadefaild, and 
eventually h. of the boay of his uncle, 
Lionel, duke of Clarenoe, through 
which lady the house of York derived 
its claim to the crown of England^ in 
preference to that of Lancaster, which, 
uough descended in an unbroken male 
line from king Edward III. was de- 
rived from a younger son. The earl m. 
2dlv, Maud, da. of Thomas, lord Clif- 
ford, (who re-m, John, lord Latimer,) 
but by her had no issue ; he was be- 
headed for a plot against the life of 
king Henry v. 1415, leaving issue by 
Anne Mortiiner, a da. 

Isabel, m. Henry Bourehier, earl of 
Essex ; and an only son, 

Richard, duke of York, sometime re- 
gent of France, ana protector of 
England, m. Cecily, da. of Ralph 
Nevill. earl of Westmoreland, (by 
Joan Beaufort,) and was slam at 
Wakefield 1460, having had issue, 

1. Henxy, d. an infknt. 

2. Edward, afterwards king 
Edward IV. 

3. Edmond, earl of Rutland, 
slain at Wakefield, aged only 
12 years. 

4^ 5. William and John, d. in- 

6. George, duke of Clarence, 
murdered by order of his bro- 
ther, king Edward IV. 1477; 
m. Isabel, da. of Richard Ne- 
vill, earl of Warwick, and had 

Edward, earl of Warwick 
and Salisbury, the last 
male of the house of 
York, beheaded 1499, 
unm. ; and 

Margaret, countess of Salis- 
bury, m. sir Richard Pole, 
knt. and was beheaded 
1541, leaving issue. 

7. Thomas, d. an infant. 

8. Richard, afterwards king 
Richard III. 

9. Anne. m. Ist, Henry Hol- 
land, auke of Exeter; and 
2dly, sir Thomas St. leger, 
knt by whom she left issue. 

10. Elizabeth, m. John Dela^ 
pole, duke qf Sufiblk, 

11. Marvaret, m. Charies the 
Bold, auke of Burgundy. 

12. Ursula. 

6. WiLUAu, (of Windnrr.) d. an infant. 

7. Thomas. Xof WoodttoeL) duke of Glou- 
cester, earl ot Buckingham, Essex, and North- 
ampton, and oonstable of Enaland, b, 1555, 
m. Eleanor, eldeat da. and oo-n. of Humfrfixy 
de Bohun, earl of Hereford, Essex, and North* 
ampton, and constable of England, and was 
murdered at Calais 8 Sept. 13^, leaving issue 
by his said wife, who survived him, and d. 3 
dcL 1309 f one son, 

Humphry, d. unm. 1999 ; and four das. 
1. Anne, m. 1st. Thomas, earl Stafford ; 
2dly^» Edmond, earl StaflR>rd, brother ol^ 



Thonuui ; and 5dlY, Williun Bour- 
chier, earl of £11, by the last two of 
whom she had iaaue. 

2. Joan, m. Gilbert, lord Talbot, but d. 
without sarTiyiii^ issue. 

3. Isabeli a nun. 

4. Philippa, d. unm, 

8. IsAML, «. 1365. Inglenun de Coucy, 
created earl of Bedford, and had issue. 

9. Joan, contracted in marriage to Alphon- 
80, king ot Castile, but d. of the plague before 
the solemnizationy 1348. 

10. Blanch, d. an infant. 

11. MAmT,m. John Montfort, (the Valiant,) 
duke of Brittany, and had issue. 

12. Maboaret, m. John Hastings, earl of 
Pembroke, but d. <. p. 

King Edward III. dying 21 June 1377, was 
buried at Westminster, and succeeded by his 

RICHARD II. (sumamed of Bour- 
DRAUx,) horn 1366, crowned 16 July 1377, 
nuirried 1st, 2« Jan. 1382, Anne, da. of the 
emperor Charles IV. of Germany. By this 

2ueen (who d, 1394) he had no issue. King 
tichard m. 2dly, 1396, Isabel, eldest da. of 
Charles VI. king of France, by whom also he 
had no issue. 

King Richard surrendered his crown, 29 
Sept. 1399, to his cousin, Henry of Boling- 
broke, and is by some said to have been 
starved to death; by others, to have been 
basely murdered at romfret, 14 Feb. follow- 
ing ; he was 1st interred at Langle^, in Herts, 
but afterwards removed to Westminster. 

HENRY IV. (sumamed BoLiNOBROKE,) 
6am about 1366. croumed 13 Oct. 1399, mar- 
ried. Ist, 1380, Mary, youngest da. and co-h. 
of Humphry de Bohun, earl of Hereford, 
Essex, and Northampton, and constable of 
England, and by her (who d. 1394) had 


1. Henry, prince of Wales, afterwards 

king Henry V. 

2. Thomas, duke of Clarence, and earl of 
Albemarle, m, Marearet. 3d da. of Thomas, 
and sister and co'h. or Edmund Holland, 
earls of Kent, and widow of John Beaufort, 
earl of Somerset, but d. without issue, being ' 
slain at the battle of BAugy, in France, 1421. 

3. John, duke of Bedford, earl of Rich- 
mond and Kendal, and constable of Eng^land, 
also regent of France in Ae reign of his ne- 

Shew, king Henry VI.; ». Ist. 1423, Anne, 
a. of John, duke of Burguiidy. By this 
hidy, who d. in childbed, 14 Nov. 1432, he 
hadf no survint issue. He m, 2dly, Jaquetta, 
da. of Peter of Luxemburg^, earl of St, Paul, 
by whom (who survived him, and was re-m. 
to sir Richard Widville, knt. afterwards earl 
Rivers, and d. 30 May 14(72) he had also no 
issue. The duke d. at Paris 14 Sept* 1436. 

4. HuMPHSET, duke of Gloucester and 
earl of Pembroke, and daring part of the reign 
of his nei^w, king Henry VI. regent of 
England, as his brother, the duke of Bedford, 
was of France ; m. 1st, Jaoueliae, oountess 
of Holland, Zealand, and Hainantt, da. and 
h. of William, duke of BsvariA, but from this 
lady he was divoiced, and m. 9dly, Eleanor, 

da. of Reginald, lord Cobbam. He had no 
issue by either wife. The duke d. not with- 
out great suspicion of violence or poison, 

5. BuhNCH, St. Ist, Lewis Barbatos, duke 
of Bavaria ; 2dly, the duke of Armgon ; and 
3d!y, the duke of Barr. 

6. Phiippa, m. Eric, king of Denmark, 

King Henry IV. m. 2dly, 1409, Joon^ da. 
of Charles, id king of Navarre, and widow 
of John de Montfort, (the Valiant^) duke of 
Brittany, but by her ^who survived him, 
and d. 10 July 1427) he nad no issue. 

King Henry IV. dying 80 March 1412, 
was interred at CanteriMry, and succeeded by 
his son, 

HENRY V. (sumamed of Monmouth,) 
bom 1388, crowned 9 April 1413, married, 3 
June 1420, Katherine, youngest da. of 
Charles VI. king of France, by whcm (wlw 
survived him, and d. 3 Jan. 1437, havin]^ re- 
m. sir Owen ap Meredith ap Tudor, l^whooi 
she was mother of Edmi»d Tudor, earl of 
Richmond, who, by Marsaret, da^ and h. of 
John Beaufort, duke of Somerset, gvaiidson 
of John of Gaunt, was father of Henry, earl 
of Richmond, afterwards king Henry Vll.) 
he had an onW sob, 

Henrt, prmee of Wales, afterwards king 
Henry VI. 

King Heniy V. d. in France, 31 Aug. 
1422, and was interred at Westminster, toeing 
succeeded by his only son, 

HENRY VI. (sumamed of Winusoth) 
horn 14ftl, erommed 6 Nov. 14S9, married, 22 
April 1445, Margaret^ da. of Bsyncr, duke 
of Anjou, (titular kug of Jerusalem,) by 
whom (who survived mm and d. 1482) he 
had an only child, 

Edward, prince of Wales, h. 14 Oct 1453, 
m. 1470, Anne Neville, 2d da. and co-h. of 
Richard, earl of Warwick, but was mur- 
dered at Tewkesbury the same year, by Rich- 
ard, duke of Gloucester. 

King Henry VI. was deposed by Edward, 
duke at York, 1461. and, ten yeais after- 
wards, murdered in the Tower, f 1 May 1472, 
and interred in the eheipel of Windsor. 

EDWARD IV. bom 29 April 1441, pro- 
claimed king 3 March, and crowned 28 June 
1461, nuMTi«d, 1 May 1464w EUzabeth. da. of 
sir Richard Widville, earl Rivers, (hv Ja- 
quetta, widow of John, duke of Bedford, son 
of king Henry IV.) and widow of sir John 
Grey, of Groby; by whom (who survived 
him and d. in the abbey of Bennondsey, 
about 1492) he had issue. 

1. Edward, prince ot W^ales, afterwards 
Edward V. 

2. R&GHARD, duke of York, m. in his in- 
fancy, to -Anne, h. of the house of Mowbray, 
only cbild of John Mowbray, duke of Nor- 
folk, earl marshal of England, but was mur- 
dered along with his brother, king Edward 


3. GfiORCB, duke of Bedford, d* an mfant. 

4. EuzABSTH, h, 11 Feb. 1466, m. king 
Henry VII. 



5. CicuYt K. lat, John, yifoomit Wells, 
and idlj, Kyme, bat d, without surviv- 
ing issue hj either. 

6. Avne, hi. Thomas Hownd, duke of 
Nariblky eurl fnarahal of England, but d. 
without surviving issue. 

7. BRixmsTy a nun, d, 1517. 

8. Maby, d. ttfim. 140li, 

9. Makgaret, 6. and d, 1472. 

10. KATHsaiNB, m. WilliaiBi Courtenajr, 
eari of Devon, and had issue. 

KJa^ Edward IV. «L 9 Apnl 1483. and 
was interred in the ehapel at Windsor, being 
soooeeded fay his son, 

EDWABB V. 6om 4 Nov. 1470, pro- 
dsimed king on his Cither's death in 1483, was 
never crowned ; murdered in the Tower, 22 
June in the 'sanM year. The eacact place of 
burial of thia prinoe and his brother remained 
ottknown till 1674, when their bones were 
discovered und depoaitod in an urn in West- 
Biiiistar Abbey. 

RICHARD III. MMadsi the throne 27 
Jane, and erownad 7 July 1483, marrmd Anne, 
2d da. and oo-b. of Riii»ard Neville, earl of 
Warwick, and widow of Edward, prinoe of 
Wales, only son of king Henry VI. By this 
Isdv (who d. 1485) he had one son, 

Edwabu, bom 1^3, created prince of 
Wales S4 Aug. 14B3, but d. in b» &ther's 

lifi^mi^i 1484, 

Kii^'RidMid III. waAsUanat Bosworth, 
22 Aug. 1485, and intesred at Leicester, being 
suocesfled bj 

HENRY VII. *0m 26 Jidy 1455, erwnud 
30 Oct. 1485, married, 18 Jan. 1486, Eliza- 
beth. eldsBt da. of king Edwaid IV. and h. of 
the honse of York, by wheat (who was 
crowned 25 Nor. 1487, andd. 11 Feb. 1502) 
he hadissne, 

1. AnrauB, prince of Wales, 6. 20 Sept. 
14B6, SI. 14 Nov. 1501, Catheriae, da. of 
Feidtnand, king of Spain, but d. without 
issue 2 A]MEil 150t. 

2. HxBEY, prinoe of Wales, afterwards 
king Henry VUL 

3. EoMOND,duke of Somerset, k, and d. 1499. 

4. MxmoAMwr^ h. 19 Nov. 1489, m. 1502, 
Janes IV. king of Scotland ; 2dly, 1514, 
Archibald Douglas, earl of Angus (from 
whom she wua divoioad) ; and 3dly, in March 
1526, Henry Stewart, earl of Methuen ; and 
d. 1541. Oj her 1st husband she had onlv 
one efattd, JasMca V. king of Scotland, grand- 
ihther of Jane* VI. of Scotland, and 1st of 
England ; by her 2d huaband she had an only 
da. ; and by ber Sd also an onlv child, who d. 
an inftat. Thia queen's da. by her 2d hus- 
band, Margaret, m. Matthew Stewart, earl of 
Lennox, and had iapne, four sons sad four 
das. wao all d. «. |». except Henry, lord 
Dualey, wbo waa huabaad of Mary, qaeeB 
of Soots, and fisther of Idag Jaases 1. 1 aad 
Charles, earl of Lennox, who left an only da, 
the kdy ArabeUa Stewart, who m. William 
Keymottr, earlof Hertford, but d.i. pb ; so that 
all issue af Ike body of Margare^ queen of 
Seote, except tivooA kin^ JaaKS VI. of Scot- 
land, and L, of Ejigland, is extinct. 

5. Elizabstu, 6. 2 July 1492, d, 14 Sept. 

6. Maby, 6. 1498, at. 9 Oct. 1514, Louis 
XII. king of France, but by him, who d, t 
Jan. following, had no issue. She m. 2dly, 
1517, Charles Brandon, duke of Suffolk, K.G. 
This is the last instance of the marriage of a 
princess of England with a subject, from 
which there is any issue remaining, and the 
descendants of this match consequently claim 
the neareat consanguinity, of any subjects, to 
the royal family. The issue of the duke of 
Suflblk by the princess was one son and two 

1. Henry, earl of Lincoln, who d. nnm. 

2. Frances, m. Henry Grey, duke of Suf- 

3. Eleanor, m. Henry CUffind, earl of 

Frances, duchess of Snflblk, left three das. 
her co-hh. 

1. Jane, (usually called lady Jane 
Grey,) who m. Guildlbrd Dudley, 
4th son of John, duke of Northum- 
berland, and was unfortunately 
placed oy her father- in-law in a 
con^wtition vnth queen Mary for 
the erown of Enaland, which cost 
her and her husiMuid theur Uvea; 
lady Jane d. s. p. 

2. Catharine, at. Edward Seymour, 
earl of Hertford, and left issue. 

3. Msry, m. Martin Keyes, esq. but 
d. without issue. 

Eleanor, countess of Cumberland, left an 
only child and h. Margaret, who m. 
Henry Stanley, earlof Derby. — Among 
the most eminent descendants from the 
two das. of the princess Mary, may be 
enumerated frmn the dudiess of Suffolk, 
the first duke of Buekingkmm and Chan' 
dot, and Anne-Eliza, his wife, the dukes 
of Buecleueh, Devoruhirty ^orthumber- 
lamdy Portlandy Rutkmdyand Suther- 
land ; the marquesses of AUetbury aad 
fiodb ; the earls of Cardigan, Carnarvon, 
Carriek, Dartmouth, Egremont. CaHiffe, 
GaUowau, Romney, Shannen, cce. ; vis- 
counts oydney sad Lake; Wd aray» 
brooke, &c. : from the countess of Cum- 
berland the dukes of AthoU, Richmtmd^ 
and HamiUon ; the marquesses of Exettr 
and Haatings ; the eans of Dtmmore, 
Jeney, GranviUe. Galloway, PorUmouth, 
and Aberdeen ; tnelate duke of Gordon^ 
countess of Potot*, &c. 

7. Catherine, 6. andd. 1502. 

King Henry VII. dying 21 April 1509. 
was interred at Westminster, and sncoeeded 
by his son, 

HENRY VIII. bam 28 Jan. 1491; 
crowned 24 June 1509. The wives of this 
king were, 1. the princess Catberinb of Ar- 
raffon, widow of his brother Arthur, married 
3 June 1509, divorced 1538; 2. Anwe, da. of 
Thomas BuAen, earl of Ormonde, married 
(privately) 14 Nov. 1532, crowned on Whit- 
sunday. 1533, beheaded 19 May 1536; 3. 
Jane, oa. of sir John Seymour, and sister of 
Edward, duke of Somerset, protector of Eng- 
fauid. SMrrrisd 20 May 1536, ^ed in childbed 
14 Oct. 1537; 4. Anne, da. of John, and 



^iater of WilUain^ dulret of Cleres in Oer- 
manjy wumried 6 Jan. 1599, diroroed tlie lame 
yeaJ^ and ditd at Chekea, in Middleaez, 1557 ; 
5. CATHBaiNB^da. of sir Edmund Howard, 
and niece of Thomaa, 2d duke of Norfolk, 
marrkd 8 Aug. 154«, beheaded 13 Feb. fol- 
lowing : 6. Catbebine, da. of sir Thomas 
Parr, of Kendal, sister of William Parr, mar- 
quess of Northampton, and widow of Edward 
Borough, (eldest son and heir apparent of 
Thomas, lord Borough,) and of Eaward Ne- 
Tille, lord Latimer, married to the king 12 
July 1549 ; surrireo him, and marrwd, 4tm7. 
Thomas, lord Seymour, of Sudely, K.G. and 
died in chUdbed 5 Sept. 1548. 

The issue of king Henry VIII. were, by his 
first wife, 

1. Henkt, 6. 1 Jan. and d. 22 Feb. 1509-10. 

2. A SON, not named, b. and d. Nor. 1514. 
9. Mary, afterwards queen Mary I. 

By queen Anne Bullen, nis 2d wife, 

4. Elrabeth, afterwards queen. 

5. A SON, Btai-bom, Feb. 1535. 
By queen Jane Seymour, his 9d wife. 

6. Edward, duke of Cornwall, afterwards 
king Edward VI. 

King Heniy VIII. d. 28 Jan. 1547, and was 
buried at Windsor ; he was succeeded by his 
only son, 

EDWARD VI. &om 12 Oct. 1597, crowned 
25 Feb. 1547, died unmarried 6 July 1553, and 
was buried at Westminster ; he was succeeded 
by his sister, 

MARY, bom 8 Feb. 1515, crowiwd 30 Nor. 
1553, marriedy 25 July 1554, Philip, prince of 
Spain (afterwards kins Philip II.). son of the 
emneror Charles V. out dM without issue, 
17 Not. 1558, and was buried at Westminster ; 
she was succoeded by her half-sister, 

ELIZABETH, bom 7 Sept. 1533, crowned 
15 Jan. 1558, died unmarried, 24 March 1603, 
and was buried at Westminster; whereupon 
the issue of king Henir VIII. became extinct, 
and she was suooeedea by the great-grandson 
and heir of that king's elaest sister, Margaret, 
queen of Scotland, vis. 

JAMES I. (and VI. of Scotland), bom 19 
June 1566, crowned king of Scotland when 
only thirteen months old, and king of England 
25 July 1603; married, 20 Aug. 1590, Anne, 
da. of Frederick II. king of Denmark and 
Norway, and by her (who d. 2 March 1618) 
had issue, 

f . Hbnrt-Frbdebick, prince of Wales, 6. 
19 Feb. 1593, d. unm, 6 Nov. 1612. 

2. RoBBBT, d. an infant. 

9. Charles, prince of Wales, afterwards 
king Charles 1. 

4. ELtZABBTB, fr. 19 Aug. 1596, m. 14 Feb. 
1612-19, Frederick V. duke of Bavaria, count 
palatine of the Rhine, (afterwards elected king 
of Bohemia,) and d. 19 Feb. 1661, having had 
issue by him, (who d. 29 Nov. 1692,) 

1. Fredenck-Henry, b. 1 July 1614^ d, 7 
Jan. 1629. 

2. Charles-Lewis, succeeded his ftither as 
duke of Bavaria, m. and had issue, two 
sons, who both d, without issue, and 

Charlotte, ai. to the duke of Oiieans. 
9. Rupert, K.G. duke of Cumberiaod aad 
earl of Holdemess, and vice-adaural of 
England (commonly djstinguishfd in 
English history by the name of prince 
Rupert), d. unm. 19 Nov. 1682. 

4. Maunce, (called in English history 
prince Maunce), K.O. penahed in ship- 
wreck, unm. 1654. 

5. EdwuiL duke of Bavaria, eoant pa- 
latine of the Rhine, K.G. ai. Anne de 
Gonnn, of Mantua, and d. 10 March 
1663, leaving three das. 

1. Anne^ m. Heniy-Julius, prinoe de 

2. Batedicta-Henrietta-Philippa, m. 
John-Frederick, duke of Bnuia> 
wick Lunenbuigh. 

9. I.<ouisa-Maria2 m. Chark»>Theo- 
dore, prince ot Salms 

6. Philip, slam ufim. in battle 1650. 

7. Gustavus, d. voung. 

8. Elisabeth, abbess of Hervorden, in 
Westphalia, d. 1680. 

9. Louisa-Hollandina, abbess of Maubia- 
Bon. near Paris, rf. 1709. 

10. Henrietta, m. Sigismnnd, prinee of 
Transylvania, but £$.p. 1651. 

11. Charlotte, a. young. 

12. Sophia^ on whose descendants the 
crown or England was settled hj the 
Act of Settlement, 6. 19 Oct. 1690, m. 
1658, Ernest- Auffustos, duke of Bruns- 
wick-Lunenbursn, afterwards elector 
of Hanover, anad. 8 June 1714, having 
had issue by him, (who d. 29 Jan. 

1. Gboboe-Lxwis, afterwarda king 
George I. 

2. Freaerick-Auriistiis, b. 9 Oct. 
1661, slain in battle against the 
Turks, unm. 90 Dec. 1690. 

9. Maximilian- WiUiam, b. 19 Dee. 
1666, d. unm. 16 July 1726. 

4. Charles-Philip, 6. 9 Oct. 1669, 
slain in battle 1690. 

5. Christian, 6. 19 Sept. 1671. drown- 
ed in the Danube 91 July 1709, 
ttfifii. in an engagement with the 

6. Ernest-Augustus, bishop of Osna- 
burgh, b. 7 BepL 1674, created, 29 
June 1716, duke of York and Al- 
bany, and earl of Ulster, K.G. d. 
unm. 4 Aug. 1728. 

7. Sophia-Charlotte, b. 20 Oct. 1668, 
m. Frederick- WilliaoB^ elector of 
Brandenburgh, and king of Prua- 
sia, and had issue. 

5. Maboabet, b. 24 Dec. 1598, d. young. 

6. Maby, 6. 8 March 1605, d. 16 Dee. 

7. Sopbia, b. and d. 21 June 1606. 

King James I. d. 27 March 1625, and waa 
buried at Weatminster, being succeeded by 
his ddest surviving son, 

CHARLES I. bom 19 Nov. 1600. crvwnad 
2 Feb. 1625, married, 1 May 1625, Henrietta- 
Maria, da. of Henry IV. long of France, and 
by her (who survived him, and d. 10 Aug. 
1669) had issue. 

1. Chablrs, 0. and d, 18 March 1628. 



% CnuiUMf' nrinoe of Wales, afterwards 

S. J^Mia, 4uke of Yc»i, afterwards king 

4. HssitLYf duke of Glouoeater, 6. 8 July 
1640, d. umn. 13 Sept. 1660, 

T. "?» ^^^l*- ^ ^^^' ^^^t "^ « May 1648, 
WUliam of ^aigaa, prince of Orange, and d. 
23 8ept 1660, baring had issue l^im, (who 
a, 6 A»v. 1660,) one poethmnoos son, 

Wtu4AJi, afterwards king Williaa III. 

6. £u3Li»sxa^ 6. 28 Dec 1635, d. unm. 8 
Sept. 1650. 

7. Anitb, b, if Mtrth 1636, d. 8 Dec. 1640. 

8. HENRiriTA-MARiA, 6. 16 June 1644, m. 
^ Mai«h l€6i, Philip duke of Anjou, (after- 
ward* duke of Orleans,) only brother of Louis 
AlV. king of Fzaaoe, and d. 30 June 1670, 

1. Philip-€ter]c0, dnke de Valois, 6. 96 
Jvfy 1664^ <L 8 Dec 1666, 

2. Maria- Aloiaia. b. 27 March 1661, m. 
17Kor. 1679,ChsErles IL king of Spain, 
but d. without issue 12 Feb. 1689. 

3. Ani*>JIIaria. fr. $T Aug. 1669; m. 9 
April 1684<, Vietor Amadeus II. duke 
otSanoj and king of Sardinia, and from 
her the prasent royal house of Sardinia 
is descended. 

Kng Charlaa I. was Beheaded SO Jan. 1648. 
Md intsRed at Windsor ; he waa sooceedea 
ky ^eldest smriTing son, 

CHAHLES II. bom 29 May 1680, eraumed 
JS April 1661, married. May 1662, Catherina, 
laftnta of Portugal, but died without issue 6 
Feb. 1685, and was buried at Weatminster ; 
^vsf aneeeaded by his brother. 

JAMES li. iMm 14 Oct. 16S3, crowned 23 
Anrd 1685, wsrrMd. Ist, Anne, eldest da. of 
Mwsrd Uydei earl of Choendon, lord high 
ckaacellor of England, by which lady (who 
lived nat to be queen, but d« Si March 1671) 

1. Chables, dnke of Cambridge, b, 22 Oct 
16tiO, d. 5 IffakT 1061. 

2. JMMKMy dnke of Caa&bridge, b. 12 July 
166S, d. 20i«ie :i667. 

3. CaARUEs, duke of KendalL6.4 July 1666, 
<1.22Mayl667. ^ 

^ EasAA, duke of Cambridge, 6. 14 Sept. 
1667, d. 8 June 1671. ^ 

5. Mast,- afterwards quean Mary II. 

6> AwNE, afterwards queen Anne. 

7. HxKBiSTTA, 6. IS Jan. 1668, d. 15 No7. 

^' KATSanNB, b. 9 Feb. 1670, d. 5 Dec. 

1671. ' 

^ King JttBCi II. m. 2dly. 21 Nov. 1673, 
^f^y-ueatrix-Eleanora D^j^te, da. of Al- 
pboiMo, 2d duke of Modena, by whom (who 
sarrired him, aad d. 8 May 1718) he had 

9. Casatia, duke of Cambridge, 6. 7 and d. 
1* Nor. 1677. 

10. Kathebina-Lavba, h, 10 Jan. 1674, d. 
lOct 1675. 

11. IsABEfxA, b. 28 Aug. 1676, d. 2 March 

1680. » -» » 

H. CaABtoTTE-MARiA, 6. 15 Aug. and d. 
»i Oct, 1682. 

13. Jamss-Francfs-Edwabd, 6. 10 June 
1688. After his father's death he was pro- 
claimed at Paris kine of Kngland, and was de- 
signated in England by the name of "The 
Pretender ;" m. 1719, Mary-Clementina, da. 
of pnnoe James Sobieski, and grandda. of 
John Sobieski, king of Poland, and d, 1 Jan. 
1766, leaving issue, two sons, 

1 . Charlea-Edward-Lonis-Cassimer, (com- 
monly called the Chevalier St. George, 
or, in England, "The Young Preten- 

2. Henrv-Benedict, (called the Cardinal 
York,) 6. 24 March 1725, elevated to 
the purple by pope Benedict XIV. 
1747, d. 1807, when the whole issue of 
king James IL became extinct 
14. Louisa-Mabxa-Tbbesia, 6.1692, d.unm. 
about 1712. 

King James IL abdicated the throne of Eng- 
land 1688, but survived till 6 Sept. 1701, when 
he d. at Paris. He was succeeded in 1688 by 
his son-in-law and daughter, 

WILLIAM III. and MARY II. ; the former 
son of William of Nassau, prince of Orange, 
by Mary, eldest da. of king Charles I. and 
bom 14 Nov. 1650; the latter, eldest surviv- 
ing child of the abdicating monarch, and 6am 
30 April 1662; they were married 4 Nov. 
1677, and crowned king and queen of England 
11 April 1689. The queen died 28 Dec. 1694, 
without issue ; and kmg William, 8 March 
17p2; both being interred at Westminster. 
King William was succeeded by his sister-in- 

ANNE, (2d surviving child of king James 
II.) bom 6 Feb. 1665, crowned 23 Apnl 1702; 
married, 28 July 1683, George, winoe of Den- 
mark, duke of Cumberland in England, and 
lord high admiral of England and IreUnd, 
by whom (who died 28 Oct. 1708) slie had 

1. A DA. still-born, 12 May 1684. 

2. Mary, 6. 9 June 1685, d. 8 Feb. 1686. 

3. Anne-Sophia, 6. 12 May 1686, d. 2 Feb. 

4. WiLUAM, duke of Gloucester, 6. 24 July 
1689,d. 30 July 1700. 

5. Mary, 6. and d. Nov. 1690. 

6. George, 6. and d. 17 April 1692. 
Queen Anne d. 1 Aug. 1714, and was buried 
at Westminster ; she was succeeded, pursuant 
to the provisions of the Act of Settlement, by 

GEORGE I. 60m 28 May 1660, croumed 
20 Oct. 1714 ; married, 1682, Sophia-Dorothv, 
da. and sole heiress of George- William, duke 
of Zelle, and by her (from whom he was di- 
vorced^ and who died 13 Nov, 1726) had issue, 

1. Gborge-Auoustvs, prince of Wales, 
afterwards king George II. 

2. Sophia -Dorothy, 6. 16 March 1685, 
m. 28 Nov. 1706, Frederick-William, elector 
of Brandenburgh, afterwards king of Prussia. 

King George I. d. on his journey to Hano- 
ver 11 June 1727, and was there interred : he 
was succeeded by his only son, 



GEORGE II. bam SO Oct. 1683, cnwned 
11 Oct. 1727. marriedy « Sept. 1705, Wil- 
helmina-CAroiina, da. of Jonn - Freaerick, 
margrave of Brandenburg^ Anapach, by 
whom (who d, 20 Not. 1737) he had isaue, 

1. Frederick-Lewis, prince of Walea, b. 
20 Jan. 1707, m. 27 April 1736, Augusta, 
youngest da. of Frederick, 2d duke of Saze 
Gotha, and d. 20 March 1751, learing issue 
by the princess, who surriyed him and d. 8 
Feb. 1772,) 

1. Georg E -William -Frbderici, after- 
wards king George III. 

2. Edward-AuffustuB, b. 14 March 1738, 
a rear-admiral and K.G. created 1 April 
1760, duke of York and Albany , and 
earl of UUter, d» in Italy, unm. 17 
Sept. 1767. 

3. W illiam-Henry, b, 14 Nor. 1743, duke 
of Gloucester and Edinburgh, in Great 
Britain, and earl of Connaugnt in Ire- 
land, so created 17 Nov. 1764 ; K.G. 
field marshal of his majesty's forces, 
col. 1st regiment of foot-gumrds. chan- 
cellor of the unirersity of Dublin, 
ranger and keeper of Cranbome Chase, 
ranger of Hampton-Court Pvk« loru 
waraen and keeper of the New Forest, 
Hants ; m. 6 Sept. 1766, Maria, coun- 
tess dowaeer of Waldemve, relict of 
James, 2a earl of Walaeerave, da, of 
the hon. sir Edward Walpole, K.B. 
2d son of Robert, 1st earl of Orford, 
and d, 25 Aug. 1805. having had issue 
by her, (who d, 23 Aug. 1807,) 

1. Soi^iia-Madlda, 6. 29 May 1773^ 
ranger of Greenwich Park. 

2. Caroline -Augusta -Maria, b, 24 
June 1774, d. 14 March 1775. 

3. William-Frederick, duke of Glou- 
cestar. &c. K.G. G.C.B. G.C.H. 
F.R.S. and D.C.L. field-marshal 
in the army, chancellor of the uni- 
versity of Cambridge, col. 3d foot- 
guar^, ranger of Bagshot Park 
and Walk, and governor of Ports- 
mouth ; 6. at I&me 15 Jan. 1776, 
m. at the queen's palace, Bucking- 
ham House, 22 July 1816, his 
cousin, her royal highness prin- 
cess Mary, fourth da. of Icing 
George III. but dying without 
issue, 30 Nov. 1834, the titles of 
duke of Gloucester and Edin- 
burgh, and earl of Connaught, be- 
came extinct. 

4. Henry-Frederick, 6. Oct. 1745, created, 
18 Oct. 1766, duke of Cumberlandy m. 
2 Oct. 1771, lady Anne Lutterell, eldest 
da. of Simon, 1st earl of Carhampton, 
and widow of Christopher Horton, of 
Catton Hall, CO. Derbjr, esq. His rcrysl 
highness d. without issue, 18 Sc^t. 
1790. and the duchess in 1803. 

5. Frederick-William, b. May 1750, d. 
29 Dec. 1765. 

6. Augusta, b, 31 July 1737, m. 16 Jan. 
1764, Charles - William - Ferdinand, 
duke of Brunswick- Wolfenbuttle, and 
d. 23 March 1813, having had issue by 
him, who was killed at the battle of 
Jena 10 Nov. 1806, 

1 Charlea-George-AuMSt™, ^re- 
ditary prmce,m. Fredenca-Louisa- 

Wilhelmina, da. of William, prince 

of Orange, but d, without issue. 

2. FredericK-WilUam,dakeof Bnms- 
wick. and prince of Oels, b. 9 Oct. 
1771, m. MaiT-Eliiabeth-Wilhel- 
mina, da. of Charles-Louis, here- 
ditary prince of Padua, and was 
slain atQuatre-Bra8l6 June 1815, 
leaving issue, two sons, 

1. Charlea-Frederick, duke of 
Brunswick and Limenburghy 
b. 30 Oct. 1804. 

2. Charles- Maximilian -Frede- 
rick William^ who succeeded 
on the expulsion of his brother 
from hia aominions, 6. 25 April 

3. Charlotte, b, 1764, m. 11 Oct. 
1780, Charles-Fiederick-WUliam, 
king of Wirtemburg^ and d, 1788. 

4. Caroline-Amelia-Iaisabeth, 6. 27 
May 1768, m. 8 April 1795, to his 
late majesty, George IV. then 
prince of Wues, and a. 7 Aug. 1821 . 

7. Elizabeth-Caroline, b, 30 Dec. 1740, 
d, unm, 4 SepL 1759. 

8. Louisa-Anne, 6. 8 March 1749, d. unm, 
13 March 1768. 

9. Caroline-Matilda, (a posthumous da.) 
6. 11 July 1751, m. 1 Oct. 1766, Chris- 
tian VII. king of Denmark^ and d, at 
Zelle, 10 May 1775, leavmg issue, 
Frederick VI. present king of Den- 

2. Georoe- William, b, 2 Nov. 1717, d. 6 
Feb. 1718. 

3. William- A uousTTs, b. 15 April 1721, 
created, 15 July 1726. baron of Aldemetfy 
viscount Tnemffton, co. Cornwall, earl of Ken- 
ningtony co. Surrey, marquess of Berkhamp- 
tUadty 00. Herts, and duke of Cumberkmdy 
elected K.G. 1730. His R.H. was also field- 
marshal and commander-in-chief of the forces, 
and commanded the English army at Fontenoy 
and CuUoden, d. unm. 31 Oct 1765. 

4. Anne, (princess royal,) 6. 22 Oct. 1709, 
m. 14 March 1734, William-Charles-Henry, 
mince of Orange, and stadtholder of the 
United Provinces, and d. 12 Jan. 1759. 

5. Amblia-Sophia-Elbanoiia, 6. 30 May 
1711, d. unm, 31 Oct. 1786. 

6. Euzabetii-Caboune, 6. 30 May 1713, 
d, unm, 28 Dec. 1757. 

7. Mary, b, 22 Feb. 1723. m, 8 May 1740, 
Frederick, landgrave of Hesse-Cassel, and 
d, 14 June 1771, leaving issue. 

8. Louisa, b, 7 Dec. 1724, m. 30 Oct. 1743, 
Frederick V. king of Denmark, and d, 8 Dec. 
1751, leaving issue. 

King George II. d. 25 Oct 1760, and was 
buried at Westminster; he was snooeeded by 
his grandson, 

GEORGE III. bom 24 May 1738, O.S. 
(4 June N.S.) erawwed 22 Sept. 1761, tnarraed. 
8 Sept. 1761, Sophia - CnARLOTTB, da. of 
Charles-Frederiok-Louis. prince of Mecklen- 
burgh-Strelitz, and by ner (who was b, 19 
May 1744, and d. 17 Nov. 1818) had issue, 

1. George -Augustus- Frederick, princo 



of Wftles, afterwards king George IV. 

2. Freobsxck, 6. 16 Aug. 17d3, appointed 
bfishop ofOBnaburvfayin German j : and created 
*^ Not. 1784, diue of York ana AVbanxij in 
Great Britain^ and earl of E/ifter in Ireland, 
K.G. first ana parincipal knight gnmd cross of 
the Bath, and also knight of 8l Esprit, and 
Beverai other foreign orders. H. R. H. was 
adso a field-manha^ colonel of the 1st guards. 
and oolonel-in-cbief of the 60th foot; lora 
warden of Windsor and the New Forests, and 
high steward of New Windsor. H.R.H. was 
appointed, in 1795, commander-in-chief of 
the army, which office he resigned in 1809, 
but was re-i^pointed bj his late majesty, 
George IV. (tnen prince rmnt,) in 1811, 
ILICH. m. 29 Sept. 1791, Frederica-Char- 
lotte- Ulrica -Catherine, princess roral of 
Pruaaia, eldest da, of the late king of ^irussia, 
by whom (who d. 6 Aug. 1890) he had no 
issue. H.R.H. d. 5 Jan. 1827, without issue, 
when his titles became extinct. 

3. William-Henry, duke of Clarenoe, 
afterwards king William IV. 

4. Edward, 6. 2 Nor. 1767, created, 23 
April 1799, duke of Kent and SfrstAcm, in 
Great Britain; and earl of Dublin, in Ire- 
IrjmL H. R. H. was also K.O. field-marshal 
io the army, colonel of the 1st regt. of foot, 
and goTemor of Gibraltsr ; m. 1st, at Cobourg. 
sf9 May, and 2dly, at the palace of Kew, 11 
Jaly 1818, her serene highness Victoria- 
JVIaria-Lomsay da. of H.S.IL Francis-Frede- 
rick- AnthonT, dakeof Saxe Cobourg Saalfield, 
sister of HJS.H. Emest-Chsrles-Louis-An- 
t bony, present reigning duke of Saxe Cobourg 
Ssaliield, snd of H. R. H. prince Leopold of 
s^aze Cobourg, K.G. king of the Belgians, &c. 
and widow of H. S. H. Charles-Louis, prince 
of Leinin^en. The duke of Kent d. 23 Jan. 
18^, leanng an only da. 

A LxxAKDRivA- Victoria, her present 

5. Ernest- A UGUSTVS, king of Hanover, and 
duke of Cumberhind. (Sm that tide,) 

6. Auovstus-Frbdrrick, duke of Sussex. 
{See thmt tUU,) 

7. Adolphvs-Freoerick, duke of Cam- 
bridge. (See that title.) 

8. Octavius, 6. 23 Feb. 1779, d. 3 May 1783. 

9. Alfrrd, 6. 22 Sept. 1780, d. 26 Aug. 


10. Cbarlotte-Auousta-Matilda (prin- 
cess royal), b, 29 Sept. 1766, m. 18 May 1797, 
Frederick-Charles- William, Ute kine of Wir- 
tembuig, to wbom she was 2d wife, and by 
whom (who d, 30 Oct. 1816) her majesty had 
DO imae. She d, 6 Oct. 1828. 

11. Auousta-Sopiiia, b. 8 Nor. 1768, living 

12. Euzabetii, b. 22 May 1770, m. 7 April 
1818, H. S. H. Frederick - Joseuh - Lewis - 
Charles-Augustus, landgrave ana hereditary 
prince of I&sse-Hombourg, (who d. 2 April 
1829,) and d, 10 Jan. 1840. 

13. Mary, 6. 25 AmtU 1776, m. 22 July 
1816, H.R.H. WUliam-Fredenck, duke of 
Gloucester, K.G. G.C.B. &c. who d. 30 Nov. 

14. Sophia, 6. 3 Nov. 1777, living uaw. 

15. Am£ua, b. 7 Aug. 1783, d. unm, 2 Nov. 

King George III. after a reign of fifty-nine 
years, three months, and seven days (being 
three years longer than that of Henry 1 11. and 
eight years longer than that of Edward III.) 
deputed this bfe at Windsor, 29 Jan. 1820. 
and was buried at Windsor ; he was succeeded 
by his eldest son, 

GEORGE IV. fcom 12 Aut. 1762, ap- 
pointed regent of the united kingdom by 
act of parliament 1811, crowned 19 July 1821. 
married. S April 1795. Caroline-EUaabeth, 2d 
da. of his serene highness Charles- William, 
duke of Brunswidc, and by her (who d. 7 
Aug. 1821) had an only daughter, 

Charlotte- Augusta, b. 7 Jan. 1796, m. 2 
May 1816, H.R.H. prince Leopold-George- 
Frederick, of Saxe Coboure Saalfield, (smce 
1831, king of the Belgians^ and d. in child- 
bed of a still-bom son, 6 Nov. 1817. 

King George IV. departed this life at 
Windsor, 26 June 1830. and was there interred ; . 
he was succeeded by his next surviving bro- 

WILLIAM IV. bam 21 Aug. 1765, erowmd 
8 Sept. 1831, married, 11 July 1818. Amelia- 
Adelaide - Louise-Therese-Caroline - Wilhelmi- 
na, eldest da, of George-Frederick-Charles, 
duke of Saxe Meiningen, 6. 13 Aug. 1792, and 
by her, now Queen Dowager, and ranger of 
Bushy Park, had issue, 

1, Charlotte-Augusta-Louisa, 6. and a. 

27 March 1819. 

2. Elizabeth-Georoiana- Adelaide, b. 10 

Dec. 1820, d. 4 March 1821. 

^ing William IV. departed this life at 
Windsor, 20 June 1837, and was there in- 
terred ; he was succeeded by his niece, Alex- 
AWDRiNA-VicTORiA, Only child of his brother, 
Edwaid, duke of Kent, now 

Whom God long preserve. 



VICTORIA, OF THE United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, 
Qdbbn, Defender of the Faith, Soverei^ of the Orders of the Garter, 
Thistle, Bath, St. Fatrlclc, Si. Michael, and St. George. 

Her Majesty was bom at Kensington Palace S4 May 1819, succeeded 
to the throne on the death of her uncle. King William the Fourth, 20 June 
1037, crowned in the Abbey of Westminster 28 June 1838, and rHarried in 
the Chapel Royal at St. James's, on Monday, 10 February 1840, to His 
Royal Highness Francis-Albert- A ugustus-Charles-Emanuel, Duke of Saxe, 
Prince ofCobourg; and Gotba, K.G. 



^i^^ ^^^^ 

DALEJd Great Britain ; Earl of Armagh, in Ireland; and KtNo of HANOVER; 
Sovereign of the Royal Hanoverian Guelphic Order; Heir Preeumptive lo the 
Throne of Great Britain ; Kn[gljt of the Gnrter, Knight Grand Crou of t)ie Batb, 
and Knight of St. Patrick; K.B.E. K.R.E. and F.S.A.; Chancellor of the UniTer- 
sily of Dublin, Field-Hanbal in the Army ; horn 5 June 1771 ; created earl of 
Artnagh, and dnke of Cumberland and Tiviotdale, 23 April ITOO ; ntarried, 1st, 
29 Hay I81A, and 2dly, 20 Ang. at Cariton House, Frederica-Sophia-Cliarlotte, 
da. of Frederick V. grand dnke of Mecklenburgh-Strelitz, b. 20 March 1778, 
and widow, lal, of Fredcrick-Louic-Charlea, prince of Prussia, and 3dly, of 
Frederick- William, prince of Solms-Braonfels ; and by her royal highness had, 

1. A DA. ttill-bom, 27 Jan. 1817. 

AUGUSTUS, K.G. G.C.H. K.B.E. Prince Royal of Hanover, b. at Berlin 27 
May 1810. 


>ift^— 7g^-^ 

nnd Bnron Arklow, (bo created 7 Nov. 1801,) Knighl of the Order* of the Garter, 
Tliutle, and First and Principal Knight Grand Cross of the Bath, and Acting 
Grand Muter of the Order ; G.C.H. D.C.L. and Captain General, aod Colonel of 
the Honourable Artillery Company, Ranger of SL James't and Hyde Parks ; 
bam 37 Jan. 1773. H.R.H. married, at Rome, 4 April, and a second time at St. 
George's, Hanover Square, 6 Dec. 17B3, lady Augusta Murray, da. of John, 6ih 
earl of Dunmore, by whom be b«d issue, sir Augustus-Frederick D'Este, K.C.H. 
col. in the army, b. 13 Jan. 1794, and Augosta, b. II Aug. 1801. This marrisge 
was declared null and void, being io violation of staL 12 Geo. III. e. 1 1, which 
enacts that no descendant of tbe body of king George II. (other than the issue of 
princesses married into foreign countries) is capable of contracting matrimony 
witbont the previous consent of tbe king signified under the great seal ; and any 
marriage contracted without aucb consent is void. All persons solemnizing, 
assisting, or being present at, any such prohibited marriage, incur the penalties 
ottpr^mMmn; and the marriage was accordingly dissolved in August 17IM. 




perary and Baron of Culloden, (so created 37 Nor. ISOl,) Chancellor of the Uni- 
vemity of St. Andrew's, Knight of the Garter, Grand Crow of the Bath, and 
Grand Master and First end Principal Knight Grand Crou of the moat diatin- 
gniahed Order of St Michael and SL George, G.C.H. K.B.E. K.R.E. a Field- 
Marabal in the Array, Colonel of the ColdBtreain Guards, and Ranger of Rich- 
mond Park ; bor» 24 Feb. 1774 ; marritd, let, at Hesse-CaMel, 2 May 1818, and 
2dly. at the Queen's Palace, Backingham House, I June 1818, her serene high- 
nets Augusta- Wilbelmina- Louisa, princess of Hesse, youngest da. of Frederick, 
tandgrave of Hewe, and niece of his royal and serene highness the elector of 
Hetse ; h. 25 July 1797, and has isuie, 

colonel in the army, b. 26 March 18ID. 

2. Al'gusta-Cabounb-Charlotte-Elizabeth-Mary-Sopmia-Loiiisa, (. 10 July 

3. JUabv-Adei-aidb-Wilheliiina-Euzabeth, h. 27 Not. 1833. 




••• The SOTcreign'i «oiu, brothen, «nd unclei, are lljled PRincts ai thb Blood Roval, 
uid luTe preoedencj of all odier dukes, with the title ofRojd Highnen, which title waa bIbo, 
by BPMsiat wurant, in 1S16, conferred on the duke of G]ouc««teT, draaifd, and, 6 April tSlB, 
on Frinoe Leopold of SazeCobourg (King of the Belgiuu). 



JAMES HAMILTON, Marquess of ABERCORN, Viscount Hamilton, of 

Hamilton, co. Leicester, in England, Earl of 
Abercorn, Baron of Paisley, Abercorn, Hamil- 
ton, Mountcastle, and Kilpatrick, in Scotland ; 
Viscount Strabane, Baron of Strabane, and 
Mountcastle, in Ireland; and a Bart, of Ire- 
land ;• born 21 Jan. 1811 ; succeeded his grand- 
father, John-James, 1st marquess, 27 Jan. 
1818; married, 26 Oct. 1832, lady Louisa Rus- 
sell, 2d da. of John, duke of Bedford, and has 

issue, 1. Harriet, b. 6 July 1834; 2. 

Beatrice, b, 21 July 1835; 3. a da. b. 16 

Aug. 1830; 4. a SON, viscotmt HamiltoHy 

b. 24 Aug. 1838 ; 5. a DA. 6. Jan. 1840. 

Arms — Quarterly : 1st and 4tli, ^les, three cinquefoils ermine, Hamilton ; 2d and 3d, 
argent, an ancient ship or lympnad, with one mast, the sail furled up and oars out sable. 
Abban. Cb£st — Out of a ducal coronet an oak tree proper, fructed or, and penetrated 
through the stem transrersely by a frame-saw proper, the blade inscribed with the word 
** Through." SuppoRTBBs — ^Two antelopes argent, homed, unguled, ducally gorged, 
and the chain reflexed oyer their backs or. Morro — ^" Sola nobOitas virtus." Virtue is 
the only nobility. 

Thk inan|Qe8s is the chief lepresentatiye in 
the male line of the illustrious house otHamU- 
t9n. His ancestors have frequently intermar- 
ried into the royal family of Scotland, and 
hare been acknowledged by the parliament of 
that country as the presumptire heirs to the 
crown, in the person of James HamUton, earl 
of Ansa, who was chosen, in 1543, protector 
to queen Mary, during her minority, and de- 
clared second person of the realm ; and, in 
ftilure of issue in the queen, her successor to 
the thraoe of Scotland. 

Jaitcs, 3d lord Hamilton, was created earl 
of Arran in 1503, whose son, James, 2d earl, 
presumptive heir to the crown of Scotland, 
was created duke of Chatriheranit in 1549, 
by Henry II. of France^ He left issue, four 

sons, VIS. 

1. James, 3d eftrl, d. s. p. 

2. John, ancestor of the dukes of Hamil- 
ton {$ee that titU). 

3. Claude, ancestor of the present mar- 
ouess of Abercorn. 

4. David, d. young. 

* The marquess asserts his right to the 
Freoeh title of duke of Chatelherault, borne by 
the duke of Hamilton, upon the ground that, 
on iiuJiire of heirs male in the elder branch of 
tlie house of Hamilton, by the death of Wil- 
liam, 2d dnke of Hamilton, at the battle of 
1VOT«stcr, in 1651, the earls of Abercorn 
became th$ beirt male and reDresentatives of 
thp family; and that, by the Uw of I-rance, 

titles of honour were strictly descendible to 
heirs male to the exclusion of females; the 
claim to this dignity was accordingly brought 
forward by James, 6th earl, in 171!^ at the 
peace of Utrecht, and it is inscribed on the 
monument erected in the family burying- 
ground at the abbey of Paisley, among the 
honours and titles ot James, 8th earl of Aber- 



Lord Claude Hamilton, Sd son of James, 
2d earl of Arran, and duke of Cbatelherault, 
in France, was created baron of Pauley in 
1535. He had issue, four sons, of whom, sir 
Frtdericky the youngest^ was father of Gusta- 
▼us Hamilton, created viscount Boyne in 1617 ; 
and sir Ciaudef the 2d, was anof^tor of sir 
John Hamilton, bart. 

James, the eldest son, was created baron of 
Ahereom in 1604, in his father's lifetime, and 
was advanced to the dignities of earl of Aber- 
corny baron of Hamilton, Mountcastle, and 
Kilpatrick, 10 July 1606. He m. Mariana, 
da. of Thomas, lord, Boyd, and had issue, 

1. James, 2d earl of Abercom, in Scotland, 
who was created a peer of Ireland in 1616, by 
the title of baron ot Strabane, and was &ther 
of James, 3d earl of Abercom. 

2. C LA UDE, to whom his eldest brother made 
over the title of Strabane, with the permission 
of king Charles I. whose erandson, Claude. 
5th baron of Strabane, in Ireland, succeeded 
as 4th earl of Abercom, on the death of his 
cousin, George, 3d earl. 

3. Sir WiLUAM Hamilton, knt d. without 

4. Sir George, ancestor of the marquess of 

George Hamilton, 4th and youngest son 
of James, 1st earl of Abercom, was seated at 
Donalong, oo. Tyrone, in Ireland. During 
the civil wars he was a captain of horse, colonel 
of foot, and governor ol the castle of Nenah, 
in Tipperarj. and was very active in the ser- 
vice of Cluuries I. and Charles II. In 1651, 
he retired to France with the exiled monarch, 
by whom be was created a bart. of Ireland, 
aner the Restoration. He m. Manr, 3d da. 
of Thomas, viscount Thurles, son of Walter, 
11th earl of Ormond, and sister of James, duke 
of Ormond, and had issue, 

1. James. 

2. Sir George, created count Hamilton in 
France, and a mareschaldn camp; m. Frances, 
eldest da. and co-h. of Richard Jennii^, of 
Sandridge, oo. Herts, esq. sister of Sarah, 
duchess of Marlborough, and had issue by 
her, (who m. Sdly, Richard Talbot, duke of 
Tyroonnel, and d. in Dublin 7th March 1730,) 

1. Elisabe^m. in 1685, Richard Parsons, 
viscount Kosse. 

f . Frances, m. Henry, 8th viscount Dil- 

3. Mary^. Nicholas Bamewall, Sd vis- 
oount Kingsland. 

3. Anthony, a lieut.-gen. in the French 

4. Thomas, R.N.oonunandedtheship which 
took the duke of Argyll's, in the West Indies, 
d. in New England. 

5. Richard, a bri^adier-gen. and colonel of 
a regiment of horse m the army of James II. 
with whom he retired to France upon king 
William's accession, and was there made a 

6. John, a colonel in king James's army, 
killed at the battle of A^brim. 

7. Euzabbth. m. Phdibert, count de Gra* 
mont, younger oiother of Anthony, duke de 
Gramont, peer and mareschal of France. 

8. Lucia, m. sir Donough O'Brien, bart 

9. Margaret, m. Matthew Ford, esq. of 
Coolgreeny, in Wexford. 

James, the eldest son, d. before his father, 
sir George ; he was groom of the bedchamber 
to Charles II. and colonel in his army, and 
m. Elizabeth, eldest da. of John, lora Cul- 
peper, of Throsway, and d. of a wound in 
1673, received commanding a regiment of foot, 
on board the navy, with 3ie duke of York in 
one of his sea expeditions against the Dutch. 
He had issue, 

1. James. 

2. George, a colonel in the foot-guards, 
killed at the battle of Steinkirk in 1692. 

3. William, seated at Chilston Place. Kent, 
m. Margaret, 2d da. of sir Thomas Culpeper, 
of Hollmgboume, knt. and was ancestor or sir 
Charles and sir Edward Hamilton, created 
baronets 1776 and 1818. 

Jam IS. the eldest son, succeeded as bart. 
on the death of his grandfather, sir George, 
but declined to use the title ; at the age of 
17 he was mom of the bedchamber to Charles 
II. and siterwards a privy counsellor and 
colonel of a regiment of horse to James II. ; 
but perceiving that prince's intention to intro- 
duce popery, he fought on the side of king 
William, ana was particularlr assisting at the 
celebrated siege of Londonaerry. In 1700, 
he succeeded to the title of earl of Abercom, 
(on the decease of Charles, 5th earl of Aber- 
com, and 6th lord Strabane, who was the 
grandson and last male descendant of Claude, 
lord Strabane, 2d son of Jsmes, 1st earl of 
Abercom,) bein^ the grandson and heir male 
of sir George Hamilton, bart. 4th son of the 
1st earl of Abercom. His lordship took his 
seat in the Scots parliament in 1706. as 6th 
earl of Abercom, but generally residea in Ire- 
land, of which realm ne was a peer, as baron 
Straoane, and was called into tl^ privy coun- 
cil, and created viscount Strabane ana baron 
of Mountcastle, 2 Dec. 1701. The earl m. 
1686. ElizabetJi, da. and h. of sir Robert 
Reaainff, bart of Dublin, (by Jane, widow 
of Charles, earl of Mountntth,^ and had issue 
by her, (wnod. 19 March 1754,) nine sons and 
five das. of whom four sons and one da. d. 
young; those who survived were, 

1. James, 7th earl. 

2. George, member for Johnstown, in Ire- 
land, and for Wells in England : m. Oct. 1719, 
Brifu^ da. and h. of col. William Coward, 
of Wells, CO. Somerset, a Virginia merchant, 
and had issue, four sons, who all d. s. p. and 
seven das. ; he d. 1775, aged 80. 

3. Francis, in holy oiders, rector of Dun- 
leer. 00. Armagh ; m. 20 Oct 1733, Dorothy, 
2d da. and oo-h. of James' Forth, eaq. of Red- 
wood, King's CO. and d. 20 May 1746. 

4. WiLUAM. lost in his passage to Barba- 
does, with lora Belhaven, 10 Nov. 1721. 

5. Charlu, member for Troro, in the Eng- 
lish parliament, and for Strabane, in Ireland ; 
he was eomptroller of the green cloth to the 
prince of Wales, and receiver-gen. of his ma- 
jesty's revenues for the island of Minorca ; he 
d, 1 Sept. 1787, without issue, 

6. Euzabeth. m. 1st, 8 Jan. 1711, William 
Brownlow, of Lurgan, eso. member for the 
CO. Armagh;- and 2dly, Martin, count de 


7. Mary, m. 1719, Henry CoUeT, of Castle 
CvbeiTy in Kildarey esq. elder brother of 
Richara, 1st lord Momin^n. 

8. Phiupa, in, Ist, Benjamin Pratt, dean of 
Dovm. proToat of the univeraitr of Dublin ; 
and Sdlj, Michael ConneU, M.D. ; and d. 97 
Jan. 1767. 

9. Janb, m. 96 Sept. 1719, lord Archibald 
Hamilton, brother of James, duke of Hamil- 
ton, and d, 13 Nor. 1770; she was lat lady 
of the bedchamber, mistress of the robes, and 
piirr pone to Augosta, princess of Wales. 

Tne earl if. 28 Not. 1754 ,and was sacceeded 
by his eldest son, 

Jamis, 7th earl of Aberoom, F.R.S. and a 
priTy coonsellor in Ensland and Ireland, m. 
1711, Ann, eldest da. of John Plumer, esq. of 
Blakesware, co. Herts, and by her (who d, 7 
Aug. 1776) had issue, 

1. James, 8th earl. 

t. John, capt. R.N. drowned at Portsmouth 
18 Dec 1765; m. Harriot, natural da. of 
James Craggs, esq. secretary of state to king 
George I. f widow of Riduurd Eliot, of Port 
Eliot, CO. domwall, and mother of the 1st lord 
EUot,) by whom (who d, 1 Feb. 1769) he had 

1. John-Jamxs, 9th earl and 1st marquess, 
t. Ann, dL nntm, 

3. WiLUAM, d. joang. 

4 GioaoE, canon of Windsor, and rector 
of Taplow, SI. Elizabeth, only da. of gen. 
Richard Onslow, uncle of George, earl On- 
slow, and d. 26 Nov. 1787, having had issue, 

1. George^ d. in the West Indies 11 Oct. 

2. Anne, h. 6 Oct. 1755, m. Folliott-Her- 
bert-Walker Comewall, D.D. bishop 
of Worcester, and d. 18 Dec. 1795. 

S, Mary, 6. 26 Not. 1756. 
4 Harriot, b. 11 Jan. 1760, d. 15 March 

5. Catherine, K 7 June 1763, d. 19 July 

6. Elizabeth, b. 5 June 1765, m. 3 Nor. 
1793, Glynn Wynne, esq. 

7. Rachel, 6. 17 Oct. 1766. 

8. Jane, 6. 26 Feb. 1768, m. 1st, 9 Aug. 

1791, William Plumer, esq. (who d. 
17 Jan. 1822} ; 2dly, 14 Sept 1825, Ri- 
chard-John Lewin, esq. R.N. (who d, 
22 May 1827) ; and 3dly, 16 July 1828, 
Robert-Plumer Ward, esq.; she d, 26 
March 1831. 

9. Cecil, b. 15 March 1770, to whom his 
majesty granted the precedence of an 
earl's da. 27 Oct 1789, m. 1st 4 March 

1792, her first cousin, John- James, 4th 
marquess of Abereom, (which marriage 
being dissolred by an act of parliament,} 
she m. 2d]y, 23 May 1799, sir Josepn 
Copley, bart and d. 19 June 1819. 

10. Isabella, 6. 28 Sept 1772, m. 20 July 
1795, lord George Seymour, son of 
Ffsiiieis, 1st marquess of Hertford. 

5. Plviitb, d. young. 

6. WiLUAM, capt R.N. lost in the Victory 
iBAa-of-war, unm. 

7. Asms, ». 16 Aug. 1746, shr Henry Mack- 
^'wth, bait and it 14 Dee. 1792. 

The earl d. 13 Jan. 1744, and was succeeded 
by his eldest son, 

James, 8th earl, who was summoned by 
writ to the house of peers, in Ireland, 23 
March 1735, in his father's lifetime, as lord 
Mountcastle, and was created a peer of Great 
Britain, 8 Aug. 1786, by the title of riscount 
Hamilton, of Hamilton, co. Leicester, with 
remainder to his nephew. The earl d* unm. 9 
Oct 1789, and was succeeded by his nephew, 

JOHN-JAMES, K.G. 9th earl of Aber- 
eom; created marquess of Abereom 2 Oct 
1790, b, 1756, m. 1st, 20 June 1779, Catha- 
rine, da. of sir Joseph CopW, of Sprotbo- 
rough, CO. York, bart and by her (who d, 13 
Sept 1791) had issue, 

1. James, viscount Hamilton, b. 1786, d. 
27 May 1814^ baring si. 25 Nor. 1809, Har- 
riet, OA. of the hon. John Douglas, son of 
James, 15th earl of Morton, and by her (who 
m. 2dly, 8 July 1815. George, present earl of 
Aberdeen, K.T.) haa issue, 

1. Jamfs, 2d marquess. 

2. Harriet, 6. 12 April 1812. m. 17 May 
1836, capt WUliam BaiUie-Hanulton, 
R N 

3. Chiude, b, 27 July 1813, M.P. for the 
county of Tyrone. 

2. Claude, 6. 1 Nov. 1787, d, at Madeira, 
Nor. 1806. 

3. Habbiot-Margarst, 6. 1781, d, 90 April 

4. Catherinb-Cokstaktia, 6. 7 Oct 1782, 
d. 23 May 1788. 

5. CATHARiNS-EuzABETn, 6. 19 Jan. 1784^ 
m, George, present earl of Aberdeen. 

6. Maria, 6. 28 Feb. 1785, d, unm. 21 Jan. 

The man^uess si. 2dly, 4 March 1792, his 
cousin, Cecil Hsmilton, 8th da. of the hon. 
GeoTf^ Hamilton, canon of Windsor, abore 
mentioned, which marriage was dissolved by 
act of parliament 1788. and she m. 2dly, 23 
May 1799, sir Joseph Copley, bart and d. 19 
June 1819 ; and had issue by her, 

7. CECiL-FBAMCE8,fr. 19 July 1795, m. Wil- 
liam, present earl of Wicklow. 

The marquess m. 3dly. 3 April 1800, Anne- 
Jane, eldest da. of Artnnr Uore, 2d earl of 
Arran, K.P. (by Catharine, only da. of Wil- 
liam Annesley, viscount Glerawley,) and 
widow of Henry Hatton, of Great Clonard, 
CO. Wezibrd, esq. by which lady (who d. 8 
May 1827) he had no issue. Toe marquess 
d. 27 Jan. 1818, and was succeeded by his 

JAMES, present and 2d marquess. 

Heir Apparent — Viscount Hamilton, the 
marquess's only son. 

Cmitians— Baion of Paisley, co. fRenirew, 
in 1591 : Baron of A bercom, co. Lanark, 1604 ; 
Earl or the same place, Baron of Hamilton, 
Mountcastle, and Kirkpatrick, 10 July 1606; 
Baron of Strabane, co. Tyrone, 18 May 1618 ; 
Viscount Strabane, and Baron of Mountcastle, 
CO. Tjrrone, 2 Dec. 1701 ; Viscount Hamilton, 
of Hamilton, co. Leicester, 8 Aug. 17J36, and 
Marquess of Abereom, in Great Britam, 2 
Oct 1790 ; Baronet of Ireland, 1660. 


GEORGE ABEnCROMBY, Baron ABERCROMBY, of Abonkir and Tul- 
libody, CO. Clackmannan, Lord- Lieutenant of 
the Shire of Stirling ; succeeded his mother, 
Mary-Anne, the late baroness. 11 Feb. IS2I ; 
6ontl7 0ct. 1770; mai-n>rf,25 Jan. i7»i),Mon- 
laKu^r 3d ds. of Henry Dundas, let viscoant 
Melville, and sitter to the present viscount, bv 
whom (who d. 10 March 1 897} he had issae, '■- 

1. GEORGE-RALPH, lieut.-col. in the army. 
b. 30 May 1800, m. 3 April 1832, Louisa-Pe- 
nnol, da. of the hon. John Hay-Forbes, a lord 
of session, and has tsBue, ]. ada.b.OcX. 183:); 

2. a da. b. Sept. IS-IA; 3. a ton, b. 23 Sept. 

1838; 2. MoKTACVE, b. 25 May 1807, at. 4 April 1S31, the hon. Fax Maule, 

son of lord Panmure ; 3. Marv-Anne, i. 7 Dec. 181 1. 

Aaus—ArEent, s tease emiiattled ^les between, in bssti the ancient family arms of Aber- 

crombvj Being s cheiron indented gulea, betwee- -'-— - ■- ' ■-— ■ ^ 

in chief iHuini ouC of the enbuttlemenu of the I 

E roper, )[Smished or, the cubit part of the arm eocircled b' 
■nd gruping ■ French lepubbcan military flag m bend si 
proper. Sufpobtssi — Two grevliounda per fe» u^ent and or, each plain collared with 
tine refleied over the back guSa, and charged on the ihoolder witti s thistle proper. 
Hono — " Vire ut TiTSS." Ove >o as to ensure immortal life. 

« boan' headii erased a: 
deiler srm embowed in ai 
[Circled by a wreath of laarel, ai 
- '■'-' -'--—er. Cann— A bee 

The family ofAbercTDmbiejOTBirkenbog, in 
the shire of Banff, is the elde« cadet branch 
of the bouse of Abercrombie, of that ilk, and 
descends from Humphry de Abenrombip, who 
obtained a charter Irom king Robert Bruce. 
about 1315. Sir Aleiander Abercrombie, of 
Birkenhf^, barL had a youneer son, Alexan- 
der, who settled at Tullibody, in the abiK of 
Clackmannan, and by Mary, oa. of Alexander 
DafT, of Braco, esq. wi« father of 

GeoHGB Abprcrohbie, b. about 1710, n. 
Mary, da. of Ralph Duodaa, of Manour, and 
d. e June IBOO, baring had inue 

1. Sir Ralph, of whoDt hereafter. 

S. BuBKCT, a capt. in the Eaat India Con- 
panji's lerrice, d. 1791, j. p. 

3. Sir Robert, G.C.B. a gen. in the army, 
col. of the 75th fool, and governor of Edinburgh 
Caatle, d. Nov. I8W. 

4. Alkundeb, a lord of session, d. 1795, 

6. Maay, n. James Edmonstone, of New- 

r. Helen, m. Robert Bruce, of Kennett, s 
lord of session. 

Sir Rat.fii Abercrohiie, b. 1738, (eldest 
son of George,) entered earl; in life into the 
army, and in 1TS7 obtained the rank of maior- 
gen. He serred in the campaigns of 1793, 4, 
and 5, under the duke of York, in Randen ; 
waa appointed, in Aug. 1795, commander-in- 
chief in the West Indies : afterwards held the 

sampsituationin Ireland; commanded tbe first 
diTision of the eipedidoo to the Helder, in 
1799; and finally, that to Egypt, where he 
wBi mortally wounded at the battle of Alex- 
andna, 9B March 1801. He m. 17 Nor, 1767, 
MARY-ANNE, da. of John Menuea, qf 
Fomton, co. Perth, esq. who, immediately on 
the newa of sir Ralph's death being received in 
England, waa created baronea AbercrombUf of 
Aboukir and Tullibodv, with remainder to the 
issue male of her late husband. By thia lady 

1. Geobde, present lord. 
t. Gen. sir John, G.C.B. and cd. 53d regi- 
ment, d. uHm. 14 Feb. 1817. 

3. The rigbt hon. Jahii, M.P. for Edin- 
burgh, and speaker of the house of commons, 
F.C. fate master of the mint, and sometime 
lord chief baron in Scotland, created barim 
Duafinnlme (tet thai litU). 

4. ALEiANi>tR,C.B.K.T.S.K.M.T.K.S.G. 
col. in the army, 6. 4 March 1784. 

5. Anne, b. «1 Sept. 1768, R. S3 April 
1795, Donald Cameron, of Lochiel, esu. 

6. MiRv.d. 

7. Caihebine b. 4 Dec. 1780, m. 14 Dec. 
1811, Thomas Bachanan, esq. 

Ibe baroness d, 11 Feb. 18!1, snd was suc- 
ceeded by her eldest son, 

GEORGE, present lord. 

Hrir innml— GiOROE-RiLpn, eldest son 
of his lordship. 

CruHiim—ia May 1801. 



martine. Lord Haddo, Methlic, Tarves, and 
Kellie,iii the Peerage of Scotland ; and Viscount 
Gordon, of Aberdeen, co. Aberdeen, hi that of 
the United Kingdom, and a Baronet of Nova 
Scotia, P.O. K.T. M.A. F.R.S. F.S. A. and F.H.S. 
Chancellor of King*8 College, Aberdeen, Presi- 
dent of the Society of Antiquaries, London, a 
Governor of Harrow School, and a Trustee of 
the British Museum, and late Secretary of State 
for the Colonial Department ; born 28 Jan. 1784 ; 
succeeded his grandfather, George, the late earl, 
13 Aug; 1801 ; created a Peer of the United 
Kingdom, by the title of viscount Gordon, of Aberdeen, I June 1814; mar' 
riedy Ist, 28 July 1805, Catherine- Elizabeth Hamilton, eldest surviving da. of 
John-James, 1st marquess of Abercorn, K.G. and by her (who d, 29 Feb. 1812) 
had issue, 1. Jane, 6. 11 Feb. 1807, <f. 21 July 1824; 1. Caroline-Ca- 
therine, h. 28 March 1808, d. 24 July 1818; 3. Alice, b. 12 July 1809, d. 

21 April 1829. The earl m. 2dly, 8 July 1816, Harriet, viscountess Hamilton, relict 
of viscoaut Hamilton, eldest son of the marquess of Abercorn, and da. of the hon. 
John Douglas, son of James, 15th earl of Morton, by whom (who d, 26 Aug. 1833) 

he had issue, 4. GEORGE-JOHN-JAMES, lord Haddo, b, 28 Sept 1816; 

6 . Alexander, 6. 11 Dec. 1817, in the army, aide-de-camp to major-gen. 
sir James M'Donneil, K.C.B. ;— 6. Frances, 6.4 Dec. 1818, d, unm, 20 April 
1834; 7. Douglas, b, 13 March 1824; 8. Arthur, 6. 26 Nov. 1829, 

Ajiiu — Qoaiterlj : 1st and 4th. azure, three boars' heads cooped within a double treasure, 
adorned with roses and thistles alternately, Gordon ; id and 3(1, Hamilton and Arran, 
(vix. gules, three cinquefoils pierced ermine for Hamilton, and argent, a lymphad sable for 
Amo,) anarterly within a border sable. Crests — 1st, two arms from the shoulder 
naked, holding a bent bow and in the act of letting fly an arrow, proper, Gordon ; 3d, 
oat of a ducal coronet or, an oak tree, the stem cut tranyersely by a frame saw, the blade 
inacribed with the word *' Through, all proper: the body of tne tree charged with an 
eacocheon argent, thereon a heart gules for difference, Hamilton. Supporters — Two 
antelopes treent armed and unguled or, each gorged with a collar flory counterflory azure, 
charged with three roses or, and line reflexed over the back, azure. N.B. — ^These sup- 
portera were granted to the present earl and his successors as viscounts Gordon in 1818. 
jhe ancient supporters of the earldom of Aberdeen were, dexter^ a senator of the College 
of Justioe, ana jinist^, a minister of state, in their robes of office. Motto — '' Fortuna 
seqaator." Let fortune follow. 

Thb origin of the iDustrioos house of Gor- 
don will be fimnd under the title of duke of 
Gordaii; bat it may be here observed, that the 
priocipiLl line terminated early in an hexresa 
who at. sir Alexander Seton, whose descend- 
ants aasomed the maternal name; while the 
ftmily represented by the earl of Aberdeen 
has oootxnned uninterruptedly in a male line 
of <^8cent. A current tradition is, that his 
lordship derives his descent from the Bertram 
de Goardon who shot the fatal arrow at king 
Richard Ccrar de Lion, and that the crest of 
the Aberdeen fiunily, two arms, in the act of 
letting fly an arrow from a bow, and their 
motto, '' fortuna sequatur," bear allusion to 
tiiis evest. Crawford, on the other hand, in 
bis lives of the officers of state, derives the earl 
from a air William Gordon^ a younger brother 
of Iht pviDcipal hoaae living in the reign of 

king Edward I. of England. In consequence, 
however, of the impenect state of the Scotch 
iMords, and the detraction of the family pa- 
pers during the civil wars, the exact descent of 
the Aberdeen family cannot be clearly ascer- 
tained higher than 

Patrick Gordon, of Methlic, slain at the 
battle of Arbroath, 1445 ; eighth in lineal de- 
scent from whom was 

Sir John, of Methlic and Haddo, created a 
baronet 164S; but two years after beheaded 
at Edinburgh for his loyalty to long Charles 
I. ; leavine issue by Mary, da. of William 
Forb€», of Tolquhoun, two sons, sir John, who 
d, 1665, leaving an only da. Jean, m. sir James 
Gordon, of Lesmoiiybanu; and 

Sir GEORGE GORDON, who was, by 
Charles II. made one of the iudees of session, 
and president of the council, arterwards lord 



chancellor of Scotland, and SO Nov. 1682. 
created earl of Aberdeen, He m. Anne, da. ana 
h. to George Lockhart, of Porbreaks, and had, 

1. George^ who d. unm. before his &ther. 

2. WiLUAM, 2d earl. 

3. Anne, who was the 2d wife of Alexander 
Montffomery, 9th earl of Eglintoun. 

4. Martha, m. John Udney, of that ilk. 

5. Mary, m. Alexander Fraaer, 12th loid 

6. Margaret, d. unm, 

WILLIAM, 2d earl, K.T. succeeded his 
fiither ; m. 1st, Mary Leslie, da. of David, earl 
of L«yen and MelTille, and had, 

1. Anne, m. William, 4th earl of Dumfiries. 
The earl m. 2dl7. Susan, eldest da. of John, 
Ist duke of Atholl, bv wliom he had issue, 

2. George, Sd earl. 

3. Catharine, m. 1st, Cosmo, Sd duke of 
Gordon ; and, 2dj7, gen. Staates-Long Morris, 
and d, 1779. 

The earl m. Sdlj, Anne, Sd da. of Alexander 
2d duke of Gordon, by whom he had, 

4. WiLUAM, a gen. in the army, d, unm, 25 
May 1816. 

5. Cosmo, a col. in the anny. 

6. Alexander, 6. 17S9, appointed a lord of 
session 1 July 1788, and assumed the title of 
lord of Rockrille ; m. 26 July 1769, Anne, da. 
of William Duff, of Crombie, advocate, relict 
of William, earl of Dumfries and Stair, and d. 
13 March 1792, leaving issue, 

1. Charles, m. and has issue. 

2. Sir William, who succeeded to the title 
of baronet on the death of his maternal 
uncle, sir James Duff, (who had been so 
created 1813,) and took the name and 
arms of Duff m addition to and before 
Gordon, and d, 1823, leaving a son, sir 
Alexander - Comewall Duff- Gordon. 
{See Debrett's Baronetage,) 

3. Alexander, lieut-col. 83d foot, killed 
at Talavera 1809, unm. 

4. Cosmo, in the army, m. and had issue. 

5. Anne, m. 17 June 1795, John Cathcart, 
of Genoch, co. Wigtoun. 

6. Jane, 6. 24 July 1775, m. 14 Jan. 1799, 
the hon. Hugh Lindsay, M.P. for Perth 
1821, 8th son of James, 5th earl of Bal- 

7. Catherine, m. 1 Oct. 1800. Robert 
Hepburn, ofClerkineton,co.Eainburgh. 

8. Margaret, m, 12 July 1802, sir Coutts 
Trotter, hart. 

7. Charles, d, unm, 13 Dec. 1771. 

8. Henrietta, m. 2 March 1760, Robert 
Gordon, of Halhead, co. Aberdeen, esq. who 

d. 17 April 1814. 

The earl d, 1746, and was succeeded by his 
eldest son, 

GEORGE, 3d earl, b, 1720, m. Catherine, 
da. of Oswald Hanson, of Wakefield, co. York, 
esq. and by her (who d, 15 March 1817) haa 

1. George, lord Haddo, b, 28 Jan. 1764, 
and d. during the lifetime of his fitther, 2 Oct. 
1791, having m, 18 June 1782, Charlotte, 
younffest da. of WiUiam Baird, of Newbyth. 
00. Haddington, esq. sister of gen. sir David 
Baird, bart G.C.B. and K.C. and by her (who 
d, 8 Oct. 1795) had issue, 

1. George, 4th earl. 

2. William, capt. R.N. M.P. for Aber- 

3. Sir Alexander. K.C.B. lieut.-ooL in 
the army, aide-oe-camp to his uade. air 
David Baird, bart at tne capture of the 
Cape of Good Hope, Buenos Ayrei^ Co- 
penhagen, and in tne Snanish expedition, 
1806 ; afterwards aioe-de-camp to the 
duke of Wellington ; and was Idlled at 

4. Sir Charles, lieut-ool. 42d foot, b, 5 
July 1790, d, at Geneva 30 Sept. 1835. 

5. Alicia, lady of the bedchamber to the 
princess Sophia-Matilda, b, 29 July 
1788, to whom, 22 Jan. 1813, the prince 
regent was pleased to grant the same 
piecedence as if her father had sur- 
vived his late fiither, George, earl of 

6. The right hon. sir Robert, G.C.B. late 
ambassador at Madrid. 

7. John, capt R.N. 

2. WiLUAM, of Ellon. 

3. Catherine, d. unm. 30 Sept 1784. 

4. Anne, m, 5 July 1787, Edward Place, 
esq. of Skelton Grange, co. York, and d, 5 
Feb. 1821. 

5. Susan, d, unm, 25 July 1795. 

6. Mary, m. 12 March 17B9, Thomas Hor- 
ton, of HowToyde Hall, co. York, esq. 

The earl d, 13 Aug. 1801, aged 82, and was 
succeeded by his grandson, 

GEORGE, present and 4th earl, Ist vis- 
count Grordon. 

Heir Avparent — George-John- J axes, lord 
Haddo, the earl's son. 

Creatione — Baronet of Nova Scotia, 1638 ; 
Earl of Aberdeen, viscount of Formartine, 
Lord Haddo, Methlic, Tarves, and Kellie, by 
patent, 30 Nov. 1682 ; Viscount Gordon^ in 
the Peerage of the United Kingdom, 1 June 


HENRY NEVILLE, Earl of ABERGAVENNY, Viscount Neyille, and Baron 

Ab€rgavenny, K.T. ; patent Inspector of Pro- 
secutions at tbc Custom-house, and late Re- 
corder of Harwich; bom 22 Feb. 1755; suc- 
ceeded bis father, George, the late earl, 10 
Sept. 1785 ; married^^ Oct. 1781, Mary, only 
child of John Robinson, of Wyke House, co. 
Middlesex, esq. by whom (who d. 26 Oct. 1796) 

he had, 1. Mary-Catherine, ft. 27 Feb. 

1783 m. 2 Jan. 1802, Tbomas Myers, esq. late 
accomptant-gen. in Bengal, and d, \\ July 

1807; 2. Henry, viscount Neville. ^ h, 22 

May 1785, d. 8 April 1800; 3. Ralph, vti- 

cmait Neville, captain R.N. b, 21 Dec. 1786, 
Mu 3 Feb. 1813, Mary- Anne-Bruce Elcock, of Sloane-street ; by her (who d. 6 
Jane 1828) he had no issue ; he of. 20 May 1826 ;— 4. Henrietta, 6. 14 July 

1788, d. UHm. 28 July 1827; 5. JOHN, viscmmt Neville, in holy orders, 

M.A. b. 26 Dec. 1789 ; 6. William, 6. 28 June 1792, in holy orders, Ticnr of 

Frant, co. Sussex, and of Birling, co. Kent, m. 7 Sept. 1824, Caroline, 2d da. 
of Ralph Leeke, of Longford Hall, co. Salop, esq. and has issue, 1 . Heni-y, 6. 
1825, !<. 21 March 1829; 2. William, b. \6SeyU 1826; 3. Car oline- Emily, b. 31 
May 1829; 4. Henrietta- Augusta, b. 18 June 1830; 5. Isabel- Mary -Frances, 
b. 6 Sept. 1831 ; 6. Ralph-Pelham, b. 28 Nov. 1832. 

Arms — Gules, a saltire argent, charged with a rose of the field, Crest<— A bull of a 
brindled coioor statant, plain collared and a line with a staple at the end reflexed orer 
the back or. Sdpportkbs — Two bulls as the crest. Motto^-'^ Ne vile velis." Form no 
mean wish. 

This iUostrions family can trace an unbro- 
ken male descent for more than eight centu- 
ries; its dilTerent branches hare enjoyed the 
banmies of Aber^renny , Le Despencer. Fau- 
eooberg, and Latuner ; the earldoms of West- 
morelazid, Salisbnnr, Warwick, Kent, and 
Nortiinmberland ; the marouessafe ofMonta- 
cute ; and the dukedom of Bedford. 

Edward Nevills. 4Ch son of Ralph. 1st 
earl of Westmoreland, by his 2d wife, Joan, 
(da. of John of Gaunt, duke of Lancaster,) m. 
Elisabeth, sole da. and h. of Richard Beau- 
ehamp, earl of Worcester, with whom he had 
the baroDies of Bergayenny and Le Despen- 
eer, and was sommooed to parliament, by the 
former title, 1450. 

On the death of Hrnry, 4th baron, the 
abore titles were oonnterclaimed on the one 
pwt by his only da. and h. Mary, wife of sir 
Thomas Fane, ^ancestor of the present earl of 
Westmoreland,) and on the other by Edward 
Neville, cousin and b. male of the deceased, 
when tne barony of Le Despencer was ad- 
jndced to ladr Fane, and that o^ Bergavenny 
to ue said Edward Neville, from whom de^ 

WiLUAM Neville, 14th baron, who suc- 
ceeded his cousin, Edward, 1734, m. May 
1725, Catharine, da. of lieut.-gen. Tatton, and 
of Edward, lord Abergavenny, his 
r, and by ber (who d. 4Dec. 1739) 

1. Georos, 1st earl. 

2. Cathsrinb, 6. 20 June 1728, maid of 
honour to Augusta, princess of Wales, d. unm, 
19 Jan. 1820. 

His lordshipm. 2dly, 20 March 1732, Re- 
becca, da. of Thomas, 8th earl of Pembroke, 
by winch lady (who d, Sept. 1758) he bad 

3. Harriet, b. 17 Nov. 1734, d, unm, 8 
Aug. 1762. 

4. Mary, b. 13 June 1736, and d, 24 July 
1758, unm. 

5. Sophia, 6. 14 March 1738, d. unm, 29 
Dec. 1759. 

6. William, in holy orders, 6. Oct. 1741, 
d. 22 July 1810, s, p. 

His lordship d, 21 Sept. 1744, and was suc- 
ceeded by his son, 

GEORGE, 15th lord Abergavenny, who, 
17 May 1784, was advanced to the dignity of 
viscount Neville and earl of Abergjovenny, b, 
24 June 1727, m. 5 Feb. 1753, Henrietta, only 
da. of Thomas Pelham, of Stanmer, co. Sus- 
sex, esq. and sister of Thomas, 1st earl of 
Chichester, (widow of the hon. Richard Tem- 
ple.) by which hidy (who d. Sept. 1768) he 
oaa issue, 

1. Henry, 2d earl. 

2. Georoe-Henry, of Flower-place, God- 
stone, CO. Surrey. 6. 6 Sept. 1760, m. 11 May 
1787, Caroline, da. of Richard W alpole, esq. 


and niece of Horatio, 1st mtI of Orfbrd, bj 
wbom he bad i»ue, 

1. Geoi^e, in holj onJers, Tcotor of Chil- 
tingUiD, CO. Suiaei, b. 16 Much 1T9S, 
d. unm. £0 Sepl. 18K5. 
8. Heaiy-Walpole, id holj orders, rector 
orBurg-h Anion, CO. Norfolk, WofOt- 
Uy, CO. Suffolk, b. 9 Not. 1803, m. 28 
M>; 1(^33, Fruic«s, foungeit (U. of sir 
EdmuDd Bacon, premier but. and d. 3 
March 1B37. 
3. RegiDAld-Henrj, b. 14 Sept. 1807. 

3. Hbnbieit*, b. ii May 1756, m. 9 Sept. 
1T79, sir John Bemev, of Kirby Bedon, co. 
Norfclk, bart. and d. hu widow 1833. 

His lonlship d. 10 Srpt. 1785, and was suc- 
ceeded b; bia eldest son, 

HENRY, present and 9d earl. 

Heir Appannt — John, Tiaconnt Neville, 
in holy orders, eldest surriTing son of the earl. 

Cnulinu— BaroD, 13 June 1»S; Viscount 
Netille, and Earl of AbergareDny, 17 May 


MONTAGU BERTIE, Earl of ABINGDON, and Baron Norreyg, of Rycote, 
.,. to. Oxford, Higb Steward of Abingdon, and 

Lord-Lieutennn I of Berkshire, D.C.L. ; 6ani30 
April 1784 ; succeeded bis fHlher, Willoughby, 
Hie lute earl, 26 Sept 17EI9 ; matTifd, 27 Aug. 
18(r7, Emily, youp^^il da. of gen. the late hou. 
Thomas Gage, and sister of Henry, viscount 
Gage, by whom (who d. 28 Aug. 1838) he hail 

Usue, 1. MONTAGU, hrtl Norreyt, M-P. 

for CO. Oxon. D.C.L. b. 18 May 1808, m. 7 Jan. 
183A, EliEabeth-Laviiila, only child of George 
Harcourt, esq. and has issue, I. MeHlagu-Artliur, 
b. 13 May 1836; 2. Eliiabeth'Emi(w,b. 3 Sor. 

1838; 2. CHARLOTTE-MARGAHET.i.aSJuly 1809; 3. Ekily-Caroline, (. 

11 Aug. 1810, «. 31 July J 830, the hon. and rev. Charles Balhursl; 4. Al- 

BEHjtHLE, 6. 26 Sept. 1811, d. 4 Feb. 1825; 5. Henky-Wii.LUM, t. IS Sept. 

1812; 8. August A-G bo RciANA, b. 14 April and d. 7 May 1815; 7. Vebr- 

PERGOHiNe, b. 23 Nov. 1817, d. 21 March 1818; 9. Bkownlow-Chaki-ES, b, 

19 Aug. IHID. 

sable, ducally crowned or. Supforteiu — DuMr, a grey friar, habited with c 
beads, pendent from his gfirdle, and his right band reatin^ on a staff noteuce, all proper; 
tiniutr, a wild man wrnthed about the lenplea and lama with oak ; each charged on 
the breast with a tret or. Mono — " Virtus arista fortior." Virtue is stronger than a 
battering ram. 

The descent of this noble family is given 
under the title of Beitiil, Airl D/Lindxy. 

MoST.tDu BtBTiE, 3d cmI of Lindsey, by 
Bfidttct, bia Sd wife baroness Norhiyb, of 
R/cole, (relict of Edward Sackville. !d eon 
of Edward 4Ih earl of Doraet, and da. and 
sole h. of Edward Wray, by Elizabeth, da. 
aud h. of Francis Norreys, earl of Berkshire, 
viscount, Thame and baron Norreys, of Ry- 
cote,) had (besides other issue) a eon, 

JAMES'BERTIE, who, as heir of his 
mother, was lummoned to parliament 1675, 
as baron Norrevi, of Rycote ; and, in 168i, 
createdearlor.46JTif(fan ^ A. 1653, n. Eleanor, 
da. and h. of sir Henry Lee, of Ditchley, co. 
Oxford, bart. by Anne, da. of sir Joho Daa- 
vers; aiid by hw bad, 

1. Bridget, n. RiehanI, 4th viscount Bul- 
kelpy, of Ireland. 

S. Anne, m. sir William Courtenay, of 

"-^derham Castle, Devon, hart, (ancestor of 

iicaunii CoHrUHag and tarU ej Uehhi). 

S. J.._, 

7th lord Willougbby, of Parham, ai 

WiLLOuoBBv, 3d earl, aud other issue. 
The earl d. May 1699, and was succeeded by 
his eldest son, 

MONTAGU, id earl, «. « SepL 1687, 
Anne, da. and sole h. of Peter Venablra, 

a led baron uf Kinderton,) who d. 1715; 
Sdly, MuT, da. of James Gould, of Dor- 
chester, CO. JJorset, esq. and relict of gen. 
Charles Churchill, biotlier to the oelebraled 
John, duke of Klarlborongh, and by her (who 
d. Jan. 1756) had a son, who d. 1718. The 
earl deceasing 15 June 1743, without survi- 
ving issue, was succeeded by his nephew, 

WILLOUGHBY, 3d earl, b. 18 Nov. 
te9i, n. Aug. 1797, Anna-Maria, da. of sir 
John Collins, knt. and by lKr(whod. 31 Dl-c. 
1763J had i»ue, 



1. James, burnt in his bed, If Oct. 1745. I 

3. WxLLOuoBBY, 4th carL 

5. Peregrine, b. IS March 1741, tad d. 
Aog. 1790 ; his widow d. 14 Oct. 1833. 

4. Elizabeth, m. sir John Gallini. 

5. Jane, m. 99 Sept. 1760, Thomas Clifton, 
esq. and ti. :?5 Feb. 1791. 

6. Bridget, <2. unm. 9 Dec. 1760. 

7. Anne- Eleanor A, m. 1766, viscount 
Wenman, (which title became extinct on his 
decease 1800.) 

8. Mary, b, 12 Not. 1746, m. Miles Staple- 
ton, of Glints, 00. York, esq. and c/. 22 July 

9. Sophia, <2. unm. 1760. 

His loidslup d. 1762, and was succeeded by 
his «<T», 

WILLOUGHBY. 4thearl, 6. 16 Jan. 1740, 
m. 7 July 1768, Charlotte, da. ^and co-heiress 
with her sister Anne, who m. Cnarles Fitzroy, 
1st lord Southampton) of adm. sir Peter War- 
ren, K.B. by whom (who d. 28 Jan. 1794) he 
had issue, 

1. WiLLOucHBY, 6. 8, d. 20 Feb. 1Z79. 

2. WiLLOuoBBY, 6. 9 April 1781, d. an in- 

S. MoN-TAGV, 5th earl. 

4. WiLLouGHBY, 6. 24 Juuo 1787, m. 26 
Not. 1808, Cathenne-Slane, da. of Mr. Saun- 
derSy and d. 19 Dec. 1810, having had issue 
by her, (who «-m. 96 Oct. 1837, the rev. W. 
Sheepshanks-Bureess,) one posthumous son, 

WiUoaghbj-Veie, b. 20 AprU 1811, d. 
26 July 1812. 

5. Peregrine, 6. 50 July 1790. 

6. Frbdrrick, in holy orders, rector of Al- 
bury, CO. Oxon, b. 12 Feb. 1793, m. 17 Oct. 
1825, Georgiana-Anne-Emily, 2d da. of lord 
Mark Kerr, and the countess of Antrim, and 

1 . Charlotte- Anne-Emily, b, 22 Jan. 1827, 
d. 19 Dec. 1839. 

2. Georgians- Elizabeth, b, June 1828, d. 
1 Nov, 1838. 

3. Charles-M'Donell, b. Sept. 1829. 

4. Montagu-Mark, 6. Feb. 1831. 

5. Agnes, b. 26 July 1832. 

6. WiUoughby, 6. 29 Jan. 1834. 

7. Veie-CUuton, b. 19 Dec. 1835. 

8. Frederick-Arthur, b. 24 Sept. 1837. 

7. Cbarlotte, 6. 12 (>ct. 1769, d. 11 Jan. 

8. Ambua, 6. 6 Jan. 1774, d. May 1784. 

9. LotriSA - Anne - Maria - Bridolt, b. 8 
March 1786, dec, 

10. Caroline, 6. 18 Oct 1788, m. 23 Jan. 
1821, Charles-John Baillie-Hamilton, esa. 2d 
son of the late archdeacon Hamilton and lady 
Charlotte Hamilton. 

His lordship d. 26 Sept. 1799, and was suc- 
ceeded by his son, 

MO^TTAGU, present and 5th earl. 

Heir Apparent — Montagu, lord Norreys, 
the earPs son. 

Creations — Baron Norreys, of Rycote, 12 
May 1675, with the precedence of the first 
summons to his maternal ancestor, 8 May 
1572 ; Earl of Abingdon, co. Berks, 30 Nov. 


J \MES SCARLETT, Baron ABINGER, of Abinger, co. Surrey, and of the city 

of Norwich, so created by patent 12 Jan. 1835 ; 
P.C. D.C.L. Lord Chief Baron of the Exche- 
quer. His lordship was entered Fellow Com- 
moner of Trinity College, Cambridge, at the 
age of 15 years, and received his degrees of 
B.A. and M.A. in that University : he was 
called to the Bar in 1791, and in 1819, first en- 
tered Parliament as representative for the city 
of Peterborough, was appointed Attorney-Ge- 
neral in April 1827, which office he resigned in 
Jan. 1828, was re-appointed to the same office 
in March 1829, and again resigned it in Nov. 
1830 ; in 1832 was chosen representative for the 
city of Norwich, and in Dec. 1834 was appointed Lord Chief Baron of the Exche- 
quer and admittpd of his Majesty's Privy Council ; his lordship mamW, 22 Aug. 
1792, Louise-Henrietta, 3d da. of Peter Campbell, of Kilmorrey,co. Argyll, esq. 

by whom (who d. 8 March 1829) he has issue, 1. ROBERT-CAMPBELL, b. 

5 Sept. 1794, m. 19 July 1824, Sarah, 2d da. of George Smith, esq. late chief justice 
of the Mauritios, and has issue, 1. Henrietta-Elizabethy b, 20 June \S25; 2. Wil- 
iimm-Frederic, b. 30 Aug. 1826 ; 3. Frances-Mary, b. 2 March 1828; 4. Jamet- 

Henry- Laurence, b. 19 Jan. 1830; 2. Mary-Eliza BETH, created Baroness 

Stratbeden, of Cupar, co. Fife, by patent 22 Jan. 1836, {see that title,) 6. 26 

April 1796, m. sir John Campbell, her majesty's attorney-general ; 3. Louisr- 

Laiirbncr» 6- 26 Oct. 1797, m. lieut.-col. sir Edmund Currey, K.C.H.; %, 

James- YoRKE, 6. 1 Feb. 1799, major 5th dragoon guards, and M.P* for Guild- 


ford, M. 19 Dec. 1S3&, ChsrIolte-ADne, vonnKeat da. and co-h. of John Bar- 
greares, of Orinerod House, co. Lancaster] esq. and has issue, a da. b. I& Jan. 
1838, 6. Caroline, die. , 0. Pet eb-Caiip bell, 6. 27 Nov. 180t. 

Aawa Cheqay, or and galea, a Uon rampant emdne, on a cuUn Mure, a cutle, triple 

• — jred arraat. Canr — A Tuscan column, chequy, or and giiles, supported on either 
byahon'sjambermines, ensed, gold. Suppohtmis— On either iide »n sngel TeMed 

-- — =- e, wings or, in the eiteiior hand of each a iword in bend proper, pom- 

Motto— " Suis lut Tiribuj." He icands in hii own strength. 

3. KoBKHT, «. snd d. learisg ivue. 

4. Sir Wiluik-Anouk, knt. ebief jostice 
of Jamaica, m. utd d. having iuue. 

5. Euu, M. and bad issue. 
Htir Amtnat — Hon. RoBEKT-CAapSELL 

ScABLETT, his lonUhip's eldest son. 
Crutum— 11 Jan. 1S35. 


His loidahip is id son of Robert Scarlett, 
esq. of the island of Jamaica, a gentleman of 
large lauded propert; there, slid wbnae bmilj 

, , le islutd, who had is 

1. Phiup-Anouh, m. and d. leavinf 

2. JAMES, created lord Abinger. 


Earl Bruce, Viicoiint SBvernake, and Baron 
Bruce, K.T. Ranger of Saveruake Forest; bom 
14 Feb. 1773; succeeded his father, Thomas, 
the late earl, K.T. IB April 1814; created, 17 
July 1821, Marquess ofAilesbury, Earl Bruce, 
and Viscount Savemake ; married, 10 April 
1793, Heurietta-Maria Hitl, da. of Noel, lat 

May 1794, n«. 17 July 1819, at Paris, colonel 
Compte de Mondre*itle, koight of St. Lonis, Ilc. 

and rf. Not. 1835, 2. Emily, twin with 

Maria, d. an infant; 3. AuGUBTA-FHEOBiticA-LouisA, h. 2& Sept. 1795, m. 

23 Nov. 1826, Thomas-Frederick Vcmon-Wentworth, of Wentworth Castle, co. 

York, esq.; 4. Mahy-Ans'e-Jp.hiua, b. 8 July 1797 ; &. Emily-Henri- 

ETTA-Matilda, 6. 2 April 1799, d. 8 July 1803 ; 6. GEORGE-WILLIAM- 

FREDERICK , «aW Bruce, b. 20 Not. 1804, summoned to pariiament by writ 
Julv 1838,aud placed in his father's barony of Brwre of Tottenham; m. 11 May 

1837, Mary-Caroline, da. of George-AuBustus, lltb ear] of Pembroke; 7. 

Elizabeth, b. 14 April 1807, m. 25 July 1833, Count Christian Danneskiold 
Samsoe ; — --8. ERNEST'AUGUSTUS-CHAitLES, ft. 8 Jan. 1811, M. P. for Marlbo- 
rough, m. 25 Nov. 1834, Louisa-Elizabeth, 2d da. of John, lord Decies, and has 
issue, 1. Henrietta, b. 15 Not. 1835, if. 27 Jan. 1836; 2. Lotdta-CaroUne, b. 
3 Oct. 1830; 3. George-John, b. 15 May 1839. Hia lordship m. 3dly, 20 Aug. 
1833, Maria, da. of the hon. Charles Tollemacfae, grand da. of the c ' " ' 
Dysart, and has issue, %. Charles-William, &. 18 June 1834 

r, a ssJtire snd chief gules ; on a canton argent, a lion 

luL o»u™, imiii,c. lu "jid 3d, argent a chevron gules, between three caps of 

iienance, their fronts turned tonsrds the sinister, uure, Baui>KHEi.L. CarsTS — 1st, 

<n statsnt, tail extended siu re, Uhitce; Id, ■ sea-liorse arnnt. Suffobtuu — Two 

savages wreathed about the temples and loins, each holding in nis exterior hand a lance. 

a banner of the arms of Bruce. 

We bave been. 

Thomas Bbuce, earl of Elgin, and lord 
Bruce, of KinloM, in Scotland, was created, 
bv king Charles I. anno 1641, Aaron Bmn, 
DfWborlton, CO. York, and djing 1663 was 
snooeeded by his only son, 

Robert, who, in iCM, was advanced to the 
''lie of earl of .lilohtTV, U which, on his death. 

succeeded bj his only sur- 
Eliiabeth, grandda. 

ruoMAS, 9cl earl, m. r.iizsoeui, 
1 St length sole heiress of Willi 
nr, Sd duke of Somerset, snd h*d 

1. CuABLEs, 3d earl. 



2. Elbabxth, m. Geoige BrndeoeU, 3d 

The ettl li. 16 Sept 1741, and WM sttooeeded 
bjr his only bod. 

Charlxs, 3a earl^ m. Ist, Anne. da. and 
co-h. of Wmiam SariUe. maiqness of Halifiuc ; 
Sdlj, Juliana, da. of Cfharles Bovle, earl of 
Bnrangum : and 3dly, Caroline, oa. of John 
Campbell, duke of Argyll, who aarTired him 
aad fv-M. general Henry Scrjrmour, brother of 
the tint maraueaa of Hertford. By hia first 
wife the earl had issne, a son, Robert^ who m. 
bat 4.M.p, in hisfiither's lifetime ; and two das. 
Mary, m. Henry, dulce of Chandos. and EUsa- 
betky mu Benjamin Bathnrst, eloest son of 
Allui, Ist earl Bathnrst. By his woond wife 
the earl had no issue, and by his third an 
only da. Matyy at. Charles, 3d duke of Rich- 
mond, and d. s. n. The earl was created, 17 
April 1746. lora Bruce, with remainder, in 
draolt of his issue male, to his nephew the 
hon. Hiomas Bnidenell, 4th son of his sister, 
Elizabeth Bruce, by George, 3d earl of Car- 
digan : he d. 10 Feb. 1747, without male issue, 
wben the earldom of Ailesbury became ex- 
tinct ; the titles of earl of Elgin and baron 
Bruce, of Kinloss, in Sootlano, devolved on 
CharleB, 9tb earl of Kincardine, and the ba- 
rony of Bruce, created by the patent of 1746, 
dneended to his nephew, 

THOMAS BRlTDENELL,who thereupon 
took the name and anna of Bruce in addition to 

Biudenell, apd was created, 10 June 1776, earl 
of AUnbury ; m. 1st, 17 Feb. 1761, Susanna, 
da. of Henry Hoare, of Stourhead, co. Wilts, 
esq. relict of Charles Boyle, viscount Dun- 
garvon, eldest son of John, earl of Cork and 
Orrery, and by her (who d. 4 Feb. 1783) had 

1. OsoROB, 6. 23 March 1762, d. 28 March 

2. Cabouke-Anne, 6. 1 May 1763, d, unm» 
26 Feb. 1824. 

3. Frances-Elizabeth, b. 31 May 1765, 
m. 17 Sept. 1799, sir Henry Wright Wilson, 
of Crofton-HalL oo. York, and Chelsea Park, 
CO. Middlesex, knt. and d, 9 Feb. 1836. 

4. Charles, 6. 7 March 1767, d. 22 Jan. 

5. Charles, 1st marquess. 

The earl m. 2dly, 14 Feb. 1788, Anne, 
eldest da. of John, 1st earl of Moira, and by 
her (who d. 8 Jan. 1813) had no issue. The 
earl d. 19 April 1814^ and was succeeded by 
his son. 

CHARLES, present and 2d earl, and 1st 

Heir Afparent — George-Wiluam -Freds- 
RICE, earl Bruce, son of the marquess. 

Creatiofu— Baron Bruce, 17 April 1746; 
and Ettrl of Ailesbunr, 10 June 1776 ; Mar- 
quess of AilesbuiT, Earl Bruce^ and Viscount 
Saremake, 17 July 1821. 


ARCHIBALD KENNEDY, Marquess of AILSA, and Baron Ailsa, in the 

Peerage of the United Kingdom, and Earl of 
Ca8sili8,and Baron Kennedy, in the Peerage of 
Scotland, K.T. F.R.S. and a Baronet of Nova 
Scotia ; succeeded his father, Archibald, in the 
earldom of Ailsa and barony of Kennedy, 29 
Dec. 1794 ; advanced to the dienity of Marquess 
of Ailsa 10 Sept. 1831 ; marrtedy 1 June 1793, 
Margaret, da. of John Erskine, of Dunnotar, 

N. B. esq. and has issue, 1. Archibald, earl 

of Cassilis, A. 11 Dec. 1794, d. 12 Aug. 1832, 
fit. 1 May 1814, Eleanor, only da. and b. of 
Alexander Allardyce, of Dunnotar, co. Kincar- 
dine, esq. and by her (who d, 23 Nov. 1832) had issue, 1. Eleanor , b. April 
1815, m. 5 July 1836, sir John- Andrew Cathcart, bart 2d life-enards; 2. 
ARCHIBALD, earl of CassilU, in the army, 6. Aug. 1816; 3. Alexander, b. 
April 1818, d. Oct. 1832; 4. John, b. Sept. 1819; 5. David, b. Nov. 1820, in 
the East India Company's militaiy service ; 6. Gilbert, b, 1822 ; 7. William, b, 
30 Nov. 1823 ; 8. Fergus, b. 18 Feb. 1826 ; 9. Nigel, b. May 1828 ; 10. a son, 

h. 12 July 1832 ; 2. Anne, b. 26 June 1797, m. 10 Aug. 1821, sir David Baird, 

ofNewbytb, N. B. bart.; 3. Mary, b. 4 May 1799, m. 10 Dec. 1833, Richard 

Oswald, juD. of Aachencruive, esq. who d, 10 Jan. following; 4. Margaret, 

k 16 June 1800» m. Thomas, 6th earl of Newborgh ; -5. John, 6. 4 June 1802, 

assumed the snmame of Erskine in addition to and after that of Kennedy, m. 6 

July 1827 f lady Augusta Fitasclarence, and d. at Pisa 6 March 1831, leaving 

utoe by her, (who re-m. 24 Aug. 1836, lord John-Frederick Gordon,) 1. William' 

Hawv h. 1 ^^y 1^^^; 2* Wilhelmina, 6. 26 June ia30; 3. Augusta- Anne, 6. 

fl tfsr 1S31 ; ^* Aucia-Janr, &. 2 July 1805, m. 19 March 1824, Jonathan 

Peel ia- Bi.P- brother of sir Robert Peel, bart. 



Arms — Argent, a chevron fpile§ between thrfee oross croeskts fitch^ sable, the whole 
within a double treasure floiy counter*flory of the second. Crest — A dolphin on its 
back azure. Supporters — ^Two swans, wings expanded and inverted, proper. Motto — 
**' Avisez la fin/' Consider the end. 

Sir Gilbert Kennedy, of Dunure, was 
created lord Kennedy about the year 1452. 
His grandson. 

David, 3d lord, was one of the privy coun- 
cil to king James IV. and was, in 1509^ by 
him created earl of Cassilis ; he m. two wives. 
Ag^es, da. of William, lord Borthwick ; ana 
Mary, da. of Thomas Boyd, earl of Arran, (by 
the princess Mary, eldest da. of king James 
III.) and being killed, 9 Sept 1510, with 
long James IV. at the faUd battle of Flodden, 
was succeeded by his eldest son by the first 

Gilbert, 2d earl, who was one of the privy 
council to king James V. ; by whom, in 1523, 
he was sent ambassador to England to treat of 
peace ; but the next year he was murdered, 
in attempting to rescue the king from the ear) 
of Angus; he m. Isabel, da. of Archibald 
CampMll, 8th earl of Argyll, by whom he 

uilbert, 3d earl, who was by king James 
V. appointed lord treasurer of Scotland, and, 
in 1558, was one of the peers sent over to 
France to assist at the marriage of queen Mary 
with Francis the dauphin, afterwards kin^ 
Francis II. and d, at Dieppe, leaving by £h- 
zabeth, his wife, da. and n. of John Kennedy, 
of Colzean, esq. two sons, Gilbert, his suc- 
cessor ; and sir Thomas, firom whom the pre- 
sent marquess is descended ; and dying 1558, 
was succeeded by his eldest son, 

Gilbert, 4th earl, who was one of the privy 
council to queen Mary ; he m. Margaret, da. 
of John Lyon, lord Glamis, and hy her (who 
m. 2dly, John, the 1st marquess oi Hamilton) 
had two sons, John and GUi>ert; and dying 
1576, was succeeded by his son, 

JouN, 5th earl, who was appointed lord 
treasurer of Scotland, but dying without issue, 
was succeeded by his nephew, 

John, the son of his orother, Gilbert, who 
became heir, and was the 6th earl ; he m. 1st, 
Jane, da. of Thomas Hamilton, the 1st earl of 
Haddington, and by her had two das. 

1. Catherine, m. William, lord Cochrane, 
son of William, 1st earl of Dundonald. 

2. Margaret, m. the celebrated Dr. Gil- 
bert Burnet, lord bishop of Salisbury (author 
of the Histories of his Own Times, and of the 

The earl m. 2dly, Margaret, da. of William 
Hav, 10th earl of Enroll, and relict of Henzy, 
IfiTa Kerr, and had issue by her, 

3. John, 7th earl. 

4. Mary. 

The earl d. 1688, and was succeeded by his 

John, 7th earl, who was one of the privy 
council to king William III. by whom he was 
also made one the commissioners of the trea- 
sury ; m. Susan, youngest da. of James, the 
1st duke of HainiUon : (who was beheaded in 
1648,) and by her had, 

1. John, lord Kennedy, m. Elizabeth, da. 
of Charles Hutchinson, of Owthorpe, co. 
Notts, esq. and d, in bis father's lifetime. 

1700, leaving an only son, 
John, 8th earl. 
2. Anne, m. John Hamilton, eari of Rug- 
len, who succeeded also as earl of Selkirk. 

The earl d, 1702, and was succeeded by his 

John, 8th earl, who d, 7 Aug. 1759, with- 
out issue, when tne issue male of Gilbert, the 
4th earLbecame extinct, and the title devolved 
on sir Thomas Kennedy, of Cullean, whose 
descent from Thomas, brother of the 4th earl, 
we now proceed to state. 

Sir Thomas, of Cullean, had three sons, 

1. Thomas, who d, unm, 

2. James, who left an only son, 
James, who d. without issue. 

3. Alexander, who continued the line. 
Alexander d. 1652, leaving two sons, 

1. Sir John, firom whom the 9th and 
10th earls descended. 

2. Alexander, of Craieoch, great- 
grandfather of the lltn earl. 

Sir John Kennedy^ of Cullean. 
was fiither of sir A rombald, created 
a hart 1682, and d, 1710, leaving 
a son. 

Sir John, who d. 1742, leaving* 
three sons, 

1. Sir John, who cl. unm. 

2. Thomas, 9th earl. 

3. David, 10th earl. 

Thomas, 9th earl, in Nov. 1761, claimed 
the titles ; and the house of lords resolved, 27 
Jan. 1762, '< that he had a right to the title 
and dirnity of earl Cassilis, as heir male of 
the body of David, 1st earl of Cassilis; and 
to the title of lord Kennedy, as heir male of 
the body of Gilbert, the 1st lord Kennedy ;*' 
d. without issue, 30 Nov. 1775, and was suc- 
ceeded by his brother, 

David, 10th earl, who deceasing on 8 Dec. 
1792, also without issue, the male line of the 
house of Cullean became extinct, and the title 
devolved on the ^^reat-grandson of Alexander 
Kennedy, of Craigoch, second son of Alexan- 
der, of Cullean, above named, vis. 

Alexander, 11th earl, capt R.N. ; by 
Anne, his 2d wife, da. of John Watts, of New 
York, esq. (who d, 29 Deo. 1793,) he had 

1. Archibald, 12th earl, and 1st marquess. 

2. John, in the army. 

3. Robert, m. Miss Malcolm, an American 
lady, and has issue, of whom John. H.M. se- 
cretary of legation at Naples, m. 5 Aug. 1834, 
Amelia-Mana, da. of Samuel Brings, esq. or 
Alexandria, and has issue, a aon, o. 4 Marefa 
1838, and Sophia-Eleanor, dd da. m. 19 Feb. 
1829, John Levett, of Wichnor Park, oo. Sa- 
lop, esq. 

4. Anne, m. 21 July 1795, William-Henry 
Digby, esq. of Twickenham, and d. 14 Jan. 

The earl d, 29 Dec. 1794, and was suc- 
ceeded by his son, 



ARCHIBALD, 12th earl and isresent 

Heir Appartnt — Archibald, earl of CAflsius^ 
grandaon of the xnarqaeBS. 

Creations— Lord Kennedy, of CassUifl, 1450; 
Earl of Cfusilu, 1509; a Baronet of Nova 
Scotia. 1682 : Baron Ailsa, in the peerage of 
the United Kingdom, 12 Nov. 1806; and 
Marquess of Ailsa, 10 Sept. 1831. 


DAVID OGILVY,EARLof AIRLIE, and Baron Ogilvy,ofAir]ie and Lintrathen; 

one of the 16 representative Peers for Scotland, 
and Lord-Lieutenant of Forfar ; restored to the 
titles of his ancestors by act of parliament, 
which received the royal assent 526 May 1826 ; 
bom 1785, manned^ 7 Oct. 1812, Clementina, 
only child of Gavin Drummond, of Forth Street, 
esq. by whom (who d, I Sept. 1835) be had 

issue, 1. Jean-Graham-Drummond, 6. 27 

Feb. 1818, m. 6 June 1837, the hon. John Ar- 

buthuot, eldest son of viscount Arbuthnot ; 

2. Clementina-Drummond, b, 12 June 1819, 
m. L7 July 1838, James Rait, of Anniston, esq. ; 

3. DAVID-6RAHAM-DRUMMOND, lord Ogilvy, b, 4 May 1826; 4. 

Mary-Anne, b. 23 July 1827 \—b. Helen-Susanna-Catherine-Gertrudk, 6. 

Nov. 1831. The earl m. 2dly, 15 Nov. 1838, Margaret, only child of liVilliam 

Brace, of Cowden, esq. and has issue, a Da. 6. Feb. 1840. 

Asms — Argent, a lion passant guardant g^es, ducally gorged and crowned with an impe- 
rial crown. Crest — A lady from the waist upwards holding a portcullis. SirppoRTERS 
— ^Two hulls sable armed and unguled vert and gorged with a garland of flowers. Motto 
— "Afin." To the end. 

Gilbert de Ogilvy, a younger son of 
Gtlibrede, Sd earl of Angos, assumed his sur- 
name from the lands of Ogilvy, of which, 
together with those of Pourin and Kvneithin, 
he obtained s charter fit>m king William the 
Lion, and was the common ancestor of this 
fiuniiy, of the earls of Findlater and Seafield, 
of tike barons Banff, and of various other 
ImmiUes of Ogilvy seated in different parts of 

Sir Waltkb Ogilvy, of Lintrathen^ 7th in 
deaeent from Gilbert, d, 1440, leaTmg two 
Bona, air John, ancestor of the eark of Airlie, 
and air Waller, ancestor of the earls of Find- 
later and Seafield, and the lords Banff. 

Sir James Ogilvy, son of the above-named 
air John, was created, 9Q April 1491, lord 
QgUm^ of Airlie, and from him in a direct 
line of sncceasion deaoended 

JAMES, 7tb lord OgUvy, created, 3 April. 
163^^ earl of Airlie. He was distmguishea 
for his attachment to king Charles I. and par- 
ticiilariy by his services at the battle of Kil- 
svth, for which he was ezoommunicated by 
the general assembly, and excepted out of the 
artides oi Westminster, bat uterwards par- 
doned. He OT. laabel. 2d da. of Thomas Ha- 
milton, 1st earl of Haddington, and had issue, 
thrpe SODS, who were all engaged with their 
hther in the service of king Charles^ viz. 
/aves id earl ; sir Thonuuy shun at Inver- 
fochv,'l645 ; and air David, 

JxMSSf td eAtlf waa taken prisoner at Phi- 
Iiphao^ and acntenced to death, but escaped 

dressed in the clothes of his sister, and was, 
like his father, excepted out of the articles of 
Westminster. He m. 1st, Helen, da. of George 
Ogilvy, 1st lord- of Banff, by whom he had 

1. DAVID, 3d earl. 

2. Marion, m. 1st, James, lord Coupar; 
and Sdly, Jolm, 3d lord Lindores. 

3. Margaret, m. Alexander, 3d lord Hal- 

4. Mary, m. sir John Wood, of Bonny- 

5. Helen, m. sir John Gordon^ of Park. 
The earl m. 2dly, Isabel, widow of Lewis, 3d 
marquess of Huntly, and da. of sir James 
Grant, of Grant, by whom he had no issue. 
The earl d. about 1693, and was succeeded by 
his only son, 

DAVID, 3d earl, m. Griale, eldest da. of 
Patrick L^on, 1st earl of Strathmore, and d. 
1717, leaving two sons, 1. James, lord Ogilvy. 
who engagra in the rebellion of 1715, ana 
was attainted by act of parliunent, in his 
father's lifetime, but afterwards obtained a 
pardon, and d. without issue, 1731 ; and 2, ' 

JOHN, (called after his elder brother's 
death,) 4th earl of Airlie, m. 172S, Marearet, 
eldest da. and co-h. of David Ogilvy, of Ciunie, 
and d, 34 July 1761, leaving issue by her, 
(who d. 1767,) two sons, 

1. David, lord OgQvy, attainted 1746; es- 
caped into France, but afterwards ohtained a 
pardon, and returned to Scotland, where he d, 
3 March 1803, leaving issue. 



I. Darid, d. nun. 6 Apnl IBIi. 

i. Muvoret, n. sir Joba Wedderbum, 

oT Balindnn, but. 
3. Johuuu. 

2. Walikr. 

Walier, !d WD of the 4Ih nrl, clumed 
the title on the de*th of hia nephew, D&vid 
Op\yj, esq. 1813, without succeaa. He m. 
lat, Margaret, d». at William FuU&rton, of 
SpTnie, em. by whom (who d. 3 June 1780) 
be lad no iMue. He n. Jdlv, 18 Nor. 1780, 
Jute, da. of Jobo OpUvj, of^ Murkle, M.D. 
aad bv her (who d. II June ISIB) lud inoe, 

1. MiacABET, m. John, Btb Tiacount At- 

3. JonN, iD the army, i. tiniii. 
S. SuiAN, A 1787. 

4. David, Stb earl. 

5. Anne. 

6. Jane, d. unn. 1807. 

Knst India Company, on the Madras esta- 
blisbment, m. 8 Feb. 1SI5, Maria, 4th da. of 

Jsme« Morley, esq. of tbe East India Com- 
pany's serrioe, and has issue, 

1. Waller, b. 30 Aug. IBM. 

f . Donald, b. 1B«4. 

3. DsTid,*. 11 Apnl 1816. 

4. Jeaii,b.I0NoT.]Bl5,m.l9Dee.lS39, 
major-gen. air John Foniter Fitigenld, 
K.C.B. com. of the forco at Bombay. 

5. Maria-Dorothea. 

6. Harriet-Anne. 

7. Julia-Clementina, b. 1! Dec. 1819. 

8. Chailis, d. 1791. 

9. M<BY. 

10. William, commander R.N. 

11. Helen, m. 30 April 18Z3, John Wed- 

Waller'o^'lTy, eW|. d. April 1819, and was 
succeeded by bis eldest siUTiTiDg aon, 

DAVID, preaeol and 5th earl. 

Heir ^Dpannl—DAviD-GBAHAii'DfiDH- 
MOND, lord OoTLVY, the earrs aon. 

Craatinu — HsroD OgUTy,of AiTlie,S8 April 
1491 ; Earl of Airlie, 3 April 1639. 


and BaroD of Asliford, MHSter of the Mone to 
■*^ tbeQoeen.P.C; torn 14 May 1772; 80cc«eded 

bis father, Geor^, the late earl, 13 Oct. 1772; 
married,y kftW 1792, Elizabeth Southnell, 4th 
dk. of Edward, lord de Clifford, and by lier(wlia 

</. 14 Not. 1617) had JMue, 1. Wiluah, 

nMeoatt Smy, b. 1 March 1793, d. 3 April 


rouiif Uvry, R.N. b. 2 June 1794, m. 4 Hay 
1816, Fraucea, da. of — Steer, of Chichester, 

esq.; 3. Sophia, fr. 28 March 1707, m. 10 


CO. Surrey, bart. and d- 29 Sept. 1B24 ; 4. Elizabeth, 6. 23 April 17»8, d. 26 

April 1S(J6 ; 5. Geohoe-Thokas, major in tbe army, and groom in waiting 

to her majesty, i. 13 June 17D0, m. 4 Aug. IH31, Susan, da. of sir Conlts Trotter, 
bart. SDd has issue, 1. Witliam-CotUU, b. 15 April \83Z ; 2. Margwret-Atuu, 
twill with William, rf. IQ Dec. 1833; 3. Annt. b. 28 Oct. \%33; 4. a da. i. 15 

Mnv 1836 ; i. a da. b. 1838 ; 6. EDHARD-SoiTrHwELL, in holy orders, rector 

of (juiddenbam, co. Norfolk, b. 1H Avg. 1800, m. 24 June 1828, lady Maria 

Clemeuts, eldest da. of the earl of Leitrim ; 7. Anne-Amelia, b. 16 June 

1803, m. 26 Feh. 1823, Thorn ns-W ill iam, earl of Leicester ; 8. Mary, b. & 

Oct. 1804, M. 30 Feb. 1826, Henry-Frederick Stephenson, oflhe Middle Temple, 

esq. barrister-at-law ; 9. CHARtes-jAiies, b. 6 Oct. IB04, and d. 37 Sept. 

ISI7 ; 10. GinROIANA-CHAHLOTTe, b. 1& July 1806, w. 31 March 1837, Ed- 
ward-Eustace Hill, eta. ; II. Francis-Rooer, b. 20 Nov. IB07, d. Id Dec. 

laifi; 12. HcNRT, V 14 June 1809, capt. R.N. m. 3.5 Feh. 1839, Kalherine. 

Louisa, da. of icen. sir John Cnisbie ; 13. Thomas-Robert, in holy ordera, 

rector of Wariiam, co. Norfolk, b. 3 Feb. 1811, m. 28 March IB33, Francea, 
yonnffest da. of sir Tiiomas Barrelt-Lennard, of Belhus, co. Eaaex, bart. and 
has issue, 1. a da. b. 13 April 1834; 2. a ion, b. 5 June 1836; 3. a ck. i. I 

July 1836; 4. a nns, fc. 27 Aug, 1837 ; 14. Caroline, fr. 3 April 1814, at. 33 

Hay 1835, tbe rer, Thomaa Gamier, ticar of Lenkner, co. Oxon ; IS. John- 

Rusaelu b. 6 June 1816, d. 3 Dec. 1823. His lordship m. 2dly, 13 Feb. 1822, 
Ciiar[otle>SuBannab, da. of air Henry Huuloke, bart. 

AnHs — Gnles, three escallops vgent. Cav-ST-^^ut 
neck argent. SvrpoHTERa — Two lions dacallj a 
Buccumb not to mialbituiies. 




lord of Voerat, and descended from one of Uie 
most ancient houaea in Gnelderland, accom- 
panied king W'illiam to £nglan(L 1688, by 
whom he was created, 1695, eaAotAlbenutrle, 
Tiscoont Btirvy and haron of A$hford; m, 
1701, Gertrade-Qairina, da. of Adam Vander 
Duin, lord of St. Gravemoer, in Holland, 
(deacended from Diedeiick, pon of Alphert, 
9th lord of Bredesden. who deacendea from 
Si^friedy son of Amulf, ooont of Holland,) 
and br her had iaaue, 

1. Wilxjam-Annb, 2d earl. 

2. Sophia, m. gen. John Thomas, son of 
air Edward Thomas, of Wenvoe Castle, co. 
Glamorgan, bart. 

The earl d, 30 May 1718, and was succeed- 
ed by his only son, 

WILLIAM-ANNE,2d earl, K.G. a gen. in 
the anny, and ambassador to the court of 
France, ». 5 June 1703, m.fl Feb. 1725, Anne 
Lennox, da. of Charles, 1st duke of Richmond, 
and by her (who d. 20 Oct 1789) he had 
eight sons and seven das. of whom only four 
tons and three das. lived beyond their infancy, 


1. GaoBGEy 3d earl. 

2. AuGusxus, h, 2 April 1785, admiral 
R.N. and first lord of the admiralty; created 
Tisoount Ktppelj and baron Elden^ 1782 ; but 
d, unm. 3 Oct. 1786, when the title became 

3. William, fr. 5 Not. 1727, a gen. d. unm. 
March 1782. 

4. FEEnsBicK, fr. 19 Feb. 1722, bishop of 
Exeter, who d» Vf Dec. 1777, having m. 13 
Sent. 1758, Lanra da. of sir Edward Walpole, 
K.B. and aiater to Maria, late duchess of 
Gkmceater, and by her (who d. 27 July 1813) 
had issue, 

1. Aime-lkf aria, fr. 17 June 1759, m. 1790, 
the hon. William Stapleton, brother to 
lord le Despencer, and d. his widow 5 
May 1B36. 

2. Laora, 6. 14 March 1765, m. George, 

2d lord Southampton. 

3. Frederick, 6. 14 Nov. 1762, d. 12 April 
1830, m. 5 Aufl^. 1796, Miss Louisa 
Clive, by whom, (who d. 16 March 1832 ) 
he had issue, 

1. Frederick -Walpole, of Lezham 
Hall, CO. Norfolk, fr. 23 May 1797. 

2. Edward-Geoi^e-W^alpole, major 
in the army. fr. 13 April 1799. 

3. WiUiam-Amold-Walpole, 6. 7 
Oct. 1804, in holy orders, rector 
of Devereux, co. Hereford, and 
Brampton, co. Norfolk, m. 7 Sept. 
1830, Frances-Sophia- Georgiana, 
da. of R. Marsham, esq. uid has 
a son, fr. 25 Aur. 1831. 

4. Laura, fr. 19 July, and d. Aug. 

4. Charlotte-Augusta, fr. 6 June 1771, 
m. 24 Dec. 1802, Robert Foot, esq. of 
Charlton PUce, Kent. 

5. Anne-Susanna, 6. 8 Nov. 1732, d. 1754. 

6. Caroune, fr. 20 Aug. 1737, m. 1759, 
Robert Adair, esq. and d. 11 Sept 1769. 

7. Elizabeth, fr. 15 Nov. 173£L m. 9 June 
1764, Francis Russell, marquess of Tavistock, 
son of John, 4th duke of Bedford, and d. 2 
Nov. 1768. 

His lordship d. 22 Dec. 1754^ and was suc- 
ceeded by his son, 

GEORGE, 3d earl, K.G. gen. in the anny, 
and was commander-in-chiet at the reduction 
of the Havannah; d. 5 April 172^ m. 20 
April 1770, Anne, da. of sir John Miller, of 
Froyle-place, co. Hants, hart, by whom (who 
d. 3 July 1824) he had one son, 

Wiluam-Chablxs, 4th earl. 
The earl d. 13 Oct. 1772, and was succeeded 
by his son. 

WILLIAM-CHARLES, present and 4th 

Hw Apparent — Aucvstus-Frbdsbiok, vis- 
count BuBY, son of the earl. 

Cnatioru — Baron Ashford. Viscount Bury, 
and Earl of Albermarle, 10 Feb. 1695. 



Yiscount Amieus, YiBcount Aid borough, of Be- 
Ian, CO. Kildare, and Baron of Baltinglaw, co. 
Wicklow; &orfi8Jaly 1784; sncceededhia father, 
11 July 1833; mat*riedf at Kircndbright, in 
Scotland, 2 Aug:. 1804, Cornelia-Jane^ eldest 
da. of Charles-Henry Tandy, esq. by whom 
(who was divorced from bis lordship by decree 
of the Arches Court of Canterbury, 6 Dec. 1826) 

he has issue, ^1 . Martha- Eliza, A. 27 Sept 

1806,ff. Not. 1831; 2. £liza,(. Aprill807,fl. 

27 Aug. 1824 ; 3. BEN JAMIN-O'NEALE, 

vigeauni AmiefUf capt 1st dragoon guards, h. 

10 June 1808 ; 4. Charles-Henry, ensign 18th foot, b. 17 July 1809. 

Asms — Banry of ten, argent and azure, a lion rampant gules, ducally crowned or. Crest — 
An arm embowed in armour, holding a scimitar, proper. Suppobteks — DexUr, an em- 
VI ^. , gg,jyg q{ YvoBy vested argent, wings or ; m her right hand a trumpet, and in 


ber left an oUre bnnch. S'maUr, ■ nun in compl^U- ■nnour, with ■ ihield on thr tikIiI 
um and > ipear in thp left hand ; nronl-belt gulrs. Monc — " Virtuli nihil obtut ci 

trmia." Nothing an resist valour and anna. 



}, who tettled in Ireland 


aboDt 1660, and wu M.P. for co. Wickloi 
was ffiind&ther of 

JOHN, lat earl, who wu created baron 
orBaitiH^iaa,flMa7l763: GutheradTSnced 
to tbe title ofTiseouTit Aldbonmgh, 31 Jul; 
177fi; and 9 Feb. 1777, to the dignilH* of 
~' ' ' and earl of Atdbtmmef 

jamin O Neale, 

Martha, oo-h. o^ the 

arebdeaoon of Lei^lia, ana nia lune, 

I. Edwird, Idearl. 
Jobs, 3d earl. 

3. Fbanch-Padl, in holy oidera, d. unin. 
MJan. IStO. 

4. IiiNJAHiK-0'NcALi,4thear]. 

6. RoBUiT, eapt. R.N. d. unm. 1778. 

6. Wiu-iAH, J. yonng. 

r. HiNHAH, d. una. 34 No*. ISQl. 

8. EuiABcm, ft. 1730, m. Robert Tjnie, 
of DnnlaTan, esq. and d. Vi Jane 1816. 

9. Martha, r. Morlej Saunden, of Siun- 
itn Gime, nq. and d. IS 8«pt. 1616. 

10. Annk, «. George Powell, esq. and d. 
July 1800. 

II. GiACE, M. the rer. Haye* Queade, and 
d. Ma; 1803. 

11. Amelia, n. Richard, 3d viMMunt Pow- 

13. Hahmet, m. Robot Hartpole, esq. 

14. Mabia; 15. LiTrriA; bothd. unn. 
16. FaANCis, ■■. William Holt, of Season 

Parli, esq. and d. May tT9«. 

The earl d. (4 Jalj 1777, and was soc- 
weded by bii ion, 

EDWARD, Sdeail, «. 1st, Barbara, da. and 
h. of the boo. Nicholas Herbert, of Great 
Clembam, co. Suffolk, ancle of the earl of 
" ■ ■ "" -by Anne, da. 

1 Hall, esq.) 

,__ . e by her (who d. 14 Ajn-i] 

1785) { . B[>d bis loidship tm. 3dly, 34 March 

ITSe, Annc-Kliisbeth Henniher, only da. of 
John, IM lord Henniker, and niece to the late 
ducheaa of Chandoa, bat had no issue by ber, 
(who IS. 3dly, Dec. 1801, George Powell, 
esq. above mentioned, and d. 14 Jaly IBOf.) 
The earl d. > Jan. 1801, amd was nioceed^ 
by bis brother. 

i. JOHN, 3d earl, n. in April 1777^ F.liia- 
beth, da. of the bon. and rer. Frederick Ha- 
milton, eldest son of lord Archibald Hamilton, 
7th son of William, 3d duke of Hamilton, and 
had iuue, three das. 

1. ELiiABirrH, m. 38 July 1737, resr-ad- 
miial Jobn-Ricbard-Delay Halliday, who took 
the name of Tallemache only, by royal aign 
manual, 1831, and d. 16 July 1837. 

3. Loaisa, b. 4 Dec. I77B, m. 19 Oct. 
1799, the hon. John Rodney, and d. S Dec. 

3. Ekily, n. 35 Dec 1804, Thomas Best, 
esq. who d. 1839. 

The earl d. T Maich 183S, and was soe- 
oeeded by his brother, 

BENJAMIN.O'NEALE, 4ih ewl, m. 
Martha, only child of John Barton, esq. and 
by her (who d. 34 Ang. 1816} had issue, 

3. Martha-Avdusta, d. 15 June 1S30. 

3. Eliza. 

4. BOFHM. 

Tbe ou-l d. II Jnly 1833, and was succeeded 
by his only son, 

present and 5th earl. 

Hiir Affiannt — Bunjamim-O'Neali, vis- 

Cmiltinu—Bani^ 31 May 1763; Visoount, 
2t July 1776 ; Viwount Amieni, and Earl of 
Aldborough, 9 Feb. 1777. 

JOSHUA-WILLIAM ALLEN, Viscount ALLEN, co. Kildftre, Baron Allen 
of StiDorgan. co. Dublin ; succeeded hia fo- 
th«r, Josbna, tbe late vitcouDt, 1 Feb. 1819. 

>f the second an esloile betireen two escallops 
EST — A beaant charged with a tatbot's head 

Motto — " Triuinpho 

1 nuiDpIio I 
an in m. 

and baron of !tUUergtBi,m. 1684, Mary eldest 
da. of the right hon. Robert Fjtageiald, and 
sister of Robert, 19th earl of Kildare, and had 
iasoe by hef, (who d. 169S,) 

1. Joshua, Sd viacount. 

3. RoBEBT, b. May 1687, n. 16 Jan. 1707, 
Frances, da. of Robert Johnson, baron of tbe 
exchequer, and d. 16 Dec 1741, having had 



1. Robert, d. May 1736. 

2. Frmncis, d. jonng. 

5. Mary, m. 1752, Robert Boflwell, esq. 

4. Margaret, deceaeed. 

5. FVanoes, m, 8 April 1738, William- 
Paul Warren, esq. 

3. RicHAXD, b. 16 July 1696, M.P. co. Kil- 
dMielTtr; m. Dorothea, da. and oo-b. of major 
Green, of Killagby, co. Tipperary, and d. 14 
April 1745, and by her (who d, 4 May 1757) 
h«i ifsue, 

1. John, 4tli viaooiint. 

2. Joshua, 5tlL riaoount. 

3. Richard ; 4. Samuel ; both deceased. 
5. Mary; 6. Dorothy; bodi decetaed. 
7. Joshua; 8. Richard. 

9. Jane. 

10. Elinbetb, m. 18 Dec 1767, captain 

The risoount d, 8 Nov. 17f6, and was suc- 
ceeded by his eldest son, 

JOSHUA, 3d risoount, b, Sept. 1685, m. 
18 Oct 1707, Margaret, da. orSamuel du 
Pass, of Epsom, co. Surrey, esq. and had 
issue by her, (who d, 4 March 1758,) 

1. John, 3d visoount. 

3. Joshua, b. June 1717, d. young. 

3. Maet, d, young. 

4. MAROAnsT, d. 

5. Cathamicb, d, young. 

6. EuzABBTH,in.27Aug. 1750, John Proby, 
l8t lord Carysfort, d. March 1783. 

7. Fbancss, m. 15 July 1758, William 
Mayne, lord NewhaTen (which tide became 
extmot 1794). 

The yiscount d. 5 Sept. 174S, and was suc- 
ceeded by his only son, 

JOHN, 3d yiscount. who was grossly in- 
sulted in the streets, Friday, 25 April 1745, 
by three dragoons, reoeivea a wound by one 
or them on his hand, which occasioned a ferer, 
and was the cause of his death: he d, unm, 
25 May 1745, and was succeedea by his first 

JOHN, 4th viscount, eldest son of the hon. 
Richard Allen, 3d son of John, Ist yiscount, 
who d. w^out issue, 10 ^Noy. 1753, and was 
succeeded by his next brother, 

JOHUSA, 5th yiscount, b. 26 April 1728, 
m. 5 Aug. 1781, Frances, eldest da. of Gaynor 
Barry, of Dormstown, co. Meath, esq. by 
whom (who d. 11 Aug. 1833) he had issue, 

1. Joshua- WxLUAM, 6th viscount. 

2. Fbances-Elxzabeth, d, 31 Jan. 1826. 

3. LrriTiA-EMiLY-DoROTHEA, m. 17 May 
1806, the hon. and rev. William Herbert, 3d 
son of Henry, 1st earl of Carnarvon. 

The viscount d, 1 Feb. 1816, and was suc- 
ceeded by his only son, 

JOSHUA-WUiLIAM, present and 6th 

Heir Apparent — None. 
Creation — ^27 Aug, 1717. 


WILLIAM ARDEN, Baron ALVANLEY, of AWanley, co. Chester ; 6om20 

Feb. 1780 ; succeeded his father, Richard, the 
late lord, 19 March 1804. 

Arms — Gules, three cross crosslets fitch^ and a chief 
or. CREST--Out of a ducal coronet a plume of six 
ostrich feathers disposed in two tiers or three each, 
all or. Supporters — ^Two talbots, the dexUr argent 
collared gules, and thereon three arrows barwise 
argent; ue stnitter, a talbot sable collared argent, 
and on the collar three arrows barwise, gules. 
MoTTo — " Patientia vinoes." You shall conquer 
by patience. 

This fiumly, though not ennobled till the 
!>res«nt century, may vie, for antiouity, with 
uijin the nnitea kingdoms, his loroship being 
linpally descended nrom Ailwin de Arden, 
who was sheriff of Warwickshire in the time 
of Edward the Confessor. His ancestors ap- 
pear to have intermarried with most of tne 
principal ^Wmili^ty of Cheshire: and, amongst 
others, wiUi the heiresses of Orreby, Weten- 
ksll, and Done. 

Sir JoRN Ardxrnr, of Hawarden, co. Ches- 
^, knt. gieat-grandfiuher of the 1st lord 
Alranley, m. 7 Feb. 1654k Margaret, da. of 
rpT. TiMoias Lei^h, of Lyme, co. Chester, 
1>.D. and d. 6 Feb. 1702, leaving issue by 
her, (who d. 22 June 1709.) a son, 

Riciuao, m. Anne-Betlua, 2d da. of £d- 
*vd Biglaiid, aergeant-at-law, and d. Oct. 

1752, leaving issue, 

John Ardbn, of Hawarden, esq. fr. 3 May 
1709, d. 6 Jan. 1787, having m. Sarah, da. of 
Cudibert Pepper, of Pepper-hall, ana South 
Cawton, CO. York, esq. and sister and heiress 
of Prescot Pepper, of the same place, esq. and 
by her had, besides other issue, 

1. John Arden, of Arden, and Pepper 
Hall, living in 1815. 

2. Richard-Pepper, 1st lord Alvanley. 

3. Letitia, m. 1768, the rev. Edward Kudd, 
rector of Uaughton, co. Durham. 

4. Anna-Maria, d. unm. April 1831, let. 

RICHARD-PEPPER, 1st lord, b. 1755, 
was educated at Cambridge, and being bred 
to the law was appointed solicitor-gen. 1782^ 
attorney-gen. 1784, mastpr of the rolls 178«, 


11 nised, bj 

AJtuHliD, m. Sept. 17B4, AiuiA)oroI}ieB, el- 
dat dL of Richsrd-BootJe WUbrahim, of 
T .»'>■"" House, CO. Luctslej, eta, uid auter 
oflbelit lord Skelmendftle, uid bjrher (who 
il. 17 Jon. 1826) bkd iHue, 

1. Jobs, d. 14 April 1787. 

S. WiLUAM, Sd ford. 

3. RicH*Bi>-PiPFEB, b. 8 D«o. I79«, m. U 
April 1831, ladj Arabella Viae, dft. of tiK 
diiet — ■ ' 

4. Mabumhe, ». 1TB6, d. tO Sept. 1791. 

5. 8«iiiH, 4. 17B7. 

6. FR«NCM-H»NaiETT» b. 9 AprU 1791, 
m. 15 June 1S31, John Wurender, eab. only 
brotber of the riEbt bon. air Oeorre Warren- 
der, of Locbend, N.B. bait. 


Hia lordabip i. 19 Majch 1BD4, aod waa nc- 
oeedfd by hia eld«n (on, 
WILLIAM, preKDt tnd td lord. 
Har Pnnuiptiw— Hon. RiCRiai^PErFEM 
only brotber to hia lordabip. 
" May laoi. 


WILLIAM-PITT AMHERST, E*bl AMHERST, of Arracan, in the East 
Indies, ViacouDt Holmesdale, co. Kent, and Ba- 
roD Amherat, of Montreal, co. Keot, G.C.H. 
and P.C. Bometime GoTemor'General of Ben- 
mi ; bom Jan. 1773 ; succeed^ hia ancle, Jef- 
fery, the late lord, 3 Aug. 1797; created Earl 
AmherBt, and ViscouDl Halmeadale, 19 Dec. 

Plymoutli, da. and co-h. of Andrew Archer, lord 
Archer, (who d. 28 Feb. 1778, when the title 
b«came extinct,) by whoin (who d. 27 Ma^ 

1638) he bad iaaue< 1. SitHAU-ELiZABETH- 

PiTT, h. 9 July 1801 ; % Jgfferv, b. 39 Aog. 1902, d. at Barrackpore 2 Aug. 

1828; 3. Willi AM-PiTT, 6. 24 Nor. 1803, d. 28 March 1904; 4. WIL- 

UAM-PITT, vUcount HolnwdaU, b. 3 Sept. 180ft, m. 12 July 1834, Gertnide. 
da. of the bisliop of Carlisle, and niece of George, earl of Beverley, and baa 
iMue, 1. William-Arelier, b. 28 Mareb 1836 ; 2. Marg-Saralk, fc. 8 May 1837 ; 

3. Frtderiek. b. 6 Dec. 1838; 4. a jtm, 6. 30 Not. 1839; 6. Fkederick- 

Cahfbbll, b. 10 March 1807, d. 13 Oct. 1829, unm. His lordship m. 2dly, 2S 
Feb. 1S39, Mary, eldest da. and co-h. of John -Frederick, 3d duke of Doraet, 
and relict of Others Archer, eth earl of Plymouth. 

Abhs — Galea, three tilliiig ipean erect or, poinca ar^at. Caear — On a monnt Tert three 
^1.; — .™— _>:■,« ....—....I. ^-^ i„ ,^\g mil two in laltire aa in the anna, entwined by 

-J.-.. - . . — DtxUr, a Canadian Indian of a copper oolour, 

bovred holding an axe erect proper, ringa in hia noae and eaia, and 
braceleta on tua amii and wriata argent, orer bia shooIdCTs two boff belts in aaltire, aua- 
pended from one hia powder born on hia right aide, and from the other bia scalping knife 
on bia left; befbro bun a abort apron aiure, tied round the waiat with a belt^ea, Gm- 
briated or, on the Ifgi blae gaileia seamed gold, hia ancles fettered together, and the 
chain affixed to the bracelet on hia exterior wrtst proper. SiHutcr, a aimilar Indian, 
holding in hia exterior band a wand, the lower end reating on hia hip, and on the upper 
end a scalp proper. Motto — " ConatantiB et virtnte." By peraereraoce sod courage. 

Thi first of tbia bmily whom we find o 
record, waa one John Ambebst, of Pembury, 
CO. Kent, about the year 1400 : from him de- 
acended Tlicbard Ambent, of Amberat, who 
bad two sons, Richard, a >ergeant-st-law, and 
Jeffery, rector of Horaemonden, co. Kent; 
the latter, who d, I6G2, waa great-gisnd&ther 

jErmav Ahhxut, of Riverbead, co. Kent, 
esq. who d. 1750, having n. Elisabeth, da. of 
Thomas Kerrill, of Hsdlow, co. Kent, esq. 
and by her (who d. 1 May 1753) had issue, 

1. SiCKviLLE, b. 1715, d. unm. IS Dec. 

S. Jir 

, 1st lord Amiitnt, b. S9 Jan. 

4. WiLLi*it,6.173I,lieat.-gen.intheBrmy, 
col. of the 3^ Aiot, and lieut.-goTOmor of 
Newfoundland, m. 31 March 176^ Eliaabeth, 
da. of Tbomaa Psilenon, esq. and d. 13 May 
1781, tearing iaaoe by her, (who d. SI March 

1. WiLUAK-Prrr, td lord, 
t. Elisabeth, b. Feb. 1774, m. 3 April 
1799, John Hale, Fwi. and d. 18S6. 



5. Harriott, b. 1775, 

5. Elizabeth, b. 1714^ m. rev. John Tho- 
mu, rector of Nutgrove, oo. Gloucester. 

6. Margabbt, fr. 1718. d, unm. 1735. 

JsTFREYy Ist lord Amherst, was com- 
mander-in-chief of the British forces in North 
America, where he distinguished himself by a 
series of gallant and important services, from 
1758 to 1764; and from 1778 to 1795, com- 
mander-in-diief of the army, in which he at- 
tiitned the rank of field-marshal, was col. of 
the 2d regt. of life-gnmrds, col.-in-chief of the 
69th foot, and governor of Guernsey. In 
1761 he was nominated a K.B. created, 20 
May 1776, baron Amherst, of Holmesdale, co. 
Kent, to Imn and the heirs male of his body ; 
and, 6 Sept. 1788, baron Amhenty of Mon- 
treid, CO. Kent, with remainder, on failure of 
iasue male of nia body, to his nephew, Wil- 

UAM-Prrr, 2d lord. His lordship m. Ist, 
Jane, only da. of Thomas Dalison, of Hamp- 
ton. CO. Kent, by whom ^who d, 7 Jan. 1765) 
he nad no issue ; and. Soly, 26 March 1767, 
Elizabeth, eldest da.oi the hon. general George 
Carey, son of Lucius-Henry, 5th viscount 
Falkland, by whom (who d. 22 May 1830) 
he had also no issue. His lordship d. 3 Aug. 
1797, when the barony of 1776 oecame ex- 
tinct, but that of 1788 devolved, pursuant to 
the special limitation of the patent, upon his 
WILLIAM-PITT, present and 2d lord. 

Heir Apparent — William Pitt, viscount 
HoLHESDALE, his lordsliip's eldest surviving 

Creation*— Baron, 6 Sept. 1788; Viscount 
and Earl, 19 Dec. 1826. 


HENRY-WILUAM PAGET, Marquess of ANGLESEY, Earl of Uxbridge, 

CO. Middlesex, and Baron Paget, of Beaudesert, 
CO. Stafford, and a Baronet of Ireland, Lord- 
Lieutenant and Gustos Rotulonim, co. Angle- 
sey, Constable of the Castle, and Mayor of the 
Borough of Caernarvon, Ranger of Snowdon 
Forest, Chamberlain and Chancellor of North 
Wales, Vice-Admiral of the Coast of North 
Wales and co. Carmarthen, P.C. K.G. G.C.B. 
and G.C.H. ; General in the Army, and Colonel 
of the Queen's Own, or 7th Regiment of Hus- 
sars ; bom 17 May 1768 ; succeeded his father, 
Henry, the late earl of Uxbridge, 13 March 
1812 ; created, 4 July 1815, Marquess of Anglesea ; married, 1st, 25 July 1795, 
Caroline-Elizabeth, da. of George, 4th earl of Jersey, (which marriage was dis- 
solved by tbe Scotch Courts in 1810, and she re-m, George-William, duke of 

Argyll, and d. 16 June 1835^ bv whom he has iBsne, 1. Caroline, &.6 June 

1796, m. Cbarles, duke of Richmond ;— — ^. HENRY, earl of Uxbridge, lord 
chamberlain of the boosebold, b. 6 July 1797, summoned to parliament by writ, 
15 Jan. 1833, and placed in bis fa therms barony of Paget, of Beaudesert, m. Ist, 
6 Aug. 1819, Eleanora, 2d da. of tbe late John Campbell, of Shawfield, esq. 
by lady Charlotte Canopbell, da. of the duke of Argyll, and by her (who d. 3 July 
1828) bad issue, 1. Eleanora-Caroline, b. 13 May 1820; 2. Henrg- William' 
George^ lord Paget, b. 9 Dec. 1821 ; 3. Constance' Henrietta, 6. 22 Jan. 1823: 
bis lordship m. 2dly, 27 Aug. 1833, Henrietta-Maria, 3d da. of the right hon. 
sir Charies Bagot, and bas issue, 4. Henry, b, 25 Dec. 1835; 5. Alice-Emily ^ 

&. 26 Oct. 1837, d. 29 Jan. 1839 ; 6. Alexander-Victor, 5. 25 April 1839 ; 3. 

Jane, b, 13 Oct. 1798, m, 23 April 1824, Francis-Nathaniel, present marquess of 

Couyngbam; 4. Georgia na, 6. 29 Aug. 1800, m. 19 Oct. 1833, Edward, 

baron Crofton of Ireland; 5. Augusta, b. 26 Jan. 1802, m. 27 July 1820, 

Arthnr, Ist lord Templemore; 6. William, capt. R.N. b, 1 Marcb 1803, 

m. 22 Jan. 1827, Fanny, only da. of lient.-gen. sir Francis de Rottemburgh, 
G'C.H. and bas issue, a son, still-bom, 26 Jan. 1828; Henry-William, b, 31 
March 1829 ; 7, Agnes, b. 11 Feb, 1804, m. 7 Marcb 1829, the bon. George- 
Stevens Byng, eldest son of John, lord Strafford; 8. .Arthur, b, 31 Jan. 

1806, if. 28 Dec. 1825. Tbe marquess m. 2dly, lady Charlotte Cadogan, da. of 
the lateCbarlea, earl Cadogan, whose former marriage with sir Henry Wellesley, 
now lord Cowley, bad been dissolved by act of parliament, and by ber bas issue, 
9. Emily-Caroline, 6. 4 March 1810, m. 4 Aug. 1832, John-Robert, vis- 
count Sydney; 10. Clarence-Edward, captain R.N. b. 17 June 1811;- 



11. Mary, b. 16 Jane 1812, m. 6 Sept. 1838, Jolui-^iVilliam, earl of Sandwich ; 

12. Alfred, b. 4, and d. 17 May 1816 ; 13. Alfred-Henry, in the army, 

&. 29 June 1816, M.P. for Lichfield, and equerry to her Majesty ; ■ 14. George- 
Augustus-Frederick, in the army, b» 16 March 1818, to whom king George IV. 

and the late duke of York were sponsors ;— "^16. Adelaide, b, Jan. 1820; 

16. Albert-Auoustus-William, b. Dec. 1821, d, April 1622; 17. Albert- 
Arthur, b. 29 May 1823, d. an infant; 18. Eleanor, b. 21 May 1825, d. an 


Arms — Sable, on a cross engrailed between four eagles displayed argent, five lions passant 
guardant of the field. Crest — ^A demi heraldic tiger sable, maned, tofted and ducally 
collared argent. Supporters — ^Two heraldic tiTOrs sable, maned, tufted, and ducally 
collared argent. Motto—'' Per il sno contrario. By its reverse or opposite* 


Sir William Paget, K.G. was summoned 
to the house of peers by the title of baron 
Paget, 3 Dec. 1549, 3d of Edward VI. ; he 
d, 1563, and was succeeded by his eldest eon, 
Henry. Sd lord, who, dyinff «. p. 1568, was 
succeeaed bv his brother, Thomas, 3d lord, 
who was father of William, 4th lord, father 

WiLUAM, 5th lord, who m. Frances, da. 
of Henry Rich, lord Holland, and had issue. 
William, 6th lord: and Henry, who settled 
in Ireland, where he m. and 'had issue, an 
only son, Thomas, whose only da. and h. 
Caroline m. sir Nicholas Bayly, hart, son 
and h. of sir Edward Bayly, who was created 
a bart of Ireland^ 4 July 1730; which sir 
Edward was son of Nicholas Bayly, who was 
distinguished for his loyalty during the civil 
wars and usurpation, and grandson of Lewis 
Bayly, bishop of Bangor, who was descended 
from an ancient family of that name, seated 
at Leamington, co. Lanark, in Scotland, came 
into Ene^land with James I. and was chap- 
lain to Henry, prince of Wales, and preceptor 
to king Charles I. 

William, 6th lord, d, 1713, leaving an only 
son, Henry, 7th Lord, who was created baron 
Burton, 1713, and earl of Uxbridge, 1714. 
He had an only eon, Ttumuu-Catetbyy who d. 
in his father's lifetime, leaving an only son, 
Henry, who, on his grandfather's death, in 
1743, became 2d earl, but d. unm. 17 Nov. 
1769 ; with him all issue of the body of Wil- 
liam, 5th lord, and at the same time the titles 
of earl of Uxbridge and baron Burton became 
extinct; but the barony of Paget, beine a 
barony in fee, devolved on the 2a^ but daest 
surviving son of sir Nicholas Bayly and Ca- 
therine Psget, above mentioned. 

Henry-Bayly, who was accordingly sum- 
moned to parliament by writ, 13 Jan. 1770. 
and in the same month took the name ana 
arms of Pa^ only ; and, 19 May 1784, was 
advanced to the dignity of earl of Uxbridge. 
His lordship was b. 18 June 1744, m. 11 April 
1767, Jane eldest da. of Arthur Champagne, 
d^an of Clanmacnois, in Ireland, (only son 
of Jrjf ias Champanie, esq. by Jane, his wife. 
A%. of Arthur Forbes, earl of Granard,) and 
by h^ Cwho d, 9 March 1817) had issue. 

1* Hkwry-William, 4st marquess of An- 

2. WfMJAN, eapL Il.N.6. ft Dee. 1769, d. 
at nt^f hM was buried at Gibraltar. 
^ 3. The right hon. sir Arthur Paget, 
O (Ml. and a privy couniiellor, sometime 

voy extraordinary to the Sublime Porte, b. 

15 Jan. 1771, m. 16 Feb. 1809, Augnsta Fane, 
2d da. of John, earl of WestmorSuid, K.G. 
by whom he has issue, 

1. Leopoldine, d. yoiwg. 

2. Stewart, in the army. b. 30 May 1811, 
m. 27 Feb. 1834, Charlotte-Jemima. 
4th da. of sir Robert Williams, and 
sister of sir Richard-Bulkeley Williams- 
Bulkeley, hart. 

3. Julia, 6. 1813, d. 6 Oct 1830. 

4. Laura-Caroline-Jane, fr. 24 Oct. 1815. 

5. Cecil- Augustus, b. 10 Jan. 1819, 51st 
light infantry, d. at Hobart Town 10 
May 1838. 

6. Amelius, b, 3 May 1821. 

7. Augustus-Berkeley, 6. 16 April 1823. 

8. Rosa-Maria, fr. 1 Jan. 1825. 

9. Agnes-Charlotte, b. 25 Dec. 1830. 

4. Caroune, b, 6 Feb. 1773, m. 9 April 
1792; the hon. John-Thomas Capel, 2d son of 
William-Anne HoUis, 4th earl of Essex* 

5. Jane b, 1 Sept. 1774, m. George, 9th 
earl of Galloway, K.T. 

6. Sir Edward Paget, G.C.B. gen. in the 
army, and col. 28 regiment of foot, g;ovemor 
of Chelsea HospiUl, b. 3 Nov. 1775, m. 22 
May 1805, the non Frances Bagot, da. of 
William, 1st lord Bagot, by whom (who ct. 
30 May 1806) he had issue, 

1. Frands-Edward, b. 24 May 1806. 

He m. 2dly, 22 Feb. 1815, Henrietta, da. 
of George Legge, 3d earl of Dartmouth, and 
has issue by her, 

2. Henry-William, b, 14 Feb. 1816, in 
the army. 

3. Frances-Jane, 6. 2 May 1817. 

4. Patrick, b. 2 March 1819. 

5. Harriett, 6. 10 F^. 1820. 

6. Charlotte-Louisa, 6. 21 Feb. 1821. 

7. Caroline, b. Oct 1823. 

8. A son, still-bom, 9 Dec. 1826. 

9. Edward-Heneage, b, 23 July 1828. 

10. Mary-Georffians^ b. 1 Aug. 1629. 

7. Louisa, b. 26 Marcn 1777, m. 5 March 
1801, lieut.-gen. sir James Erskine, of Tor- 
riehouse, btft.; and 2dly, 1826, lieut.-gen, 
sir George Murray, G.C.B. late master gene- 
ral of the ordnance, &c. 

8. Sir, G.C.H. vice-admiral of 
the white, 6. 7 Oct, 1778, m. 7 March 1805, 
Elisabeth- Araminta, 2d da. and co-h. of Henry 
Monck, esq. and d. 27 Jan. 1839, leaving^ 

1. Charles-Henry, capt. R.N. 6. 15 Jnly- 
1806, m. 1st, Feb. 1836, Elisabeth, da. 
of Mr. Annals, and 2dly, 24 Jan. 1840, 
EinUy-Caroline, da. of Henry M. Clin- 



toek, e«q. collector of the ouitoms, at 

2. Elizabeth-Jane, b. 9 Aug. 1807. 

3. Caroline, h. 24 JiUy 1806, m. 10 Deo. 
1859, Algernon Chapel, commander 
R.N. brother of the earl of Essex. 

4. Louisa'Angasta. b. S8 Jan. 1810, m. 
S Aug. 1828, William-Aagnstiu Broad- 
head, esq. 

5. Edward, b, 26 July 1811, in holjr 

6. Horatio-Henry, R.N. 6. 16 July 1813, 
d. 30 April 1828. 

7. Georgiana, b. 14 Jane 1815. 

8. Brownlow-Henry, b. 8 May 1819. 

9. Frederica-Georriana-Anguata, 6. 3 
Get 1822, d. 12 Sept. 1835. 

10. Jane-FranoeB-Elisabeth, 6. 31 July 

9. Bebkelky, b, 2 Jan, 1780, oomminioner 
of excise, ». 92 Not. 1804^ Sophia- Aakell 
Grimiton, da. of the hon.. William Bncknall, 
brother to the lUe riscount Grinuton. (woman 
of the bedchamber to the queen aowager,) 

1. Gertrude-Jane, b. 12 Deo. 1805, m. 
16 Oct. 1828, the hon. Standish CGra- 

dy, eldest son of viscount GuiUamore. 

2. Frederick, b. 1807, in the army, M.P. 
for Beaumaris. 

3. Eleanor, 6. 2 May 1808, m. 8 Oct. 
1825, sir William-George-Hylton Jol- 
lifie, hart. 

4. Catesby, b, 25 Nor. 1809, in the army. 

5. Matilaa-Susannah, b. 7 July 1812^ 
maid of honour to the queen. 

6. Leopold, b, 9 July 1824. 

7. Lennox, 6. 21 Aug. 1826, d. 26 June 

10. Charlottb, b, 27 Oct. 1781, m. Johp 
Willoughby, earl of Enniskillen. 

11. Mary, 6. 9 April 1783, m. Thomas 2d 
lord Grares. 

His lordship d, 13 March 1812, and was 
succeeded by nis eldest son, 

HENRY-WILLIAM, the present mar- 
quess of Anglesea. 

Heir Apparent — Henry, earl of Uxbridge, 
eldest son of the marquess. 

Cnaetoiu^Baron Paget, 3 Dec. 1549 \ Ba< 
ronet of Ireland, 1730 ; Earl of. Uxbridge, 
19 May 1784 ; and Marquess of Anglesey, 4 
July 1815. 



rawley, co. Fermanagh, Baron Annesley, of 
Castle-Wellan, co. Down ; horn 4 March IS30 ; 
succeeded his father, William-Richard, late earl, 
25 Aug. 1838. 

Arms — Palv of six argent and asure. a bend gules. 
Crest — ^A Moor's head, oouped at tneshould^v, in 
profile proper, wreathea round the temples, argent 
and aiure. Supporters — "Dexter, a Roman soldier 
in armour resting his right hand on an antique 
shield, or buckl^, proper. SiniMUr, a Moonsh 
soldier, having a quiver of arrows pendent from a 
belt orer his left snoulder, and his left hand restinfl^ 
on a bow, proper. Motto—" Virtutis amore. 
From the lore of virtue. 

His lordship's imiftediate ancestor, the hon. 
FRAifcis AfmxsuBT, of Castle-Wellan, was 
the eldest son of Franeis, 1st viscount Valen- 
te, bj his 2d wife, Jane Stanhope, niece of 
Phflip, etrl of Chesterfield, and half-brother 
of Anhnr, 2d viscount Valentia, and 1st earl 
i!^**^ (see earl of Movntnorris) : he 
n. Debwah, da. of Henry Jones, bishop of 
^cadi, (eldest son of Lewis Jones, bishop of 
^l^loe, aodbrotberof Ambraae Jones, bii&op 
of Kildare,) and had issue by her, (who i, 

1. FtAIVCtt. 

S- AaTHua; 3. Henrt; both d. without 

4. Jane, 6. 1661, m. James Bailey, of Inis- 
"'pe, CO. Down, esq. 

5. UEBORAB, in. the rev. Charles Ward, 3d 
xm of Nicholas Ward, esq. member for Down, 
1^1> saoestor of the visoounU Bangor. 

6* Anns, m. Henry, only son of sir Edward 

Francis, the eldest son of the hon. Francis 
Amaesley, wss representative in the English 
parliament for the borough of Preston, 1705, 
and for Westbuiy in the six succeeding par- 
liaments, and was also a member for Down- 
patrick^ in the parliament of Ireland ; he m. 
1st, 5 July 1695, Elizabeth, da. of sir Joseph 
Martin, knt. ; and 2dly, July 1732, Elizabeth, 
da. of John Cropley, of Rochester, esq. and 
widow of William Gomeldon, of Somerfield 
Hall, CO. Kent, esq. who d. without issue: 
and 3dly, 31 Aug. 1737, Sarah, only da. of 
William Sloane. esa. brother of sir Hans 
Sloane, hart, and wiaow of sir Richard Fow- 
ler, of Hamage Grange, co. Salop, by whom 
he had no issue. He d. 7 Aug. 1750, leaving 
issue by his Ist lady, 

1. Francis, D.Cf.L. rector of Winwick, co. 



LancMtery m. Ist, Eliiabeth Sutton, (which 
nurmge was dissolved hy act of parliament 
in MsY 1725,) and 2dly^ Anne, da. of sir Ro- 
bert Oajer. K.B. bj ^uabeth, da. of James, 
2d earl of Anglesey. 

2. Henry, capt. of the Diamond man-of- 
war, c2. in the West Indies 1728. 

3. Martin, b, Oct. 1701, in holy orders, 
m. 12 Dec. 1732, Mary, da. of William Han- 
bunr, of Little Martle, co. Hereford, esq. and 
fi. June 1749. 

4. John ; 5. James ; both d» unm. 

6. William, 1st viscount Glerawley. 

7. Arthur, d. unm. Jan. 1786. 

8. Euzabeth, m. William Maguire, esq. 

9. Deborah, d. unm. 

WiLUAM, 1st viscount Glerawley. 6th son 
of Francis Annesley, of Castle Wellan, b, 
1709, was created baron Annesletff of Castle 
Wellan, 20 Sept 1758, and advanced to the 
dignity of viscount GUrawUyy 14 Nov. 1766; 
the viscount m. 16 Aug. 173B, Anne-Beres- 
ford, eldest da. of Marcus, earl of Tyrone, 
and sister of the Ist marquess of Waterford, 
and had issue bv her, (who d, lit May 1770,) 

1. Francis-Charles, 1st earl. 

2. Marcus, b. 17 April 1743, d. unm, 

3. Richard, 2d earl. 

4. WiLUAM, dean of Down, b. 3 March 
1747, d. 11 June 1817, having m. Miss Digby, 
only da. of John Digby, of Landestown, co. 
Kildare, era. descended fit>m Essex Digby, 
bishop of Dromore, brother of Robert, 1st 
lord Diffby, and has issue, 

1. Marcus, capt. in the >rmv, m. 1803, 
Caroline, da. of Ferdinando Smith, of the 
Grange, oo. Salop, esq. and has issue, 

1. Jane- Amelia, b. 4 Sept. 1805. 

2. Eliiabeth-MatUda. 

3. Caroline-Frances, deceased. 

4. Maria; 5. Catherine. 

6. Marcus-William; 7. Harriet 

2. Willia^^m.8Feb.l806,MissReynell, 
and has issue, 

1. William-Richard, E.I.C. service. 

2. Marcus-John; 3. Frances. 

4. BUisabeth-Franoes. 

5. Matilda-Caroline. 

6. Marcus-Christianus. 

7. Jane-Eleanor-Catherine. 

8. Arthur; 9. Annette-Selina. 

10. Richard-Reynell. 

11. Charles-Henry. 

12. Anna-Maria-Fanny. 

5. Catherine, m. 14 July 1760, Arthur 
2d earl of Arran, and d, 21 Nor, 1770. 

The viscount d, 12 Sept. 1770, and was 
succeeded by his eldest son, 

FRANCES - CHARLES. 2d viscount, 
created earl of Anne$ley, 18 Aug. 1789, with 
remainder to his brother Richard, m. 8 Feb. 
1766, Mary, da. and oo-h. of Richard Grove, 
esq. and dying without issue, 19 Dec. 1802, 
was socoecKleaby his brother, 

RICHARD, 2d earl, b. 14 AprU 1745, m. 
25 S<n>t 1771, Anne, only chila and sole h. 
of Robert Lambert, of Dunleddy, co. Down, 
esq. and by her (who d. 30 June 1822) had issue, 

1. William-Richard, 3d earl. 

2. Robert, fr. 1 June 1773, m. Mary- Anne, 
da. of James Gandon. of Cannon Brook, Ire- 
land, esq. and d. 21 April 1825, having had, 

1. Jame^ English consul at Barcelona, 

m. 21 June 1826, Clementine, da. of the 
baron de Brockhausen, and has issue, 

1. William-Richard, d. 23 Mav 1827. 

2. Anne-Clementina, 6. 25 July 1828. 

3. James-Charles, b, 4 Sept 1829, 
d. 19 Nov. 1833. 

4. Frances- Amelia, 6. 10 June 1831, 
d. 25 July 1832. 

5. Arthur-Adolphus,6.23Feb.l833. 

6. James-G'Donel, b. 23 Dec. 1834, 
and other issue, of whom Charles- 
Jamu, 2d son, d. an infant 

2. WOliam. 

3. Frands-Charles, an officer in the king 
of Prussia's life-gpiards, m. 5 Feb. 1839, 
Harriet, yonnrat da. of John Bolton, 
ofMayne oo. Xouth, esq. 

4. George-Robert 

5. Mary- Anne, m. 5 July 1820^ air John 
Stepney Cowell. G.C.H. major in the 
armv, and d. 8 Nov. 1821. 

6. Catherine, m. 5 July 1820, the rev. J. 
Mahon, and d. 27 April 1822. 

7. Eleanora-CaroUne. 

3. Arthur, b. 21 Nov. 1774, a lient-gen. 
in the army, took the surname of Grove bdbre 
that of Annesley pursuant to the wiU of his 
aunt, Mary countess of Annesley, m. 30 Jan. 
1815, Elisabeth, sole da. of John Mahon, of 
BesboTou^h, co. Tipperary, esq. and has issue, 

1. Richard-Grove, b, 2 Dec. 1815. 

2. John-Charles-Urove, 6. 28 Oct 1819. 

3. Arthur-Fits- Arthur-Grove, d. 19 June 

4. William-Grove, fr. 12 Feb. 1826. 

5. Henry-Robert-Grove. 6.22 April 1831. 

6. Mary-Grove, fr. 3 Feb. 1817, m. 21 
April 1835, capt Warden Flood, 5l8t 

7. Charlotte-Franoes-Grove, 6. 28 Feb. 
d. 8 April 1818. 

8. Charlotte-Joluaina-Grove, 6. 16, d. 26 
March 1821. 

9. Charlotte-Eliaabeth-Grove, b, 7 Aug. 

10. Georgiana-Grove, fr. 3 Oct 1824. 

11. Elizabeth-Grove, fr. 26 Aug. 1827. 

12. Fanny-Fita-Lawrence-Grove, ft. 12 
Oct 1829. 

13. A da. fr. and d. 17 Aug. 1832. 

14. Louisa-Augusta-Grove, 6.2 Oct 1834. 

15. A son, 6. 30 Julr 1836. 

4. Francis-Charles, R.N. fr. 85 Nov. 1775, 
». 25 July 1813, Maiy, da. of col. William 
Radclyfie, and d. 5 Aug. 1832, having had 
issue by her, (who tt-m* April 1834^ the rev. 
J. Dickson,) 

1. Riciiard-Arthur, 6. 21 Nov. 1814, m. 
17 Dec. 1836, Frances, youngest da. of 
capt Bamewell. 

2. Stephen-Francis-Charlea, 6. 21 Nov. 

3. Frands-Charles, 6. 30 June 1819. 

4. Robert-Michael- Smith, 6. 21 Nov. 

5. William-HenfT, 6. 4 Oct 1830. 

6. Elisabeth-Catherine, d. 18 May 1816, 
d. 6 Aug. 1828. 

7. Cathenne-Mary, 6. 14 Jan. 1822. 

8. Anna-Maria, 6. 5 Dec 1823, d. 8 April 

9. Anna-Maria- Wilhelmina, fr. 26 Sept. 



10. Eliabeth-Catherine^ h, 8 Dec. 1828. 

11. FitnoeB-Maiy, b, 25 Aug. 1892. 

5. Catheeime, m. Jan. 1801. sir Neil 
O'Donel, of Newport, oo. M»yo, oart and d, 
his widow 10 Julj 18S0. 

6. Anne-Mabxa, m. rer. George McDowell 
JohaBtoncL of B^ jwillwill, oo. l>own. 

The earl d, 9 Not. 1824, and was succeeded 
bj his eldest son, 

WILLIAM-RICHARD, 3d earl, 6. 16 
July 1772^ m. 1st, 19 May 180S, Isabella, 2d 
da. of William St. Lawranoe, 2d earl of Howth, 
(which marriage was dissobred by act of par- 
liament 1820, and she (i. April 1826,) and 
had issae, 

1. Mary. b. March 1804, m. 16 Feb. 1828, 
William- Jonn M'Guire, of Rosstown, co. 
Down, esq. 

The earl m. 2dly, 15 July 1828. Priscilla- 
Cecilia, 2d da. of Hugh Moore, or Eglantine 
House, oo. Down, esq. and had issue, 

2. WiLLLAM-RicHARD, 4th earl. 

3. Hugh, 6. 26 Jan. 1831. 

4. RoBBBT. 6. 10, d. 12 March 18SS. 

5. A BON, b. Feb. 1834. 

6. A SON, 6. 20 Sept. 1835. 

7. A BON, b, 22 Feb. 1837. 

8. A posthumous bon, 6. 3 Dec. 1838. 
The earl d. 25 Aug. 1838, and was succeeded 
by his eldest son, 

WILLIAM-RICHARD, present and 4th 

Heir Pretumptive — ^Hon. Hugh Annesley, 
his lordship's brother. 

Creatunu— Baron, 20 Sept. 1758 ; Viscount, 
14 Not. 1766; Earl, 18 Aug. 1789. 


HUGH-SEYMOUR M'DONNELL, Earl of ANTRIM, and Yisconnt Dun- 
luce ; bom 7 Aug. 1812 ; Bocceeded his mo- 
ther, Charlotte, late countess, 26 Oct. 1836 ; 
took the samame of McDonnell only, and 
the arms of McDonnell, quarterly with those 
of Kerr, by royal licence 27 June 1836; 
marriedf 3 May 1836, Laura-Cecilia, 6th da. 
of the hon. Thomas Parker, brother of 
George, earl of Macclesfield, and has issue, 

1. a DA. 6. 2 May 1837. 


Arms — Quarterly : Ist and 4th, McDonnell, ria. 

quarterly, let, or, a Uon rampant gules; 2d, 

or, a dexter arm, issuant from the sinister fesse 

point out of a cloud proper, in the hand a 

erosi croBslety fitchee erect azure ^ Sd, urgent, a ship with the saiLi furled sable ; 4Ui, per 

feaie, asure and yert, a dolphin naiant in fesse proper. 2d and dd, Kerr. yia. quarterly. Ist 

and 4tfa, azure, a sun in splendour, or ; 2d, gules on a cheyron aigent, tikree mullets or the 

field; SdL Tert on a cheyron, between three unicorns' heads arvent, as many mullets 

sable. CfncsTS — ^Ist, a dexter arm embowed in fesse, couped at me shoulder, yested or, 

RANDAL M'DONNELL, of Dunluoe, 
descended firom the Macdonalds, lords of the 
isles, was created earl of Antrim^ 12 Dec. 
1620, and d. 1636, leayins two sons. 

RANDAL, 2d earl, who was aayanced to 
the digni^ of marauess of Antrim, on account 
of his loyalty to sing Charles 1. 1644; was 
twice M. but d. without issue 3 Feb. 1682 ; and 

ALEXANDER, 3d earl, who d. 1699, 
leering issue. 

RANDAL, 4th earl, who m. Rachael, sis- 
ter of Clotworthy, 2d yiscount Massereene, 
umI d. 19 Oct. 17fl, leaying issue, 

ALEXANDER, 5th earl, 6. 15 July 1713 ; 
he m. lat. 10 April 1735, Elizabeth, da. of 
Mathew Pennefiuher, esq. which lady d. Mardi 
173r, leaying no issue; he m. 2Ay, Anne, 
eldest da. snd h. of Charles- Patrick Plunkett, 

a. Mm of Matthew, 7th lord Louth, by which 
7 Cwho d. 15 Jan. 1756) he had issue, 
1. Rachabl, 6. 4 May 1741, m. 20 Aug. 

1777 Joseph Sandfbrd, of Ninehead, co. So* 
merset. esq. and d« Jan. 1811. 

2. EuzABETH-H ELENA, b. 26 Juue 1747, 
m. 1 Sept. 1777, col. James Calendar, and d. 
Oct. 1797. 

3. Randal- William, created a marquess. 

The earl m. 3dly, 5 July 1755, Catharine- 
youngest da. of Thomas Meredyth, of New- 
ton, esq. and relict of James Taylor, esq. 
brother of Thomas, earl of Bectiye, by whom 
he had no issue. The earl d. 13 Oct. 1775, 
and was succeeded by his only son, 

RANDAL-WILLIAM, 6th earL 6. 4 Noy. 
1749, created marquess of Antrim, Aug. 1789, 
and earl of Antrim, 2 May 1785, with remain- 
der to his daughters, snd their issue male ; m. 
3 July 1774, Letitu Morres, eldest da. of 
Heryey, 1st yiscount Mountmorres, and relict 
of the bon. Arthur Treyor, only son of Arthur, 
1st yiscount Dungannon, and had issue by 
her, (who d. 7 Dec. 1801,) 


1. Annk-Catbibini, who Hiooraded her 

i. Letitii-Makv, twin with her liiter, ft. 
IS July 1775, d. 

3. CHARurrTE, lite eotintew. 
The marqaeH d, 28 Jul; 1791, when the 
morquesHote becune extinct^ iind tlie c&rldoni 
descended to bis eldest duiffhter, 

ANNE-CATHARINE, who luoceeded 
ber father in the earldom and viscounty, b. It 
July nT5,m. let, J8 Apil 1799, to nr Henry 
TnopeaC-Vuie, of Wmywd, oo. Durium, 
hart, and by him (who d. 1 Aug. 1813) had 

FNAKCEa-AKNE ViMi-TwPBT, b. 16 Jan. 
1800, n. Char lea- WilUu), pnwnt marqueM 
of Londondeiry. 

The oounteu ■>. Cdly, M Ma; 1817, Ed- 
mund Phelpa, esq. who aanuned the nama of 
M'Donnetl, only b; royal lign manual, (7 
June 1817. 

The oounteaa d. 30 Jane 1S54, and was ano- 
oeeded by her onlj aurTiTiiw aiater, 

CHARLOTTE, *. 11 Feb. 1778, «. 18 
July 1799, lord Mark-Robert KeiT, 3d ion of 
William- John, 5th marqueu of Lothian, a 
reai^admiral of the red, and had iune, 

1. Letitia-Louisa, b. 5 May IBOO, d. 1919. 

9. SYDHiY-AuousTA,b.M>yl801,ii,Manh 

3. WiLUAii, b. Aug. laot, d. 1819. 

4. Mark, b. It Aug. 1903, it. yoang. 


IB. 17 Oct. 1S25, hon. and rev. Frederick 
Bertie, brother to the earl of AbinrdoB. 

6. CAttOLiNE-MAHY, 6. 4 July 1807, m. *9 
July IBte, the rev. Horace-Robert Peebell, 
ohuicellor of Brecon. 

7. ScaOBBUO, b. a April 1B09, d. * Oct. 

;ui, TisoouDt Danlnce, 


8. CuABLn-FoBTB 

d.uxm. 18 July 1034. 

9. CHAautTTE-ELiuarrn, b. 31 May 1011, 
m. 27 Aug. 183S, George-Robert Oaborn, eaq. 
eldest Ion of sir John CKibom, bart. 

10. Huoh-3evuoiir, prewint earl. 

11. MAar, R.N. b. 3 April 1814. 
It. FAMur, b. (6 May 1819. 

13. AKTnuH-ScBOMBiiio, b. 16 Hay 18tO. 

14. FaEsiaicA-ADouaTA, b. IS Jane 1815. 

15. EviLY-FaANCES, b. 93 Aug. 1817, m. I 
Jan. 1819, Henry Richardson, esq. 

The Dounteea 4. »6 Oct. 1835, and was ioc- 
oeeded bj her eldest Bumping son, 

HUGH-SEYMOUR ptvsent earl. 

Heir Pniumjilive—Uoa. Mabe Kebe, his 
lordship's brother. 

Crwtiffiu— Viaconat and Earl, 9 Hay 1785. 


JOHN ARBUTHNOT, Viscount AKBUTHNOT, and Lord Imerhertic, late 
Captain 4lh Iriah Brigade ; bom 16 Jan. 1777 ; 
one of the IS Peers for Scotland in the preaeat 
parliament, and Lord-Lieut, co, Kipcardinc ; 
succeeded bis father, John, the late Tiaconnt, 
-27 Feb. 1800 ; marriid, 26 June 1806, Margaret, 
da. of Walter OgiWy, of CIots, eaq. and aiater 

of Datid, earl of Airiie, and has iMue, 1. 

JOHN, b. 4 Jane 1806, in the nrray, m. » June 
1827, Jean-Gmbam-Druiniiiond, da. of David, 
earl of Airiie, and baa issue, tida. b.29 March 

1838; 2. J^NE-OciLVY, b. 7 Aug. 1807, w. 

29 July 1830, Jnmea Cheap, eaq. R.N.; 

3. Walter, i. 21 Not. 1808, a major lo the Roval Artillery, m. 10 May 1836, 

Anna-Haria, youngeat da. of Brook-Taylor Ottley, eaq. 1. Marqaret, b. 

6 Feb. 1810, m. 6Aug. 1837, W. J. Liimaden, esq.; 5. Isabella-Mabv, b. 5 

June 1811, <f. 13 July 1838, S. Hugh, i. 13 Aug. 1813; 7. Anne-Char- 
lotte, b. 10 April 18IS; 8. David; 0. Wiluam, b. 14 April 1820; 

16. Helen, (.29 Oct 1831, m. 30 April 1839, Frederick-Lewis-Scrymgeour Wed- 

derburn,esq. ; 1 1. Charles-Jahes-Donald ; — —12. Charlotte- Louisa ; 

13. Clembntiha-Haria. 

Arms — Aiure, ■ crc«e«nt between three malleta argent. Catsr — A peacock's head, couped 
at the neck, proper. SuproRTtas — Two wyrems, winga elevated and vomiting flames. 
Motto — " Laus Deo." Praise be to God. 

two generations to the present viscount. 17th 
in descent from the above-named Hugh, was. 
count, who for his loyalty 10 king Charles 1. 

'— - knighted, and afterwards created 

irbuthnal aiul lord lnverbirBit, 16 



Not. 1641 ; m. let, Mmetj Carnegie, 4th 
ds. of David, Ist earl ot Sontbeak, and by 
her had, 

1. ROBEKT, Sd Yiscount. 

S. Margaret, m. air John Forbea, of Mo- 

And, Sdlj, Catherine, 3d da. of Hugh, 8th 
lord LoTatt, relictof sir John Sinclair, of Dun- 
beath, and by her (who t». Sdly, Andrew, 3d 
IcHrd Fraaer) had iasue, 

3w AvNEy Ilk Wiluam Forbea, of Lnd- 

4. A14EXAVDER, of Knox. m. Jean, da. of 
Patrick Scott, of Boaaie, ana left iasue. 

The Tiscount d, 1655, and was aucceeded 
by h'i» eldeat aon, 

ROBERT, Sd riacoont, m. lat, Elizabeth 
Keith, 2d da. of William, 7th earl Mariachal, 
b J whom he had iaane, 

1. RoBXBT, 3d yiacoont. 

8. Margarbt, m. air Thomas Burnett, of 
Leys, CO. Kincardine, bart. and d. July 1744. 

He m. 9dly, Catherine, da. of Robert Gor- 
don, of PiUurg and Straloch, and by her 
(wbo m. 2dly, air David Carnegie, of Pit- 
carrow, but.; had iaaue, 

5. John, of Fordun, m. 11 June 1695, 
Marniet, da. of James Falconer, of Phcesdo, 
a kira of aeaaion, and had issue, 

1. Jamee, banker, in Edinburgh, d. unm, 

S. John, 6th viscount. 

S. Thomas, of Montrose, M.D. m. and 

left issue. 
4^ Margaret; 5. Jean; 6. Anne; alld. 

7. Mary, m. 1736, John Douglas, of Til- 

8. Catherine, m. Jamea Moir, of Inver- 

4. Alexander, one of the barons of ex- 
chequer in Scotland, 1707, and d. 1721, m. 
JafBe, eldest da. of sir Charles Maitland. of 
Pitriekie, eo. Aberdeen, h. to her brother, 
air Cbarlea, who d. 1704, and in conaequenoe 
ajanuned the name and arma of MaUlandy and 
by her (who d. » Oct. 1746) had 

Cbarlea-Maitland, of Pitriekie, who d. 
10 Feb. 1751, without iasue. 

5. TkoxAS, d. 1745. 

6. Catherine, nt. 1st, Robert Gordon, of 
Clunie; Sdly, David Bicoart, of Ricoartoun. 

7. Anns, m. John Horn, of Westhall, eo. 
Aberdeen, advocate. 

8. Heixn, m. 1st, John Macfarlan, of Mac- 
fifflan; 2dly, 1710, John Spottiswood, of 
Spottiswoo^ CO. Berwick, esq. and d. 1741. 

9. Jane, d. unm. 

The visooant d, 1681, and was succeeded by 

kts eldeat s<Hi, 

BOBERT, 3d viscount, ». Anne Suther- 
Iiod. da. of ueoiige, 14th earl of Sutherhmd, 

and by her had, 

1. Robert, 4th viscount. 

2. John, 5th viscount. 

3. Jean, m. capt, Crawfurd, of Camlurg. 

4. Anne. 

5. Mary. 

6. Margaret. 

7. Helen. 

The viscount d. Aug. 1694^ and was succeeded 
by his son, 

ROBERT, 4th viscount, who d. unm. 1710: 
he waa succeeded by his brother, 

'JOHN, 5th viscount, who m. Jane, da. of 
William Morrison, of Preston Grangfe, esq. 
sister of Helen, countess of Glasgow, and 
Catherine, lady Strathnaver, and dying with- 
out iasue. May 1756, he was succeeded by 
his cousin, 

JOHN, of Fordun, 6th viscount, son of 
John, 2d son of Robert, 2d viscount, as above ; 
m. 1st, Mary, da. and oo-h. of Robert Doug- 
laa, of Bridgeford; and 2dly, Jane, da. of 
Alexander Arbuthnot, or Findourie, esq. and 
by her (who d. 15 March 1786) had issue, 

1. Robert, in the army, d. unm, 1786. 

2. John, 7th viscount. 

3. Hugh, who waa drowned 2 Oct. 1778, 
having be^i thrown out of a chaise into the 
river Southeak, at the ford of Auldbar. 

4. Charlotte, d. unm, Feb. 1830, aged 

5. Margaret, m. sir Alexander Dunbar, 
of Northfield, bart. 

The viscount d. 20 April 1791, and was 
succeeded by his son, 

JOHN, 7th viscount, m. 27 Dec. 1775, 
Isabella, 2d da. of William Graham, of Mor- 
phie, 00. Kincardine, esq. and by her (whq 
d. 4 March 1818]) had, 

1. John, 8th viscount. 

2. Hugh, C.B. major-gen. in the army, 
M.P. for CO. Kindardine. 

3. Robert, d. March 1801. 

4. Francis, in the army, d. 19 Oct. 1809. 

5. Duncan, d. 3 April 1811. 

6. Wiluam, capt. royal artillery. 

7. James, R.N. d. 30 June 1817, 

8. Marriat. 

9. Alexander. 

10. Jane. 

11. Catharine, m. 19 April 1805, the rev. 
David-Lyell Carrison, youngeat son of the 
late Stewart Lyell, of KmneC 

The viaoount d. 27 Feb. 1800, and waa auc- 
ceeded by his son, 
JOHN, present and 8th viscount 

HeirAfpartnP^OHVf the viscount's eldest 

CreatUmt — Viscount Arbuthnot, and Baron 
Inverbervie, 16 Nov. 1641. 


CHARLES-GEORGE PERCEVAL, Baron ARDEN, of Arfnn, co. Warwick. 
Bftron ArdeD, of Lohort Castle, co. Cork, Re- 
■ * ' giater of the High Court of AppeaU for Prises, 
of the High Court of Admiralty, and of the 
High Court of Delegates, Lonl'I^eutenant of 
the couuty of Surrey ; P.C. F.R.S. F.S.A. and 
late a lord of the bedchamber to king George 
IV. ; succeeded his mother, Catliarine, in her 
own right baroness Arden, of Lohort Castle, 14 
June 17S4,created,S8 July 1803, Baron Arden, 
of Arden, co. Warwick ; bom 1 Oct. 1756 ; mar- 
rird, 1 March 1787, Margaretta-Elizabetb, eldest 
da. of lir Thomas-Spencer WilsoD, of Charl- 
ton, CO. Kent, bart. by whom he has issue, 1. Cathakink, b. l& July 1789; 

2. Helena, b. 27 Aug. 1790, m. 9 Jan. 1816, the rev. Frederick-Stewart 

Trench, eldest son of Dr. Thomas Trench, dean of Kildare; 3. Charles- 
Thomas, b. 20 Nov. 1791, d. 17 Feh. 1793 ; *. John, b. 13 April 1793, d. 15 

March 1818, m. 2b Aug. 1816, Elizabeth-Anne Bnidenell, eldest da. of Robert, 
6th earl of Cardigan, and left issue by her, (who m. 2dty, rer. William-John 
Brodrick, son of the hon. Charles B. archbishop of Casbel, brother of viscount 
Midleton, audtf. 31 Nov. 1834,) an only child, Elixabtth- Helena, ft, 38 Jan. 1819, 

d. 14 Nov. 1823; 5. GEORGE-JAMES, capt. B.N. and M.P. for West 

Surrey, b. IS March 1794, m. 24 July 1818, Jane, eldest da. of John Hornby, of 

Hook House, Hants, esq. 6. Edward, ft. 30 July 1796, m. 30 March 1821, Jane, 

eldestda.oftherighthon.SpencerPerceval,(who(f. 13Jan. 1824); andiJ.lOHarch 

1840; 7. CHARLes-GEOHOE,(f. 26 Dec, 1796, in holy orders.rectorof Calver- 

ton, CO. Bucks, m. 21 April 1B29, Mary, only da. of rev. Primatt, Knapp, rector of 
Shenston, Bucks, and by her (who d. 6 Nov. 1832) had, 1. Afory, ft. 4 March 

1831 ; 2. Richard, b. Sept. 1832, d. 6 Feb. 1833 ; 8. Arthur-Philip, in holy 

orders, chaplain to the Queen, and rector of East Horsley, co. Surrey, ft. 23 Not, 
1796, m, 15 Dec. 1825, Charlotte- Anne, eldest da. of the hon. and rev. AugustUB- 
George Legge, chancellor of Winchester, and has, 1. Btlena-Honora, b. 24 
Sept. 1836 ; 3. Franeet, b. 28 Sept. 1837 ; 3. AMgiutVfGeorge, b. 2 Hay 1839 ; 
4. Carolitia-Jttju, b. 26, and d. 27 May 1830 ; 6. Ckarlei-Jokn, ft. 19 May 1831 ; 
6. Spencer- Arihtir, ft. 27 June 1S33; 7. XoMua-ATary, ft. 8 July 1833; 8. Caro- 
line-Adelaide, ft. 4 April 1835 ; 9. Henty-Legge, ft. 2 April 1836; 10. CharloUc- 

Itabella, b.2l Dec. 1837; 11- a«ni,ft.6 Jan. 1840 ; 0. Caroline-Frances,!)!. 

8 Nov. 1825, sir William Heathcote, of Huraley, co. Hants, hart, and d, 3 March 

Arhi — Argent, on * chief, indented gules, three croBses pat^ of the field. Cbest — A 
thistle proper. Supporiem — Two griffins, wings elevated, aiure ; beaked, membered, 
ducsUy eollared, and chained, and semte of fleutSHle-lis, or. Motto — " Sub oruce can- 

didju Under Uie fiur cross. 

His lordship's father John Percev*l, *d 
earl of Eemont, (let Earl ef Eouont,) di. 
3dlv, se Jan. 1756, CATHARINE COMP- 
TON, 3d dk of the boa. Charles Compton, 
and BUler of Spencer Compton, 8th earl of 
Northsinpton, which lady wu created,!? May 
1770, bsroaesi ArtUa, ofLohort CEtstle. in Ire- 
land, with remainder lo her issue male ; and 
d. 18 Dec. 1770, having had issue, 

1. CQAaLSS'UEoaoE, the present lord. 

«. The right hon. Spenceb Perceval, 1st 
lord of the treasury, chsncellor of the ex- 
chequer, and ehancelloT of the ducby of Lin- 
caster, wu killed by an assassin, as he was 
roteringthBhoaseofcDnuncnu, 11 MaylBIS; 
he was buried on 17 Miy, in Churtton church, 
CO. Kent; *. 1 Nov. 1T6«, m. 10 Aug. 1790, 

Jane, id da. of sir Thomas-Spenoer Wilson, 
of Charlton House, cO. Kent, hart, and by 
her (who m. MIy, M Jan. 1815, lieut.-coL 
sir Henrr-W. Can-, K.C.U. who d. IB Aue. 

ISil) hsd, 

1. Jane ft. 19 Oct. 1791, m. her cousin, 

the hon. Edward Perceval, and if . 1894, 

as above mentioned. 
8. Frances, ft. 87 Nov. I79S, 

3. Maria, b. 96 Feb. 1794. 

4. Spencer, 6. 11 Sept. 179S, tellerof the 
exchequer ; m. 3 July 18«I. Anne-Eliza, 

i'oungest da. of gen. Macleod, of Mac- 
eod, m the Isle of Skye, and hss issue, 
1. Anna-Jane, ft. 13 April lSt3. 
I. Frances -Sarah, ft. tO March 1814. 
3. EmUylsabeUa, ft. 3 Sept. 1885. 



4. Louisa, 6. 13 May 1827. 

5. Spencer, b. 20 Sept. 1828. 

6. Maria, 6. 17 AprU 1830. 

7. Eleanor-Inring. fc. 16 Oct. 1831. 

8. John-Spencer, 6. Feb. 1833. 

9. A da. 6. 28 Sept. 1834. 

10. A son, 6. 31 6ct. 1838. 

11. A son, still-bom, 24 Jan. 1840. 

5. Charles, 6. 5 Feb. and d. 3 Not. 1796. 

6. Frederick-James, b. 5 Oct. 1797, m. 
25 July 1827, Mary, eldest da. of Wil- 
liam Baker, of Burr House, Bakewell, 
oo. Derby, esq. and has issue, 

1. Frederica-'Mary-Jane, 6. 21 Aug. 

2. Spencer-Frederick, 6. 24 Nor. 1829. 

7. Henry, in holy orders, b. 2 Aue. 1799, 
m. 26 March 1826, Catherine-mbella, 
da. of Andrew Berkeley Drummond, of 
Cadlands, esq. and has issue, 

1. Heiuy-opefioer, 6. 8 Jan. 1827. 

2. Catherine-Manr, 6. 4 July 1828. 
a Dudley- Montagu, 6. 22 Oct. 1800. m. 

at the Cape of Good Hope, 24 July 
1827, Mary-Jane, eldest da. of major- 
gen, sir Richard Bourke, lieuL-goyemor 
of that colony, and haa issue, 

1. Charles-Spencer, 6. 11 Feb. 1829. 

2. Isabel-Jane, 6. 18 Dec. 1830. 

9. Isabella, b, 10 Dec. 1801, m. 6 Oct. 
1835, Skteneer-Hontio, 2d son of Tho- 
mas Walpole, of Stagbury Park, co. 
Surrey, esq. 

10. John-Thomas, b, 14 Feb. 1803, m. 31 
Mtfch 1834, Anne, da. ofThomas Gard- 

ner, esq. of Islineton. co. Middlesex. 

11. Louisa, b, 11 March 1804. 

12. Fredenca-EUzabeth, b. 27 Aug. 1805. 

13. Ernest- Augustus, captain in the army, 
6. 17 May 1807. m. 13 May 1830, Bea- 
trice, 4th da. or sir John Trevelyan. of 
Nettlecombe, co. Somerset, hart, and nas 

1. Beatrice, b. 2 July 1831, d, 13 
April 1832. 

2. Jane-Maria. 

3. Beatrice, 6. 5. April 1834. 

4. A son, b, 28 March 1835. 

5. A da. 6. 27 April 1836. 

3. Hbnry, 6. 26 June 1765, d, 27 July 1772. 

4. Mary, 6. 15 July 1758, m. 22 April 
1781, Andrew-Berkeley Drummond, of Cad- 
lands, CO. Hants, esq. 

5. Anns, 6. 15 Dec. 1759, d, 1 Aug. 1772. 

6. Charlotte, b, 31 Jan. and d, 19 Feb. 1761. 

7. Elizabeth, b, 12 Dec. 1763. 

8. Frances, 6. 4 Dec. 1767, m. John Mit- 
ford, 1st lord Redesdale. 

9. Margaret, b, 17 May 1769, m. 6 Dec. 
1803, Thomas Walpole, esa. (eldest son of the 
hon. Thomas Walpole, ana nephew of Hora- 
tio, earl of Orford,^ sometime ambassador at 
the court of Mnnicn. 

Catherine, baroness Arden, d. 14 June 
1784, and was succeeded by her eldest son, 

CHARLES-GEORGE, piesent lord. 

Heir iipparent— Georoe-James, his lord- 
ship's eldest surririnff son. 

Vnatumt — Baron Arden, in Ireland, 1770 ; 
Baron Arden, in EngUmd, 28 July 1802. 


Peerage of the United Kingdom.—See Earl of EGUNTON. 



ARGYLL, Marquess of Lorn and Kin tyre. Earl 
of Campbell and Cowall, Viscount Lochow and 
Glenila, Lord of Inverary, Mult, Morven, and 
Tyrie ; Scots honours : and Baron Sundridge 
and Hamilton, in the Peerage of England, He- 
reditary Master of the Queen's Household in 
Scotland, Admiral of the Western Isles, Keeper 
of Dunoon Castle, and of Dunstafnage and 
Carrick, State Counsellor to the Queen for 
Scotland, and Hereditary Sheriflf co. Argyll; 
horn 21 Dec. 1777; succeeded his brother, 
George-William, the late duke, 22 Oct. 1839; 

married^ Ist, 3 Aug. 1802, Elizabeth, eldestda.of William Campbell, of Fairfield, 

esq. by whom (who d, 9 Dec. 1818,) bis grace bad no issue. His grace m. 

2dly, 17 April 1820, Joan, only da. and b. of John Glassel, of Long Neddry, co. 

East Lothiaii, esq. by whom (who d. 22 Jan. 1828,) bis grace has issue, 1. 



JOHN-HENRT, marque$9 of Lom^ 6. 11 Jan. 1821; ^2. George-Douglas, 

&.aO April 1823; 3. Emma-Augusta, 6. 12 March 1825; 4. Elizabeth, 

5. 8 Jan. d* 19 Feb. 1828. His grace marrtei/ '3dly> 8 Jan. 1831, Anne-Colqu- 
houn, eldest da. of John Cunningham, esq. 

Arms— Quarterly : let and 4th, g[iroimy of 8, or and sable, Campbell ; 2d and ^, argent, 
a lymphad or ancient galley, suls furled, pennoni flying and oars in action, sable, for the 
lordahip of Lorn. Crest — ^A boar's head couped, or. Supporters — ^Two lions guaxdant 
gules. Motto— ^' Vix ea nostra rooo." I can scarcely call these things our own. 

Gillespie Campbell, of Anglo-Norman 
lineage, acquired the lordship of Lochow, 
by marriage with the heiress of the former 
poosessora, in the 11th century. Hia descen* 
dant sir Colin, sumamed Jtfore, or Great, 
was one of those distinffuished persona who 
were summoned, by Robert Bruce, to Ber- 
wick, in Aug. 1291, when king Edward I. 
of England came there, to decitu the dispute 
between him and John Baliol, for the succes- 
sion to the crown of Scotland. He m. a lady 
of the family of Sinclair, and had issue, NinI, 
his successor, and Donald^ ancestor of the earls 
of Loudoun. 

Sir Duncan Campbell^ ereat-great-frrand- 
son of Neilf was first ot^tne family who as- 
sumed the title of Argyll, and was created a 
lord of parliament 14& ; m. Marjory, 3d da. 
of Robert, duke of Albany, regent of Scot- 
land, and had issue, 

1. ArchibaU), a. in his father's lifetime, 
leaving a son, 

CouN, 2d lord. 

2. Colin, ancestor of the earls and mar- 
quess of Breadalbane. 

Sir Duncan d, 1453, and was succeeded by 
his grandson, 

CouN, who was, in 1457^ created earl of 
Argyll, and, in 1483, lord hieh chancellor of 
Scotland ; which office he held till his decease 
in 1492; m. Isabel, da. and co-h. to John 
Stewart, lord of Lorn, and had, 

1. Archibald, 2d earl. 

9. Thomas, ancestor to the Campbells of 
Lundy, co. Forfiu* ; and five das. 

Tbe earl was succeeded by his eldest son, 

Archibald, 2d earl, who commanding the 
van of the army at the battle of Flodden- 
field, 9 SepL 1513, was killed with his royal 
master; m. Elisabeth, da. of John Stewart, 
earl of Lennox, and had, 

1. CouN, 3aearl. 

2. Archibald. 

3. Sir John, of Calder, ancestor of earl 
Cawdor, in the peerage of Great Britain. 

4. Donald, aobot of Coupar. 

CouN, Sd earl, m. Janet Gordon, da. of 
Alexander, 3d earl of Huntly, and had issue, 

Archibald, 4th earl, m. Ist, Helen, da. 
of James Hamilton, 1st earl of Arran, by 
whom he had issue, Archibald, 5th earl. 
mho d, without issne, 12 Sept. 1575; and 
2dly, Margaret, only da. of William Gra- 
ham, 3d earl of Monteith, by whom he was 

CouK, Gth earl ; m. Agnes, da. of AVilliam 
Keith, 4Ch earl marischal, and widow of the 
regent Moray, and d. 1584, leaving issue by 
Her, (who d. 1588,) 

Archibald, 7th earl ; m. 1st, Anne, da. of 
William Douglas, earl of Morton, by whom 
he had issue, 

1. Archibald, 8th earl, and 1st nuaqness. 

2. Anne, m. George, 2d marquess of 

3. Annabxlla, m. Robert, 2d earl of Lo- 

4. Jean, m. 1st, Robert, 1st viscount Ken- 
mure, and 2dly, sir Harry Montgcmierie, of 

5. Mary, m. sir Robert Montgomerie, of 

The earl m. 2dly, Anne, da. and co-h. of 
sir William Comwallis, (by Anne. da. and 
oo-h. of John Nevill, lord Latimer,) and had 
issue by her, 

6. James, created earl of Irvine 1642, d. 

7. Mart, m. James, 2d Lord Rollo. 

8. Euzabeth. 

9. Constance. 

10. Baebara. 

11. Victoria. 
The earl d. 1638, and was succeeded by hia 

eldest son, 

AacHiBALD, 8th earl, created marquess of 
Argyll in 1641. He contributed much to the 
reception and coronation of Charlea II. and, 
1 Jan. 1650, placed the crown on his head at 
Soone; but, after the restoration, 1661, he 
accused by the earl of Middleton, of com- 
with Oliver Cromwell in the death of 
les I. ; for which he was oondeomed by 
parliament, and, on 27 May 1661. was hi- 
neaded at the Market Cross of Edinburgh ; 
m. Margaret, da. of William Douglas, 7th 
earl of Morton, and had issue, 

1. Archibald, 9th earl. 

2. Neil, m. and left issue. 

3. Anne, d. i«mii. 

4. Jane, m. Robert Ker, 1st marquess of 

5. Mary, m. IsL George, 6th earl of Caith- 
ness; and 2dly, John, 1st earl of Breadal- 

The eart was succeeded by his son, 
Archibald. 9th earl, wno, in 1663, waa 
restored to the title or earl of ArsyU; in 
1681 he was condemned to death for hi^h 
treason, but escaped from his confineaaent in 
the disguise of a lady's pace, and fled to Hol- 
land, where he collectea some forces, and 
madealandinffin Argyleshireinl6B5; when, 
being defeatea and again made prisoner, he 
was oeheaded at the Market CAoss, on hia 
former sentence. 30 June 1685. The eari m. 
Mary Stewart, oa. of Jamos, carl of Murray, 
and had issue, 




1. ABcmBALo, iBt duke, 

2. John, of Manunore, m. Elizabeth, da. 
of John, 8th lord Elphmstone, and had iBgae, 

1. John, 4th duke. 

2. Charles-Neil, d. unm. 

3. William, m. a da. of — Bernard, eaq. 

4. Mary, m. James Primrose, 2d earl of 

5. Anne. m. Archibald Edmonstone, esq. 

6. Isabella, m. Alexander Montgomery, 
esq. and d, in 1785. 

7. Jane, m. John Campbell, of Carrick, 

8. Primrose m. Simon, lord Lorat. 

9. Elizabeth, d. tcnm. 
ARCHIBALD, 1st duke, was acknow- 

ledj^ as earl of Areyll bj the paiiiunent, 
before they took off tne attainder against his 
father, and created duke of ^rguUf to him 
and his heirs male whatsoeTer, 25 June 1701 ; 
n. Elizabeth, da. of sir Lionel ToUemache, 
of Helmingbam, co. Suffolk, bart. ^ancestor 
of the countess of Dysart, iee that tttUf) and 
bj her (who d. 9 May 1735) left issue, 
1. JoHK, 2d duke. 

3. Arcbibai.i>, 3d duke. 

3. Anns, nu James Stewart, 2d earl of 

The duke d, 1705, and was succeeded by 
his eklest son. 

JOHN, 2d duke, b. in 1680. created, 1705, 
baron of Ckathamj and duke ana earl of Green- 
vieh ; m. 1st, Mary, da. of John Brown, esq. 
and niece to sir Charles Duncomb, knt. lord 
major of London ; but she d, in 1716, without 
isene ; bis grace m. 2dly, Jane Warburton, 
one of the maids of honour to queen Anne, 
as also to queen Caroline when princess of 
Wales ; and by her had five das. 

1. Carounv, m. 1st, Francis, earl of Dal- 
keith, eldest son of Francis, 2d duke of Buc> 
cleach • and 2dly, to the nght hon. Charles 
Townsbend, HUl son of Charles, 3d viscount 
Townsbend, and brother to George, Ist mar- 
quess Townsbend ; her ladyship was created 
benmeu Greenwuih, in Englana, and d, in 
1794, leaving isaoe^ 

Anne. 6. 29 June 1756, m. Ist, Richard 
Wilson, of Tyrone, in Ireland, eso. by 
whom she had issue; and 2aly, John 
Tempest, of Lincolnshire, esq. 

t. AxNB, m. Wflliam, 4th earl of Strafford, 
and d. without issue. 

3. Jane, d. in her 12th year. 

4. Bkttt. m. James-Stuart Mackenzie, esa. 
uncle to Jonn, 1st marquess of Bute, and a. 
19 July 1799, without issue. 

5. Mauy, m. Edward, viscount Coke, heir 
apparent to Thomas, earl of Leicester, and to 
hia mother, Margaret, baroness Clifford, and 
d, 30 Sept. 1811, without issue. 

His grace dying in Nov. 1743, the English 
titles of duke ai^ earl of Greenwich, and 
baron of Chatham, became extinct; but he 
was succeeded in his other titles by his bro- 

ARCHIBALD, Sd duke, who had been 
created a peer of Scotland, by the titles of 
lord Oranmy, Dunoon, and Ara$e ; also vit- 
rimnt and earl of l$la, 89 Oct. 1706, which 
titles, on bis death without issue, became ex- 
tinct. He m. the da. of — AVhitfield, en\. 

paymaster of the marines, but by her (who d. 
m 1723) he had no issue; and his grace 
dyin^ 15 April 1761, was succeeded by his 

JOHN CAMPBELL, K.T. 4th duke, son 
of John Campbell, of Mammore, 2d son of 
Archibald. 9th earl of Areyll ; m. 1780, Mary, 
da. of Jonn, 2d lord J^Uenden, by whom 
(who d, 18 Dec. 1736) he had issue, 

1. John, 5th duke. 

2. Henry, killed at the battle of La Felt. 

3. FRKDEaicK, lord registrar in North Bri- 
tain, d. 8 June 1816, having m. 28 March 
1769, Mary, da. of Amos Meredith, esq. (and 
widow of Lawrence, 4th earl Ferrers :) his 
lady was unfortunately burnt to death at her 
seat at Coomb Bank, Kent, 25 July 1807. 

4. William, m. May 1763, Sarah, da. of 
Ralph laard. of Charles Town, South Caro- 
lina, esq. ana d. 5 Sept. 177B, leaving issue, 

1. William. 

2. Louisa, 6. 7 Oct. 1774, m. 14 June 
1799, sir Alexander Johnston, president 
of his Majesty's council in Ceylon. 

3. Caroline, d. unm. 1789. 

5. Caroline, m. Ist, Charles, 3d earl of 
Ailesbuiy, and 2dly, field-marshal the right 
hon. general Henry Seymour Conway, bro- 
ther to Francis, 1st marquess of Hertford, 

His grace dying 17 Nov, 1770, was suc- 
ceeded oy his son, 

JOHN, 9th earl and 5th duke, a field-mar- 
shal in the army, and colonel 3d regiment 
of foot-guards. 6. in 1720, created a peer of 
England, while marquess of Lorn, 22 Dec. 
1766, by the title of baron Sundridge, of Coomb 
Bank, co. Kent, with remainder to his bro* 
thers Frederick and William, and the heirs 
male of their bodies ; m. 3 March 1759, Eliza- 
beth, widow of James, 6th duke of Hamilton, 
and 2d da. of John Gunning, of Castle Coote, 
CO. Roscommon, esq. (by the hon. Bridget 
Bourke, 3d da. of Theobald, 6th viscount 
Mayo,) and had issue by her, (who was cre- 
ated a peeress of Great Britain, 20 May 1776, 
by the title of baroneu ifamiftoa, of Hamble- 
don, CO. Leicester,) 

1. GsoROE-JoHN, 6. 17 Feb. 1763, <f. 9 July 

2. George- William, 6th duke. 

3. John -Douglas -Edward -Henry, 7th 

4. Augusta, b, 31 March 1769, m. lieut.- 
ren. Henry-M. Clavering, son of the late sir 
John Clavering, K.B. 

5. Cmarlotte-Svsan-Maria, 6. 21 June 
1775, m. 14 June 1796, John Campbell, of 
Shawfield, esq. who d, 15 March 1809, and 
2dly, the rev. Edward Buiy, who d. May 

His grace dying 24 May 1806, was suc- 
ceeded by his eldest son, 

GEORGE-WILLIAM, 6th duke, b, 22 
Sept. 1768 ; m. 29 Nov. 1810, Caroline-Eliza- 
beth \'illiers, da. of George, 4th earl of Jer- 
sey, (whose former marriage with Henry- 
William, marquess of Anglesey, K.G. had 
been dissolvea by the Scotch courts,) by 
whom (who d, 16 June 1835) bis grace had 
no issue. 


HIi gnoe d. 2f Oct. 1839, and na mcceedH] 
br his brother, 

BV, prMcnl and 7th duke. 

Hiir Hpfnml — JonH-HEKRv, Muqneu ol 
LoBN, his grace's Bon. 

Cnaripw— Lord Campbell, in 144A ; Eul 

oftheco. Argyll, 1457; Lordof Lorn, 1470: 
Duke of Argrll, Mirqunu of Kiutyre and 
Lorn, Earl orCaapbell and Cowall, ViHount 
Locbow and Gipnila, Lord of luTervj, Mull, 
Morren, and Tjrie, M June 1701, in the 
Peerage of ScoUuid : Baron Bundndg:e, in 
Kent, tt Dec. 1766; Baran Hamilton, SO 
Ma^ 1766, in the Peerage of England. 


PHILIP-YORKE GORE, E*nL of ARRAN, co. GbIwhj, ViKognt Sndley, 
of Castle Gore, co. Mayo, Biiroa Saunden, of 
Deeps, CO. Wexford, and a Uarooet of Ireland ; 
6om33 July 1802; sucueeded his uncle, Artbor 
Saunders, the Inte earl, 20 Jan. 1B37 ; married, 
I March 1838, EliEabelh-Marianne, da. of col. 
WillianwFranciS'PaU'ick Napier, nephew of 
William, 6lh lord Napier, and hai issue, a SON, 
cifcnml Sudley, b. 6 Jen. I83». 

Aawa — Gules, a feiie, between three croM eroasleta 
fitchi, or. CarsT — A wolf rampant argent. Sie- 
roBTEHi — Two horsei argent. Motto — " In hoc 
■igno TinUB." Under this sign thou ahalt ooaqner. 

, bart. and bad iMoe. 
I. GEoaoB, a justice of the common pleas. 

The first of this noble family that came lo 
Ireland, sir Paul Gore, was sod of Gerald 
Gore, of London. He wu oonunander of a 
troop of horse in queen Etiiabeth'a anny, in 
1600, and for bis services to the crown, re- 
ceived granti of landi co. Donegal, and was 
created a bart. in 1631 ; he n. IsabeUa, da. 
of Francis Wickliffe, ewg. and niece of Tho- 
mas, earl of Strafford, and d. Sept. 16«9, 

iVSir Iu'lfh, «d bait. n. Anne, eldest 
da. of William, Sd lord CharlemonL and was 
ancestor of the present hart, and of the earli 
of Ross, now extinct. 

9, Sir Aainun, of whom hereafter. 

3. HiNBv; 4. Sir Fsihch; 5. Robert; 
6. CiiiKLEa ; all left isnie. 

7. Lettics, n. air James Enldne, grandson 
of (he earl of Marr, but d. i. p. 

8. Ancil, bi. Edward Arcbdall, of Castle 
Archdall, oo. Femunagh, esq. 

9. ELiiAarrn, m. Henry Wrsy, esq. 

10. liABCLLi, ». rev. Homphrej Galbraith. 

11. ANNa, m. — Stewart. 

It. Sidxet, «. Lewis Wingfield, ew). 

13. Rebecca. 

Sir Ahihub, the id son, was created a 
bart. 10 April 166t ; he m. Eleanor, da. of 
sir George St. George, of Carrick, co. Lei- 
trim, bajrt. and il. £0 Dec. 1697, leaving 

1. Paul, n. Sept. 1684, Anne, eldest da. 
of air John Gore, of Sacombe, co. Herts, knt. 
and d, iO Oct 1SB9, leaving issue, 
1. Sir Arthur, Jd bart. 
1. John, capt. R.N. d. unm. I&U. 
3. Catherine, n. Peter Mahon, dean of 
I. Ahthitb, d. unm. 13 Jane 1693. 
a. WiLi.tAH, m. Catherine, da. ofnir Tho- 

1 b. of John 

Clonroad, co. CUre. 

6. Eleanor, m. Richard Wingfield, esq. 
and was mother of the 1st viscount Powers- 

7. Ahni,!*. John French, ofPreoch Park, 

CO. Roscommon, esq. 

B. Lettice^ «. hon. William Caulfield, a 

justice of the king's bench. 

n. Kliiabetb, da. or nlaunce AiuiealeTf of 
Little Rath, co. Kildare, esq. grandson of the 
1st viscount Valentia, and nadusue, 

1. Sir Abthub, created earl of Arran. 

i. PAUL-AsHESi.tY, of Colletstown, CO. 

i. William, •*. Grissel, da. and co-h.of 
Francis Heaton, of Mount Eaton, King's 
CouatT, esq. and d. 5 May 1749. 

4. Geoboe; 9. Sarah; bath d. young. 

6. Ankb, m. John, lat evlof Altamont. 

7. Elbinor, m. John W'ray, esq. 

8. Eliubeth, m. John Cafe, of Ebn Hall, 
CO. Sligo, esq. 

SirABTHiiR,3dbartji[. 10 Feb. 1741, Bud 
was succeeded by his eldest son. 

Sir ARTHUR, 3d hart advanced, 1758, tn 
the dignities of baron Sauadtn and viscount 
Sudlin of Castle Gore, and, IS April 17GS, 
created earl of the islands of Amn, co. Gal- 
way. His lurdship n. 16 March 1730, Jane, 
heiress of Richanl Saunders, of SaimderH 
Court, esq. and widow of William Worth, 



of Rath&nihiiiiy e0q« and had issue, 

1. Abtbvr-Saunders, 2d earl. 

2. Richard, iL 28 Dec. 1807, leaving an 

5. Paul, m. Aimey da. of Oliver Leonard, 
CO. Kilkenny, eaq. and had iasoe. 

4. JoHAKMA, m. 29 Auk* 1759, Philip 
T>oToe^ esq. ; and 2dly, Michael Dalj^ esq. 

5. EuzABETR, in. 15 July 1764, sir John 
Krana Freke, hut. (See Baron Carbxby.) 

The earl «L 17 April, 1773, and was suc- 
oeedfcd by his son, 

ASTHUR^AUNDERS, 2d earl, K.P. 
6. 25 July 1734 ; m. 1st, 14 July 1760, Catha- 
rine Annesley, only da. of WiUiam, yiscount 
Glerawley ; and by her (who d. 23 N or. 1770) 
fand iflsoe, 

1. Abtbur-Saundrbs, 3d earL 

S. WiuxAJi-JoBir, 6. 20 Nov. 1767, ooL in 
the army, and master of the horse to the 
▼ioeroy of Ireland, m. 30 May 1798, Caro- 
line^ yoongest da. of sir Thomas-Pym Hales, 
of Howletts, CO. Kent, bart. and a. 15 Jan. 
1836, leftTing issue, 

1. Arthur-Sanndert-Charles, fr. 19 March 
1799, d. 22 Aug. 1800. 

2. Phiup-Yorke, present earl. 

3. William-John-Pym, b, 28 Oct 1805, 
in the army, who with his younger 
brothers and sisters had the precedency 
of the younger sons and das. of an earl, 
by royal warrant, 8 Feb. 1837. 

4w Annesley-Heniy, 6. 1 Dec. 1808, in 
holy ord^. 

5. Robert, 6. 5 May 1810, commander 

6. Charies-Alexander, b. 10 Oct. 1811. 
one of the commissioners of woods ana 

7. Caroline, 6. 10, d. 11 Sept. 1800. 

8. Mary-Catherine, m. Sept, 1828. George- 
Haywwd Lindeaay, esq. son or the hon. 
and right rer. Charles, lord bishop of 

9. £li»betb-Anne. 

10. Emily-Jane. 

3. Akve-Janb, b. April 1763, m. Ist, Oct 
1783, Hony Hatton, of Clonaid, co. Wexford, 
eaq. ; and 2aly, John, 1st marquess of Aber- 
com, K.G. 

4. Eliza BETH- Aramikta, b. April 1764, m. 
6 Aug. 1783, Henry Monck, esq. 

5. CATBBRiKE-OnARunTB, b. in Sept 1766, 
■I. Jobn-Eyans Freke, 6th lord Cvhery. 

6. jAxtf b. Noy. 177X), m. 6 July 1793, 
Dudley Loftos, of KiUyon, co. Westmeath, July 183* 

I The earl m. 2dly , Anne, da. of the rey. Bo- 
lejn Knight, of Ottley, co. York, and by her 
(who d. 1778) had issue, 

7. George, b. in Feb. 1774, dean of Kil- 
lala, m. let. Miss Burrowes (who d. 16 Sept 
1819) ; 2dly, Sophia, da. of sir George Rib- 
ton, bart ; and 3dly, July 1823, Maria, wi- 
dow of Thomas^Bunbury Lsaac, of Holywood, 
House, CO. Deyon^ esq. : by his Ist wife he 
had, besides other issue, 

1. Sophia, m. 13 Dec. 1822, James-Exam- 
Purefoy Turbett, of Dublin, esq. 

2. Louisa, m. 1839, WiUiam-John Wal- 
dron, esq. of Balla Lodge, co. Mayo. 

8. Maria-Louisa, 6. June 1775, m. James- 
Knox Gore, of Ballina House, co. westmeath, 
esq. and d. April 1827. 

9. Eleanor. 6. Sept 1776, m. May 1801, 
the hon. Freoerick Cayendish, son of ba- 
roness Waterpark. and d. 21 March 1812. . 

The earl m. 3dly, in Jan. 1781, Elizabeth, 
da. of Richard Underwood, esq. and by her 
(who d. 5 June 1829) had issue, 

10. Saunders, b. Aug. 1783, d. 1813. 

11. Christiana, 6. Noy. 1784, d. unm. 
Sept 1808. 

12. John, b. Feb. 1787, d. 1814. 

13. Cecilia-Letitia, created duchess of 
Inyemess {tee that title). 

14. Isabella, m. 2 March 1816, rey. 
Charles Douglas, 2d son of the hon. John 
Douglas, son of James, 15th earl of Morton, 
and d. 30 Noy. 1838. 

15. Edward, R.N. m. TT Oct 1822, Miss 
Mary-Anne Douglas, and has issue, 

1. Cecilia-EUxabeth, b, 28 Sept. 1823. 

2. Mary-Anne, 6. 4 March 1825. 

3. Augustus-Frederick, 6. 1 Feb. 1826. 

16. Julia, m. 23 Deo. 1821, Robert-Man- 
ners Lockwood, esq. 

17. Charles, lieut-col. and deputy qnar- 
ter-master-general in Canada, m. and has 

The earl d. 8 Oct 1809, and was succeeded 
by his eldest son, 

ARTHUR-SAUNDERS, 3d earl, 6. 20 
July 1761, m. 29 Dec. 1787\ Mary, only da. 
and h. of sir John TyreU, of Heron Hall, co« 
Essex, bart (whod.31 Aug. 1832,) but dying 
without issue 20 Jan. 1837, was succeeded by 
his nephew, 

PHILIP-YORKE, present and 4th earl. 

Heir Aftparent — ^Viscount Sudley, the earl's 


Creation* — ^Baronet of Ireland, 1662 ; Vis- 
count and Baron, 15 Aug. 1758; Esjrl, 12 
April 1762. 


s Count of the Holy Roman Empire ; ancceeded 
bis brother, Janiea-Edward, late lord, 21 June 
1834; married, lat, S Aug. 1826, Lucy, onljr 
child of HurIi Smythe, eiq. 2d son of lir Ed- 
ward Smythe, of Eshe, co. Dnrham. (which lady 
d. March 1827,) and his lordship n. 3dly, 22 
Sept. 1829, Francea-Catherine, 3d da. of air 
Henry Tichborne, hart, by whom (who d. 19 
April 1836) he baa iMue,^ 1. JOHN-FRAN- 
CIS, h. 28 Dec. 1831; 2. EvER^kD-ALov- 

Sius-GONZAC*, b. 6 Sept. 1B34. His lordship 
m. 3dly, )9 June 1838, Teresa, 6lh da. of Wil- 
liam, lord Stourton, and has issne, 3. a soNf 

b. 27 May 1S39. 

Ahiii — Sable, six hinnidetles, three, two, and one, argent. Catn — A wolf pusaat, STgent. 
SuproBTEm — Dater, ■ lioa fcuaiduit ermiiiaii, ducallj crowned or. Siniiur, an owl, 
winn displayed and iorerted ermine, ducally CTOirned or. Mono — "DeoData." Given 

N.B. Hti lordihip, u a count of the Holy Soman Empire, bear* his aims on the breast 
of an imperial eagle. 

Sir Joiim Akundil wh a valiant com- 
mander in the French wan, ttmp. Henrr VI. 
His nwidaon, sir John Arundel, wa« knighted 
for his valour at the battles of Terooen and 
Tounuj 1514, and d. 1515. His eldest son 
sir John, was ancestor to the Anindels, of 
Lanhera, eo. Cornwall ; bis 3d son, lir Tao- 
HAs, n. Marnret Howard, sister of Catherine 
Howard, 5t]i wile of king Uenrj Vlll. Be- 
ing accused as an accomplice in the duke of 
Booieraet'a plot, for conspiring the mnrder 
of John Dadley, duke of Northumberland, he 
WHS behesded on that aceount S6 Feb. 1553. 
His son, sir M^Tmsw, was knighted in 1574, 
re-purcbased Wardonr Castle, which was for- 
feited on the attainder of sir Thomas Arundel, 
and d. 1598, leaving issue, bj Cecilia Comp- 
lon, da. of sir Henry Compton, knt. 

Sir THOMAS ARUNDELL, who, ibr 
his eoaductatthebattle of Stregonium, against 
the Turks, was, hv the emperor Rudolph II. 
created a ooont of the (holy Roman ELmpire, 
■ ■ ' it Prague, 4 Dec. 159S, and 

hf ting James I. 4 May 1605, crated baron 
AniHiliU, of Wardour, d. 1639, and br Mary, 
his lit wife, da. of Henry HrJothesley, earl 
of Soutliampton, was father of 

THOMAS, Id lord, m. Blanch, da. of 
Edward Somerset, 4th earl of Worcester, 
(which lady distinpiished herself, during the 
civil wars, by her brsve defence of Wardour 
Csitle, Mpunat the parliamentary forces,) and 
dying of wounds received at the battle of 
Lausdown 1643, was succeeded by his eldest 

liENRV, 3d lord, si. Cecily, da. of sir 
Henry Compton, of Brambletye, oo. Snoei, 
and widow of sir John Fermor, of Somerton, 
CO. Oxford. He was amoivg; the lords com- 
mitted to the Toirer, on the information of 

THOMAS, 4th lord, m. Margaret, da. of 
Thomas Spencer, of Upton, co. Warwick, eaq. 
d, 171S, and was saectwded by his son, 

HENBY, 5th lord, m. Elisabeth, da. of 
Thomas Panton, esq. and by hex (who d. May 
1708) had, 

1. Hawav, 6tb lord. 

i. TnoMU, 6. 19 Joly 1695, and d. April 

HENRY 6th lord, n. 1st, Eleanor-Glin- 
beth, da. of baron Everard, m Liege, a baron 
of the empire, by whom (who d. 1718) he had 

3. Tboh.^ n, 19 May 1760, Mary, eldest 
da.of John Porter, esq.; be d. II May 1768, 
and his lady 14 Sept. 1799. 

S. James -EvEURD, (who d. SO March 
IBOS.) having m. 14 June 1751, Anne, da. and 
sole n. of John Wyndham, of Ashcombe, CO. 
Wilts, esq. by which bdy (who d. 10 April 
1796) he hsd issue, 

1. Jamn-Everard, d. 18 April 1756, nt. 

one month. 
f. Eleanor-Anne, 6. t Nov. IT51. 

3. Mary-Wyndham, b. ! Dec. 1757, m. 
9 March 1779, the bon. Bartholomew 
Bonverie, 3d son of William, earl of 

4. Catherine-FJiiabeth, b. t Jan. ]75<>, 
m. 3 Jan. 1791, rear-admiral Georae- 
Frederick Ryves, and d. 97 Dee. 1803, 



5. EvERAiiD-JiiMESy 9th lord. 

6. Tbomas-RAymond, b, 9 March 1765. d, 
18 Jan. 1829, haying m. 21 Aug. 1792, Ehsa* 
beth-Marr-Anne. da. of sir Edward Smythe, 
hart, and oy her nad issue, 

1. Thomas- Raymond, b, 16 May, d. 16 
Aug. 1794. 

2. Chiistiana, 6. 24 May 1798, m. 8 Feb. 
1820, John Hussey, of Nash Court, 

3. Henry, 6. 24 June 1799, m. Ist, 97 
Sept. 1827, MaiT-lsabell, 2d da. of sir 
Thomas-Hugh CUfford-Coastable, hart, 
and by her (who d, 3 Oct. 1828) had 

Theodore, b. 17 June 1828. 
He m. 2d]y, 20 April 18S0, Eliza, eldest 
da. of John Gerard, eso. and has issue, 

1. Raymond-Eyerara, d, an infimt 17 
May 1833. 

2. A son, b. 21 Jan. 1837. 

4. Blanch- A pollonia, b, 97 Oct. 1800, m. 
16 July 1822, Edmund de Pentheney 
O'Kelly, esq. 

5. Charles-Francis, 6. 14 April 1803. 

6. Edward-Renfiric, b. 16 May 1805. 

7. Edward- William, 6. 9 Sept, 1807. 

8. Matthew, (. 7 Oct. 1809, d. 1811. 

9. Eleanora, 6. 12 March 1812. 

His lordahip m. 2d]y, Anne-Herbert, da. of 
\V illiam, the last marquess of Powis, but by 
her (who d. 2 Oct. 1757) had no issue. 

His lordship d. July 1746, and was succeeded 
br his eldest soi^ 

' HENRY, 7th lord, b. 4 Oct. 1717. m. 27 
Jan. 1739, Mary, da. and h. of Ricbara- Arun- 
del Beating, ot Lanheme. co. Cornwall, esa. 
by him marria^ with wnich lady (who a. 
17^9) he re-onited the two chief branches of 
thiB lamilj, which had been separated two 
hundred years : he had issue, 
1. HsyRY, 8th lord. 
«. Thomas, b. 4 Oct. 1742, who d. 1781. 
His lovdship d. 12 Sept. 1756, and was suc- 
ceeded by nis son, 

HENRY, 8th lord, *. 31 March 1740, m. 
31 May 1763, Maiy, da. of Benedict Conquest, 
of Imnam. co. Lincoln, esq. and by her (who 
d. June 1813) had issue, 

1. Mahy-Christiana, m. Ever a rd- James, 
9tb tord. 

2. Elkanob-Mabv, b, 20 March 1766, m. 

Charles, 6th lord Clifford, of Chudlei^h. 

3. Anna-Maria, 6. 22 March 1770, d. an 

His lordship d. 4 Dec. 1808, 'vinthout male 
issue, a&d was succeeilcd by his first cousin, 

EVERARD-J AMES, 9th lord, 6. 4 March 
1763, m. Ist, 3 Feb. 1785, his cousin. Mary- 
Christiana, eldest da. of Henry Arunaell, 8'th 
lord Arundell, and by her (who d. 14 Feb. 
1805) had issue, 

1. Jam£s Everard, 10th lord. 

2. Henry-Bknedict, lltli lord. 

3. Anna-Maria, d. 14 March 1829. 

4. Wyndham, d. 2 Oct. 1809. 

5. Laura, rn. 18 April 1820, lieut.-col. G. 
Macdonald, C.B. 

6. Juliana, m. 17 Oct. 1815. the hon. sir 
John Talbot, vice-adm. KN. K.C.B. 3d son 
of the late baroness Talbot de Malahide. 

7. Catherine, m. 26 June 1827, Edward 
Doughty, of Snarford Hall, oo. Lincoln, esq. 
brother of sir Henry Tichbome, hart. 

His lordship m. 2dly, 18 Sept. 1806, Mary. 
3d da. of Robert-Bumet Jones, esq. and 
grandda. of Samuel Estwick, esq. and oy her 
had issue, 

8. Eli/abeth-Anne, 6. 13 April 1808, d. 
July following. 

9. Mary, 6. 28 Oct. 1809, m. 7 Aug. 1828, 
Richard-Digby Neave, esq. eldest son of sir 
Thomas Neave, hart. 

10. Henry, 6. 24 July 1811, m. Oct. 1832, 
Elizabeth, only da. of Joseph Esdaile, esq. 
and has issue, 

1. A son, b. 20 March 1835. 

11. RoBERT-ARTirrn, b. 24 Aug. 1815, in 
the army, m. 8 Aug. 1837, Elisabeth- Louisa, 
eldest da. of the rev. J. Jones, of Burley-on- 
the-hiU, CO. Rutland. 

His lordship d. 14 July 1817, and was suc< 
ceeded by his eldest son, 

JAMES-EVERARD, 10th lord, F.S.A. 
6. 3 Nov. 1785, m. 26 Feb. 1811, Mary, sole 
da. of George, 1st marquess of Buclciiigham, 
K.G. but dying without issue, at Rome, 21 
June 1834, was succeeded by his brother, 

HENRY-BENEDICT, present and Uth 

Heir Apparent — Hon. Joiin-Francis Arun- 
dell, his lordship's son. 

Creation — 4 May 1605. 



ENRY-JEFFRT FLOWER, Viscount ASHBROOK, and Baron Castle 
Durrow, co. Kilkenny ; bam 6 Not. 1776 ; Suc- 
ceeded )ii» brother, William, the late TiBcount, G 
Jan. 1802; married, lat, 36 May IS03, Deborah- 
Suianna, only da. and b. of the rev. William- 
Haxirailinu Freiad, ad eon of William Freind, 
deao of Canterbury, (by Grace, youngest sister 
of Richard, lord Rokeby, archbishop of Armagh,) 
and by ber (who d. U Mnrch 1810) has issae, 

1. StiSANNAM-SoPHM, b. 5 Jaly 1803, m. Ut, 

31 May 1824, the rev. William Robinson, son of 
sir John Robinson, b art. (who d. Dec. 1834,) wid 
-2dly, Aug. 1836, William-Wilson Campbell, of 
Rutland Square, Dublin, eaq. ; 2. HENRY, h. 17 June 1806, took tbe sur- 
name and suns of Walker only, by royal sign manual. Not. 1827, m. 7 June 
1828, Frnncei, da. of the rev. sir John Robinson, bart. and hss issue, I. a ton, b. 

March 1820; 3. a mm, A. 2.1 Marcb 1830; 3. a da. A.June 1832; 3. Caroline, 

h. 30 July 1807, m. 26 March 1829, Henry Every, esq. eldest son of sir Henry 

Every, bart.; 1. William, ft. 14 Aug. 1808, d. Oct. 1813; 5. Harriett- 

Elizabeth, b. 15 Dec. 1809, d. 2 Sept. 1837. The viscount m. 3dly, 22 June 1812, 
Bmily-Theophilia, eldeit da. of sir Thomas Metcalfe, of Pem Hill, co. Berks. 

ban. and had, 6. a stiU-hom son, Jan. 1813; 7. A uuvsta- Amelia, 6. 4 

Juoe 1816, d. 4 May 1827; 8. Charlotte-Augusta, b. 26 Nov. 1818; 9. 

Sofhia-Georoiana, b. 7 Nov. 1830, d. 18 July 1836. 

Anns — lit and 4tli, awentgiwo cheTronels between three ravena, each having an eraiine 
•pot in ita besk oMe, and between the chevronels three pellets, FLOwia ; td and 3d, 
pnles, three lowers trgent, also Flower. Caur — A raven, having an ei — ■ " ■- 

kenUT, eaq. wu created, tl OcL 1133, baron 
Cattlt i>urniu, and d. t6 April 1746, Wviag 
■n odIv survivuiK son, 

HENRY, Id lord, crested, 30 Sept. 1751, 
visoaunt AMiraA, n. ib March 1740, Eliu- 
beth, da. of lieut.-gen. William Tatton, and 
had issue b^ ber, (who d. 10 Feb. 1759,) 

I. Willi AH, <d viscount. 

«. Eliusith, b. 16 Jan. 1747, d. luin. 8 
March 1813. 

3. Mabv, b. M Feb. 1748 ■. 8 Jan. 1788, 
the rev. John Nicboll and d. in Ani. 1808. 

The Tiscount d. S7 June 175t, and was suc- 
ceeded bv his onlv son, 

WILLIAM, Id viscount, b. 15 June 1744, 
m. 9 Msrcb 1765, Eliubeth Ridge, and had 
issue bvher, (whon.idly,! Jan. 1790, John 
Jones, D.D. and d. SS Feb. 1808,} 

t. William, 3d VJMXiDnt. 

C. Henhv, b. 30 Dec. 17G8, d. foong. 

3. Hek 

r, 4(h viscount. 

6. HtaniET,A.8Nov.]771^.1st,lMi 
1791, the hon. and rev. John-EUis Agar, d 
brother of Henir, viscount Chfden ; and «dly, 
SO July 1798, Pryw-LoTeden Pryse, eu. d. 
14 Jan. IBIS. 

7. Caroljhe, b. M Aug. 1773. 

a. Sophia, b. 89 Dec. 1774, d. K Feb. 1794. 
The viscount d. 30 Aug. 1780, and was suc- 
ceeded bv his eldest sod, 

WILLIAM, 3d viscount, ft. 19 Oct. 1767, 
d. unM. 6 Jan. 1801, and was succeeded by 
his only brother, 

HENRYJEFFRY, present and 4tb vis- 

Hrir Afpmnt — The boo. HsNav Walkeb, 

I oount, 30 Sept. 1791. 

1, 17 Oct. 1733; and Via- 


A»ph, and Baron Ashbambnmi bom 3 Nov. I7B7 ; succeeded liia fatber, George, 
Ute earl, 17 Oct 1830. 

JOHN, 3d lord, b. 13 Much 1687; created 

18 Jan. 17ie. (le m. Sdly, M July 1714, 
Henrietta, da, of Williun, 9tb earl of Derby, 
and »idoK of John Anneslty, earl of Ao- 
f\eaej, and by her (who d. 26 June ITIB) had 

Arms — Gnles, a fewe between lii mnlleti 
u^enl. Crmt — Out of a du«l ooronet 
or, an lab tree proper. SuproRTBas — 
Two ^ybouuda ubie, the face, breait, 
belly, and feet argent, collared and lined 

bug and tbest 

I'estat" Tba 

Or thii family, which annmed their tar- 
niBie tmm tbe town of Anhbumhom, oo. 
^ci»ei, was Pi EM, lord of Aabbomham, 
wbetr Ku, Anchilel. had a ion, Beitram, 
vbo,ln>p.kiD^ Harold, was iheriff CO*. Suaaex, 
Suirey, and Kent, and corutable of Dorer 
Cutle, which be defended againet William 
the Conqueror. Stephen de AflnBunNJiAlt 
WM a bene&ctor to Battle-Abbey. Reginald 
di> AabbumhaiD held two knight's feetofJobD, 
ttr\ at En, Uimp. Henry II. His descendant, 
John Aihtnmliam, wu Bberiff coa. Surrey 
uid Soaiei 1401. His grandHin Thomaa, 
1433, had two sons ; I. JoKn, ancestor of the 
fwl ; and i. Riekard, ancestor of the present 
Ht WilUam AshbBmh*iD,bart. 8th in descent 
froni John was, 

JoiiK AiRBi;a<9Hiii, created baron AMum- 
>tm SO Mar 16B9, b. 15 Jan. 165-6A, m. M 
Jnly 1677, Bridget, da. and b. of Waltei 
Vaugbau, of Porthmunel House, ~ " — '■ 
nock, esq. and bad iaaae, 

I. JiNi, m. James Hajei, esq. 


.. Breck- 
A d. Aug. 

*. EiiuBrm,iii.tst, Robert Cholmoadeley, 

•5 Jan. 1739. 

if lloUbfd, CO. Chester, esq. and idly, 8ey- 
aoor Cbohiiondeler,eeq. and rf.35 '~~ "'~* 
3. WiLuAM, 3d lord. 

. -_.., 3d lonl. 

5. BiaiaiH, d. 1713. 
11b lordship d. tf Jan. 1710, and was >uc- 
cMed by hii eldest son, 

H'tLuia, 3d h>nl, b. fO May 1675, «. 
Cuherine, da. and h. of Tbomai Taylor, of 
Clapham, co. Bedford, esq. but d. without 
iuue 16 June 1710, (andTiia lady 11 July 
liilkning,) and was iuooeeded by his brother. 

. HtK 


17M. ' ■ """' ''^■ 

His lordship m. 3dly, Jemima ds Grey, da. 
of Henry de Orey, duke of Kent, and bv her 
(who d.?7 July 1731) had. 

t. JOH 

Id ear). 

as succeeded 

Tbe ewl d. 1(1 March 1737, and w 
by his son, 

JOHN, Sd earl, *. 30 Oct, 17J4, ■. ta 
June 1756, Eliiabelh, da. and co-h. of John 
Crawley, esq. alderman of London, and by her 
(who d. 6 Feb. 1781) had imae, 

I. Geohce, d. an mfant 1756. 

3. Gkoboe, 3d earl. 

3. Hei.ribtt*-Theodosia, 6. 8 No», 1759. 

4. Jekima-Elieibeth, b. 1 Jan. 176*, m. 
Jamea,3d duke of Montrose, K.O. 

5. EuziBETi) -Frances, b. 10 May 1763. 

6. Tkwdosia-Maria, b. 16 June 1763, n, 
4 June 1788, Robert Vyner, of Ganiby, co. 
Lincoln, esq. who d. 13 March 1810, and her 
ladyship 30 Not. 1823. 

The earl d. 8 April 1813, aged 88, and was 
succeeded by his son, 

GEORGE. 3d earl, b. £5 Dec. 1760, sum- 
moned to the house of peers, and placed in hia 
father's barony of AnhtiumhRin, 16 Oct. 1804, 
and elected K\G. 1839 ; n. Isl, 38 Aug. 1784, 
ladj Sophia Thynne, 3d da. of Tliomas, 1st 
marquess of Bato, and by ber (who d. 9 April 
1791) bad issue, 

1, George, riscount 81. Asaph, 6. 9 Oct. 

3. Elii. 
3. Soph 

7. Percy, b'. 39 Nor. 1799, m. 23 Aug. 
1838, Esther, da. of (be late Ueul.-ool. By, 

royal engineers. 


6 Feb. 1331, Sanh- JoBDDa, 3<. 

Murray, of Junuo, eiq. ftud nu aaa ■ no. i 

stUl-born, SO May 1833. ' 

11. Thou>9, lieuL-col. in the umj. 

12. Geohcisa-Jekim*^ b. 11 Ms; 1805, n. 
, Henry-lUTeley Mitford, of 

a» Feb. 18!f8, Heory-B 
Elbury, Hanu, e>q. 

13. Jane-Hemiiett*, 4. 19 Jolj 
19 M«j 1836 Charles- Henry Swin! 

1809, Ti 

icca, 6.31 March 1811, 
m. St May 183B, Henrr-Williun Beauclerl, 
eM. only son of John Beauclerk, esq. and d. 

16. MASY-AaNE>-BL.*NCHE,fr.I3Jao.l816, 
m. » Aug. 1839, Henry-Percy Gordon, eaq. 
»an of sir Willoughby Gonlon, bart. 

IT. Recinald, t. a Feb. 1819, d. 5 March 

Theearld. I7 0ct-1B30, and iras loooM^led 
by hie eldest surTiving son, 

BERTRAM, present and 4(h earl. 

Heir Premmplioe— The bon. Pehct Aim- 
bur nh ah, the earl'a neit brother. 

C«a limn— Baron, *0 May 1689; Vircoont 
and Eiri, 14 M>; 1730, 


ALEXANDER BARING, Babon ASHBURTON, of Asliljiirton, co. DeTon, so 
created by patent, dated 10 April 1836,a Trustee 
of tbe British MuBeum, P.C. D.C.L. elected 
M.P. for Taunton 1B06, and served in e*ery 
snccessivfl parliament, nniil raised to the 
Peerage; appointed, in Dec. 1B34, Master of 
the Mint and President of the Board of Trade, 
which olficee he resigned in 1835 ; iona 27 Oct. 
1773 I marrifd, 23 Aug;. 17&6, Anne, eldest da. 
ofWilliaui Bingham, of Philadelphia, esq. and 

has iasue. 1 . WILLIAM-BINGHAM, M.P. 

for North Staffordshire, b, 1799, ja. 12 April 

Mmta^u, d. an infant; 3. Fhancis, M.P. for Tbetford. b. 1800, m. Hortense- 

Eugenie-Claire, da. of the dukeof BaKsano,and has issue, I. Mary-Annt-Leuua, 

b. ltU3; 3. Alexander, b.i May 1835; 3. tida. b.2Match 1836; 3. Annb- 

EuoENlA-BlNOHAH, m. Humphrey-St. John Mildmay, esq. son of sir Henry-St. 
John Mildmay, bart. nnd d. 8 March 1B3B, from the effects of her clothes having 
caught liro a few days before ; 4. Harriet, m. 19 April 1830, Henry-Frede- 
rick, 3d marquess of Bstli ; 5, Louisa-Ehily ; 6. Frederick, in holy 

orders, rector of Itchingstock, co. Hants, b. 1606, m. Lucy, da. of John Ashlon, 
of the Grange, co. Cliesler, esq. and has issue, 1 . Frederica-Lotiiia, b. 1832 ; 2. 

Everard-Aleiander, b. 2 May 1838, d. 3 Dec. 1838; 7. Caroline, d. luini. ; 

8. Alexander, R.N. b. 1810, d. Knm. 1932;— t—«. Lvdia-Ehilv ; 10. 

Arthur, d. at Madeira 16 Feb. 1838. 

Aaiis— Ai 

n ehief a bear'« 

A mullet, erminois, between tn-o wingi, ar);ent. SurpoRTEiig — Un either aide a bear 
proper, muiiled, oollsred, and chained^ or, charred on thp shoulder with a croM potee 
fitcWe, of tbe last. Motto — " Virtus m arduia. Fortitude under difficulties. 

previously tt 

a settled in Eaat Friesland 
o 15S8. when it removed to Bre- 
le elpclorale of Hanorer of which 
city hia lordship's anceslora were for several 
^nerations either municipal officerm or Lu- 
theran ministen, John Baring, eldest son of 
Frani Baring, doctor of theoloay, and pastor 
at Bremen, settled in England, and was of 
Larkbpar and Lyndridge, co. Devon ; he m. 

John, of Mount Radford, co. Devon, 6. 
1730, m. Anne, da. of Francia Parker, of 
BlaEden, co. Devon, esq. by whom be had six 

1. John. 

i. Frandn. 

3. Anne. 



4. EUzmbeth. 

5. Charlotte. 

6. Margaret. 

9. Thomab, m. 1757, Elixabetli, another da. 
of Franda Parker, e«q. aforesaid, and d. 
without inue 1757. 

3. Sir Francis, Ist bart. 

4. Chaklzs, d. 13 Jan. 1829, et. 87, having 
■ft. 1767, Margaret, da. and h. of William 
Go«ild, of Eaat Loo, oo. Cornwall, esq. by 
irhom he had, 

1. AVilliam, b. 1770, who took the name 

of Gonld. 
9. Charles, ft. 1775. 

3. Jaquetta, b, 1768, m. 1791, sir Staffbrd- 
Heniy Noithoote, of Pjnes, oo. Devon, 

4. Frances, HI. William Jackson, of Cow- 
ler, oo. Devon, esq. 

5. leaner. 

6. Emiljr. 

7. Lucy. 

8. Caroline. 

3. Elizabeth, b, 1744, m. 31 March 1770. 
John Dunning, Ist lord Ashburton. so created 
8 April 1782, who was suooeedea, 18 Aufl". 
1783, by his onl^ surviving son, Richara- 
B«nn^ Sd lord, who m. 17 Sept 1805, Anne, 
dA. of Williun Cunningham, of Lamshaw, 
esq. and djing 9. p. in 18^, uie title became 

Sir FxANCis, 3d son, of Stratton Park, co. 
Hants, b. 18 April 1740, was created a bart. 
99 Jdwkj 1793, elected M.P. for Grampound, 
17B6 ; for Calne. 1796 ; and for Chipping Wy- 
oombey 1802. He m. 1767, Henrietta, da. of 
'W^nimm Herring, of Croydon, co. Surrey, esq. 
cooain and oo-h. of Thomas Herring, arch- 
bishop of Canterbunr, 1747, and d. 12 Sept. 
1810, leaving issue bjr her, (who d. 3 Dec. 


1. Sir Thomas, 2d bart. 6. 19 June 1772, m. 
at Calcutta, 1794, Mary, eldest da. of Charles 
Sesl^Ty of Calcutta, esq. barrister-at-law, and 
baa lasne, 

1. lugbt jion. Frands-ThomhiU, M.P. for 
Portsmouth. P.C. chancellor and under 
treasurer of the excheouer, m. 7 April 
1S25, Jane, youngest aa. of the hon. 
nr George Grey, bart. G.C.B. b^ whom 
(who d. 93 April 1838) be has issue, 

1. Tbomaa-ueorge, 

2. f raocia-Grey. 

3. Maiy. 

4. Hannah. 
t Tboma«. 

3. John. 

4. Charles, in holy orders, m. 10 June 
1830, Mary-Ursula, only da. of Charles 
Sealv,esq. sometime major in the Bengal 
artillery, and has issue, 

1. Thomas. 

2. Charles. 

3. Mary-Ursula. 

5. Mary, d, 3 Oct. 1812. 

6. Charlotte, m. March 1833, H. G. 
Wells, esq. 

7. Emily, m. 6 July 1837, rev. William 
Maxwell Du Pre, vicar of Woobum, 
CO. Bucks. 

8. Frances, 6. j23 Aug. 1813. 

2. ALEXANDER, created lord i^f^ttrtcm, 
as above. 

3. Henry^ 5. 18 Jan. 1776, m. 1802, Maria, 
2d da. of William Bineham, esq. from whom 
he was divorced; and ne m. 2dly^ Cecilia, da. 
of admiral Wyndham : he has issue, by his 
first wife, 

1. Henry-Bingham, major in the army, 
and M.P. for Marlborough^. 30 June 

. 1827, lady Augusta, da. of Robert, 6th 
earl of Cardigan, and has issue. 

2. William-Drummondt 

3. Anna-Maria, m. William-Gordon Coea- 
vclt, esq. 

4. £iiuly,m. HeniyBridgeman-Simpaon, 

4. William, 6. 8 Dec. 1779, m. 19 July 
1810. Frances. 4th da of William Thompson, 
of Waverley-Abbejr, co. Surrey, esq. ana d. 9 
July 1820, leaving issue, 

1. Fanny, m. 15 Jan. 1839, rev. F. A. 

2. Charlotte-Rosa, m. 23 Oct. 1838, Ro- 
bert- Duncombe Shafto, esq. 

5. George, 6. 23 Sept 1781, m. Harriet, 2d 
da. of sir John D'Oyley, bart. 

6. Harriet. 6. 13 Sept. 1768, m. Charles 
Wall, esq. ana d. his widow 5 March 1838. 

7. Maria, b. 27 Sept. 1769, m. Richard 
Stainforth, esq. and d. his widow, 12 April 

8. Dorothy-Elizabeth, 6. 13 Feb. 1771, 
m. P.-C. Labouchere, esq. 

9. Frances, 6. 31 Jan. 1783, m. Thomas- 
Read Kemp, esq. 

10. Lydia^ b, 4 Dec. 1787, m. 20 Deo. 1806, 
the rev. Philip- I^ycock Story. 

Heir Aj^rent — Hon. WiLLiAMtBiNOHAic 
Baring, his lordship's eldest son* 
Cv^tum^lO Apnl 1835. 


FREDERICK TRENCH, Baron ASHTOWN. of Moftte, co. Oalway; bom » 
Sept. 1755 ; was H.P. for PortarlinKloo in the 
iHBt pnrliBDieut of Ireland, and created, 27 Di-c. 
IBOO, a Peer of Ireland, by the title of Baron 
ASHTowN, with remainder to the heirs male of 
the body of his late father, Frederick Trench, 
esq. deceased ; marrud, 2S Hay 17BA, Eliza- 
beth, sole da. and b. of Robert Robinson, esq. 

Aitiii — Argent, a lion pMswt Bo)** between tliree 

fleun-de-liii aiure ; on a chief of the last a idii in 

splendour or. Crest — A deiler arm embowed 

in armour, the hand irnspinir k Kimitar, all i>rDper. 

SurMHTKHi — DttUr. a lion guica, h 

Hia toidship is descended ftom the same 
anoealor u the earis of Clanoarty. 

Fhehthici Trikch, of Garbaliy, co. Gal- 
war, m. 169t, his couain, Anna, sole da. and 
h. ofthereT. Jamps Trench, of Clongell (by 
the hon, Margaret Montgomery, da. of Hugh, 
visoouni Montjpmery, of Ard,) and had issue, 

1. FnEDEsici. of Gsrbally, ancestor of the 
earls of Clancar^. 

!. John, dean of Rsphoe, ancestor of lord 

John Thinch, dean of Raphoe, wis sealed 
at Moate oo. Galway, m. Anne eldest da. of 
Richard Warburton, of Garrahineh, and rf. 
17if5, baring had issue hy her, (who d, 1774,) 

t. Phiderici, who succeeded at Moate. 

S. Aliiihdsr, whose only son, Frederick, 

9. Richard ; 4. John ; hoth d, mm, 

5. Anne, n. sir John Caldwell, of CasUe 
Caldwell, DO. Fermanagh, ban. 

6. Judith, n. sir Samuel Cooke, of St. Ca- 
tharine's, ban. 

FaeniRicii Tbencb, of Moate, esq. 6. 16B6, 
M. 171B, Mary, da. and sole fa. of Kichaid 
Geering, esq. clerk to the court of chanceir, 
d. Feb. 1758, leaving issue hy faer, (who d. In 

1. John; t. RioHtan; both d. infamts. 
3. Fredebici. 
' 4. GaEaiNO, d. young. 

5. AsNt n. 1750, Bor Uniacke, of Wood- 
boose, CO. Waterford, esq. 

6. M.RV. 

7. EuztBBTn,>>i. 1750, sir Francis Hutchin- 
son, of Ciatle Salagh, co. Wicklow, bart 

6. Rose ; 9. Susan ; both d. infants. 

Frederjci Tbevcii, of Moale and Wood- 
Uwn, 6. Mav 1720 m. 3 Aug. 1754, Mary, 
eldest da. and co-h. (with her sister, Cathanne, 
harouea Dnnalley) of Francis Sadlier of Sop- 
well Hall, CO. Tiuperary, esq. (lineal descen- 
dant of sir Ralph Sadlier, knt. banneret, se- 
cretary of sute to Henry VIII.) by Catharine, 
Id tia. of WiUiam Wale, of Coruliiamuck, ro. 

Waterford, eaq. by the hon. Mary Ponaonby, 
3dda.of William, viscount Duacannon, fttber 
of the 1st earl of Beasborough, and sister to 
Maiy, Tiscountess Mountmorres, and d. 27 

Not. 1797, baring had issue, 
1. FREDERICK, Isi lord Ashtown. 
i. Frinc», of Sopwell Hall, late M.P. for 
BalHnalrill, b. 5 Oct. 1758, «. 11 June 18(M, 
Maiy, id da. of James Mason, of Shiewsburv 
CO. Salop, esq. and d. Not. 1899, baring had 

1, Frederick, 4, an in&nt. 

S. Frederick-Mason, b. 25 Dec. 1804, m. 
99 Aug. 1B31. HenrietU, yooogesl da. 
of Tboniss-Philipps Cosby, eaq. of 
Stradbury Hall, Queen's co. and has 

1 . drhartotte-Eliiaheth, ».!JunelB3?. 
8. Harrieltc-Majy, b. 9 Feb. 183S. 
3. Frederick- Sidiiey-Ofasries, b. 1» 
April 1839. 
.1. Chartea-James, b. 5 April IBM. 

4. Arthur-IIeywood, *. *0 Sept. 1807. 

5. Fninoea-Mary, b. 9 April 1809, m. Jrt 
May 183S, her oouain, Richaid Che- 
Tenu Trench, esq. 

3. Thdhai, B.D. dean of Kildare, d. April 
ISM, kL TS having m. 35 May 1786, Marv 
eldeat da. of Walter Weldeu, eu. (by Ann.-, 
da. and aole h. of air Samuel Cooke, of St. 
Catharine's, ban. by Judith, td da. of John 
Trench, dean of Rapboe,) and had isaue, 

i. Frederick -Stewart, in holy onlen, n 
9 Jan. 1816 the hon. Helena Perceval, 
3d da. of Charlea, lord Arden, and has 

1. 'Helena, 6. 97 Jan. 1830. 
3. Maria, b. II Jan. 1831. 

3. Frances- Elizabeth, b. 19 Manh 

4. Jane, b. 33 July 1S34. 
3. Samuel, deceased. 

3. Thomas, m. 5 June 1836, Calherin'-. 
da. of KichRrd Croasdaile, of Rynn.', 
Queen 'a co. es(|. and has issue. 



1. Eliiabeth-Jane, b, 1 Apiil 1827, 

d. 7 Sept 1836. 
S. MaiiA, b, 19 April 1828. 

3. Thomas-Richard-Frederick, 6. 18 
Aug. 1829. 

4. Charlotte, 6. 2 Oct. 1830, d. 25 
Jane 1831. 

5. Catherine-Louiaa, b. 10 March 

6. RkhardoFrederick, 6. 11 Dec. 
1833, «L 1 March 1835. 

7. Frances and Jane, twins, 6. 3 

4. Mary-Anne, m. May 1827, the rev. 
Joseph Cluttiman. 

5. Elisabeth, aeoeased, haying m. Richard 
Adair, esq. 

6. Franoea, m. 22 July 1825, the hon. 
Frauds Colley , son of vise. Harberton. 

7. AValter, deceased. 

8. Jane, m. 10 Nov. 1823, Charles Grim- 
ston, of Kilwick, co. York, esq. 

9. Helen, m. June 1827, Richard Town- 
shend, eso. only son of John-Sealy 
Townsheno, esq. master in chancery. 

10. Henry, m. Nov. 1838, Elizabeth- 
Anne, eldest da. of Charles Sands, esq. 

11. William, deceased. 

12. William-Stuart, m. 9 April 1832, 
EUsabeth-Susanna, only da. of John- 
Sealy Townshend, abore named, and 
has issue, 

1. Thomas- Weldon, ft. 11 Feb. 1833. 

2. John-Townshend, 6. 17 Feb. 1834. 

3. Aniuk 6. 30 Jan. 1836. 

4. WiLUAM, of Congort Castle, King's oo. 
esq. M. 18 June 1798, Sanh- Frances-Henrietta^ 
Ehiabeth-Racarda, only child of the hon. Ro- 
bert Moore, youngest son of Edward, 5th earl 
of Drogheda, and has issue, besides three sons, 
who d. young, 

1. Freduick-Fitawilliam, b. 11 March 
1799, m. 16 Feb. 1835. Louisa- Alice, 
iroungeat da. of the rigot hon. Robert 
WanL and has issue, 

Wmiam-Robert, b. 9 Oct. 1838. 

2. Harriett, b. 28 Aug. 1806. m. 29 March 
1832, the rev. Evans Johnson. 

3. Heniy , b. 4 Oct. 1807, m. 22 Oct. 1836, 
Georgiana-Mary-Emilia, 2d da. of Ben- 
jamin, lord Bloomfield, and has issue. 

1. William-Fitx-Henry-BIoomfield, 
6. 4 Sept. 1838, d, 10 April 1839. 

2. Harriott, b. 24 Aug. 1839. 
4. Anne-Margaret, b, 28 Feb. 1810. 

5. Charles, surreyor and comptroller in 
the store of the port of Dublin, m. 27 Not. 
1807. Anna-Mana, eldest da. of Luke White, 
of Woodlands, co. Dublin, esq. and has issue, 

1. Eliza. 

2. Ann-Maria. 

3. Emily. 

6. Richard, barrister-at-law. m. 3 March 
1803, Melosina, da. and sole n. of Richard 
Chevenix, bishop of Waterford and Lismore, 
relict of coL Richard St. George, of Hatley 
Manor, and has issue, 

1. Francis, in holy orders, m. 6 Dee. 
1837, Mary-Caroline, da. of the rer. 
W. Marsh, rector of St. Thomas's, Bir- 

2. Ri<£a(d Cherenix. m. 30 May 1832, 
his cousin, Frances-Mary, da. otFranda 
Trench, esq. and has issue, four sons. 

3. Philip. 

4. William. 

7. John, of Lansdowne, Queen's County, 
m. 30 July 1807, Jane, eldest da. of James 
Currie, ot Lirerpool, M.D. and has issue, 

1. Fiederick-Fita-John, b. 10 Oct. 1806. 

2. James-Currie, b. 26 Oct. 1809, de- 

3. Lucy-Henrietta. 

4. Francis. , 

5. Edmond. 

6. Sophia. 

8. Catbarinr, ni. 3 April 1781, the hon. 
Ponsonby Moore, 2d son of Edward, 5th earl 
of Drogheda, and brother of Charies, 1st mar- 
quess of Drogheda, K.P. d. Aug. 1810. 

9. Mary, m. 1790, Hugh Wilson, of Col- 
linstown, esq.- 

10. Euzabbth, m. 4 Feb. 1783, Edward 
Armstrong, of GaUen, esq. and d, March 

11. Frances. 

12. Anne. 

Heir Presumptive — Fredkrick Trxncr, esq. 
nephew to the present lord. 

Vreation — Baron Ashtown, of Moate, oo. 
Galway, 27 Dec. 1800, with remainder to the 
issue male of Frederick Trench, esq. deceased. 


WALTER-HUTCHINSON ASTON, Baron ASTON, of Forfar, co. Forfar, in 

Holy Orders, Vicar of Tardebigg, co. Worcester; 
succeeded his father, Walter, the late lord, 29 
July 1S06 ; bom 15 Sept. 1769 ; married^ 14 June 
1802, Elizabeth, da. of Nathan Haines, D.D. by 
Susannah, his wife, sister of the late sir John 
Chndleigh, bart. (who </. 24 Aug. 1833, set. 67.) 

Arms — Argent, a fesse, and in chief three loxenges 
sable. Crest — A bull's head oouped or, horns ar- 
gent, tipped sable. Supporters — ^Two Roman 
solars armed proper, baring round bucklers on 
their exterior arms. Motto—" Numini et patri» 
asto." I stand to my God and my country. 



This family ui descended from Ralph de 
AsUm^ CO. Stafford ; to whone son, Robert, in 
the time of king Henr^ III. 1^60, Roger de 
Moreland, bishop of Lichfield and Corentrj, 
gave the keeping of the game in Canckwood, 
and a seat in the manor of Haywood, both in 
that coun^. 

To the said Robert, whose wife was Sibyl, 
dfth of James de Landa. succeeded sir John, 
their son. who, in the 7tn of Edward III. was 
knight ot the snire co. Stafford, as, in the 18th 
and 23d, was Roger, his son, who was father 
of sir John, and he of sir Thomas, the last of 
.whom often served in parliament for that 
oounty, and in the 10th of Henry IV. was 
sheriff thereof; he m. Elizabeth^ sister and h. 
•to Reginald de Leigh, son of Richard, son of 
ilegiziald, lord of Parkhall, with whom he had 
« great estate. Sir Roger, their son, in the 
12th of Henry IV. was one of the principal 
gentry returned by the commissioners for the 
county ; and he marrying Joice, sister and co- 
heiress to Baldwin de Freville. whose an- 
cestors had been barons of parliament^ and 
were heirs general to tlie noble families of 
3larmion ana Montford of Beaudesert, by her 
had Roger, his heir, who m. Isabel, da. of sir 
William Brereton, of the oo. Chester, had a 
son, John, who, in the time of kings Edward 
IV. and Richaiti III. was sheriff of Stafford- 
shire, and he marrying Elizabeth, da. of John 
Delves, of Doddington, esq. by her was father 
of sir John^ston, who, at the marriage of 
prince Arthur, eldest son of king Henry V II. 
was created K.B. In the 4th otHeniy VIII. 
he went in the expedition into Brittany, and 
was present at the siege of Terouaine and 
Toumay, as also at the battle of Spurs, 1513, 
when, for his conduct and bravery, he was 
made a knight banneret in the open held ; and 
marrying Joan, da. of sir William Littleton, 
by Helen, his wife, da. and co-h. to Robert 
Welsh, lord of Wanlip, co. Leicester, he, by 
that marriage, became possessed of the said 
manor of W anlip, and tne lordship of Tixal, 
CO. Stafford, tlie latter being purchased by the 
Littletons. He had two sons, sir Edward, 
his heir, and WilUam, 

Sir Edward, who had been several times 
sheriff for his own county, d. in 1658, left by 
Joan, his wife, da. ofsir Tnoroas Bowles, baron 
of the exchequer, sir Walter, his heir, and 
three das. : Katharine^ m. 1st, Stephen Stanley, 
e8<). ; ^dlv, sir William Chetwynd, of Inges- 
trie, CO. Stafford ; and 3dly, sir Edward Cope, 
of Canon's Ashby, co. Northanipton : Mary, 
m. Simon Harcourt, of Stanton Harcourt, cb. 
Oxford, ancestor to the earls of Harcourt; 
and Francet, m. Robert Needham, of Shenton, 
CO. Leicester, ancestor to the earls of Kilmorey, 
in Ireland. 

Sir Walter, who succeeded his father, <i. 
1589, left by Elizabeth, his wife, da. of James 
Leveson, besides other isa^e, sir Edward, his 
heir, father of the Ist lonl ; and William, of 
Milwich, CO. Stafford, ancestor of the present 

Sir Edward was sheriff co. Stafford, an 
office which all his ancestors had served from 
the time of king Edward III. ; m. 1st, Mary, 
da. of sir John Spencer, ancestor of the dukes 

of Marlborough ; 2dly , Anne, da. of sir Thomas 
Lucy, lent, by whom he had issue, 

Sir WALTER, 1st lord, who, at the coio- 
nation of king James I. of England, was made 
a K.B. and, 1611, created a bart. In 1522, 
beine then in a public character at the court 
of ftladrid, he was commissioned, with John 
Digby,earl of Bristol, to conclude a marriage 
treaty between Charles, prince of Wales, and 
the eldest da. of that crown ; and though that 
marriage was defeated, the said sir w alter, 
after his return, was by Chaiies I. for his gooa 
services, created lord Attauy baron of Forfar, 
with remainder to his heirs male for ever, 
bearing the name and arms of Aston. He m. 
Gertrude, da. of sir Ralph Sadler, of Standon, 
CO. Hertford ; he d, 1639, and was succeeded 
by his eldest son, 

WALTER, 2d lord, distinguished by his 
loyalty during Ae civil war, m. Mary, oa. of 
Richard Weston, earl of Portland, lora trea- 
surer of Englana, by whom he had Walter, 
3d lord, and several das. whereof Franou was 
2d wife ofsir Edward Gage, of Hengrave, oo. 
Suffolk, bart. 

WALTER, 3d lord, d. Nov. 1714, and left 
issue by Eleanor, his wife, da. of sir Walter 
Blount, of Soddinsrton, co. Worcester, bart. 
widow of Robert Knightley, of Off-cnurch, 
CO. Warwick, esq. 

WALTER, 4th lord, who m. Mary Howard, 
the only sister to Thomas, duke of Norfolk, 
and by ner (who d. in 1723) had several chil- 
dren. His lordship d, 1 746, and was succeeded 
by his son, 

JAMES, 5th lord, who m. Barbara Talbot, 
da. of George, 14th earl of Shrewsbury, ana 
d. Aug. 1751, leaving only two das. Mant, m. 
sir Walter Blount ; and Barbaray m. the lion. 
Thomas Clifford ; the baronetcy became ex- 
tinct, but the barony devolved, agreeably to 
the patent, upon the descendant of WilUam 
Aston, of Milwich, uncle to the 1st lord. The 
said William m. Elizabeth, da. of Waldive 
Willin^n, of Hurley, and d, 1628, leaving a 
son, Eawara, who, by Dorothy, da. of Richard 
Eld, of Seighford, had four sons, Walter, Wil- 
liam, Edwfu^, Richard ; Walter m. Mary, da. 
of John Chetwynd, of Rudge, and d. 1691, 
leaving one da. m. John Dive, ceq^ William 
and Richuxi d. without issue; Edward m. 
Prudence King, and d. 1705, leavine issue 
two sons, Walter and Edward. W^alter m. 
Penelope, da. of John Whitfield, esq. and d, 
1722, leaving two sons, 

Philip and Walter, of whom, 

PHILIP, 6th lord, the eldest, beinr the h. 
male of this branch of the fiunily, became 
heir; he d. unm, 1755; the honour devolved 
upon his brother, 

WALTER, 7th lord, who dying also with- 
out male heirs 1763, the title devolved upon 
the son of Edward, uncle of the last two lords. 

WALTER, 8th lord, b. 10 Oct. 1732, m. 
28 May 1766, Anne, da. of Peter Hutchinson, 
esq. by whom (who d. Jan. 1821) he had 

1. Elizabeth-Jane, d, young. 

2. Walter-Hutchinson, present lord. 

3. William -Bailey, who was lost at sea 
on board the Foulis, East Indiaman. 


His lordship d, 29 July 1805, and was mio- 
ceeded by his eldest son, 

W ALTER-HUTCHINSON, present and 


Heir Apparent — None. 
Creadon — Lord Aston, of For£u>, oo, Forfar. 
28 Nor. 1627. 



Baron of Aghrim, co. Galway ; Baron de Reede 
V^ j^ and Ginkell, Baron of Amerongen, Middachier, 

^^ ^ ^s\ ^ Lirendale, Elst Stervelt, and Ronemberg, in the 
^ 3&S ^^ tSSiii Netherlands ; born 21 Nov. 1820; succeeded his 

father, Reinhart-Diederick- Jacob, late earl, 31 

Oct. 1823. 

Arms — Ardent, two bars dancett^ sable. Cbrst — A 
pair of wings expanded argent, each charged as the 
coat. SuppoRTEBs — ^Two ^ffins, wings eleyated. 
or. Motto—" Malo mon quam foedari." I had 
rather die than be disgraced. 

The 1st eaxl of Athlone was GODART 
DE GINKELL, baron de Reede. lieut.-gen. 
of the forces in Ireland under William III. 
who evinced signal courage and skill in the 
reduction of that Idngdom to his majesty's 
obedience. He besieged and took Atnlone, 
30 Jane 1691, of which the celebrated col. 
Richard Grace was governor, and had sue- 
cessfully defended against the assault and 
blockaite of the whole army of general Doug- 
las the preceding year. On the 12th of July 
he also gained the dedsire battle of Aghrim, 
over general St. Ruth. For these brilliant 
lervioes he was most deservedly rewarded 
with the earldom of Athlone ana barony of 
Aghrim. He likewise received the thanks of 
the British house of commons ; and, in 1693, 
had the grant of the forfeited estates of Wil- 
lism Dongan, earl of Limerick, amounting to 
26,480 acres, confirmed in 1695 ; and, 1692, 
was created earl of Athlone, and baron of 
Aghrim, The grant of the lands being re- 
verted by pariiament, 15 Dec. 1695, and ap- 
propriated to the payment of the public debts, 
the family retired to Holland; and no earl 
of Athlone sat in the house of peers of Ire- 
land until 10 March 1795. The Ist earl m. 
TrsQla Philpota de Raasfeldt, and by her 
bad issue, 

1. GoDAST, Sd earl. 

2. FaEDEinca - Christian Heer - Harvelt, 
one of the nobles of Guelderland, m. Hen- 
rietta, countess de Nassau. 

The earl d, 1720, and was succeeded by his 

GODART, Sd earl, m. Henrietta, da. of 
William, 1st earl of Rochford, and had issue, 

1. GoDART- Adrian. 3d earl. 

3. GoDART, 4th earl. 

His lordship dying, was succeeded by 
GODART-ADRIAN, 5d earl, who. dying 

8 Oct. 17362was succeeded by his brotner, 
(^vODART, 4fth earl, who, dying unm. Nov. 

1747, was socoeeded by his cousin. 

FREDERICK-WILLIAM, 5th earl, who 
m. Louisa, baroness de Wasenar, ana had 

1. Frederick, 6th earl. 

2. WiLUAu, baron of Reede, several years 
ambassador from the United States to the 
court of Berlin, d. 7 June 1815. 

3. Maria-Frederique. 

The earl d. in 1748, and was succeeded by 

FREDERICK 6th earl of Athlone, m. 
Anna - Elizabeth - Christienne, baroness de 
Tuill de Seeroskerkin, and by her (who d. at 
the Hague, 16 Jan. 1819) had issue, 
1. FaEbERiCK, 7th earl. 
3. Charles- William-Lewis. 6. 37 March 
1772, lieut. in the horse-artillery, and d. 2 
Dec. 1793. 

3. Renaud-Diederick-Jacob, 8th earl. 

4. John-Gerard-Rheinhard, b. 21 Dec. 
1774, d. at the Hague 13 March 1818. 

5. William -GusTAUF- Frederick, b. 21 
July 1780, count of the Roman empire, a lord 
of tne bedchamber to the king of tne Nether- 
lands, m. 7 Sept. 1814, Wendela-Eleanor, 
eldest da. of monsieur Buroel, member of the 
college of nobility of the province of Hol- 

6. Jemima-Heleka, b. 21 Dec. 1767, m. 
1785, John-Charles, count Bentinck, (who d. 
23 Nov. 1833.) and d. 6 Sept. 1839. 

7. Maria-Wilhelmina, 6. 2 Jan. 1769. 

6. Isabella - Christiana - Mary - Henri- 
etta^ fc. 26 April 1770, m. May 1793, baron 
WiUiam-Fredericke de Reede, and d, 16 Jan. 

9. Christiana-Reniera, b. 14 Aug. 1776. 
The earl d. 13 Dec. 1808, and was succeeded 
by his eldest son. 

FREDERICK, 7th earl, b, 21 Oct. 1766, 
m. 1st, March 1789, Miss Munter, who d, 
Sept. 1793 without issue ; and 2dly, 11 Nov. 
1800, Maria, 2d da. of sir John Eden, of 
Windleston, co. Durham, bart. and niece of 
William, 1st lord Auckland; she m. 2dly, 


Tfaeeu-ld.SDec. IBIO, with- 
out iuue, tad wu succeedt^ bj hia next 

REEDE, 8th e«rl, b. Z Jnlj 1773, m. " 
Mwch IBIB, Harriet Hope, da. "^ '" 
WilUani Hope, of Anuterdun, m6 ui v,»n;u- 
duh-iquare, eta. and bj her (irha n. 3dly, 3 
Maj 1825, William Gambier, eaq. aon of air 
Jamea Gambier, knt. cxHUiut- general in the 
Netherlaoda, aad coiuin of loid Gambier, and 

of' John. 

d. S Sept. IBM) had iamie, 

t. Anne, b. 1 Dec. 18t9, d. an infant. 

i. GioKoi-GuDikHT-HENHY, 9th caii. 

3. EuiAiETH, b. IB Dec 18S1. 
The earl d. 31 Oct. 18t3, and was 
b; hi> eldeal aon, 

and 9th earl. 

Htir PrMunpln*— Hon. Wiluim - Gu»- 
tivf-Fhedebici, hia lordabip'a uncle. 

Crcatioii*— Baron and Earl, 4 March 1691-1. 


JOHN MURRAY, Duke, Mahquesb, and GaRl of ATHOLL, Manineaa and 
Enrl of TuUibardiu, Eurl of Stralhlay sod 
Strathardnle, Viscoant Gleoalmond, Balquhidir, 
Hnd Glenlyon, BaroD Murray, of Tullibirdio, 
Lord Bnlvenoie, and Cask, in North Britain ; 
Earl Strange, Baron Strange, and Baron Mur- 
ray, of Stanley, co. Gloucester, in the Peerage 
of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and 
Ireland ; Lord- Lieu tenant and Hereditary SherifT 
CO. Perth, Captain-General and GuTemor of Ibe 
Isle of Man ; bom 26 June 1778 ; aucceeded his 
father, John, late duie, 30 Sept. 1830. 

Anui — Quarterly of sii. 1. Aiure, three maUeta argent within a double Ireaaure flory 
counter doi7 or, Mubbiy. 2. Or, a feaae cbequy argent and aiure, Stuabi. 3. Paly 
of BIZ or and aable, Atholl. 4. Argent on a bend aiure three bucka' beads caboahed 
or, Stinlev. 5. luree human legt in annour, conjoined at the upper part of the thigh, 
and fleied in triangle proper garniahed or, MtN. 6. Gulea, two liana paaaant argent. 

_ . . .. __. _.. . — A demi-aaTage wreathed about the templea and waist, hia ai 

extended, and holding in the right hand a awoid, and in the left a key, all praper. 
SurPORTEna — Deiler, a lion gulea, gorged with a plain collar auire, charged with three 
muUela argent; liituUr, a siTige proper, wreathed about the teniplea and loituj his 

fcet in fetten, the chain held in bia If*^ '— •■ " ^- — "■ ' — ' '" *'-- 


a left hand. Motto— Furth fortune, and fill the 

The family of Murray derive* ita omfin 
ftom John nc MoB*vii, who was sberin of 
Perthshire 1S19, and d. IMS. Hia grand- 

aon, air WiLLitH de Mobavi*, wasone of the 
Magnalti Scoliir aummoned to Berwick by king 
Edward 1. 1't9t; and by marriage with Ada, 
da. of Malise, aeneacbal ofStrathem, ao([uired 
the lands of Tullibardin, of which hta da- 
•cendanta were denominated baiona. ) 

Sir Jou^ Murray, of Tullibardin, was , 
created lonl Murraj, of Tullibardin, 1604, 1 
and earl orTullibanhn, 1606. His ion Wil- | 
LIAH having n. Dorathea, da. and h. of John 
Stewart, earl of Atholl, surrendered the 
earldom of Tullibardin in favour of hia brother 
Patrick, on the death of whose bod Jamea in 
1670, it reverted again to the Atholl line. 

John, lat earl of AthoU of thia family, 
only ion of William, tA car] of Tullibardin, 
by Dorothea Stewart, m. Jean, da. of air 
Duncan Campbell, of Ulenorcby, and d. June 
164«, leaving iaaue by her, 

John, Sd earl, succeeded to the earldom 
of TullilMrdin, of which he waa 5th earl, on 
the death of his cousin Jumea, 1670; created 

man^DeBi of Atholl 17 Feb. 1676 ; m. Amelia- 
Sophia, only da. (who left issue) of Jamea 
Stanley, 7th earl of Derby, who had, in 
1618, been summoned to parliament aa baron 
Strange, and had iaaue, 

1. JoHN.latduke. 

(. CiuRLia, created earl of Dunmore (an 
lAol titU). 

3. Jahes.ii. and had iaaue, 

4. WiLUAH, who became lord Nairn (xe 
thai HtU). 

5. Kdward, m. and bad iaaue. 

6. Aheua, m. Hugh, 10th lord Lovat. 
The marqueai d. 6 May 1703, and was auc- 
ceeded by his eldest son, 

JOHN, td manguesa, K.T. created, SO 
July 1703, duke of Alkoll, and marqum of 
7ulli6an(in, m. lat, Catherine, da-of WUliam, 
duke of Hsmiltoa, and by her had iaaue, 

1. John, colonel in the Dutch aervice, slain 
at Malplaquet 1709. 

t. William, mafquesa of Tullibardin, at- 
tainted in 1716, and being taken in the rebel- 



lion of 1745y was imprukmed in the Tower, 
where hed. unm. 
9. James, 9d duke. 

4. Chabuu, d, 1720. f. p. 

5. GioBOKy m. Ameum, only sorviTing child 
and h. of James Momj, of Glencane and 
Stiowan ; was lieat.-gen. of the Pretender's 
army in 1746. attainted, and d, in Holland, 
11 Oct. 1760, leaying issue, 

1. John, who became 3d duke. 

2. James, major-gen. d. unm. 1794. 

3. George, noe-admiral of the white, m. 
Wilhelmina. da. of Thomas, 5th lord 
King, and d. S8 Dec 1795, <. o. 

4. Amidia, m. 1st, John, 8th lord Sin- 
dair, and Sdlr, James Farquharson, 
eaq, and d. 24 April 1779. 

5. Cnarkitte, d. unm, 1773. 

6. Basil, d. youn^. 

7. SusAif, M. William, earl of Aberdeen. 
The duke m. Sdljr, Maij, da. of William, lord 
Boss, by whom (who d. 1763^ he had issue, 

8. John, a gen. and ool, ot the 4Sd foot, m. 
13 Sept. 1753, Miss Dalton, of Banner Cross, 
CO. York, and d, 18 Mi^ 1787, leaving issue 
by her, (who d. 96 May 1765,) 

A da. m. 1782, Edward Fozlow, esq. who 
took the name of Murray. 

9. Edwabd, fl». and left issue, 

John, dean of Killaloe, in Ireland, who 
». Elisabeth, da. of William Murray, 
4th earl of iJunmore, and d. t5 June 
1790, leaving 
Two das. 

10. Frbobrics, R.N. d. tifim. 

11. Mary, m. James, 6th earl of Findlater 
sod Seafield. 

The duke <£• 14 Nov. 1734, and was suc- 
ceeded by his 3d son. James, on whom, on 
the attainder of his elaer brother William, in 
1715, the title had been settled by act of par- 

JAMES, 2d duke, K.T. was a colonel of 
the 3d foot-guards. On the death of James, 
loth earl ofUerhy, in 1735, his grace became 
Hole h. to the body of James, 7th earl of 
I>erby, baron Stranee, and, as such, claimed 
and was allowed the barony of Strange, 
created by the writ of summons to the saia 
earl in 1638. His ^race m. 1st, Jane, sister 
of sir John Frederick, hart and widow of 
James Lannoy. es^. by whom (who d. 13 
Jane 1748) he had issue, 
1. A SON, d. an infant. 
3. Jean, m. John, earl of Crawford, and 
d. 1747, 1. p. 

3. Charlotte, who was only surviving 
child, m, her cousin, John, 3d duke. 

The duke m. Sdly,. Jean, da. of John 
Dnimmond, of Meg^ginch, by whom (who 
sorrived him, and re-m. lord Adam Gordon, 
4ch son of Alexander, 3d duke of Gordon) he 
bid no issue. His grace d. 8 Jan. 1764, when 
the barony of Strange descended to his only 
surviving da. ; and his Scots titles devolved 
on his nephew, 

JOHN, 3d duke. K.T. son of lord George 
Murray, 5th son of the 1st duke of AthoTl, 
who, on his uncle's death, claimed the tides ; 
when. 7 Feb. 1764, the house of lords re- 
Mlved. '< That the petitioner hath a right to 
the titles, hoooiifs, and dignities of Duke of 

AthoUf Marqusuof TuUibardiUf EarlofStmth- 
toy and StrathaTdalty ViMCOunt Baiauhidir^ 
GUnalmondy and Glenlyony Barcn Murray, 
Baboennky and Gaslc, claimed by his petition ;'* 
m. 33 Oct. 1753, Charlotte, only surviving 
child of his uncle, James, 3d duke of Atholl, 
on whose death, in 1764, her ladvqhip suc- 
ceeded to the sovereienty of the Isle of^Man, 
and to the English oarony of Strange. In 
1765^ an act of parliament passed for pur- 
chasmg the Isle of Man, by a contract be- 
tween the lords of the treasury and the duke 
and duchess of Atholl, which island had been 
granted by king Henry IV. in 1406, to sir 
John de Stanley, knt. whose successors pos- 
sessed the same till 1736^ when it devolved 
on the duke of Atholl, bemg heir of the line. 
His majesty and Uie parlian^t agreed to pay 
£70,000 for all their graces' interest and pri- 
vileges in the island, reserving to them the 
landed property with all their rights in and 
over the soil, with courts baron, rents, ser- 
vices, and other incidents to such courts be- 
longnnf , &c. together with the patronage of 
the Dishopric, and other ecclesiastical bene- 
fices in the iuand, on payment of 101/. 15«. 
lid. per annum, and rendering two falcons 
to the kings ana queens of England, his ma- 
jesty's successors, on the days of their respec- 
tive coronations. The money was directed 
to be laid out and invested in the purchase of 
an inheritance in Scotland, and to be un- 
alienably entailed on a certain series of heirs. 
On the death of the duke of Ancaster. her 
grace was one of the claimants of the nere- 
aitary office of great high chamberlain of 

His grace had issue, 

1. John, 4th duke. 

3. James, 6, 1757, d. 1770. 

3. George, 6. 1759. d. an infant. 

4. George, D.D. o. 30 Jan. 1761, conse- 
crated bishop of St. David's 20 Dec. 1800, 
m. 18 Dec. 1780. Anne-Charlotte, da. of lieut.- 
aen, Francis Grant, brother of sir Ludovick 
Grant, of Grant, hart, and d. 3 June 1803, 
leaving issue, 

1. John, R.N. 6. 33 Oct 1783, d. Nov. 

3. George^ D.D. consecrated, in April 
1813, Dishop of Sodor and Man, and 
1837, bishop of Rochester, 6. 10 June 
1784, m. 7 May 1811, Sarah-Maria, da. 
of Robert, 9th earl of Kinnoul, and 
has issue, 
1. Anna-Maria, 6. 11 Feb. 1813, d. 

37 Feb. 1814. 
3. Harriet, 6. 8 Feb. 1813, m. 37 
Aug. 1835, George-Charles, earl of 
Brecknock, only son of marquess 

3. Caroline-Sophia, 6. 10 July 1814, 
m. 7 Aug. 1834, sir John Mor- 
daunt, bart. 

4. Frances-Sarah, ft. 5 Aug. 1815, d. 
an infant. 

5. Augusto, ft. 18 March 1817. 

6. George-Edward, ft. 1 Sept. 1818. 

7. Francis-Henry, ft. 7 June 1830. 

8. Louisa-Jane, fr. and d. 1831. 

9. Mary-Louisa, ft. Oct. 1833. 

10. Sarah-Maria, ft. 1835. 



11. Robert-Hay, b. Sept. 1826. 

12. Eleanor-Marg^aret, 6. 8 April 

13. Herbert-Harlej, b, 4 Nov. 1829. 

14. Frederick-William, 6. 8 May 

3. Charlotte-Sophia. 6. 2 May 1785, m. 
16 June 1812, the rev. Townsheod 
Selwyn, prebendary of Gloucester. 

4. Charles. 6. 10 Nov. 1786, d, at Su- 
matra, Nov. 1807. 

5. Caroline-Leonora, 6. 17 June 1788, 
m. Henry-Stephen, 3d earl of II- 

6. Louisa-Anne, b. 29 May 1790, m. 30 
Nov. 1815, sir Robert Frankland- 
Russell, bart. 

7. Emily -Matilda, 6. 30 April 1795, maid 
of honour to her majesty. 

8. Edward, in holy orders, 6. 5 Nov. 
1798, m. 14 Feb. 1822, Kuperta, da. 
and h. of sir Georf^e Wright, bart. and 
has issue, 

1. Augustus-George-Emest, 6. 14 
March 1823. 

2. Louisa - Ruperta, b. 13 March 

3. Charles- Edward, 6. 12 May 1825. 

4. Emma. 

9. Henry, d, young. 

10. Henry, 6. 1 Feb. 1800, m. 19 Dec. 
1826, Catherine, 3d da. of Henry 
Otway, of Stamford Hall, oo. Lei- 
cester, esq. and the baroness Braye, 
and d. 25 Nov. 1831. 

5. William, 6. 20 March 1762, m. 14 June 
1789, Mary-Anne, da. of J. Hodges, of Ma- 
sulipatnam. and d. 29 Dec. 1796, leaving issue 
by her, (who d. 28 May 1827,) 

1. James- Arthur, capt. R.N. 6. 25 March 
1790. m. 1st, 3 Dec. 1822, Harriet, da. 
of William Coupland, of Shrewsbury, 
esq. by whom (who d. 29 July 1829) 
he had issue, 

1. Harriet-Coupland, 6. 26 Sept. 

2. Wiliiam-AthoU, b. 8, d. 21 Aug. 

3. Mary- Ann-Catherine, 6. 22 June, 
d, 4 Aug. 1824. 

4. A son, b. 23 Aug. 1828. 

Capt. Murray m. 2dly, 3 Majr 1838, 
Julia^ da. of John Delme, of Iu%ham, 
CO. Hants, esq. and has issue, 

5. A da. 6. 1 Apnl 1839. 

2. Maiy-Anne, 6. 28 April 1791. 

6. Henry, 6. 13 June 1767, m. 8 Dec. 1786, 
Elizabeth, da. of Richard Kent, of Liverpool, 
esq. and a. 3 Dec. 1805, leaving issue, 

1. Richard, lieut.-col. in the army, m. 
1st, June 1811, Catherine, da. of John- 
Joseph Bacon, esq. and by her (who 
d. 30 April 1817) had issue, 

1. Elizabeth- Anne, 6. May 1812. 

2. Emily-Maria, 6. 19 April 1814. 

3. Heniy, b. 6 April 1815. 

He m. 2dly,18l9, Margaret, da. of WU- 
liam Tennison, esq. and has issue, 

4. Richard, b, 1820. 

2. Charlotte- Wilhelmina, m. Ist, 9 Aug. 
1808, William Scott, esq.; and 2dly, 

2 Jan. 1825, Samuel Hibbert, esq. 

3. Mona-Elizabeth. 

4. Amelia-Jane, m. Oct. 1829, gen. sir 
John Oswald, of Dnnikear, N. B. 

5. Catherine-Maria, d. unrn, 31 May 

6. Henriana-Matilda, 6. 1805, m. 7 June 
1831, rev. Thomas-Gerard Leigh. 

7. Charles, dean of Booking, in Essex, 
b. 21 Oct. 1771. m. 15 June 1793, AUcia 
Aynsley, of Little Harle Tower, co. North- 
umberland, on which occasion he took, by 
royal sign manual, the surname of Aynsley 
only ; he d. 5 May 1806, leaving issue by her, 
(who (2. 18 June 1813,) 

1. Charlotte, 6. 8 April 1794, m. 28 June 

1812, gen. sir John Oswald, of Duni- 
kear, G.C.B. and d. 22 Feb. 1827. 

2. John, 6. 2 June 1795, m. 24 June 
1820, Emma, da. of l^muel Peach, 
esq. of Tockington, oo. Gloucester, ana 
has issue, 

1. Charles, b. 21 Sept. 1821. 

2. James- AthoU, 6. 18 June 1823. 

3. John-Cmger, 6. 21 Feb. 1825. 

4. George-mrbert^. 4 Sept. 1826. 

3. Charles ; 4. George-Edward ; both d. 

5. Athol-Keturah- Murray, b. 22 July 
1801, m. 5 June 1826, the rev. air 
Herbert Oakeley, bart. prebendary of 
St. Paul's. 

6. Elizabeth-Anne-Murray, b. 30 Oct. 

7. Charies-Edward-Murray, 6. 1806, d. 

1813. ' 

8. Charlotte, 6. 2 Aug. 1754, d, tinm. 4 
April 1808. 

9. Amelia, b. 3 July 1763, m. 1st, Thomas- 
Ivie Cooke, esq. : and 2dly, 2 July 1796, sir 
Richard Gamon, oart. 

10. Jane, b. 2 Dec. 1764, m. 8 Aug. 1785, 
John-Grosset Muirhead, esq. 

11. Mary, 6. 12 Jan. 1769, m. 1787, rev. 
G. Martin, and d. 7 Sept. 1814. 

His grace d, 4 Nov. 1774. (leaving the 
duchess surviving, who d, 13 Oct. 1805,) and 
was succeeded by his son, 

JOHN, 4th duke, K.T. 6. 30 June 1755, 
m. Ist, 26 Dec. 1774. Jane, da. of John, 9th 
lord Cathcart, and oy her (who d, 4 Dec. 
1790) had issue, 

1. John, 5th duke. 

2. James, created, 9 July 1821, baron 
Glenlyon (see that title), 

3. Edward, b, 11 Sept. 1783, d, 19 March 

4. Robert, b, 12 Sept. 1785, d. 5 Feb. 1793. 

5. Frederick, 6. 5 Oct. 1788, d, 11 Anril 

6. Charlotte, b. 23 Oct. 1775, m. Ist, 4 
March 1797, sir John Menxies, of Castle 
Menzies, bart. (who d. 26 March 1800;) 
2dly, 28 May 1801, lear-admiral Adam Drum- 
mond, R.N. and d, 31 May 1832. 

7. Maria -Louisa, 6. 11 Dec. 1776, d, June 

8. Amelia-Sophia, 6. 5 July 1780, m. 
James, viscount Strathallan. 

9. Elizabeth, 6. 19 April 1787, m. 28 May 



1803, sir Evan-Jofan Mamj-M'GregOTy ban. 

His race m. Sdlj, 11 March 1794, Mar- 
geiT, oa. of JamM, 16th lord Forbes, and 
widow of John, lord Macleod, (son of George, 
earl of Cromartie,) and by her had issue, 

10. Catherine, b. 1795, d. 23 Jan. 1796. 

11. Chables, b. 11 March 1799, d, at Mis- 
solonghi, in Greeoe, 11 Aug. 1824. 

The duke d, 29 Sept. 1830, and was suc- 
ceeded by his eldest son, 

JOHN, present and 5th duke. 

Heir Premmvtive — Georoe-Augustfs-Fre- 
osB ICE- John, oaron Glenlyon, nephew of the 

Creatioru — Baron Strange, by writ of sum- 
mons. 1628 ; Baron Murray, of Tullibardin, 
CO. Perth, 15 April 1604; Earl of TulUbar- 
din, 1606 ; Earl of Atholl, 1 629 ; Marquess of 
AthoU, and Viscount Glenalmond. 1676; 
Duke of Atholl, Marquess of Tullibardin, 
Earl of Strathtay and Strathardale, Viscount 
Balquhidir, Lord Balvennie and Gask. 1703 ; 
Earl Strange, Baron Murray, of Stanley, co. 
Gloucester, 18 Aug. 1786. 


GEORGE EDEN, Earl of AUCKLAND, Baron Auckland, of We^t Auck- 
land, CO. Durham, Baron Eden, of Norwood, 
CO. Surrey, and Baron Auckland, in Ireland, 
Goremor-General of India, and Auditor and 
a Director of Greenwich Hospital, P.C. G.C.B. ; 
bom 25 Aug. 1784 ; succeeded his father, Wil- 
liam, the late lord, 28 May 1814. 

Arms — Gulefl, on a chevron, between three garbs 
or, banded vert, as many escallops sable. Crest 
— ^A dexter arm embowed in armour, the hand 
grasping a garb or, the upper part of the arm 
encirclea by an annulet gules. Supporters — 
Dexter, a horse guardant argent, charged on the 

breast w4th a fleur-de-lis or; tinuter, a horse argent, charged on the breast with a 

tower OTm Motto — " Si sit prudentia. * If there to prudence. 

Hu lordship's ancestor, sir Robert Eden, 
of West Auckland, represented co. Durham 
in several {MurUaments, and was created a 
bart 13 Not. 167S; m. Margaret, da. and 
sole heiress of John Lambton, esq. and d, 
March 1720, leaving, besides other issue, a 
son and heir. 

Sir John, fd barL who d, 1738, leaving an 
only child, sir Robert, 3d bart. m. 8 Slay 
17^, Marv, youngest da. of William Davison, 
of Beamish, co. Ihirham, esq. (by Dulcibella, 
da. aad sole heiress of John Morton, preben- 
dary of Durham,) and d, 25 June 1755, hav- 
ing had issue, 

1. Sir John, 4th bart. who continued the 
line of barts. at West Auckland, and was 
htbet of sir Robert Johnson-Eden, present 

S. Sir Robert, of Truir, co. Durham, 
created a bart. 10 Sept. 1766. and was grand- 
&ther of the present sir William Eden, of 

3. William, 1st lord Auckland. 

4. Thomas, deputy auditor of Greenwich 
Hospital, d. May 1805, having m. Mariana, da. 
of Arthur Jones, esq. and Yum issue, 

1. Thoauui, m. 4 Jan. 1810, Frances, da. 
of the hon. John Rodney. 

2. John, lieut-col. in the army, and C.B. 

3. Arthur, assistant comptroller of the 
exchequer, m. Frances, da. of John 
Thompson, esq. and has issue. 

4. Heniy, captain R.N. 

5. Rober^ principal collector juid ma- 
gistrate of Tinnavellv, in the East 
Indies, m. Frances, da. of Rowland- 
Egerton Warburton, esq. and has 

6. Mary-Anne, n». 1st, John Spalding, 
esq. ; and Sdly, 1 April 1819, Henry, 
lord Brougham. 

7. Dora, m. adm. sir Graham Moore, 
G.C.M.G., G.C.B. 

5. Morton, G.C.B. created baron Hen- 
ley, of Chardstock, 6. 8 Julv 1752, m. 7. Aug. 
1783, Elizabeth, youngest da. of Robert Hen- 
lejr, earl of Northineton, and sister and co- 
heiress of the last earl, and has issue {tee Lord 

6. Catherine, m. 23 Jan. 1770, John 
Moore, archbishop of Canterbury, and primate 
of all EngUnd, and d. 18 April 1818. 

7. Dulcibella, m. Matthew Bell, esq. 

8. Mary, m, Richard Richardson, D.D. 
chancellor of St. Paul's, rector of Elwick and 
Wittop Gilbert, Durham, and incumbent of 

WILUAM EDEN, Ist lord Auckland, 
eminent for his diplomatic services, was 
created baron Auckland, in Ireland, 18 Nov. 
1789, and a peer of Great Britain, by the 
title of baron Auekiandj of West Auckland, 
CO. Durham, 22 May 1793: m. 26 Sept. 1776, 
Eleanor, 2d da. of the right hon. sir Gilbert 


I. Wii.U:iM-Fiii>DERici, b. 19 Jan. 1782. 
□oe of th« I^Uen of the eich«uer, round 
drowned in th» river TtHnee M Feb. 1810. 

5. Geoioi, Sd lord. 

3. HcNRT.iI. 13 June 1794. 


b. (3 AprU 1791, d. 17 Dee, 1798, 

d. EtEtHOB-AuNE!), A. 9 Jutj 1777, M. 

Robert Hobart, 4th earl of BuckiiiEbainahire. 

6. CtTHARlKE-lllIieLL*, *. SO S^pt. 1778, 
n. Nirhnlaa VanBittvI, now lord Bexler. 

7. Eliubeth-Cuiulotte, A. ttl Much 
tTBO, m, Fraueis-Godolphiii Oabome, now 
lord Godolphin. 

8. CmoLiNi 6. e9 Jnly ITBl, «, 17 June 
1806, Arthur VuuitUtrt, of Sbotteebroke, oo. 
lierkt, esq. 

9. Masv-Louii:!, 6, 14 Sept. 1788, m. 16 
Juiie 1806, Andrew Wedderbum, esq. 

10. MiHv-DuictBELL., M S«.t.l79S,m. 
15 JuIt 1819, Charlea Drummond, e>q. 

II. IWoiTOK, d. 30 M«j 18SI. 
1«. Emilt, 

|ueen, uid vicar 

1o Julj 

. holy order*, ch 

of BBttersea, c . . . . 

15 Sept. ]8«5, Maty.e 

'i^' - . ... 

Fnucis-Edward Hurt.orAldenrailey, 
CO. Derby, esq. and hu imie, 

1. Eleinor, b. to Sept. 1836. 

3. WkUiam-George,V 19 Jan. lSt9. 

3. Henry-Johnes, b. 18 Sept. 1830. 

4. A»hley, ft. 13 Not. 1831. 

5. Emily-Dulcibella, b. 4 Not. 1638. 

6. A da. 6. 1 Dec. 1833, 

7. A son, b. b Jan. 1835. 

8. A da. fr. 14 Sept, 1836. 

9. A aon, b. S March 1838. 

10. Ason,». ?7 Dec, 1839. 
14. Fhakces, b. 16 Jan. 1801. 

liLn lordship d. Sa May 1814, and wu nic- 
ceeded bj his eldeat aurriTin^ son, 

GEORGE, the praem and 2d lord. 

Heir PnjUDipliM to tht Barmy ofAucUand 
— nil lordihip'i brother, the hou. and rev. 
RoBEBT Eden. 

Crwfton*— Baron Auckland, in Ireland, 18 
Not, 1789 ; Baroo Auckland, in Eneland, 98 
Mayl793; Earlof Auckland, 11 Dee. 1S39 ; 
Baron Eden, 11 Dec. 1839. 

Heleigb, CO. Sufford; (ont38Jan. 1B17; sncceeded his father, Oeorge-Jobn, 
late lord, 14 Jan. 1837. 

1 cberron KUln 

«i— Out I 

da. of Henry, lord Arundel], gt Wardour, 
HbA d. 1740, leaTing inus by ber, (wbo d. 
1. JAMES, 7tb earl, who d. mm. 8 Mar 

8. JOHN-TALBOT, 8tb earl, who d. 

without iuue April 1777, when the earldom 
of CasllehaTcti became extinct. 

3. Eliiibetk, n. 10 Not. 1749, Philip 
I Thickneflfle, esq. 
•?"/ ■ ,"" "'' """-'■■ . -""■—"" I 4, AUby, d. uniii. 

of a dual ooronrt or, a demi-Bwan winpt . Qn the death of John-Talbot, BIh earl of 

elevated, argent i^du^yCTOwned^gold. , Ca.tlehaTen, 1777, the barony of Audlev, 

_.. . w.„~. . . heing a barony in fee, deacended to the 

eldest ion of his siater, EUaabelh Thicknease, 

upon became 8lRt baron Audley, and hy royal 
>if(n manual, Dec. 1783, look the nuname of 
Tucbrt, and the arma of Tucbet and Audley, 
6. 4 Feb. 1758, m. Ist, 21 May 1781, EUaa- 
betb, 8dda, ofJohn-Huney DcUtbI, 8d lord 
Delaral, and by ber (wbo 4. 11 July 1785) 

1, Geobge-Jobn, ttdlord. 
t. JouH, b. 1784, killed at the battle of 
Copenhagen umi. t April IMl. 

icMoua OB AuDLET wii Summoned to 
lament among the barons, 1313, as were 
son, grandson, and rreat-grandson, Ni- 
ls, James, and Nicholas, nucceuively; 
DD the death of the laat-Dimed, 1392, with- 
iBSue, the barony derolved upon his great- 
lew, air John Tuchet, (grandson and h. of 
■liter, Jane, wbo m. sir Joho Tuchet.) 
was summoned to parliament aecoid- 
r, anno 1404. From him descended 
EORGE TUCHET, banm Audley, who, 



5. EuzABETH-SusANNAHy 6. 3 April 1782, 
m. Nov. 1806, John Cosnns, esq. 

Hu lordshif m. Sdlj, 2 May 1792, Augusta, 
relict of ool. Moorhouse, by whom he luui no 
issue ; he d. 24 Aug. 1818, and was succeeded 
by his only Buiriying son, 

GEORGE-JOHN, 22d baron Andley, b. 
Alarch 1783, m. at Brussels, 18 April 1816, 
Aune-Jane, eldest da. of sir Ross Donnelly. 
K.C.B. vioe-admiral of the red, and haa 

1. George- Edward, 23d lord. 

2. Jane- Eliza BETH, /i.Sl March 1818. 

3. John, 6. 8 Nov. 1819. 

4. WiLLiAH-Ross, 6. 23 Nov. 1821. 

5. James, 6. 11 Jan. 1825, d. 1825. 

6. Susan, b. 19 July 1826. 

His lordship d. 14 Jan. 1837, and was suc- 
ceeded by his eldest son. 

GEORGE-EDWARD, present and 23d 

Heir Presumptive — Hon. John Thicknesse- 
TucHBT, his lordship's next brother. 

Creati4m—e Jan. 1313. 



Baron of ATonmore co. Cork ; bom 21 Feb. 
1790; succeeded bis father, William-Charles, 
the late yiscount, 28 Nov. 1814 ; married, let, 
1811, Jane, da. of Thomas Booth, of Dublin, 
by whom (who d. Oct. 1821) he had issue,- 
1. BARRY-CHARLES, in the army, b. 21 

Not. 1814; 2, Sydney-Eloisa, b. 6 April 

1817; 3. Georgb-Frederick- William, b* 7 

March 1818, in the army;— 4. Mary-Au- 

ousTA, b. 18 Jan. 1820 ; 5. Adelaiob-Ma- 

TILDA, b. 26 April 1821. The viscount m. 2dly, 
1 Aug. 1822, Cecilia, da. of Charles O'Keefe, of 
Holly brook Park, co. Tipperary, esq. by whom he has issue, 6. Letitia, b, 
18 Julv 1823 ; 7. William-Charles, b. 27 Sept. 1824; 8. Louisa-Eliza- 
beth, h. 26 Sept 1827 ; 0. Cbcilia-Priscilla, b. 20 Feb. 1829 ; 10. Wal- 

tbr-Aguonby ; 11. Anne ; 12. a da. b> Sept. 1839. 

Aufs — ^Areent, three lions rampant, and a chief g^es. Crest — A Uon psMant reg^ardant 
gales. DCPPOBT2BS — ^Two lions regardant gules. Motto — *^ Renascentur." They will 
rile again. 


Thb Tisoount's great-grandfather, Francis 
Ybltkrton. fr. in 1705, m. 16 Aug. 1733, 
Elisabeth, oa. of Jonas Barry, esq. and d, 97 
March 1746, leaving issue by her, (who was 
b, 16 Not. 1717, and d. in 1804,) 

1. Barry, Ist yiscount Avonmore. 

S. Walter, m. Elisabeth, da. of Robert 
Gentleman, ot Kamtnrk, esq. and d, in 1769, 
tearing issue, an only son, 
Frands, 6. 6 May 1767. 

3. Mart. 

4. euzabcth. 

5. Charitt. 
BARRY YELVERTON, 1st Tisoount, 6. 

28 MsT 1736, was appointed attorney-general 
of Ireumd 1783, and one of his majestfr's 
most honourable priTy counsellors, lord chief 
baron of the court of exchequer in 1804, ere- 
ated lord YeherUm^ baron of ATonmore, 15 
Jnne 1796. and adranced to the dig^ty of 
▼iflcount Avpwmore 1800: m. 9 July 1761, 
Mafy Nugent, da. of William Nueent, of 
Cloiuost, CO. Westmeath, esq. and had issue, 

1. Wiluam-Charles, 9d Tisoount. 

2. Barrt, fr. 99 Not. 1763, d. May 18«4. 

3. WALTaa-AoLiONBT, 6. S6 Jan. 1772, m. 

28 Not. 1791, Cecilia, da. of George YeU 
Terton, of Belbsle, co. Tipperary, esq. and d. 
3 June 1824, leaTing issue by her, (who d, 

1. Bentinck-Wslter, of Ballew, King's 
County, b. 29 Not. 1792. m. July 1829, 
Anna-Maria- Bingham, da. of John, 1st 
lord Clanmorris. 

2. George, b, 14 Not. 1793, d. 

3. Mary-Letitia^ 6. 5 Not. 1794, m. Jnne 
1823^ James Egan, esq. 

4. Cecilia-Anna. 

5. Benjamin-Chapman^Frederick, in holy 

4. Anna-Maria, b. 28 Sept. 1775, m. John 
Bineham, 1st lord Clanmoma. 

Tne Tisoount d, 19 Aug. 1805, and was 
succeeded by his eldest son, 

WILLIAM-CHARLES, 2d Tiscount, 6. 
5 April 1762. m. 1 Sept. 1787, Maiy, eldest 
da. of John Reade, of East Cams, co. Hants, 
esq. by whom (who d. 30 May 1834) he had 

1. Mary, 6. 28 Not. 1788. 

2. Barry-Jo|in, 3d Tiscount. 

3. WiLiJAM-HaNRT, b. 5 Dec. 1791, m. 2 



Jane 18U, Eliubeth-Luc;, da. of John Mor- | Tlie Tueonnl d. 38 Nor. 1814, 
nn, esq. of Furavp, co. Cannwtlien, and c^pded by tua 
Lu iHiie, ~ ■ 

1. MuT-EliuWth. 

S. A da. i. SS Feb. 1834. 

4. Loi'isa-Saiiah,^. 16 Aug. 1795, m. 1835, I ""-vehtos, uie vucounls son. 

n-T, Andrew SajMB. Cmiiow— Baron, 15 Judp 1795; Vit 

5. AiTcusTUs, b. 19 July IH03, m. I Dm. 1800. 

BABRY-JOHN, present ud 3d 
Heir Apparent-^-The boa- 



HENEAGE FINCH, Earl of AYLESFORD, and BaroD Guernaey, F.S.A- ; 

bom 24 April 1786 ; succeeded hii falher, He- 

A^e> neage, the late earl, 21 Oct. 1S13 : married, 23 

April 1831, A ufpBtn -Sophia Greville, liater to 

the present earl of Wnrwick, and bai iuue, 

I. AvoL'STA, b. 18 Feb, 1822; % Sarah, b. 

21 June 1823 ; 3. HENEAGE, lordGutnuey, 

(.34 Dec. 1824; 4. Seyhour, 6. Dec. IB2S, 

d. 7 JuIylB27; 5. Daniel, fi. 26 April 1827; 

. 6. John-Hemky, b. 27 April 1830, d. SS 

Anna — Awent, a chevron between three griffina p«»- 
unt ubie. Crest^A griffin pauaot sable. Sip- 
n* — Dtilir, a c-riffin sable, ducallr gorged or; liniiUr, a lion, or, ducally golfed 
Mono — " Aperto virere Toto. To live in open faitb. 

For the origin of this funily, >ee tlie title 
of tViaehilKa and NoUinel^ni. 

HENF.AGE FINCH, ltd son of Heneage, 
earl of Nottingham, was entered of the Inner 
Temple for the etudy of the laws; 13 Jan. 
1678, he WM appointed solicitor-general, from 
which office he rss renared by king James 
11. 21 April 1686. In 1702, he was chosen to 
compKinent queen Anne, on the part of the 
university, on her visit to Oifoid, and in 
conaideratiou of his great merits and taledts, 
was created baron of GutrriMU, 15 March 
170!-3, and on the accession of 'George I. 96 
Oct. ]714,earlof.Jvki/'i>n2. Hem. Eliiabeth, 
da. and co-h. of air John BanVs, of Ayleaford, 
CO. Kent, bart. and by her (who d. 1743) h«i 

1. 'Heneice, adearl. 

3. Joiis, m. Eliiabeth, da. and b. of John 
SavUle, of Methley, co. York, esq. and d, 1740, 
learing issue by her (who d. SB Oct. 1767) a 

' Sarille, M.P. fbr Malum 1761 to I7ao. 

3. Henry, d. unm. 14 July 1757. 

4. Mint; 5. Marth*; 6. Essex 

all t 

7. EuuB£Tii, n. Robert Benson, lord 

8. AHNE,n.William,lstearlorDartmoutb. 

9. Francu, n. sir John Hland, bart. 

His lordship d. Si July 1719, and was suc- 
ceeded by his eldest son, 

HENEAGE, 2d earl of Ayleiford, m. \ 
Mary, da. and h. of sir Clement Fisher, of 
Packington, co. Warwick, bart. and b* her 
(who d. May 1740) had issue. ' 

1. AsBR, 6. 17 Oct. 171.% d. 5 Sept. 1793. ; 

3. M«a , 

viscount Andover, son of Hetiry-Bowes, Itlh 
earl of Suffolk. 

4. Eliubeth, b. (8 Not. 1T17, d. 19 Dec. 


5. FHANcrs. b. 4 Feb. 1720, ta. William, 
1st viscount Courtenay. 

His lordship d. 29 June 1757, and waa suc- 
ceeded by his only son, 

HENEAIIE, 3d earl, b. 6 Kov. 1715, m. 
6 OcL 1750, Charlotte Seymour, yoaniRM da. 
of Charlea, 6th duke of Somersei, (by his 
2d wife, CWloite Finch, da. of Daoiel, 6th 

'I of Wincbilsea.) and by her (who d. 15 

Feb. 1 

15) hi 

i. Chabi.ES,' b. 4 June 1753, n. S8 Dec. 
1778, Jane, eldest da. and co-it. of Walkin 
Wvnne, co. Denbigh, esq. and by her (wbo 
d. Nov. 1811) left 

1. Charles- Wynne-GHfGtb, took the sur- 
name and arms of Wynne, b. 6 Feb. 
1780, m. May 1812 Sarah, da. of the 
■«v. Henry Hildystd, of Stokeslej, co. 
York, and has issue, 

CharleS-GriStb, b. 14 June 1815, 
and other children. 
i. George-Heneage. 

3. Ja(K>,>i.«)Dec.l8f7, Thomas Cooke, 

4. Heneage, in holy oiden, chaplain to 
her majesty, and 'vicar of Oakham, CO. 

.^. Louisa, m. S3 Jan. 182t, count Am- 
brose Sl D'Aglie, Sardinian ambai<> 
saitOT in England, and d. Dec. 1B94. 



3. Wiluam-Clembnt, b, 97 May 1758, 
admiral R.N. d. 1794. having m. 2 Aug. 1789^ 
Miss Bronncker, of ue island of St. Chriato- 
pher. bj whom (who m. 2dly, WiUiam Strode, 
of Northaw, eo. Herts, and d, 6 Oct. 1813) 
he left issue. 

1. William, in holy orders, rector of 
Warboys, co. Himts^ 

2. Mary. 

3. Heneage, in holy orders. 

4. Louisa. 

4. Crajilottb, b, 13 May J 754, m. Henry 
Howard, 2d earl of Suffolk and Berkshire. 

5. Edward, b. 26 April 1756, gen. in the 
army, ooL 22d regt. of foot, and M.P. co. 
Cambridge in eight parliaments. 

6. Daniel, B.D. prebendary of Glouces- 
ter, and rector of Harpsden, co. Ozon, 6. 3 
April 1757. 

7. Seymour, 6. 11 June 1758, d, 2 Feb. 

8. Henbt-Allinoton, b, 11 March 17^, 
d. 19 Nov. 1780. 

9. Frances, b. 9 Feb. 1761, m. George, Sd 
earl of Dartmouth, K.G. 

10. Maria-Euzadeth, 6. 7 Oct. 1766, d. 
Dec. 1793. 

11. Henriktta-Constantia, b, 3 June 
1769, d. unm. 6 June 1814. 

The earl d, 9 May 1770, and was succeeded 
by his son, 

H£N£AG£, 4th earl, lord^steward of the 
household, b. 4 July 1751, m. 18 Nov. 1781, 
lady Louisa Tliynne, da. of Hiomas, let mar- 
quess of Bath, by whom (who d» 28 Dec. 
1832) he had issue, 

1. Charles, d, 18 July 1784. 

2. Charlotte, b, 31 Jan. 1785, to whom 
their majesties stood sponsors, tn. 22 Jan. 
1823, the rev. C. Palmer, of Ledbroke, co. 

3. Heneage, 5th earl. 

4. Mary, 6. 2 Aug. 1787, d. 24 July 1823. 

5. Daniel, 6, 23 Feb. 1789, barrister-at- 

6. EuzABETH, b. 22 Feb. 1790. 

7. Frances, 6. 1 Feb., 1791. 

8. Edward, in holy orders, b, 25 Feb. 
1792, d. at Ceylon 9 April 1830. 

9. John, lieut.-col. C.B. 6. 13 March 1793, 
m. 28 July 1835, Katherine, da. of Alexander 
EUice, esq. 

10. Henrietta, 6. 25 April 1794, d, 21 
April 1828. 

11. Henry, lieut. R.N. b. 28 May 1795, 
d. ttfim. at Monte Video 29 Aug. 1820. 

12. George, 6. 13 May 1798, d. 19 Nov. 

13*. Charles, 6. 18 July 1799, in holy 

14. Caroline, (twin with Charles,) d. 

15. George, 6. 10 June 1804, d. 19 Sept. 

16. Catherine, 6. 2 Feb. d. 24 March 

The earl d. 21 Oct. 1812, and was suc- 
ceeded by his son, 
HENEAGE, present and 5th earl. 

Heir Apparent — Heneage, lord Guernsey, 
the earrs son. 

Creations — Baron Guernsey, 15 March 
1702 ; and Earl of Aylesford, 26 Oct. 1714. 



CO. Meath, and a Baronet of Ireland, G.C.B. a 
Liettt.-6eneral in the Army, and Col. 1 8th foot ; 
late Governor of Lower Canada, and sometime 
A<^atant-General in Ireland ; horfi 24 May 1775; 
succeeded his father, Henry, the late lord, 22 
Oct. 1785 ; took the name and arms of Whit- 
worth, in addition to Aylmer, by royal sign ma- 
nual, 1825 ; married, 4 Aug. 1801, Louisa, 2d da. 
of sir John Call, of Whiteford, co. Cornwall, 

Arms — Quarterly : 1st and 4th, argent, a bend sable, 
and in chief a earb gules, WHrrwoRxii ; 2d and 3d, argent, a cross sable, between four 
Comiah cfaougns proper, Aylmer. Crests — 1st, out of a ducal coronet or, a ^arb gules, 
WniTWORTH ; 2d ana Sd, out of a ducal coronet or, a demi Cornish chough rising proper, 
Aylmer. Supporters — ^Two sailors habited proper, the dexter holding in his exterior 
hand a fore-staff, and the sinUter a lead line. Morro^-^teady. 

Sir Christopher Aylmer, of Balrath, co. 
Meath, was created a baronet of Ireland 1662, 
d. 1679. His 2d son, 

MATTHEW, was rear-admiral of the red, 
and was created baron Aylmer, of Balrath, co. 
M^ath, 1 Hay 1718, m. Sarah, da. to Edward 

Ellis, of the city of London, esq. and had 

1. Henry, 2d lord. 

2. Elizabetb. 

3. Lucy, m. Hueh Fortescue, esq. to whom 
she was the 2d wife, and was mother of Mat- 



their ForUicne, eaq, who mec^Mled earl Clin- 
ton, hii hslf-brother, in tlie barony of For- 
mcue, in En^^lud, t May 1771. 

Hia lordahip d. IB Aug. 1734, and wu nie- 
(veded by hi* aon, 

HENRY, id lord, n>. Elizabeth, da. of 
Henry Priestman, eiq. and by her (who J. 
Jan. 1750} had iciue, 

1. MtTTHEw, d. i Sept. 1746. 

S. Henht, 3d lord. 

3. Phiup d. 

1, M.A. in hoi* otden, prebandary 
, and vicar of St. Albu s, I.oadan, 

of Briitol, and vi 

Hw lordahip d. 9 

HENRY, 3d lord, capt. R-N. ». Aiue, 
da. of William Fearce, of Virginia, etq. and 
left i«ue by her, (who d. S4 Oct. 1766,) * da. 

Anne, n. to Mr. Tencket; and 

HENRY, 4th lord, (who alM aoceeedeil 
to the baronetcy, created in 1663, on the 
death, in 1780, of bia Idnsman, air Matthew, 
6th bart) m. 23 Feb. 1774, Catharine, Id 
aiater of Charleo, eari Whitworth, G.C.B. 
and had isiae by her, (who nna. ES Sept. 
1787, Howel Pnoe, en], and d. 9 Jan. 1B05,) 

1. M.riBFw, 5th lord, 

a. Henhy, b. 14 May 1776, d, at Fetera- 
bnrvh June 1798. 

3. Fhedesici-Wiluaii, C.B. and K.6.F. 
rear-admiral of the blae, b. IS Oct. 1777. 

4. Rwe-Whitwobth, b, 5 Oct. 1779, d. 

MATTHEW, present and 5th lord. 

Heir Prtiumptnt — FiacEaica-WiLUiM, 
hij lotdihip'a brother. 

Creslunu— Baronet of Ireland, 1662, and 
BaroD, 1 May tns. 


WILUAH BAGOT, Baron BAOOT, of B)yt]u;6eli), co. Stafford, and a Baro- 
net, D.C.L. F.A.S. and F.L.S. ; bom 11 Sept. 
1773; succeeded his fnlher William, the late 
lord, -H Oct. ITQB: nurHed, 1st, 30 Hay 1799, 
Emily Fttzroy, da. of Charles, Ist lord South- 
■mploD, by nhora (who if. S June 1800) he had 

ja,ue, 1. LouisA-B*RBARA. b. 19 April 1800, 

d. I Jan. IBOI. HU lordship m. Sdly, 17 Feb. 
1807, Loniaa Legge, eldest da. of George, 3cl 
esrl of Dartmoatb, K.G. and by her (who d. 13 

Aug. 1810) had issue, 2. Louisa-Frances, 

i.lMBrchl908.rf. 17Feb.l820; 3. Aones, 

b. 10 Aug. 1S09, tit. 8 Jsn. 1838, John-Newton 
Lane.ofKiDK'a Bromley, co. Stafford, esq. ; 

4. WILLIAM, i. 87 March 1811, M.P. for Denbighshire; S. Hervet- 

Charlbs, b. 17 Dec. 1812, in holy orders j 6. Eleanor, 4.31 Aug. 1814, 

7. Alfred-Walter, b. 4 April 1816. 

Arms — Ermine, two cherroi 
argent, armed gold. Sufi 
" Antiquum obtinena." 

Cbut — Out of a ducal coronet or, a 

WD goata argent, aimed and beaided oi 

The family of Bagat haa been aeated at 
DlytheG^ld and Bi^t'a Btomley, co. Staf- 
foni, since the Conquest: a yoimger son of 
thiahouae waa ancestor of the 8ts£irda, earla 
and barona Stafford, and dukes of Bucking- 
ham. Sir Hkrviy Bagot, of Bljlhefield, wu 
created a bait. 30 May 16J7, and that title 
descended to 

Sir W*LTEB-W*ciTAFF BAom-, 5lh hart. 
m. 17t4, Barbara, eldeatda. of William Legge, 
earl of Dartmouth, and by her (who d. 29 
Oct. 176S) had ianie, beside* two aona and a 
da. who d. infanta, 

1. W.Lu»u,latlord. 

S. CiiAni,F«, b. 1 Sept. 1730, took the sur- 
name of CMEiTzn, on the death of air Charles- 
Bagol Chester, bart, n. Catherine, da. of the 

1. Charlea, of Cbicheley, eo. Backs, b. C5 

Oct, 1770, d. 11 June 1838. 
S, Anthony, b. 5 May 1773, rf- 
9. William, in holy orders, b. 27 May 

1775, •>. and has laaoe. 

4. John, b. S Aug. 1779, ool. in the 
army, r. SophiO'Eliiabelh, da. of 
Charles Steward, esq. deceased, and 
has issue, 

I. Sophia; t. John; 3. Mary. 
4. Barbarj ; 5. Heneage. 

5. Henry, i. SB Oct, 1780, d. 
fi. Geoi^. 

r. Catherine, b. 16 Sept. 1766. 



8. Louifla, b, 18 Not. 1767, d, unm. 13 
March 1830. 

9. Barban, 6. 28 Feb. 1769, m. John 
Dmmmondy esq. who d, 28 May 1833. 

10. FmuxB, 6. 26 Oct. 1771, m. R. G. 
BraddjI, esq. 

11. Anne, 6. 21 June 1776. 

12. Manr. b. 24 June 1777, m. Robert, 2d 
.earl ot LiTerpool. 

13. Elisabeth, 6. 19 July 1778. 

14. Jane. 

3. Walter, in holy orders, rector of 
Bljthefield and Leirh, co. Stafford, 6. 2 
Nov. 1731, n». lat, 7 Sept. 1773, Anne, da. of 
William Swinnerton, esq. and d. 1806, leaving 

1. Egerton-Arden, b, 3 Jan. 1777, in holy 
orders, m. 22 Oct. 1822. Elizabeth- 
Isabella, da. of the hon. ana rev. George 
Bridgenoan. brother of Orlando, 1st earl 
of Bradfora. 

2. Walter, b. 13 Feb. 1778, d. 10 Jan. 

3. William, m. 28 Dec. 1823, Martha, 
da. of Thomas Swinnerton, of Butter- 
worth Hall, CO. Stafford, esq. 

4. Anne, b. 12 June 1774. 

5. Honora, b. 20 June 1775, m. the hon. 
and rev. Augustus-George Legge. 

6. Elizabeth, b. 25 May 1780, m. Joseph 
Phillimore, D.C.L. 

7. Louisa, m. 1804, rev. R. LevetL 

He m. 2dly. Mary, da. of — Ward, esq. 
and by her hao, 

8. Henrey, capt. R.N. d, 1816. 

9. Humfrey^ killed in India. 

10. Ralph, in holy orders. 

11. Maiy. 

12. Caroline, m. 19 Aug. 1828, Edmund- 
Robert Daniel, esq. banrister-at-law. 

13. Charlotte, m. 5 May 1830, the hon. 
and rer. William Somerville, brother 
of lord Somerville. 

14. Jane-MarKaret, m. 5 Sept. 1826, 
Edwtfd Williams, esq. bsGrnster-at- 

15. Agnes, m. 12 Oct. 1826, Farquhar 
Fraser eso 

4. RiciuaD, 6. 13 Nov. 1733, m. 25 Feb. 
1783, the hon. Frances HowanL sister to 
Henry, 12th earl of Suffolk ; an(L by royal 
ngn mannal, assumed the name ot Howard ; 
be d. 8 Nor. 1819, leaving an only da. 

Mary, 6. 9 May 1785, m. 9 July 1807, 
the hon. Fulke-GrenUe Upton, son of 
Clotworthy, lord Templetown, who 
therenpon took the name of Howard. 

5. Lewis, i).D. dean of Chiist Church, 
Oxford, and Icffd bishop of St. Asaph, 6. 1 Jan. 
1740. and d, June 1802, havine m. Marv, da. 
of Edward Hay. brother to Thomas, 6th earl 
of Kiononl, which ladr d. 17 Aug. 1799. 

6. BiaBAaA, at. Ralph Sneyd, of Keel, oo. 
Stafford, esq, 

7. Amne, d. tcnm. 30 Dee. 1812. 

8. Jane, d, unm. Nov. 1816. 

9. EuzABETH, d. nam. 7 July 1821. 

10. MAaiA, m. Bowland Wingfield, esq. d, 
21 Match 1813. 

11. HARBirr, d. ttMSi. 25 Jan. 1825. 

$ir Walter dying 28 Jan. 1768, was succeeded 
a» hart, by hV son, 
WILLIAM BAGOT, croated boron Bagot, 

of Blythefield, 17 Oct. 1780, 6. 20 Feb. 1728, 
m. 20 Aug. 1760, Louisa St. John, onlv sur- 
viving da. of John. 2d viscount Bolingbroke, 
and by her (who d. 2 Feb. 1820) had issue, 

1. Edward, d. 1773. 

2. Louisa, 6. 30 Sept. 1764, m. 9 May 
1786, her first cousin, Walter Sneyd, of Keel, 
00. Stafford, esq. and d. his widow 7 May 

3. Walter, d, 1773. 

4. Barbara,- d. 1773. 

5. William, 2d lord. 

6. Hervey^ d. young. 

7. Henrietta, d. 1^7. 

8. Right hon. sir Charles, P.C. G.C.B. 
sometime minister plenipotentiary to the court 
of the Netherlands, b. 22 Sept. 1781, m. 22 
July 1806, Mary, eldest da. of lord Mary^ 
borough, brother of Arthur, duke of Welling- 
ton, K.G. &c. and of Kichard, marquess 
Wellesley, K.G. &c. and has issue, 

1. Louisa-Catherine, 6. 25 April 1807, d. 
9 June 1824. 

2. Charles, 6. 20 May 1808, in the army. 

3. Emily-Ueorgiana, b. 9 July 1809, m. 
15 Feb. 1837, George- William, earl of 

4. Caroline-Mary, b. 1 June 1812. 

5. Arthur-Berkeley, 6. 19 March 1814, d. 
20 April 1825. 

6. Henrietta-Maria, b. Sept. 1815, m. 27 
Aug. 1833, Henry, earl of Uxbridge. 

7. Georgiana-Augusta, 6. 2 Sept. 1818. 

8. George-Talbot, 6. 14 April 1820. 

9. Alexander, 6. 1822. 

10. Wilhelmina-Frederica, 6. 11 March 

9. Richard, in holy orders, rector of 
Blythefield and Leigh, co. Stafford, conse- 
crated bishop of Oxfora 1829, dean ot Canter- 
bury, chancellor of the order of the garter, b, 
22 Nov. 1782, m. 21 Dec. 1806, Harriet Vil- 
liers, youngest da. of Bussy, 4th earl of 
Jersey, and has issue, 

1. Edward, 6. 4 Jan. 1806, in the array, 
aide-de-camp to sir Alexander Wood- 
ford, at Gibraltar. 

2. Henry, b. 12 July 1810. 

3. Charles-Walter, 6. 11 Feb. 1812. 

4. Lewis-Francis, 6. 13 July 1813. 

5. Harriet- Frances, 6. July 1816, m. 18 
July 1837, the rer. lord Charles 
Thynne, son of Thomas, 2d marquess 
of Bath. 

6. George, 6. 5 May 1818, in the army. 

7. Frances-Caroline, 6. 20 Oct. 1819. 

8. Richard, 6. 21 Feb. 1821, and d. 6 
Jan. 1840. 

9. Frederick. 6. April 1822. 

10. Emily-Mary, 6. 9 Oct. 1823. 

11. Mary. 

10. Framces, 6. 9 Nov. 1785, m. 22 May 
1805, lieut.-gen. the hon. sir Edward Paget, 
G.C.B. 4th son of Henry, 1st earl of Ox- 
bridge, and d. 30 May 1806. 

His lordship dying 22 Oct. 1798, was suc- 
ceeded by his son, 

WILLIAM, prosent and 2d lord. 

Heir y^pparent— WiLUAM, his lordship's 
eldest son. 

Creati<m«^Baronet, 30 May 1627 ; Baron 
Bagot, 17 Oct. 1780. 


JAMES UNBSAY, Eabl of BALCARRES. co. Fife, and Lord LindMy, of 
Balonrres, Lord Lindany aad Batniel ; Baron 
^ Wigao, of Haiffb Hall, co. Lanceiter, id the 
Peera)^ of the United Kingdom ; bom 24 Aug. 
1784; succeeded bit father, Alexander, )ate 
enri, in hii Scotch lilies, 27 March }SQ5; created 
Baron Wigan lb26; ntarrieH, 21 Not. 181[, 
Maria-Mnrgaret-Frances, only da. of John 
Pennington, 1st lord Muncaster, and has issue, 
FORD, lord Lindtay. b. 16 Oct. 1812; 2. 

J4HES, b. 35 Aug. 1616, in the army;— -3. 
Charles- Hugh, b. 11 Not. IS16, in the amy ; 

4. Maria, 4. 3 Ang. 1818. d. young ; 6. Colin, 6. 8 Dec. 1819. 

Arh! — Quuterlj: In and 4tli, gulea, a feme cbrsjuy argent and unre, Lindsav; Sd and 
3d, or, a lion mnpaot ^le«, debnuAed b; > ribbon uble, Arekneiuv. The whole 
within a bordure uure aemte of mulleti ar^at. Crest — A tent, proper. SuppoaTRRs 
— Two lioEU sejant {fuardanl gulea, each Rorged irith a plain collar aiure, charged with 
three mulled arfrenC. Motto — " Aatra eastra, Numen lumen," The stan my camp, 
the Deitj mj li^t. 

Thr ftmilj of Lindsay ia of great antiquity 
in Scotland, where it hai spread into nu- 
meroiu bmncfaea. The earldom of CravloRl, 

Biitasmt ii 

, from Wall 

Lindvy, 3d son of Alexander, U earl of Ci 

ford ; and the whale male dnoendants of the 
two eldeat Rons of that earl having Ailed. 
David, 7th earl of Craw&rd, having been 
barharoosly treated by his sons, diBinherited 
them, aad settled his title and eatRte on air 
Dorii LindMaii, of Ediell, greRt-gTRndaoa of 
Waller above mentioned, who conspquently 
becRme the 8th earl of Crawford ; but, oot- 
withatanding he had seveml soni, and one of 
them ancentor of the earl of Baiearrti, the 
generoaiif of his diaposition indnced him to 
make r settlement of the hoDOurs and eatale 
on the righlfui heir in blood, David grandson 
of the 7t£ earl, r«erring to himself during 
hia life only, the title of earl of Crawford, and 
a competent provision out of the eatale, to 
support him according to his rank. He ex- 

Eressly conditioned, that, in failure of the 
piTR male of the body of^ David, above men- 
tioned, who, in virtue of that settlement, 
became 9th earl of Crawford, the honours 
and eaute should revert to the deacendants of 
his own body, as next heirs male. Ludmriek, 
14th earl of Crawford, having engsKed on 
the aide of Un^ Charles I. in the civil wars, 
was taken prisoner, and condemned to be 
executed, by the parliament of Scotland ; 
by whom his title and estate* were conveyed 
to John, earl of LiWmif, lord high ' 

of Scotland, a remote branch of the Gnnily, 
which were descended from the principal 
stock, previoos to their creation as earls of 
Crawford. The earlof Lindsay,beingdoubl- 
fiil of the validity of this grant by parliameDI, 
entwed into a contract with the earl of 
Crawford, then in prison, under sentence of 
death, to whom he gave assurancea of savin); 
him Irom the hands of the piecutioner. By 
this transaction, Crawford agreed to resign 
bis title in favour of Lindsay, reaerving that 
the resignation should not take effect in the 
event of his leaving issue male of hiR ovm 
body. On his death, vcithont issue, the earl 
of Lindsay became, accordingly, 15th earl 
of Crawford ; and thus the succession waa 
I conveyed away from the legitimala heira 
I male. The male hne of his body failed in 
I ('n>r^,tOtb carl ofCrawfonL whoi'. without 
issue inl 808. 

Sir DtviD LrNAstT, of Balearrea, (nand- 
Boo of John Lindsay, ad son of David, 
Sth earl of Crawford, above named,) was 
served heir to John, his father 19 May 1601 : 
when king Charles 1. vialted Scotland, he waa 
advanced to the dignity of the peerMP by the 
title of lord Lindiay, of Baloanwi ff June 
1633; Di. Sophia Seton, da. of Aleiander, 
lit par) of Dunfermhne, lord chancellor of 
ScotlRnd, and had issue, 

1. ALEXtNDER,Sdlord. 

!. David, d. T April 1650. 

3. Sophia, ih. sir Robert Mnnay, (justice 
clerk frmn 1660 to 1663,) and d. Jan. 1653, 

4. Isabel, m. Thomas Boyd, of Pinkhill, 
CO. Ayr. 

His lordship d. March 1641, and vraa suc- 
ceeded by hia son. 



ALEXANDER, 2d lord, who was. 1651, 
created ewl ofBalearres ; m. Anne Mackenzie, 
da. and co-heireas of Colin, Ist earl of Sea- 
forth, and had issue, 

1. Chables, 2d earl. 

2. CouN, 3d earl. 
5. ANNE,d. a nun in France. 

4. Sophia, m. the hon. capt. Charles Camp- 
bell, Sd son of Archibald, 9th earl of Argyll. 

5. Henrietta, m. sir Duncan Campoell, 

His lordship d. 30 Aug. 1659, and was suc- 
ceeded by his son, 

CHARLES. 2d aurl, who d. tcnm. 1662, and 
was succeeded by his brother, 

COUN, 3d earl, m« Ist, Mauritia, da. of 
Louis de Nassau, count D'Auverquerque, 
(natural son of Maurice, prince of Orange,) 
bj whom he had no surviving issue ; 2dly, 
Jane, eldest da. of David Carnegie, 2d earl of 
Northesk, by whom he had a da. 

1. Anne, m. Alexander, 3d earl of Kellie. 
His lordship m. 3dly^ Jean, only da. of 
William Ker, 2d earl or Roxburgh, by whom 
he had, 

2. Maroabet, m. John, 6th earl of Wig- 

He m. 4thly, Margaret, da. of James 
Campbell, 2d earl of Loudoun, by whom he 
had issue, 

3. Alexander, 4th earl. 

4. James, 5th earl. 

5. Eleanor^ m. James Fraser, of Lonmiay, 
3d aon of William, lord Saltoun. 

6. Euzabeth, d. unm. 

The earl d. 1722, and was succeeded by his 
eldest son, 

ALEXANDER, 4th earl, d. 1740, with- 
out issue, and was succeeded by his brother, 

JAMES, dth earl, b. 14 Nov. 1691 ; m. 24 
Oct 1749, Anne, da. of sir Robert Dalrymple, 
of Castkton, knight, and by her (who a. Dec. 
18S0) had issue, 

1. Anne, 6. 8 Dec. 1750, m. 31 Oct. 1793, 
Andrew Bernard, eso. secretary to the colony 
of the Ctme of Gooa Hope^ son of Thomas 
fienuird, D.D. bishop of Xomerick, and d. 6 
May 1825. 

2. Alexander, 6th earl. 

3. Margaret, b. 14 Feb. 1753, m. Ist, 20 
Jane 1770, Alexander Fordyce. esq. of Lon- 
don, banker; and 2dly, 8 Sept. 1812, sir 
James Bland-Burges, hart. d. Dec. 1814. 

4. Robert, fr. 25 Jan. 1754, m. 25 Nov. 
1788, Elisabeth, da. of sir Alexander Dick, of 
Prestonfield, oo. Edinburgh, bart. and d. 10 
May 1836, leaving issue, 

1. James. lieut.-col. 1st guards, m. 1st, 
16 Feb. 1819, Mary-Anne, da. of 
Francis Grant, esq. ; and 2dly, 2 April 
1823, Anne, da. of sir Coutts Trotter, 
bart. by whom he has issue. 

1. Sir Coutts Lindsay, bart. ft. 2 
Feb. 1284, succeeded his grand- 
fi^er, sir Coutts Trotter, bart. 
pursuant to the limitation of the 
patent {tee Debrttt*t Baronetage), 

2. Margaret, ft. 31 Dec. 1824. 

3. Elisabeth- Alice, ft. 5 May 1826. 

4. Celis-Jane, ft. 6 April 1828, d. 7 
Sept. 1892. 

5. Bury-Anne, ft. 6 June 1829. 

6. Robert, ft: 16 April 1832. 

2. A^ander, in the civil service of the 
East India Company in Bengal, d. 17 
Nov. 1821. 

3. Robert, m. 2 Aug. 1824, Frances, da. 
of sir Robert Henderson, bart. ana has 

4. Wilham-Duff, d. Dec. 1813. 

5. Colin. 

6. Charles. 

7. Mary, m. 8 Nov. 1815, Charles-Mait- 
land Christie, esq. 

8. Anne. 

9. Cecilia, m. 30 July 1821, J. Head, esq. 

10. Elizabeth. 

5. Colin, ft. 5 April 1755, brig.-gen. in the 
army, d. unm, at Belvidere, in Grenada, 22 
March 1795. 

6. James-Stair, ft. 16 Dec. 1758; he com- 
muided the grenadier company 73d regt. of 
foot, in the engagement witn the French and 
Mahrattas, at Cuddalore. 13 June 1783, when 
he was mortally wounoed storming the re- 
doubts of that place, and d, of his wounds at 
Cuddalore, unm, 

7. W^iLLiAM, ft. 21 Nov. 1759, lost in get- 
ting into a boat from the Priam East India- 
man, 1785. 

8. The right rev. Charles- Dalrymple, 
D.D. ft. 14 Dec. 1760, lord bishop of Kildare, 
m. 1st, 1 Jan. 1790, Elizabeth, only da. of 
Thomas fVdell, esq. and by her (who d, 7 Feb. 
1797) had issue, 

1. Charles, in holy orders, archdeacon 
of Kildare, ft. 12 Oct. 1790, m. 28 Sept. 
1819. Jane, da. of Owsley Rowley, esq. 
and nas issue, 

Caroline-Frances, ft. 8 Dec. 1821. 

2. Elizabeth-Frances, m. sir Compton 
Domville, bart. ana d. 10 Aug. 1812. 

3. Thomas, killed at the battle of Vit- 
toria 21 June 1813. 

4. Philip- Yorke, d. at the Cape of Good 
Hope Oct. 1833, having m, and had 

1. Elizabeth: 2. Helen. 

3. Charles-Philip. 
His lordship m. 2dly, Catherine, da. of George 
Coussmaker, esa . and has issue, 

5. George-Hayward, m. 3 Sept. 1828, 
Mary-Catherine, da. of the hon. coL 
Wilkam-John Gore, and sister to thp 
earl of Arran, and has issue, 

1. Arthur- Alexander, ft. 20 August 

2. Henry-Gore, ft. 26 Aug. 1830. 

3. A da. ft. 6 Oct. 1831. 

4. A son, ft. 7 Dec. 1832. 

5. A son, still-bom. May 1834. 

6. HeniT. 

9. John, ft. 15 May 1762, late major and 
lieut.-col. 71st regt. of foot. m. 2 April 1800. 
Charlotte North, youngest oa. of Frederick, 2a 
earl of Guilford, K.G. and d. 6 March 1826. 

10. Elizabeth, ft. 11 Oct. 1763, m. Philip, 
3d earl of Hardwicke. K.G. 

11. Hugh, marshal to the admiralty, ft. 30 
Oct. 1765. m. 14 Jan. 1799, Jane, 2d da. of 
the hon. Alexander Gordon, lord Rockville, 
4th son of William, 2d earl of Aberdeen, (by 
Anne, dowager countess of Dumfries and 
Stair,) and has issue, 


1. Hugb, i. 1« Aug. 180S. 

2. Anne, b. 15 June 1800, n. 16 Oct. 
Igir, sir Edmand Antrobiu, of An- 
trabus, 00. Chester, bart. 

The evl <{. 30 Feb. 1768, ud wu mcteeded 
br hi* loii, 

ALEXANDER, 6th eul,6. 18 Jui. 1753 ; 
n. 1 June 1780, Eliubetb, only child of bii 
mM«niil uncle, Charle* Dabjinple, of North 
Berwick (bj £liub«th, onlr do. and beirpM 
of John Edwin, ttq. and EUubelh bii wife, 
eldMt da. of tir RoKer BrwUhaw, of the 
Hugh, CO. Luiculer, bart. which etute, □□ 
failure at the male Una of the Bradahaw 
(amilj, deaeended to tbe coualeM of Bal- 
cairei.) By tbii lad; (wbo d. 10 Aug. 181<i> 
the earl had iiiue , 

I. J*HXB, 7tbearl, 

(. CH.tRLU'Rt)BEBT, oolicctof of gorem- 
menl ciutomi at A^ra in the EaM ladiea, b. 
30 Aug. 1734, m. at Madna, 13 Feb. 1814, 

Eliiahelh, da, of Thr 'f -'n:-- -r- 

eaq. and d, 

1, Flon.-Etiubptb-Heathcote, b.Ii 

1. Eliiabedt-Paltjinple, ^ S Jtme 

3. Aleiina-Niabet, b. 16 Oct. IBSt. 

4. CatberiDe-Hepburn, b. 14 Dec. 1B33. 

5. Maiy-Aonp-Agnew, 6. 16 3ep(. 1825, 
d. 7 Feb. 1837. 

6. Hugh-Barlow b. «1 March 1833. 

3. Richard, b. 9 Manh 17B6. 

4. Edwin, (twin with Richard,) in the 
miticuT KTrice of the Eut India Company. 

5. Eliza BETH -Keith, b. 9 Sept. 1781, n. 
18 Jan. 1815, Richard- Edenaor Healhoote, of 
Longton Hall, co. Stafford, eaq. and d. 15 
Aug. 1845. 

6. AsNB, *. 18 April 1787, m. 15 March 
1811^ RobertWardlaw-Raiiue7,ofBalgBrvie, 
CO. Fife, eaq. 

The earl d. tT March 1825, and wa* anc- 
oeeded W h>a eldest aon, 

JAMES, preaent and Tlh earl. 

Htir Appartnt — At.axiNnEB - Wiluiim- 
CpAwroRD, lardLiH|wtY,bi>lordahip'a eldeat 

CrMfiiHu — Lord Lindsay, 27 Jane 1633, 
and Earl of Balearrea, oo. Fife, and Lord 
Lindaay and Balniel, 9 Jan. 1650-1, Soota 
honoun ; Baron Wigan, in the Peerage of 
the United Kingdom, 1836. 


JAMES BERNARD, Earl of BANDON, Viscount Bernard, and Viscount a))d 
BaroD BandoD, one of the RepreaetitatiTe Peera 
for Ireland; 6ortt 14 June 1785; (ucceeded bis 
father, James, late earl, 26 Not. 1830; married, 
13 March 1809, MBTy-Susau-Albinia Brodrick, 
eldeal da. of ihe honourable and right rer .Charles 
Brodrick, archbishop of Cashell, next brother to 
George, 4tb viscount Midleton, and by ber btta 

isaue* 1. FRANCIS, viieotatt Bernard, b. 3 

Jan. 18tU, m. 16 Auk. 1B32, Catherine- Haiy, 
eldest da. of Tbomas Whitmore, of Apley, co, 
Salop, esq. and baa issue, a da. b. 2 Aug. 1837 ; 

■ 2. Charles- Brodrick, b. 4 Jan. 1811, in 

holy orders; 3. Henrv-Boyle, b. fl Feb, 

1812, barrister-at-law } 1. Cathahine-Hbnrietta, b. 11 Not. 1813; 6. 

Jambs, b. II June, d. 7 Not. 1816. 

A am — Argent, oi 

holding a (nake proper, otipi 
dually oolUred and chained or; itnul 
tufted, and ducally collared and chained or 
Tirtua will floorii}). 

.ncu BiRHAHO, of Caatle Mahon, b. 
(deaceaded from an ancient family of 
^ origin,) was appointed solicitor-gene- 
Ireland by queen Anne 3 July 1711 ; 
•ei^eant 36 Jan. 1734; and ajudge of 
irl of common pleaa 30 June 1736. 
in the fint parliament of William and 
5 Oct. 1692, for Cloghnakilly, and was 
I represents tire for Bandon 37 Aug. 
he n. 28 Feb. 169^, Alice, eldeat da. of 
Ludlow, eaq. ancestor of the earts 
(and grandson of sir Henry Ludlow, 

UoTTih— " Virtus probata florel 

igulni, crined, 
•bit" ProTed 

). Wilts, by Letit 

ral of 

He sat 

of Maiden Biadley, Cu. i« uu, ujr u 
of Thomas Weat, 6tb loid Delan 
eld<«t son, F^mund Ludlow, was the cele- 
brated republican general,) and d. 29 June 
1731, leaving issue by her, (who d. May 

1. Francis, of Basingboume Hall, oo. Ea- 

of Prospect Hall, oo. Water- 

Stephen Ludlow, I 

ford, b. 17 July Vi 
Oct. 1757. 


a Tarbea, ia France, 
, b. 15 AprU ITOa, a 



iDAJor in the trmy, m, Rofle, da. of John Ech- 
lin, of Echlinyillei oo. Down, esq. and d. leay> 
tag iiMnir. 

iTCharlea, d. Feb. 1763. 

S. Jtmeii, of whom hereafter. 

3, 4, 5. Three daa. 

4. Artbvb, 6. 1 Sept. 1706, d. May 1757. 

5. William, d. 9 Dec. 1774. 

6. John, d» 

7. Elizabeth, 6. 21 Feb. 1703, m« Ist, 
James Caolfeiid, 3d Tiaoount Charlemont; 
and Sdly, 9 Oct. 1740, Thomas Adderley, of 
InnJHhannon, esq. and d, 30 May 1743. 

Feancu, the eldest son, was seated at Ba- 
nngboome HalL co. Essex, and Castle Ber- 
oard, in Ireland, 6. 28 Sept. 1698^ m. 26 
March 1722. Anne Petty, only da. or Henry, 
etrl of Shelbome, by Arabella Boyle, yonng- 
est da. of Charles, lord Clifford, of Xanes- 
boroogh, (eldest son of Richard, earl of Cork 
and Burlington, by Jane Seymour, yooneest 
da. of William, duke of Soineraet,^ and had 
DO issue by her, who d. Jan. 1727, oefbre her 
&ther, earl Henry, who d. 1730, leaving his 
large estates in England and Ireland to his 
nephew, the hon. John Fitzmaurice, created 
eaii of Shelbume, and &ther of William, 1st 
marquess of Lansdowne, K.G.; he d, 19 
Mtrch 1783, and was snooeeded in his estates 
bj his nephew, 

James Bebnard, esq. 2d son of North-Lud- 
low BeniardL above named. He was knight 
of the shire tor Cork in three parliaments, m. 
Esther, yoongeflt da. of Percy Smyth, eso. 
lister sod oo-n. of William Smyth, of Heaa- 
Kntragh, esq. and widow of Robert Gookin, 
of Court Macsheny, esq. and d. 7 July 1790, 
learing issue, 

1. Fbancis, 1st eail of Bandon. 

S. Chablis, 6. 19 Aug. 1760, d. 1783. 

3. Euzabbtb, d. yoong. 

4. Rose, b, 8 March 1758, m. William, 1st 
lord Rivefsdale; and 2dly, 18 Oct. 1792, 
Junes Millerd, eaq. capt. 56th foot. 

5. Esther, b. 17 March 1759, m. 2 Dec. 
1775, Sampson Stawell, of Kilbrittain, eso. 

6. Mary, m. sir Augustus Warren, of War- 
ren Court, hart and d. his widow 14 Nov. 

7. Crablotte, b, 1764, m. Hayes St. Leger, 
2d viscount Doneraile. 

8. Elizabeth, m. 1785, Richard Acklom, 
of Wiseton Hall, co. Nottingham, esq. 

FRANCIS, eldest son, was created baron 
Bandon 30 Nov. 1793; viscount Bandon 6 
Oct. 1795; and further advanced, 6 Aug. 
1800, to the dignity of viscount Bernard^ and 
earl of Bandon. 6. 26 Nov. 1755. m. 12 Feb. 
1784, lady Catherine-Henrietta Boyle, da. of 
Richard, 2d earl of Shannon, and by her (who 
d. 8 July 1815^ had issue, 

1. James, 2a earl. 

2. RicHARD-BoYLE, 6. 4 Sept. 1787, D.D. 
dean of Leighlin. 

3. Francis, 6. 27 Feb. 1789, lieut. 9th dra- 
goons, d. 24 Jan. 1813. 

4. Hbnbietta-Cathbbine, b, 7 July 1790. 

5. William-Smyth, 6. 13 Nov. 1792, capt. 
half pav^ 5th draeoon guards, m. 31 IVlay 
1831, i!iizabeth, omy da. of lieut.-col. Henry 
GiUman, of GUmcoole, oo. Cork. 

6. Chablotte-Esthbb, 6. 20 Feb. 1794, m. 
Hayes St. Leger, viscount Doneraile. 

7. Louisa-Anne, 6. 24 Dec. 1795. 

8. Henry, b, 5 Dec. 1797, slain at Water- 

9. Elizabeth, d. young. 

10. Crables, 6. and d. Jan. 1803. 

11. Charles- Ludlow, 6. 18 April 1805. 
The earl d. 26 Nov. 1830, and was succeeded 
by his eldest son, 

JAMES, present and 2d earl. 

Heir Apparent — Fbancis, viscount Beb- 
NABo, eldest son of the earl. 

Creatioru— Baron, 30 Nov. 1793 : Viscount, 
6 Oct. 1795 ; Viscount and Earl, Aug. 1800. 


EDWARD WARD, Viscount BANGOR, Baron Bangor, of Castle Ward, co. 

Down ; &orit 23 Feb. 1827 ; succeeded his father, 
Edward-Southwell, late viscount, 26 Aug. 1837. 

Abms— Quarterly : 1st and 4th, azure, a cross flory 
or, Wabd; 2d and 3d, gules, three cinquefoils 
argent, on a chief of the second a man's heart of 
the firirt, H amilton. Cbest— A man's head couped 
at the shoulders affront^ proper, wreathed about 
the temples or and azure, ana adorned with three 
ostrich teathers. Suppobtebs — Uextery a knight of 
Malta in complete armour proper, charged on the 
breast of his armour with a cross florr gules, his 
right hand resting on his sword point aown wards ; 

unhier. a Moorish prince in royal robes, and his hands in fetters. Morro— " Sub crucc 

-^1— *^ Salvation oeneath the cross. 

lordship and demesne, giving name to the 
ancient seat of the Waras."* Bebnard Ward 
settled in Ireland 1580, whose second son, 

Tbe iasdly of Ward is of Norman origin, 
uhI was seated at Capesthom, co. Chester, 
which King, in his Vale-Royal, calls '^ a great 



Robert^ was created a bail, but d, without 
survinng iaaue; and Beanaro, the eldest 
son, was ancestor of 

MicHABL Ward, member for Downshire 
1715, who succeeded to the family estate, and 
was appointed one of the justices of the long's 
bench m Ireland ; m. 1709, Anna^Catharine, 
co-h. of James Hamilton, of Bangor, co. 
Down, esq. (hj Sophia MordaunL da. of John 
Mordaunt, Tiscount Avalon,) and had issue, 

1. Bernard. 

2. Sophia, m. Arthur Upton, brother of 
Clotworthj, Ist lord Templetown. 

3. Anne, m. sir John Pamell, bart. 
BERNARD WARD, eldest son of Mi- 

chael, b. Aug. 1719, was created baron Ban- 
gor, of Castle Ward, co. Down, 30 May 1770, 
ana advanced to the dignity of viscount Ban- 

5 or 13 Jan. 1781 ; m. Dec. 1747, Anne Bligh, 
a. of John, 1st earl of Damley, (widow of 
Robert-Hawkins Macgill, of Gilford, co. 
Down, esq. and mother of Theodosia, countess 
of Clanwilliam,) and by her (who d. 7 Fjsb. 
1789) had issue, 

1. Nicholas, 2d yiscount. 

2. John, 6. March 1752, d, young. 

3. Edward, 6. April 1753, m. 1783, Ara- 
bella, youngest da. of William, late earl of 
Glandore, and d, 1813, having had issue, 

1. Bernard, 6. April 1785, d, unm. 

2. William-Crosbie, 6. 1786, d^ unm. 

3. Edward-Southwell, 3d viscount. 

4. John-Petty*, 6. 1791, m. at Calcutta, 
18 Aug. 1817, Eleanor, da. of John 
Erslune, of York, esq. and has issue, 

1. Arabella. 

2. John-Mitford- Petty ; and other 

5. Henry, 6. Dec. 1795, m. 15 Sept. 1823, 
Anne, da. of the rev. Henry Mahon, 
and has issue, 

1. Anne-Henrietta, b. 5 Jan. 1825. 
.2. Edward-Robert, d. 18 Dec. 1825. 

3. Arabella, b, 10 Dec. ^826. 

4. A da. 6. July 1836. 

5. A da. 6. Sept. 1837. 

6. Theodosia, b. July 1784, m. 16 Feb. 
1805. Kean Osborne, esq. 

7. Arabella-Catherine, b. Aug. 1737, m. 10 
Aug. 1811, Edward Wolstenholme, esq. 

8. Diana, 6. Sept. 1788, and d, an infant. 

9. Sarah-Catherine, 6. March 1793, m. 
5 Oct. 1825, George Meara,of Canagh- 
more, co. Waterford, esq. and d. Aug. 

10. Urania-Caroline, b. May 1794, m. 
2 Oct. 1816. the hon. ]ieut.-gen. John 
Meade, C.B. uncle of the ean of Clan- 

11. Graoe-Louisa, b. 14 May 1800, d. an 

4. Robert, m. 1st, Sophia, 3d da. of the 
late Chapel Whaley, esq. and by her (who d, 
1796) had issue, 

1. Michael-Edward, 6. 5 Feb. 1789, mi- 
nister at Dresden, m. 15 Sent. 1815, 
MatildarCharlotte, da. of Rooert, lat 

marquess of Londonderry, and d,'VI 
Sept. 1832, having hftd issue, 

1. Anne-Catherine, 6. 1816. 

2. Robert-Edward, 6. 1818. 

2. JohnrRichard, ooL m the snny, and 
C.B. 6. 17 Sept. 1790. m. 22 OeL 1829, 
Catherine-Frances, eldest da. of John 
Pensam, of Fulham, esq. 

3. Robert, d. in India, 1816. 

4. Sophia- Anne. b. 10 Sept. 1793. m. 9 
Sept. 1824, John Bayley, esq. F.R. and 
A.S. late chief clerk of the records in 
the Tower of London. 

The hon. Robert Ward m. 2dly, May 1797, 
Louisa, 2d da. and oo-h. of the rev. Dr. Abra- 
ham Symes, of Hillbrook, oo. Wicklow, uid 
by her (who d. 18 Feb. 1811) had issue, 

5. Bernard-John, 6. 26 May 1798, in 
holy orders, m. 31 Aug. 182^ Isabella^ 
Frances, da. of the late Robert Pbil- 
lipns, or Longworth, co. Hereford, esq. 
ana d. 24 Jan. 1832, having had issue, 

1. Robert, 6. 20 June 1825. 

2. Bernard-Edward, 6. 9 Jan. 1827. 

3. Sophia^Mordannt, 6. 11 Sept. 1828. 

4. Tbomas-le-Hunte, 6. 4 Aug. 1830. 

6. Thomas-Laurence. 6. 23 May 1799. 

7. Anne-Catherine, b, 19 Nov. 1800, m. 
16 July 1821, JoWGoddard Richards, 
of Roebuck, oo. Dublin, esq. and d. 10 
May 1835. 

8. James^Hamilton,R.N.6.23Dec.l802, 
m. 26 July 1839^ Elizabeth - Dorcas 
Blackwood, da. of Hans, lord Dufierin 
and Claneboye. 

9. Louisa- Alice, b, 20 Feb. 1805, m. 16 
Feb. 1835, rev. Frederick Fits-WUliam 

10. William-Robert, 6. 14 Oct 1806. 

5. Anne-Catherine. 

6. Sophia, d. unnu 15 Jan. 1836. 

7. Georoi ANA - Ch ARuyrrs - Amelia-Ham- 
NAH, m. the rev. Hugh Montgomery. 

8. SaraboHarriett-Euzabeth. 

The viscount d, 21 May 1781, and was sue- 
ceeded bv his son 

NICHOLAS, 2d viscount, 6. 1750, d. unm. 
11 Sept. 1827, and was succeeded by his 

EDWARD-SOUTHWELL, 3d viscount, 
6. 1790, m. 14 Feb. 1826, Harriett- Marvaret. 
7th da. of Henry, 6th lord Farnham, and had 

1. Edward, 4th viscount. 

2. Henry- Wiluam-Crosbis, b. 26 July 

3. William-John, b. 9 Dec. 1829. 

4. Bernard-Matuew, 6. 28 Aug. 1831. 

5. A son, 6. 9 March 1833. 

6. A son, 6. April 1836. 

His lordship d, id Aug. 1837, and was suc- 
ceeded by his eldest son, 
EDWARD, ptresent and 4th viscounU 
Heir Pmumptive — Hon. Henry-Wiluam- 
Crosbie Ward, his lordship's next brother. 

Creation* — Baron, 30 May 1770 ; Viscount, 
13 Jan. 1781. 

• The King, by warrant, 2 Feb. 1836, 

-ranied to the surviving broUiers and sisters 

Edward-Southwell, 3d viscount Bangor, 

the precedence of sons and daughters of a 

RICHARD WRITE, Eabl of BANTRY, Visconnt Beerhaven, Vi«cgur 

by the city of Cork, for his Bpiriled e 
OD Ilie arrival of Ihe French forces in Bantry 
Bhy, 37 Jan. 1797; waa created Baron of 
Br n try, 31 March 1797; Viscount Baiitry. 28 
Dec. 1800; Earl of Banlry, and Viscount Ueer- 
baven, 22 Jan. 1816; marrird, 3 Nov. 1799, 
Margaret- Anne Hare, da. of William, Ist earl 
' of Lutowel, by whom (nbo li. 19 Jan. 1833, et. 

56) he had issue, 1. RICHARD, riicounl 

Betrhaven, b. 18 Nov. 1800, m. 11 Oct. 1836, 
lady Mary O'Bryen, 3d da. of William, mar- 
quess of Thomond ; 2. William, b. 10 Nov. 1801 ; 3. Simon, i. 1 1 March 

1807, ID (he array, d. unm. 10 Sept. 1837; 4. Robert-Hedges, ). 31 Much 

imO; 5. Maria, i. 10 Nov. 1805, d. June 1817. 

A BUS — Gulel, I 

nunwit aahle. 
•y oScer'a unifo 

uble. charged with ten oloilea ^Id; on a 

HattT, ■ nun id military otBcer'a uniform, consiating of red jaclret with blue collar and 
Eniffs, aad gold epaulettfs, a ^uadier'n cap, leather breeclies, and high booli, holding in 
his right hand a light horseman 'n nword, all proper. Sinitter, a female figure, representing 

apev in her left hand, and standing in front of a 
supporters military trophies, as flags, eanaoa, bal 
the public good. 

a her head, holding ■ 
11 proper. Behind the arms and 
Motto — The nobleat motJTe is 

The earl elaiois to derive his descent from 
ft brother of John White, who was lord biebop 
of WiDcbesterlUr. The immediate ancrator 
of tbia ooble bmilv came to Ireland during 
tbe ciiil war which commeDced 1611. His 
deacendant in the 4th degree, 

BicuiBD Whiti, of Bantry, (who was 

Baiemallv dew«nded from the HamiltODS of 

Armagh,} a. Martha, da. of the rev. deao 

DavK*, of Dawstoo, co. Cork, and had issue, 

1. Simon. 

i. HulLTON, d. »»». 

3. HuoiaaT, m. 8 Nor. 1756, Richard 
laagtetd, rwwiuit Loogueville. 

Simon, eldest son, n. 1760, Fraikces-Jane, 
ds. oTRichanl- UedBoi Em, ofMoDnt Hedges, 
MO. (bv Helena, da. of Thomas Herbert, of 
Mnrhri^, esq>) ""^ ^ before his father, 

1. RICHARD, present earl. 
i. 9iiio:<, m. 1801, Saiah, youngest da. of 
John Neweuham, esq. and has issue. 

3. Hahiltun, m. 1800, Lucinda Hespby, 
and d. Dec. 1804, leaving issue, 

1. Richard. 

2. John- Hamilton. 

4. EDw*Hn.EvHE. d. 1790. 

5. Helen, m. Richard- Devonshire Newen- 
ham, of Maryborough, co. Cork, esq. 

1800, Michael-GooldAdams, 

of Jamesbrook, 

m. gen. Edward Dunn. 


t BlIR- 

jlppnrea t— B icH ji no, 

, the earl's eldest son. 

Crailiaru— Baron, 31 March 1797; Vis- ' 
count, f9 Dec 1800 ; Earl of Bantry, and 
Viscount BeerhaveD, iS Jan. 1816. ' 


CHARLES-NOEL NOEL, Babon BARHAM, of Bi»rli»ni-conrt, and Teston, 
CO. Kent, And a Baronet ; bom 2 Oct. 1781 ; 
succeeded bis mother, Diana, baroneM Barhani, 
in her ono rig;ht, 12 April 1B23, and hii father 
iu the barouetcv, 25 Feb. tSSe ; married, lat, 
July ia09, Elizabeth, only da. of Thomaa 
Welman, of Ponndiaford Park, co. Somerset, 
esq. by whom (who d. 1 Dec. 181 1 ) he had no 
tasue; 2dly, 13 Hay 1817, Elizabeth, da. of the 
hon. sir George Gr«y, hart, and niece of earl 
Grey, and by ber(wha(f.30Sept. t818)hadiB8ue, 

1. CHARLES-GEORGE, b. 5 Sept. 1818, 

H.P. foT Rutlandahire. His lordship m. 3d]y, 
» Jane 1820, Arabella, 2d da. of sir James Williams, (late Hamlyn,) of CioTelly, 

hart, and by her (who d. 4 Oct. 1829) had issue, 2. Mary-Ahabella-Louisa, 

*. 16 March 1822; 3. Gebard-Jahgs, b. 28 \ag. 1833; 1. Henry-Louis, 

*. 13 Dec. 18241 5. Arabella-Diana, 6. 7 March 1827, rf. 21 Feb. 1832; 

6. Catharine-Hamilton, 6. 20 Sept. 1829. Hi* lordship «.. 4thly, 25 July 1833, 
Frances, da. of Robert, earl of Roden, (a lady of the bedchamber to her Majesty,) 

and has issue. 7. Roden- BeRKU.EY'WRIoTHBSLY, b. 27 Aug. 1834; 6. 

Victoria, b. 30 June 1839. 

Anns — Or, ErettT ^les, and a canton ermine. C 

BuPFOHTEiu — Tiro paglea, winp displayed and inTerled » 
with an anchor, sunounded bj an oak wreatfa or. Mono- 
well or nothing. 

Alkianddi MiDDttroM, D.D. principal of 
King'a College, Abenteea, was brother of 
John Middleton, who was created, for his 
loyalty to Idngr Charles 1. earl of Aliddleton 
and lord Clermont and Fettercaim, and d. 
1673, leaving an only sod, Cbarlei, td earl, 
secretarj of state to idiig James II. whom he 
followed to France on his abdication, and was 
consequently attainted 1695. Dr. Middleton 
d. 1604, leSTing inue, 

Groaoa Middleton, D. D. who incceeded 
his hlher aa principal of King's College, «. 
Janet, da. of James Gordon, of Seaton, and 
d. 1736, learinj issue. Join, father of George 
Middleton, who «■ Diana, da. of Harry 
"^.SdearlofStaro"— ' "- ' ' 

Dundas, of Leathim, 

James Dundas, of Arauton, and great-uncle 

of Heaiy, Tiscount Melrille, by wham he had 

1. 'CEoaDK, of Moss Hsll in West Lo- 
thian, succeeded his matenuu uDcle, James 
Dundas, in his eatate of Lethsm Dolls, in 
Stirlingshire, sod n. Elisabeth, da. of George 
Wilson, of Stotteneleugh, esq. d. 1791, leav- 

1. diaries, R.N.d. unm. 

J. Robert-Gambier.capt. R.N.1stecom- 
missioDer at Gibraltar, m. 11 Dec. 
ISO!, Sosan-Msria, da. of John Mar- 
tin Leake, of Thorpe Hall, eo. Essex, 
esq. and d. 31 Aug. 1837. 

3. George, it. an in&nt. 

4. Helen, m. Roderick Macleod, D.D. 
rector of Weeley, «. Essex. 

5. Janet, iti. John Thompson, of Mid- 

Sir CHArLeS MIDDLETON, 1st lord 
Barham, !d son of Robert Middleton and 
Helen Dundas. b. Oct 1716. entered u an 
early age into the R.N.and while commander 
of a SO-gun ship in the West Indies, by his 
■pirited asstdui^ look and destroyed a con- 
Biderahle number of French prirsteers, and 
aSinded such effectual protection to trade 
and commerce, that the house of assembly at 
Barbadoes voted him their thanks and a 
Taluable sword ; 1758, he was made a poat- 
captain ; 1774, mmptroller of the narr ; 
created a bart. 23 Oct. 17S1, with remaiikder 
to his son-in-law, GsamD-MoEi. Noil, esq. ; 
1784, member for Rochester; promoted to 
the rank of rear-admiral 17S7, vice-admini 
1795 ; admiral of the red squadron of bis 
majesty's fleet 1805; and in the same year 
Grat lord of the admiralty, sworn of the 

jnt, dated 1 May, with remainder to his 
only child, Diaha, die late baroness, wife of 

■ir Gerarct-Noel I^oel, bart. M.P 



of the late lord Gambier, by wbom be bad 
iasiie. an only da. Diana, late baroneM. His 
lordabip d. 17 June 1813, and was succeeded 
by his only child, 

]>IANA, baroness Barham, m. 20 Deo. 
17B^ Gerard-Noel Edwardes, esa. (only son 
of Gerard- Anne Edwardes, of Welbam, oo. 
Leicester, and of Tickenoote, oo. Rutland, 
eaq. by Jane, sister and oo-b. of Henry Noel, 
last caurl of Gainsborough,') who took the 
name and arms of Noel only, by royal sign 
manual. 5 May 1796. on tne death of his 
uncle, Henry, earl of Gainsborough, to whose 
estates he was heir^ and sucoeMed, on the 
death of his father-m-law, lord Barham, to 
the title of baronet ; upon the decease of the 
baroness, sir Gerard m. 2dly, 4 May 1823, 
Harriet, da. of rey. J. Gill, (who a. Aug. 
1826,) and 3dly. 13 Aug. 1831, Mrs. Isabella 
Eyans Raymond, and d, 25 Feb. 1838, et.78. 
Her ladysnip had issue, 

1. Chablu-Noel, 2d baron. 

2. Gkbard-Tbomas, in holy orders, pre- 
bendanr of Winchester, 6. 2 Dec. 1782, m. 
Feb. 1806, Charlotte-Sophia, da. of the right 
hoo. sir Ludus O'Brien, ot Dromoland, co. 
Clare, hart, grandson of Lucius, who was 
nephew of Aime Hyde, duchess or York, mo- 
ther of queens Marr and Anne, by whom 
(who d. 31 Auff. 1838) be had issue, of 
wham Emma, 4tn da. m. 17 June 1830, rey. 
Charles Kennaway. 

5. HoBACK, a major in the army, 6. 13 Noy. 

1783, d, Dec 1807. 

4. Hbitrt-Robbbt, in the nayy, h, Dec. 

1784, <2. 1800. 

5. Louisa-Elizabeth, 6. 20 Jan. 1786. m. 
10 Feb. 1807, William-Henry Hoare. of the 
Grfoye. oo. Siurey, esq. and a. 5 April 1816. 

6. SOPHIA, ft. and d. 1787. 

7. Emma, ft. 26 Feb. 1788, m. 7 June 1808, 
Stafford O'Brien, of Blatherwicke Park, oo. 
Northampton, esq. 

8. WiLUAM-MiDDLETON, h, 2 May 1789, 
m. 90 May 1817, to Anne, da. and sole h. of 
Joseph Yates, of Clanna Falls, co. Glouces- 
ter, esq. 

9. Fbbdbbic, a capt. R.N. b. 25 April 
1790. m. 7 Sept. 1815, Mary, eldest da. of 
the late William Woodley, esq. and d. 27 
Dec. 1833, leaying issue by her, (who re-m, 
29 May 1838, major-gen. sir Thomas Haw- 
ker K C H J 

' 1.' Augustos-Waiiam, 6. 30 July 1816. 

2. MaiT-Isabella, 6. 17 Oct. 1817, d. 

3. Fanny-Looisay 6. 16 Oct 1820. 

10. Abthur, 6. 20 May 1791, d, 7 Oct. 

11. Charlottb-Maroarbt, 6. 6 May 1792, 
m. 1st, 22 Jan. 1813, Thomas Welman, of 
Poundisford Park, co. Somerset, esq.; and 
2dly. 1 Jan. 1839, Thomas Thompson, of 
Vanourgh House, Greenwich, co. Kent, esq. 

12. Francis -James. 6. 4 May 1793, m 
holy orders, yicar of Nettlestead and of Tes- 
ton, CO. Kent, m. 24 April 1822, Cedlia- 
Penelope, da. of Paul-Cobo Methuen,of Cor- 
sham, CO. Wilts, esq. and has issue, 

1. Matilda-Catherine-Emma, b, 1 June 

2. Edward-Andrew, 6. 2 Jan. 1825. 

3. James-Gambier, 6. 10 July 1826. 

4. A da. 6. 22 Feb. 1832. 

5. A son, ft. Jan. 1837. 

13. BERKBLEY-OcTAyius^ 6. 3 Dec. 1794, 
A.M. m. 22 June 1820, Letitia-Penelope, only 
da. of Ralph AdderW, of Elmley Castle, co. 
Worcester, and of Cx>ton, co. Stafford, esq. 
and widow of Andrew Halket, esq. of Mox- 
bull Park, co. Warwick, and has issue, 

Berkeley-Plantagenet-Charles, 6. 29 July 

14. AuousTA-JuuA, h, 7 Jan. 1796^ m. 27 
April 1814, Thomas-Gisbume Babmgton, 
eldest son and h. of Thomas Babington, esq. 
of Rothley Temple, co. Leicester, and d. 19 
June 1833. 

15. Lblano, 6. 21 Aue. 1797, in holy 
orders, m. 30 Dec. 1824, Maly-Arabelli^ da. 
of John Sayill Foljambe, of Osberton Hall, 
Notts, esq. 

16. Baptist-Wriothesley, in holy orders, 
h. 16 July 1798, m. 17 Oct 1826, the eldest 
da. of Peter Baillie, of Dochfour, esq. and 
has issue. 

1. Wriothesley, 6. 15 Aug. 1827. 

2. Albert-Leland-John- Wesley, 6. 4 Noy. 

3. Mary ; 4. Emily : 5. Ernest. 

6. Gertrude. 

17. JuuANA-HiCKS, h. 4 Oct. 1800, m. 20 
June 1834, rey. Samuel Phillips, vicar of 
Llanddewi, co. Glamorgan. 

18. Edward-Andrew, h, 2 July 1801, d. 
11 Noy. 1823. 

Her ladyship d. 12 April 1823, and was 
succeeded by her eldest son, 
CHARLES-NOEL, present lord. 

Heir Apparent — Charles-George, his lord- 
ship's son. 

CrMtion— Baron, 1 May 1805 ; baronet, 2;) 
Oct 1781. 


glass, CO. Down, and Bnron BBirington, of 
Newcastle, co. Dublin, M.P. for Berk sb ire ; 
bom 1 Oct. 1703 1 succeeded hia fnlher, George, 
late vi»coant,6MaTchlH29i marrtrrf, 21 April 
1833,J8ne-E!izabelh,da. oflordRaventworth, 
lady of tlie bedchamber to tlie queen dowager, 

nnd has issue. 1. GEORGE, b. II Feb. 

1824; 2. Percy, 6.22 April 1825; 3. 

Ch»RLOTTE-Mabm, 6. 29 Dec. 1826; 1. 

Cjirolinf.'Is*bella, b. 13 Bee. 1827, d. 24 

Feb. 1834; 5, M*RY-FK»NCea, b. 1 June 

1830;— 6. CjiROLINE-Si'SiN-AuGliST*, fi. 21 

— Oct. 1834; 7. AkoU5T*-Ann, 6. 21 June 

1836; 8. Adelaide, 6. 19 Jan. 1839. 

aMi — Argent, three cberraneb ^es,siid a label of three points sinre. Caur — A demi- 
manin profile, veiled, and bsTing on the bead a cap or coirl, palv of ail argent andgnlee. 
SupiwaTERt — Two eriffins, wings eieraled or, each gorged with a label of tbree point* 
siure. Motto — " Honeala qoain iplendida!" How gplendid are tbe aoquirements of 

honour ! 


Tiecount Barringlon, b. 1668, anumed the 
name and anna of Barrisgion, on succeeding 
to the enUle of Fr»nci« Barrington, of Tofts, 
CO. Essex, grandson of air Thomas Barring- 
lon, of Bamngton Hall, bart. and wu created, 
1 Julj 1780, viicouot BarriBgltn, of Ard- 

-'— - " — ----- ™ da. 


1. 'WiLLMH-WiLDMAK, Id viuxnint. 

a. FRANCts,d. young. 

3. JoHH, major-gen. in the army. col. 8th 
regt, of fixit, and governor of Berwick : 
Berred aevera] campaigns in Flanders, and 
conunanded bis majesty a forces at Che taking 
of Guadaloupe, 1768 ; n. EUubetb, da. of 
norenduB Vassal, esq. and d. I April 17&1, 

"'"l.^Wi^.l.-, 3d Yisoount. 
t. RiciuaD, 4th riseouDt. 

3. GsoHOE, 5th Tisconat. 

4. Louisa, n. lit. It April 1737, the rsT. 
Mr. Tristram, wbo d. 4 April 1796; 
and !dly, UMay 1799, Thomas Cooke, 

4. Daihei, sueceasirely marshal of tbe 
high court of admiralty, secretarT for the 
affairs of Greenwicb Hospital, a Welsh judge, 
and SFCond judge of Cbester, diitinguiahea 
himself by many learned works, d. un«. 

5. SmuEi^ appointed a poat-oaplaio 1747, 
col. of marines in Oct. I7T0, a rear-admiral 
1778, a rice-sdmiral 1781, lieut.-gen. of ma- 
rines 1786, admiral of the bins aqasdron 
1787, snd admiral of the white in 1794. He 

engagements, a 


fifty g 

inferior oomptement of men, after i 
and severe action. But his anintry 
cbieSy indebted to him for having sared the 
West India Islands, in 1778, when threatened 
by the very superior force of the French 
fleet under M. D'EsIaing. To this fieet. 
coDsistinK of thirteen ships of the line, and 
several fiisaCes, admiral Barrington bad to 
on^ four ships of the line, three of 
ins, and three frigates, and yet the 
rrencn commander, after being repulsed in 
two onsueceaslul attacks, did not venture a 
third. He also diatinguished himself at the 
relief of Gibraltar, being second in oom- 
niand under earl Howe. He d. iuih. 16 
Aug. IBOO. 

6. Biiv'TS, consecrated bishop of Llandaff 

1769, bishop of Salisbuiy in 178t, and bishop 
of Durham in 1791, and d. i5 March 18«g, 
without issue, hacmg n>. 1st, S Feb. 1761, 
Diana, only da. of Charles, M duke of St. 
Albany who d. in 1766; and Idly, M June 

1770, Jane, onlv da. of sir Berkeley- William 
Guise, of Rendcombe, co. Glouoeater, baru 
who d. Aug. 1807. 

7. SiBAH, m. June 1746, Robert Price, of 
Foiley, CO. Hereford, esq, and d, 17 Alanh 

8. ANNS,».Jao.l747,sirThomasClaig», 
bart. ; and idly, sir Roger Gilbert, hart. 

9. Mart, d. Sept. 1743. 

The viscount d. 14 Dec. 1734, and waa suc- 
ceeded by his eldeat son, 

WILLIAM-WILDMAN, «d viaoount, b. 
1717, appointed a lord of the admiralty in 
1746, master of the great wardrobe in 1754, a 
privy counsellor in 1757, and secretary at 



ir,and chancellor ol tbp «xcfi«|nv 

iFCTvtsry It mr in 1764, wliieh he rented 
)D 17T8, ifier aFrring the cnwa Ibirtj-Cbuf 
je*n, and enjoyi"" '""" ---'-■ -• 

^ tbe confideno 

Sept. 17*1, Mary, onlj da. and b. of Henrr 
LareU, voougeat aoD of air SalatUel LoreU, 
bmim of the eicheqner, and widow of Che 
boa. Sunael Grimaton, eldeflt aon of William, 
TBcoont GrimBton, and had isne by ber, 
(who d. 94 Sept- 1761,) 

1. WlLUiB-HtLU, L 17*3. 

t. Rothesia-Anre, b. 1741; both d. in- 

The Tiaeoniit d. 1 Feb. 1793, aod was auc- 

. 1 Feb. 1819, 
, of Tbelfonl 

1. «dly, S 

Feb. 1819, Edwaid 1 
croft Hall, CO. Ch 
1816,) and dying w 

. and d. April 
iB«uB,3lJaly 1801, 
wu (ncceeded by hia neit brollier, 

RICHARD, *0x TiKoiint, m. in 1783, Su- 
nn, da. of WiUian Budden, of Philadelphia, 
esq. (wbo d, 1830,) but dying without iHue 
■t ValenciefiDea, in 1813, waa aaoeeeded by 
bis brother- 

GEOBGR, 5tb Tiacoont, in holr oidera, 
». 16 Jnly 1761, Bi. 18 Feb. 1788, Elizabeth, 
da. of R/ibert Adair, e«q. and had inue, 

1. WiLLiiM-KiPFli, 6lh Tiwmunt. 

a. Groaoe, capL R.N. 6. W Nov. 1794, 
m. 15 Jan. 1837, lady Caroline Grey, da, of 
«tI Grey, (woman of the bedehamb«r to 
her majea^,) and d. 3 June 1835, leaving 

3. George-V^illiam, b. Aug. 1B30, 
darch 1BS3. 
A da. 6. March ISM, d. an infant. 

5. Mary, b. ?7 May IKJ3. 

3. S«llLteL■SuuTE■PBllCEVA^ b. 10 Feb. 
1796, alain at Quaire Brs4 16 Jane 1815. 

4. JoMN-RoBERt, b. li Feb. 1797, d. 30 
Nor. 1804. 

1, D.C.L. b. 19 July 1798. 

6. C*n 


5 0ct.l 

7. RuuELL, b. t5 July 1801 n. 25 Sept. 
1838, Marion, only da. of John Lyon, of 
Hetion Hoaie, co. Durham, e*q. and d. 19 
Feb. less, leaving iaaue, 

1. laabella-Alaria, li. 8 Oct 1833, d. S6 

Nor. 189r. 
S. A son, A. » Nor. 18.14. 

8. Francu. b. to Oct. 1803, m. WilUam, 
earl of Dartmouth. 

9. CHtBLOTTE-BELLAiYBe, b. 30 March 

10. LowrnEH-JoHN, b. IT July 1805, in 
holy orders, rector of Chesham Boyo, co. 
Buclu ; m. 16 Oct. IBST, CathaHne Georgia- 
ns, da. of Thomas, 9d earl of Chichester, and 


A da. fr. 1 

IS. Hi 
13. Gi 

. 36 July 1808. 

-CHIII9T1HA, ft. 9 May 1810. 

4. l:;uz*eETn-FnANcra, ft. 18 Oct. 1811, 

13 Dec. 1836, rev. Tbomas Mill*, rector 

I. Suffolk, chaplain in ordinary (o 


15. AnTii[iii,ft.33 Aug. 1814,(1.17 March 

The viacount d. 5 March 1839, and waa 
(ucceeded by bia eldeet aon, 

WILLIAM-KEPPEL, preaent and 6th 

Htir Apparent — Qioroe, the viacount'a 
elden lou. 

July 1T20. 

FRANCES BASSET, B«RONEM BASSET, of Slrallon, CD. CorriBfuHi bom I 
May 1781 ; ■arceeiled her fatlier, Francis, lord de DuDttanville. in the barony of 
BaiKt, pnnuant to the limitation of (he patent, 14 Fi-b. 1833. 

B plain collar gules, and pendent there- 
from a shield or, cliargeil with three bars 
wavy gulea. 

Tjif origin of this ancient family baa been 
Tariously stated by different authors, some de- 
riving it from the aame stock as the Bassets 
of Drayton, Sapcote, Wehlon, he. (poiverful 
barons in the midland counties, under tlie 
Norman and Angevin kings of England,) while 
air William Pole, in hia account oT Devon, and 
othem, trace its origin to an Osmond Basset, 
who wss seated in Cornwall aa early as Itmy. 
Heniy 1. The Buthoritv for the account here- 
after given, is a MS. pedigree of all the 

maaed, tufted, and crined or, gorged with 



branches of the Basset familj, in the hand- 
writings of the celebrated Vincent; according 
to that pedigree, 

Ralph Basset, of Dravton, justiciar of 
England temp. Henry I. had tour sons, 1. 
Thurston; 2. Thomas; 3. Richardf ancestor 
of the Bassets of Weldon and Drayton ; and 
4. Nicholas, 

Thomas Basset, 2d son of Ralph, lived 
temp. John, m. Alicia, da. of Reginalci de Dun- 
stanville, and had issue, Gilbert, whom Vin- 
cent calls ancestor of the Bassets of Humbly, 
or Umberly, co. Devon, but whose descend- 
ants he does not trace ; and Thomas, of Ue- 

The question, however, is involved in much 
obscurity ; and perhaps sll that can be safelv 
asserted is, that the Bassets of Cornwall, 
about the year 1150, acquired the estate of 
Tehidy, in that coun^, (still the residence of 
the family.") by marriage with an heiress of 
Dunstanville. By several subsequent mar- 
riages they acquired lands co. Devon ; and 
about the year 1556, the family branched off, 
and the eldest son of John Basset, of Tehidy, 
by Jane. da. of Thomas Beaumontl of Devon, 
seated nimself at Umberley and Heanton 
Court, CO. Devon, which property he inherited 
through the Beaumonts, ana in that residence 
the elder branch now continues. George, 3d 
son of John, became possessed of Tehidy, by 
gift of his nephew, sir Andrew Basset. James, 
ukB son of George, m. Jane, one of the das. of 
sir Francis Godolphin, of Godolphin. In the 
time of Charles I. there were three brothers, 
sir Francis, sir Thomas, and sir Arthur. Sir 
Francis, the eldest, m. Anne^ da. of sir J. 
Trelawnv, bart. and was sheriff of Cornwall 
during me greater part of the rebellion, in 
which he manifestea the utmost seal and ac- 
tivity in defence of his royal master. Sir 
Thomas, his brodier, was a maior-gen. in the 
king's service, and commandea a division of 
^ royal army, at the battle of Stratton^ when, 
with very superior numbers, the royalists de- 
feated the rebels. Sir Arthur was also a 
major-gen. in the king's service, and governor 
of St. Afichael's Mount, the property of his 
brother, Francis, and which was one of the 
last places that yielded to the parliament. 
After the battle of Stratton, it is well known 
that the Cornish royalists, under the command 
of the gallant sir Bevil Granvil, by repeated 
victories, supported the royal cause; till, at 
last, rather exnausted by conquest than beaten 
by the enemy, they were obliged to submit to 
the overwhelming torrent which destroyed 
both church and state. Sir Francis Basset 

was with the king, at Lestwithiel, when Essex's 
army surrendered, after which event he says, 
in a letter to his wife, " the king told me, in 
the hearing of thousands, Mr. Sheriff, I now 
leave the county of Cornwall to your care and 
protection." Owing to his expenses in support 
of the roval cause, and his being obliged to 
oompouna for his estate with the parliament, 
he was under the necessity of sellmg St. Mi- 
chael's Mount, and much other property. His 
descendants, tnerefore, were much distressed 
for many years after the rebellion. By the 
marriages, however, of the ereat-grand&ther 
of the first peer witn Miss Lucy Hele, and of 
his grandfather with Miss Mary Pendarves, 
both heiresses, a considerable acquisition of 
property came to the family, which was mach 
improved by the skilful management and well- 
regulated economy of his father. 

Francis Basset, grand£sther of the first 
peer, had issue by Mary Pendarves, 1. John- 
Pendarves Bauety m. Anne, da. of sir Edmund 
Prideaux, bart. and dying 1759, left one son, 
who d. 1756 ; and 2, 

Francis, who, on his nephew's death, suc- 
ceeded to the family estate, m. Margaret, da. 
of sir John St. Aubyn, of Clowance, co. Ck>m- 
wall, bart. He d. Nov. 1769, leaving issue, 
two sons and four das. via. 

1. Francis, 1st lord. 

2. John, in holy orders, &. 1760. m. 4 Oct. 
1790, Mary, da. of George Winsfield, of Dur- 
ham, esq. and d. 20 Mav 1816, leaving issue, 

John, of Lincoln's Inn. banister-at law. 

3. Margaret, m. John aogeny of Penrose, 
CO. Cornwall, esq. 

4. Cecilia ; 5. Mary ; and 

6. Catherine, d. unm. 2 June 1817. 

FRANCIS, 1st lord De Dunstanville, cre- 
ated a baronet 24 Nov. 1779 ; baron De Dun- 
stanvUUy of Tehidy, co. Cornwall, 7 June 1796 ; 
and baron Bauety of Stratton, with remainder 
to his only da. and her issue male, 30 Nov. 
1797 j m. 1st, 16 May 1780, Frances-Susanna, 
da. ot John Hippesley Coxe, of Stone Easton, 
CO. Somerse^ esq. by whom (who d, 14 June 
1823) he haa issue, an only oa. 

Frances^ now baroness Basset. 
His lordship m. 2dly, 13 July 1824, Harriet, 
da. of sir William Lemon, of Carclew, co. 
Cornwall, bart but dying s. p. m. 14 Feb. 
1835, the barony of De Dunstanville, with 
the baronetcy, became extinct, but the barony 
of Basset devolved, pursuant to the limitation 
of the patent, on his only da. 

FRANCES, now baroness Basset. 

Heir Presumptive — None. 

Cr«ati(m— 30 Nov. 1797. 



Hereford, BO created bypateol.SO Jan. 1837; 

JfA i -.111 took the Bumame and arma of Bateman. by 

y.s.a>f.»^» royal Bign manual, 24 Feb. 1837: m«m>rf, 

16 Aag. 1822, EllEabetb, da. of lord Spencer- 

Stanley Chichester, and siiter of Arthur, loid 

Templemore, and has issue, 1. WIL- 

LIAM-BATEMAN, b. 28 July 182fl; 2. 

Charles-Spencer, 6. S Oct, 1827; 3, 

Arthur 'Allan, 6. 13 March 1829; 4. 

FREDERiCK-WESTtHN, b. 1834, d. ao infant ; 

5. GeoRGE-SjiCKViLLE, b. 23 July 1835, 

d. 13 Aug. 1839 ; 6. Harriot-Anne, b. 5 

July IS23 ; 7, Charlotte, i. 4 May 

1825; 8. Euzabeth -Augusta, b. 16 March 1832; 9. a da. b. 26 Oct. 

Amu — Qouterly : lit uid 4th, or, & bend engrailed rert, plain oottised sable, in chief a 
CRCcent on a creacent (or dii^Tence, Hahburt ; id and 3d, or, on a feue nble between 
three Mdkovj dncln proper, a rose of tha field, Batehah. Ciie«t»— lit, out of a mural 
crown aable, a demi-hon or, holding in the dexter paw a battle aie or, helred gable, 
Hakbubt; lid, a dack'i bead and neck between two wings proper. Supporters — Two 
lions argent, gorged wilb pbiia collars, eacb charged nrith a rose between two flear«-de-lis 
or, and chains of the latter affiled la eacb collar and refleied orer the ImcIc Mono — 
" Nee prece, nee pretio," Kdther by prayer, nor by price. 

Sib Join HAKsuRT,of Ke]niaiali,oa. North- 
amptoti, descended him a second son of Han- 
barj, of Hanbory, d. 8 July 1639, el. 65, 
leATing issue, a son, Edward Hanburr, of Kel- 
mush afoTeaaid,wbo,bjhislBtwife,'Dorothy, 
d». of Edward Shakborougb, of Naseby, co. 
Northampton, bad, besides a da. Dorothy, m. 
Geor^ Faont, of Fsslon, co. Leicester, one 

TnoM*s Hahbdbv, of Kehuanb, esq. m. 
Mary, da. and co-h. of Thomsa Waller, esij. 
sergeant-at-law, 3d son of Thomas Waller, of 
Gre^ories, co. Bucks, by whom (who d. 25 
Aug. 1700, ct. 63) be bad, besides other 

□Brnsier^t'iaw, n. r.uzwjeia, cia. anu co-n. 
of George Gierke, of Watford, co. Nortbamp- 
too, esq. and d. 30 Jan. 17il-f , learing issue, 
a da. Eliaabeth, >». Walter Plummer, and a 

rfiLLim Hanburv, of Kelroarab, eta. r. 
ID Feb. 1735, Saish, da. and heir of William 
IVestem, of Rireuhall, co. Essex, esq. (by 
Aaae, da- of ^ James Bateman, knt. lord 

mayor of London, and sister of William, Tis- 
coanl Bateman, of Ireland, upon the decease 
of whose son. John, fd viscount Bateman, 
that diniity became extinct,) and d. 1768, 
leariM issue by ber, (whod. 1766,) 

9. Annb, bi. Jobn-Harrey Thnraby, of 
AbioEton, CO. NorthsmptoQ, esq. and d. 1777. 


WiLLiAH Hahburt, of Kehnanh, esq. only 

son, n. 94 Oct. 1777 Cbarlotle, da. of Charies- 

'--nes Packe, of Preatwold, co. Leicester, 

. and d, 16 Not. 1807, leanuK issue by ber, 

■--id. 1816,) 

WILLIAM, created baron Bateman. 
i. Sir John, a major-general, and K.C.H. 

3. GaoaoE, in holy orders, rector of Kel- 

4. Anne, n. 1S09, sir Sotherton-Branth- 
wayt Peckham-Mickiethwayt, bail. 

H(ir ^vporrnf— Hon. Willi *■•- Bat em ah 
BATKHAN-flAHBuBT, bis lordship's eldcstsoD. 

CrSBlion— so Jan. 1B37. 


Arki — Quuterl; : lit and Mt, barrji oTtfo 

oruidMble,TnYNNE; Id uid3d, u-gent. 
■ lion rtmptuit, tail noved ud erected 
gulM, BovTtvH.tE. Cheit — A reindeer 
jtaUnt or, collared Mble. Si'ppobtehs— 
DuUr, a reindeer or, collared sable, Si- 
niiMr, a lion, tail nowed and erected gules. 
Motto — " j'ay boone cause." I haTe 
good reason. 

19; he 

;, of Lonijleat. co. Wiltj, 
imptuaus (unil; maniion, 
«as great-grand&tlier of 

■nooth. Baron Tbynne, of Wnrroinster, and a Baronel; kom 1 March 1B31; 
■acc«eded bia father, Henry-Frrderick, late marquess, 24 June 1837. 

vendish Benlinck, eldest da. of Williain, 3 1 
duke of Portland, by whom (who d, ItC Dec. 
1895, aged 91 ) he had issue, 

1. Louis*, b. S5 March 1760, m. Heneagp, 
4tli earl of Aylesford. 

i. Charlottb, b. 7 Nor. 1761, and d. 19 
May 1765. 

3. Henbietti, *. 17 Nov. 1768, «. Philip, 
5th earl of Chesterfield. 

4. SoPHU, b. IB Dec. 1763, m. Geonre, 3d 
earl of Ashburnham. 

5. THOHts, «d laarQuess. 

6. ls:tBELLA, b. 11 Om. 1768, lad; of the 
bedchamber to the duchess of Ulouoester, d, 
unm. 7 April 1B35. 

7. Georoe, b. 33 Jan. 1770, saeeeeded his 
uncle, Henry 'Frederick, in the barony o( 
Carteret, m. U May 1797, Harriet, da. of 
William, Id viMXiunt Counenay, (wbo d. 13 
April 1836,) but d, i. p. 19 Feb. 1839. 

8. John, b. 23 Dec. 1773, now baron Car- 

TERKT («. thai titU). 

9. Mabv, b. 17MBy 1778,n. 10 May 1806, 
Oabora Markham, eaq. son of the late arch- 
bishop of York, and d, ii Feb. 1814. 

10. C*H0L1NE, b. 31 Aug. 17B1. 
The marquGH d. 19 Not. 1796, and was suc- 
ceeded by bia eldest son, 

THOMAS, ad marquew, K.G. lord-lieut. 
CO. Someraet, D.C.L. and F.aA. b. 15 Jan. 
1765, m. Si April 1791, Isabella ByuK, da. of 
Geoi^, 4lh nscount Torrin^n, and b; her 
(who d. 1 May 1830) had issue, 

1. Elizabeth, 6. ST Feb. 1795, n. 30 July 
1816, John-Frederick, present earl Cawdor. 

S. Thomas, viscount Wejmoutb, ft. 9 April 
1796, m. 11 May 18S0, Harriet- Matilda, da. of 
Mr. Thomas Robbins, and d. i. p. 16 Jan. 1837. 

3. HENRV-FaEnEHici, 3d maraueaa. 

4. John, 6. 7 Not. 1798, in holy orders, 
prebendary of Westminster, rector of Kinga- 
ton Deveril], CO. ^^'ilts, and Street, co. So- 
merset, n. 3 March 1BS4, Anne-Constuitia, 
3d da. of rcT. Charles-Cobb Beresford, and 

1. George-Emilius, b. 6 Dec. 1814, if. 9 

Aug. 1838. 
i. Frederick-Charles, b. 15 April 1826, 

d. 11 Jan. 18?7. 

3. A upiBtus- William, 6. II April 1827, 
d. 33 Jan. 18.11 

4. Harriet-Selina, b. 19 Jan. 1S!9, d. I 

5. FWncis-Jo'bn, 6. 17 Jane 1830. 

6. Arthor-Cbristopher, h. 9 Nov. 1839. 

7. Wilham-Frederick, ft. 8 Aup. 1834. 
B. Alfred- Walti-r, ft. 15 June 1836. 
9. A son, ft. 14 April 1838. 

5. Louisa, 6. 35 March 1801, m. 5 Julv 

. _, .._ was created a barl. 

1641, «. Mary, da. of Thomas, lord Corentry, 
andhadiuue, two sons, TnonAs, 1st Tiscount, 
and Htnry. 

Thomas, the eldest son, was created, 11 
Dec. 1689, baron Thunne, of Warminster, co. 
Wilts, and Tisoount H'oi/fiouIA with remainder, 
on failure of issue male of hts body, to his 
biDther >Ienry : m. Frances, da. of Heneage 
Finch, earl of Winchilsea, by whom he had 
an only son, Htnni, who d. in his father's 
lifetime, 1708, leaving issue, two das. his co- 
heiresses : Frances, m. Algernon Seymour, earl 
of Hertford, and Mary, m. William Greville, 
lord Br«oke. The viscount d. 98 July 1714, 
without surviving male issue, and was suc- 
ceeded by his great-nephew, Thomas, only 
son of Thomas, who was only son of Henry, 
the viscount's brother. 

Thohas, tfd viscount, m. 6 Dec. 17«6, 
Eliiabeth, eldest da. of Lionel, duke of Dorset, 
■ who dying 99 June 17*9, he n. 9dly, in July 
1733, Louisa, da. of John, earl Granville, by 
whom (who d. 95 Dec. 1736) he hadlHOnAs, 
1st marquess ; and Henry- Frederiffky who was 
heir, by will, to his grandfather, the late earl 
Granville, took the name of Carlenl, and was 
created baron Carteret J9Jan. 17B'l {it*Ltird 
Cabteret). His loidship d. 19 Jan. 1751, 
and was succeeded by his son, 

THOMAS, Isl marquess of Bath, and 3d 
viscount, K.(i. who was, on 18 Aug. 1789, 

advanced lo the dignity of " ' ■■ 

« May 17, 

Sept 17»l ; 1 

May 1759, EUaabeth-Ca- 


I8!3, the bon. lieu; tjueelUa, id son of the 
(Mii of Hkrewood. 

6. WiLUAM, lienL-ool. in the 111117, b. 17 

r. FxNcu, b. M Jul la05, d. 19 Mar 


8. EowtBD, b. S3 Ju. 1807, n. 8 Julj 
1S30, Eiiiabeth, dft. of William MeUisb, of 
Woodfiinl, CO. Eiaei, e«q. 

9. GtaacT, b. 35 Dec. 1808, in tbe army, 
d. ■.■■I. 19 June ia3«. 

10. duBLoTTt-ANNi, 1. 10 April 1811, m. 
WiltfT Fnncii, dake of Baecleucfa. 

11. Chiilu, b. 9 Feb. 1813, in hoW orden, 
n. IS Joly 1837, Harriel-Frsncea di. of Iha 
ngbt rer. Riehard Bagol, lord bishop of Ox- 
fwd, aod baa inaue, 

1. A lOD, b. 13 July IBSO. 
li. A »N, alill-borD, 36 Dec. 1814. 

d. tZ Mareh 1837, and was 
Ib eldett surriring bod, 

HENRY-FREDERICK, 3d maniueM, a 
capt&iD R.N. b. U May 1797, n, 19 ApHI 
1830, Harriet, da. of Alexander, lord Aah- 
burton, and bad iune, 

1. John-Aleiandeh, 4th marqueu. 

3. Henhy-Fheduicil, b. t Aug. 18.19. 

3. LouiSA-IsiBELI.4'll>RRlET, b. 9 JuHS 


4. A o«. b. No>. 1836. 

Tlie marqueM d. £4 June 1837, and was suc- 
ceeded by hiB eldest aon, 

JOHN-ALEXANDER, prMent and 4th 


Crefl(ioni— Bamnpl, 15 July l&M ; Baron 
sd ViKount, 11 Dec. llXi; Marqucsa, 18 
Aug. 1789. 

BalileMleD, aud Baron Ajwley, of Apslef, co. Sauex, D.C.L. ; born 34 Feb. 
1790i aucceeded his father, Henry, the late earl, 26 July 1834. 

t. Feteb, of Ctarendoo Park, do. Berka 
esq. d. 1748, having been twice married, and" 
leariRE a numeniuB funilj, the male line of 
which oecune extinct on the death of hii aon, 
gen. Peter Bathunt, in 1803. 

3. Benjamih, of Lydney, co. Gloucester, 
m. lit, Fmetta, da. and oo-b. of Henry Poole, 
of Kemble, co. Wilts, esq. by whom (who if. 
1738) be had issue, two sons, 

1. Thomas; i. Poole; who both d. i. p. 

3, 4. 5. 6. Four das. the only one of 

whom who left issue was Anne, who m. 

Charles Bragge, of Clere Hill, do. 

Gloaceiter, eaq. and was mother of the 

riffbt boa. Charles Bragge-Bathunt, 

who m. 1 Ang, 17BB, Charlotte, sister 

of Henry, tiscount Sidmouth. 

He m. Sdly, Catherine, da. of Laurence Brod- 

nck, D.D. brother of Alan, Tisconnt Midle- 

(on, and by her had issue, beade several other 


7. The right rer. Henry Bathursl, bishop 

Aiai— «ahle, two bars eimine, in chief 
three cmiaeaiial^ or. Ciut — A dexter 
arm emboweo, armed in chain mail, the 
hind proper, snspiog a spiked club or. 
Si:rFaaTEBs--Two stags areent, each 
gorged with a collar gemel ermines. 
Motto—" Tien ta foy." Keep thy fcith. 

. Gm,oal 

lot BsthoTtt, alderman 
from tbe Bathurma, co. Kent, m. Eliaabeth, 
di. and co-h. of Edward Villiers, of How- 
Ikorpe, CO. Northampton, e*q,, d. 1651, leav- 
ioj; Bsoe, Hdtpf, M.D., prcndent of Trinity 
College Oxford, who d. 1704, (and whose 
liff has been written by the celebr^ed Thomas 
^^irton,) and a younger ion. 

Sir Benjahh BATirvBST, Imt. treasurer of 
the hDusehold to Qneen Anne while princess 
of Dpomark, and ooSerer of the household 
ITOf, s. Frsnc«a, da. of sir Allen Apslej, of 
Apaley, co. Snasei, knt. and d. f7 April 1704, 
learing iasoe by ber 

t. Allen, 1st eui BathunL 

of Norwich, b. 16 Oet. 1744, d. 5 
April 1B37, hiring m. Grade, sister of 
CbBrles-Henrr, lord Castlecoole, in 
Ireland, and by her (who if. 16 April 
10E3) bad issue, 

1. Henry, *. 4 May 1781, in holy 
□rdera, archdeacon of Norwich, 
and rector of North Creake and 
Hollersley, co. Norfolk. 

2. Maj.-gen. sir Jamee, K.C.B. b. 3 
May 1783, m. 16 Jan. 1816, Caro- 
line, sister o! Robert, earl of 

.1. Benjamin, h. 14 March 1784, 
" minister planij>oteDtiary 



at Vienna, m. 35 May 1805, Phil- 
lida, da. of sir John Call, bait, and 
had issue. 

4. Charles-Hennr, 6. 12 July 17B6. 

5. Coote, h, 16 Sept. 1787. 

6. Eyre-Coote, 6. 21 Dec. 1791. 

7. Robert, b, 27 Nov. 1795, in holy 
orders, rector of Belaugh and 
Scotton, and vicar of Neatishead, 
CO. Norfolk, m. 1816, Jane, da. of 
the rev. Robert Norris, and d, 
27th Dec. 1828, leaving issue. 

8. Coote. b. 1 Oct. 1799. 

9. Hennetta, 6. 12 July 1789, m. 
1822, Denis Mahon, esq. capt. 
29th regiment. 

10. Tryphena, b, 2 Aue. 1794, m. 
1827. Thomas ThisleUiwayte, of 
Soutnwick Park, co. Hants, esq. 

11. Caroline, 6. 14 Sept. 1797, m. 
1820, the rev. Heaton Champion 
de Crespieny, vicar of Neatishead, 

K Norfolk. 


4. Anns, m. Henry Pye, of Farrington, co. 
Berks, esq. 

ALLEN BATHURST, 1st earl Bathurst, 
was, 31 Dec. 1711, created baron Batkurst. 
and was advanced to the dignity of an earl 
27 Aug. 1772, m. 1704, his cousin Catherine, 
da. and sole heiress of sir Peter Apsley, knt. 
and by her (who d. 8 June 1768) had issue, 

1. Benjamin, 6. 12 Aug. 1711, m. 26 Nov. 
1732, Elizabeth Bruce, da. of Charles, earl of 
Ailesbury, and d, 17 Jan. 1767 without issue, 
as did his lady 12 Nov. 1771. 

2. Henry, 2d earl. 

3. John, b, 1728, d. 6 May 1777, unm. 

4. Allan, 6. Oct. 1729, in holy orders, 
LL.B. rector of Baverstone and Sapperton, 
CO. Gloucester, d. unm. 22 Aug. .1767. 

5. Frances, b. July 1708, m. 1st, 6 Aug. 
1731, William Wodehouse, esq. son and h. 
of sir John Wodehouse, bart. ancestor of the 
barons Wodehouse, (who d. March 1755,) 
and 2dly, James Whitshed, of Ireland, esq. 

6. Catherine, b, 12 Nov. 1709, m. April 
1737^ Reginald Courtenay, esq. brother to 
Wilham, 1st viscount Courtenay, and d. 1783. 

7. Jane, 6. 1717, and d, 5 Marcli 1794, 
having m. April 1744, James BuUer, esq. of 
Morval, co. Cornwall, to whom she was 2d 

8. Leonora, m. gen. Edward Urmstone. 

9. Anne^ m. James Benson, LL.D. 

His lordship d, 14 Sept. 1775, and waA suc- 
ceeded by his son, 

HENRY, 2d earl, 6. 2 Mav 1714, who was 
created baron Aps/^;/, co. Sussex, 23 Jan. 
1771, one of the judges of the court of com- 
mon pleas, lord high chancellor of Great 
Britain, and, 10 Feb. 1776, appointed high 
ftewara of Great Britain, for the trial of 

Elizabeth, calling herself duchess dowager of 
Kingston ; m. 1st, 19 Sept. 1754, Anne, da. 
and h. of •^— James, esq. widow of Charles 
Philipps, esq. and by her (who d. 8 Feb. 
1758) had no issue. He m. 2dly, 14 June 
1759. Tryphene, da. of Thomas Scawen, of 
Maiawel^ co. Northampton, esq. and by her 
(who d, 2 Dec. 1807) had issue, 

1. Tryphene, b, 23 Oct, 1760, d, unm. 11 
Dec. 1834. 

2. Henry, 3d earl. 

3. Catherine, b, 14 June 1764, d, unm, 23 
Oct. 1837. 

4. Selina-Letitia, 6. 3 June 1766, d, unm. 
7 June 1827. 

5. Susannah. 6. 3 Jan. 1768. 

6. Apsley, D.C.L. joint clerk of the crown 
in chancery, b. 14 Oct. 1769, d. unm. 24 Jan. 

His lordship d. 6 Aug. 1794, and was suc- 
ceeded by his son, 

HENRY, 3d earl, K.G. P.C. F.S.A. and 
D.L.C. one of the tellers of the exchequer, 
and clerk of the crown, b. 22 May 1762, m. 1 
April 1789, Georgiana, youngest da. of lord 
George Lennox, and sister to Charles, 4th 
duke of Richmond, K.G. by whom he had 

1. Henry-George, 4th earl. 

2. William-Lennox, 6. 14 Feb. 1791, clerk 
of the privy council, and clerk to the board of 

3. Louisa-Georoiana, b. 22 Sept. 1792, 
lady of the bedchamber to the duchess of 

4. Peter-Georoe-Allen, b, 14 Jan. 1794, 
d. 22 Oct 1796. 

5. Thomas-Seymour, lieut. -col. in the army 
and treasurer of Malta, b. 27 Oct 1793, m. 6 
Oct 1829, Julia, only da. of J. P. Hankey, 
esq. and a. 10 April 1834, leaving issue, 

1. A da. b. 5 Aug. d, Oct 1830. 

2. A da. d. at Malta 10 Oct 1831. 

3. Allen, b. 9 Oct. 1832. 

4. Selina, (posthumous,) 6. 14 Sept 1834. 

6. Emily-Charlotte, 6. 28 Feb. 1798, m. 
16 March 1825, m^or-gen. the hon. sir Fre- 
derick-Cavendish I'onsonbv, K.C.B. son of 
the earl of Bessborough, who a. 11 Jan. 1837. 

7. Charles, 6. 21 Jan. 1802, in holy orders, 
rector of Siddington, co. Gloucester, and 
Southam, co. Warwick, m. 31 July 1830, lady 
Emily-Caroline, youngest da. of the earl of 

His lordship d. 26 July 1834, and was suc- 
ceeded by his eldest son. 

HENRY-GEORGE, present and 4th earl. 

Ifetr Presumptive — Hon. Wiluam-Lennox 
Bathurst, the earl's next brother. 

Creations — Baron Bathurst, 31 Dec. 1711 ; 
Lord Apsley, 23 Jan. 1771 ; and Earl Ba« 
thurst, 27 Aug. 1772. 



HENRY WILLIAM-POWLETT, (late Townshend.) Baron BAYNING, of 

Foxley, co. Berks, in holy orders, Rector of 
Broome, with Great and Little Oakley, co. 
Suffolk ; bom 8 June 1797 ; succeeded his bro- 
ther, Charles-Frederick-Powlett, the late lord, 
2 Aug. 1823; took tlie surname of William- 
PowLETTy and the arras of Powlett, by royal 
sig^ manual, 8 Sept. 1823. 

Arms — Sable, three swords in pile, points downwards 
argentj pomels and hilts or. C r est — A falcon rieinf; 
or, belled gold and ducally gorged gules. Sup- 
porters — Dexter^ a stag sable attired unguled, 
collared and chain reflexed over the back or, the 
collar charged with three mallets sable. Siniiterf a lynx argent pelletee. ducally gorged 
and chsin reflexed over the back gold ; pendent from the coronet an escocneon or, thereon 
two bars sable, each charged with two escallops gold. Motto—" Stare super viaa an- 
tiqoas." To stand in the track of my ancestors. 

His lordship is maternally descended from 
Anne, created TiBoounteflS Bayning, of Foxley, 
CO. Berks, in her own right, for me only^ by 
Cfajvlea II. after the title of riscount Baynmg, 
of Sudbury, had become extinct by the de- 
cease of her brother Paul, viscount Bayning, 
^vHthottt issae male, 1638. The viscountess a. 
1698y 'vrhen the title became again extinct; 
but was revived 1797 in her descendant, 
Charles Townshend, 1st lord Bayning. 

His lordship's grand&ther, the hon. Wil- 
li am TowNsusND. dd son of Charles, 3d vis- 
oonnt Townshena, b. 9 June 170S, aide-de- 
camp to the king, and groom of the bed- 
chamber and privy purse to Frederick, prince 
of Wales, m. 29 May 1725. Henrietta, only 
da. and sole h. of lord WiUiam Powlett, by 
his 2d wife, Anne, da. of gen. Randolph 
Egerton, by Anne, eldest da. of Anne, in her 
own right viscountess Bayning, ana d» !SS9 
Jan. 1758, having had issue by her, (who d. 
1. IViLLJAJH, d. young. 
t Charlxs, 1st lord Bayning. 
J. FaxncRfCK, d. young. 
4, CiBOLiNE. w. 8 Feb. 1759, Frederick 
ConiwaUiSy anrhbishop of Canterbury, brother 
of CWIes, 1st earl Comwallis, and rf. without 
isMe5Jan. 1809. 

5. Anne, m. Charles Hedges, esq. and d, 

6. Henrietta, d. young. 

7. Dorotby, m. Miles-Butten Allen, esq. 

surviving son, was created baron Bayning. of 
Foxley, co. Berks, 27 Oct. 1797, m. Annabellay 
da. of the rev. Richard Smith, by Annabella, 
only da. of William Powlett, esq. (by Anna- 
bella, da. of Charles, 1st earl of Tankerville,) 
and by her (who d. 3 Jan. 1835) had issue, 

1. Caroline, 6. 30 Sept. 1778. 

2. Ameua, 6.31 Dec. 1779. 

3. Henrietta, d, young. 

4. Annabella, b, 12 Dec. 1783. 

5. Charles'Frederick-Powlett, 2d lord. 

6. William ; 7. Anne. 

8. Louisa ; all </• young. 

9. Henry, 3d lord. 

His lordship d, 16 May 1810, and was suc- 
ceeded by his eldest son, 

LETT, 2d lord, 6. 96 Sept. 17a5, d. unm. 2 
Aug. 1823, and was succeeded by his only 

HENRY, present and 3d lord. 

Heir Presumptive — None. 
Creationn-tr Oct. 1797. 



count Elm ley, and Baron Beauchamp, of 
Ponyke, co. Worcester ; incceeded bis brother, 
William-BeauchaiDp, 2d earl, 12 May 1S33 ; 
took the name and btiiib of PiNDAR only, by 
I royal ijgin manual, 22 Oct. 1813; mMrricd, 14 
' March 1814, Charlotte, only da. of Jobn-HeDry 
Scott, 1st enrl of Clonmel, in Ireland. 

roBTEM — Deitrr, > bear pg 

A lion's held emunou, dueillj crowoed 
ineiit, gnrred with a collar gcmel Hole. Sup- 
, plain collared and chained or; from the collar pendent 
lamp of Po»yke, 1U. gulee, a iau- ■■-*- ^ ''-- 

or. Siaitter, a airan argenL wing* inrerled |^ea, gorged with a dncal coronet of tht 
second, thereliram a liue refleied over the back azure, and pendent from the coronet i 
■hield charged tl the dexter. Motto — " £i fide fortif." Strong through faith. 

» Ljeon, who m. Joan, da. and co-b. 

liam de Bracj, by which marriage he 

acqoired the ortate of Madreefield, co. Wor- 

of William d 

which ia Mill the chief »at of the 
RicHAaD L;eoti, grandaon of Tbo- 
I. Irmp. Henrv VI. Anne, Id da. and 
eo-h. of Richard, lord Beauchimp, of Fowyke 
(a younger bianch of the great houae of 
Beaachamp, earia of Worcefter, and earla 
and duke* of Warwick). From this marriage 

WiLLiAK Lyoon, of Madreifield, esq. who 
d. 16 March 17»), hariag had iiane l>y Mar- 
garet, da. and h. of Tboinaa Corbyo, of Hal- 
land, CO. Warwick, eaq. 1. WiUiam, m. but 
d. in hia (atber'i Ufetime, >. p.; i. Cvrim, 
aocoeeded hia father, but alao dying i. p. left 
bia eitatei to hia nephew, Reginald Pmdar; 
and 3. Margorat, n. lat, 15 June 1713, Regi- 
nald Pindar, of Kempley, co. Glonceater ; and 
idly, — Biddulph, of Ledbury, and d. 14 
SepL 1736, learing iaaue by her fint hua- 

RsuiNALn PiNDiR, tcho aaaumed the name 
and anna of Ltoon, m. Suaannah, da. of Wil- 
liam Kanmer, of Betteafield, co. Flint, eM]. 
and d. 15 Dec. 1786, leaving ianie by her, 
(whod. 1TS5,) 

1. WiLLiAH, 1st earl Beauchamp. 

1. Elizabetu, n. the bon. John Yorke, 4rth 
■on of Philip, earl of Hardwicke, loid high 
chancellor of Great Britain, d. 1763. 

WILLIAM LYGON.Iatearl Beauchamp, 
repreaented co. Worceater in six parlia- 
menta, Irom 17T4 to 1806, in which year 
16 Feb. he wu advanced to the dignity of 
baron Beaatliamp, of Powyke, co. Worcester ; 
and further advanced, 1 Dec. 1815, to the dig- 
nities of vifcouut lUmUv aod earl BeauchBmp, 
b. 15 July 1747, m. Gather^-- --' '- ' 
James Denn, esq. and had ii 


.uAif-BEAVCHAHr, fd earl. 


.RY-BKAccHA«r M.P. for Worces- 
n the army, ii^ g July, 

- ■ •riof 8- "- 

i. Felicia-Snsan, b, ^7 June 1815. 
S. Georsiana- Harriet, b. 5 Sept. 1836, 
d. 9 May 18*7. 

3. WUliam, b. 9 Jao. 1818, d. 30 June 

4. Henry, b. 13 Feb. 1S*9. 

5. Frederick, b. 10 Nov. 1B30. 

4. iuiWARD-PiHCAa, majai^geu, in the 
army C.B. and K.S.W. 

5. Ruiinald-Jahec, d. young. 

6. FEUCIt-JsHIKA, d. 11 Oct. 1813. 

7. Ehha-Sitbannar, m. IS Jan. IBOB, 
George, Bth earl of Coventry. 

8. Sofku-Makoahet, m. 4 March 1818, 
sir Chartei Eglelon-Kent, hart, and d. 16 
Nov, 1834. 


10. Georoiana, n. Thomas, earl of Lodif' 
fbnl, K.P. 

11. EHiLr-£eTHBB-AKHa,iii.tSOct. I8S5, 
Lloyd- Bambrd Heskcth, esq. 

l^e earl d. 11 Oct. 1B16, and was suc- 
ceeded by his eldest son, 

Beauchamp, b. 1781, d. unm. U Alay 1813, 
and was succeeded by his next brother, 

present and 3d earl. 

Heir Premntptirt — The hon. H. B. Ltcoh, 
the earl's brother. 

Creatimi — Baron Beauchamp, 36 Feb. 
1806; Earl Beauchamp, and Vi»x>unt Elm- 
ley, I Dec. IBIS. 



HENRY SOMERSET, Durb of BEAUFORT, Marquess and Earl of Wor- 
cester, Earl of Glamorean, Viscount Grosmont, 
Baron Herbert, of dbepstow, Ragland, and 
Oower, Baron Beaufort, of Caldecot Castle, and 
Baron de Bottetourt, (which last barony his Ma- 
jesty, by letters patent, 4 June 1803, was pleased 
to grant and confirm to the late duke with the 
place and precedency due and belonging to the 
same,) Recorder of Bristol, and High Steward 
of Gloucester ; his grace is entitled to the prisage 
and butlerage of all wines brought into the ports 
of Swansea and Chepstow ; bom 5 Feb. 1792 ; 
succeeded his father, Henrv-Charles, the late 
doke, 25 Not. 1835; married, 25 July 1814, Georgiana-Freaerica, eldest da. of 
the late hon. Henry Fitzroy, son of Charles, 1st lord Southampton; by whom 

(who d. 11 May 1821) his grace had two das. 1. Augusta ; 2. Gborgiana, 

m. 29 Dec. 1836, Christopher- William Codrington, of Dodington, co. Gloucester, 
M.P. The Duke married, 2dly, 29 June 1822, Emily-Frances, da. of Charles-Cul- 
ling Smith, esq. (by Lady- Ann Wellesley, sister of marquess Wellesley,) and 

has issue, 3. HENRY, marquess of Worcester, b. Feb. 1824 ; 4. Enily- 

Blanche-Charlotte, 6. 26 Jan, 1828; 5. Rose-Caroline-Mary, 6. 12 Feb. 

1829 ;- 6. Ebiily-Cathbrine-Anne, 6. 21 May 1831 ; 7. Hbnrietta- 

Louika-Priscilla, 6. 19 June 1832; 8. Geraldinb-Harriet; 9. a da. 6. 

I Jane 1838. 

AmMs — ^Frsnoe and England quarterly, within a border compony argent and azare. Crest 
— ^A portcoUia or, nailed azure, chains gold. Supporters — Dextsr, a panther argent, 
flames iasimig from his mouth and ears proper, plain collared and chained, and aen^ of 
torteaox, harts and pomeis alternately. SiingUr, a wyrem vert, in the mouth a ainiater 
hand cooped at the wrist gules. Motto—'' Mutare yel timere spemo." I acorn to change 
or to fear. 

Hxwrt Beattport. 3d duke of Somerset, 
ereat-grandaon of John of Gann^ duke of 
Lancaster waa beheaded for hia adherenoe to 
Henry VI. 1463, beine taken prisoner at the 
battle of Hexham. He left laaue hy Joan 
Will, a natural son, air Charles Somerset. K.G. 
who marrrine Elizaheth, only da. ana h. of 
William Heroeit, earl of Huntingdon, and 
baron Herbert^ of Ragland. Chepstow, and 
Gower, was lumaelf createa baron Herbert, 
of Kayandy 1506, and earl of Worcester, in 
1514. Hia great-|;reat>grand80iL Henry, 5th 
earl, was created marquess ox Worcester, 
164S; and his grandson, HENRY, Sd mar- 
quess, waa cresited duke of Beaufort 1682. 

doke of Beaufort, was nandson of the Ist 
dnke, and sooceeoed to ue title on the death 
of his brother. Henry, 3d duke, without issue, 
in 1745. He m. 1 May 1740, Elizabeth 
Berkeley, in her own right Mroness Bottetourt, 
da. of the dowager Tiaoonnteas Hereford (by 
Jofan-^ymes Blm^dey. of Stoke-Gifford, esq.) 
only m af ff" and h. to Korbome, baion Botte- 
tourt, who d. 1776, by whom he had issue, 

1. Aknr. b, 11 March 1740-1. m. 13 Sept 
1759, Cbanes, 7th earl of Northampton, and 
4. at Venice IB May 1763. 

2. Elizabeth, h, 13 March 1742, d, 7 May 

3. Hbnry, 5th duke. 

4. Rachel, 6. 21 Aug. 1746, d, in her 

5. Henrietta, 6. S6 April 1748, m. 13 
April 1769, the kite sir W. WiUiams Wynn, 
hart and d, 34 July 1769. 

6. Mary-Isabella, 6. 1 Aug. 1756, m. 
Charles, 4th duke of Rutland. 

Charles-Noel, 4th duke^ deceasing 28 Oct. 
1756, was succeeded by his son, 

HENRY, 5th duke, K.G. 6. 16 Oct. 1744, 
m. 2 April 1766, Elisuibeth, da. of the hon. 
Edward Boscawen^ admiral of the blue, eldest 
son of Hugh, 1st visoount Falmouth, and by 
her (who survived him, and d, 15 June 1828') 
had issue, 

1. Henry-Charles, 6th dnke. 

2. Charles-Henry, governor of the Cape 
of Good Hope, gpn. in the army, and col. Ist 
West India regiment, 6. 12 Dec. 1767, and d, 
20 Feb. 1831, havW m. Ist, 7 June 1788, 
Elizabeth, da. of Wilham, 2d viscount Courte- 
nay, and by her (who d, 11 Sept. 1815) had 

1. Henry, lieut-col. 6. 30 Dec 1794, m. 
1 Apnl 1817, Frances-Sarah, eldest da. 



of rear-admiral sir Henry Heathcote, 
aiid has issue, 
1. Elizabeth. 

5. Charles-Henry, lieut. in the Cape 
mounted riflemen. 

3. Caroline; 4. Frances; 5. Louisa. 

6. Plantagenet-Henry, d. young Ju- 
ly 1826. 

7. Plantagenet-Henry, 6. May 1831, 
d, 4 Aug. 1833. 

8. A da. 6. 22 April 1833. 

2. Charles-Henry, lieut.-€ol. in the army, 
6. 24 Sept. 1800, d, 28 May 1835. 

3. Plantagenet-Villiers-Henry, in holy 
orders, rector of Honiton, co. Devon, 
6. 11 Feb. 1803. 

4. Elisabeth, 6. Oct. 1790. m. July 1812, 
lieut,-col. Henry Wyndnam. 

5. Georgiana, b. Feb. 1793, m. 25 June 
1833, Stirling -Freeman Glover, esq. 
capt. 12th foot. 

6. Charlotte, 6. 2 Jan. 1799, m. May 1822, 
Herbert Cornwall, esq. son of the 
bishop of Worcester. 

His lordship m. 2dly, 9 Aug. 1821, Mary, 
sister of earl Poulett. and bv her ladyship 
(who is woman of tne bedcliamber to the 
queen dowager) had issue, 

7. Poulett-George-Henry, b, 19 June 
1822, in the army. 

8. Mary-Sophia, ft. 20 May 1823. 

9. Augusu-Anne, 6. 21 April 1824. 

3. Edward-Henry, 6. 1768, d, 1769. 

4. Nor borne-Berkeley-Henry, 6. 4 May 
1771, d, 1838. 

5. Elizabeth, 6. 11 Feb. 1773. m. 27 June 
1796, the very rev. Charles Talbot, dean of 
Sarum, second son of the hon. and rev. George 
Talbot^ and d, 5 May 1836. 

6. Francbs-Euzabeth, 6. 3 April 1774. 

7. Harriet-Isabella, 6. 9 July 1775, m. 
17 July 1804, col. Henry-Huffh Mitchell, 26th 
regt. of foot, who is deceasea. 

8. Robert - Edward - Henry, G. C. B. 
K.T.8. and K.8.W. lieut.-gen. in the army 
and col. 4th dragoons, and late surveyor-gene- 
ral of the ordnance. 6. 19 Dec. 1776, m. 17 
Oct. 1805, Louisa-Augustay da. of William, 
2d viscount Courtenay, by whom (who d, 9 
Feb. 1823) he had issue, 

1. Robert-Henry, ft. 24Dec. 1806, </. Aug. 

2. Louisa-Isabella, 6. 27 Oct. 1807. 

3. Frances-Caroline, 6. 5 Nov. 1808. 

4. Blanch, 6. 22 Nov. 1811. 

5. MatUdA-Elisabeth. 6. 19 May 1815. 

6. Edward-Arthur, 6. 21 Feb. 1817, in 
the army. 

7. Georgiana-Emilv, 6. 23 April 1819. 

8. Augustus- Charles -Stapleton, 6. 26 
June 1821. 

9. Arthur-John-Henry, 6. 12 Feb. 1780, 
m. 23 June 1808, Elisabeth Boscawen, eldest 
da. of George Evelvn, 3d viscount Ffdmouth, 
and d, 18 April 18i6, leaving issue. 

1. George-Henry, 6. 3a March 1809, in 
holy orders, m. Sept. 1835, Phillida- 
Elisabeth, eldest da. of sir William 
Pratt Call, bart. and has a da. fc. 24 
June 1836. 

2. Elisabeth-Anne, b. 2 Aug. 1810, W. 
unm, at Madeira 12 April 1835. 

3. Arthur-Edward, b. 28 Au§[. 1813. 

10. William-George-Hbnry, m holy or- 
ders, prebendary of Bristol, and rector of 
Cricichowel and Langattock, oo. Brecon, and 
Tormarton, co. Gloucester, 6. 2 Sept. 1784, 
m. 29 June 1813, Elisabeth, eldest da. of lieut.- 
g:en. sir Thomas Molyneuz, bart. and niece of 
sir Capel Molyneux, of Uastle Dillon, co. 
Armagn, bart and has issue, 

1. Elisabeth-Barbara- Anne, 6. 12 April 

1814, d. 22 May 1822. 

2. Caroline-Frances-Elisabeth, 6. 15 May 

3. Henry-Capel-Charles, b. 22 June 1816, 
in the army. 

4. Emily-Georgiana- Elisabeth, 6. 18 Jan. 
1818, m. 31 Dec. 1839, rev. Charles- 
George Newcomb, son of John New- 
comb^ of Upton, CO. Bucks, esq. 

5. Wilham- Noel-Henry, 6. 27 April, and 
d, 7 Dec. 1821. 

6. William, b. 3 Oct. 1822. 

7. Fitaroy-Molyneuz-Henzy, 6. 29 Dec. 

8. John- Plantagenet -Edward- Henry, 6. 
8 April 1826, d, Maich 1838. 

9. Charlotte-Cecilia- Anne -Elisabeth, 6. 
21 Sept. 1827, d. 13 March 1837. 

10. Boscawen-Thomas-George-Henry, 6. 
2 June 1833. 

11. Aylmer-Howard-Tynte-Henry, 6. 30 
Nov. 1835. 

11. Annb-Elizabeth, 6. 7 June 1786, d, 
22 Sept 1803, unm. 

12. John-Thomas-Henry, col. in the army, 
6. 30 Aug. 1787, m. 4 Dec. 1814, Udy Catha- 
rine Annesley, da. of Arthur, 1st earl of 
Mountnorris, and has issue, 

1. WUhelmina-£lisabeth-Sarah,6.8Nov. 

1815, d. 25 Aug. 1816. 

2. Frances -Georgiana -Elisabeth, 6. 7 
Nov. 1816. 

3. Catherine-Emily-Harriet, 6. 16 July 

4. John-Henry-Edward, 6. 22 Sept 1820, 
d, 27 Dec. 1821. 

5. Norbome-Fitsroy-Chester, 6. 3 Sept 
1822, d. 8 Feb. 1823. 

6. JuUana-Lucv-Sarah, 6. 13 July 1826. 

7. A son, b, 5 Sept 1829. 

13. Fitzroy-James-Henry, K.C.B. D.C.L. 
military secretary to the commander-in-chief, 
lieut-gen. in the army, and col. 53d regiment 
of foot, 6. 30 Sept 1788, m. 6 Aug. 1814, 
Emily-Harriett, 2d da. of tlie right hon. Wil- 
liam ^YeUe8ley-Pole, lord Maryborough, and 
has issue. 

1. Charlotte -Caroline -Elisabeth, 6. 16 
May 1815. 

2. Arthur- William -Fitsroy. b, 6 May 

1816, lieut and capt in tne grenadier 
guards, and aide-de-camp to the com- 
mander of the forces in Ireland. 

3. Richard- William-Fitsroy, ft. 24 May 

4. Frederick-John-Fitsroy, fc. 8 March 
1821. d. f6 "Sor, 1824. 

5. Katnerine-Anne-Emily-Cecilia, 6. 31 
Aug. 1824. 

The duke d. 11 Oct 1803, and was succeedvd 
by his eldest son, 
HENRY - CHARLES, 6lh duke, K.G. 


D.C.L lord-lieat. loT the CM. _.. . 
Monauutli, u)d Brecon, t. H Dec. 1766, 
May lr91,Clurlotte-S<>phik,ila.ofGnaTille, 
Ijt muqnen of StmSbrd, K.G. and had innie, 

1. Heniv, 7tli duke. 

9. GiANviLLi-CHAHLEi-HENmy, b. ST Dec 
179S, Ule Gnt commimiODer of woodi Mid 
fontu, P.C. M.P. for CO. Manmoath, D.C.L. 
■. rr July ISn.Cmil;-, dk of Robert, lit lord 
Curiogton, uid has uaue, 

1. GnuTille^hwtea-Robeit, t. 27 June 

2. Emi]j-CMheruie-Aime,6.K)Jui.ia26. 

3. CotiMaiice-Heiirietta-3ophia-Loai>B,fr. 
S July 1B27. 

*. IfT(»D-Eliot-H«iT7,A.t9ADg.l8t9. 
5. Rasluid-George-HeniT, b. IT Dec 

1 Wu.U4«-GB0BOE-HENIlV,ft.lDecl793, 

i. 13 Jm. 1794. 

4. CHAKumt-SomiA b. 95 April 1795, m. 
18 Aug. 1825, the hon. Frederick CilChorpe, 
brother of lord Cslihorpe. 

5. £uuBCTii-8('9«N, b. 23 June 1798, m. 
IM, 16 April lan, lord Edwud O'Bryen 
brotber of the nurqneM of Tbomond ; *ad 
aij, 11 Not. 1819, nujor-^D. June* Orde. 

6. Geohgiaio-Adoiist*, a. 8 Oct. IBOO, n. 
30 Mb; 1825, the hon. Grurille- Dudley Hj- 

der, fd Km of the earl of llanowby. 

7. Edward-Henby, b. 17 June IBOt, d. 19 
Feb, 18*«. 

8. Suian.Carolika^ b. 10 Miy IBM, m. 
Geoive, marqupu of CboliaoadGli'j. 

9. Lou lAA-EuzA KITH b. 10 Miy 1806, nt. 
a Oct. 1&39, George Frncb, esq. 

10. Isabella, b. in Aug. 1808, m. B April 
CO. GloucABter, esq. uid d. i Feb. 1831. 

11. Blaschk, b. IB Auk- 1811, m. 9 Aug. 
1833, Randolph, earl orGallowar. 

12. Mabi.Oct«vm, b. 16 Jul; 1814, m. «8 
Nor. 1837, iir Walter Bockliffe Farquhar, 

Hii erace d. 13 Nor. 1S35, and wai suc- 
ceeded by hts eldefll sod, 

HENBY, preMut and7ih duke. 

Heir Apparent — Henby, manjueas ofWon- 
CCSTEH, his grace's aon. 

CmlioTtf— Baron Herbert, 26 Nor. 1506; 
Earl of Woiwater, 2 Feb. 1514 ; Marqueaa 
ofWaTce«ter,2NoT.lGt£; Baron Beaufort, 
aod Earl of Glamorgan 1643 i Duke of Beau- 
fort, 2 Dee. 1682. His grace also inberiu 
through his Kreat-gnmdiDOther the barouy af 
Bottetourt, which originated in a writ of sua- 
monj, 1307. 

FREDERICK-JAHES LAMB, Baron BEAUVALE, of Beanvale, co. Not- 
(iDKbun, so created bv patent, April 1839; P.C. G.C.H. Ambasstidor Exlra- 
ofdinuy and Minuter Plertipotentiuy at the Court or VieDoa; front 17 April 1782. 

ing in hia pawa a mnllet sable. Stip- 
PORTEiiB— (As graud crosa of the Bath.) 
On either aide, a lion gules, gorged with 
ft ooUar, or, thereon two mullets sable, 
therelrom a chain refleied over the back, 
gold, charged on the ahoulder with a 
crescent argent. Motto — " Virtule et 
fide." By rirtue and (ailh. 

His lordship is next brother to WOliain, 
riacouDt Melbourne. (For daetnt, HS that 

Htir Apparmt — None. 

Cmlion— AprU 1B39. 

FKANCIS RUSSELL, Dukb aod Earl of BEDFORD, Marqnew orTaTialocL, 
Baron Kussell, of Cheneys, co. Bucks, Baron 
Russell of TbornliRugh, snd Baron Howland, 
of Strentham, co. Surrey ; bom 13 May 1788 ; 
SumrooDcd to parliament by writ, 15 Jan. 1833, 
and placed in his father's barony of MmeUnd, of 
SircatUam : succeeded his father, John, the late 
duke, 20 Oct 1S30 ; Morrt'crf. 8 Aug. 1608, 
Anna-Maria Stanhope, da. of Charles, 3d earl 
of Harrington, (lady of the bedchamber to her 
Majesty,} and Las issue, WILLIAM, mar- 
OHtn of Taviitock, b. 3U June 1B09, M.P. for 

Aniu— Aj^nt, a lion rampant gules ; on a chief sable three CTcrilops argent, Chkstw. 
A ^oat paMnl argoiit. simed md unguled or, So^roaTtm — DtiUr, a lion guln. 
Sinul«r, an ibei, or heraldic antelope, gules, smed, uuguled, and tufted, ducallj gorged 
,_^ .L,:_ __= — J L_ v„._ _„ __ .. ™_.ithe sara, sara." What wiUbe, 

John Rvmell, earl of Bedfon!, was de- 
Bceuded Irom ■ family of that name, which 
bad been seated from (he time of Heni? III. 
at Kingston Russel, oo. Bedford. Having 
Tuiied, in hii youth, moat of the courts of 
Europe, he is uid to hare relumed from his 
mvels one of the moat accomplished gentle- 
men and Goeat scholars of liia Ume. In 1496, 
Philip, archduke of Austria, being compelled 
by «lreS8 of weather, when preceding from 
the Netheriinds to Spain, to take possession 
of the throne of Castille, to put into Wey- 
mouth, was so pleased with Mr. Russell, that 
he iniuted on hu accompanying him to Wind- 
sor, and introduced him to king Henry VII. 
into whose serrice be wis soon ^ler admitted, 
as a gentleman of the priry chamber. By 
king Henry VIII. be was appointed marshal 
of Qxe Manbalsea, comptroller of the house- 
household, and a priry counsellor; created 
br patent, 9 March 1539, baron Kussell, of 
Cheneys, Co. Bucks; appointed warden of 
the stannaries; K.U. 1540; admiral of Eng- 
land and Ireland ; president of the western 
counties; lord privy seal ; and, finally, one 
of the council to prince Edward, at whose 
toronation he officiated as lord high steward 
of England. He obtained also, on the disso- 
Intion of the greater monasteriei in 1540, a 
grant to himself and Anne, his wife, and the 
heirs of their bodies, of the whole site of the 
rich abbey of Taristodi, and la^ domains 
iherennlo belonging. On 19 Jan. 1550, 3 
Edward VI. he was advanced to the dignity 
of earl of Bidfard ; and oo tie accession of 
queen Mary he was continued in bis office of 
privy seal, and sent ambassador to Spain, to 
-■" — """"To England king Philip, whosegrand - 
' - ■ - ' 1 him to the English 
.... _ , . andli. of Guy Sap- 

ite, es(|. and widow of sir John Broughlon, 

knt; and dying 14 March 155S, was suc- 
ceeded by hu only son, 

Fa:>Ncia, Sd eori, K.G. b. 15Z8, ■. ls(, 
Margaret St. John, da. of sir John St. John, 
knt. and sister to Oliver, 1st lord St. John, 
of Bletso, and had issue, 

1. £nw*HD, d. in his father's lifetime. 

3. JoHit, cf. in his father's lifetime, leariDg 

Anne, m. Henry Somerset, Isl marqoess 
of Worcester. 
3. FHANCiSfSummonedtoparUamenldnriae 
his father's lifetime as Buoa Roasell, and 
wOB aloin on the holders of Scotland the day 
before his father's death, leaving issue by 
Julian, da. and co-h. of sir John Kinler, knt. 



hthrt had first introdncei 

^M, appointed lord deputy of Ire- 
land byqueen Elisabeth, and created, 81 July 
1603, baron Russell, ofTfaomhaughiOO. Noith- 
amptoD ; m. Elizabeth, da. and h. of Henry 
Long, of Shengey, oo. Cambridge, esq. and 

1. Fhanch, who succeeded his eousi 
Edward, sa 4th earl of Bedford. 

S. WiUiam, ancestor of a tamUy of Rus- 
sell, Bested at Speldhurat, Kent. 

5. ANNE,in. Ambrose Dudley,earlofWar- 

6. ELizABEin, in. William Bourchier, earl 
of Both. 

7. MiROARET, n. Geoi^ Cliffi»d, earl of 

1'he earl n. Idlv, Bridget, da. of John, lord 
Hnssey, (and widow of sir Richard Morrison, 
and of Henry Manners, earl of Rutland,) by 
whom he had no issue. He d. 28 July 1585, 
and was succeeded by bis grandson, 

Edwihd, 3d earl, m. Lucy, sister and 
I co-h. of John, lord Harriogton, but d. without 



iffue, 3 May 16S7, and was Bucoeeded by his 

Francis, 4th earl, who was the principal 
undertaker of that great and expensiTe work 
of draining the fens, called the Great Level, 
and since the Bedford Level, which eitends 
into the cos. of Northampton, Cambridge, 
Huntingdon. Norfolk, and Lincoln ; m. Catha- 
rine, da. ana co-h. to Giles Brydgee, 3d lord 
Chandos, and had issue, 

1. William, 6th earl and 1st duke. 

9. FaAycM, goremor of Barbadoes. 

3. Joint, col. 1st regiment of foot-|^ards. 

4. EowABD, m. Penelope, da. of sir Moses 
Hill, of Hillsborough, in Ireland, ([ancestor to 
the present marquess of Downsnire,) widow 
to sir William Brooke, K.B. and had issue, 
fiye sons and two daughten. 

Edward, 2d of these sons, was gentleman 
of the bedchamber to the duke of York, 
but on the beheading of his cousin, 
William lord Russell, he retired from 
court; and after the accession of James 
II. exerted himself to the utmost in 
promoting the revolution. Upon the 
advancement of the prince ofOrange 
to the throne, he was made one of. the 
privy council; and in 1690 was ap- 
pointed admiral of the blue, advanced 
to the command of the navjr, and ap- 
pointed first lord of the adnuralty ; on 
the 19th May 1699, he gave a signal 
defeat to the French fleet, commanded 
by monsieur de Toqrville, at La Hogue ; 
in 1695, by his diligence, prevented 
the intended invasion of James II. wlio 
lay with a French army ready to em- 
bark near Dieppe. For these, and 
other gallant services, he was, 7 May 
1697, created baron Shingey, oo. Cam- 
bridge, viscount Barfteur, in the duchy 
of Normandy, and earl of Orford, co. 
Norfolk. In May 1701, he was im- 
peached by the house of commons, but 
unanimously acquitted of the articles 
exhibited against him. His lordship 
d, without issue 26 Nov. 1727. 

5. CAXHKBiva, m. Robert, lord Brooke. 

6. Anne, m. George Digby, earl of Bristol. 

7. Maboaret, m. 1st. James Hay, earl of 
Carlisle; Sdly, Edward Montague, earl of 
Manchester ; and Sdly, Robert Kich, earl of 

8. Diana, m, Francis Newport, earl of 

Frauds, 4th earl, d, 9 May 1641, and was 
succeeded by his eldest son, 

WILLIAM, 5th earl and Ist duke of 
Bedford, K.G. 6. 1614, created, 11 Mav 
1694, marauees of Tavistock, and duke of Bed- 
ford ; ana, in June 1695, baron Howland, 
of Streatham^ for life, with remainder to his 
erandson, Wriothesley, 2d duke; m. Anne, 
oa. and sole h. of Roliert-Carr. earl of Somer- 
set, and by her (who d, 10 May 1680) had 

1. FsANCis, d, young. 

2. William, (commonly called lord Wil- 
liam RusseU,) beheaded 21 July 1683, but 
his attainder was annulled by act of parlia- 
BBeot 1689: m. Rachael, 2d da. and at length 
heiieas of TlK»naa Wriothesley, earl of South- 

ampton, (by Rachael, da. of Daniel de Massey, 
baron de Ruvi^i, in France, governor of the 
Bastille, and sister of the marquess de Ru- 
viffni,) and widow of Francis, lord Vaughan, 
elaest son of Richard, earl of Carbery, and 
by her (who d, 29 Sept. 1723) had issue, 

1. Wriothesley, 2d duke. 

2. Rachael, m. William, 2d duke of De- 

3. Catherine, m. John, 2d duke of Rut- 

3. John, d. young. 

4. Edward, m. 1688, Frances, widow of 
— Lloj^d, esq. but d. $. p. 30 June 1714. 

5. Robert, hi. Letitia, widow of Thomas 
Cheek, of Pirgo, co. Essex, esq. but d. s. p. 

6. James, d. 22 June 1712, leaving an only 
da. and h. 

7. George, III. Mary, da. and h. of — Pen- 
dleton, of London, merchant, and d, 1692, 
leaving one son, William, who d, unm, 

8. Anne, d. unm, 

9. Diana, m. 1st, sir Greville Vemey, and 
2dly, William, lord Allington. 

10. Catharine, d. young. 

11. Maroaret, m. her cousin, lord Orford. 
His i^race d, 7 Sept. 1700, and was succeeded 
by his grandson, 

WRIOTHESLEY, 2d duke and 1st baron 
Howlandy of Streatham, co. Surrey, K.G. 6. 
1680, m. 1695, Elisabeth, da. and sole h. to 
John Howland, of Strewiam, esq.; by her 
(who d. 29 June 1724) he had issue, 

1. Racbabl, m. Ist, Scroop, Ist duke of 
Bridgewater; and 2dly, to sir Richard Lyt- 
tleton, K.B. brother to George, lord Lyt- 

2. EuzAaBTH,m. William, 3d earl of Essex. 

3. William, d, young. 

4. Wriothesley, 3d duke. 

5. John, 4th duke. 

His grace d. May 1711, and was succeeded 
by his eldest son, 

WRIOTHESLEY, 3d duke, b. 1708, m, 
April 1725^ Anne, da. to Scroop, 1st duke of 
Bridgewater, bv Elizabeth Churchill, 3d da. 
and co-h. to John, duke of Marlborough, but 
by her ^who m. 2dly, William, 3d earl of 
Jersey) nad no issue. His grace d. 23 Oct. 
1732, and was succeeded by his surviving 

JOHN, 4th duke, K.G. lord-lieutenant and 
governor of Ireland, keeper of the privy seal, 
and, 4 Sept. 1762, appomted minister pleni- 
potentiary to the court of Versailles, and on 
3d Nov. following signed, at Fontainebleau^ 
the preliminaiy articles of peace with France 
and Spain ; and, 10 Feb. 1763, subscribed the 
ratification of a definitive treatjr of peace be- 
tween the belligerent powers of Great Britain, 
France, Spain, and Portugidj b, 30 Sept. 
1710; m. 1st, 11 Oct. 1731, Diana Spencer, 
Youngest da. to Charles, earl of Sunderland, 
by Anne, da. of John, duke of Marlborough, 
and b^ her (who d. 27 Sept. 1735) had a son 
d. an infant His g^race m. 2dly, April 1737, 
Gertrude, eldest da. to John, 1st earl Gower, 
and by her had issue, 

1. Caroline, b. Jan. 1743, m. 22 Auj?. 1762, 
George, 3d duke of Marlborough, K.G. 

2. Francis, marquess of Tavistock, b. 26 
Sept. 1739, m. 7 June 1764, Elizabeth Keppcl, 



da. to William, 2d earl of Albemarle, and 
dying of a &11 fn>m his hone. 29 March 1767, 
left iMue by her, (w>o d, 2 Nov. 1768,) 

1. Francis. 5th duke. 

2. John, 6tn dake. 

3. William, 6. 20 Aue. 1767, m. 11 July 
1789, Charlotte Viluers. da. to George, 
4th earl of Jersey, and oy her (who d, 
31 Aug. 1808) had, 

1. Gertrude-FranceB,6.25Nov.l791, 
m. 16 May 1816, the hon. Henry- 
Grey Bennet, 2d son of Charles, 
earl of Tankerville. 

2. Francis, 6. 7 March 1793, lieut- 
col. in the army, d, unm, 24 Nov. 

3. George, 6. 7 April 1795, d. 15 
Sept. 1825. 

4. John, R.N. 6. 11 July 1796, d. 27 
April 1835, having m. 23 Aug. 
1822, Sophia, now Baboness de 
Clifford (we that title), 

5. William, accountant-general of 
the court of chancery, o. 15 July 
1800, m. 17 May 1828. Emma^ da. 
of John Campbell, or Shawneld, 
New Brunswick, esa. deceased, 
by Charlotte, da. of Jonii, 5th duke 
of Argyll, and has issue, 

1. £mmeline, 6. 6 May 1829. 

2. George, b, 21 Sept. 1830. 

3. William-Charles-Ormelie, 6. 
8 Oct. 1832, d. 2 April 1833. 

6. Elizabeth-Laura-Henrietta, 6. 22 
Jan. 1803, m. 23 June 1829, her 
cousin, lord Wriothesley Russell, 
son of the duke of Bedford. 

His ^;raoe d. 14 Jan. 1771, and was succeeded 
by his grandson, 

FRANCIS. 5th duke, 6. 22 July 1765, who 
dying unm. 2 March 1802, was succeeded by 
hut next brother, 

JOHN, 6th duke, 6. 6 July 1766, m. 1st, 
at Brussels, 21 March 1786, Georgiana-Eliza- 
beth, 2d da. of Geon^e, 4th riscount Torring- 
ton, and by her (wno <i. 11 Oct. 1801) had 

1. Francis, 7th duke. 

2. George- William, C. B. brigadier-ge- 
neral in the army, enyoy-eztraordinary. and 
minister-plenipotentiary, at the court of Ber- 
lin, and aide-de-camp unattached to the queen, 
h. 8 May 1790. m. 21 June 1817, Elizabeth- 
Anne, only child of the late hon. John-Theo- 
philus Rawdon, and niece of Francis, 1st 
i&arquess of Hastings, and has issue, 

1. Blanche, b, 9 April, d, 25 June 1818. 

2. Frands-Charles-Hastings, 6. 16 Oct. 
. 1819, in the army. 

3. Arthur-John-Edward, b, 13 June 1825. 

4. Odo-Leopold- William, 6. May 1829. 

3. John, secretaiy of state for colonial af- 
fairSj lord of trade and plantations, a com- 
missioner for the affairs ot India, and a keeper 
of the signet. P.C. and M.P. for Stroud, co. 
Gloucester, 6. 19 Aug. 1792. m. 11 April 
1835. Adelaide, dowager lady Ribblesdale, da. 
of Thomas Lister, of Armitage Park, esq. by 
whom (who d, 1 Nov. 1838) ne had issue, 

1. A da. 6. 6 Feb. 1836. 

2. A da. 6. 20 Oct. 1838, and christened 
at Buckingham palace, 14 May 1839, 
her majesty queen Victoria standing 

His gnce m. 2dly, 23 June 1803, Georgiana, 
da, of Alexander. 4th duke, and sister of 
George. 5th and last duke of Gordon, K.T. 

4. Wriothesley, in holy orders, rector of 
Cheneys, oo. Bucks, 6. 14 May 1804^ m. 23 
June 1829. Elizabeth-Laura-Henrietta, young- 
est da. of lord William Russell, and has issue, 

1. A son, 6. 13 Aug. 1833. 

2. A son, 6. 13 July 1835. 

3. A da. 6. 5 May 1837. 

5. Edward, 6. 24 April 1805, capt. R.N. 

6. Charles-James-Fox. 6. 10 Feb. 1807, 
major in the army, M.P. tor Bedfordshire, m. 
2 Apra 1834. Isabella-Clarissa, da. of William 
Davies, of Penylan, co. Carmarthen, esq. and 
has issue, 

1. A child, still-born, 9 Dec. 1835. 

2. A da. 6. 15 April 1837. 

3. A da. 6. 23 July 1838. 

7. Francis-Jorn, 6. 23 Oct. 1808, R.N. 

8. Georoi ana-Eliza BETH, 6. 23 June 1810. 

9. Louisa-Jane, 6. 8 July 1812, m. 25 Oct. 
1832, James, marquess of Aberoom. 

10. Henry, b. 17 Feb. 1816, R.N. 

11. Cosmo-Georoe, 6. 2 July 1817, in the 

12. Alfred, 6. 20 Feb. d. 10 Mareh 1819. 

13. ALBXANDER-GEtHiGE, ft. 16 Dec. 1821. 

14. RACHAEL-EysLYN, 6. 19 June 1826. 
His ^race d. 20 Oct. 1839, and was suocoeded 
by his eldest son, 

FRANCIS, present and 7th duke. 

Heir Apparent — Wiluam, marquess of Ta- 
yiSTocR, son of the duke. 

Cmmtumf— Baron Russell, 9 March 1539, of 
Thomhaugh, co. Northaihpton, 21 July 1603 : 
Baron Howland, of Streatnam, co. Surrey, 13 
June 1695; Earl of Bedford, 19 Jan. 1550; 
Marquess of Taristock and Duke of Bedford, 
11 May 1694. 


TON, in Ihe Peerage of Scotland, and Bsron 
Hamilton, of Wisbaw, co. Lanark, in that of 
the United Kin^om, bo created 10 Sept. 1831 ; 
a Captain in tbe Army, and High Commieeioner 
of the General Assembly of the Church of 
Scotland ; Iwn 1703 ; lucceeded liis father, 
William, the late lord, 29 Oct. 1814; momerf. 
Dec. 1SI5, HamtltoD, da. of Walter Campbell, 
of Sbawfield, esq. 

Aaxe — GuIm, a «word erect in pale ttpent, pomel 
uid hilt or, between three cinquelbib, two and 
""" " — ■ — Cb»t — A bone'* head cooped u 

8i« JOHN HAMILTON, ftfBroombill, 
wu crated lord Belhuvtn and Sttntm 1647, 
Imt bflrinp no raole hein, nude a purreader 
of hia b»rony to the king, sod obtained a new 
pateat, limiting IhR boaonrs to air John Ha- 
wtUtan, of Bell, ban. (who had m. his eldest 
gnnddL MarKOrel,) and hij beira male what- 
ooerer. Tbe Isl lord d. 1679, and was suc- 
ceeded bv bid gnndAOQ'in-Uw, above named, 
wbo d. 1708, leaving iiinie, 

JOHN, 3d lord, appointed governor of 
Barbadoea 1731, but drowned on his passage 
out, 17 Not. that year. He had iiiur sons, 

1. JOHN, 4th lord, d. unm. 1764. 

S. Ahdsew, d. unn. 1736. 

S. JAMES, 5tb lord, d. unn. 1777. 

4. RoBEBT, d. mn. 1743. 

On tbe deatfaof the 5tb hnd, the title de- 
Tolred on Robert Hamilton, of Wisbaw, esq. 

i descended froin WilliaB!^ younger brother of 
antes Hamiltun, (rrandlatber of the iA lord,) 
but be never aSBnined tbe title, which wu, how- 
erer, claimed by and allowed by a resolntion 
oftbe boose of lords, £5 April 1799, to bis son, 
WILLIAIM, 7th loid, b. 13 Jan. 1765, 
K. 3 Mareh 1789. Penelope, youngest da. of I 
Bonald 3f scdonald, of Ctanronald, co. Inrer- i 
HM, esq. and b; ber (wbo d. 5 Maj 1B16) 

1. RoBsar Montooviby, 81b lord. 

3. WiLLUM, b. 1797, in tbe miUtary ser- 
vice of the East India Company, in Bengal, 
d. at Serampore July 1838. 

3. PtNBlipt 

4. 8iiiAH-M*Br, m. 17 Nor. 1880, P. 

Ramsay, esq. banker in Edinburgb. 

6. jE*.-i, m." 14 Feb. 1819, capt. Charles 
Sotbeby, R.N. eldest son of WUUam So- 
theby, esq. F.R.S. of FsirmeM] Lodge, in 
Sewardstone, co. E«iez, d. II Sept. 18iO. 

His lordship d. 39 Oct. 1814, and wts su»i 
ceeded by his eldest son, 

and 8th loid. 

Heir Frtiuiapiive — Williak, his lordship's 
neit brother. 

Cnatunu — Baron Belharen and Stenton, 
15 Dec. 1647 ; ind bv a new patent, 10 Feb. 
1675, to tbe Ist lord for life and after hia 
death to John Hamilloa, Ihe husband of his 
grandda. and hia male issue ; remainder to 
tbe nearest male hciis whalsoerer of the said 
John Hamilton (Scotch titles): Bbtod Ha- 
milton, in tbe Peerage of the United King- 
dom, 10 Sept. 1331. 

Belmore, of Caalle-Coole, co. FemiBnagh, one 
of the RepresentatiTe Peers for Ireland, sod 
CustOB Rotulorumco.TfrODe: sometime GoTcr- 
nor of JamaicBj bom 11 Jaljr 1774 ; succeeded 
his father, Arnnar, the late earl, 2 Feb. 1802; 
marritd, 20 Oct. IBOO, Juliaoa Bailer, 3d da. of 
Heorf-Thomas, 2d earl of Canick, and has 

iwue, 1 . ARMAR, mieovnt Carry, b. 23 Dec. 

18U1, m. 27 May, iSM, Emilj-Loiuse, youngest 
da. of William Shepherd, of Bradbouro, co. 
KeDt,esq. and has issue, 1. SonttrttURiclmrd, 
b. 9 April 1835; 2. Armor, b. 2a May IS36i 

3. LouUa-Amt, h. 17 Nor. 1837 ; 4. a (on, b. 17 Jnoe 1839 ; 2. Hbnry- 

Thohas, P.C. M.P. for co. Tyrone, and late comptroller of the hooaehold, b. 

U March 1803, m. 18 March 1830, lady Han-ien-Aone Ashley .Cooper, da. of the 

earl of Shaftesbury, and has, 1. GertnLdt-Gtorgiana-Louita, b. July 1831; 2. 

Armor, b. 14 March 1836; 3. a m>, i. 8 Oct 1838; 4. a da. fr. 30 Oct. I83&; 

3. a DA. still-bom, July 1806. 

, ■ siltire, and is chief a roae ai^enL Caasr — A cock proper. SDrroBTuti 
f^ardant proper, dncaUy ooUaced and chained or. Mono— " Virtni semper 

Asms — Gule«, a siltire, and 
— Two eats p_...: , , , 
viridil." Virtue flourubes for ever. 

&llieT of the 1st ea 
Jamefl Sinclair, Sd 

ftl, m, Margaret 

of Ahenis, esq., graod- 

'1,R, Anne, da. of the rev, 

•on of sir James Sinclair, 

I, da. of James Gsl- 

itbarr, co. 
I, and d. < 

S. Gjlshaith. 

3. Jahls, in holj orden, m. Esther, da. of 
John Richardson, of Rich Hill, co. Armagh, 

GiLBRAiTH mcceeded at Ahenis, and sat 
in three parliaments, co. Tjrone, m. Sarah, fd 
da. and oo-h. of John Con;, esq. and had 

S jJoT. 1763, Williim-Wil- 


C~ amenta lor co. Tjrone, and was crested 
□ Belmart, of Castle Coole, 6 Jan. 17B1 : 
Tiscouot Btlmi/rt, 6 Dec. 1709; and adTSnced 
to the dirnilj of esrl of Betmtm, 17 Not. 
1797. The earl m. tst, 3 Oct. 1774, Mar- 
garet Butler, eldest da. aiSomenet- Hamilton, 

by her, (who li. Jan. 1777,) 

Hobart, eldest da. and oo-h. of John, td earl 
of Bncnnghamshire, (which mamage was 
dissolred by act of parliaiaent ; and the connt- 
em n-m. 14 April 1793, William, 6th mar- 
Queaaof Lothian, K.T.) and had issoe, one 

MAaiAN-JuLiANA-Louisa, b. S April 17B1, 
n. George-John Montagu, 6th ewl of Sand- 

Tbe earl m. Sdlr, 1 March 1794, Mary- 
Anne, eldest da. of sir James Caldwell, of 
Castle Caldwell, co. Fermanagh, bart. by 
whom he had no issue. His Tonlahip d. 2 
Feb. IBOI, and was succeeded by tus only 

Somerset, present and id earl. 

Hiir Appaiml — Aruah, Tiscoont Coaar, 
eldest son of the earl. 

Cmtwu — Baron, 6 Jan. 1781; Visoount, 
6 Dec, 1789; Earl, 17 Not. 1797. 



WILLIAM-CARR BERESFORD, Viscount BERESFORD, of Beresford, co. 

Stafford, Baron Beresford, of Albuera, and of 
Dunganron, co. Waterford, P.C. D.C.L. Duke 
of Elvas, Marquess of Campo Major, Count of 
Trancoso, in Portugal, G.C.B. G.C.H. K.T.S. 
K.F.M. and K.F. a General in the Army, Colo- 
nel of the 16th Regiment of foot, Governor of 
Jersey, and late a Field-Marshal in the Por- 
tuguese service ; married , 29 Not. 1832, Louisa, 
youngest da. of William, 1st lord Decies, and 
widow of Thomas Hope, of Deepdene, co. Sur- 
rey, esq. 

Arms — ^Argent, senile of cross croaslets fitch^, and three fleurs^e-lis sable, all within a 
border wavy ermines. Cbest — Out of a mural coronet a dragon's head per fesse asure 
and ^vleB, pierced through the neck with a broken tilting-spear, and holding the re- 
maining part of the spew, point upwards, in ihe mouth. Supporters — ^Two angels 
proper, habited argent, crinea or, with wings inverted of the last, holding in the exterior 
naud a sword erect proper, pomel and hilt gold, and charged on the breast of the habit 
with three fleurs-de-iis of tne last. Motto^'' Kil nisi cruce." No dependence but in 
the cross. 

His lordship was bred to the profession of 
arms, in which he has rendered the most 
signal services to his country. During the 
Peninsular war, marshal Beresford highly 
eontributed to the brilliant victories obtamed 
by the duke of Wellington, by his eminent 
conduct, as well in council as in the field. 
His judgment and unwearied perseverance in 
ren<lering the Portuguese troops fit for active 
service are the theme of everf soldier ; and 
the battle of Albuera, in which he had the 
chief oonunand, and obtained a decisive vic- 
tory orer the enemy, will for ever immortalize 

his name in our nulitaiy annals ; in 1810. he 
was elected knight of the shire for Watertord, 
which he continued to represent until 1814, 
when he was advanced to the peerage by the 
title of baron Beresford^ of Alnuera, in con- 
sideration of his eminent services; in the 
same year, an act of parliament was passed 
for muting an annuity of 2000/. to William, 
Lord Beresford, and tne two next inheritors 
of the barony. 

Heir Apparent — None. 

Creations — Baron Beresford, 17 May 1814; 
Viscount, 28 March 1823. 


Earl of BERKELEY, Viscount Dursley, and Baron Berkeley. 

No writ has been issued to an earl of Berkeley 
since the death, in 1810, of Frederick- Augustus, 
Ml earl; the house of peers decided, 1 July 
1811, that Williaro-Fitzhardinge Berkeley, esq. 
who then claimed the title as eldest son and heir 
of the last earl, bad not made good bis claim. 

Arms — Gules, a chevron between ten crosses patee 
argent, six in chief, and four in base. Crest — 
A mitre charged with the arms of Berkeley. 
Supporters — Two lions argent, the sinister, du- 
cally crowned, plain collared and line reflexed 
over the back or. Motto — " Dieu avec nous." 
God with us. 

Thomas na BaaxBLEY, lord of Berkeley 
Castle CO. Gloucester, 5th in descent from 

Harding, a Dane of royal blood, one of the 
companions of king Wiuiam the Conqueror, 



was summoned to parliament among the 
barons of the realm, m the reim of Edward 
I. lie d, 1321, ana was succeeded by his son, 
Maurice, who was father of Thomas, father 
of Maurice, father of Thomas, 5th lord, who 
m. Margaret, da. and h. of Warm, lord Lisle, 
and d, 1416, leaving an only da. and h. 
Elizabeth, m. to Richard Beauchamp, earl of 
Warwick; but the castle of Berkeley de- 
Tolved, pursuant to an especial entail made by 
Thomas, 3d lord, in 25 Edward III. on his 
nephew and heir male, 

James, 6th lord, who was summoned to 
parliament 1421, m. Isabella, da. of Thomas 
Mowbray, duke of Norfolk, and had by her, 
besides ouier issue, William, who, on the 
extinction of the male line of the Mowbrays, 
was created earl of Nottingham, anno* 1 
Richard III. ; earl marahid of England, anno 
1 Henry VII.; and anno 4 Henry VII. ad- 
vanced to the di^ty of marquess of Berkeley. 
He d, without issue 1492, havinc^ settled the 
castle of Berkeley^ to the disinheritance of 
his nephew and heir, on king Henry VII. and 
his issue male. 

Sir Maurics Berkeley, nephew and heir 
male of the marquess, was summoned to 
parliament, 14 Henry VlII. and ranked as 
junior baron : he ^ <. p. 1523. His brother 
and heir, Thomas, was summoned in the 
21 Henry VIII.; and his nephew, Thomas, 
in the 25 Henry VIII.; and the latter sat 
in the precedencr of the ancient barony. 
On the death of ung Edward VI. the issue 
male of Henir Vlf. being extinguished, 
the castle of Berkeley reverted to Henry 
Berkeley, son and heir of the last-named 
Thomas, who became of age 1556, and was 
summoned to parliament the following year. 
His great-grandson. 

GEORGE, 13th lord, and Ist earl of 
Berkeley, havmg greatly manifested his loyid- 
ty to king Charles II. was advanced to the 
titles of viscount DunUy, and earl of Berke- 
2ey, 11 Sept. 1679; m. Elizabeth, oo-h. of 
John Massmgbeard, (of the ancient family of 
Massingbeard, co. Lincoln,) esq. and by her 
had issue, 

1. Charles, 2d earl. 

2. Georob. prebendajT* of Westminster, 
d. Oct. 1694, naving m. Jane, da. of George 
Cole, of 00. Devon, esq. and had issue, an 
only child« 

Elizabeth, m. eoL John Brome, of Tup- 
pendence, co. Kent. 

3. EuzABETH, m. William Smith, esq. 

4. Theophila, m. 1st, sir Kingsmill Lucy, 
of Broxboome, oo. Herts, hart; and 2dly, 
Robert Nelson, of London, esq. author of the 
«' Feasts and Fasts of the Chureh of England," 

5. Arabella, m. William Pulteney, esq. 
son of sir William Pulteney, of Mistorton, co. 
Jjncetter, knt. 

6. Mary, m. Ford, lord Grey, of Werke, 
afterwards earlof Tankerville. 

7. HE!VRiETTAy d, unm. 

8. ARcrnrsA, m. Charles Boyle, lord Clif- 
ford, eldest son of Richard, Ist earl of Bur- 

Theenid. 10 Oct. 1628, and was succeeded 
'•is fon« 

Sir CHARLES, K.B. 2d earl, who was 
called up to the house of peers, during the 
lifetime of his father, as i>aron Berkeley, 
of Berkeley; envoy extraordinary and mi- 
nister plenipotentiary to the States of Hol- 
land. 1689; m. Elizabeth, da. of Baptist 
Noel, viscount Campden, and sister to Ed- 
ward Noel, 1st earl of Gainsborough, and 
had issue, 

1. Charles, d. vnm» May 1699. 

2. James, Sd earl. 

3. Henry, in the army, m. Mary, only da. 
of Henry Comewall, ot Bedwanune Castle, 
CO. Hereford, esq. and sister to Velters Come- 
wall, esq. and had issue. 

4. George, m. Henrietta, da. of sir Henry 
Hobart, bart. ancestor of tne earls of Buck- 
inghamshire, and relict of Charles, 9th earl 

5. Mary, m. Thomas Chambers, of Han- 
worth, CO. Middlesex, esq. 

6. Elizabeth, m. sir John Germaine, of 
Drayton, co. Northampton, bart. who d. 1718, 
without issue, and left his estate to this lady, 
who d. 16 Dec. 1769, and beoueathed the 
greater part of the estate to lord George 
Sackville, son of Lionel, 1st duke of Dorset, 
who afterwards assumed the name of Ger- 
maine, and was created viscount Sackville. 
(See Vidce of Dojiset). 

7. Diana, d. unm. 

The earl d. 24 Sept. 1710, and was succeeded 
by his son, 

JAMES, 3d earL K.G. vice-admiral of the 
blue, and first lord of the admiral]^, m. Louisa, 
da. of Charles, 1st duke of lUchmond, ana 
had issue, 

1. Augustus, 4th earl. 

2. Elizabeth, m. 1728, Anthony Henley, of 
the Grange, oo. Hants, esq. eldest brother of 
the earl of Northington (which title became 
extinct 1787). 

3. Louisa, d. young. 

The earl d. Aug. 1736, and was succeeded by 
his son, 

AUGUSTUS, 4th earl, K.T. h, 1716 ; m. 
7 May 1744, Elizabeth, da. of Henry Drax, 
of Charboroueh. co. Dorset, esq. by whom 
(who survivea nis lordship, m. 2dly, 2 Jan. 
1757. Robert, earl Nugent, and d. 30 June 
1792) he had issue, 

1. Frederick- Augustus, 5th earl. 

2. James, 6. 26 July 1747, d. an infant. 

3. Louisa; 4. Euzabeth; 5. Frances; all 
d. infants. 

6. Georgiana-Augusta. 6. 18 Sept. 1749, 
m. 1st, George Forbes, 5th earl of Granard. 
(who d. 1780), and 2dly, 1781, the rev. Samuel 
little, D.D. and d. Feb. 1820. 

7. Euzabeth, 6. Dec. 1750, m. 1st, William, 
6th lord Craven, and had issue : and 2dly, 13 
Oct. 1791, at Lisbon, his serene highness 
Christian-Frederick-Charleo-Alexander, mar- 
grave of Brandenburg- Anspach and Bareuth 
(who d. Dec. 1805). 

8. Sir George Cranfield, G.CB. admiral 
of the white, and sometime lord hie h admiral 
of Portnnl, 6. Aug. 1753, m. 23 Auf. 1784, 
Emily-Charlotte, da. of lord George Lennox, 
and aunt to Charlen, present duke of Rich- 
mond, K.G. and d. 25 Feb. 1818, leaving 




1. Sir George-Henry-Frederick, K.C.B. 
K.T.S. and K.S.W. a major-general, 
6. 6 July 1785, m. March 1815, Lucy, 
eldest da. and co-h. of sir Thomas 
Sutton, of Moulsey, oo. Surrey, hart, 
and has issue, 

1. Caroline-Mary, h. 27 Dec. 1815. 
m. SO Sept 1638, capt. XUndal 
Rnmley, GOth rifles. 

2. Charles -Assbeton-Fitzhardinge, 
6. 10 Oct. 1818, in the army. 

5. Alexander- Henry-Hastings, 6. 19 

Aug. 1824. 
4. George-Lennox-Rawdon, 6. 25 
Feb. 1827. 
9. Grenville- Charles- Lennox, capt. in 
the army, m. 15 May 1827, Aususta- 
Elixabethj da. of James-Henr3r Leigh, 
of Stoneleigh Abbey, co. Warwick, esq. 
(and sister of Chiandos, lord Leigh; 
and has issue, 

1. Alice, 6. 29 Ma^, 1829. 

2. Georgiana-Louisa, 6. 4 Jan. 1831. 
5. Anne -Louisa- Emily, 6. 19 March 

1788, m. 17 Nov. 1807. admiral sir Tho- 
mas-Masterman Hardy, bart. G.C.B. 
who d, 1839. 

4. Georgiana-Mary, h. 4 July 1793, m. 
25 Feb. 1811, capt sir G. F. Seymour, 
R.N. G.C.H. son of the late lord Hugh 
Seymour, and nephew of the marquess 
of Hertford. 

5. Mary-Caroline, b. 18 July 1795, m. at 
Lisbon, SO June 1812, Heniy, earl of 
Euston, eldest son of George-Henry, 
duke of Grafton. 

The earl d, Jan. 1755, and was succeeded 
by his son, 

FREDERICK-AUGUSTUS, 5th earl, ft. 

94 May 1745, m. at St. Mary Lambeth Church, 

16 May 1796, Mary, da. of William Cole, of 

Wootton, oo. Gloucester. The marriage of 

this earl has been the subject of two solemn 

inyettirations at the bar of the house of lords* 

the earl himself, both during his lifetime ana 

in his last wilL asserted that he was married 

in Berkeley Church, 30 March 1785; but 

that this marriage having been intentionally 

k^ ibr a length of time secret, the witnesses 

dead, and all registry or other trace of it, as 

he believed, destroyed, he was a second time 

married to the same lady, at Lambeth^ 16 

May 1796. Unibrtunatel^ the precautions 

tikeo to conceal the marriage of 1785 (if it 

ever took place) threw so much of mystery 

sroond the whole transaction, that even the 

potitiye teatimon^r of both parties was in- 

•nfieient to convince the house of lords, 

Jh^ decided, 1 July 1811, that William- 

Fitahardin^e Berkeley, esq. who claimed as 
son and heir of his father, under the marriage 
of 1785, had not made out his claim. The 
earl had twelve children, six b, before, and 
six after the marriage of 1796, viz. 

1. WiLUAM - FiTZHABDINGE, 6. i6 DeC. 

1786, baron Seorave {see that title). 

2. Maurice - Frederick - Fitzhardinoe, 
capt. R.N. one of the lords commissioners 
of the admiralty. 6. 3 Jan. 1788, m. 4 Dec. 
1823, lady Charlotte Lennox, sister of the 
duke of Richmond, and by her (who d. 18 
Aug. 1833) has issue. 

1 . S wmbume - Frederica-Charlotte • Fitz- 
hardinoe, 6. 15 April 18f 5. 

2. Francis-William-ritzhardinge, 6. 16 
Nov. 18«6. 

3. A da. 6. 20, andd. 92 April 1829. 

4. Charles- Paget- Fitzhardinge, b. 19 
April 1830. 

5. Fenella-Fitzhardinge, b. 31 May 1832. 
Capt. Berkeley m. 2dly, 30 Sept. 1834, 

Charlotte, 3d da. of Thomas, earl of Ducie. 

3. Augustus- Fitzhardinge. b, 20 March 
1789, m. Sept. 1815, Mary, eldest da. of sir 
John Dashwood King, bart. and has issue, 

1. Emily- Anne, 0. 13 Nov. 1820. 

2. A da. 

3. Elizabeth, 6. 1823, d. 17 Feb. 1838. 

4. A son, b. 18 July 1820. 

4. Maria-Fitzhardinoe, 6. 2 April 1790, 
d, young. 

5. Henrietta-Fitzhardinge, b, 13 June 
1793, d. young. 

6. Francis- Henry -Fitzhardinge, b, 7 
Dec 1794, M.P. for Bristol. 

7. Thomas-Moreton-Fitzhardinoe, 6. 19 
Oct. 1796. 

8. Georoe-Charles-Grantley-Fitzhard* 
INGE, M.P. for the western division of Glou- 
cestershire, 6. 10 Feb. 1800, m. 16 Aug. 1824, 
Charlotte-Martha, youngest da. of the late 
Paul Benfield, esq. and has issue, 

1. A son, b. 20 Oct. 1825. 

2. A son, 6. 16 July 1827. 

9. Mary-Henrietta, b. 4 Oct. 1801. 

10. Caroline, b. 12 April 1803, m. 24 
Dec. 1829, James Maxse, esq. 

11. Craven-Fitzhardinge, M.P. for Chel- 
tenham, 6. May 1805, in the amnr, m. Sept. 
1839, Angusa-Jones, widow ot the hon. 
George-Hay Talbot 

12. Emily-Elizabeth, 6. 30 April 1807, 
m. 10 Aug. 1839, Sydney A. Capel, esq. 12th 
royal lancers. 

The earl d. 8 Aug. 1810. 

Creation* — Baron Berkeley, 1295 ; Vis- 
count Dursley, and Earl of Berkeley, 11 Sept. 



HENRY WILSON, Baron BGBNEnS. sammoned to parliatreDl b^ writ, 
dated Mny 1838, upon tlie decfnse of bts bro- 
ther, Robert, late lord Bcniera ; in holy orders. 
Rector ofKirby Cane, CO. Norfolk, and of Alex- 
ton, CO. Leiceiter, and vicar of Hixton, co. 
Lritester ; marritd, 1788, Eliiabetb, da. of 
Tbomaa Suinpter, of Histon, co. Cambridge, 
and bas issue, -I. HENRY -WILLI AM, 6. 
23 Feb. I7e7, m. 24 Feb, IB23, Mary-Letilia, 
eldest dn. and co-b. of col. George Cramp, of 

AlextOD, CO. Leicesler ; 2. Robert, in holj 

orders, rector of ABhnellthorpe, co. Norfolk, 

b. 2 Sept. 1801, m. 1st, Emma, da. of William 

Piggotl,ofDodeBhallParl:, CO. Bucks, esq.; and 2d1y, 13 April 1832, Harriett, 2d 

da. Rod co-b. of col. George Crump, above mentioned, and has iaaue, 1. Harry, 

h. 11 Feb. 1833, 2. Emma, b. 1837 ; 3. Charlotte, nt. 1809, Abbot Upcher, 

of Norfolk, eaq. whod. 1819; 1. Elizabeth, m. rev. William 

Chester, rector of Denton, co. Norfolk ; S. Marv, m. 

Arms — Qnartn-ly of *ii : lit and 6Ib, sabU, a wolf sal 
between two beianla, Wiuok ; £d, ardent, a bend plj 
Kkvvett ; 3d, argent, m ctom engrailed, between feu 
ebai^ed with three lion* 

bordure argent, Woomtoci ; ftth, qoaiterly, or and vert, Baar 

.,__ ii'i :.: — wuiga eleT«led argpnt, jei 

Dollar gulea atudi^ or. 

Fert, Baa 

I belled 01 

roaa of {Vaadat«:li, duke of Glout 
SOD of king Edwud III.) wu sununoneu v> 
pirliuaenl b; tbe title ra John BouTchier de 
%r<un, diroalier, 36 Maj, S3 Heurr VI. 
1455, sod continued to be lo aununoned until 
It Edw. IV. 147i. He died in i«*, and 
was succeeded (hii eldest son. John, baving 
d. during bis father's lifetime) bj bis eraud- 
son and heir, JOHN DE BOURCHIER, 
who d. 153%, without male issue, but leaving 
two dofl. bi« co-bb. 

1. At«aY, m. Alexander Unton, esq. but 
d. I. p. 

3. JANE, who became evenCuall; sole heir- 
ess of her father, m. Edmund Knvvett, esq. 
■erjeanl-porter to king Henry VIII. and d. 
irTeb.1561; and badissuc, Jor(N KNVVfTT, 
of Asbwelltborpe, CO. Norfolk, her eldest son 
and heir, wbom she survived, sod Wili.iih 
Knyvstt, who was ancestor of tlie Knyvetts 

8ir THOMAS KNYVETT, of Ashwell- 
thorpe, knt. who aecoidiuRly petitioned king 
James I. for his summons to parliament, ind 
obtained a certificate (upon reference of bin 
i petition) from the oommiuioners for 
" if earl marshal, of his 
■aid baron V, but d. 9 

the said report could be obtained. 6ir Tho- 

eiecuting the office of earl 
right and title to the said b 
Feb. 1617, before the royal 

mas also survived his eldest 

apparent, and whs succeeded by his grand. 

tnOMAS KNYVETT, of Asbwell- 
tborpe, esq. who does not appear 
taken any steps for reviving the elai 
barony, but u neverlbeleas called 
monument bereditan Lord Bemers. lie ■>. 
Catheiine, da. of Thomas, lord Burgh, of 
Gainsborough, and d, 30 June 1656, Leaving 





Sir John KHYvirrT, eldfM son, 
da. of sir Thomu Bedmg£eld, snJd. tS 
1679, leaving two sons andGve das, 

1. Thouai, d. unm. 1693. 

I. JonN, d. unm. 1689. 

3. Elizabeth, ft. Thomas Glemham, of 
Glemham, oo. Suflblk, esq. and bad an onlv 

Thomas Glemham, who d. unn. 1710. 

4. C.iTiiERiNE, baroness Bemers. 

5. MjiRv.d. unm. 1709. 

6. Jane, n. Oliver Le Neve, esq. but d. 
I. p. 1704. 

7. Mi'RiEL, d. unm. ICBS, 
CATHERINE, 9d da- of air John Eny> 

vett, becoming, by the fiiilure of all the other 
issue of her father's body, his sole heiress, 
prosecuted her claim to ue harony, and, by 
a Judgment of the bouse of lords, 30 May 
1710, wss declared to he entitled to the 




John Harris, of London, gent.; and Sdly, 
Ricfaanl Bocicenham. of Weston Mercate, co. 
BnAklky bat d, without issue hj either, 2S 
Nov. 1743, when the hazony fell intoaAmaiice 
between Etfaabeth, wife of Henry Wilson, 
esq. and Lucy, then wife of John Field, whose 
descent we now proceed to set forth. 

Thomas Khytbtt, 2d Bon of Thomas above 
Bentiooedy and uncle of Catherine^ baroness 
Bemera, d. 1656, leaving an onlpr son and heir, 

JoBir Knyvett, of the d^ot Norwich, esq. 
SB. LncT, da. and oo-h. of Charles Suckling, 
esq. and d. 1731. having had a numerous issue, 
of whom only tju«e survived him, vis. a son, 
JoBK, who d. itnm. 1741, and two das. 

1. EusABBTH, of whom presently. 

f . Lucy, m. 1st, Thomas Holt, nephew of 
efaief justice Holt; and tSdly, John Field, and 
left issue by both. 

ELIZABETH, eldest da. and oo-h. (and 
abo on the deatn of Catherine, baroness 
Bemers, eldest co-h. of that baronv,) m. 2 
May 1720, Henry Wilson, of Ueietuun and 
I>i<Uington, oo. Norfolk, esq. and d. 1757, 

leaving issue by him, (who d, 1742,) besides 
other children, a son and heir, 

Cane, Didlington, and Ashwellthorpe, 6. 1728^ 
m. 1757, Mary, da. of sir John Miller, of East 
Lavant, co. Sussex, hart and d. 6 Sept. 1796, 
leaviiie issue bv her, (who d. 13 Aug. 17r2,) 

1. KoBBRT, late baron. 

2. HENRY, present baron. 

3. Knyvett, a, 1796, untn, 

4. William, d. young. 

5. Geobgb Wilson, in holy orders, vicar 
of Didlington, and rector of Eocles St. Mary, 
00. Norfolk^ m. 1797, Anna-Maria, da. of rev. 
Charles Millard, and d. 8 Aug. 1837, leaving 

ROBERT WILSON, esq. eldest son, in 
whose favour his late majesty long William 
IV. was pleased to tenmnate the abeyance 
of the baronv of Bemers, was summoned to 
parliament by writ dated 7 May 1832; fr. 
1760, d. ttfim. 25 March 1838. 

Heir Afrparent — Hon. Henry - William 
Wilson, his lordship's son. 

Creatum^te May 1455. 


WILUAM KOEL-HILL, Baron BERWICK, of Attingham, co. Salop, P.C. 

F.S. A. succeeded his brother, Thomas, late lord, 
2 Nov. 1832 ; took the sarname of Noel, by royal 
sign manual, 18I24. 

Arms — Quarterly : 1st and 4th, ermine on a fesae sable, 
a castle with two towers argent, on a canton gules, 
a martlet or. Hill ; 2d, or fretty gules, a canton 
ermine, Noel; 3d, or, a chevron, between three 
stags' heads caboshed gules, Harwooo. Cre8t»^> 
1st, a stag statant, argent. Hill ; 2d, on the bat* 
tlements of a tpwer proper, a hind statant argent, 
collared and chained or, Noel ; 3d, a stag's neaa 
caboshed sable, in the mouth a spng of oak pro- 
per, Harwood. Supporters — Dexter j a Pegasus ar- 
gent, gorged with a plain collar sabie. thereon a martlet or. Sinister^ a stag argent, 
attired oty gorged with a plain collar sable, thereon a leopard's face or, and a chain re- 
Bexed orer the back gold. Motto—'' Qui uti scit ei bona." To him who knows how to 
use them, all things are good. 

The ofiginal name of his lordship's family 
Harmood or Whoneoody that of Hill having 
been recently assumed in consequence of a 
marriage which will be hereafter stated. At 
the befliming of the 17th century, a sir Ed- 
WABD Harwood, or Whorwood, Knt. distin- 
gnished himself as one of the most eminent 
soldiers of the age ; he served with the Veres 
in the Low Countries, and appears to have 
been connected with all the great men of his 
time. Hii li& is pablished and reprinted in 
the Hsrieiaa Miscellany ; and his biographer 
says of hn% that be ** came of a stock fit to 
ingraft li» future educaticm and excellence 
upon." He was slain at the siege of Maes- 
tncht i€9ij aad divided his fortune among the 
children orUs brotber George, which George 

was ancestor of Thomas Harwood, (who was 
in the naval service of his country at the bat- 
tle of Solebay; and was afterwards seated at 
Streatly, co. Berks, and was sheriff of that 
county,) and of 

John Harwood, of Hagboume, co. Bucks, 
and afterwards of Crickheath, near Oswestry, 
CO. Salop, m. Martha, da. of Edward Macle- 
ston, of Penyland, recorder of Oswestry, (by 
the da. and sole h. of Thomas Corbet, of Pon- 
tesbury , and Merrington, by the sister and sole 
h. of Colefox, of Merrington,) and had issue, 

1. John, LL.B., whose issue male is extinct. 

2. Thomas, of whom hereafter. 

3. Edward, m. and left issue. 

4. Martha, m. Simon Hanmer, of Ken- 
wick, esq. 



5. AucniT^ nt. John CsngTere, of Cob- 

6. AN^E, n. G. Curleli, esq. eldeat ton of 
•ir George Curt«is, of Otierden PElce, Kent. 

Thomas Harwood, of Tern Hall, neu 
SbreH-sboTT', eeq. Sd ma of John, >boTS 
irnned, m. Munret flill, relict of Ricbard 
Atcheilej, of Morton, esq. and tulEt of the 
right hon. RitkaTd Hilt, of H*wkeMone, ud 

1. Thuuai. 

2. RowuND, rector of Hodnet, co. Salop. 

3. Mahtha, m. Walter Goagh, of Old&Il- 
Ingi, CO. StaSord, Mq. 

4. Anne, m. John KTluMton, of Hordle;, 
Mu. M.P. CO. Salop. 

THoHAa Hahwood, eaq. eldeat BOD, auumed 
the name of Hill, reprpsented Shrewihur^ in 
•ereral pariiameDla, and il. June 17BI ; n. 
Ist, Anne, da. of Richaid Fowya, of Hintle- 
iham IIaII, oo. Suffolk, e«q. and by her (wlio 
d. Dec. 1T39) had luue, 

1. Anns, m. Robert DurtoD, of Longnor, 
to. Salop, eaq. 

9. MAnGA)ixT,n.BeiiDetSherrard,3dearl 
of Ilarborouvh. 

He n. Sdlj, Suun-Maria, eldest da. and 
oo-h. (with her niAter, France*, eouuteu of 
Ilarbarough) of William Noel, pw|. judn of 
the common pleas, uncle of Edward Noel, 
TiHwunl Wenlworth, couain of Baptist Noel, 
earl of Gainsborough, and had issue b; her, 
(who d. 1760,) 

3. Sauuil, it. unit. 

4. NotL, 1st lord Berwick. 

front/ DO. Northumberland, esq. 
NOEL HILL, IM lord Berwick, repre- 

sented Shrewibnij in puliaBent, aad t&gr- 
wards was electM luii^t of the ebire, co. 
Salop, created baron lierw-ck 19 May J784, 
m. ITXoi. 1768, Anne, da. of Henrj Vernon, 
esq, of Hiltm, co. Staflbrd, ( In Henrietta, 3d 
da. of Thomas Wentwtnth, 3d earl *f SimT- 
f*rd,and at loigth co-fa. Vilfa har Mtei«,lad; 
Lacy Howmrd and lady Ann* Cono^, to 
her brother, William 4tli earl of Strafford,) 
and bj her (wbo d. 33 March 1797) had 

t. TnoMits-NoEL, td lord. 

S. WiLLrAH, 3d lord. 

3. RicHABD, ia balj ordcit, recier of 
Tbomlon, co. Cbnler, and Berrinfrton, aad Salop, took the tune of Noel, ii^ 
addition to and before Hill, 18)4, m. Dot. 
IBOO, Fiances da. of Willi am-Mostyn Owen, 
eaq. and by her (wbo d. 4 Jan. 1B40) haa 

; 5. El.. _ _. 

7, Charles- Arthur- Wen twortb-Harwood. 

8. Georgiana- Louisa- Maty. 

4. Henrietta-Mahia, m. 10 April 179S, 
Charles, present marquesfl of Ailesbury. 

6. Ami 

His lordship d, 6 Jan. 1789, and was suc- 
ceeded bv his eldest son, 

THOMAS-NOEL, 3d loid, i. H Oct. 
1770; R. a Feb. 181«, Sophia Doluuchet, 
but d. I. p, 2 Not. 1832, and was aucoeeded 
by his next brother, 

WILLIAM, preseot and 3d lord. 

HnrPreiumpliDe— The hon. and rev. Ricn- 
Nou^HiLLj his lordship's next bcolher. 

A[ttil 1837, 

■Crsotini— 19 




CO. Wexford. Baron Beuboroaf;''' °f Bessbo- 
rou)[h, CO. Kilkenny, in Ireland ; Lord Pon- 
■otib](, Enron Ponaonhy, of Syionby, in En|;- 
laud ; and Vice-Admiral of Manster ; bom H 
Jan. 1758; succeeded his fother, William, the 
late earl, II March 1793; married. 27 No», 
1760, Henrietta-Francea Spencer,3d da. of John. 
I Ut earl Spencer, by vhom ( who d. 1 1 Nor. 

1821) he tin* issue, 1. JOHN-WILLIAM, 

tUotmt Ihmeannen, created baron DtaicmiiioH, 
in the Peeni^ of the United Kinf^doni (me l/ut 
titU) ; Lord Privy Seal, and Chief Commis- 
sioner of Woods and Forests ; ConBtable of the Castle of St. Briavel, and Wnr- 
deo of the Forest of Dean; Lord Lieutenant co. Kitkennv. andP.C.; ft. 31 Aug. 
1781;m. ieNoT.1806,M«ri«-Fane,3dda. ofJohn,earlofWeBtraoreknd.K.G. by 
whom (wbo d. 19 March 1831) he has issue, 1. Gem-giana-Sarak, ft. 14 Aug. 1807 : 
3. John-Gtorge-Brahttion, b. 4 Oct. 1809, M.P, for Derby, and Lieutenant co. 
Carluw, iH. 8 Sept. 1835, Frances-Charlotte, da. of John-Oeorge, earl of Dnrham. 
who d. 18 Dec. following; 3, William- Wenlwiotth-Brahaxon, R.N. b. 29 Dec. 
18l2,rf. 8 July ISai i 4. Aygiut,i.LaBinia-Pritetlla.b. U May 1814,™. 18 March 
1834. Willian>-Thomas, earl of Kerry, son of the mnrquess of Lansdowne ; 5. 
FrfHerick-Geerge-BrabaxoH, h. 11 Sept. 1815; fl. Emily-Charlottt-Mary, b. 17 



Feb. 1817 ; 7. Maria-Jane'EHzahetk, b, 14 March 1819, ift. 9 Aug. 1838, her 
oousiiiy the hon. Charles F. A. C. Ponsonby, eldest son of lord de Maaley ; 8. 
Georff^-Artkur-Brabazon, b. 17 May 1820; 9. Walier-WUliafH^Brabazan, b. 13 
Aug. 1821; 10. Spencer-Cecil-Brabazon, b, 14 March 1824; 11. Hatriett-Fred- 
eriem-AmUt b. 17 May 1826; 12. KatkleeK^Lovisa-^eorgiana^ b, 30 Aug. 1826; 

IS. a JOM, 6.28 May, and d. 5 July 1828; 14. Gerald, b, July 1829; ^2. Sir 

PREPERtcK-CAVENDiSH, K.C.B. K.C.H. 6.C.M.O. K.M.T. and K.S.6. a migor- 
gen. in the army, goyemor of Malta, b, 6 July 1783, m. 16 March 1825, Emily- 
Charlotte, youngest da. of Henry, 3d earl Bathurst, and d. l\ Jan. 1837, leaving 
issue, ^. Henry-Frederick, b. 10 Dec. 1825 ; 2. Arthur- Fdward-Vallette, b. 4. Dec. 
1827; 3. Georgiana-Melita-MaritL, b, 16 Feb. 1829; 4. Harriet- Julia-Franees, b, 
27 Oct. 1830; 5. SeHnm- Barbara, b. 20 Jan. 1835; 6. a«on, b. posthumous, 21 

if arch 1837 9 3. Willi am-Francis-Spbncer, baron de Mauley, in the Peerage 

of the United Kingdom {iee that title); 4. Caroline, b. 13 Nov« 1785, m, 

William Lamb, present viscount Melbourne, and d, 

AaM8 — Gules, a eherron between three combs argent. Crest — Out of a ducil coronet 
three arrows, points downwards, one in pale and two in saltire, entwined at the inter- 
section by aanake proper. Supporters — Two lions regardant proper. Motto—'' Pro 
rege, lege, grege." for the king, the law, and the people. 

Sir Wiluam Povsovby, deicended from 
an ancient fiunily of that name in Comber- 
land, was created baron Besdfonmgh 11 Sept. 
1721, and, 28 Feb. 1793, advanced to the 
dignit/ of viscount Duneanruyn, He m. Mary, 
sister of Brabazon Moore, of Ardee, co. 
Loath, esq. and d, 1726, leaving issue, 
!• Bjlabazon, 2d viscount. 
t, He?irt, a major-gen. m. Frances, diL of 
Chambre Brabaxon, earl of Meath, and was 
lolled at Fontenov 1745, leaving issue, 

1. Chambre-Brabaaon, d. 1762, m. Ist, 
Elizabeth, da. and b. of Edward Clarke. 
of Rouske, 00. Meath, esq. and had 

1. Frances, m. 1749, Geoxge Low- 
ther, of Kilrue. 00. Meath, esq.. 

He m. 2dly, Louisa, da. of John Lyons. 
of Morant, 00. Westmeath, esq. ana 
had issue, 

2. Sanm, of Llangollen Vale, the 
friend of lady Eleanor Butler, d. 8 
Dec. 1831, set. 76, 

He m. 3dly, Mazy, da. of sir William 
Barlcer, of Kilcooly, hart, and had 

3. B4sry, 6. 1761, ». ^— Barton, 

4, Chambre - Brabason Ponsonby- 
Barker, of Kilcooly Abbey, 6. 12 
June 1762, m. 1791, Henrietta, da. 
of Thomas. Ist earl of Beetive. by 
whom (who d. 12 Jan. 1838) he 
had issue. 

1. Wilham, b. 9 Nov. 1795, 
m. 8 Auff. 1816, Elizabeth- 
Selina, 4Ui da. of the hon. 
and right rev. William Knox, 
bishop of Derry. 

2. Catherine-Jane, m. 25 May 
1819, Edward -Michael Par 
kenham^ConolIv, esq. 

5« Chambre -Bnbaaon, in the 
army, m, SO April 1834, Mary, 
da. of col. David Latouche. 

4. Capt. Thomas-Henry, m. 21 
Feb. 1858. Fannv-Mary, 2d 
da. of major R.-L. Dickson, 
hite of the 1st life-guards. 

BRABAZON, 2d viscount, who was cre- 
ated. 6 Oct. 1739, earl of Bessbonmgh ; and .an 
English peer, 12 June 1749, by the title of 
baron Ponsonby, of Sywnby; 6. 1679 : m. 1st, 
Sarah Mar^^etson, grandda. of James Marget- 
son, archbishop of Armagh, and relict of 
Hugh Colville,esq. son of sir Robert ColviUe, 
of Newtown, co. I)owu, by whom (who d, 20 
May 1733) be had issue, 

1. WiLUAM, 2d earl. 

2. John, 6. 29 March 1713. (For hit itme, 
me Viscount Ponsonby, oflmofdUy,) 

3. RicUARD. 6. 2 July 1722. 

4. Sarah, 0. 4 March 1711, m. Edward^ 
5th earl of Drogheda. 

5. Anne, fr. 15 Mav 1716, m. 9 Dec. 1734, 
Benjamin Burton, of Burton Hall, Carlow, 

6. Elizabeth, h, Sept. 1719, ta. 23 Dec. 
1732, the right hon. sir William FowneS; of 
Woodstock, CO. Kilkenny, hart. 

7. Lbtitia, m. Hervey, 1st viscount Mount* 

The earl m. 2dlv, 28 Nov. 1733, Elizabeth, 
eldest da. and co-n. of John Sankey, of Tene<- 
lick, CO. Longford^ esq. widow of sir John 
Kii4^, hart, and of John, lord TuUamorSi by 
whom (who d. 17 July 1738) he had no issue. 
He d. 4 Feb. 1758, and was succeeded by his 

WILLIAM, 2d eari. b. 1711, m. 5 Julv 
1739, Caroline Cavendiso, eldest da. of Wil- 
liam, 3d duke of Devonshire, and by her 
(who d. 20 Jan. 1760) bad issue, 

1. Frederick, 3d earl. 

2. Catharine, K 25 Oct. 1742, iru Aubrey 
Beauderk, 4th dfuke of St. Albans. 

3. Cuarlottk, ft. 10 Dec 1747, m. Wil- 
liam, 4Ch earl of FitswUliam. 

The earl d. 11 Maroh 1793^ and was suc- 
ceeded by his eldest son^ 

FREDERICK, present and 3d[ earl. 

Heir Apparent — ^John- William, Viscount 
Duncannon, the earl's son. 

Creofum*— Baron, 11 Sept. 1721 ; Viscount, 
28 Feb. 1723 ; Earl, 6 Oct. 1739 ; Baron 
I Ponsonby, in England, 12 June 1749. 


GEORGE PERCY, Earl of BEVERLEY, and BaroD LoTotne ; horn 33 Jane 
1778; iacceeded his father, Algernon, lit earl, 
31 Oct. 1B30; nMmW,33Jniiel801,Louba,d«. 
of the hon. James- Archibald Stuart- Worlley, 
brother of John, lit marqueas of Bute, and baa 

iMue, 1. LoLisA, b. 9B Sept. 1802 ; %. 

Aloernon-Jamgs, b. 2 Oct. 1803. d. 19 Hay 

]8a& : 3. Margaret, b. 19 March 1806, if. 

11 March 1810; 1. HEMnv-ALGBRNON-PiTTt 

J. 25 April 1806, rf. 3 Jan. 1809; 5. Alice- 

Emily, b. 10 Feb. 1809, d. 39 June 1819; 

6. ALGERNON-GEORGE, hrrf£<n«uie, b. 39 
May 1810; 7. JoCELiNE-WiLLiAM, 6. 17 July 

1911 i 8. Haroaret, b. 16 May 1813; 9. HEHRY-HuflH-MANtERS, b. 23 

Aug. 1817, in the army. 

Aau and Cbut — Ai tba doke of Northamberlaad, with a cnMent for difirmee. 
FOBTUia — Dtiur, a lion amre, vith ■ orcacenl for difference. Smiiter, an unicorn _ „ 
anned, uoguled, erined, tufted, dncally goned, with chain refleied o^ei the back, 
ohargad on the ahauldei with a tinet or. Motto — "Esp6r*nceei "' " '" - ' ' 



, Mt Dak* «/ NoaTHDMi 

ALGERNON PERCY, lit earl of Be- 
verley, nicceeded to the dignity of baron 
Lovauie, 6 Jnne 1786, by rirtne of a special 
limitation in the patent conferring that title 
on his father, the In duke of Northumber- 
Isnd, and, S No*. 1790, wm crea1«i earl of 
Bnerfcy; b. 21 Jm. 1750, «. 8 June 1775, 
IsBbella-Susanaah, 8d da. of Peter Burrell, 
of Beckenbun, at. Kent, eu. and by her 
(who d. 14 Jin. 1811) faul iMue, 

1. CnABLoiTE, 4. 3 June 1776, «. George, 
3d earl of Athbumhun. 

5. Elieabeiii, b. 31 Much 1777, d. ffl 
April 1779. 

3. Gionoi, Sd earl. 

4. Aloernon, b. 19 Aug. 1779, _ 
■ecretary of legation at Farii, and 
nlenipotentiuy --•-"■- 
Aug. 1833. 


6. HuoHjii 

D the Swin 6u 

by her (who d. 4 Sept. 1831) hid 
■idea two das. who d. infuu, 

1. Mary-Mannen, b, 18 Dee. 1806, d. 16 
Jan. 1B07. 

t. MarylMbella, b. 18 Feb. 1808. 

3. Agnee, b. 30 April 1809. 

4. EnulyJulia, 6. XT April 1810, d. 19 
Aug. 1815. 

5. Lucy, b. S8 April 1811, m. 11 Feb. 
183!, Henry- Williun Askew, of Glen- 
ridding, cx>. Cumberllnd, esq. 

6. Algeraoa-Charle^ 6. 19 June 1811, 
n the army, m. 17 July 1839, EmilT. 

1834, Wifliam-Pitt, viKount Holmea- 
dale, aon of earl AnbenL 

9. Ellen, b. 7 Not. 1815, h. 5 April 1836, 
the rev. Edward Tbompwn. 

10. Hugh-Jooeline, b. 9 Dec. 1817, in the 

11. LoniH-Julia, b. 10 March 1B19. 
The bishop m. Mly, 1 Feb. 1840, Muy, da. 

of air WiUiam Hope-Johnitone, G.C.B. 

7. JocELiNi,(twinwithHugh,)capLR.N. 
n. 9 Dec. lew, Sophia-EUzaGeth, 3d da. of 
Morton Walboose, of Hatherton, CO. Stafford, 
esq. (sister of lord Hatherton) and hu issue, 

1. Sophia-Louisa, b. 14 Dec. 1811. 
1. Alan, b. 7 Jin. 1815. 


July 1831, 

8. Hbnrv, lieuL-wl. ind C.B. b. 14 Sept. 
1785, d. 15 April 1815. 

9. AxsLH-CaABLOTTe, 6. 9 Not. 1786. m. 
15 July 1808, Mortimer Drummond, of Char- 
ing Croaa, esq. and haa issue. 

10. WiLUAM-HENny. capt B.N. commis- 
sioner of eicise, 6. 14 March 1768. 

11. FsANciB-JoHH, ft. 1 May 1790, capt. 
13d foot, d. at Cuenfa, in Spain, Sept. IBtl. 

19. Charles, b. 4 March 1794, md took 
the sominies and irmi of Greatheed-Bertie, 
in addition to aad before Percy, by royal sign 
manual, 1836, ni. 10 March 1813. Miss Anne- 
CarDlioe-Bertie Greatheed, and hu issue, 
Anne-Birbm- Isabel, 6. 31 March 1S14. 

The ear! d, 11 Oct. 1830,«ndwaBsoocieeded 
by his eldest son, 

GEORGE, present and Id earl. 

Htir Aypartnt—Ouinoz, lord Lovaini, 
eldest surviTing son of the eail 

Cmrioiu— Lord LoTsine, Baron of Aln- 
wick, 18 Jan. 1784; EarlofBererley, S Nor. 



NICHOLAS VANSITTART, Babon BEXLEY, of Bexley, co. Kent, so created 

1 March 1823, P.C. D.C.L. F.R. and A.S. ; a 
Bencher of Lincoln's Inn ; 6om 29 April 1766 ; 
miime<^,22 July 1806, Catharine-Isabella Eden, 
2d da. of William, 1st lord Auckland, by which 
lady (who d. 10 Aug. 1810) he had no issue. 
His lordship was many years Secretary of the 
Treasury, appointed Secretary to the Lord^ 
Lieutenant of Ireland 1805, and on the death of 
Mr. Perceval, in 1812, Chancellor and Under- 
Treasurer of the Exchequer, which importuit 
office he continued to hold till Jan. 1823, when 
he resigned it, and was immediately elevated to 
the Peerage as above, 

Arm»— Ermine, an eagle displayed lable, on a chief gules a duoal coronet or, between two 
croMes patee KrjgeDt, Cbeat — ^An eagle's head, oouped at the neck, between two wings 
eleratea and dispUved sable, the woole resting on two crosses pat^ argent. Sup- 
poarcaa — Dexter, a nofse regardant argent, gorged with a ducal coronet or; and pendent 
therefrom by a gold diain, a shield sable, charged with an ostrich feather argent, ouilled 
and escrotted, gold (aliusiTe to the badge or cognisance of John of Gaunt, onke ot Lan- 
caster). Sinuier, an eagle regardant, wings elevated and displaved sable, gorged with a 
docal coronet, and pendent therefrom a portenUis or. Motto— ^ Grata qnies. Grateful 

4. George, b, 15 Sept. 1743, of Bisham 
Abbey, co. Berks, M.P. for that oo. in several 
parliaments, m. 8arah, da. of sir James Stone- 
nouse, hart, and d, 21 Jan. 1825, having had 

1. George-Henry, a gen. in the army, b, 
July 1768; m. Oct. 1818, Anna-Maria, 
only surviving child of Thomas Cop- 
son, esq. of Shepey Hall, co. Leicester, 
andd. 4 Feb. 18S4,leavmg isaue, 

1. George-Henty, b. 1823. 

2. Augustus- Arthur, 6. 21 July 1824. 

2. Edward, in holy oraers, rector of 
Taplow, took the surname of Neale, by 
roval sign manual, 1805. 

5. HeniT, rear-admiral of the red. 

4. Caroune-Anne. m. 22 Dec. 1792, Au- 
gustus-Henry East, esq. (2d son of sir 
William East, hart.) whod, Feb. 1828. 

5. Laura, m. 26 Nov. 1809, Fulwar Cra- 
ven, ot Chilton House, esq. 

6. Henrietta. 

5. Susannah. 6. 28 May 1724, maid of 
honour to H.R.H. the princess dowairer of 

6. Anns, b. 2 June 1757, m. air Robert 
Palk, hart. 

Henry VANsrrrART, esq. 3d son of Arthur, 
and father of the present lord, was b, 3 June 
1732, entered earfy in life into the senrice of 
the East India Comnany, and attuned the 
rank of governor of Bengal. On his return 
to England, he was, in 1768, elected M.P. 
for Raiding, bnt the critical situation of their 
affairs at that period causing the directors to 
send out a committee of three gentlemen, as 
supervisors, to effect a reform m the several 

Tre fiunily of Vansittart is of considerable 
antiquity in Germanjr, and the name, accord- 
iag to tradition, derived from the town of 
Sittart, in the duchy of JuUers. Peter Van- 
sittart (son of William-Johnson Vansittart, 
of Daatzick) settled in England about 1675, 
and hecame an eminent Russia merchant, m. 
Susannah, da. of Robert Saunderson, of Lon- 
don, and a. 8 March 1705, leaving a numerous 
issue, of whom, 

Arthur, 5th son, was verdurer of Windsor 
Forest, m. 23 May 1723, Martha, eldest da. of 
sir John Stonehouse, of Radley, oo. Berks, 
hart, and d, 16 Sept. 1760, having had issue 
hj the above lady, (who survivra him, and 
d, 13 Jane 1782,) boides other children who 
«/. young, 

1. AuTHrR. of Bhottesbrooke House, co. 
Berks, esq. M.P. for co. Berks from 1757 
to 1774, b. 15 Feb. 1727, m, Anne, sister of 
lord Colermine, and d. 12 Nov. 1804, leaving 

1. Arthur, of Shottesbrooke,m. Caroline, 
4th da. of William, 1st lord Auckland, 
and d. 31 May 1829, leaving a nume- 
rous issne, of whom, 

William, 3d son, m the E. T. C. 
civil service, m. in July 1839, at 
Tiriioot, Emily, da. of major An- 

2. Robert. 

3. William, in hoVy orders, D.D. pre- 
bendary of Carlisle, m. Charlotte, da. 
of gen. George Warde. 

2. Robert, 6. 6 Dec. 1728, professor of 
cirii law at Oxford, d. unm. 1789. 

3. HsNUYy fiitfaer oUhe present lord. 


brencLef of kdmiuutnitic 

.,Mr.V»n- I 

bokrd the Aurora IVi- 
s lost in the M<wam- 

embsfked in 1770, 

mte, which reiwl 

bique chuiDcl iboti .. . _, 

boani peri«hed. He tn. Amelii, d«. of Ni 

cholu Mone, -- - f».-i— _ . 

Iiolu Mone, eaa. goYertiof of Madru, by 
-horn (who J. 1 A<ig. 1B19> be had iuue, 
■ Hi!sii», d. u CalcutU 18 Oct. 1787, 
ing iuue, 
Henry VutMtUrt, now of KiTklealhun, 

CO. York, and of Foiler, Berk*, n. 
181i, ThoDUU, d4. of the Ute viKount 
Newcooien, and wiilow of nt Charles 
Turner, bart. and hai iuae, an only da. 

3. NICHOLAS, preaent lord BexUj. 
S. SoTHii, d. unm. 18 May 18S6, Kt, 67. 

4. Ehiui, ■■. Edward Parry, eiq. 
Htir A j ^ n at—tioae. 
CrtBtim—1 Much iKt3. 


CHARLES STUART, Lord BLANTYRE, co. Uoark, Lieut. Granadier 
Guards : bom 21 Dec. 1818 ; ancceeded hia Talber, Robert- WslCer, late lonl, 25 
Se(i(. 1830. 

of the judgei of the court of aenion, and d. 
nOi, leaving iraue, 

1. W*LiE», 6th lord. 

t. RoBiaT, 7th loid; three more moj, and 
four daa. 

WALTER 6(h lord, dying tinm. inS, wai 
■ncceeded by his brother, 

ROBERT, 7[h lord Blantyre, n. lit, 
Helen Lyon, da. of John, 4th eari of Btrath- 
nore, bat bv ber had no gurriving iaaue ; !dly, 
Margaret Ilay, da. of William Hay, of Dru- 
meluer, eaq. coonD to the lit marquns of 
Tweeddale, by whom (who d. 13 Dec 178a> 
he had, 

1. W*Lr«a, Bth lord. 

«. WiLLi*ii, Wi lord. 

S. Alki^hdek, lOtb lord. 

4. John, d. mm. 

5. Jiiiiii,lieuL-col.]stregt.offbo('Kiiarda, 
was killed at Guildford, North Caroluia, 15 

of the East India Company, in Bengal. 

b! Hbleb, m. Oliver Colt, Mq. 

9. HuMHMa,<i.BiiiiL Not, 1780. 

10. EuuBETH, n. William Colquboun, 

Akh* — Or, a feiae chequy . _^ ^ 

surmounted by ■ bend enf^railed ^lea, 
in the centre chief point, a nMe of the 
lut. Crut — A doTB with an olire 
branch in iu mouth. SuproRTiBs — 
DatiTf a wild man, wreathed about the 
temples and loioa with laurel, and hold- 
ing over hia right shoulder a club, proper. 
" ■ - - 'm gulea. Mono—" * ' 

jurat Tirtua," 

le atone delighta m 

Sia Wit.i.i*>i, of Dalawinton, 
ancestor of the earli of Galloway, had a 

younger son, Tkohab, whogot from hii &ther 
the lands of Minto, co. Roxburgh, and d. 
1500. Fourth in descent from him was 

WALTER STEWART, wbo being oom- 
roendator of Blantyre, and from hia youth 
bred in the court of lung James VI. by that 
king wai made keeper of the privy seal, gen- 
tleman of his bedchamber, lord treasurer of 
Scotland, and created a baron 10 July 1606, 
and dying lfil6, left, by Nichola, his wife, 
da. ofair Jamis Somerrille, two sons, 

1. WHUA. " 


dying, 16.«, left two sons, 

WALTEH, 3d lord, who d. without issue 
Oct. 1641, aad 

ALEXANDER. 4th lord, who succeeded 
his brother; ■>. Margaret, da. of sir John 
Shaw, of Greenock, but. and had a son, 

ALEXANDER, 5ih lord, si. ' 
of sir Robert Haauhon, of I'rea 


lordship d. in Deo. 1743, and w 

May 1751, unm. and was succeeded by bis 

WIl'lIAM, »th lord who d. tinn. 16 Jan. 
1776, and was succeeded by his brothar, 

ALEXANDER, loth lord, who a>. 1773, 
Catherine, da. and h. of Patnck lindaay of 
Eagleecaime, esq. (by Marnret, da. aiH) b. 
of Tbomaa Hallibortoo, of Kagleaeaime, an 
ancient branch of th« noble &mily of Halli- 
burton, lords of Dirteton,) and by her, who <i. 
t9 Dec. ieH, had i«ue, 

1. Robirt-Walteb, 11th lord. 

t. Patbici, Ueut-gen. in the army, b, 10 
June 1777, m. at Colombo, SO July 1810, 
Catherine. Henrietta, da. of the bon. John 

"'■■■" ■ "Aug. 1811, East 

1. Kobert-Uenry, b. 


India Compraiy'* ■errioe, d, H Aug. 

5. AteiHider-Ch>HM,6. April 1814. 

3. Loom, b. 15 Oct. 1815. 

4. Churlcfl, A. 6 Oct 1317, in tbe umy ; 
i. 30 July 183S. 

b. CMtwriae-MarKsm, 6. 4 Not. 1819. 

6. Jlne- Prances, b. 41 JuLy 18^. 

7. Muy-Jinet, L26 Dec. 1833. 

8. Geoige, 6. 31 June 1835. 

9. A da. t. iS Oct. 18C9. 

10. Ansela-llieresa, h. 19 Feb. 1831, A. 
St Jan. 1B33. 

11. Williani,a.Jimel834,audd.ZMarch 

3. Wilujim, h. 99 Aup, 1778, lieuL-gen. 
in the anaj, C.B. ; late majar in regimeot of 
fbot-guanU, A. unm. IS Feb. 1837. 

4. CiiiRu«-FnANc», of LiDcoln'a 
nater-at-law, ». 8» Oct 1780. 

5. MtaaufT, t. Se Dm. 1775, m. 5 Oct 
1809, tbe rev. Andrew Stewart, miikiaUT of 
Bolton, and •!. !0 Oct 1839. 

Mia lotdahip i. 1783, and irM aaeceeded b; 

Ro6eBT-WALTEII, nth loid, h. 10 
June 1776, a maior-Rtfa. and C.U. m. 36 Feb. 
1813, Frances, da. of ban. Jobn Bodney, mo 
of tbe l>t lord Rodney, and bad issue, 

1. Catiiehikk, i. 34 Feb. 1815. 

I. FiNKV-MABr, h. 17 April 1816. 

S. Chableb, Ittb lord. 

4. 17 June 18*1. 

5. WiLLiAM.A. 3MarcblB44. 

6. Caroline-Hen BUTTA, h. 4 March, and 
i. 19 Oct. 1845. 

7. WALTsa-RoDHET, ft. 16 July 1836, i. 
13 Sept 1838. 

8. Akin, 6. 28Jul;18?7. 

9,10. Amn and OA. twins, 6. 30 June 1830. 

Hia lordship was aeddentally killed at 
Brussels, dnnng the revolutionary rioti, 25 
Sept 1830, and waa succeeded b; liis eMeat 

naginn, co. HoDaK'>"° ' ^"' ^^ Feb, 1803 i succeeded bis father, Andrew- 
Tliomaa, laU lord, 8 April 1834. 

battle against O'Neile, 5 June 1646, learing 

e6waRD, 3d lord^ and 

RICHARD, 4th lord; which last wsa 
father of 

HENHY-VINCENT, 5th lord, who d. 
1689, and of 

WILLIAM, 6th lord, who d. 1705, leaving 

cAdW ALLADER, the 7th lord, ii..Mary, 

da. of tbe bon. John Tuchet, ad son of Mer- 
vin. earl of Casllehaien, and niece of Charles 
Talbot, duke oF Slirembai7, and by ber (who 
d. in I72I) had issue, 

1. Charles-T.lbot, 8th lord. 

S. Cadwalladir, 9th lord. 

3. Mary, m. 1st, Niebolaa Mabon, esq. 
and idly, John Campbell, esq. 

His lordship m. lidly 3 Ang. 17S4, Mary, 
only ds. and b. of sir Alexander Cainu, bart 
but had no issue by her, who n. Sdly, col. 
Charlea Murray, and d. 88 Aug, 1790. " - 
lordship d. 3 March 17S3, and was au — 

Abhs — Sable, three horses' hfads erased at 
the neck argent. Crht — A horse's head 
conped attw neck argent j bridled, gulea, 
the bee eoTered with annour, hariDg • 
spike on tbe forehead, proper. Scprom- 
aa — Two bones sable, bndled and sad- 
dled, or. Motto — " Integra mens angus- 
tisainia poesesaio." An upright mind is 
tbe moat noble ponesaion. 
Tu family of Blamty is of Welsh eitrac- 
tuD, and dttmi to be deaoended from Cad- 
wi^ader, kW of Britain. 

EDWAILD BLAYNEY, a younger »oo 
of Tbomat ap Jeran Lloyd BlByney, aerred in 
tk amka of Qneen EUiabeth m the Low 
Cooolriea, and afterwards acoomponyine the 
earl of Essex to IreUnd, settled in that king- 
dom, and waa, by king James I. M July 16«1, 
created baron Bfayney, of Monwhan. He d. 
II Feb. 16*9, and was socceededby his eldest 

ii£K£V, «d lord, wbo was killed in a 

in holy orders, m. 3 Nov. 1734, Eliaabetb, di! 
of Nicholas Mabon, esa. (by F.leanor, da. of 
Henry -Vincent, dch lord Blayney,) and had 

1, Hesbt-ViNcewt, who d. an infant. 
Hig lordship d. without surviring issue male, 
and was succeeded by bis brother, 

CADWALLADER, 9tb lord, b. S May 
1740, 171. JO Dec. 1766, Sophia, da. of Thomas 
Tipping, of Beaulieu, esq. and had issue. 


1. CiowiLLiiiaB-Divis, 10th lord. 
1. Ancnew-Thohx, llthlord. 

3. SofiiiA, m. 1788, John Armitrong, esq. 

4. Maiv. 

Hii lordihip d. 21 Not. 1775, and wu aoC' 
CMHied by ha eldest bod, 

CADWALLADEB-DAVIS, 10th lord, b. 
ID 1769; uid deceuiiij; una, 2 April 17S4, 

S, MsbclU, eldnl di. of Jwm, 1 
edoD, Mkd ud iuue, 

1. Cadwaludkr-Davi*, Itth lord. 
«. Amnk, n. 20 No*. 1618, c»^. Chwlea 

3. ELiiABEni-H*iiMRT,<l.M»lB18. 

4. Ciuxuim-SoFaiA, m. 2 Feb. IS33, 
Frederick Angerslein, eM. 

Hii lordahip d. a April 1834, ind v*i nic- 
ceeded bv bii only khi, 


Htir Apfartnl — None. 
Jul; 1621. 


Redwood, co. Tipperary, P.C. G.C.B. ' and 
^mf G.C.H. Lienl.'GenerHl in the ■npy, a Colonel 
Commandant of the Rojnl Re«inent of Artil- _ 
lery, and Goremorof Fort Charies, Port Royal, 
Jamaica, late Envoy EstraordinHry and Hi- 
BWter Plenipotentiary to the Coart of Sweden ; 
marrird, 1 Sept. 1797, Harriett, da. of the late 
ThoniHR Douglas, of Grantham, co. Linroln, 
e«q. whicli lady li ranger of Hampton Coart 
Park, and has luue, 1. JOHN-ARTHUR- 
DOUGLAS, late aeuretary of legation at the 
courts of Wirtem)>erg and SlocLholm, and now 

Ht St. Peterabarir, b. 12 Nov. 1803; 2. 

Harriett-Anne, b. 4 May 1806, m. 5 June 1833, Thomas-Henry Kinncote, of 

Kingscote, co. Gloucester, eaq. ; 3. GkORCiitNit-MAKY -Emilia, b. 4 OcL 1808. 

m. 32 Oct. 1836, Henry Trench, esq. 2d eon of William Trench, of CangonPark, 
King's County, esq. ; 1. Charlotte, b. -2% March 1815, d. 8 Feb. 1828. 

Abhs — Argent, three fiuila conjoined in feue gules, 
a canton of the last the prince of Walea'a plume. 

SvFroHTEM — I'wo hoTics regardant argent, each gorged with s wrastb of laorei, 
eseocheon, the d«Mr gules, and charged with the piinoe of 

_ r or, charged with a bomb fired proper. Motto—" Fortea 

Fortune aids the brave. 

'. Crist — Out of s muni coronet s 

and pendent therefrom 
Wslee'. pir-- -' " ■ 

Newport, co 

CO. n. Charlotte' da! of Samuel n' Jler, taa. 
(by Anne, aiiter to lord chanoellor Joeelyo,) 
by whom (who d. 1 Feb. IBIS) be had iuue, 

1. BENJAMIN, prewnt and lit lord. 

S. Anni, n. Thomas Byder Pepper, of 
Loughloa, CO. Tippeiary, esq. 

3. Chaklottp m. the very ror. Thomas B. 
Goagh, dean of Oerry. 

His lordship entered early into the army in 
tba corps of which be is now one of the 
colonels commandant. In 1808, he was ap- 

Eioted gentleman attendant on his majesty 
ig George IV. then prince of Wal^ to 

u afterwards, during the 


vhom hi 

Icnighted, and appointed b knight grand croes 
of 3ie royal HanoTerisn Guefphic order; in 
1816, ftuitor and Ktnttaj of the duchy of 
CorawsU; and in the succmdinr year, on the 
resignaboD of the late sir John M*Mahon, re- 
ceiver-funeral of that dqchy, and private 
secretary and keeper of the privy pone to the 
prince r^ait. In Sept. 1824, be was ap- 
pointed envoy eitiaordiuary and minister 
plenipotentis^ to Sweden ; and, 14 May 
18*5, elevated to tl "" '- " 


HENRY ST. JOHN, Viscount BOUNGBROKE, and ST. JOHN, Baron St, 

John, of Lydiard Tregoze, Baron St. John, of 
Battersea, and a Baronet; bom March 1786; 
flncceeded his father, George-Richard, the late 
viscount, 18 Dec. 1824; married, 3 June 1812, 
Maria, 2d da. of sir Henry-Paulet St. -John- 
Mildmay, hart, hy whom (who d. 21 Dec. 1836) 

he had issue, 1. Makia-Louisa, b, 17 March 

1813, m. LI March 1839, John-Lauriston Kneller, 
esq. 2d son of Godfrey-John Kneller, of Don- 
head Hall, CO. Wilts, esq. ; 2, Anne-Jane- 

Charlotte, 6. 8 Aug. 1814, m. 21 April 1838, 
Lawrence-Robert Sliaw, esq. late of the 5th 
dragoon guards ; 3. Isabella, b, 12 Feb. 

1816 ;t— 4, Bmily,&. 18 Aug. 1817; 6. HENRY, 6. 1820; 6. Spemcer- 

MiLpiUY, b, 1822. 

Ainu — Anwnt, on a chief gules two mallets or. Crest — On a moont Tert a &koa xbnng 
or, dnoaUy gorged gales. SuppoBTKRa — Dexter^ a falcon, wings displaved or, ducally 
gorged galea. Smistery an eaf le, wings dun>Uyed or, charged on the breast wiik th« 
haaMes, an ancient badge of the family of Tregoze. This Mdge resembles an anfique 
shield rimmed Kold. the 6eld per paJe argent ana rales, and charged with a crescent Bable. 
thereon a lab^ or three pOmts or. Motto— ''Nee qnaerere nee spersMw- honorem.* i 
Neither to seek or despise nonours. 

Nicholas St. John, of Lydiard Treffoze, 
Wilts, ^descended from a Touofer son of the 
house ot St. John, of Bletshoe. (had issue, two 
sons, sir John, ancestor of tne viscounts Bo- 
Uugbtoke, ana sir Otirer, who was by king 
Charles J. created viscount Grandison, in 
Ireland, and baron Tregoie, in England, but 
d. s. p. 1690. 

Sir John, eldest son of Nicholas, left a son, 
air JoHw, who was created a baronet 1611, 
and was grand firfher of 

HENkY, created, i Jaly 1716. baron St, 
Jahny of Battersea, and viscount St John, for 
life, with renainder to his Sd and 4th sons, 
John and Holies^ and their issue male; m. 
1st, Mar|r, da. and oo.-h. of Robert Rich, earl 
of Warinck, Inr whom he had an only son, 

1. HENkY, secretary of state to queen 
Anae, created, 7 Joly 1712, baron St, John, 
of Ljdiaid Tregose, and viscount Bolmf^' 
brvkey with remainder to the issue of his 
father. He was attainted 1714, and after- 
wards restored to his estates, but not to his 
titles ; twice m. but d, g,p, 15 Dec. 1751. 

The visooont m. Sdly, AngeUcarMaffdalena, 
da. of Georee Pillesarf, by whom ^Who d, 
1736) he had issue, 

t, Georgf, d. unm. 1716. 

5, John, td Tisoount. 

4. HoLLES, d. unm, 1738. 

5. HsKaiaTTA, «. Robert Knight, created 
earl of Cktberlou^, in Irehmd. 

JOHN, fti viscount, m. Ist, 17 April 
17^ Anne, da. and sole h. of sir Robert 

Fumese, hart, and by her (who d. 11 July 
1747) had issue, 

1. EuzABETU-LouisA, m« William, Ist lord 

2. Anne ; 3. Louisa ; both d. in&nts. 

4. Frederick, 3d viscount. 

5. Henry, g^. in the army, and col. 36th 
foot, d, 9, V. 4 April 1818, haviiur m. 31 Aug. 
1771, Barbara, aa. of Thomas Bladen, esq. 

6. John, surveyor - general of the crown 
lands, d, unm, 8 Oct. 1793. 

The viscount m. Sdly, Hester, da. of James 
Clarke, co. Herts, esq. and by her (who d, 
8 March 175?) had no issue. The viscount 
d, Feb. 1749, and was succeeded by his son, 

FREDERICK, 2d viscount Bolingbroke, 
and 3d viscount St. John, b. 1734, m. 9 Sept. 
1757, Diana Spencer, sister to George, 2d 
duke of Marlborough (which marriage wiyi 
dissolved by act of parliament 8 March 1768, 
and she m. Sdly, the late hon. Topham Beau- 
clerk). By tUs lady he had issue, 

1. Gboroe-Ricrard, 3d viscount. 

2. Frederick, 6. 20 Dec. 1765, a gen. in 
the army, m. 1st, 8 Dec. 1788, Muy, da. of 
William, 5th manjuess of Lothian, by whom, 
(who d. 6 Feb. 1791) he had issue, 

1, Robert- WilHam, consul-general at 
Algiers, 6. 5 Feb. 1791, w. Eliaa- 
Marift, da. of John Barker, of Wake- 
field, CO. York, esq. and has issue, 
1. A son, 6. 9 May 1834. 
He m. Sdly, 6 April 1793, Arabella Craven, 
sister to William, earl of Craven, and by her 



(wbo i. 9 June, 1819) ioA isuip, 

Z. Oeorga-WilLum, h. 1 Maj 1796, in 
holj onlen, redor of Stanton Lacy, 
CO. HereGud, m. ?H Sm. 1830, Henri- 
etta ' Fnncei, onlj da. of Maurice 
Magrath, oq. 

3. George-Frederick-Berkeley, b. t Oct. 
1797, major 5!d foot, n. IB Jan. 1B36, 
HearieCta-Lauiaa-Maiia, 3d da. of the 
rev. John Jephion, prebendarj of Mul- 
labrack, in tM dioceM of Armagh, and 

1. Ada. 6. S May 1837. 
t. A son, 6. SB Nov 1838. 

4. IIeiU7-Jahn, b. 1798, d. 7 Ai^. IBil. 

5. Maria-Aiabella, i. «S July 1807, m. 
t Oct. 183«, ibf rev. CliarlM Goring, 
id Kin of air Cbarlei-Faner aorin|r. 

6. Catherine -Frederica-Marr, b, Oct 
1808, d. 5 May 1809. 

7. Charles-WiUiani-Georee, 6. 3 Dec. 

8. Louiia-Diaaa, b. ii Dec. IBIO. 

9. Keppel, 6. S6 Feb. 1812, d. 7 June 

10. El^beth, b. 11 Joly 1814. 

He a. 3dlT, 14 Nov. IBtl, Caroline- Eliza- 
beth, da. of J. Piraona, eiq. and by her haa 

11. Heniy-Ednrd, b. 32 Nov. 1823. 

12. Welbore-WilliaiD-OliTer, b. 12 April 

3. CuiBunTR, who d. young. 
His lofdahip d. May 1787, and waa aucceeded 
by hia eldeat son. 

March 1761, m. in, 26 Feb. 1783, Charlotte, 
da. of rev. Tbomaa Collina, of WkidieMer, by 
whom (wbo d. 11 Jid. 1803) he had ivue, 
besides a too and da. wbo bou d. nnai. 

1. Hehhy, 5th Tisoouut. 

His lordship m. Idly, 1 Aug. 1S04, laabella- 
Chariotte-ADloinette-Saphia, banniMa Hom- 
p^h, and had iasQB, 

2. FERDiHtHD, b. 16 Oct 1804, m. 8 Kor. 
1826, Selina - Charlolu. da. of Maarioe-3t 
Leget Keatinie, esq. (by lady Maitba Br*- 
baion, da.ofUieSthearioflUaath,> and has 

i. Ferdinand - William - Maurice, 6. 14 
Not. 1827. 

2. John-Henry, b. Dee. 1828. 

3. Cbarles-Louia. 

4. Robert-Frederick (twinwithCbaito). 

3. CHiRLis-RoBiaT, b. 21 Nov. 1807. 

4. Jobh-Jebemiab, b. 28 Sept 1810, d. 

5. Is4»LL*,' 6. Antonm. 

The viscount d. 18 Dec. 1S24, and wai suc- 
ceeded hy Lis eldest son, 

HENHV, preseat and Sib viscAUit St. 
John, and 4th viscount Bolingbroka. 

Hiir Amanal—Tbn bon. UiNBy St. Jons, 
his lordabip's son. 

Crtalion*— Baronet, 22 May 1611 ; Baron 
St John, and Viscount Bolingbroke, 7 July 
1712; Baron St John, of Battersea, and Vis- 
count St John, 2 Jnly 1716. 


WILUAH ORDE-POWLETT, Baron BOLTON, of Bolton CuUe, co. York : 
bom 31 Oct. 1783; succeeded bis father, Thomas, 
the lale lord, 30 July 1807; marritd, 12 May 
1810, the hon. Hnria Carleton, eldest da. of Guy, 
Ist lord Dorchester, K.B. but has iio iscae. 

IN »— Sable, three ai 

escocheoD sable, chaived with a salnion ban riant 
proper. Crest — A falcon rising or, dueaJly gorwd 
axure, charged on the breast with an estoue gulea, 
and holding in the beak a salmon proper. Svr- 
pOBTmi — Derter, a hind proper, ducally gorged or, 
and charged on the shoulder with a wiate rose. 

SinuttT, s Coraish ohoagb proper, also charged on Ibe ahoulder with a white teae. 

Mono — " Aimes loyauili." Love loyalty. 

at Orde, Norhim, Grindon, &c. de 
John Orde, esq. thebther ofTuoH. 
Bolton, as heir male of hia comrin, William 
Onle, of Sandy-Bank House, ew). member for 
Berwick-apon-Tweed in i80i5. The three 
daa. of the said William Orde, upon his death, 
became possessed of other eoQsidetahle eatatea, 
which were not entailed, viz. Norham Caalle 
and its deamenes, Sandy-Bank, tic. &c. which 
have cratied in the heirs of the 3d da. Isa- 

Thb Euuily of OnJ« is of great antiquity, and 
has very hmg been poss esse d of considerable 
landed estatei! in Northamberlaad and Darbsm, 
whidi, in the latter coanty, were held in capiu 
tinder the bishop, chief in the palatine, espe- 
cially at and in the neighbourhood of Orde, 
near Berwick-upon-Tweed, where probably 
the (unily was orieinally seated. Most of 
these estates, with idditions in both countieB, 
till remain in the bmily ; and part of them 



beilft^ wife of RoWft Ftt\ri6kf of Lemming- 
ton, oo. NortfaumberUaid, eaa. 

Joaar OnDS^esq* &tber of Tiioiiiis. let lord 
fiohoBy ^. 17^^ m. Iflty Anne, da. of Edward 
Ward. esq. of Naimikirk, co. Northumber- 
bnd, Dj whom lie had one son. WUUam Ordtf 
esq. of Morpeth, and also of Nnnnikirk, who 
inherited the faniUy eetates. and likewue those 
of the Warda of Nunmkxrk, by hia marriage 
with his cousin, Anne^ da. and since h. of 
William Waid. esq. of Nunnildrk ; m. 2dly. 
Anne, da. of R. Maxr, of Morpeth, esq. uui 
widow of the ser. William Pye, of the same, 
■ad by her had two sons and two das. 

t. Thomas. 1st lord Bolton. 

2. Jamvy admiral R.N. created a hart. 1790, 

M. Ist Margaret, da. and h. of Stephens, 

esq. of Beaufiirt, South Carolina, who d. 1791, 
leaving no issue. He m, f dly, Dec. 1793, 
Jane, eldest da. of John Frere, esq. of Roy- 
don, 00. Norfolk, and had issue. 

Sir Johxi*Powlett Orde, present hart. 
($ee Debrett't Banmetage.) 

3. Anns. 

4. Mary, m. Robert Lisle, esq. of Acton 
House, oo. Northumberland, and d. 1790. 

THOMAS ORDE, Ist lord Bolton, b. 30 
Aug. 1748, was, 30 Oct 1797, created baron 
A»/tm, of Bolton Castle, and on the death of 
Harry Powlett, 6th and last duke of Bolton, 

in 1794, took by royal sign manual the name 
and arms of Powlett t m, 7 April 1778, Jane^ 
Mary, natural da. ot Charles, 5th duke of 
Bolton, (who, on the death of her uncle, 
Henry, 6th and last duke of Bolton, without 
issue male, succeeded to the Botton estattty) 
and by her (who d, 14 Dec. 1814) had issue, 

1. Maby-Jane, 6. 23 May 1781, d. Feb, 

3. William, 3d lord. 

3. Amnk, d. Not. 1804. 

4. Thomas, 6. 16 Oct. 1787, m. Feb. 1811, 
Letitia, 4th da* of the late Henry O'Brien, of 
BUtherwick Park, co. Northampton, esq. and 
has issue, 

1. ThomaS'Orde, ft. 15 May, and d. 39 

June 1816. 
3. William-Heniy-Orde. 6. 34 Feb. 1818. 

3. Thomas-Orde, ft. 34 Jan. 1833. 

4. Charles-Orde, 6. 39 Jan. 1834, d. 3 
Feb. 1835. 

5. Amias-Charles-Orde, ft. 33 April 1838. 

5. Charles, d, Aug. 1806. 

His lordship dying 50 July 1807, was suc- 
ceeded by his son, 
WILLIAM, present and 3d lord. 


Jfetr Presuinpttve — ^The hon. Thomas Oauk* 
Powlett, brother of his lordship. 

Creation— 30 Oct 1797. 


GEORGE IRBY, Baron BOSTON, of Boston, co. Lincoln, and a Baronet, 

D.C.L. ; horn 74 Dec. 1777 ; succeeded bis 
father, Frederick, the late lord, 23 March 1825 ; 
fiinri'tW, 24 Nov. 18U1, Rachel-Ives, eldest da. 
and co-h. of William Drake, of Amersham, co. 
Bucks, esq. and by her (who d. 6 Sept. 18:10) 

had issue, 1. GEORGE-IVES, ft. 14 Sept. 

1802, m. 25 Jan. 1830, Fanny-Elizabeth, eldest 
da. of William -Hopkins Northey, esq. and has 
issue, I. A da, b. 07 Nov. 1831; 2. William* 
Frederick, h. 9 March 1837, d. 26 Jnne 1838; 

3. a da. b. 7 July 1839;* 2. Rachel*Emily' 

b. 12 Jan. 1805; 3. Charlotte-Isabella, &.' 

11 March 1807, fit. Tbomas-John-Hamilton, present earl of Orkney ; 4. 

William-Drake, b. 18 Sept. 1808, in the army, d, \7 Oct. 1839; 5. Francist 

Matilda, b, 7 March 1810 ; 6. Edward-Methuen, b, 3 Jan. and d, 16 Oct. 

1812; 7. Frederica-Maria-Louisa, 6. 11 Oct. 1814; 8. Georoiana-Al^ 

BiKiA, b, 24 Feb. 1816; 9. Catherine-Cecilia, b. 24 Nor. 1817; 10. 

Augustus-Henry-Frederick, b. 12 Feb. 1820; 11, Llewellyn-Charles^ 

Robert, b, 13 Nor. 1822; 12. Eleanor-Rose, 6. 11 July, and d. 26 Dec. 


Aexs — Argent, firetty iable, on a canton gules, a chaplet or. Crs8i^->A Saracen's head in 
ptofile proper, wrnthed round the temples argent and eable. Supporters — Two ante- 
l<niet gules, each gorged with a chaplet or. Motto-''* Honor fideUtatis premiam." 
Uoooor is tne rewttd of fidelity. 


Tii£ hnSy of Irby, or Ireby, was of great 
tntioaity m the eo. of Lincoln^ where the 
chief btaodi long floiiriahed, being lords of 
Ir^yf or Ireby, in Candleaho Wapentake, in 

the CO. of Lincoln, aU since conreyed to an- 
other &mily. 

Sir William db Ireby, knt. in 1251, S5 
Henry III. was witness to the cha^r o^ 



foundation of the abbe^ of Hales, oo. Glouces- 
ter, granted by the king's brotner, Richard, 
ean of Cornwall, king of the Romans. 

John db Irebt appears, temp, £dw. III. 
to be one of the jurors in an inauest taken 
before the kind's escheator, for rounding a 
chantry in Wigrton, by John Gemoun and 
Margaret, his wife, ana granting it with the 
advowson of the church to the abbey of Hoi- 
meulbrum, co. Cumberland. 

Robert Irby, or Ireby, of Laceby, co. 
Lincoln, m. one of the das. and oo-hh. ot Her- 
bert Flynton. esq. (by his wife, one of the 
das. and. co-hn. of Walter de la Lynde, lord of 
Laceby and Bulbrooke, co. Sussex,) by whom 
he had issue, Robert, who m. Jane, da. of 
air John Lowdham, knt. by whom he had 
issue, Bennet Ireby, esq. who m. a da. of sir 
Robert Gamsby, knt. and had issue, John and 
Alice, and 

Robert Ireby, esq. the eldest son, m. 
Jane^ da. of Thomas Thimbleby. of Pollam, 
CO. Lincoln, esq. by whom he liad ThomaSy 
who d, without issue, and 

Anthony Ireby, or Irby, esq. who was 
■eated at Gosterston, co. Lincoln, and d. 21 
June 1552 ; he m. Alice, da. of John Boun- 
taine, esq. and by her had issue, Leonard, 
who was M. P. for Boston, co. Lincoln, from 
the 1st of queen Mary to 6 Phil, and Mary, 
and again m 5th and 13di Elis. 1563 ana 
1571 ; and Thomas, seated at Whapload, co. 
Lincoln, m. Elisabeth Serjeant, and was 
fother of 

Anthony Irby, esq. who seryed in parlia- 
ment for the borough of Boston, in the 31st. 
39th, and 43d years of queen Elisabeth, and 
also in the Ist of king James I. He m. 
Alice Tash, widow, da. of Thomas Welbye. 
esq. of Momton, co. Lincoln ; she was bunea 
at Whapload, in the same county, SI April 
1602, and he d, 6 Oct. 1625, leaying issue, 
besides other children, 

Sir Anthony Irby, recorder of Boston, co. 
Lincoln, was appointed high sheriff co. Lin- 
coln 1637; he represented the borough of 
Boston in parliament 1639 and 1640, and the 
8th, 11th, 15th, 30th, and 31st Charles II. 
He m. four wiyes, Ist, 1623, Frances, da. of 
sir William Wray, of Glentworth, co. Lin- 
coln, hart, and had issue, 

1. Euzabetii, m. 1645, the hon. George 
Montaffu, of Horton, co. Northampton, eldest 
son and h. of Henry, earl of Mancnester, (by 
his 3d wife, Margaret, da. of John Crouch, 
esq.) and was mother of Charles, 1st earl or 
Halifax, and other children; she d. 9 Feb. 

He m. 2dly, Margaret, da. of the right hon. 
sir Richard Smythe, of Cratenbanger, co. Kent, 
knt. priyy ooonsellor; 3dly, MargaretrJane, 
da. of sir Edward Barkham, of Southacre, co. 
Norfolk^ knt; and 4Chly, Catherine^ 3d da. 
of William, lord Paget, and had issue by 

2. Anthony, 

3. Isabella, m. William, 6th lord Paget. 

4. Frances, m. James Macartney, esq. an- 
cestor of the late earl Macartney, K.B. 

Anthony Irby, son and h. of sir Anthony, 
■^- Mary, da. and sole h. of John Stringrr, of 

Ashford, co. Kent, esq. d, April 1686, and 
left issue, 

1. Sir Edward. 

2. Anthony, in the anny, d. unm, 1736. 

3. Anns, d, unm, 23 Jan. 1680. 

Sir Edward Irby represented the boroagh 
of Boston, 1st Anne, 1702, and 1705, created 
a hart. 13 April 1704^ m. Dorothy, only da. 
of the hon. Henry Paget, 2d son or WiUiam, 
lord Paget, and by her (who d, 24 Oct 1738) 

1. Sir William, h» suooessor. 

2. Jane, d. young. 

Sir Edward d. 1718, and was succeeded by his 

bir WILLIAM, who was created baron 
BotUm 10 April 1761, b. 8 March 1707; he 
was appointed one of the pages of honour to 
George I. 27 Feb. 1723-4, and 20 Jan. 1728, 
to George II. ; and 10 Dec. 1728^ one of the 
equerries to Frederick, prince of Wales, on 
his first arriyal in England; 1 Aug. 1736, he 
was appointed yice-chamberlain to Augusta, 

Erincess of Wales, and, 1760, was made her 
>rd chamberlain ; in 1734, he was chosen for 
Launceston, and seryed in the ensuing parlia- 
ment for the same borottgh ; in 1754, he seryed 
for Bodmin; he m. 26 Aug. 1746, Albinia, 
da. of Henry Selwyn, esq. one of the maids of 
honour to Augusta^ princess of Wales, and by 
her (who d. 1 Apnl 1769) had issue, 

1. Augusta-Gborgi ana-Eliza BETH, one of 
the maids of honour to Augusta, princess of 
Wales, fr. 26 July 1747, m. Thomas de Grey, 
2d lora Walsingham. 

2. FRBDBRicE,2d]ord. 

3. William-Henry, fr. 9 Sept 1750. m. 25 
Oct. 1781, Mary, youngest da. and co-iieiKss 
of Rowland Bbckman, esq. of die island of 
Antigua, and d. 17 May 1830, haying had by 
her, (who d. 30 July 1792,) 

1. William-Heniy-Rowland, ft. 13 March 

2. Augusta-Prisdlla, b. 28 Sept 1785, m. 
19 May 1810, sir William Langbam, of 
Cottesoroke, co. Northampton, bart. 

His lordship d. 30 March 1775y and was suc- 
ceeded by his eldest son, 

FREDERICK, 2d lord, b, 9 July 1749, 
m. 15 May 1775, Christian, sole da. of Paul 
Methnen, of Corsham House, oo« WiUa, es^* 
and by her (who d. 9 May 1832) had issue, 

1. Charlotte, b, 11 Alarch 1776. 

2. George, 3d lord. 

3. FREDERics-PAVL,b. 18 ApHl 1779, rear- 
admiral of the white, C.B. colonel of asarinesi 
m. Ist, 1 Dec. 1803. EmilyXyes.yott]u^ da. 
and co-heiresa of WilKam Drake, ot Araar"- 
shun, CO. Bucks, esq. and by her (who S. 7 
Aug. 1806) had issue, .•*»•-- 

1. Frederick-William, b. 28 July 1806. 
He m. 2dly, 23 Jan. 1816, Frances. 2d da. of 
Ichabod Wright, of Mapperly Hall, oo. Not- 
tingham, esq. and has issue, 

2. Frances-Harriet, b, 25 July 1817. 

3. Charles-Panl, b, 17 June 1818, R.N. 
d. 14 May 1837. 

4. Henrietta-Maria, 6. 9 Oct. 1820, d. 26 
May 1827. 

5. Margaret-Amelia, b, 14 April 1823. 

6. Montagu-Henry-John, ft. 18 May 1828. 

7. Adeline-Pauline, b, 18 i)ec 1831. 



8. LeoDard-Howard-Lojd, b, 13 April 

4. WiLLXAM-AcousTus, III holy orders, b. 
2S Nor. 1780, d. uiun. 10 March 1807. 

5. Albinia, b, 8 March 1782, d. unm. 21 
Aug. 1839. 

6. Henrt-Edward, lieuL-col. in the army, 
&. 97 Aug. 1783, d. 9 March 1821. 

7. Paul- Anthony, in holy ordens, rector of 
Whiston and Cottesbroke, oo. Northampton, 
b, 16 Dec. 1784, m. 2 I>ec. 1814, Patience- 
Anne, eldest da. of air William Champion de 
Crespigny. of King's Hew, co. Southampton, 
hart (by lady Sarah WindBor, da. of Other- 
Lewis. 4th earl of Plymouth,) by whom (who 
d. 22 Marcli 1831, he had issue, 

1. CUude-Frederick, 6. 19 Sept. 1815. 

2. Tliomas- William, 6. 2 April 1817. 

3. Augustus-Henry, fr. 12 May 1818. 

4. Frances-Anne, 6. 6 Nov. 1819. 

5. Edward, b, 14 May 1821. 

6. Leonard, b. 22 Oct 1822. 

7. Caroline, fr. 9 March 1824. 

8. Algernon, b. 15 July 1825. 

He «. 2dly, 8 Sept. 1835, Wilhelmina, eldest 

da. of David Powell, of Loughton, oo. Essezy 

8. Chrxstian-Euzabeth, 6. 4 April 1786. 

9. Edward-Mbtbuen, adjutant and ensign 
3d regiment of foot-guards, o. 21 March 1788, 
killedat the battle of Talavera, in Spain, 27 
July 1809. 

10. Charles-Leonard, captain R.N. b. 9 
Oct 1789, m. 8 Feb. 1825, Frances, 2d da. of 
John Mangles, of Hurley, co. Berks, esq. and 
has issue. 

1. Frances-Elizabeth, b, 28 Oct 1826. 

2. A son, b, 16 Aug. 1830. 

11. Augusta-Matilda, b, 28 Dec. 1790. 

12. Ann-Maria-Louisa, b. 2 Oct 1792, m. 
Henry-John, lord Selsey, who d, 10 March 
1839, when this title beoune extinct. 

13. Adolphus-Frederic, 6. 24 Feb. 1797. 
His lordship d, 23 March 1825, and was suc- 
ceeded by his eldest son, 

GEORGE, present and 3d lord. 

Heir Apparent — Hon. Georoe-Ivss Irby, 
eldest son of his lordship. 

Creatiom — Baronet, 13 April 1704: Baron, 
10 April 1761. 


EDMUND BOYLE, Baron BOYLE, of Manitoo, co. Somerset, and Earl of 
Cork and Orrery, Viscount Dungarvan and Kinalmeaky, Baron Boyle, of 
Youghall, Baron of Bandon Bridge, and Baron Broghill, co. Cork, in the Peerage 
of Ireland.— See Earl of CORK. 


GUSTAVUS HAMILTON, Viscount BOYNE, of the Province of Leinster, 

and Baron Hamilton, of Stackallen, co. Meath; 
bom 12 April 1777 ; succeeded bis father, Gus- 
tavus, the late viscount, 29 Feb. 1816 ; married^ 
4 Aug. 1796, Harriet, sole da. of Benjamin 
Baugn, of Burwarton House, co. Salop, esq. 
and has issue, 1. GUSTAVUS -FREDE- 
RICK-JOHN-JAMES, h. U May 1797, m. 9 
Sept. 1828, Emma-Maria, da. of Matthew Rus- 
sell, of Brancepeth Castle, co. Durham, esq. 
and has a «o», h, 28 May 1830 ; 2, Edward- 
Holland, b. 28 April 1799, d. 2 Oct. 1802. 

Arim— Gules, three dn^uefoils pieioed ermine. Cassi^— Out of a ducal coronet or, an oak 
tree, the main stem pierced tranavenely hy a frame saw, all proper ; on the blade of the 
■aw the word '' Through." Svppobtbrs — ^Two mermaids with mirrors in their exterior 
hands proper. Monrro— '' Nee timeo, nee spemo." I neither fear nor despise. 

This branch of the noble house of Hamilton 
is defended from sir Frederick, 5th and 
yoongest son of Clande, 1st lord Paisley, 
ancestor of the marqoess of Abercom (ate that 
titU), Sir Frederick was &theT of 

GUSTAVUS, who was of the privy coun- 
cil to Idng James II. but embraced the party 
of the revolution, 1688, and distinguished 
himself at the battle of the Boyne. (from 
whence he afterwards took his title,) at the 


ilefeoee of LoodottdoTy, ud Ibe atonnin^ of 
Athlone- He (tuined to the nok of major- 
^rencntl, uid wiu appoiated vice-Admiiml of 
Uw province of LUier; crested, ») Oct. 1715, 
buDD HaniltoH, of Stacktdlen: and, «0 Aug. 
'1717, liseoiiiit Bmpu; m. Eliubetli, d&. of 
■JT HvBTj Brooke, of Brooke's Boroug-h, co. 
Femunuii, knt. ind bj her (who d. iB Dee. 

1. rnmutTcii, m. 1707, Sophia, HjBeT of 
JamM, Ist esrl of CUabruaill, and d. 10 Not. 
1715, iMTing isaup, 

3. GirtTAvvs, Di. Jan. 1718, Dorothea, onl7 
4la. of Richud, lord Bellew, and d. US*, 
leaving, b«ddee other 

. PneDERici, SdTiacount, 

S. RicHiiD, Ithvucosnt. 

3. Henry, M.P. co. Donegal, i 

The V 

t d. le Sept. 17f3, and waj 

""gUSTA^US, id TiKounl, b. 1710, d. 
unn. ao April 1746, andwai aucoeeded byhii 

FREDERICK, 3d viMOunt, n. 3 Jiute 
1737, Ehiabeth, da. of Benjamin Hadlej, e«q. 
and d. 2 Jan. 17Tt, without iuue, when the 
bonoun devoWedon hia brother, 

RICHARD, 4th TiMDunt, L 14 Manb 
1734, ra. Georgiana, 9d da. of Wtiliani Bury, 
esq. (by the boa. Jane Moore, da. of Chvlea, 
lord TDllamorp, and sister and h. of her bro- 
Iber, Charles Aloore, earl of Cbarleville, and 
baron Tullamore, whose titles became eitinet 
17 Feb. 1764), by vhom he had issue, 

1. OuiTAVira, 5lh riKBunt. 

2. Chirles, b. 6 Oct. 1750, capL l«th regt. 
-'-'— — "1— ■ -B5, Miss Lyster, da. 

- - -i d. 


11. Elikabitr, b. M Sept. 1755, d. young. 
Vi. GEOBOi*M«,*.160ct.l7M,rf. young. 

13. Mary-Ann*, t. 1 Mayl7«),ii.yoong. 

14. Mary, b. S4 Jan. 176t, d. younf. 

15. Barbara, b. 9 Deo. 1766. 

16. BoFHiA, b. 3 Dee. 1769, m. Henry Hen- 

-- •' "t, b. t Maich 1771, ». Thomas 


id. Jan. 1898. 

It d. 30 July 17«9, and was «• 

., JS.'sth vistouotj b. » Dt_. 

, _ April 1773, Martha-Matilda, only 

da. of sir Quiile Somerrille, of Soraerrille, 
oo. Meath bart and by her (who m. *dly, air 
HioBias Webb, bsrt. and <j. 16 Sept. 18S6> 

1. Sarah, b 
1809, the rev 
Monk. em. 

a. GH.ic.AS 

Woodgale, esq 

3. GL'lTAVfS 

4. RlCHlRO- 

23 Feb. 1775, m. 
GeorKe Monk, bod 

A, *. 14 Feb. 1776, 

6th Tiacount. 


13 April 
of John 

n. Henry 

Tbe TiMounl d. 99 Feb. IB16, and was suc- 
ceeded by his son, 
GUSTAVUS, present uid 61h Tisoonnt. 
Htw Apparrnt — Guitavui - Frrdericr - 

CrMliani— Baron, SO Oct. 1715; 


BRADFORD, Viscount Newport, co. Salop, 
aud Baron BrRdford, of Bradford, co. Salop, 
and a Baronet; bum 23 Oct 17SI) ; lucceeded 
his father, Orlando, Inte earl, 7 Sept. 1S35; 
married, 6 March It^lS, Gcor^ana- Elizabeth, 
sole dR. of »ir Tliomaa MoneriefTe, of Moncrieffe, 
CO. Perth, bnrt. and has isEue, 1. OR- 

part, b. 34 April 1S1& ; 2. ELIZABETH, h. 10 

Jane IS20, U. 3 Jan. 1822; 3. Georcp- 

Thomas-Ohlando, i. 21 Aug. 1823; «. Gf.- 
okgiana-Elizabeth, b. 22 March I82S : ft. 

Lucv-Caromne, b. 13 Oct. 1826 : 8. CiiABLOTTE-ANNi, 6. 1 1 Not. 1827 ; 

7, Marv-Sflina-Lou18«, b. 24 Nov. 1829 ; 8. JoHN-RoBEnr-OltLiiNOO, 6. 18 

Adg:. IS3I. 

Ahub — Salle, (en plates, roor,lhriv,lKO, and one; 

I scbiefargeala lion paaMUt of the field. 



Casst— A demi-Uoi rampant argent, holding ia the paws a wreath of Uturel. Sup- 
iH»TBK9*-Two leopards ^luurdant gules, Semite of peltets. Motto— '< Neo temeze neo 
timide." Neither rashly nor fearfuUy. 

Sir Orlando Bridoevan, son of John 
Bridgeman, bishop of Chester, was sacces- 
siveW lord chief baron of the exchequer, lord 
chief justice of the common pleas, and lord 
keeper of the g^at seal; he was created a 
bart. 7 June t660, and his great-grandson. 

Sir Orlando Bridoeman, of Castle Brom- 
wich, 4th hart. m. 8 April 1719, Anne, 3d da. 
and oo-h. of Richard Newport, earl of Brad- 
ford, and d. 25 Julj 1764, leaving issue hy 
her, (who d. 19 Aufir.1754,) 

1. Hekry, created baron Bradford. 

3. George, d, unm, at Lisbon 1767. 

3. IhANA, m, John Sawbridge, esq. alder- 
man of London. 

Henby, eldest son, succeeded his father 
as bart 1764, created baron Bradford 13 
Aug. 1794, b. 7 Sept- 1725, m, 12 July 1755, 
Elisabeth, da. and h. of John Simpson, esq. 
and bv her (who d. 6 March 1806) nad issue, 

1. Henry-Simpson, b, 12 April 1757, d, 26 
July 1782. 

2. Orlando, b, 24 Jan. 1759, d. an infant. 

3. Orlando, the 1st earL 

4. John, of Babworth, Notts, b. 13 May 
1763, who, 1785, took the name and arms of 
Simpson, b^ act of parliament ; m. 1st, 3 June 
1784, Henrietta-Frances, only da. of sir Tho- 
mss Wonley, bart. by whom (who d, 2 Aug. 
1791) he had issne, 

I. Henrietta -Anne -Maria -Charlotte, ft. 
April 1788, m. Charles- Anderson, pre- 
sent earl of Yarborough. 

He fl». 2dly^ 27 Nov. 1793, Grace, da. of Sa- 
muel Estwicke^ esq. by whom (who d, 1838) 
he had issue, 

8. Henry, ft. Nov. 1795, m. 19 Aug. 
1830, Frances-Emily, da. of Henry 
Baring, of Buckenham, co. Norfolk, 
esq. and bad several children who d, 
infants. * 

3. Charlotte, ft. 8 April 1797. 

4. John, ft. 17 Feb. 1800. 

5. Louisa-Elisabeth, ft. Sept. 1801, m. 25 
Aug. 1820, her cousin, the hon. and 
rev. Henry-Edmund Bridgeman. 

6. Caroline, ft. 8 April 1806, and d. 2 
Nov. 1839. 

7. Isabella, ft. 18 June 1807. 

8. Georgiana, ft. 3 Oct. 1808. 

9. Einily, ft. 6 Nov. 1809. 

10. Arthur, ft. 1811, d, 7 Nov. 1827. 

II. WilKam, ft. 9 Sept. 1813, m. 23 June 
1837, Frances* Laura, da. of earl Fitz- 

5. Georgk, in holy orders, rector of Wigan, 
CO. Lancaster, ft. 11 Aug. 1765, m. 1st, 28 Julv 
1792, LncT-lBabella Boyle, da. of Edmund, 
7th earl of Cork and Orrery, by whom (who 
d. 5 Sept 1801 J he had issue, 

1. Edmuiia-Henry,lieut.-ool. in the army> 
ft. 5 Nov. 1797, m. 18 Jan. 1837, Eliza- 
beth-Harriet, da. of Henry Hervey- 
Aston, eOQ. 

2. Eliaabetb-Isabelk, ft. 17 April 1793, 
m. 22 Oct. 1822, rev. Egerton-Arden 
Basot, of Pipe Hayes, co. Warwick, 
and rf. ir Nov. 1824. 

.3. Anne-Chariotte, ft. 3 June 1794, m. 7 
Dec. 1819, Charles Shirlejr> esq. 
The hon. and rev. George Bridgeman m. 
2dly, 17 Aug. 1809, Charlotte-Loiusa, da. of 
the late VVilBam Poyntz, of Midgham House, 
CO. Berks, esq. and sister to the countess of 
Cork and Orrexy. 

6. Charlotte, ft. 28 Jan, 1761, «. 15 May 
1784, Henry-Greswold Lewis, of Malvern 
Hall, CO. Warwick, esq. and d. 6 July 1802. 

7. EuZABETII-DlANA, ft. 5 JuDc 1764, m. 
10 Feb. 1794, sir George- William Gunning, 
bart. and d. 5 May 1810. 

His lordship d, 1800, and was succeeded by 
his SOIL 

ORLANDO, 2d baron, ft. 19 March 1762, 
created. 30 Nov. 1815, viscount Newport^ and 
earl ot Bradford, m. 29 May 1788, Lucy- 
ElisBabeth, da. of George, 4th viscount Tor- 
rington, by whom he had issue, 

1. George -Augustus - Frederick-Hbnrt, 
2d earL 

2. Charles-Orlando, capt. R.N. ft. 5 Feb. 

1791, m. 2 Dec. 1819, Elixabeth-Caroline, 
eldest da. of sir Henry Chamberlain, bart. 
and has, 

1. Charles-Orlando-Henry, ft. 23 Aug. 

2. Ursula-Lucnr-Grace, ft. 22 May 1823. 

3. Edmund- Wolryche-Orlando, ft. 24 Jan« 

4. Emily-Louisa-Gertrude, ft. 16 Sept. 

5. Orlando-Frederick-Cavendish, ft. 16 
July 1831. 

6. Caroline-Elisabeth-Anne-Agnes, ft. 23 
March 1833. 

3. Lucy-Euzabeth-Georoiana, ft. 22 Jan. 

1792, m. 22 Jan. 1810, William- Woliyche 
Whitmore, of Dudmaston, co. Salop, esq. and 
d, 17 March 1840. 

4. Orlando-Henry, capt. in the army, ft. 
6 May 1794. m. 5 July 1817, Selina. 4th da. 
of Francis Needham, 1st earl of Kilmorey, 
and d, 28 Au^. 1827, leaving issue, 

1. Francis-Orlando-Henry, in the army, 
ft. 10 Sept. 1819. 

2. Orlando-George, ft. 12 Oct. 1820, d. 

3. OrUndo-Jack-Charles, ft. Feb. 1823. 

4. Selina, ft. 12 Feb. 1825. 

5. Henry-jComund, in holy orders, rector 
of Blymhill, co. Stafnard^ and incumoent of 
Teddington Don, co. Middlesex, ft. 18 Oct. 
1795, m. 25 Aug. 1820, Louisa, 2d da. of his 
uncle, the hon. John Bridgeman Simpson, 
and has issue, 

1. Henry-Orlando, ft. 26 Nov. 1825. 

2. Frederick-Henry-Orlando, ft. 17 Oct. 

3. Wolryche-Arthur-Charles-Orlando, ft. 
5 June 1828. 

4. Greswolde-Dudley-Orlando, ft. 2 July 

5. GranviUe-Henry-Orlando, ft. 9 Aug. 


6. Caroline-Louisa-Georgiana-Sophia, ft, 

22 Nov. 1832. 


r. Arlhm-WiUiui, b. 1 Feb 
B. A dK. i. Oct 1839. 

The eul d. T Sept. 1825, tud w 

b; his eldeat son, 

1,1660: BuDO, 13 An((, 

1794; Earl of Bradford ind Vucoant New- 
port, 30 Nor. 1815. 


ALEXANDER HAMILTON, Duke of BRANDON, in Suffolk, Mod Baron 
Dullon, CO. Cheater ; Dukb of HAMILTON, in Scotliind, and of Clmtellieranll, 
in FniDce ; Marqueu of Douglu, Clydeidale, and Hamilton, Earl of Angus, 
Arrnn, and Lanark, Lord Macanabire, Polmonl, Abernetby, and AberbrotLock, 
in Noiih BriUiD.— See Duke of HAMILTON. 


RICHARD NEVILLE, Lokd BRAYBROOKE, Baron of Braybrooke, co. 
Northampton, LL.D. High Steward of Wo- 
kingham, CO. Berks, Hereditary Vicitor of 
Haedalene College, Cambridge, and lata Re- 
corder of Saffron Walden, co. Ewexj Wa 26 
Sept. 17B3 ; lucceeded hia father, Richard, late 
lord, as Feb. I &16 ; married. 13 May 1818, Jane 
Cornnallifl, eldeat dn. of Charlet, 3d marquesB 

Comnallis, and has iuue, L. RICHARD- 

CORNWALLIS, b. 17 March 1820, in the 

armv ; 2. Mirabel-Jane, b. S April 1S3I ; 

'-a. Louiia-Anne, b. 22 July 1833; 4. 

Chahlbs-Cohnwallis, b. 39 Aug. 1823; 6. 

Hbnsv-Aldworth, b. 26 Oct 1834; 6. L«Tr>iER, b. 33 April 1837; 7. 

Lucv-Georoina, b. 2 Dec. 1838 ; 8. Gbev, b. 16 Oct. 1830. 

Arhi — Qiurterlr: IMind 4th, ai^le, k nriffin aegreaot argent, GaimM ; 3d and 9d, goles, 

on ■ ultirea^ept a roM of the field, Neville. Cnmn— lit, a tdbot'i bead erawd aahle. 

taut arRent, apotted of a li*er oolour, and oollaied and ehained 

ui — Iwo lioni regardant argent, maned lable, and go^ed with 

HoTTO— " Ne Tfle Telia." Fonn no mean wiob. 

Bultireai^pt ■ 
unirriN ; 3d, a bun 

wreathj of olive pro] 

JBiiH, ■ son, RicniBD, and a da. Anne, «. 
Riobard Rainaforth, of Dallinnon, oo. North- 
ampton, and had aa only da. and heir^ 
Anne, who m. June*. 3d lord Griffin, and left 
iuue, two daa. and co-faeireenea, of whom Eliza- 
beth, the eldeat, n. Itt, her coiuin, Henry Grey, 
of BilUngbear, esq. and idly, John, earl of 
Portnuonlh: aod the td, Anne, m, William 
Whitwell, of Arundel, co. Nortiiampton, and 
WM mother of 

I created banm Bnybroolu, with 

limitation to Richard Aldworth-Nerine, eaq. 
who was Km of Ricbard Nerilla-Aldwoitb- 
\pTille, of Stanlake, co. Berka, mq. (who 
took the name of Neville, in addition to hia 
paternal name of Aldwortb, 176*,) and grand- 
son of Richard Aldworth, of Stanlake, esq. 
and of Catherine, hia wife, who wai dja. of 
Richard Neville, and niece of Anne Rains- 
ford above mentioned. Ilia lordship m. lat, 
March 1748. Anne-Mary, da. of ool. John 

Sbuiti, (who d. IB Aug. ne*,) and Wly, 11 
June 1765, Catherine, da. of William Clayton, 
of Harleyford, oo, Bucks, eaq. bnt dyins will 
e, 1(5 May 1797, waa moceeded ia tl 

, lay 1797, waa nioci 

barony of Braybrooke by the aiid 

td lord, to whom hia lordship also b«iue*thed 
the FMates of Audley End, on condition of hia 
taking; the surname of GnSm only, which be 



acoonliiigly SA 1797. His lordship was 
a|ipointea lord-lient. custos rotulomm, and 
▼lee-admiiml of Essex, 1797, and was also 
uf ov ^t mamhal of Jamaica, raoorder of Saf- 
mm Walden, high stewara of Wokingham, 
and hereditaiT Tisttor of Magdalene College, 
Cambridge ; o. 3 July 1750, m. 9 June 1780, 
Catherine, youngest da. of the right hon. 
George GrenTiUe, and sister of the Ist mar- 
quees of Buckingham, by whom (who d. 6 
Not. 1796) he had issue, 

1. and 2. Male twins, b. and d. 9 March 

5. Catherikb, b, 23 Feb. 1782. 

4. Rkhamo, 3d lordi 

5. Fbjlik;b, 6. 5 June 1785, d. 1 May 

6. Mary. h. 5 Aug. 1786. m. 11 April 
1806, sir Stepb^n-Richard Glynne, of Ha- 
warden Castle, oo. Flint, ban. who d. March 

7. Hkwkt, b, 1 March 1788, cajpt. 14th 
Kght dragoons, d. at Santa Crux, in Spain, 21 
Aug. 1809. 

8. GsomoB, M.A. in hoW orders, chaplain 
to the queen, rector of ElBngham, oo. Nor- 
(olkj and master of Magdalene college, Cam- 
bridge, b, 17 Aug. 1789, took the name and 

of GrenTiUe, i* addition to Kerille, July 

1825, pursuant to the will of his kinsman, 
James, lord Glastonbury, to whose property 
he succeeded ; m. 9 May 1816, Charlotte, da. 
of George, 3d earl of Dartmouth, K.G. and 
has issue, 

1. Ralph, b. 27 Feb. 1817. 

2. WiUiun-Fxederick, 6. 3 July 1818. 

3. Frances-Catherine, b, 18 Sept. 1820* 

4. Georgiana^ 6. 11 Oct. 1821. 

5. Cicely, twm with Georgianlu 

6. Seymour, fr. 5 Feb. 1823. 

7. Edward, b. 22 Sept 1824. 

8. Harriet-Louisa, 6. April 1828. 

9. Glastonbury, b. 29 June 1829. 

10. Adelaide, fr. Deo. 1830, d. 20 June 

11. William-Wyndbam, b. 22 Jan. 1834. 

9. Caroline, &, 6 Oct 1792, m. 10 May 
1817, Paul-Beilby, lord Wenlock. 

10. WiLUAM, b. 11 June 1796, d. 27 April 

His lordship d. 28 Feb. 1825, and was suc- 
ceeded by his eldest son, 
RICHARD, present and 3d lord. 

Hirir Ajfpannt — Richard - Cornwalus, 
eldest son of his lordship. 

CrwatUm^-S Sept 1788. 


SARAH OTWAY-CAYE, Baroness BRAYE, so declared by her M^esty, by 

letters patent, dated 3 Oct 1839, to hold the 
said dienity, to her and the heirs of her body, 
she being one of the co-heirs of John, lord 
Braye, who was the onl^ son of sir Edmund 
Braye, summoned to parliament by writ, in the 
21st year of the reign of king Henry VIII. 
This lady (who with her issae, in the year 1818, 
resaroed the familv surname of Cove) is the 
only daughter of sir Thomas Cave, of Stanford 
Hall, in co. Leicester, bart. and sister and sole 
heir of sir Thomas Cave, also of Stanford Hall, 
bart. who died without issue 15 Jan. 1792; bom 
married, in 1790, Henry Otway, of CasUe Otway, in co. Tipperary, 
(who d. 13 Sept. 1816) and had issue, four sons and five daughters,-*—!. Hevr Y, d. 

an infant, 2. ROBERT, M.P. for co. Tipperary, m. 19 Oct. 1833, Sophia, 

eldest da. of sir Francis Burdett, of Foremark, bart. ? ' 3 . Thomas, a major in 
the annyyitf^ioNtt. 19 Jan. 1881 ^— 4.QBORGB-AN'niON y,</. an infant < — --^. Ma Ru ; 

6..FiuiiC8»-MAit6AittT, d, an infant; 7, Anne, hi. J. A. Arnold, of Lnttor- 

wortb, caq, r 6 . Cathbrinb, m. Henry Murray, esq. of the Coldstream regi- 
ment of gnards, youngest son of lord George Murray, 4tb son of John, 3d duke 
of Atboll, idm d. 26 Nov. 1831 < 9. Henrietta. 

Ames— Acnre, firetty argent. Suppobters — On eitlier side, a lion rampant guardant or, 
winged vair. 

Foe her ladyahip^s paternal descent, see 

8m RDBfVNB BRAYE (the son of John 
Brare, ^oug ge r brathar of sir Reginald Braye, 
K.G.) waa iiiimi r^mA to partjaient, by writ. 

on the fist Hemcy VIII. and thereW ac- 
quired a barony in fee. He m. Jane, daL of 
sir Richard HallighweU, knt. and d, 18 Oct. 
1599, leaving isSne, 
1. JdRff, 2d lord* 



1. Anne, n. George Brooke, lord Cobluun. 

3. ELitABETB, n. sir RiJpfa Veniey, ot 
Feodlev and Middle CUydon, BudId, kat. 

4. FsiDEawiDt, m. air Fercinl H*rt, of 
Lallinnlone, co. Kenl, knt. 

5. AI«BY, m. ur Tbonua Pecklwni, kni. 

of Bwiburj, K.G. 
7. FinNCEs, n. Thomu Ljfield, eaq. 
JOHN, Sd lord, Riooeeded hi* fttber, m- 
Anne, da. of Francu, eui of Shrewsbury, 
and d. t. p. in ISST, Inving hii aiz ainerm, or 
diair inae, hij eo-heira uid repmaiitMiTes. 

EuziBETH, lady Vemer, tbore mentioned, 
had iMue, nr Edmund Vemey, btlter of nr 
Edmund Vemey. knt. mmhal and standard- 
bearer to kins Charlei I. M. Margaret, da. of 
■ir lliomaa Dsnton, of Hilleidon, eo, Bucks, 
knt. and had iuue, 

Bir Rauh V«Bnrv, oreatfld a baronet 
1661, n. Mary, da. and b. of John Blackwell, 
of Abingdon, CO. Berka, eaq. and diad 14 Sept 
1696, baring had iraue, 

1. Edmund, d. «. p. Waring iMue, vhicb 

failed in 1696. 
J. Sir John Vemey, created 

Fermanagh and buvn Vemey, m june 
1703, and^ d. 33 Jane 1717, haringliad 
iuue by hialslwife, Elizabeth Pahner, 
1, Ralph Vemey, «d Tiwount, cre- 
ated earl Vemey, and d. 175t, 
baving «. Cathenne.da. and co-b. 
of Henry Pauhail, of Bkddow, co. 
EHei, and had ionie, 

1, John, at. Mary Niohoinn, 

ij. «. p, 3 June 1T37, leariog 

■■Me, an only child, 
1. Mary, created Utb Jus 
1793, baranoa Ferma- 
nagh, who d. iwak 15 
Not. 1810. 
(. Ralph, Id earl, d. i. p. SI 
March 1791. 

3. Elizabeth, ■. Bennett, SA 
earl of HarUoough, if. i. p. 

4. Catherine, d, um. 1750. 
«. Elizabeth, d. hum. 1767. 

3. Mary, m. col. John LoTett, of 
5oulbury, CO. Buoka, wboae iMue 
failed in 1775. 

4. Margaret, n. air Tbonua Care, 
□f Stanford Hall, co. Leicester, 
bart tbe great-grandbtha of lady 
Braye, who upon the deccaae of 
Mary, baroneM Fenaanub, in 
1810, became the sole heir of 
EUzabelh, ladfVemeT, atiter of 
John, loiil Braye, abore men- 
tioned, and in 1SS5 petitioDcd the 
crown lor a Ierminati<m of the 
abeyance of the barony. Her pe- 
tition being eventually referred to 
the hoiue of tarda, it waa by 
their lordahipa reaolred, on the 
87th Aug. 1839, "That Mrs. Ot- 
way-Cive wai one of the co-heira 
of the said barony," vhich resolu- 
tion being aubmitted to the qneen, 
her majesty waa pleased to termi- 
nate the BMyance aa belbie men- 
Heir Afpartnl — Hon. Robert Otwit- 
LTi, her udyahip'a eldest wo. 


JOHN CAMPBELL, Marquess of BREADALBANE, Earl of Ormclie, and 
Baron Breadnlbane, of Taymoutb, in the Peer- 
age of the United Kin^om ; and Enrl of Bread- 
albaoe, of Tay and Paintknd, Viscount Gleu- 
on:by and Taymoutli, and Baron Benedoraloch, 
Onnelle, andWeik. in that of Scotland; Baro- 
net of Nova Scotia, K.T. Lieuleniint and Sheriff 
Principal ol the shire of Ai^llj tttm 26 Oct. 
1796 1 succeeded his father, John, Ut marqueas, 
SaMarchlKM) MorriAf, 23 Nor. l831,EliM, 
eldeaida. of George BaiUie, of Jar«i«wood, eaq. 

Abhi — Quarterly of four: lit, gironnyofeiKbtoi and 

sable, Camfiill: 3d, argent, a lympbad with 

nils fiirled and oara in actioD,4ab1e, Loan ; 3d:, or, a fesse chequy, aiure and argmt, 

Stewabt of Lom; 4th, as lit. Cbist— A boar'a head erased proper, "" 

—Two st^;s prop^, armed and unguled or. Motto— Follow me. 

uienorcny, o. aooui iwu, was aa s<hi oi i nun ine eaiaie oi uieuomoy, wohw i 
Dancan, 1st lord CampbelL of Loohow, by coDTeved to tho Campbell Bmily, lia^. king 
Margery, da. of Robert, duke of Albany, | David II. by the nuuriage of Aurgaret Gle- 



norcbj with John Ccmpbell ; be was one of 
Uie knights of Rhodee, now styled of Malta, 
ud hj hia conduct and Tuonr acquirea 
dittiagniihed honour; after the execrable 
Buirder of king James I. 1437, he exerted 
himielf in puzsuing the regiddfesy and was 
10 diligent, that he soon apprehended and 
bfOBght to jostice two of the assassins, Chal- 
mat aod Colquhoun; in recompense for 
which serrioe. long James III. afterwards 
bestowed on nim the barony of Lawers : he 
had the care of the person and estate ot his 
nephew, Colin, 1st earl of Argyll, during his 
minority^ and nithfully discharged the trust 
reposed m him ; concluding a match between 
the earl and the sister of his own wife, one of 
the thita das. and oo-hh. of lord Lorn. He 
had a diarter to himself and Margaret Stir* 
Unff, his wife, and their issue, of the lands of 
AeharaTaoh, co. Perth, 27 Oct 1467; he 
built the oastle of Kilcbum, at the east end 
of Lochow, in Glenorchy, 1440; and was 
dead prerioas to 10 June 1478, on which day 
the lords auditors gave a decree, in a civil 
■ait, against *^ Duncain CampbeU, son and 
heir of nmquh.sle sir Colin Campbell, of 
Glennrtmha, knt." By his 9d wife, Mar> 
nret, 3d of the three das. and co-hh. of John, 
lord Lorn, ^by whom he got a third of that 
lordihip, wmch still remains in the family, 
sad from thence quartered the galley of Lorn 
with his paternal achievement), he nad issue, 
DuMCQu, He m. 3dly, Margaret, da. of Ro- 
bert Robertwn, of StrowaI^ by whom he had 
Uar^tret, «, 1st, Archibald Napier, of Mer- 
chistoun; and 2<Bt. John Dickson, of Ross- 
berhald: he m. 4tnly, Margaret, da. of Luke 
Stirling, of Keij% and had issue, one son, 
Jouny snoestor ot the earls of Loudoun, (vide 
C^unteu of Louxmun.) and a da. Marioty m. 
WflUim Stewart, of Baldoran. 

Sir DuvcAN, tne eldest son, is next in suc- 
cession to the BOOS of Colin, 1st earl of Argyll, 
in the charter of Knopdale, 26 Feb. 1480-1. 
He was killed at the battle of Flodden, with 
Junes IV, 9 Sept. 1513: m. 1st, 1479, Mar- 
pret Douclas, 4th da. ot George, 4th earl of 
Aagufj ana haid issue, 

1. Sir CouN. 


d. Patsick. 
Aad Sdly, Margaret, da. of the laird of Mon- 
nrief^ eo. Perth, and had issue, 

4. JoHif, a substitute in the charter of 
Glenlyon, 1508, bishop of the isles. 

5. Cathsrinb, «i. William Murray, of 

6. Annabxlla, m. 153S, Alexander Napier, 
of Merehistoun. 

Sir CouN, the eldest son, was of great 
lenrioe in procnring his cousin, Gavin I)oug- 
IttSy peaceable possession of the episcopal 
Ke Of Dnnkeld, 1516, in opposition to a 
powerful competitor, Andrew Stewart, his 
own brother-in-law; m. Mary Stewart, 6th 
<^> of John, earl of Atholl, uterine brother of 
king James II. and had issue, 

1. Sir Duncan. 

2. Sir John. 

3. Sir CouN. 

He was sueceeded by his eldest son, 
Sir DvxcAN, who d. 1514, and was suc- 

ceeded by his brother. 
Sir John, who was succeeded by his bro* 

Sir CoLTN, from whom descended 
Sir Robert Campbell, of Glenorchy, who 

m. Isabel, da. of sir Lachlan Mackintosh, of 

Torecastle, and had issue, 

1. Sir John. 

2, CouN, of whom hereafter. 

5. WiLUAM, ancestor of the Campbells of 

4. Alexander, ancestor of the Campbells 
of Lochdoohart. 

5. Duncan, ancestor of the Campbells of 

Sir John, of Glenorchy, son and h. m. Ist, 
Mary, da. of William, earl of Strathem; 
and Sdly, Christian, da. of John Muschet, of 
Craigh«id, in Menteith; by his first wife he 
had issue. 

Sir John Campbell, fr. 1635; being a 
principal creditor of George^ 6th earl of 
Caithness, whose debts are saad to have ex- 
ceeded a million of marks, that earl, 8 Oct. 
1678, made a disposition of his whole estate 
and earldom, witn the heritable jurisdictions 
and titles, to sir John CampbeU, of Glenorchy, 
who took the whole of his lordship's debts to 
himself; on which disposition^ a charter 
passed, 11 Jan. 1673, investinj^ sir John with 
the lands and earldom of Caithness 27 Feb. 
1673. The earl of Caithness reserved his 
life-rent of the title, and an annuity for life 
of 12,000 marks to him and his countess, and 
the survivor of them, llie charter contained 
also a clause of redemption of the earldom 
within a limited period, and an obligation on 
sir John Campbell ana his issue, to assume 
and use the name of Sinclair, and arms of the 
house of Caithness, when he should be pos- 
sessed of the earlaom irrevocably. George, 
earl of Caithneu, dying at Thurso East, May 
1676, sir John CampbeU, who was then 
residmg in family with them, being in posses- 
sion of the earldom, obtained a patent, 
creating him earl of Caithneu, dated at White- 
hall S8 June 1677. Sir John Campbell did 
not, however, long retain the title of earl of 
Caithness, conferred upon him by the above 
patent, as the privy council, under the re- 
ference of the authority of parliament^ found 
that George Sinclair, of Kess, the heir male 
of the last earl, had a right to the digni^ of 
earl of Caithness, and he in consequence 
took place as sucn in parliament, 15 July 
1681. Sir John CampbeU, thus deprived of 
that title, obtained a patent, 13 Aug. 1681, 
creating him earl of Breadalbane and noUmul, 
viscount of Tay and Paintland, lord Gle- 
norchy, Benedoraloch, Ormelie, and Weik, 
with the precedency of the former paten^ 22 
June 1677, remainder to whichever of^his 
sonSj by lady Mary Rich, his wife, he, by 
writing under his hand, at any time of his life, 
mij^ht think proper to designate, and the 
heirs male to be procreated of the body so 
designated; remamder to his issue male, 
remainder to his nearest legitimate heirs male, 
remainder to his nearest legitimate heirs 
whatsoever; m. Ist, 17 Dec. 1657, Marv 
Rich, 3d da. of Henry, Ist earl of Holland, 
baron Kensington, executed for his loyalty to 



Charles I. 9 March 1649, opposite West- 
minster Hall, immediately after the duke of 
Hamilton: and hy her had issue. 

1. DuNC4N, styled lord Qnneliey who snr- 
Tired his father, but was passed orer in the 

2. John, 2d earl of Breadalbane. 

The earl m. 2dlr, 7 Aoril 167B, Mair Camp- 
bell, 3d da. of Archibald, man^uess of Areyil, 
relict of George, 6th earl of Caithness, and by 
her had, 

3. CouN, <2. unm, 1706. 

And Sdly, , bv whom he had, 

4. Mary, m. Archibald Cockbum, of Lang- 

The earl d, March 1716, and was succeeded 
by his son, 

John, id earl, b. 19 Nov. 166f . At the 
contested election for a representative of the 
Scots' peerage, vice the marquess of Annan- 
dale, deceased 1721, his right to the peerage 
was opposed, '* his eldest brother, who com- 
monly went under the designation of lord 
Ormelie, being then alive; and although it 
might be true that he had a disposition or 
nomination from his father to the honours 
and dignity of earl of Breadalbane, yet such 
disposition or nomination could not convey 
the honours ; nor could the crown effectually 
grant a peerage to any person and such heir 
as he should name, such patent being incon- 
sistent with the nature of a peerage, and not 
ft^reeable to law, and also witnout precedent :'* 
these objections, however, were overruled. 
The earf m. Ist, Frances, 2d da. of Henry 
Cavendish. 2d auke of Newcastle, by whom 
(who d. i Feb. 1690} he had no issue ; and 
2dly, 23 May 1695, Henrietta^ 2d da. of sir 
Edward Vilners, knt. sister of the Ist earl of 
Jersey, and by her (who d, 1 Feb. 1720) had 

1. John, 3d earl. 

2. Charlotte, d, untn, 

3. Henrietta, appointed, 1736, one of 
the ladies of the oedchamber to the princesses 
Amelia and Caroline, and d, unm. 27 Jan. 

The earl d, 23 Feb. 1752, and was succeeded 
by his only son, 

John, 3d earl, K.B. h, 1696, m. 1st, 
1751. .Ajnabell de Grey, eldest da. and co-h. 
of Henry, duke of Kent, K.G. and by her 
(who d, March 1727) had issue, 

1. Henry, d, an infant. 

2. Jemima, b. 9 Oct. 1723; succeeded her 
mndfather, the duke of Kent, as baroness 
Lucas, of Crudwell, and marchioness De Grey. 
(5m De Grey.) 

Tlie earl m. 2dl^, 23 Jan. 1730, Arabella, 
3d, but 2d surviving da. and h. of John 
IVrsliall, by Charlotte, da. of Thomas, lord 
(;oli«p^pper, and by her (who d. 1 Sept. 1762) 
bad UMU<», 

3, G»/iaoE, </. April 1744. 

4, John, lord Glenorchy, 6. 26 Sept. 1738, 
m, 26 H«yvt. 1761, Wilhebnina, 2d and post- 
hunums da. and co-h. of William Maxwell, of 

Preston, a branch of the Nithesdale fiunily.' 
sister or Mary, countess of Sutherland, and 
who d, 14 Nov. 1771, without issue. 

The earl d. 26 Jan. 1782, without surviving 
male issue, and with him the male de* 
seendants of the 1st earl became extinct ; but 
the titles, being granted with remainder to 
heirs male generu, devolved on his kinsman, 
John, 4th earl, whose descent we now pro- 
ceed to trace. 

CouN Campbell, 2d son of sir Robert of 
Glenorohy, was of Mochsster, and m. Mar- 
garet, 3d da. of sir Alexander Mensiea. of 
Castle Menses, and d, Oct. 1668, having had 
issue, besides several das. 

1. Duncan, d. t, p. 

2. John, d. f. p. 1675. 

3. Colin, of Carwhin, d. unm. 1715. 

4. Robert, of whom hereafter. 

5. Alexander. 

Robert Campbbli^ 4th son, was of Bore- 
land, and m. Janet, da. of Robert Campbell, 
of Glenlyon, and d. Feb. 1704. aet. 44, having 
had issue, a da. Helen, m. — Macfiu-Iane, and 
an only son, 

CouN Campbell, of Carwhin, si. Elisa- 
beth, da* of ArohilMild Campbell, of Stone- 
field, and d, 30 March 1772, having had issue, 

1, 2. Jane and Elizabeth, d. young. 

3. John, 4th earl. 

4. CouN, of Carwhin, d. ttnm. June 1792, 
St 29. 

JOHN, 4th earl, and 1st maroness, suc- 
ceeded his kinsman John, 3d earl, 26 Jan. 
1782 ; lieut.-gen. in the army, h, 1762, created 
baron Breadalbane^ in die peerage of the 
united kin^om, 13 Nov. 1806^ and advanced 
to the digmty of earl of Ormelu and maraueaa 
of BreadaUMme, 12 Sept. 1831 ; m. 2 Sept. 
1793, Mary Turner, da. and co-h. of David 
Gavin, of Langton, esq. (by lady fSisabe^ 
Maitland, da. of James, 7th earl of Lauder- 
dale,) and had issue, 

1. John, 2d marquess. 

2. ELizABETH-MArrLAND, h, 25 July 1794, 
m. 10 Oct. 1831, sir John Pnngle, of StitcheU, 
bart. of N.S. 

3. Mary, b. 10 July 1795, m. 13 May 1819, 
Richard Plantagenet, present duke of Buck- 
ingham and Chandos. 

His lordship d. 29 March 1834, and was 
succeeded by nis only son, 

JOHN, present and 2d marquess. 

ifetr Apparent — ^To the English honours, 

Creatunu — Baronet of Nova Scotia, 30 May 
1625 : Earl of Breadalbane, Viscount of Tay 
and Paintland, Lord Glenoituiy, Benedoraloch, 
Ormelie, and Weik, 13 Aug. 1681. witii pre- 
cedency from 22 June 1677, to uie 1st earl, « 
and the heirs male of the body of die son by 
him desig^ted to succeed him, ronainder to 
bis issue male, remainder to his nearest legi- 
timate heirs male whatsoever; Baron Brea- 
dalbane, of Tayniouth Castle, 13 Nov. 1806 ; 
and Earl of Ormelie and Marquess of Breadal- 
bane, 12 Sept. 1831. 



S\MU£li HOOD, Baron BRIDPORT, of Cricket St. Thomas ; bom 7 Dec. 

1788 ; succeeded his grand-uncley Alexander, 
viscount Bridport, K.B. in this barony, 3 May 
1814; married^Q Jxdy 1810, Charlotte-Marv Nel- 
son, only da. and h. of William, Ist earl Nelson, 
duke of Bront6, &c. and has issue, 1. Mary- 
Sophia, 6. 1 Dec. 1811 ; 2, Charlotte, b, 3 

Aug. 1813; 3. ALEXANDER^NELSON, in 

the army, fr. 23 Dec. 1814, m. 2. Aug. 1838, 
Mary-Penelope, 2d da. of Arthur, marquess of 
Downshire, and has issue, Arthur-Wellington- 
Alexander- Nelson y b. 16 Dec. 1839 ; i. Jane- 
Sarah, b. 16 Jan. 1817, m. 4 Jan. 1838, Yonge- 

Hag^h Holbech, of Famborongh,co. Warwick, jun. esq. 5. Catherine-Louisa, 

b. 25 March 1818, m. 18 April 1837, Henry Hall, of Langham Place and Hol- 

broolL House, co. Somerset, esq. 6. Frances-Caroune, 6. 4 April 1821 ; 

7. Horatio-Nelson, b. 25 July 1822, d. 19 Jan. 1826; 8. Henry, b. 18, and 

d. 20 April 1824; 9. Horatio-Nelson, b. 27 April 1826, d, 2 Jan. 1832. 

-Amre, a fret argenL on a chief or, three escallops sable. Crest — ^A Comish 
choogh proper, in front ot an anchor bendwise or. Supporteiu — Dexter , a figure of 
Neptune crowned with an eastern crown or, a gpreen robe flowing round his loins, 
bolding a trident in the left hand and resting the ri^ht on an anchor. Sinister^ a sea-lion 

It, the back, fin, and top of the tail gules, restmg the sinister paw on an anchor or. 

(by Maria, sister of Richard Temple, riscount 
Cobham,) but had no issue by ner (who d, 
1« Sept. 1786) ; m, 2dly, 26 June 1788, Mary- 
Sophia, da. and sole h. of Thomas Bray, of 
Edmonton, co. Middlesex, esa . by his 3d wife 
Elixabeth, da. and oo-h. of John sadlier, esq. 
The riscount d, without issue, 3 May 1814, 
when the titles of riscount and baron Brid- 

Sort in England became extinct, but the 
arony of Bridport in Ireland devolved, ac- 
cording to a special limitation in the patent, 
to his great nephew, 
SAMUEL, 9d lord Bridport. 

Heir Ayparent — Hon. Alexandsr-Nelsok 
Hood, his lordship's son. 

Creation — Baron Bridport, of Cricket St. 
Thomas, 19 Aug. 1794, with remainder to 
Samuel Hood, Id son of Henry, viscount 
Hood, and his issue, which fidhng. to Alex- 
ander Hood, capt. of the Mars, father of sir 
Alexander Hood, of Wootton Hintleigh, co. 
Somerset^ hart (tee Debrett't Baronetagey) 
and his issue male, and in default of such 
issue, to sir Samuel Hood, hart. G.C.B. 
K.M.T. and K.F. M.P. for Westminster, 
since deceased without issue. 

Hn lordship is the second son of Henry, 2d 
Tiaoonnt Hooo. {See Viaeaunt Hood.) 

His lordship's great uncle, sir ALEX- 
ANDER H60D, Ist riscount and baron 
Hridpoit, K.B. was younger brother of 
Saamel, 1st riscount Hood. He was bred 
from sua early age to the naVal profession, ap- 
pointed post capt. 10 June 1756; displaved 
great ooarage while he commanded the Mi- 
nerra. of52 guns; promoted to a fla^ 1780; 
■4a fea as rear-admiral under lord Howe, at 
the relief of Gibraltar, 1782 ; invested with 
the miUtaiy order of the bath 1788, advanced 
to the dignity of baron Bridparty of Cricket St 
Thomas, in Ireland^ 19 Aug. 1794, for his 
gaUantry as second m command on the ever- 
memorable 1st of June 1794; in 1795 his 
lordship gained a signal rictory over the 
French fleet. For these gallant serrices he 
WIS created a peer of Great Britain, 13 June 
/ 179^ by the tiue of baron Bridport, of Cricket 
/ 8t lloDias, CO. Somerset; and, 10 June 1801, 
$dnaetd to the further dis;nity of viscount 
Bridport, being then admiral of the re<L rice- 
idnmral of Great Bntam, and m. of royal 
jo^nam. The riaoount m, 1st, Mana, da. of 
Bjdiaid WeBty !>.!>. prebendary of Durham, 





Jermyn, of HorniDnherth, co. SnSblk, and 
Baron Herrey, of Ickworlh, co. SuQblk, HerC' 
dilary Steward of Bury St. Edmunds, P.R.S. 
and F.L.S. ; born June 1709 ; lucceeded hia 
father, Frederick, late earl of Briitol, 8 July 
1B03; created Mtrqueu of Bristol, and Earl 
Jermyn, 30 June 1826 ; married, 20 Feb. 1708, 
the hon. Elitabelfa-Albina, eldest da. of Clot- 
worthy, lordTempletoHD, and sUterfotbe pre- 
Bent vitcount, and has issne, 1. FREDE- 
RICK- WILUAM, earlJermwn, H.P. for Bury 
St. Edmundf, b. 16 July 1800, m. 1 Dec. 1830, 
lady Katherine-lMbella Mannera, da. of the 
duke of RutlnDd, and has issue, 1. AdtUide, b, 16 Feb. and d. 1 Oct. 1633; 2. 
Bliiabtlh, b. 30 May 1S33; 3. FrederickWilliam-John, lord Herrey, b. 38 June 

IS34; 4. a ivn, i. 3 Aug. 1837; % George, in the army, b. 26 Jan. 1803, d. 

a Feb. 1838 ; 3. William, 6. Oct. 180S, aecretary of legatlOD at MadHd ; 

4. Arthur-Cm AHLES, b. 31 Aug. 1808, in holy orders, rector of Ickwortb, co. 

Suffolk, m. 30 July 1839, Patience, eldest da. of John Singleton, eaq. ; d. 

CharleS'Ahelius,}. 1 Nor. 1814, in holy orders, m. 15 Aag. 183B, lady Harriet- 
Charlotte Ryder, da. of the earl of Harrowby ; 6. Alfred, t. 25 June 1816; 

7. Augusta, b. 22 Dec. 1798, m. 18 Sept. 1832, Frederick Seymour, esq. son of 
Lord Hugh Seymour, and grandson of the 1st marquess of Hertford i 8. Geor- 
gia na-Elizabbth-Ch A rlotte, £. 8 Sept 18UI, IK. July 1836, hon. and rer. John 

Grey, son of Charles, earl Grey ; S. Sophia-Ahelia-Euzabeth, b.S, and J. 31 

June 1804 ; 10. Sophia-Elizabeth -Caroline, 6. 3S April 1811, ai. 18 July 

183&, William-Howe Wyndham, of Felbrigg-haU, co. Norfolk, e»q. 

0BDie,BpDU«i,aaciuiT cotiBjvti, snu cuhh reneiea i. , „ 

paw ■ trefoil ilipped vert. Sufportibs — Two ooncei sabl^, spotted, ducally ooUared, 
and chUQ refleied OTer the hack or. Motto " Je n'oubliersy jmt — " * -*■*" 

OiiuiT DC IIervet h«ld lands in Heln- 

fpitune, as appean b; the regiiter of the 
moiuuterr of Bt. Edmimdibury, fol, 174, sod 
being Myled lOD of Herrey, ii mentioned •• 
one of the kia^'s jiulice* at Norwicli, with 
Roger le Bigot, 1190 ; aa ■]» one of the jos- 
tic«s itinerut, ml Huntingdon, on the octave of 
the AMumplioD of theVuvin Mary, the same 
year ; and fines were levi^ before him in the 
octave of St. Mulia 1205, when he died, 
leavuig isaoB by DionesiL da. of Jeflerey de 
Oirj, Adih de Hbrvev, bu son, who was in 
ward to king John, who wai fitber of John, 
in. Joan, da. and b. of Jobo Harmon, or Ham- 
nuw, of Thurley. co. Bedtard, whereby be 

of lir John de Nertiujtt, of 
Bucki, (■onofThamsadeNemDytt.of Buck- 
luid, CO. Devon,) and thereby beams poa- 
•esaed of a large property, which desoended 
to hit son and heir, .John Hebvet, n. Mar- 
gery, da. of sir William Colethorp, knt. ; who. 

in 1386, was elected eo. BedJcsd, in the par- 
liament then held ; 1401, he waa anthonEed 
with nr William de Rooa, tir Richard da 
Grej, and others of great diatinction, to treat 
with Owen Olendowr and hia ooaniel, and to 
conclude with him what they ehoDld oonoeive 
moat expedient to be done for the redemptioa 
of Reginald, lord Grn, of Ruthyn, then pri- 
soner with the said Owen Olendowr i from 
this John Hervey deaoended 

WiLUAB IlEBVKr, of Ickworth, d. 1538, 
leaving iMue, John, anoertor of the earls of 
Bristol, and Eir JVic*fltii, grandfather of Wil- 
liam, who was created baron Hervej, in Ire- 
land, 1630, and baron Herv^v, of Kidbniok, 
00. Kent, 16J8, who d. withoat issne male 
1642, when his titles became eiliiiet. Fifth in 
descent from John, the eldest son, was 

John Hebvev, created itaron Hmey, of 
Ickworth, 1703, and earl of Bride! 1714, *. 
27 Aug. 1666, m. 1st, 1 Nov. 1686, Inbella, 
da. tiM h. of sir Robert Carr, and by her 
(who d. Maieb 1693) had issue, 



I. Carb, lord Heirey, 6. 17 Sept 1691, d, 
utan. 15 Not. 1723. 

3. laABKLUiy <i. unm. Nov. 1711. 

3. EuzABBTH, 6. 1693, d, an infant. 

Hia loidahip m. Sdly, 1695, Elizabeth, sole 
da. and h. of sir Thomas Felton, of Playford, 
CO. Suflfoik^ hart, (by Elisabeth, da. and oo-h. 
of James Howard, 3d earl of SaiTolk,) which 
me a claim to the baroinr of Howard de 
W alden, which has descencfed to the grand- 
son and h. of the late lord Herrey, (tee Lord 
HowABD DB Walobk,) and by her (who d. 9 
May 1741) hnd inue, 

4. JoBV, lord Henrey. b. 15 Oct. 1696, and 
called up to the house of peers, June 17^ as 
baron Henrey, of Ickwortn, during the lire of 
his &ther : m. 16 Oct. 1720, Maiy, da. of gen. 
Nicholas le Pell, and d. 15 Aug. 1743, leaTing 
issue by her, (who d. Sept 1768,} 

1. GfORCE-WitUAM, Sd earl. 

2. Augustus-John, 3d earl. 

5. Frederick-Augustus, 4th earl. 

4. William, a gen. in the army, 6. May 
1732, <i. unm. 15 Jan. 1815. 

5. Le Pell, 6. Jan. 1753, m. Constantine, 
1st loid Mulgraye. 

6. Mary, b, 1726, m. George Fitzgerald, 
of Ireland, esq. and d. 9 April 1815. 

7. Amelia-Caroune-Nassau, d. unm. 11 
July 1814. 

8. Caroline, d. unm. 1819. 

His majesty was pleased, by warrant, 6 
Jane 175^ to grant to the daa. of lord Henrey 
the Mune precedency as the das. of an earl. 

5. Thomas, who d. Jan. 1775, baring m. 
iT7\ Miss Anne Coglane, of Ireland, by wnom 
be had. 


6. WiLUAM, b. 1699, capt R.N. d. 1776, 
hvhng m. 1729, ElizabetlL da. of Thomas 
Ridge, of Portsmouth, esq. oy whom (who d, 


7. Hbnby, D.D. b. 1701, m. 1730, Cathe- 
rme, sister and h. of sir Thomas Aston, hart 
and sswimcd the name of Aston, pursuant to 
the will of his brother-in-law, d. Nov. 1741, 
^▼inff ason, 

Henry Herrey'Aston, m. Miss Dickenson, 
of Lancaster, and had issue, a son, 
Henry-Henrey, col. in the army, m. 
16 Sept 1789, Louisa-Susanna, 
5th da. and co-h. of Charles In- 
gram, 9th Tisconnt Irwin, in the 
peerage of Scotland, and was 
killed in a duel at Madras, 23 Dec. 
1798, leaving issue; and a da. 
Anna-Sophia, b. 1767, m. 2 June 
1782^ Anthony Hodges, eso. which 
mamam was dissolred 1795. 
His lady «t 3 June 1815. 
.8. Chaelbs, D.D. b. 5 April 1703, (twin 
with Henrietta^hoci. roung,; in holy orders, 
prebendaiy of Ely, ana rector of Sproughton 
ttd Shotley, oo. Norfolk; m. 31 Dec. 1743, 
MartharBiana, da. of ooL Howard, of Bury 
Bt Edorands. and d. 20 March 1783. 

9. Jameb-Poeter ; 10. Huvphbet ; both 
d. unm, 

II. Feltov, 6. 1710, and d. Aug. 1775, 
^^g m. Dorothy, da. of Solomon Ashley, 
esq. and widow of Charles Pitfield, esq. and 

by her (who d. 8 Nor. 1761) had issue, 

Felton-Iionel, who d. 9 Sept 1785. bar- 
ing m. 2 March 1779, Sdina, only da. 
and sole h. of sir John ElwiU, oart. 
(by Selina, da. of Peter Bathurst esq. 
and widow of the last earl of Kane- 
lagh,) and by her (who re-m. 21 Sept 
1797, the ri^ht hon. sir William Fre- 
manUe) had issue, 

1. Sir Felton-FUwill Bathurst, K.M.T. 
and K.S.G. col. in the army, ere* 
ated, 7 Dec. 1818, a baronet of the 
united Idnedom of Great Britain 
and Ireland, b. 24 June 1782, m. 
24 Apnl 1817, Louisa-Catharine, 
3d da. of Richard Caton, of Mary- 
land, in the United States of Ame- 
rica, esq. (and sister of the mar- 
chioness WeUesley,) and d. 24 
Sept 1819, without issue^ and his 
widow re-m. 1828, Francis Godol- 
phin-D'Arcy, 7th duke of Leeds. 

2. Sir Frederick-Anne-Lionel, late 
hart 6. 18 June 1783, m. Jane, da. 
of John Hutchinson, est), and d. 
June 1827. baring had issue, (tee 
Debrett's Baronetage,) 

3. Lionel-Charles, h, 17iB4, m. 3 May 
1825, Frances-Mary, da. of the late 
vice-admiral Thomas Wells, and 
has issue. 

4. Selina-Mary. m. 24 Auff. 1813, 
sir Charles Knightly, of Fawsley, 
CO. Northampton, hart. 

5. Elizabeth. 6. 22 Nor. 1785. 

12. James, b, March 1713. d. unm. 

13. EuzAESTH, m. 17 May 1724, Boasy, 
lord Mansel, and d. 1727. 

14. Anne, d. unm. July 1771. 

15. Babbaha, d, unm, 24 July 1727. 

16. Louisa-Caeolxne. 

17. Isabella, m. 23 Sept. 1731, sir Robert 
Smith, hart. 

18. Heneietta, d, unm. Aug. 1732. 

The earl d. 20 Jan. 1751, and was succeeded 
by liis grandson, 

Geobge-Wxluam, 2d earl. b. 31 Auf. 1721. 
His lordship^ on the death ot Henr^ Howard, 
10th earl of Sufiblk. became, in right of his 
grandmother, joint neir ^iritn Elizabeth, 2d 
wife of John, 1st earl of Portsmouth) to the 
said earl of Suffolk's estate, as also to the 
barony of Howard de Walden. The earl d. 
unm, 20 March 1775, and was succeeded by 
his brother, 

AuousTUs-JoHN, 3d earl, b. 19 May 1724, 
rioe-admiral of the blue, m. prirately, 4 Aug. 
1744, to Elizabeth Chudleii^, who, 8 Mardi 
1769, m. publidr, during the lifetime of the 
earl, to Erelyn Pierrepont, the last duke of 
Kingston, (which marriage was. after a trial 
by her peers in Westminster Hall, declared to 
be illegal, 23 April 1776, and she retired to 
the continent, where she d. 1788.) 

The earl d. 23 Dec. 1779, without issue, and 
was succeeded by his next brother, 

FaEOEExcK - Augustus, 4th earl, D. D. 
bishop of Deny, 6. 1 Aug. 1730, m. Eliza- 
beth, da. of sir Jermyn Darers, bart and had 

1. John-Augustus, lord Hervey, capt. R.N. 
m. May 1784, Elizabeth, da. of— Drum- 


mond, of Quebec, eaq. and d. 10 Ju. 1796, 
iMntLT b; her, (wbo d. 4 Sept. 181S,) ■ <U. 
buubeth-Catberine-Ciroluie, m. Cbtrlea- 
Roae EUis, preoeDt banm Setford, 
t. Fhedeiiici-Wiluui, in nurqucH. 

3. M*iiY, n. M July 1776, John Crichton, 
eari of Eme. 

4. EuuBSTB, IB. in, t April 1776, John- 
Tbomu Foster, e*q. ooann of lord OrieL who 
d. 1796; ud Sdljr, Williui, 5th duke of De- 


The eat\d.B Julj 1803, and wu voooeeded 
in the eirldotn of luutol by hi* •on, 

FREDEBICK-WILLlAM, prewnt and 
5th earl, aod IM iiian|iieai. 

Htir J f w an mt — Fbuiuuci-Wiluam, e>ri 
Jehhth, eldot aoD of the earl. 

CrMhnu— Baroa Herreir, C3 March 1703; 
Earl of BriMol, 19 Oct. 1714; £*d JermTS, 
and Maiqneaa of Bristol, 18S6. 


GEOROB-ALAN BRODRICK, Baron BRODRICK, of P«p)>er-Harraw, < 
Surreri «nd Viicount Hull«toii, In the Peerage of Ireland. — S«e Viscou) 



HENRT BROUGHAM, Baron BROUGHAM and VAUX, of Broaghan), in 
the county of Weihnorelsnd, so created 22 Not. 
1830, from which period till 1834 he filled the 
office of Lord High Chancellor of Great Britain; 
bom 19 Sept. 177U ; nerrial, I April 1819, Mary* 
Anne, eldest da. of Thoroa* Eden, eiq. (brother 
of the lords Anckiand and Henley,) and widow 

of John Spalding, esq. and had iMoe, 1. Sa- 

rak-Eleakor, b. 1820, d. 1821 , 2. Eleanor- 
Louisa, b. S Oct. 1821, d. 30 Not. 1839. 

irC gorged with a collar cbeqnj or and gnlee. 
atac argent, holding in the mouth a rose gules, slipped Ten. Motto — ** Pro 

■rmm.''^ Fnr tlu> kfnir '•— ' — J -■- 1- 

nge, ^ege, grege. For the tang, the law, and the people. 

It appears by Burn's History of Cumber- 
land that the anooMora of lord Kougham and 
Vaox were seated at Burgbsm, or Brouf;ha>n, 
in the ooonly of Wntmorelaud, in the time of 
Edward the Confessor, and continued with- 
out inlemption lordi of Che manor of 
Brooghan, until the death of Thomas Broa|;h- 
am, withont issue, in 1607. In the I6th cen- 
tury, Peter Brougham, uncle of the last men- 
tioDcd Thomas, and leoond son of Thomu 
Brongham,af Brougham, by Jane, dan ghler aod 
heir of JoluiVaux,remoTed into Cumberland, 
and settled at Scales Hall, in that county. 
Henry Broughan,of Scales Hall, great-grand- 
son of Pet«r, entered his pedigree U the 
riiitation of WMtmoreland, by sir William 
Dugdalr, in 1665. John Brougham, of Scales 
Hall, son of the last mendoned Henry, (by 
Eliiabetb, his second wile, daughter and at 
length hnr of John Lamptnj;h, of Lamplugh, 

mily d. 

of the lastcentuTT, 


', and his deeoe~*"~^ ■""" 
in 1741, was suooeeded in the 

resided there. This John, dying 

mond Brougham, son of hifl brother Peter, 
who d,t.f, 1749, when the estate derolTed on 
his cousin, John BroiigliBm, sou of Samuel 

luffham (boI- -- ^ 

ubeth Lamplngh, before 
his wile, da. and ' 


and dying t. p. 


iH:iH, of Brougham, ia the 
noreland, r""" °''' — "-^* 

with the heiress of Rictim< 

Flig-hhead Casile (acquired by 

of Cumberland, who il. 1781, haTingM. Mary, 
da. of William Freeman, D.D. (who <L ZS 



2. Jomi, /ector of BaUylais, co. Cbtsd, in. 
Stnh Scanlan, and d. 1809, leaWng iasae. 

5. Mabt, m. 31 July 1767, Richard Meoz, 
etq. father of sir Henry Meux, bart. 

4. Anns, m, Thomas Aylmer. 

5. Rebecca, m. 12 April 1787, Richard 
Lowndes, esq. and d. 10 Jan. 1828. 

Henry Beougham, of Brougham and 
Scales, eldest son, m. Eleanor, only child of 
James Syme, D.D. (by Mary, sister of Wil- 
liam Bobertaion, the historian of Scotland). 
He d, 19 Feb. 1810, leaying issue by her, 
(who d. 51 Deo. 1859, set. 87,) 

1. HENRY, present lord. 

t, jAJUSy d. ^ Dec. 1855, unm. 

5. PsTER, d, unm. 

4. John, m. Marearet, da. of James Rigg, 
of Mouton, in ScoUand, and d. Sept 1829, 
leavinr issue. 

5. WiLUAM, barrister-at-law, and master 
in chancexy, m. 12 Aug. 1854^ Emily- Frances, 
only da. of sir Charles-William Taylor, bort. 

A has issue, 

1. Alice-EIeanora, b. 25 May 1855. 

2. Henry -Charles, 6. 2 Sept 1856. 
5. Emily-Evelyn, 6. 7 Aug. 1859. 

6. Mabt. 

Hehr Apparent — ^None. 
CrpUim^^St Not. 1850. 


JOHN GUST, Earl BROWNLOW, Viscount Alford, and Baron Brownlow, of 

Belton, CO. Lincoln, and a Baronet, Lord-Lieu- 
tenant, Custos Rotulorom, and Vice- Admiral, 
CO. Lincoln, and late Recorder of Boston, G.C.H • 
F.R. and A.S. D.C.L. ; bom 19 Aug. 1779 ; 
succeeded his father, Brownlow, the late lord, 
25 Dec. 1807; created, 27 Nov. 1815, Yiscoant 
Alford, and Earl Brownlow; married, 1st, 24 
July 1810, Sophia, 2d da. of sir Abraham Hume, 
of Wormleybury, co. Herts, bart (by Amelii^ 
Egerton, only sister of John-William, 7th earl 
of Bridgewater,aud da. of John Egerton, bishop 
of Durham, by Anne-Sophia, da. of Henry 
Grey, duke of Kent,) and by ber (wbo d. 21 

Feb. 1814) had issue, 1. JOHN-HUME, mscount Alford, h. 16 Oct. 1812, 

M.P. for Bedfordshire, assumed the surname of Home in addition to and before 

that of CuMif pursuant to a royal warrant, 12 Feb. 1839; 2, Charles* Henry, 

h, 27 Sept. 1813, in the army;— ^. Sophia-Frances, 6. 14 April 1811, m. 10 
Feb. 1836, Christopber Tower, of Weald Hall, co. Essex, esq. The earl m. 2dly, 
22 Sept 181.8, Caroline, 2d da. of George Fludyer, of Ayston, co. Rutland, esq. 
and niece to the earl of Westmoreland, and by ber (who d. 4 June 1824) had 

issue, 4, Caroline, 6. 26 Nov. 1819; 5. Amelia, b. 6 Aug. 1821; 

6. Katherine, 6. 18 Nov. 1822; 7, Elizabeth, 6. 10, and d. 29 Feb. 1824. 

The earl m. 3dly, 24 July 1828, lady Emma Edgecumbe, da. of Richard, earl of 
Mount Edgecambe, lady of the bedchamber to ue queen dowager. 

Arms — Ermine, on a cherron sable three fountains. Crest — A lion's head erased sahle, 
coUaied pahr wavy of six argent and azure. Supporters — ^Two lions regardant argent, 
ooUared paly wavy of aix argent and azure. Morro'^'' Opera illius mea sunt." His 
works are mine. 

Sir Richard Cust, of Pinchbeck, co. lin- 
oofaL^was created a bart. ^ Sept. 1677; he 
M. Beatrix, da. and h. of Thomas Pury, of 
Kirtmi, in the same coun^, and d, 1700. His 
■on, sir Purt Cust, knt. d, 1699, leaving 
issue, by Ursula, hiii 1st wife. da. and h. of 
Edwara Woodcock, of Newtimber, oo. Sussex, 
(who was descended, through the families of 
Bellingham, Foljambe, and Fitzwilliam, from 
Lacy, one of the das. and co-hh. of John Ne- 
ville, marqueM of Montacute.) 

Sir RicaAROy 2d hart. m. Ajune, sister and 

sole h. of John Brownlow, yiscount Tyrconnel, 
in Ireland, (by which marriage the mansion 
and estate of Belton, oo. Lincoln, was con- 
veyed to the Cust &mily,) and by her (who 
d. 29 Dec. 1779) had issue, 

1. Sir John, 3d bart. 

2. William, R.N. d, unm, 1747. 

3. FRANCts-CociuyKE,counsellor-at-law,d. 
30 Not. 1791. 

4. PiRBGRiNE, a merchant in London, d, 2 
Jan. 1785. 

5. Richard, in holy orders, D.D. rector of 



Belton and Fulbeek, co. Linoolii, m. 1767, 
Mujy da. of George Harru, D.D. and d, 
without iMue 16 Oct. 1783. 

6. Jane, m. Ist, Francis Fane, of Fulbeck, 
00. Linoom, esq.; and Sdly, James Evelyn, 

Sir Richard d, 25 July 1734, and wis suc- 
oeeded hj his eldest son, 

The right hon. sir Johv Cu8T. of Belton, 
3d hart, who also succeeded to tne estates of 
his uncle^ John, riscount Tyroonnel, ^who d, 
without issue male 1746. when the title he- 
came extinct) : he was elected to parliament 
for Grantham 1743, chosen speaker of the 
house of commons 1761, and again 1768. He 
m. 8 Dec. 1743, Etheldred, 2d da. of Thomas 
Payne, of Houghton-on-the Hill, co. Lincoln, 
(hy Elisabeth, only da. of Martin Folkes, 
barrister-at-law, by Dorothy, 2d da. and co-h. 
of sir WUliam Hoyell, knt and by her (who 
d, 27 Jan. 1775) had issue, 

1. Sir Brownlow, 1st lord. 

2. Richard, d, an infant. 

3. An KB. m. 25 Sept. 1777, Jacob Rey- 
Aardson, of Holywell, co. Lincoln, esq. and 
d, 10 June 1812. 

4. Elizabeth, m. 12 July 1770, Philip 
Yorke, of Earthig, co. Denbigh, esq. and d, 1 
Feb. 1779. 

Sir John d, 24 Jan. 1770, and was sno- 
oeeded by his only son, 

Sir Brownlow Cust, 1st lord Brownlow 
and 4th bart. 6. 3 Dec. 1744, created baron 
Bnmmlow^ of Belton, 20 May 1776, in re- 
muneration of his fifcuer's public services as 
speaker of the house of commons, his majesty's 
approbation of which was testified hj creatmg 
his son a peer of Great Britain : his lordship 
m. 1st, 16 Oct. 1770. Jooosa-Catherine. da. 
and co-heiress of sir Tnomas Drury, of Over- 
stone, 00. Northampton, and by her (who d. 
11 Feb. 1772) had issue, an only da. 

1. Etheldred- Anne, who d, 1778. 

He m. 2dlyj 31 Aug. 1775, Frances, da. and 
sole h. of sir Henry Banks, of Wimbledon, 
00. Surrey, knt. ana had issue, 

2. John, 1st earl. 

3. Hbnby-Cockatnil in holy orders, M.A. 
F.S.A. canon of Windsor, rector of Hatley 
Cockayne, co. Bedford, and Sywell, co. 
Northampton, ft. 28 Sept. 1780^ m. 20 June 
1816, Anna-Maria, eldest da. of Francis, 1st 
earl of Kilmorer, and has 

1. Anna-^lana-Francis, 6. 13 July 1817, 
d. utim. 26 Sept. 1836. 

2. Lucy-Caroline, 6. 13 Sept. 1818. 

3. Henry-Frands, 6. 15 Sept. 1819, in 
the army. 

4. Robert-Needham, 6. 24 Feb. 1821. 

5. Eleanor-Catherine. 6. 29 Jan. 1823. 

6. Georgiana-Anne. o. 9 Feb. 1825. 

7. Reginald-John, 6. 25 Sept. 1828. 

4. Frances, h, 3 Oct. 1776, c/. 1785. 

5. EuzABETH, 6. 29 June 1782. 

6. Lucy, 6. 5 Jan. 1784. 

7. Richard, in holy orders, rector of Bel- 
ton and Snelland, oo. Lincoln, 6. 26 Aug. 

8. WiLUAM, banister-at-law. and com- 
missioner of the customs, 6. 23 Jan. 1787, m. 
8 July 1819, Sonhia. da. of the late Thomas 
Newnham, of southborough, oo. Kent, esq. 
and has 

1. Sophia-Franeei, 6. 22 June 1820. 

2. William-Purev, h. 8 Aug. 1821. 

3. Katherine-Isabella, 6. 9 Jan. 1829. 

4. James-Tyrrell, 6. 14 July 1824. 

5. George-Frederick, 6. 3 Aug. 1825. 

6. Honoria-Mary, 6. 5 Nov. 1826. 

7. Arthur-Percival, fr. 21 Feb. 1828. 

8. PhiUp-Huet, h. 7 Sept. 1829, d. 13 
Dec. 1830. 

9. Mary, 6. 22 Jan. 1790, d. 22 Sept. 1827. 

10. Pereorine-Franxis, captain in the 
army, 6. 13 Aug. 1791, m. 9 Oct. 1823, lady 
Isal)ella Montagu-Scott, da. of the late duke 
of Buccleuch, and by her (who d. 9 Oct 1829) 
had issue, 

1. EliBabeth-Frances, 6. 1 July 1824. 

2. John-Francis, 6. 17 June 1825. 

3. Charles-Walter, fr. 12 Oct. 1826. 

4. Charlotte-Isabella, 6. 6 April 1828. 

5. Horace, h, 25 Aug. 1829. 

The hon. Peregrine Cust m. 2d]y, 15 Jan. 
1833, Sophia-Mary, da. of John-Thomas, «d 
viscount Sydney. 

11. Sir Edward, K.C.H. lieuL-oolonel in 
the army, 6. 17 June 1794, m. 11 Jan. 1821, 
Mary- Anne, onlv da. of Lewis- William Boode, 
esq. woman of the bedchamber to the duchess 
of ICent. and has issue, 

1. Louisa-Mary-Anne, 6. 7 Feb. 1822. 

2. Victoria-Mary-Louisa, 6. 6 July 1823. 

3. Etheldred- Victoria-Frances, 6. 17 Aug. 

4. Margaret-Amy-Franoes, h, 19 Nov. 

5. Henrietta-Maria-Christina, 6. 8 March 

6. Emily-Anne, 6. 3 Dec. 1829, d. 26 
July 1831. 

7. Leopold, h. 22 Julv 1831. 

12. Anne, 6. 11 March 1796, m. 2 Aug. 
1825, sir William Fowle-Middleton, bart. 

13. Katharine, b» 4 April 1799, d. 25 
April 1822. 

liifl lordship d. 25 Dec 1807, and was suc- 
ceeded by his eldest son, 
JOHN, 2d lo^d, and present and 1st earl. 

Htir Apparent — John-Humb, viscount Al- 
PORD, the earrs eldest son, 

CreatioiM— Baronet, 29 Sept. 1677 ; Baron 
Brownlow, 20 Mav 1776; flarl Brownlow 
and Viscount Alford, 97 Nov. 1815. 




called earl Bruce,) Baron BRUCE, of Tottenham, co. Wilts; from 30 Nov. 
1804: summoned to parliament, by writ, July 1838, and placed in his father s 
barony of Bruce of Tottenham ; married, 11 May 1837, Mary-Caroline, da. of 
George- Augustus, 11th earl of Pembroke. 

Creation. — 17 April 1746. For detceni, amuy fy, tee MarquMt of Atlesbvry. 



CLEUCH and QUEENSBERRY, Marquess of 
Dumfriesshire, Earl of Drumlanrig, Buccleuch, 
Sanquhar, and Dalkeith ; Viscount Nith, Thor- 
thorwold, and Ross; Baron Douglas, of Kin- 
mont> Middlebie, Domock, Scott, of White- 
church and Eskdale, President of the King's 
Body Guard of Royal Archers, atid Lord Lieu- 
tenant of Edinburgh ; Scots honours : Earl of 
Doncaster, co. York, and Baron Tyndale, co. 
Northumberland ; English honours : K. G. 
D.C.L. ; resigned the order of the Thistle on 
being invested K.G. ; hem 26 Not. 1806 ; suc- 
ceeded his father, Charles-William-Henry, the late duke, 20 April 1819; 
married, 13 Aug. 1829, lady Charlotte Thy nne, daughter of Thomas, 2d marquess 

of Bath, K.G. and has issue, 1. WILLIAM-HENRY-W ALTER, earl of 

Dalkeith, b. 9 Sept. 1831 ; 2. Henry-John, b. 6 Nov. 1832; 3. Walter- 

CHARLESy b, 2 March 1834 ; 4. Francis, b. Jan. 1837, d, at Naples 7 May 

1839 ; 5. a son, b. 20 Oct. 1839. 

Arms — Qoarterly : 1st, the arms of king Charles II. debraised by a baton sinister argent ; 
Sd, or, on a bend asure, an estoile between two crescents of the field, Scorr ; 3d, 
Qoarterly : Ist and 4th, argent, a human heart gules, crowned with an imperial crown. 
or; and on a chief asure, Uuree mullets of the field, Dovouis ; 2d and Sd, axure, a bena 
between six cross crosslets fitch^e or, Marr ; the whole (of this Quarter) within a bordure 
or, charged with the double tressure of Scotland gules ; the So quarter is borne for the 
duchy of Queensberry ; 4th, as the Ist. Crest — A stag trippant proper, attired and 
nngmed or. SurpoRTERS — Two female figures habited m>m the waist downwards in 
blue kirtles gathered up at the knees, the arms and bosoms uncovered; around the 
shoulders flowing mantles vert auspended by the exterior hand; girdles and sandals 
gules, and their heads adorned with a plume of three ostrich feathen argent. Motto — 
'^Amo." Hove. 

The fiunily of Scott traces its descent from 
Richard le Seott, of Murdieston, co. Lanark, 
who was one of the Scotch barons that swore 
fealty to King Edward 1. 1296. His descend- 
ants sAerwards became lords of Branksholm 
and Buccleuch, but were not ennobled till 
1666, when sir Walter Scott was created 
lord Seott^ of Bocdeuch ; his son Walter was 
further aavanced. 1619, to the dignity of earl 
of Bt»eelew:h, ana dying 1633, was succeeded 
by his only son, 

Walter, fd earl, who d. 1651, leaving 

only two das. 1. Mary, who, on her father's 
death, became counteu of Buccleuch ; m. 
Walter Scott, of the house of Scott, of Haiden, 
but d. 1661, without issue, whereupon the 
title devolved on her only sister, 

ANNE, m. JAMES, duke of Monmouth, 
(natural son of Charles ll.) who, on the mar- 
riage, adopted the surname of Scott. In 166S 
his grace was created, jointly with his wife, 
duke and 'ducheis of BueeUueh, earl ana 
countess of Dalkeith, baron and baroness Scott, 
of Whitchester and Eskdale, with remainder 



to the heiis of their bodies. Upon his attainder 
Kod execution, the English honours of duke of 
Monmouth, earl of Doncaster, and baron Ttu- 
dale, became forfieitetL as also his Scots ho- 
nours of duke of Buodeuch ; but the attainder 
did not affect the peerages enjoyed by his 
duchess in her own right, being duchess of 
Buccleuch by creation, and countess of Hue- 
clench by descent from her ancestors. Their 
iasue was, 

1. James, earl of Dalkeith, who m. Hen- 
rietta, da. of Lawrence Hide, earl of Roches- 
ter, and d. 1705, tearing issue by her, 

Francis, 2d duke. 

2. Hbnrt, who, in March 1706, was created 
earl of Deloraine, viscount Hermitage, and 
baron Scott, of Goldylands, and dying 1731, 
was sucoeeoed by his son, Francis^ Ifd earl, 
who d. 1759, and was succeeded by his brother, 
Henry, who d. 1740, and was succeeded by 
his son, Henry, 4Ch earl, on whose death, 
without issue, 1807, the abore titl^ became 

The duchess m. 2dUy, Charles, 3d lord Com- 
wallis, and dying 6 Feb. 1732, was succeeded 
in her titles by 1^ grandson, 

FRANCIS, 2d duke, b.ll Jan. 1694^ re- 
stored to the titles of earl of Doncaster, and 
bsAon Scott, of Tyndale, by act of narliunent, 
1743, m.5 April 1720, Jane, eldest aa. of James 
Doufflas, 2a duke of Queensberry, (through 
which marriage, her nandson. Henry, 3d 
duke of Buccleuch, inherited also the duchy 
of Queensberry,) and had issue by her, (who 
rf. 31 Aug. 1729,) 

1. Francis, earl of Dalkeith, 6. 19 Feb. 
1721, m. 2 Oct. 1742, Caroline, eldest da. and 
oo-h. of John Campbell, 2d auke of Argyll 
and Greenwich, ana d, 1750, leaving issue by 
her, (who m. 2dly, the right hon. Charles 
Townshend, brother of George, 1st marquess 
Townshend, and was created Muroness Green- 
wich, with remainder to her issue male 1^ 
her 2d husband, but d. without such issue 

1. John, d, young. 

2. Henry, 3d diue. 

3. Campbell, d, unm, 

4. James ; 5. Caroline ; both d, young. 
6. Frances, (posthumous,) m. Archibald, 

baron Douglas, of Douglas. 

2. Charles ; 3. Jans ; 4. Anne ; 5. Mary ; 
all d, unm. 

The duke m. 2dly, Miss Alice Powell, by 
whom he had no issue ; he d, 22 April 1751, 
and was succeeded by his grandson, 

HENRY, 3d duke, K.O. 6. 2 Sept. 1746 ; 
■ucoeeded, on the death of William, 4th duke 
of Queensberry, without issue, in 1810, (see 
Mar^tMu of Queensberry,) to tnetitlesof duke 
of Queensberry, marquess of Dumfriesshire, 
earl of Drumumrig and Sanquhar, viscount 
Nith, Thorthorwold, and Ross, lora Douglas, 
of Kinmont, Middlebie^ and Domock, pursuant 
to a special limitation m a patent dated 1706, 
and letters Of entail consequent thereupon, 

executed by James, 2d duke of Queensberry, 
m. 20 March 1767, Elisabeth, da. of George, 
duke of Montagu, and by her (who d, 21 
Nov. 1827, aged 85) had issue, 

1. Charles- Wiluam-Henry, 4th duke. 

2. Mary, 6. 19 May 1769, m. James-Geoige, 
3d earl of (Jourtown. 

3. Elizabeth, 6. 10 Oct. 1770, m. 9 Nov. 
1798, Alexando", present and 10th earl of 

4. Caroline, b, 10 July 1774, m. Charles 
Douglas, 5th miarquess of Queensberry. 

5. Henry-James-Montaou, succeeded to 
the barony of Montagu, on the death of his 
maternal grandfitther, George, duke of Mon- 
tagu, agreeably to the limitation of the patent 
(fM Baron Montagu). 

6. Harriett, 6. 1 Dec. 1780^ m. Dec 1806, 
William. 6th marquess of Lothian, K.T. 

The auke d, 11 Jan. 1812, and was suc- 
ceeded by his eldest son, 

4th duke, 6. 24 May 1772. (summoned to par- 
liament 1807, during die UKtime of his fatner, 
as btfon Tyndale,^ m. 24 March 1795, Harriet- 
Catherine Townsnend, youngest da. of Tho- 
mas, 1st viscount Sydney, and by her (who d. 
24 Aug. 1814) had issue. 

1. Anne-Elizabeth, o. 17 Aug. 1796. 

2. George-Henry, lord Scott, 6. 2 Jan. 
1798, d. 1 March 1808. 

3. Charlotte-Albinia, b. 16 July 1799. m. 
4 July 1822, James-Thomas, present earl of 

4. Isabella-Mary, ft. 24 Oct. 1800, m. 9 
Sept. 1823, the hon. Peregrine-Francis Cust, 
and d, 9 Oct. 1829. 

5. Catherine-Frances, b, 4 Dec. 1803, d, 
6 June 1814. 

6. Walter-Francis, 5th duke. 

7. JoHN-DouGLAS-MoNTAGU, 6. 13 July 
1809, in the army, m. 16 March 1836, Alicia- 
Anne^ eldest da. of John Spottiswoode, of 
Spottiswoode, esq. 

8. Margaret-Harriet, 6. 13 June 1811, 
m. 7 Feb. 1832, viscount Marsham, eldest son 
of the earl of Ilomney. 

9. Harriett-Janet-Sarah, 6. 13 Aug. 

His grace d. at Lisbon, 20 April 1819, and 
was succet-ded by his son, 

WALTER-FRANCIS, present and 5th 

Ifetr Apparent — Wiluam-Henry- Walter, 
earl of Dalreith, his grace's son. 

Creations — Lord mjott, of Buccleuch, 16 
March 1605; Earl of Buccleuch, 16 March 
1618 ; Baron Scott, of Whitcheeter and Eak* 
dale, Earl of Dalkeith, and Duke of Buc- 
cleuch^ 20 April 1663; Duke of Queensberry 
and Marquess of Dununesshire, 3 Feb. 1684 ; 
Earl of Drumlanrig and Sanouhar, Viscount 
of Nith, Thorthorwold. ana Ross, Baron 
Douglas, of Kinmont, Middlebie, and Dor- 
nock, 11 Feb. 1682 ; Earl of Doncaster^ and 
Baron Tyndale, in England, 15 Feb. 1662. 



HENRY-DAVID ERSKINE, Earl of BUCHAN, Lord Auchterhonse, and 

Lord Cardross, co. Stirling; bom July J 783; 
succeeded his uncle, 19 April 1829; married, 
Ist, 28 Sept. 1809, Elizabeth, da. of general 
sir Charles Shipley, and by her (who </. 5 Oct 

1828) had issue, 1. Mary-Maroaret, b. 27 

May 181 1 ; 2. Henry, lord Cardrots, b, Oct. 

1813, in the army, m. June 1832, Jane, 2d da. 
of Archibald Torrie, esq. and d. Jan. 1837, 
leaving issue, 1. John-Berry, (a da.) b. 16 FeK 
1833; 2. HARRY-SHIPLEY, lord Cardross; 

3. Elizabeth, b. May 1836 ; 3. Charles, b. 

Not. 1814, ^.; 4. David-Stuart, b. Not, 

1815, in the army ; 6. James-Stuart, b, 

1818, cf. ; 6. Christian-Isabella, &. Oct 1820; 7. Alicia-Diana, b. Feb. 

1822; 8. George-Albany-Francis, 6. Sept 1823;^ 9. John-M'Louohlan- 

Fraser, b, Maroh 1825. The earl tti. 2dly, 26 June 1830, Elizabeth-Rae, 
youngest da. of John Henrey, esq. by whom (who d. 1838-9) he had issue, 

10. Elizabeth, 6. 15 Not. 1834; 11. a son, 6. 31 Aug. ia35. His lordship 

m. 3dly, 26 June 1839, Caroline* Rose, youngest da. of James-Primrose Maxwell, 
of Harley Street, co. Middlesex, and of Tappenden, co. Kent 

Arms — Quarterly of four: Ist, azure three garbs or, the feudal arms of the earldom of 
BvcHAN ; 2d. argent a pale sable, Erskine ; 3d, azure a bend between six cross crosslets 
fitchi6e or, Marr ; 4th, or, a fi»a cbequy azure and argent, Stewart of Kirkhall : orer 
all in the centre point an esoocheon gules, thereon an eagle displayed argent, and in the 
dexter chief point a sun in splendour or: a coat of augmentation for the lordahip of 
Cardross. Crest — A dexter aim, couped below the elbow, holding a club, all proper. 
SurroRTERs — ^Two ostriches proper. Motto— Judge nought. 

Tub north-eastern district of Aberdeen- 
shire, known by the appellation of Buchan, 
has, for sererai centuries, given titles to one 
of the most ancient earldoms in Scotland. 
The first on record is Ferpa, earl of Bu- 
chan, Umip. William the Liouj his da. and 
h. carried the title into the family of Comyn. 
It was afterwards granted by long Robert II. 
to his 4th son, sir Alexander Stewart. Christ- 
iana, ffrandda. and h. of John Stewart, Sd 
earl of that family, m. Robert Douglas ; and 
her grandda. Mary, countess of Buchan, m. 
JABIES ERSKINE, (3d son of John, 7th 
eari of Marr,) who thereupon had a charter 
of the earldom to him and nis heirs male and 
assigns whatever, 25 Nor. 1625, and is called 
6th earl of Buchan. He was succeeded by 
his son, 

JAMES, 7th earl, who d. 1664, leaying an 

WILLIAM, 8th earl, on whose death, 
unm* 1695, the title devolved, pursuant to the 
limitations of 1625, on 

DAVID, 4th lord Cardross; great-grand- 
son of Hemry, 4th son of John, earl oflVIarr, 
and whole brother of James, earl of Buchan, 
who beoune 9th earl ; m. 1697, Frances, da. 
and sole h. of Henry Fairfiuc, of Hust, co. 
liprkB, esq. eldest son of Henry, 2d son of 
Tbonas, viscount Fairfax, in Ireland, by 

whom he had issue, besides -eight sons and 
five das. who d. unm, 

1. Henry-David, 10th earl. 

2. Catubrinb-Anne, m. the hon. William 
Fraser, son of Alexander, lord Saltoun. 

3. Frances, m, colonel James Gardner) who 
was killed at the battle of Preston Pans 1745. 

His lordship m. 2dly, Isabella, da. of sir 
William Bracket, hart, by whom he had no 
issue; he d. 11 Oct. 1745, and was succeeded 
by his eldest son, 

HENRY-DAVID, lOth earl, 6. 16 Anril 
1710, m. 31 Jan. 1739, Agnes, 2d da. ofsir 
James Stewart, of Coltness and Goodtress. 
hart, by whom (who d. 11 Dec. 1778) he haa 

1. Annb-Aones, d. 5 Oct. 1804^ 

2. David-Stewart, 11th earl. 

3. Hbnry, an advocate in Edinburgh, ft. 1 
Nov. 1746, m. Ist. 30 March 1772, Christiana, 
da. of George Fullerton, esq. and had issue 
by her, (who d. 9 May 18(H,) 

1. Henry-David, 12th earl. 

2. George-Francis. 

3. Elizabeth-Crumpton, m. 21 Oct 1801, 
col. George Callender. 

4. HenrietU, w. 11 May 1812, Peter 
Smith, M.D. 

The hon. Henry Erskine, m. 2dlv, 2 Jan. 
1805, Erskine, da. of Alexander Munro, of 


Glugow, faq. aistpr of nir Tbomu Munra, 
created a^irt. \S95, md widow of Juue« 
TunbuU, of Ediuburgh. W.S. ud by her 
(who larrived him) hod no usue. Htd.i 
Oct. 1817. 

4. Thohai, cruted lonl Enldne in Eog- 
Und (h (hat title). 

5. IsiBELU, M. a Ju. 1770, William- 
LcsUe HuuillMi, <tq. ■ttomsy-genenl of the 
Leeward liUodi, who d. OcL 1780, without 

--'"-"- "" ' — • •-••' -he right boa. 
u\ at Glea- 
id d. 17 May 

The earl d. 1 Dec. 1767, aad wti lucoeeded 
bj hi> eldest son, 

DAVID-STEWART, 11th e«ri, *. 174S, 
n. 15 Oct. 1771, his eounn-eennui, Mai^a- 
ret, di. of William Fruer, of Fruertield, an- 
nephew to Heary-DaTid, lOlh eari; and In 
her (who d. li May 1B19; had no iMoe. Hu 
lordship d. 19 April 1819, tnd wM nioeeeded 
bj hifl nephew, 

HENRY-DAVID, pr^Miil and Itth eul. 

Heir ^nmrcnl— HARBV-SHirurv, lord Cai^ 
droM, fail Wdihip's grandaon. 

Crtatiimi—LarA AaehterbonM, and Eail of 
Buchan, 1469 ; Lord Cardroo, 1604. 



GRENyiIXE,DuKt and Marquess of BUCK- 
INGHAM and CHANDOS, Earl Temple, 
Earl Temple of Stone, and Vjsconnt and Baron 
Cobham, in the United Kingdom, and Earl 
Nugent in Ireland, Colonel of the Bnckingbata 
Yeomanry Cavalry, G.C.H. ; bom 1 1 Feb. 
1797 ; Bucceeded hia father, Richard, lat duke, 
17 Jan. 1839; tHarritd, 13 May 1819, Mary, 
youngest da. of John Campbell, lat marquess 
of Breadalbane, and bsB issue, 1. RI- 
tHorqutu of Cluiniiot, b. 10 Sept. 1823 ; 2. 

Anne-Euza-Mahv, 6. 7 Feb. 16 

Aaifs — Quarterly of >ii : lB(,Tert 
and Temple, quarterly, tie. or 
■— - ^ — sable, each charged with tliree martlets 

a cross BTgeatfive lorteauz, Gbentille; td, L 
eaEle displajed sable (or Leofrie, quarterine 
.■?_ r^,... „ r„- Temple; M, i— ^ 

argent and gule 
sable, BaTDoea 

5tb, a 

1, as the 1st Che«ts— Islj's gsib vert, Grz 
martlet or. Temple; 3d, the bust of a man in profile. Tested paly of six 
9, nemie of torleaui and plat^, wreatbed round the temples argent and 
; 4th, a Saracen's head canped si the sbouldeia and sifrontt proper, 
wreathed round the templea argent and sable, Chandos. Buppobtehs — Dtitrr, a lion 
per fease embattled or and piles. Smiittr, a horse argent, semfie of eaglets displayed aable. 
Mono — " Templa quam dflecta !" How beloved are thy temples! 

The family of Ormvillt, of Wootton, oa. 
Bucks, is a jounEer branch of the GreDTilles, 
or Graavilles, of DeTonabire, whose dcaoent 
firoo RoUo, the Ist duke of Normandy, is re- 
cited and acknowledged in a warrant from 
king Charlsa II. to sir John Grenrille, eari of 
BaUi, Buthoriiiag him to use the titles of earl 
of Corboil Thorignv, and Granville which 
bad been WmB by his ancestor, Ridiard de 
Grraville, who d. 1117. 

BicbiroGrbnville, of Wootton aforesaid, 
eso. n. iriO, HesTHia, eldest da. of sir Rich- 
ard TempLe, of Stowe, eo. Bucka, bart. and 
fiater of KioMid, viaoonnt and baron Cobbam. 
On the death of her said bmlher, this lady, 
punniant to an especial limitation in his pa- 
lent of creation, became nttoitnUtt and barcniti 
C«Ahsm, to her and the heiis male of her body, 
•A waa foMher advanced, 18 Oct . 1749, to 

the dignity of cDunlsB TempU. The iane of 
the countess by Richard Grenville Were, 

1. Richard, earl Temple. 

t. The riiht bon. Giosoi, £rst Irad of tho 
treasury and chancellor of the eichequer, b. 
14 Oct. 1719, ». 1749, Elizabeth, da. of sir 
William Wyndhiun, bart. and d. 13 Nov. 1770, 
by her, (who d. & Dec 1769,) 

3. William- Wyndham, iarva GasNTiLLx, 
of Wootton, CO. Bucks, so created 85 
Nov. 1790, chaoceUororOxibnI,asdi. 
tor of the exchequer, goTpmor of tha 
charter-honae, uid hifib • steward of 
Bristol, aic P.C. D.C.L. F.R. and 



A.S. b. 95 Oct, 1759, m. 18 July 179«, 
Aime,8iBter and sole h. ofThomas, last 
lord CameUbrd, but d, i.p. 12 Jan. 1834, 
when the title became extinct. 

4. Charlotte, h. 14 Sept. 1754, m. fl Dec. 
1771, the late sir Watkin WiUiams- 
Wvnn. bart. and d. 29 Sept. 1832. 

5. Elisabeth, b, 24 Oct. 1756, m. John- 
Joahua, Ist earl of Caryafcnt, K.P. 

e. Heather, b. 23 Nov. 1760, m. Hugh, 

earl Forteacue. 
7. Catherine, 6. 1761, m. Richard, 2d 

bftnm Brajbrooke. 

3. Jam Ea, sueoeaaiTelj a lord of trade, de- 
puty payniMter of the forces, a lord of the 
treasttiy, oofferer of the household, and a 
priry ooanflello^ m. 1740, Man% da. and h. 
of James Smyth, of Hmen, Herts, and d. 
Sept. 1783, bayiiig had issue by her, (who d, 

1, James, created 1797 baron Glaston- 
BUBTy mtt d. unm, 26 April 1825, when 
the title became extinct. 

2. Richard, a general and col. of the 32d 
foot, d, unm, 22 April 1823. 

4. HaNRYy 6. 1717, goremor of Barbadoes 
1747, and ambassador to the Forte 1762, m. 
11 Oct. 1757, Margaret-Eleanora, da. of Jo- 
seph Banka, of Revesby Abbey, co. Lincoln, 
«flq. and d. 22 April 1784. leaving issue by 
her, (who d. 19 June 1793,) an only da. 

Looiaa, b, 10 Aug. 1758, m. Charles, 3d 
earl Stanhope. 

5. TBOMAfl*HBNRY, capt. R.N. 6. 4 April 
1719, killed in action 8 May 1747. unm. 

6. Hbsthsb, m. 16 Nor. 1754, WiUiam Pitt, 
Ist earl of Chatham. 

The eonnteaa d. 7 Oct. 1752, and was suc- 
ceeded by her eldest son, 

RxcHJuiD^ eail Temple, K.O. m. Anne, da. 
and eo*h. of Thomas Cnambers, of Hanworth, 
CO. M iddlasea., esq. and by her (who d. May 
1777) had an only child, 

EuzABKTH, d. 1742, aged 4. 

The earl d. 11 8^ 1779, and was suc- 
ceeded by hie nephew, 

Ocoaoa, dd earl, b. 17 June 1753, obtained 
the royal sign manual 2 Sept 1779, authoris- 
ing lum to take the names of Nugent and 
Temple before that of Grenville, and to sign 
the name of Nugent before all titles of honour ; 

Mugest ia Iveland, on the death of hia fiither- 

in-law, Robert, earl Nugent, 13 Oct. 1788 ; 
m. 16 April 1775, Maiy-£lizabeth, only da. 
and h. of the above-named Robert, earl Nu- 
gent, and by her (who was created, 29 Dec. 
1800, baronesi Nugent, in Ireland, with limit- 
ation to her 2d son, George, and d. 16 March 
1813) had issue, 

1. Richard, 1st duke. 

2. Gborob, now baron Nugbnt, in Ireland 
(tee that title). 

3. Mary. 6. 8 July 1787, la. Everard, lord 
Arundel, ot Wardour. 

The marquess d. 11 Feb. 1813, and was 
succeeded by his eldest son, 

RICHARD, 2d marquess, and 1st duke, 
K.G. P.C. D.C.L. F.S.A. lord-lieutenant and 
custos rotulorum of the oo. of Bucks, 6. 20 
March 1776, took the surnames of Brydges- 
Chandos, in addition to those of Temple- 
Nugent-Grenville, by royal licence, 15 I^oy. 
1799, created earl Temnle^ of Stowe, with 
limitation, on failure of nein male under the 
former patent, to Anne-£liza-Mary, his g^and- 
da. ana further advanced to the digni^ of 
duke of Buchmgham and Chandot, and mar- 
quess of Chandatf 4 Feb. 1822 : m. 16 April 
1796, Anne-EUza, da. and sole heiress of 
James Bnrd^s, 3d and last duke of Chandos, 
of that Mmily; sole representative also of 
Henry Grey, duke of Suffolk, and of Frances, 
his wife, elaest da. and co-h. of Charles Bran- 
don, duKe of Suffolk, by Mary, queen dowa^ 
ger of France, and da. of king Henry VII. ; 
whose issue were, hy the will of king Henry 
VIII. (undor certain contingencies therein 
mentioned^ named next in succession to the 
crown of England. By this lady (who d, 15 
Mar 1836) his grace haid issue, 

Kicharo-Plantacenet, 2d duke. 
His grace d. 17 Jan. 1839, and was succeeded 
by his only son, 

and 2d duke. 

Heir Apparent —Richard - Plantaoknst- 
Campbbll, marquess of Cuamdos. 

Creatumt — Viscount and Baron Cobham, 
23 May 1718; Earl Temple, 18 Oct. 1749; 
Earl Nugent, in Ireland, 21 July 1776 ; Mar- 
quess or Buckingham, 4 Dec. 1784; Earl 
Temple, of Stowe, (with limitation, on failure 
of heirs male^ unaer the former patent, to 
Anne-EUza-Mary, his grace's grandda. and 
the heirs male of her body,) Marquess of 
Chandos, and Duke of Buckingham and 
Chandos, 4 Feb. 1822. 


SHIRB, Baron Hobart, of Blicklin^, and a 
Baronet ; £om I May 1789 ; sacceeded his 
uncle, Robert, the late earl, 4 Feh. 1816 ; took 
the name and armi of H»mpdm, by rornl li^ 
manual, 1824 } iwmW, 3 May 1819,Mim Jan« 

Anm — Qaarterly: lit aod 4th, argent, a ultire 

gule* between four ewlea diiplayM aiore, Hup- 

DEM ; id ud 3d, (able, an ealoile or, betweea 

two BanchtM ermine, Hobabt. Citran — lit, a 

talbot italant enniae ooUared, ud line tied in a 

knot over the back ^ei, IIahfdeh ; Id, a boll 

atataot, per pale «ab1e and gale*, teaite of bexaDts, and a nng affixed in the nooae or, 

HoBiRT. SvppoiTiKi — DeMit, a buck. 5inuMr, m talbot; both iwardant proper, and 

gorged with a Tadiant collar wA a line reflexed over the back or. Mottoe» — " Aoctor 

wetioaa faeit," The founder makei it mare valuable ; and " Veatigia nnlla ralruniuu," 

There i« no receding. 

Sia Henrv HiiBAar, knt. wu created a 
bart. 1611, and appointed lord chief juatica o( 
the common pleas 96 Not. 1611; autbor of 
the celebrated " Law Reporta," and d. 16SS, 
and wai nieoeeded bj air John, of Blickliug 
Hoiue, CO. N'orfolk, Id bart. who d. 1647, anS 
was suceeeded bj| hii nephew, air John, 3d 
bart. who deceaiing, waa aucceeded b; air 
Henht Hoiabt, 4di biTt. who waa killed in 
a duel with Oliver le Neve, e«). 1G99, and 
waa aucceeded bv hi« son. 

Sir JOHN HOBART, Sth bart who waa 
elected a K.B. rT May 1TS5, and created a 
peer 38 May 1738, by the title of baron Hobart, 
of Bliokling, co. Norfolk, and advanced, 5 
Sept. 1746, In thediimiljafearl of Biuiaag- 
hamAin ; m.latfJti^th da. of Robert Briti£, 
of Beaccnathorpe, co. Norfolk, eaq. and by 
her (who d. T Feb. 1737} had inue, 

1. John, 3d earl. 

t. RoBKBT, d. 33 May I7S3. 

3. DoaoTHY, m. 31 Oct. 1753, air Cbarlea- 
Holham Tbompaon, bart. and d. 1796. 

The earl n. 3d]y, 10 Feb. 1738, Eliiabetb, 
■ialer to Robert Brialow, eaq. and by her 
(who d. IS Sept. 1763) had iasue, 

4. Ghmoe, 3d eari. 

5. HtNBT, niany yean M.P. for Norwich, 
and chainnan of the committee of ways and 
meana, d. 10 March 1799, having n. July 
1761, Anne-Marnret, da. of John Brtatow, 
eaq. by whom (who d. 19 July ITBB) he bad 

1. Henry, in holy orden, canon of Here- 
ford, M. 5 Mav 1800 Mary, da. of air 
Thomaa Beanchamp- Proctor, bart. and 

1. George, b. 6 Sept. 1803, in the 

e. Chai^lea, t. 4 March 1806. 
3. Anne-Catherine, n. 33 Sept. 1T84, 
Montagu Wilkinaon, esq. (who took 

the name of Montagn,) and d. IS Match 
3. Maria-Anne, ■>. in 17BS, John-Henry 
Fraaer, a brigadier-genenl. 

His lordship d. 33 Sept. 1756, and waa aoc- 
ceeded by nis eldest son, 

JOHN, 3d earl, ambaaaadsr to the oonrt of 
St. Petersborgh 1763; and 1776 upointed 
lord-lieut. of n«land ; b. 1733, ■>. IR, 15 July 
1763, Mary- Anne, da. and oo-h. of sir Tbomaa 
DmiT, but. and by her (wbo d. 30 Dec 
1769) had issue, 

1. HAaaiET, b. 7 Aprfl 1763, m. March 
17B0, Armar Conr, 1st earl of Bebnoie, which 
In. wai diaolred by ad of parliament 1793 ; 
and ahe n-m. the same month, William, mar- 
queea of Lothian. 

3. Carounb, b. 34 Feb. 17S7, ■•. Williaa- 
Assbeton Harbord, 3d lord SoSeld. 

3. BoFHiA, b. 5 Apnl 176B, ■. Richard, 3d 
earl of Moant-Edgeiwnibe. 

m. 3dly, 34 S^ 17T0, Caroline, 

36 Jan. 1B17) 
infanta, and one da. 

4. Aheua-Anne, a. eo Feb. 1773, 
bert, 3d and laU 

o. 1//I, jn. ao- 
if Londoodarry, 

eeded by his half-biolbeT, 

GEOBUE, 3d earl,<n. May 1757, AlUnia^ 
la. and co-h. of lord Vere Bertie, 3d son of 

ert, lit duke of Aneaater, by whom (who 

I March 1816) he had iasne. 



1. George-Robert, 5th earl. 
t. Charles, R.N. d, June 1813. 

3. Aoffustua-Edward, in holy orders, pre- 
bendaiy of WoWerhampton, b. 1 ^ot. 
1793, m. 1st, 12 Sept. 1816, Mary, eldest 
da. of the late Jolm Williams, esq. ser- 
eeant-at-law, and hy her (who d, 25 
Jan. 1825) had issue, 

1. Albinia-Franoes, b. S8 June 1817. 

2. Vere-Henrr, b, 8 Dec. 1818. 

3. Frederick- John, b. 6 March 1821. 

4. Ai^rustus-Charles, b, 1 April 1822. 

5. Geornana-Manr, b, 6 Jiuy 1823. 

6. Charles-Edward, 6. 6 Jan. 1825. 
The rer. A.-E. Hobart m. 2dly, 15 
Aosr. 1826^ Mary-Isabella, da. of rev. 
Goafi«y Egremont, and by her has 

7. Geoive- Augustus, b, 2 June 1827. 

8. Wilham-Arthur, 6. Oct. 1828. 

9. Bertie-Henry, b. 18 March, d, 16 
July 1830. 

10. Maria-Catherine, b. 5 July 1831. 

11. Louisa, 6. 16, d, 17 Sept. 1832. 
18. Charlotte-Augusta, 6. 17 July 


13. Lottisa-Selina, 6. 21 July 1834. 

14. A son, b, 18 Feb. 1838. 

4. Albinia-Jane, (to whom and her two 
sisters his late majesty was pleased to 
grant the precedency of earl's daughters 
29 Sept. 1832^) b. 2 May 1788, m. 18 
March 1815, sir Augustus-John Foster, 
bart. son of Elizabeth, duchess of De- 
Yonshirey (by John-Thomas Foster, 

5. Harriet, m. 4 Nov. 1820. Jasper- 
SdtTon Hu^ennan,esq. aide-de-camp to 
the King ofDenmark. 

The hon. G.-V. Hobart m. 2d]y, 26 April 
1802, Janet, da. of colonel Maclean, of Coll, 
^S. and had issue by her, 

6. Vere-Catherine-Louisa, m. 31 JuIt 
1832, IDonald-Cameron, of Lochiel, 

4. Charles, lieut. R.N. killed in the action 
with the count de Grasse. 

5. Henry-Lewis, D.D, dean of Windsor 
and of Wolverhampton, rector of Haseley, co. 
Oxon, and vicar of >i'octon, co. Lincoln, and 
registrar of the order of the garter, in. 5 Oct. 
1824, Charlotte-Selina, 2d da. of Richard 
Moore, esq. of Hampton Court Palace, and 
has issue, 

1. Louisa-Charlotte, 6. 7 Feb. 1826. 

2. A da. still-bom, 30 Jan. 1832. 

3. A da. b. 28 July 1833. 

4. A da. 6. 27 May 1835. 

5. A son, b. 14 Sept. 1836. 

6. A son, b, 3 Feb. 1838. 

7. A da. 6. 9 Feb. 1840. 

6. Albinia, 6. 1759, m. 14 July 1784, 
Richard Cumberland, esq. 

7. Henrietta-Anne-Barbara, 6. 1760, m. 
28 May 1789, the right hon. John Sullivan, of 
Ritchings Park, Herts, and d, 12 Dec. 1828. 

^ 8. Maria-Frances-Mar y, (twin with Hen- 
rietta^ m. George, 2d earl of Guilford. 

9. Charlotte, 6. 1770. m. 28 Mav 1789, 
Edward Disbrowe, of Walton, co. Derby, esq. 
and d. 15 Aug. 1798; he d. 30 Nov. 1818. 

The earl d, 14 Nov. 1804, and was suc- 
ceeded by his eldest son. 

ROBERT, 4th earl, 6. 6 May 1760 ^. 1st, 
4 Jan. 1792. Margaretta, rehct of Thomas 
Adderley, of Innishannon, co. Cork^ esq. by 
whom (who d. 9 Aug. 1796) he had issue, 

Sarah-Aldinia-Louisa^ 0. 22 Feb. 1793, 
m. the right hon. Fredenck-John Robinson, 
now earl of Ripon. 

The earl m. 2dly, 1 June 1799, Eleanor- 
Agnes Eden, da. of William, 1st lord Auck- 
land, and by her had no issue. The earl d, 4 
Feb. 1816, and was succeeded by his nephew, 

GEORGE -ROBERT, present and 5th 

Heir Pretumptive — ^AuousTvs-EDWARD,next 
brother to the earl. 

Creatiom — Baronet, 22 May 1611 ; Baron, 
28 May 1728 ; and Earl, 5 Sept. 1746. 


WILUAM CAVENDISH, Earl of BURLINGTON, and Baron Cavendish, of 

Keighley, co. York, F.R.S. and Chancellor of 
the University of London ; bom 27 April 1808 ; 
succeeded his grandfather, George- Augustus- 
Henry, late earl, 9 May 1834; married, 6 Aug. 
1829, lady Blanche-Georgiana Howard, 4th da. 
of the earl of Carlisle, K.G. and by her (who d. 

27 April 1840) has issue, 1. Willum, lord 

Cavendish, 6. 8 Dec. 1831, H. 16 May 1834; 

^2.8PENCER-COMPTON, lord Cavendish, 

b. 22 July 1833 ; 3. Louisa, b. 16 March 

1835 ; i. Frederick-Charles, b. Nov. 1836 ; 

5. Edward, b. 28 Jan. 1838. 

Aaii»— Sable, three bucks' heads caboshed, ardent. Crest — On a mount vert, a buck 
Blatant proper, wreathed round the neck with a chaplet of roses, argent and azure. 
ScppoaTERs— On the deiter, a buck proper, gorged with a chaplet of roses, argent and 
•nire ; on the unitter, a dragon ermine, duomy gorged and chained or. Motto—" Ca- 
▼eodo tutus." Secure by caution. 





CAVENDISH, 3d wn of WUlUm, ♦th duke 
of DeTonsbire, (iH llui tittt,) iraa created 
buvn Cttveadiih of Keighlej, co. York, and 
earlofBiirfineIau,10SepLlB31,&. SIMarah 
1754, m. 27 Feb. I78S, Eli»brth Compton, 
da. of Charlm, 7th earl of Northampton, b; 
whom (wbo d. 7 April 1835, sL T») he had 

1. 'WiLUIH, ft. 10 Jan. 1783, n. IB July 
1807, Louisa O'Callagan, da. of Comeliiu, 
lat fisconnt Liamore, and d. 14 Jan. 1813, 
leiTing issue, 

I. William, Kd earl. 
i, Fanny, b, 11 April 1809, «. 1 July 
■on of the hon. Frederick Howara, sod 
of Frederick, 5th earl of Carlisle. 

3. Geor^-Henry, who with his brother 
and lister obtained a royal warrant of 
precedence, dated IB March 1837, as 
tons and da. of an earl, b. 19 Aug. 
1810, in the army, and M.P. for the 
northern diriiion of Derby, m. 4 Julj 
1835, Louisa, youngest da. of Henry, 
earl of Harewood, and has isane, 

1. A MO, b. 14 May 1B36. 
a. A da. b. 18 June 1837. 
3. A son, b. 15 Nov. 1838. 

4. Cavendiah-Riehard, (poathumoas,) i. 
3 July 181*. 

«. GiDnoE-Hevnr Compton, major 7th 
dragoons, 6. 14 Oct. 1784, drowned off the 
Manacle Rocks, near Fabnouth, Jan. 1809. 

3. Eliza BETii-DoHoTUY, b. 19 June, and d. 
17 Sept. 1786. 

4. Annk, ft. 11 Not. 1787, m. WOct. IBM, 
ton) Charles Fitiroy, Sd son of the duke of 

5. Hen 


, col. 

t Ufe-)[uardi, chief equi 
clerk-marshal to her majesty, ft. S Nov. 1789, 
m. 1st. £4 Oct 1811, Sarah, youngest da. of 
William- Augustus Fawkener, esa. one of the 
clerks of the priij eoaneil, hy whom (who d. 
Not. 1817) he had issue. 

Bemard-Haroourt, of St. Leonard's, co. 
Berks, esq. 
3. Sarah-AIaiT, ft. 37 Aug. 1813, maid of 
honour to the queen. 

3. Rachael, d. 31 July 1816. 

4. WiUism-Henry-Frederick, b. 31 Oct. 
1817, in the umy, 

Hem. Idly, IS June 1819, Frances-Susan d^ 
of William- Henry Lambton, esq. sister of the 
earl of Durham, and widow of the hon. Fre- 
derick Howard, and had issue, 

5. Francis^*. March 18*0. 

6. Heniy-Charles- Lambton, b. 7 May 
18St, d. 6 Oct. 1839, irt. IB. 

7. Charles, ft. 34 Sept. IBM. 

8. George- Henry, b. !9 Jan. 1824, in the 

9. Augustus-John, ft. 13 Sept. d. t Oct. 

10. Frances, b. 11 Nor. 18S6. 

6. ELiEAasTR, ft. 13 March 1793, d. 36 
May 1794. 

7. Chables-Cohfton, M.P. fbr the eastern 
diTision of Sussei, b. 18 Aug. 1793, «. 18 
June 1814, Catherine-Susannu, eldest da. of 
George, marquess of Huntly, and has issue, 

1. WiUiam-George, ft. 30 Oct. 1815, in 
theai- - 

in. 1837, Thomas Brand, esa. eldest 
surriTinr son of major-gen. uie hou. 
Henry-Otway Trevor, brother of lord 

3. Harriet, ft. 25 Nor. 1890. 
B. Mabi-Louiba, ft. 6 March, d. 7 June 

9. Casdline, 6. 5 April 1797. 

10. FRKDERicK-CoHrroi', ft. tb Oct. 1801, 
d. «■ Jan. IBOe. 

11. CBARL(n-ri,ft,S9 April,(l.ljolyl803. 
His lordshi]) d. 9 May 1834, and wu suc- 
ceeded by his grandson, 

WILLIAM, present and Id eari. 


JOHN CRICHTON-STUART, Marquess of BUTE, E»rl of Windsor, co. 
Berks, Viscount Mouoijoy, oftlie Isle of Wight, 
Baron Mountsluart, of Wortley, co. York. 
Baron Cardiff, of Cnrdiff CnsHe. co. Glamor- 
Kan, in the Peerage of the United Kingdom; 
Earl of Dnmfriea and Bate, Viscount Ayr, 
Monntsluart, and Kingarff, Baron Crichton, of 
Sanquhar, Lord Cuinnoch, Cumra, and Inch- 
itiBmoch, in the Peerage of Scotland ; and a 
Baronet of Nova Scotia, Hereditary Sheriff 
BDd Coroner co. Bute; Keeper of Rothsny 
Csstle 1 Lord-Lieutenant CO. Glamorgan, nod 
High Steward of Banbury; F.R.S. D.C.L. ; 
horn 10 Aug. I7D3 ; succeeded his grnQdfkther, 



John, the late marquess, 16 Not. 1814, and bis maternal grandfather, Patrick, 
earl of Dumfries, 7 April 1806 ; took the name and arms of Crichton, in addition 
to and before Stuart, by royal sign manual, 26 Aug. 1806; married, 28 July 
1818, Maria North, eldest da. of George- Augustus, dd earl of Guilford. 

ARMa — Quarterly: Ist and 4th, or, a fesse chequy argent and azure, with a double 
treasure iiory counterflory gales, Stuart ; 2d and 5d, argent, a lion rampant asure, 
CaicHTON. Crests — ^Ist, a demi-lion rampsnt gules, and over it the motto, '* Nobilis est 
ira leonis," Stuart ; id, a dragon vert, flimes issuinff from the mouth proper, Crxch- 
SupFORTBRs — Dexter j a horse ar^nt, bridled gules. Smuter^ a stag prop^. 


Motto—'' Arito Tiret honore." He flourishes through the honour of his ancestors. 

Sir John Stuart, a son of Robert II. king 
of Scotland, had a grant from his ftther of 
Urge noaseBsions in, and the hereditary 
sheriflsmn of^ the Island of Bute; firom him 

Sir Jakes, who was created a baronet 1637, 
and was grandfather of 

Sir James^ 3d hart, created, 14 April 
170Sy lord Mountstuart^ Cumra, and Inch- 
mamoch, viscount oi Kingarffl and earl of 
Bute, d, 1710, and was succeeded by his son 
and heir, 

James, 2d earl of Bute, m. Anne, da. of 
Archibald, Ist duke of Argyll, and by her 
(who d. 98 Jan. 1723) had, 

1. John, 3d earl. 

2. Mary, m. sir Robert Menzies, of Wem, 
bart. and d, 1773. 

3. Aj«ne, m. James Ruthven, 3d lord 

4. J A KB, m, WilUam Courtenay, esq. and 
d, 21 Jan. 1801. 

5. Grace, m. John Campbell, of Stone- 
field, esq. 

6. James Stuart • Mackenzie, was ap- 
pointed, 1759, envoy extraordinary to the 
king of Sardinia, inherited the name and for- 
taiie of his flpreat-grandfather, sir George 
Mackenzie, of Rosehaugh; m. 1747, Bet^ 
Campbell, 4th da. and oo-h. of John, 2d duke 
o£Ar^U : the d. 13 July 1799, and he d. 6 
Api^ 1800, without issue. 

The earl d, 28 Jan. 1723, and was succeeded 
bj his son, 

John. 3d earL K.G. b. 1713, m. Mary, only 
da. of Edward Wortley Montagu, (eldest son 
of Sidney Wortley Montagu, esq. 2d son of 
Edward,' 1st earl of Sandwich,) by lady 
Manr, dua. of Evelyn, Ist duke of Kingston ; 
by ner O^ho was created, 3 April 1761, 
baroness Mountstuart, of Wortley, co. York, 
with remainder to her issue male by the earl 
of Bute, and d. 13 Nov. 1794^ he had issue, 
five sons and five das. who lived past their 
infancy, viz. 

1. John, 1st marquess. 

2. James- Archibald, b. 19 Sept. 1747, m. 
and had issue. {See oaron Wharncliffe.) 

3. Frederice,^. Sept. 1751, d. 17 May 1802. 

4. Sir Charles, ft. Jan. 1753, a gen. in the 
army, and K.B. nt. 19 April 1778, Anne- 
Lottisa, da. and co-h. of lord Vere Bertie, son 
of Robert, 1st duke of Ancaster, and d, 25 
March 1801, leaving issue by this lady, 

1. Sir Charles, G.C.B. b, 2 Jan. 1780, 
created, Jan. 1828, Baron Stuart de 
RoTBESAY («« that titU), 

2. John -James, capt. R.N. 6. 29 Aug. 

1782, m. 26 Sept 1807, Albinia, da. of 
the right hon. John Sullivan, by lady 
Harriet Hobart, 2d da. of George, 3d 
earl of Buckinghamshire, (who re-m, 
rev. M armaduke Thompson, and d. 3 
June 1827,) d, 19 March 1811, leaving 
an only son, 
Charles, b» 16 March 1810, in the 
army, extra aide-de-camp to sir 
Howard Douglas, lord hish com- 
missioner of the Ionian Islands; 
m. 4 Sept. 1839, Georgiana, eldest 
da. of the late admiral sir John 

5. William, 6. March 1755, D.D. lord 
archbishop of Armagh, and primate of all 
Ireland, m. 3 May 1796, Sophia-Jiiliana, (hu 
of Thomas Penn^ esq. of Stoke Poges, co. 
Bucks, and d. (bemg accidentallj poisoned by 
taking an embrocation in mistake for medi- 
cine) 6 May 1822. leaving issue, 

1. William, 6. 31 Oct. 1798, late M.P. 
for Armagh, m, 8 Aug. 1821, Hen- 
rietta-Mana-Sophia, da. of sir Charles- 
Morice Pole. bart. and has issue, 

1. Mary-Pole, fc. 23 Sept. 1822. 

2. Henrietta-Pole, b. 10 Feb. 1824. 

3. WilUam, 6. 7 March 1825. 

4. Charles-Pole, b, 7 May 1826. 

5. Esme-Clarenoe, 6. 29 May 1827. 

6. Louisa-Pole, b, Aug. 18SS. 

2. Henry, 6. 5 April 1804, sometime 
M.P. for Bedford. 

3. Mary-Juliana, 6. 1797, m. 28 Feb. 
1815, Thomas, viscount Northland, son 
of the earl of Kanfurly . 

4. Louisa, 6. 8 July 1801, d. unm, 29 
Sept. 1823. 

6. Mary, m. James, 1st earl of Lonsdale. 

7. Jans, m. 1 Feb. 1768, George, earl 
Macartney, K.B. and d, his widow, 28 Feb. 
1828, aged 86. 

8. Anne, m. Hu^h, 2d duke of Northum- 
berland, K.G. (which marriage was dissolved 
by act of parliament 1779). 

9. AuousTA. TO. 26 July 1773, capt. Andrew 
Corbett. and d. 5 Dec. 1778. 

10. Caroline, to. John Dawson, 1st earl 
of Portarlington. 

11. Louisa, 6. 15 Aug. 1757. 

The earl d. 10 March 1792, and was succeed- 
ed hr his eldest son, 

JOHN, marquess of Bute, created baron 
Cmrdiff, or Cardiff Castle, 20 May 1766 ; suc- 
ceeded to his mother's barony of Mount- 
stuart, 13 Nov. 1794; and 20 Feb. 1796, he 
was created viscount Mountjoy^ in the Isle 
of Wight, earl of Windsor, co. Berks, and 



marquest of Bute, co. Bute ; b, SO June 1744, 
m. let, 12 Nov. 1766, Charlotte-Jane Hick- 
man, eldest da. and co-n. of Herbert, viscount 
Windsor, and by ber (wbo d, «8 Jan. 1800) 
had issue, 

1. John, lord Mountstuart, b. 25 Sept. 
1767, m. 12 Oct. 1792^ Elizabeth Crichton, 
da. and sole h. of Patrick, earl of Dumfries, 
in the peerage of North Britain, and d. 22 
Jan. 1794, leaving issue by her, (who d, 26 

July 1797,) 

1. John, 2d marquess of Bute, and earl 
of Dumfries. 

2. Patrick-James-Herbert, M.P. for the 
Burghs of Ayr, b, 25 Aue. 1794, who, 
in March 1817, received permission, 
by royal sign manual, that ne and his 
issue may take and use the surname of 
Criehtan in addition and before that of 
Stuart ; and 28 May following, that he 
may enjoy the rank and precedence of 
the younger son of a marquess ; m. 18 
July 1818, Hannah, daughter of Wil- 
liam Tighe, of Woodstock, go. Kil- 
kenny, esq. ; has issue, 

1. £lisabeth-Penelope, 6. 10 May 
1819, d. 17 Jan. 1822. 

2. Maiy-Anne-Frances, 6. 29 Sept. 

3. John-WUliam, 6.1822, d. 23 Feb. 

4. James -Frederick-Dudley, 6. 17 
Feb. 1824. 

5. Herbert -Windsor, b. 5 August 

2. Maria-Aucia-Charxjotte, 6. 28 Oct. 
1768; m. Charles Pinfold, esq. son of governor 

3. Herbert-Windsor, h. 6 May 1770, d, 
unm. 20 Jan. 1825. 

4. Charuotte, 6. 16 July 1771, m. 13 June 
1791, sir William- Jackson Homan, of Dun- 
ham, 00. Westmeath, hart. 

5. Evelyn-James, 6. 7 May 1773. 

6. Elizabeth, 6. 12^ and d. 13 Julv 1774. 

7. Charles, b, 18 July 1775, R.IV . lost in 
the Leda frigate near Madeira, 1796. 

8. Henry, 6. 7 June 1777, d, 12 Aug. 1809, 
having m. 1 July 1802^ Gertrude-Amelia 
Villiers, da. and sole h. of George, last earl of 
Grandison, (which title became extinct 1800,) 
and by her (who d. 30 Aug. 1809) left issue, 
four children, (who were all authorized, by 
royal sign manual 1822, to take the name of 
Villiers, in addition to and before Stuart,) 

1. Henry, created, — May 1839, baron 
Stuart de Decies. (See Baron Stuart 
DB Decies.) 

2. William- ViUiers, M.P. for co. Water- 
ford, b. 21 Aug. 1804. m. 1 June 1833, 
Catherine, only da. ot Michael Coz. of 
Castletown, co. Kilkenny, esq, and has 


1. A son, 6. 3 May 1837. 

2. A son, b. 3 April 1840. 

3. Charles. 6. 11 Sept. 1808, m. Nov. 
1830, Elizabeth, eldest da. of John- 
Rouett Smollett, rear-adm. R.N. 

4. Gertrude-Amelia, b. 1806, d. unm, 21 
Jan. 1826. 

9. William, capt. R.N. b. 18 Nov. 1778, 
d. of a fever on his passage from Jamaica, 28 
July 1814, having m. June 1806, Georgiana 
Maude, da. of Comwallis, viscount Hawarden, 
and bv her (who d. 31 Aug. 1807) had an 
only child, 

Georgiana, 6. Aug. 1807, d. unm. 5 June 

10. Georoe, rear-adm. of the blue, 6. 1 
March 1780, m. 7 Oct. 1800, Jane, da. of 
the late major-gen. James Stewart, and has 

1. John- Windsor, 6. 27 July 1802, d. 9 
March 1826. 

2. Elizabeth-Jane, 6. 18 July 1803. m. 18 
August 1825. John Townshena, esq. 
eldest son of lord John Townshend. 

3. Louisa, b, 4 August 1804, d. 12 Jan. 

4. Emily-Frances, b. 7 Feb. 1806, m. 9 
Jan. 1834, hon. Charles Abbott, bro- 
ther of lord Tenterden. 

5. Henry, ft. 2 Jan. 1806. 

The marquess m. 2dly, 7 Sept. 1800, 
Frances, 2d da. of Thomas Coutts. esq. (sis- 
ter to Susan, countess of GuilforcL and lady 
Burdett,) and by her (who d. 12 Nov. 1832) 
had issue, 

11. Frances, 6. 6 June 1801, m. 15 Sept. 
1823, at Berne, to Dudlev, viscount Sandon, 
son of the earl of Harrowby. 

12. DuDLEY-CouTTS, 6. 11 Jan. 1803, m. in 
Italy, Christiana-Alexandria-Egypta, da. of 
Lucien Buonaparte, prince of Canino, and haa 
a son, 

The marquess d. at Geneva, 16 Nov. 1814, 
and was succeeded by his grandson, 

JOHN, present and 2a marquess, 5th earl 
of Bute, ana 7th earl of Dumfries. 

Heir Pretumfftive — ^Lord Patrick-James- 
Hbrbert Crichtom-Stuart, only brother to 
the marquess. 

CreationM — Lord Crichton, of Sanquhar, 
1485: Viscount Ayr, 1622; Lord Cumnock 
and Earl of Dumfries, 1633; Lord Cumra and 
Inchmarnoch, Viscount Mountstuart and Kin- 
garfT and Earl of Bute, 1703 ; and a Baronet, 
28 March 1627 ; Scots honours : Baron Mount- 
stuart, of Wortley, co. York, 1761; Baron 
Cardiff, of Cardiff Castle, co. Glamorgan, 20 
May 1766 ; Viscount Mountjov, of the Isle of 
Wight, Earl of Windsor, co. Ksrks, and Mar- 
quess of Bute, 20 Feb. 1796. 



GEORGE-ANSON BYRON, Baron BYRON, of Rocbdale, co. Lancaster, 

Captain R.N. a Lord in Waiting to her Majesty ; 
bom 8 March 1789 ; succeeded his cousin, George- 
Gordon, late lord, 19 April 1824; married, 18 
March 1816, Man'-Elizabeth, da. of Sacheverel 
Chandos-Pole, of Radbourne, co. Derby, esq. 

and has issue, 1. Mary-Anne, 6. 20 March 

1817, iM. 4 June 1834, John-Blenkinsopp Coul- 
son, esq. of Blenkinsopp Castle, co. Northum- 
berland ; 2. GEORGE-ANSON, in the army, 

b. 30 June 1818 ; 3. Francis, b. 30 March, d. 

Oct. 1820; 4. Frederick, b. 3 Feb. 1822; 

6. Georgiana, b. 27 April 1824;— —6. 

Harriett, b, 4 Dec. 1826, d. 25 June 1828 ; 7. Augustus, b. 8 June lb28; 

8. William, b. 11 Oct. 1831. 

Arms — Argent, three bendlets enhanced gules. Crest — A mermaid proper. Supportbrs 
— ^Two horses, of a brown bay colour, hoofs or. Motto—'' Crede Bjrron." Believe 

The fiuniljr of Byron appears to have held 
large possessions in Yorksoure, as early as the 
time of William the Conqueror, and soon after 
became possessed of the lordship of Clayton, 
Lancaster. Sir John Byron, of Clayton, 

knt. obtained a erant of the abber of New- 
stead, CO. Notts, trom king Henry VlII. 

Sir JOHN BYRON, distingaished by his 
loyalty^ and serrices to kmg Charles I. was by 
tJtiaz king created, 24 Oct 1643, buron Byron^ 
of Rocluale, co. Lancaster, with limitation of 
the title, on failure of his issue male, to his 
brothers. Richard, William, Robert, Uilbert, 
and Philip. He was field-marshal of the coun- 
ties of Worcester, Salop, Chester, and North 
Wales, and governor of Chester, which he 
bravely defended against the parliamentary 
fioToes, 1645. He was also tutor to the dulte 
of York, afterwards king James II. and dying 
without issue, 1653, was succeeded by his next 

RICHARD, 2d lord, m. Elizabeth, da. of 
George Ruasel, of RatcUffe, co. Notts, and 
dying 1679, was succeeded by his only sur- 
vivinff son, 

WILLIAM, 3d lord, m. EUzabeth, da. of 
John, viscount Chaworth, and dying 13 Nov. 
1695, was succeeded by his only surviving 

WILLIAM, 4th lord, ft. 4 Jan. 1669, m. 
1st. Manr, da. of John, 3d earl of Bridgewater, 
and by her (who d, 11 Anril 1703) had no 
issue J and Solyy Frances-Wilhelmina, 3d da. 
of William Bentinck, 1st earl of Portland, and 
by her had three sons and one da. who all d. 
unm,i his lordship m. 3dly, 1720, Frances, 2d 
da. of William, lord Berkeley, of Stratton. and 
bv her (who m. 2dly. 1740^ sir Thomas Hay, 
o\ East Lothian, bart.) had issue, 

1. Isabella, m. Henry, 4th earl of Car- 

lisle; and 2dly, sir Richard Musgrave, of 
Hayton Castle, co. Cumberland, hart. 

2. WiLUAM, 5th lord. 

3. John, b, 8 Nov. 1723, vice-admiral R.N. 
who was a midshipman on board the Wager, 
one of lord Anson's souadron in his voyage 
round the world, in wnich ship he was cast 
away on a desolate island in the South Seas, 
off the coast of Chili; and, after suffering 
great hardships for more than five years, re- 
turned to England, distinguished himself in 
his profession, and d, 10 April 1786, having 
m. Sophia, da. of John Trevannion. of Car- 
hays, CO. Cornwall, esq. and by her nad, 

1. John, in the army. 6. 7. Feb. 1756, m. 
1st. 1 June 1779, Amelia D'Arcv, da. 
ana sole h. of Robert, 4th earl of Hol- 
demesse. and baron Conyers, a barony 
in fee^ (whose former marriage with 
Francis, 5th duke of Leeds, was dis- 
solved by act of parliament. May 1779,) 
and by her (who d. 1784) had issue, 

1. Augusta, h, 26 Jan. 1783, m. 17 
Aug. 1807, John Leigh, esq. son of 
gen. Charles Leigh. 

He m. 2dly, Catherine, da. and h. of 

Gordon, of Wight, co. Aberdeen. 

esq. (lineally descendea from the earl 
ofHuntly, and the princess Jane Stuart, 
da. of James II. or Scotland,) and by 
her (who d. Aug. 1811) had issue, 

2. GsoaoE-GoROON, 6th lord. 

2. George- Anson, capt. R.N. 6. 30 Nov. 
1758, and d. 11 June 1793, having m. 
Charlotte-Henrietta, da. of Robert Dal- 
las, of Dallas Castle, in the island of 
Jamaica, esq. and by her (who d. 24 
Feb. 1793) had issue, 

1. Isabella-Sopliia-Georgiana, d. 

2. JuUa-Maria-Cfaarlotte- Augusta, m. 



27 May 1817, rev. Robert Heath, 
fellow of St. John's College, Ox- 
3. George Ansov, 7th lord. 

3. Frances, m. gen. Charles Leigh, and d. 
19 Oct. 1823. 

4. Juliana-Elizabeth, m. Ist, her oOusin, 
William B}rron, eldest son of William, 
5th lord : and 2dly, 23 Sept. 1783, sir 
Robert Wilmot, of Osmaston, co. Derby, 
bart. and d, 15 March 1788. 

5. Au^pista-Barbara-Charlotte, m. vice- 
admiral Christopher Parker, son of sir 
Peter Parker, bart. admiral of the fleet. 

4. Richard, b. 28 Oct. 1724, in holy orders, 
M.A. late rector of Hau^rhton, co. Durham, 
m. 1763, Mary, da. of Richard Farmer, esq. 
and d, 5 Nor. 1811, having had issue by her, 
(who d. 9 May 1827,) 

1. Richani, rear-admiral of the white, and 
C.B. m. 23 Sept. 1801, Sarah, da. of 
James Sykes, of Arundel-street, esq. 
and d. 2 Sept. 1837, leaving issue, 

1. Richard, lieut. R.N. 6. 18 Aug. 

2. James, in the armv, 6. 9 Oct. 1803. 

3. John, in holy oraers, b, 21 Sept. 
1804, m. 8 Dec. 1830, Manr, da. of 
WiUiam Richardson, of Leather- 
head, CO. Surrey, esq. 

4. William, 6. 13 Nov. 1805. 

2. John, d. an officer in the army. 

3. Heniy, in holy orders, rector of Mus- 
ton, 00. Leicester, d, 1821. having m. 
18 June 1803, Margaret, eldest da. of 
Thomas Powditch, esq. (who d, 14 
Sept. 1813,) and had issue, 

1. Henry, b, 17 April 1804, m. at 
Gretna, 3 April, and in London, 
10 April 1834, Elisabeth-Jose- 
phine, only da. of James-Byron 
Bradley, M.D. 

2. George, 6. 12 Auff. 1805, in the 
Indian army, d. 23 May 1834. 

3. Elizabeth, b, 6 July 1806, m. 9 
July 1830,George-Roohford Clarke, 

4. Francis, 6. 24 Dee. 1810. 

5. Franoes, b. 29 Oct 1812. 

5. Charles, 6. 6 April 1726, d, 16 May 

6. Gborob, b. 22 April 1730. in the army, 
m. Frances, da. and oo-h. of Elton Levett, of 
Nottingham, esq. and had issue, 

1. Isabella, b, 20 Oct 1754, m. count 
Paravicini-Capelli, and d, 16 Aug. 1834, 
et. 80. 

2. William. 

3. George, d, young. 

4. John, in the army, 6. 14 Sept 1758, d, 
June 1824. 

5. George-Frederick, b. 21 Nov. 1764, 
and d. 1782. 

WilHam, 4th lord, d, 8 Aug. 1736, and was 
succeeded by his son, 

WILLIAM, 5th lord, 6. 5 Nov. 1722. His 
lordship had Uie misfortune to kill William 
Chaworth, esq. in a duel, 26 Jan. 1765, for 
which he wss tried by his peers in Westmin- 
ster Hall, 13 Feb. 1765, and found (pilty of 
manslaughter. 119 of me peers voting him 
guilty, and tne remaininsr 4 not guilty. His 
lordship claimed the benefit of the' statute of 
Edward VI. which their lordships were pleased 
to allow, and he was diseharced aoooraingly, 
on paying his fees. His lordsnip m. 28 March 
1747, Elisabeth, da. of Charles Shaw, of Bes- 
thorpe Hall, oo. Norfolk^ esq. ana by her 
(who d. 5 July 1788) had issue, 

1. William, b. 7 June 1748, d. May 1749. 

2. William, 6. 27 Oct 1749, m. Julianm- 
Elizabeth, 2d da. of his unole, admikal the hon. 
John Byron, and d, 22 Juuq 1776, leaving one 

William, who was killed in Corsica 1794. 

3. Henrietta-Diana, 6. 24 July 1751, and 
d. 1 June 1760. 

4. Caroline, b, 17 Jan. 1755. 

His lordship died without issue male, 19 
Mav 1798, and was succeeded by his great- 

GEORGE-GORDON, 6th lord, the cele- 
brated poet. 6. 22 Jan. 1788^ m. 2 Jan. 1815, 
Anne- Isabella, only child of sir Ralph Noel, 
(late Milbanke,^ bart by Judith, nis wife, 
eldest sister ana co-h. of Thomas NoeL last 
viscount Wentwortl^ and co-h. also of the 
barony of Wentworth. By this lady his lord- 
ship had issue, an onhr child, 

Ada-Auousta, 6. 10 Dec. 1815, m. 8 July 
1835^ William, earl of Lovelace. 

His lordship d, at Mesolonghi, in Greece, 
19 April 1824, and was succeeded by his 

GEORGE- ANSON, present and 7th lord. 

Heir Aftparent — Hon. Georob-Anson By- 
ron, his lordship's son. 

Creatum— 24 0ct 1643. 



GBORGE CADOGAN, Earl CADOGAN, Vwcount Chelsea, co. Middlesex, 

and Baron Cadog^n, of Oakley, co. Bucks; 
also Baron Oakley, of Caversbam, co. Oxon, 
Capt. R.N. C.B. and K.M.T. ; Naval Aide-de- 
camp to the Queen, and a Family Trustee of 
the British Museum ; 60111 5 May 1788 ; created 
Baron Oakley, in the lifetime of his brother, 
1831 ; succeeded his brother, Charles, late earl 
as Earl Cadogan, Viscount Chelsea, and Baron 
Cadogan, 23 Dec. 1832; married, 4 April 1810, 
Louisa- Honoria, 5th da. of Joseph Blake, esq. 
and sister of the Ist viscount Wallscourt, and 

has issue, 1. HENRY-CHARLES, vUeount 

Chelsea^ h. 15 Feb. 1812, m. 12 July 1836, Mary, da. of the hon. and rev. Gerald- 
Valerian Wellesley, D.D. andhasa tfa. b. 22 Feb. 1838; 2. Auousta-Sarah, 

b. 9 Jan. 1811 ; 3. Honoria-Louisa; 4. Gborge, in the army, b. 2 Dec. 

1814 ; &. Horace-William, b. 2 Dec. 1819, d, 24 Feb. 1820; 6. Frede- 
rick-William, b. 16 Dec. 1821. 

A AM»— Quarterly : 1st and 4th, gules, a lion rampant reg^ardant or, Cadogan ; Sd and Sd, 
argent, three boars' heads cou^d sable. Crest — Out of a ducal coronet or, a draron's 
he«d Tert. Supportbrs — Defter, a lion regardant or. Sinister , a drfl^gon regardant, 
wings elevated, rert; each gorged with a doable treasure floiy oounterflory gules. 
Motto—'' Qui invidet minor est. He who envies is the inferior. 

Or this family, who derived their descent 
from the British princes of Powys, was 
Willi AJf Cauogan, ofToestrjvaoh, co. Mon- 
mouth, esq. whose 2d son, Hennr, was seated 
at Lanbeder ; and he marrying Catherine, da. 
of Thomas Stradling, son of Robert, younger 
brother of sir Thomas Stradling. of uie Ca^e 
of St. Donat, by her had Wiinam Cadogan, 
esq. b, 5 Feb. 1601 ; to him succeeded Henry, 
his SOD, who m. Bridget, da. of sir Hardress 
Waller, knt. and by her had two sons wad 
one da. 

1. William, 1st earl Cadogan. 

S. CBAaLzs, Sd lord Cadogan. 

5. Penelope, m. sir Thomas Prendergast. 

WiLUAM UADOGAif, Ist earl CflSog^, 
was a general in the army, wad on the 
death otthe duke of Bfarlborongh, 1773, was 
appointed oomiaander-in^chief of the forces ; 
created, 1716, lord Cadogan; and 8 May 1718 
lord Cadoffm, of Oakley, viscount Caversbam, 
and earl Cadogsn, with remainder of the ba- 
rony of Cadogan, of Oakley, to his brother 
Chsurles. Ha m. Margaretta-Cecilia, da. of 
William Munter, connsellor of the court of 
Holland, and by her (who d. at the Hague 
Aog. 1749) had two das. 

1. SAaAHy III. Charles, 2d duke of Rich- 

2. Maboarbt, m. Charles-John Bentinck, 
esq. 2d son of William, 1st earl of Portland. 

The earl d, without male issue 1726, when 
the title* of baron of Reading, viscount Caver- 
sham, and earl Cadogan, became extinct ; but 
tile barony of Cadagany of Oakley, devolved 
on his brother. 

Charles, 2d lord. m. Elizabeth, da. and 
co-h. of sir Hans Sloane. barL and by her 
(who d. 20 May 1768) had an only son, 

Charles-Sloank, 3d lord. 
His lordship d. 24 Sept. 1776, aged 85, and 
wss succeeded by his only son, 

CHARLES-SLOANE, Sd lord, who was, 
27 Dec 1800, created earl Cadogan and viscount 
CheUea, co. Middlesex, h. 29 Oct. 1728. m. 
1st, 28 May 1747, Frances, da. of the Ist lord 
Montfort, by whom (who d. 20 May 1768) he 
had issue, 

1. Charles-Henry-Sloane, 2d earl. 

2. William-Bromley, 6. 9t 5wa, 1751, in 
holy orders, vicar of Chelsea, m. 4 Dec. 1782. 

Jane, the relict of Bradshaw, esq. and 

d. 18 Jan. 1797, and his widow 19 March 

3. Thomas, 6. 7 Feb. 1752, R.N. lost in 
his majesty's ship Glorieuz, 1782. 

4. GsoROB, 6. 1 Dec. 1754, in the military 
service of the East India Company, killed in 
India, 1780, unin. 

5. feuwARD, 6. 12 Dec. 1758, in the army, 
d, in the island of St Lucia, 1779, unm, 

6. Henry-William, 6. 25 March 1761, d, 
unm. 4 Aug. 1774. 

The earl m. 2dly, 10 Aug. 1777, Manr 
Churchill, eldest da. of Charles Churchill, 
esq. by Mary Walpole, da. of Robert, 1st earl 
of Orrord, (which marriage was dissolved by 
act of parhament April 1797,) and by her 
had issue, 

7. Emily, ft. 26 May 1778. m. 2 June 1802, 
the hon. ana rev. Gerald- Valerian Wellesley, 
brother of Richard, marquess Wellesley, K.G. 


and of Arthur, duke of WeUiogton, K.G. uul 
d. ti Dec. 1809. 

8. IleNHY, b. 26 Feb. 1730, lieut-col. Tlat 
fool, lUin It the hittle of Vittoiis, in Spain, 
21 June 1B13. 

9. CHtHLOiTK, *. n July 1781, m. Ut, M 
Sent. laOi, Hcnrv, lord Cowlpy, (which 

e wBS diisolved in ISIO,) uid Sdly, 
mBrquiSB of Anglesej. 

10. GtOBdt, 3d eul. 

11. Loui»A, ft. 1 Sppl. I7B7. 

IS. Kdward, lieut.-col. in the arm;, b. «5 
April 1789, n. at Orbewan, in France, 99 

marriage n 


Haj i9i3, ElleD, da. of Lawrence Doaonn. 

The earl d. 3 April 1807, and waa au<- 
ceeded by his eldeal son, 

6. IS June 1749, il. tinn. 33 Dec. lS3i, and 

was succeeded by his hrothei, 
GEOBfiE, preient and 3d earL 
Hiir AirpaFeiil—Hr.yifc-CBtKLa, viaooant 

Chelsea, the earl's eldest son. 


ALEXANDER SINCLAIR, Earl of CAITHNESS, Lord Beiriedale, and a 
Bnronet of Nova Scolia, I<ord Lieult^naiil of 
CailhnegBi bom 24 July 1790; succeeded hia 
fntlier, Jamei, lale «firl, Oct. 1823 ; married, 
22 Nov. 18ia, Francis- Hnniett, youngeat da. 
and co-lieir«M of rev. William Leigh, ofRuafa- 
all, CO. Hereford, late dean of Hereford, and 

has iisue. 1. JAMES, lord Berriedale,b. 16 

Dec. 1tt21 ; 2. William-Leioh-Cannisc, A. 

I»25, 1^.3 Jan. 1834 i 3. a SON, fr. 28 May 

hr oaiui i^urv, lu rnuice, nas 
It in Seotlaad. Sir William 
.Sinclair, in the rpign of Alexander I. obtained 
several lands from that liing, as the banmj of 
Rosslyn, in Mid- Lothian- 
William Sinclair, of Roulyn, m. ttap. Da- 
vid II. Isabel da. and co-h. of Malisae, earl 
of Slratbcm, ('aitluieu, and Orkney, and their 
son, Henry Sinclair, obtained the earldom of 

WILLIAM SIXCL.AII), .Sd earl of Ork- 
ney, lord high chancellor of Scotland, obtained 
from king Junes II, a ^frant of the earldom of 
Caithness, to himself and his hein, 28 Ang. 
1145, in consideration, as the charter stales, of 
a claim of h|;ht which be and hia heirs had to 
the lordship of Niddesdale. He was after- 
wards styled eart of Orknen and Caithnai ; 
but in 1471, havinp surrendered to James II 1. 
llie earldom of Orkni]/, he relinquished chat 
title, and was called eart of Caithrua ; he re- 
signed the earldom of Caithness in favour of 
hia son by hia 2d wife, William Sinclair, pass- 
ing by anotlier William Sinclair, the issue of 
his first marriiige. 

WILLIAM, id earl of Caithness, in con- 

•muence of his lather's resiKnation, obtained 

'vse* HI. a charter of the whole lands 

Arms — Qnarterly : aiure and or, in the lit qaarler 
ir, sails furled, and oars erect in saltire, within a double treasure Bory 
for the earldom of OoxNKr ; in tbe 2d and 3d, alien rampant, gules, 
I ship under sail or, for the title of Cutiineab : over all a cross en- 
iNCL.iia. Cii[-«T — A cock, proper. Svpfobters — Two grifEns, wings 
iked and memhered or. Motto — Commit thy work to Ciod. 

of the earldom of Caithness. He was killed 
with his royal master, at the battle of Flodden, 
9 Sept. 1513 : and by Maiy, da. of sir Wil- 
liam Keith, of iDnerugy, had 

JOHN,3d earl, killed in an attempt to take 
poasessiDn of the Orkneys^ 1599; m. EUiabeth. 
da. of William Sutherland, of Duffiu, and bad 

G^OBGE, 4tb earl, who tt 

I. Elizabeth, S 

1. John, master of Cailhneas, d. i 
ther's lifetmie, leaving issue, 

1. Geohoe, 5th earl. 

2. James, of Murcbill, ancestor of tbe Bth 
and 9th earls. 

3. John, of Greenland, ancestor of the 
10th and 11th earla. 

2. Georok, ancestor of the present earl. 

GEORGE, 5th earl, d. 1543, bavinr sur- 
vived his eldest son and grandson, and was 
■ueceeded bv his ifreac-grandson, 

GEORG^,6th earl, who d. without iMue 

Caithness; but both 
the title and estates, after much lili^tion, and 
even blootlahed, were recov— ' — •™' ■■- 
tbe heir male of tbe family. 

?. recovered in 1681 bj 



GEORGE SinclAir, of Keiss, son of Fran- 
cis, Sd son of the 5th earl. He thus became 
7th early but d. unm. 1698, when the title de- 
▼olred on his Sd cousin, 

JOHN, 8th earl, grandson of James, of 
Murchill, above named. He d. 1705, leaving 
three sons: 

ALEXANDER, 9th earl ; 

John, and Fbancis, who all d, s. p. ; the 
earl, the last survivor of them, in 1765, when 
the title devolved on 

WILLIAM, 10th earl, who was 5th in 
descent from John of Greenland above named. 
He was succeeded in 1779 by his son, 

JOHN, 11th earl, who d. without issue 8 
April 1789, when the title acain devolved on 
a rery distant branch of the lamily, becoming 
rested in 

JAMES, 12th earl^ who was 9th in Imeal 
descent from George Smclair, of Mey, youngest 
son of the 4th earl, b. 31 Oct. 1766, m. 2 Jan. 
1784, Jean, 2d da. of Alexander Campbell, 
of Barcaldine, and had issue, 

1. JoBN, 6. 20 July 1788, d, unm, 1802. 

2. AL£XANO£n, 13th earl. 

3. James, major in the army. 6. 24 Oct. 
1797, m. 9 March 1819, Elisabeth, da. of 
George Tritton, of West Hill, Wandsworth, 

4. Patrick-Campbell, 6. 14 July 1800, in 
the Bengal army, m. Miss McGregor, da. of 
the late major-gen. M^Gregor^ E.I.C.S, and 
d. at Banda, in the East Indies, 13 March 

5. Eric-George, b, 19 Aug. 1801, R.N. d, 
26 Sept. 1829. 

6. JOHN, in the army, b. 4 July 1808, m. 22 
Oct 1833, Maria-Petronella, youngest da. of 
John Church, esq. 

7. Janet, m. 10 May 1805, James Buchanan, 
of Ardenconnel, co. Dumbarton, esq. 

8. Helen, 6. 22 Sept. 1786, d, unm, 1 Oct. 

9. Charlotte- Anne, b. 11 March 1792, 
m. 21 May 1810, Alexander-Murray M*Gre- 

for, esq. C.B. cousin of sir John McGregor, 

The earl d, July 1823, and was succeeded by 
his son. 
ALEXANDER, present and 13th earl. 

Heir Apparent — Jaues, lord Berriedale, 
the earl's son. 

CreatioHt — Earl of the co. of Caithness, 2^ 
Aug. 1455 1 and a Baronet of Nova Scotia, 


JAMES-DUPRE ALEXANDER, Earl of CALEDON, Yiscount Alexander, 

and Baron Caledon; horn 27 July 1812; suc- 
ceeded his father, Dupr6, late earl, April 1839 ; 
lieutenant in the Coldstream guards. 

Arms — Per pale, argent and sable a chevron, and in 
base a crescent oounterchanged ; on a canton azure 
a harp or, stringed argent. Crest — A dexter arm 
embowed in armour, the hand holding a sword 
proper. Supporters — Dextery a mermaid with a 
mirror in her right hand proper. Smitter, an ele- 
phant argent. Motto — "Per mare per terras." 
By sea and by land. 

Tsa elder branch of this family was en- 
nobled, 1663, by the title of earl of Stirling, 
in the person of William Alexander, of 
Menstne, secretary of state for Scotland, 
temp, Charles I. 

The eari's ancestor, Andrew Alexander, 
of Londonderry, esa. was attainted, in 1689, 
bT the parliament or Dublin, held by James 
II. aflber his abdication : from him descended 

Nathaniel Alexander, esq. who m. Elisa- 
beth, da. of William M'CIintick, of Dun- 
more, 00. Donegal, esq. and had issue, 

1. William, d, 1774, leaving issue, four 

1. Mansey, who d, 1790, leaving one da. 

2, 3. William and John, who both d, 

4. Robert, many years in the dril ser- 
vice of the ISiSst India Company, and 

one of the council at Madras, who had 
issue, two sons and two das. 
2. Robert, d. 1790, leaving issue, 

1. Nathaniel. D.D. lord bishop of Meath. 
m. Anne, aa. of the right hon. Richara 
Jackson, and had issue. 

2. Henry, sometime chairman of the 
committee of ways and means, m. Miss 
Rivers, and d. 1818, leaving issue. 

3. William, a major-gen. m. and d, leav- 
ing issue. 

3. James, m. 1st, Eliza, da. of capt. 
Thomas Dundas. and had issue, 
1. Eliza-Charlotte, m. 3 Sept. 1825, 
right hon. sir Stratford Canning, 
He m. fdly, 18 Feb. 1813, Charlotte- 
Sophia, eldest da. of Thomas Dash- 
wood, esq. relict of the hon. Charles 


Andrew Bruce, ud hid iune, 
S. ChBTlotle-Sophm, b. 6 Dec. 1819. 

3. Robert, b. 10 Feb. 1B15. 

4. Anne, h. 7 Aug. 1BI7. 

5. Emma, 6. i3 Noi'. 1818. 

ud hu ill 


3. JiHEs, lalewl. 

4. Euz*,n.JtMiuDupre,iif WiltooPu-k, 

JAlllES, lit eul of Cdedon, b. 1730, 
fitted aerenl bigb ■iUiatiom in the Eut 
Indies, sad nu idruiced to the di^itf of 
buon CbWob, 6 June 1789; TUcounl, ^or. 
1797 : and e«rl of Caltdm, «9 Dec. 1800. 
The earl m. 18 Not. 1774, Anne, Id ds. of 
James Crawford, of Crawfbrdalnini,i». Down, 

ew|. and by her (who d. «t Dec. 1777) had 

by tiii ontj ion, 

DUPSE, id earl K.P. one of the repre- 
aentad*e peen for Ireland, b. 14 Dec. 1777, 
m. 16 Oct. IBll, Catberine-frenuto, Sd da. 
of Philip, Sd earl of Hardwieke, K.G. and 
djing April 1839, left iMue, 

JAMES-DUPRE, pre«iit md 3d earl. 

Heir PmuspfiBi — None. 

Cnntiflu— Baron, 6 June 1789: ViKount, 
Not. 1797; Earl, 19 Dec IBOD. 


Norfolk, and a Baronet ; bom 23 June 1787 ; 
■ucceeded hia brother, CliBrlei, tbe Ute lord, 5 
Juiie IH07. 

diC^rent Bt«pa. 

— Qnarterlj: 

_>«,' on a fes 
heada couped o 

Itf OTTO— '" Urwiu diverso, v 

rt and 4th, chequy or and 
ne, CALTHonra; td and 3d, 

Enlesj on a feue areent, between tliree boais 
fada couped or, a lio& pananl attire, Gouoa. 
Cheit — A boar's head erased at tbe neck and 
erect aiute, bristled or, Iwtwenu two wild men, 
wreathed around the templei and loiua, and hold- 
ing in the exterior hand a club erect or. St'P- 
poBTiae — Two wild men, wreathed about the 
temples and loins with oak, and holding in the 
■^ ■ ■■ - '' The same way hj 

The bmil* of Calthohpe anumed the 
name mmii. Henry III. from their reiidence 
at Calthtn^, in NorfolV, of wliich they are 
■aid to have been poMeMed from the Con- 
quest. Sir Jahes Calthobfe, of SuffolV, 
wu kniEhted by Oliver Cromwell, 16.'>6; he 
M. the£. of sir Robert Reynolds, knt. and 
was ntnd&ther of RavNOLM CiLTUonpa, of 
Elveusm, oo. Hants, esq. win m. Barbara, 
da. of Henry, Tiseount Louuerille, and had 
issue, an onlj sou, sir Huibt, and a da. 
Bariani, m. « July 1741, sir Haxav GotiOH, 
of Edg«baslon, co. Warwick, baft. Sir 
Keniv CiLTBOBFi, K.B. the Doly son, d. 
17B0, when the bmjly became extinct in the 
male line i sir HaNRV devised lus estates Co 
bis nephew, sir HiHai GouoH, bait, eldest 
son of his sister, Barbara, lady Gouch, on 

Hia lordship's paternal ancestor, sir Henby 
GouoH, of Terj Hsll, co. Stafford, Irat. had a 

Cnger son, sir Hitman Gouqh, of Edge- 
jm, cx>. Warwick, knt. who accumulated 
a tuge fortune in the East India and China 
tnidea; was knighted 1717, and purctiased 

the manor of Edgebaston. Sir Rkhanl d. 

Feb. 1748, h«ving a son and heir. 

Sir IlBNnv Gouoh, of Edgebaaton, who 

if Elvetham, < 

PUTT, viscount Longue- 
ville), and sister ud sole heiress of sir Henry 
Calthorpe, K.B. and d. 8 June 1774, leavinf 

Sir HENBY GOUGH, Id ban. who aa- 
■luned the name and arms of Collhorpe, in 
1738, paraaant to the will of hia maternal 
uncle, sir Henry Calthorpe, K.B. and suc- 
ceeded also to tbe eatatea, in Norfolk and 
Sufiolk, of James Calthorpe, of Anpton, co. 
Suffolk, esq. and became heir geuenl of the 
family of CiLVRoapx; he was member for 
Bramber 1774, 17B0, and 1784, and was 
created baron Calthorpe, of Caltborpe, 15 
Jnne 1796, b. 1749, ■>. 1 May 1783, Frances^ 

{oungest da. of gen. Benjauun Carpenter, and 
y her (who survived bim and d. 1 Hay 1BS7) 



5. Geobob, Sd lord. 

4. fmEDUHiCKy b, 14 June 1790, m. 12 Aug. 
1825. Charlotte, eldest da. of Heniy-Cluurles, 
6th duke of Beaufort, and has issue, 

1. Charlotte-Georgiana-Franoes, b. 10 
May 18f 4. 

2. Henry-William, b, 13, and <t 25 May 

3. Frederick-Henry- William^ 6. 24 July 

4. George- Arthur, 6. 20 Aug. 1827. 

5. Franoes-Blanche-Anne, o. 11 Nor. 

6. Augustus-Cholmondeley, 6. 8 Nor. 

7. Somerset-John, b. 23 Jan. 1831. 

8. Harriet- Louisa-Esther, 6. 5 July 1832. 

9. 1 July 1833. 

10. Oliyia-Georgiana -Elisabeth, 6. 31 
Aug. 1834. 

11. Susan-Caroline, 6. 14 Aug. 1837. 

5. Wiluam-Otheb, 6. 27 Aug. 1791, d, 

6. John, 6. 5 May 1793, lieut. of the Juno 
frigate, accidentally killed in Jamaica, 10 
June 1816. 

7. Artuue, b, 14 Not. 1796, d, 5 March 

8. Frakcss-Euzabeth, b. 25 March 1785. 

9. Charlotte, 6. 10 June 1788, d,16 May 
1792. ^ 

10. Harriet, 6. 8 Nor. 1794, d. utini. 12 
Feb. 1813. 

11. Maria-Lucy, 6. 18 March 1798, d, 17 
Jan. 1799. 

His lordship d, 16 Maich 1798, and was 
succeeded by nis eldest son, 

CHARLES, 2d lord, b. 22 March 1786. 
who d. unm. 5 June 1807, and was succeeded 
by his next brother, 

GEORGE, present and 3d lord. 

Heir Presumptive — Hon. Frederick Cal- 
THORFE, his loroship's brother. 

Creatioiu — Baronet, 6 April 1728; Baron, 
15 June 1796. 


JOHN-JEFFREYS PRATT, Marquess and Earl CAMDEN, Earl of Breck- 
nock, Yiacount Bayham, and Baron Camden, 
K.6. F.S.A. P.C. Chancellor of the University 
of Cambridge ; one of the Tellers of the Ex- 
chequer ; I^rd-Lieutenant, Yice-Admiral, and 
Custos Rotulorum, co. Kent, and City of Can- 
terbury ; late Master of the Trinity House, and 
late Recorder of Bath; horn 11 Feb. 1750; 
succeeded his father, Charles, the late earl, 18 
April 1794; created, 15 Aug. 1812, Marquess 
Camden, and Earl of Brecknock ; married, 31 
Dec. 1785, Frances, da. and sole h. of William 
Molesworth, of Wembury, co. Devon, esq. 
brother to the late sir John Molesworth, of 
Pencarrow, co. Cornwall, bart. ; and by her (who d, 7 Aug. 1829) bad issue, 

1. Frances-Anne, h, 21 Nov. 1787, d, 9 July 1822$ 2. Georgiana-Eli- 

ZABETH, b. 4 July 1791 ; 3. Caroline-Anne, b. 21 July 1794, m. 28 July 

1825, Alexander-Robert Stewart, esq. Ist cousin of the marquess of Londonderry, 

and d. 7 Oct. 1827; 4. GEORGE-CHARLES, earl of Brecknock, b. 2 Mav 

1799, summoned to parliament by writ Jan. 1835, and placed in his father^ 
barony of Camden, of Camden Place, m. 27 Aug. 1836, Harriet, eldest da. of the 
right rer. George Murray, D.D. bishop of Rochester, and has issue, 1. Frances- 
Sarak'Harrietf h. 25 Nov. 1836; 2. a ton, h, and d. 17 Jan. ia38; 3. Caroline- 
Elizabeth, b. 1 April 1839. 

Arms — Quarterly: 1st and 4th, sable, on a feflse between three elephants' heads erased 
aigen^ as many mullets of the fielo, Pratt ; 2d and dd, sable, a chevron between three 
spears beads argent, the points embrued. Jeffbkys. Crests — ^Ist, an elephant's head 
erased argent, Paatt ; 2d, a dragon's head erased vert, holding in the mouth a sinister 
handy oonped at the wrist gules, and about the neck a ^\d cham, and pendent therefrom 
a portcnlns or, jEvniKys. Supporters — Dexter, a gnffin sable, beak and claws gules, 
gorged with a plain ooUar. argent, cha^gjed with three mullets sable. Sinister, a lion or, 
oduared as the dexter. Motto— *^ Judicium parium, aut lex tems." 
our peers, or ^e law of the land. 

The judgment of 

The marauess's grandfather, sir John I 1719, in his youth was a student in the uni- 
Pkatt, Imt. lord chief jnstiee of England, | versify of Oxford, and applying himself to the 


■t-lair ; he represeated the borougb 
hurat, CO. Bmwci, in the 3d and 4tli pu-I»- 
mentA of Great Britain^ but TBcarMl hw «em( 
on hi* appointmeDt to be one of the juaticea 
of the cnurt of litng's bench, 116 Oct 171-1; 
d. ITli, htving m. lot, Eliubeth, da. and co- 
h. of Ihe rev. Henrr Gre^rj, 3d •on of 
Fnuicii Gregory, of Hordlej, oo. Oifard, «q. 
his isaue by whom ia now eiliDctj hia two 
grkndaoni, John Pratt, of Bayhim Abbey, 
ea(|. and Robert Pntt, of Coacomb, eo. 
Gloucnter, muter in chuicerj, hSTing both 
d. I. p. He m. iilj, Eliubeth, da. of Ihe 
rer. HuRh Wilmn, son of John Wilmn, e>q. 
Mid by her (who d. £8 July 1728) had iaaue, 

1. CiiiiOLiNE, m. Herbert, baron de Mun- 
ater, in Westphalia, kniicht of tlie I'eutonic 
order, and d, V3 Sept. 1805. 

3. Jane, id. Dec. 1738, Nicholas Haidioge, 
of Canbuiy, ro. Surrey, eaq. 

3, AHNE-MtRM, ni. Thoniaa Barret-Len- 
nard, lord Dacre,and<l. 11 Aug. 1306. 

5. Thomai, appointed, Oct.l765,aneor the 
clerks of the treasury, and d. 19 March 1S05, 
aged 98, without issue. 

6. William, an officer in the service of the 
South Sea Company, cast away at sea. 

7. CiMRLts, 1st eari Camden. 

fl. RbsERT, captain in the earl of Albe- 
marle's regimeot of hone, d. in Germany 

CHARLES PRATT, 1« earl Camden, 3d 

Bon, b, 1714, was, 1759, chosen recorder of 
Bath, and the same year appointed attorney^ 
^aeral; in Dec. 1761, constituted chief jus- 
tice of the court of common pleas; and, 17 
July 1765, a peer of Great Britain, by the 
title of lord Camdtn^ baron of Camden, co. 
Kent, and on the reaignation of Robert, earl 
of Northington, he was appointed lord high 
chancellor of Great Britain ; in 17B4 he was 
appointed lord president of the canncil ; and, 
13 May 17B6, adranced to the dignitiea of 
Tiaccunt Baffhawi, and earl Cantde* ; n. Eliia- 
beth, da. and at length sole h. of Nicholas 
Jeflreya. of the Priory, oo. Brecknock, eaq. 
and by her (who d. 10 Dec. 1779) had iaaue, 

1. JoHN-JarrKEYs, id earl and lit mar- 
quess Camden. 

3, FaitNCES, m. Robert, 1st marqaess of 

S. Eluaseth, d. uflSL 31 May IBSe, aged 

i. Sabau, m. 1779, Nicholaa Piic«, of Saint- 
Geld, CO. Down, esq. d. 7 April 1B17. 

5. Jane, m. 15 April 17S0, sir Walter- 
Jamea James, (formerly Head,) of Langley 
Hall, CO. Berks, bart. and d. 1 Sept. 1B«5. 

llie earl d. 18 April 1794, and was stu;- 

Heir AfpanKi — GEonoi-CaAaLES, eai4 of 


Crealimt— Baron, 17 JuW 1765; Visooont 

and Earl of Brecknock, 15 Aug. 1811. 


GEORGE-CHARLES PRATT, (cnmmonly called Earl of Brecknock,) Baron 
CAMDEN, of Camden Place, co. Kent; from 3 May 1799; summoned to parlia- 
ment bjr writ, 8 Jnn. IS36, and pinced in hia father's barony of Camden, of Caot- 
den Place ; married, 37 Au^. 1835, Harriet, eldest da. of the riKht rev. George 
Murray, D.D. bishop of Rochester, and has jasue.— See HARauERS CAMDEN. 

pleased to terminate the abeyance c 
ronj, be being one of the heirs of the body of 
Margaret, the eldest co-heir of Hugb, last lord 
Camoys, grandson of Thomas, lord Camoys, 
wbo sat in parliament in the reign of king 
Richard II. was summoned to parliament by 
writ, dated 14 Sept. IS3&; him 33 Oct. 1797; 
manitd. 3atli July Itt21 , Frances, da. of Pere- 
grine-Edward Towneley, of Towneley, co. 
Lancaster, esq. and has issue, 1 . THOMAS- 
EDWARD, 6. 29 Oct. 1824 ; 2. Fr*\ci8, b. 

6 Jan. lS39i 3. Ednuvd, b. 2 April 1831 ; 

1. CHAKI.OTTE, 5. Catherine; s. 

£Lf ZA ; 7, Maria ;- 

11. Margarbt-Anne. 


-8. AoNEs; 9. Caroline ^ 


•10. Harriett ;■ 

Arms — ^Aznre two ban daneett^ or, a chief argent. Crest — On a rock proper, a bird 
argent with a stone in his mouth. Supporters — Dexter ^ a lion rampant or. Sinister, a 
lion rampant sable. 

Sir Thomas Camoys, of Broadwater, co. 
Sussex, K.G. the representatiTe of a fanuly * 
-which had long enjoyed the honour of the 
peerage, was summoned to parliament from 
7th Rich. II. to 8th Hen. V. He d. 28 Mar. 
9 Hen. V. leaving issue, 

Sir Richard Camoys, knt. who d. v. p. 
leavinf issue. 

1. Hugh, lord Camoys, who succeeded his 
(nrandikther, and d. in his minority 12 Aug. 
4 Hen. VI. whereupon the barony fell into 
abeyance between his two sisters and co-heirs. 

2. Margaret, m. Ralph Radmylde, and 
had issue by him, 

Robert Radmylde, her son and heir. 

S. AuANORA, m. sir Roger Lewknor, knt. 
and <L in the reign of king £dw. lY. leaving 

Robert Radmylde, esq. the son and h. of 
Margaret Camoys, above mentioned, m. £me- 
lyv. da. of James Finnes, lord Saye and Sele, 
and d. '22 June, 35 Hen. VI. leavmg issue, 

1. Sir WiLUAM Radmylde, knt. his son 
and h. who d. 14th Hen. VII. «. p. U 

2. Margaret, m. John Goring, of Burton, 
CO. Sussex, esq. and had issue by lum, John 
Gorine, her son and heir. 

3. £LizABBrH, m. Nicholas Lewknor, esq. 
and had issue. 

John Goring, of Burton, esq. son and heir 
of John Goring, esq. and Margaret Rad- 
mylde, above mentioned, m. Joan, da. of 
Humphrey Hewster, esq. and d. before 1503, 
leaving issue, 

John Goring, of Burton, esa. son and h. 
who m. Constance, sister and oo-n. of Thomas 
Djrke, of Barlavin^n, co. Sussex, esq. and 
d, in 1520, leaving issue. 

Sir WiLUAM Goring, of Burton, knt. son 
and h. m. Elisabeth, da. of John Covert, of 
Slaugham^ co. Sussex, esq. and d. 18 Mardi 
1554, leaving issue, 

Sir Henrt Goring, of Burton, knt. son and 
h. vrho m. Dorothy, da. and co-fa. of William 
Everard, esq. and a. 1594. leaving issue, 

William Goring, of Burton, esq. son and 
h. who m. Anne, da. of Robert Burbich, esq. 
and d. 11 March 1601, leaving issue, 

Sir Henry Goring, of Burton^ knt. son 
and h. who m. Eleanor, da. of sir William 
Kingsnull, of Sidmanton, co. Southampton, 
knt. and d. 16 July 1626, leaving issue. 

Sir WiLUAM Goring, son ana fa. created a 
-baronet, 14 May 1622, m. Bridget, da. of sir 

Edward Francis, knt and d. 1657, leaving 
issue by her, an only son. 

Sir Henry Goring, bsirt. m. Mary, da. and 
co-h. of George Chamberla^rne, of Sherborne, 
CO. Oxford, esq. and d. 8 June 1671, leaving 

1. Sir WiLUAM Goring, barL d. 20 Feb. 
1723, witliout issue. 

2. Henry, d. unm. 16 May 1683. 

3. Anne, only da. m. Richard Biddulph, of 
Biddulph Castle, co. Stafford, esq. and d. 25 
Oct. 1679, set. 21, leaving issue, 

John Biddulph, of Biddulph Castle, esq. 
son and h. who m. Mary, da. of Charles 
Arundell. esq. and dying 12 May 1720, left 
issue by her, (who d. 5 Dec. 1744,) 

1. Francis, d. an infant. 

2. Richard, of Burton, co. Sussex, esq. d, 
unm. in 1767. 

3. Charles Biddulph, of Biddulph and 
Burton, esq. m. Elizabeth, da. of sir Heniy 
Bedingfield, of Oxborough, co. Norfolk, bart. 
and d. 13 May 1784, leaving issue, 

1. John Biddulph, of Burton, esq.d. <. p. 
in Sept. 1835. 

2. Charles Biddulph, d. «. p. 1822. 

3. Thomas Biddulph, d. «. p. 1789. 

4. Maiy, d. an inffuit 

4. Mary, m. 19 April 1732, Thomas Stonor, 
of Stonor, co. Oxford, esq. and d. 14 June 
1778, leaving issjae by him, Cwho d. 2 Feb. 
1772, ) fiYC sons and fi^e das. ; of whom 
Charles, the eldest, hereafter. 

5. Anne, m. Anthony Wright, of Weal- 
side, CO. Essex, esq. and d. 1741, leaving 

Charles Stonor^ eldest son of Thomas 
Stonor and Mary Biddulph, m. 15 Nov. 1765, 
Manr-Eugenia, eldest da. of Michael Blount, 
of Maple l>urham, co. Oxford, esq. and d. 31 
Oct. 1781, leaving issue, 

1. Thomas. 

2. Mary-Eugenia, 6. 23 Jan. 1768. 

3. Frances, 6. 2 Sept. 1779. 

4. Charles, 6. 21 Aug. 1769, m. 6 Feb. 
1794, Querina, da. of Thomas Parry, of Bath, 
esq. and has issue. 

5. John, 6. 10 March 1771, m. 21 May 
1798, Helen, da. of Francis Chadwick, of 
Preston, co. Lancaster, esq. and d. s. p. 

6. Henry. 6. 22 Oct. 1774, m. 4 Nov. 1792, 
Clara, da. o/gen. Harold. 

7. Francis, h, 5 March 1781, d. young. 
Thomas Stonor, 6. 9 Dec 1766, m. 7 Oct. 

* Sir Ralph Camoys, of Broadwater, en- 
ea^ in the baronial wars against king John. 
His SOD, sir Ralph Camoys, was summoned to 
parliament 49 Hen. III. Sir John Camoys, 
son f^ Ralph, died before the 27th Edw. I. 
iMving issue, Ralph Camoys, his son and heir, 
who wasmnninoned to parliament from 7th to 
the 9di £dir. III. Ralph, lord Camoys, was 

succeeded by sir Thomas Camoys, but the re* 
lationship between them is unknown. Sir 
Thomas d. without surviving issue, 11 April, 
46 Edw. III. and was succeeded by Thomas, 
the son and heir of sir John Camoys, but the 
connexion between sir Thomas and sir John 
cannot be traced. 



1795, Catherine, da. of HeBr; Blondell, of 
luce filundell, cc. Laocuter, esq. anil d. 16 
Oct. 1831, learing uiui^, 

1. THOMAS, k>rdC:iMori,m whoMfaTdor 
her majefltj was pleaied to terminate the 
abeyance of Ihe barooj of Camoja. 

3. CiitRLU, b. 1 Deo. 1798, n. 15 Aug. 
1828, Sophia, da. of John, id w>n of George 

Carej, of Torr Abbaj, esq. 
3. Mahy. 

5. Pa«HCii. 

Heir ^pfuranl — The ban. Thomai Edwakii, 
hii lordnbip'a eldeat >od. 

Cratitm—J Richan] II. (1384). 



Lundis, CO. Forfar, and Glenigles, co. Perth, 
— Viscount Duncan, of CamperdowD, and Bni 

Duncan, ofLundie; aucceeded hia father, Adam, 
iBt viacount Dancan, 4 Aag. 1804; advanced 
10 the dignity of E«RL of CAMPERDOWN 
13 Sept. 1831 ; bom 21 March 1786 ; married, 6 
Jan. 1806, Janet, da. of sir Hev Hfttnilton 
Dalrymple, of Bargenny and North Beririck, 

bart. and haa iaaue, 1. AoMi.b. Oct. and d. 

17 Nor. 180&; 3. AlexinjI, b. 31 Oct. 1808, 

d. 1826; 3, Henrietta-Dundas, £. lOJune 

1810, M. 1 Sept. 1833, Joho-Jamea Allen, of 

EiTol Park, esq. 1 4. ADAM.viVcoHiit Dhu- 

rait, M.P. for Southampton, b. 26 March 1812, m. 33 Marvh 1839, Juliaoa- 
CavcndUh, eldest da. of George- Richard Philips, esq. M.P. and has issue, 

b. at Naples, 22 Jan. t640, 5. Elizabeth-Bailue, b. 30 Sept 18l5i- 

Hew-Adam-Dalrvhple-Hahilton, b. 31 Jan. 1820, 

Arhi — Gulea, in chief ttia cinquefbila argent, and in base a hnntiag I 
stringed aiure ; and u augmeatation, in tlie centre chief point a nari 
dent tberefiom a represcntstioii of the gold medal giren for the batCli 
(being two female figures repreflentiog Victory uightiDK on the pi 
galley and crowning Britannia.) and undemestb in gold letten th( 
down." Crest — On wares of Uie sea a dismasted ship proper. Supim 
angel proper rested argent, mantle purple; on the head a celestial i 
right band on an anchor, and holding in the left a palm branch oi 
habited and anned proper ; his left bud supporting a staff, thereon I 
and with (he Dutch republican colours wreathed round the middle of ' 
"Secondis dubiisque rectus." Finn in erei; fortune. And 

wn of tl 

hoialed a liar ai 
the staff. Mot 

Tub eail' 

Alexander Duncan, of Londie, by Anne 
Drummand, of Megina, and grandson of 
William Duncan, ofLundie,) tn. Isabella, da. 
of Peter Murrsy, of Aughtartyre, bart. and 
had issue, two sons, 

1. ALEiANDEa, who fluoceoded at Lundie. 

«. Sir William, M.D. created ■ bart of 
England 14 Aug. 1765, m. 10 BepL 1763, 
Mary, eldest d^ of Sackrille Tufton, 7th earl 
of lluuiet, (by Mary, yoangest da. and co-b. 
of William Sarille, marquess of Hatifai,) but 
dying without issue by her, (who a. 15 July 
1806.) the title of bart. became eitinct. 

Alkxahder Ddkcan, esq. the eldest son, 
aucceeded at Lundie, m. Helena Haldane, of 
GUnagles, oo. Perth, and bad iisae. 

3. Catiiehihi, ■>. James Haldane, of 
Airthrey, co. Stirling, esq. 

4. MAKOAnn, m. WillJamTait, eaq. d. 3T 
Dec. 18IS; and two other das. 

ALiiAHDEH.the eldest son, entered into the 
army, became lieut.-ooL of Gansel's regiment, 
hut dying unm. the estate of Lundie derelTed 
on his o^y brother, 

Adah Dvncan, lat Tiscount Dul^c*^, 
b. 1 July 1731, entered esrly into the R.N. 
and rose to the rank of admiral of the blue, 
baring on Tarious occaaioni greatly distin- 
guiahed himself, particnlarly under admiral 
risoount Keppel. He wss raised to the dig- 
nity of liscount Duwnn, of Camperdown, and 
baron ofLundie, 30 Oct. 17W, for the memora- 

teroffCamperdoirn ; and his majesty waapleM- 
ed to grant m 1796 an annuiVorSOOOL paann. 



to his lordship and the two next successors in 
the title. Ine viscount was also honoured 
with the Order of Merit of St. Alexander 
Newsky, by the emperor of Russia. The 
viscount m. Henrietta, 2d da. of the right hon. 
Robert Dundas. lord president of the court of 
session, and M.P. for co. Edinburgh, elder 
brother of Henrjr. 1st viscount MelviUe, and 
by her, who d. 8 Dec. 1832, had issue, 

1. RoBERT-DuNDAs, 2d visoouut and Ist 

2. Sir Henrv, who together with his sis- 
ters had a warrant of pr«^ence as the son 
and daughters of an earl, 29 Oct. 1833; capt. 
R.N. C.B. and K.C.H.; m. 22 April 1823, 
Mary - Simpson^ daughter of capt. James 
Coutts Crawftnra, R.N. and grandda. of the 
late Alexander Duncan^ of Restalrig, esq. 
and d, 1 Nov. 1835, leaving issue, 

1. Adam- Alexander, b. 25 June 1824. 

2. Anne-Mary, b, 31 May 1825. 

3. Henry - Robert, 6. and d. 17 April 

3. Janb, 6. 30 March 1778, m. 19 May 
1800, sir Hu^h Dalrymple Hanulton, hart, of 
North Berwick and Bargenny. 

4. Henrietta, m. 5 Dec. 1804, sir James 
Ferguson, of Kilkerran, co.* Ayr, iMurt. 

5. Adamiva, m. 8 June 1825, John Hamil- 
ton Dalrymple, viscount of Stair. 

6. Mary-Tufton, m. 20 July 1813, James 
Dundas, of Dundas, esq. 

7. Catherine, d. unm. 15 Sept, 1833. 
The viscount d, 4 Aug. 1804, and was suc- 
ceeded by his eldest son, 

ROBERT-DUNDAS, 2d viscount and 
present earl. 

Heir Apparent — Adam, viscount Duncan, 
the earl's eldest surviving son. 

Creations — Viscount and Baron, 30 Oct. 
1797 ; Earl, 12 Sept. 1831. 


CHARLES-JOHN CANNING, Viscount CANNING, of Kilbrahan, co. Kil- 
kenny ; a Ranker of the New Forest, Hamp<* 
shire } bwm 14 Dec. 1S12 ; sacceeded his mother, 
Joan, yiscountess Canning, 15 March 1837; 
tnarriedf 5 Sept. 1836, Charlotte, da. of Charles, 
lord Stuart de Rothesay* 

Arms — Quarterly of four: 1st, argent, three Moors* 

heads couped, in profile proper, wreathed round 

the temples ai^ent and azure, Canning ; jSd, gul^, 

three spear heads palewise in fesse argent, Solman ; 

3d, gules, a goat saliant or, Marshall; 4th, as 

the 1st. Crest — A demi-lion rampant argent, 

charged with three trefoils vert, holding in the 

dexter paw an arrow ; pheoned and flighted proper, 

shaft or. Supportbrs — Dexter^ a lion ardent, charged on the shoulder with three trefoils 

slipped vert, and holding in the sinister fore paw an arrow, point downwards. Sinitterf 

a cormorant holding in its beak a piece of laver, all proper. Motto — ** Ne cede malis^ 

" Yiela not to misfortune, but oppose them. 

sed contra. 

Tbb family of Canning was seated as early 
ss temp, Henry VI. at Foxcote, co. Warwick, 
where the elder branch still continues. 
Georob Canning, 4th son of Richard Can- 
ning, of Foxcote, went over to Ireland at the 
commencement of the 17th century, and set- 
tled at Garvagh, co. Londonderry, of which 
manor he had a grant from queen Elizabeth. 
He d. about 1646, leaving issue, 

IViLUAjf, who was &tner of George, father 

George Canning, of Garvagh, esq. lieut*- 
col. of the Londonderry militia, m. Abigail, 
4th da. of Robert Stratford, of Baltinghss, 
(and aunt of John, Ist earl of Aldborough,) 
oy whom he left issue, a son, 

Stratforo Canning, of Garvagh, esq. m. 
Utitia, da. and h. of Obadiah Newburgh, of 
Ballyhaise. oo. Cavan, and d, 30 Sept. 1775, 
having had issue, 

1. George, of whom hereafter. 

2. Paul, father of lord Garvagh (tee that 


3. Stratford, of London^ merchant, m. 
Mehetabel, da. of Robert Patnck, of Sommer- 
ville^ CO. Dublin, esq. and d. May 1787, 
leaving issue, 

1. Henry, consul-gen. at Hamburgh, m. 
and has issue. 

2. William, in holy orders, canon of 

3. Charles, aide-de-camp to the duke of 
Wellington, killed at Waterloo. 

4. The right hon. sir Stratford, G.C.B. 
successively envoy and ambassador ex- 
traordinary, and minister plenipoten- 
tiary to the Swiss and American 
republics, to the Porte, and to the 
courts of St. Peiersbui^rh and Madrid, 
m. 1st, Harriet^ da. of Thomas Raikes, 


eldesi ___ 

M.P. nephew of Ist eu-l of Ci 

1, Ada. 4. 16 Dec. 18«6, U Con- 

9. A dik ft. 13 May 18i8. 

3. A do. 6. M Julj 1835. 

4. A di. 6. «S SepL 183T. 

5, Elizabeth, m. GeorKe-Henrr Barnelt, 


4. M*HT, Ri. the rev. Henry Beroud, Ma 
of Williiun, bishop of Deny, and d. 1770. 

5. ELriABETii, m. 14 Dec. 177fi, Weatby 
Perceval, esq. 

Geoboe Cannino, of the Middle Temple, 
barrister-at-latr, d, in hia father's lifetime, B 
April 1771, leaving an only son. 

The right hon, Geoboe Cinhiho, entered 
eari; into public life, after having diatin- 
niisbed himself both at Eton and Oxford ; 
he filled vojiouB high offices in the govern- 

of the exchequer ; he m. Joao, joungeat da. 
aud co-h. of DiBJor-gen. John Soott, of Bal- 
comie, and d. B Aug. lBf7, hiving filled the 
"""" "' — ' "~i»ter only a few months; 

1. Geo 

., b. «5 April leoi.d. 

capt. R.N. b. 16 Dec. 

March li 


1801,(1. unm.«4 Sept. 1 

4. Harmiett, b. 13 April 1804, m. Ulich- 
Johc, moitiueM of Claoricarde. 

eu Cuming, of Kilbrshan, co. Kilkenny, by 
patent, Si Jan. 181S, with remtinder to the 
heits male of her body by hi ' 
-id dying 15 March 1837, m 


Canterbury, Rod Baron Botlesford, of Boltes- 
ford, CO, Leicester, P.C. G.C.B. manj years 
Speaker of the HooBe of Commana, for tbe 
unequftiled ability displayed in ralfilling the 
arduous dutiea of which office, he was created 
B Civil Knight GrRnd CroM of the most hoo- 
ourable order of the Bath, and subsequently 
raised to the dienity of a Viecount and Baron 
of the United Kingdom by patent, ID March 
1835; ioniagjan. 17S0; mairierf, lal, S July 
IBll, Lucy-Maria-Charlotle.da. of John Den- 
nison, of Ossington, co. Nottingham, esq. by 

whom (who d. 7 Dec. IS15) he had issue, 

I. CHARLES-JOHN, b. 17 April 1S12, re- 

IcUtrar of the faculties ; 2. JoHN-HENRY-TnoMitB, b. 27 Hay 1814, M.P. for 

Cn mb ridge, m. 5 July 1838, Georgina, youngest da. of Charles Tompson, of 

Witchingbam Hall, co. Norfolk, esq. aod bas iesne, a da. b. 12 July 1839 ; 

3. Chahlotte-HjITILDA, b. 30 Nor. 1816, m. Richard Sanderson, of Belgrave 
Square, esq. H,P. His lordship ni. 2dly, 6 Dec. 1628, Ellen, da. of Edmund 
Power, of Curragheen, co. Waterford, relict of JohD-Home Purres, esq, and 

sister of tbe countess of Blessington, and bos issue, 4. Frances-Dian*, b. 17 

Dec. 1839; A. a son, still-born, 17 Feb. 1831. 

Arh> — Quarterly: ]«t and 4di, argent, a canton sable, Sutton ; fd and 3d, ar, two ban 
Hure, a chief quarterly, axure and giJea, the l»t charged with two fleura-de-lis or, tbe Sd 
charged with a lion nusant regardant or, M^NNaas. CaEsr — On a chapeau gulee, turned 
up ermine, a peacoci in pride, proper. SucpOBTEaB — On either aide an unicorn argent, 
armed, maned, tutUd, and uncled, or; around the oeck of tbe duUr, a chain of tbe last, 
Iberelnim pendent an escocheon aiure, charged with a mace erect of tbe second ; around 
the neck of the liiatltr, ■ like chain, therefrom pendent an escocheon, also aaore, changed 
withan aicbiepiscopal milie. Motto — " Pour y parvenir." In order to accomplish. 



tlM> surname of SunoN, in addition to that 
of Manners, upon the aeath of hia brother, 
Robert Maanera-Sutton, 1762, b. 8 March 
1723, m. 5 Dec. 1749, Diana, only da. of 
Thomas Chaolin, of Blanknej, co. Lincoln, 
esq. and by her (who rf. 13 May 1767) had 

1. Georgb, M.P. for Grantham and Bram- 
ber, d.unm, Feb. 1804. 

2. John, b. 29 July 1752^ m. Anne, natural 
da. of John, marquess of Granby, and d. 17 
Feb. 1826. having^ had issue. 

1. John, b. Jan. 1779, a. unm, 

2. Robert^ rf. 1815. 

S. Frederick, in holy orders, b. 1784, m. 
2 Sept 1821, Henrietta-Barbara, da. 
of Jonn, 7th earl of Scarborough, and 
d, 30 Aug. 1826, leaving issue by her 
f who Tt'tn. 24 Aug. 1837, John Lodge 
KUeiton, esq. 

1. A son, 6. 1822. 

2. A son, b. 24 Dec. 1824. 

4. George, commander R.N. d, 13 Jan. 

5. Thomafl, in holy orders, canon resi- 
dentiary and subndean of Lincoln, and 
rector of Great Chart, Kent, m, 23 
Not. 1826, Lucy-Sarah, only child of 
the rer. H. S. Mortimer, rector of 
Kington Magna. 

6. Georgiana, m. 20 May 1812. Robert 
Nassau-Sutton, esq. uncle or sir R. 
Sutton, bart. 

3. Robert, 6. 20 Jan. 1754, blown up in 
his majesty's ship Ardent, unm. 

4. The right hon. Charles, D.D. arch- 
bishop of Canterbury, fc. 17 Feb. 1755, con- 
secrated bishop of Norwich 1792, and trans- 
lated to the metropolitan see of CaAterbury 
1805, m. 3 April 1778, Mary, da. of Thomas 
llwroton, of Scrireton, co. Nottingham, esq. 
and d. 21 July 1828, having had issue by her, 
(who survived him, and d,iO March 1832,) 

1. CHARLES, created viscount Canter- 
bury, as above. 

2. Hemy, b. 31 Jan. 1781, d, young. 

3. Francis, a lieut.-col. in the army, b. 5 
Feb. 1783/ d. 5 March 1825, having 

m'. 27 July 1814, Mary, eldest da. of 
Laver Oliver, of Brill House, Bucks, 
esq. and had one son. 

Francis, 6. 30 Apnl 1815, d, 1816. 

4. Orlando, 6. 22 July 1784, d. youn^. 

5. Thomas-Clinton, ft. 27 Nov, 1789, d, 

6. Mary, b, 2 March 1779, m. 19 May 
1806, the hon. Hugh Percy, D.D. lord 
bishop of Carlisle, 3d son of Algernon, 
earl of Beverley, and d. 4 Sept. 1831. 

7. Diana, 6. 15 Feb. 1782, d. unm, Jan. 

8. Louisa, b. 17 Aug. 1785. 

9. Charlotte, 6. 4 Dec. 1786, m. 5 Oct. 
1812, rev. Charles Croft, archdeacon 
andprebendary of Canterbury, and d, 
14 Feb. 1825. 

10. Frances. 6. 21 Dec. 1787. 

11. Anna-Maria, 6. 30 Oct. 1790. 

12. Isabelk, 6. 5 Dec. 1791, m. 30 Nov. 
1830, Henry-William Chichester, of 
Lincoln's Inn, esq. 

13. Catharine, 6. 8 July 1794. 

14. Rachael, 6. 6 Oct. 1795, d. 1805. 

15. Caroline, 6. 12 May 1797, m. Sept. 
1830, rev. Charles Chichester. 

5. William, d, young. 

6. Thomas, ford Manners (see that title). 

7. Francis, capL in the army, d, unm, 

8. Diana, m. 21 April 1778, Francis Dick- 
ens, esq. of Branches Park, co. Suffolk, and 
WoUaston HaU, late M.P. co. Northampton. 

9. Henrietta, d, young. 

10. Louisa-Bridoet, 6. 1761, m. Edward 
Perceval Lockwood, esq. d. 5 Feb. 1800. 

11. Charlotte, b. 1764, m. 16 June 1789, 
Thomas Lockwood. esq. and d. 19 Feb. 1827. 

12. Mary, 6. 2 July 1766. m. 2 July 1799, 
the rev. Richard Lockwooa, of Fifield, co. 
Essex, and d. 20 Nov. 1829. 

Lord George Manners-Sutton, m. 2dly, 5 
Feb. 1768^ Mary, da. of Joshua Peart, esq. 
and d. 7 Jan. 1783. 

Heir Apparent — Hon. Charles Manners* 
Sutton, in^ lordship's eldest son. 

Creation— 10 March 1835. 


JOHN EVANS-FREKE, Baron CARBERY, of Carbery, co. Cork, and a 

Baronet of Ireland, one of the Representative 
Peers for Ireland ; bom 11 Nov. 1765; succeeded 
his cousin, John, the late lord, 4 March 1807 ; 
married, 26 Jan. 1783, Catharine-Charlotte, 3d 
da. of Arthur -Saunders, 2d earl of Arran, by 
Catharine, only da. of William Annesley, vis- 
count Gierawley, by whom he has no issue. 

Arms — Quarterly : 1st and 4th, sable, two bars, and 
in chief three mullets or. Frekb; id and 3a, ar- 

?ent, three boars' heacu couped sable, Evans. 
Irests — 1st, a bull's head ooup^ at the neck sable, 
colhured and chained or, Frfke ; 9d, a demi-lioc 



nmpant regardant or, holding in the paws a boar's head sable, Evans. StrppoRTEBS— 
Two lions regardant or, ducaUj crowned azure. Motto—'' Libertas." Libertj. 

The family of which lord Carberjr is the 
head is of Welsh extraction, and was ori^nally 
seated in Caermarthenshire, in the principality 
of Wales, from whence a branch ot it removed 
in the reign of James I. to Ireland. 

John Evans, tlie first of the family that 
rame over, settled at Limerick, where ne was 
living in 16^8. He was mat-grandfather of 
the Ist lord Carbery. and left issue. 

1. George, of Balljrphilip, co. Cork, after- 
wards of Ballygrennane Castle, co. Limerick. 

^, John, a col. in the army, who had issue, 

1. John. 

2. William. 

3. Simeon. 

3. Deborah, m. John Bentley, esq. 

4. Catherine, m. George Voakes, esq. 

5. Eleanor, m. Francis Taylour, of Ask- 
eaton, co. Limerick, eso. maternal ancestor of 
the earl of Carrick and lord Massy. 

George Evans, esq. (the elder son) served 
in the army raised to suppress the rebellion of 
1641, which bein^ endea, he settled at Bally- 
grennane Castle, m the co. of Limerick, where, 
and in the co. of Cork, he acquired a consi- 
derable estate by a grant of lands under the 
acts of settlement, and by several purchases. 
He m. Anne, da. of Thomas Bowerman, of 
Coolinah, co. Cork, esq. and had issue, 

1. Right hon. George (his successor^ 

2. John, of Miltown Castle, co. Corlc, was 
bred at Gray's Inn to the profession of the 
law, but at the Revolution he quitted his studies 
for a military life, and became afterwards a 
conunander in the navy, in which service he 
d. in 1723, s. p, 

3. Anne. m. Chriatopher Rye, of Rye 
Court, CO. Cork, esq. 

George Evans, esq. d, in 1707, and was 
succeeded in estate by his eldest son. 

Right hon. George Evans, of Caherass, co. 
Limerick ; he also was bred to the profession 
of the law, but following the example of his 
father and brother, he became verjr active in 
promoting the revolution of 1688. After the 
reduction of Ireland by king William, he was 
returned to parliament for Charleville, in the 
CO. of Cork, called to the privy council, made 
custos rotulorum of the co. of Limerick, which 
CO. he represented in parliament in 1695. On 
the accession of George I. to the throne, he 
was offered a peerage, but declined it, and it 
was then conferred on his son ; m. in 1679, 
Mary, da. of John Eyre, of Eyre-court Castle, 
CO. Gal way, M.P. for tnat co. in several par- 
liaments, and d. May 1720, leaving issue, 

1. George, 1st lord. 

2. Eyre, of Portrahem, co. Dublin, M.P. 
in 1717, for the co. of Limerick, m. Stfah, 2d 
da. and co-h. ofThomas Dixon, of Ballylackyn, 
CO. Cork, esq. (by EUzabeth, onlv da. and h. 
of Edward Bolton, of ClonrusLe, Queen's 
County, esq.) and had issue, 

1. Mary, m. William Massy, esq. bro- 
ther of Hugh, 1st lord Massy. 

2. Dorothy, m, — Connor, esq.but d. s. p. 

3. EUzabeth. m. Jan. 1769, WOliam 
Evans, of Ardrigh, co. Kildare, esq. 

4. George. M.P. for Queen's County, 
and collector of Maryborough, m. 14 
Dec. 1750, Elizabeth. 2d da. of Ueut.- 
gen. Robert Napier, out d. «. p. 

5. Charles, in the army, d, unm. Aug. 

6. Hampden, eventually successor at 
Portninem, m. Jan. 1769, Mai^aret, 
da. of Joshua Davies, eso. and d, 22 
April 1820, having had tnirteen chil- 
dren^ but left only the following issue 

1. George, of Portrahem aforesaid, 
M.P. m. 21 Aug. 1805, Sophia, 
only da. of the right hon. sir John 
Pamell, of Rathleague, Queen's 
County, hart sometime chancellor 
of the exchequer in Ireland, and 
is «. p. 

2. Joshua, commissioner of bank- 

3. Evre. 

4. Alary, m. general William Law- 
less, of the French service. 

5. Anne-Dorothea, m. Geoive Put- 
land, of Bray Head, co. mcklow, 

6. Sydney-Elizabeth, m. rev. Thomas 
Acton, of West Acton, co. Wick- 

7. Robert ; 8. John ; 9. Dixon ; all d. t, v. 
3. Thomas, of Miltown Castle^ co. Cork, 

M.P. in 1737, for Castle Martyr, in the same 
CO. m. Marjr, da. of John Waller, of Castle 
Town, CO. l!jmerick, esq. (lineal descendant of 
sir Hflutlress Waller, the republican general,) 
and d, 15 Sept. 1753, having had issue, 

1. George, d. an infant. 

2. Eyre, of Miltown Castle, m. Sept. 
1756f Mary, only da. and h. of lliomas- 
Morrice Williains, of Ringauny, co. 
Longford, esq. and d. 5 April 1773, 
having by her (who d, 29 Nov. 1825, 
aged 86) had issue, . 

1. Mary, m. 17 April 1781, rev. Jo- 
nathan Bruce, of Springfort, co. 
Cork^ and d. 9 Feb. 1837. 

2. Abigail, m. 6 July 1796, rev. 
William Stopford, rector of umtty- 
cloyne and Grenagh, oo. Cork, 
great-nephew of James, 1st earl of 

3. Elizabeth, d. unm. 

4. Catherine, m. 1792,Thoinas Iloyd, 
of Beechmount, co. Limerick, esq. 

5. A posthumous son and successor. 
Eyre, of Ash Hill, oo. Limerick, 
6. 23 May 1773, m. 20 March 
1805, Anna, eldest da. of Robert 
Maunsell^ co. Limeridc, eso. for- 
merly chief of Gangam, in Indiay 
and has issue, 

1. Eyre, 5. 5 May 1806, in the 
army, m. 6 Dec 1837, Sophia, 
5th da. of sir Edward Crofton, 
bart. eldest son of Anne, ba- 
roness Crofton. 

2. Robert-Maunsell, b, 4 May 



1806, in holy orders, m. 6 Feb. 
1835, Deborah, 4th da. of 
WiUiam-Casaubon Purdon, of 
Tinerana, co. Clare, esq. 

3. Geor^-Thomas, 6. 17 Dec. 
1809, in the army. 

4. Anna-Maria-Stone, b. 13 Jane 
1813, m. 5 Feb. 1836, rev. 
Robert-Hedge8-£3rire Maan- 
aeU, grandson of William, 1st 
earl of Listowell. 

5. Thomas- Williams, b. 6 March 

6. John-Freke, b, 6 Feb. 1817. 

7. Caroline-Louisa, 6. 7 Sept. 

8. Henry-Frederick, 6. 13 April 

9. Elisabeth, 6. 10 AprU 1825. 

3. Thomas-W aUer, rector of Dunmanway, 
CO. Cork, m. 21 April 1763, Catherine, 
only da. of James Darcy, of Knocka- 
derrv, co. Limerick, esq. and sole h. to 
her brother, col. James Darcy, and d, 
94 Feb. 1797, leading issue, 

1. Thomas D'Arcy, who, with his 
brother James, took the name of 
D*Arcy before Eyans, m. 1814, 
Brabazon, da. of Richard Taylor. 
Holljfpark, CO. Limerick, esq. ana 
d. i. p. 10 Dec. 1833. 

2. James D'Arcy, m. May 1800, 
Arabella, da. of Samuel Leake, 
esq. by whom (who d. 20 March 
1833) he had issue, 

1. Catherine, m. 6 July 1832, 
Robert-Deane Hay, esq. R.N. 

2. Elizabeth, m. 15 Aug. 1829, 
John Lucas, esq. 

3. Emil^-Maiy. 

4. Mananne. m. 11 Sept. 1835, 
Thomas- William Locke, of 
Castleview, co. Limerick, esq. 

5. Thomas, 6. 12 March 1806, 
m. 21 May 1835, Thomasina- 
Eliza, youngest da. of John- 
Boles HeeTes, of Belfort, co. 
Cork, esq. 

6. James, 6. 1 May 1812, d. 

7. John, b. 29 Sept. 1817. 

8. Arabella. 

He m. 2dly, Jan. 1834, Anne, widow 
of John fitzgerald, esq. 

3. Evre, m. 16 May 1821, Elisabeth, 
elaest da. of Thomas Austin, esq. 
and has issue. 

4. John, capt. 24th regt. killed at 
the battle of Talarera. 

5. Elizabeth-Waller. 

6. Catherine, m. 4 July 1800, Samp- 
son Beamish, of Kihnaloda, co. 
Cork, esq 

4. John. capt. 18th regt. m, Catherine, 
da. oi Robert Gookin, of Court Mac- 
sherry, 00. Cork, esq. and widow of 
James Harris, esq. and d. «. p. 

5. Mary^ m. 1753, George Bruce, esq. 2d 
son of Jonathan Bruce, D.D. dean of 
Kilfenora, and d, Feb. 1799. 

6 Dorothy, m. Thomas Lucas, of Rich- 
fordstown, co. Cork, esq. 
4. Mary, m. Arthur Hyde, of Castle Hyde, 

CO. Cork, esq. 

5. Anne, m. John Bateman, of Killeen, co. 
Kerry, esq. 

6. Jane, m. in 1702, Chidley Coote, D.D. 
of Ashe Hill, co. Limerick, ancestor of the 
barons Castleooote, (extinct 1827,) and of sir 
Charles- Henry Coote, of Ballyfin, Queen's 
County, hart. M.P. for that county. 

7. Elizabeth, m. Hugh Massy, of Duntry- 
league, co. Limerick, esq. by whom she was 
mother of Hugh, 1st lora Massy, and Eyre, 
1st lord Clarina. 

8. Dorothy, n». right hon. John Foster, 
lord-chief-justice of the common pleas. 

9. Emilia, m. William Crowe, D.D. dean 
of Clonfert. 

10. Catherine, m. sir Richard Coz, of 
Dunmanevay. co. Cork, barL 

GEORGE, eldest son of the right hon. 
George Erans, was, 9 May 1715, (during his 
father's lifetime,) created baron Carberyy with 
remainder, in default of issue male of his 
body, to the issue male of his father, m. 4 
May 1703, Anne, da. of William Stafford, of 
Blatherwick Hall, co. Northampton, esq. and 
co-h. to her brother William Staffora, and by 
her (who d. 30 Not. 1757) had issue, 

1. Anne, m. 19 Nov. 1734, major Charles 
du Terme. 

2. Stafford, d. an infant. 

3. George, 2d lord. 

4. WiLUAM, d. young. 

5. John, of Bulffaden Hall, grandfather of 
the present lord, of whom hereafter. 

His lordship d, 28 Aug. 1749, and was suc- 
ceeded by his son, 

GEORGE EVANS, 2d lord Carbery, m. 
23 May 1732, Frances, 2d da. of Richard, 5th 
viscount Fitzwilliam, (by Frances, only da. of 
sir John Shelley, of MicnelgroYe, oo. Sussex, 
hart, by Richard Neyille, only da. of George, 
lord Aoergavenny,) and had issue, 

1. George, 3d lord. 

2. John, 5th lord. 

3. William, d. young. 

4. Frances-Anne, m. Ist, 15 Oct. 1756, 
Edward- Warter Wilson, esa. ; and 2dly, Ele- 
azer Davy, of Ubbeston Hall, co. Suffolk, esq. 
and d, 12 July 1802. 

His lordship d. 2 Feb. 1759, and was suc- 
ceeded by his eldest son, 

GEORGE, 3d lord, m. 1st, 7 Feb. 1760, 
Juliana, 3d da. of Baptist Noel. 4th earl of 
Gainsborough, and haa issue by ner, (who d, 
18 Dec. 1760,) an only child, 

Juliana, 6.11 Dec. 1760, m. 16 April 1782, 
Edward-Hartop Wieley, of Dalby House, co. 
Leicester, esq. and a. 20 May 1807. 

His lordship m. 2dly, 13 Dec. 1762. EUza- 
beth, 3d da. of Christopher Horton, oi^Catton 
HaU, CO. Derby, esq. and had issue by her, 
(who d. 14 June 1789,) an only son, 

George, 4th lord. 
His lordship d. 26 May 1783, and was suc- 
ceeded by his only son, 

GEORGE, 4th lord, 6. 18 Feb. 1766, m. 
13 Aug. 1792, Susan, da. and sole h. of col. 
Henry Watson, chief^engineer in Bengal, but 
had no issue by her (who m. 2dly, 21 Jan. 
1806. George-Freke Evans, of Bulgaden Hall, 
CO. Limerick, esq. and d. Nov. 1828). His 
lordship d. 31 Dec. 1804, and was succeeded 
by his uncle. 



JOHN, 5lh lord, 6. 1738, m, 15 April 1759, 
EmilU, 4th dft. of V\'illiani Crowe, dean of 
Cloiifert, and iiad iMue bj her, (who d. 6 
Jan. 1B06,) 

I. JoHN-WiLLMH, b. 31 March 1763, J. 
1805, in the Eut Indies. 

a, EMiLvFinKcn,i.7Dec.l759,J.1771. 

3. FntNCFj-DonoTHe*, 6. 3 Julj 1764, n. 
14 Aug. 1789, VVilUkm Preatod, esq. 

4. MtuM-JuLlAHt, b. i9 Sfpt. 1769, n. IS 
Feb. 1796, ThODUS Bairj, of Leighihnwk, co. 
Meath, esq. 

Hia lordship d. 4 Mmreh 1807, without luale 
iMue, and wu succeeded by hii couiin, sir 
JoHH Evass-Frlif., of Caatls Freke, ban. 
iTUidsonof the boa. John Evans, of Uulgadea 
Hall, CO. Limerick, joungesl son of George, 
the Int lord Carbery, whose descent we cow 

John Evans, m. June 1741, Grace, only da. 
of air Ralph Freke, of West Bilney, co. Nor- 
folk, and of Castle Freke, co. Cork, hart, (by 
Eliiabeth, eldest da. of sir Joho Meade, but. 
ancestor of the earb of Clanwilliani,) and 
aisler and sole h. of her brother, sir John- 
Redmond Freke, the last hart, representative 
for the city of Cork, and d. in France 1758, 
leavinK issue by her, 

1. UEoncE, who succeeded to bia paternal 
estate, «. Miss Stamer, and d. without issue 

3. WiLUiH, n. Eliiabeth, da. of Richard 
Beecber, of Holybrook, esq. aad d. Feb. 1796, 

-1. John, a major in the army, rf. unm. in 

«. Williim, d. OcL 1804. 

3. Grace, n. 1st, William Spiera, esq.; 
and idly, 14 June 1801, John Aylmer, 
esq. brother of sir Fentoo Aylmer, 

4. France*, m. John Hunt, esq. of Bally- 

5. Eliiabeth, n. Robert Hunt, esq. 

4. Ralph, m. Eliiabeth, da. of llobert 

\\'aodcack, esq. and d. leaving iaaue. 

1. John; !. Mary ; both d. uam. 

5. PcBCV, d. unm. 

6. Grace, m. Richard Baldwin, esq. 

7. Anne, n. William Putland, esq. 

S. Catharine, m. Geor^ Putland, esq. d. 

9. Janf, tn. Richard Grace, esq. of Bowley, 
Queen's County, who d. 180*. 

John, fd son of (be bon. John Evana and 
Grace Freke, assumed the name and arm* of 
Frtlit, pursuant to the will of bis uncle, was 
created a hart. 1768, and, on the death of his 
elder brother, succeeded also to the paternal 
estate. He m. 15 July 1764, Eliiabeth, !d 
da. of Arthur Gore, earl of Arran, and had 

1. Sir John, his aaoceaaor, 6th lord. 

S. George, arBulgadenHa]I,i.June 1772, 
m. 81 Jan. 1806, Susan Watson, widow of 
George, 4th lord Carbery, and d. 19 July 

3. Weiford,b 

4. Jane-tirace-Dorotbea, b. 19 May 1803. 

5. Catharine-Charlotte, b. 1903, d. Feb. 
18i6, un«. 

6. Percy- Augustus, in the army. 

7. Willum. 

8. Fenton, in the army. 

9. Anne, d. young. 

I. Jane-Gbace b. Dec. 1767, n. 4 Jane 
'5, sir Fenton Aybner, of Donadea Canle, 
Kildaie, hart, and d. 31 Dec. 1S«7. 
>. EuiABETH, d. young. 
Sir John d. tO March 1777, and was suc- 
ceeded by his eldest son. 

Sir JOHN, who also succeeded, 4 March 

1807, as 6th lord Carbery, on the decease of 

his Douain, John, 5th lord, without issue male. 

Htir frtnnplin— Perot Evans-Fiiie, 

e«q. next brother to the praeni lord. 

CrMlini— 9 May 171^ 


Stanton Wyvill, co. Leicester, and a Baronel, 

I Lieat.-col. lllh dragoooB ; bom 16 Oct. 1797; 

succeeded big father, Robert, Ule earl, 14 Aug. 
1837 ; married, 19 June 1826, Elizabelh-Jane- 
Henrieita, eldest da. of admiral and lady Elisa- 
beth TolleroacLe. 

Arks — Ai^ent, a chevron gules, between three cha- 
peaus or caps of maintenance, their fronts turned 
towards the sinister aiure. Cbest — A sea-horae 
argent. Supporters — Dtxtir, a stag arsent, a 
cross fonn^ fitchi between the attires, and in the 
mouth a dart point downwards, all eold. Siwter, 
n the breast with a cross Boiy, quarterly, sable and argent. 
On grace depend. 

e ugent, 



SiH Robert Bbudekell, descended from 
an ancient &milv seated in the counties of 
Oxford and Bucks, was chief justice of the 
conunon pleas in the reign of Henrj VIII. 
His neat-grandson. 

THOMAS, Ist earl, was created a bart. 
1611, baron Brudenelly of Stanton Wyrill, co. 
Leicester, 96 April 16S7 ; and earl of Cardigan, 
20 April 1661, d. 1664, and was succeeded by 
his son, 

ROBERT, 2d earl, who d. 16 July, 1703, 
and (his only son, Francis, having a. in his 
lifetime) was succeeded by his grandson, 

Cardigan, m. Elixabeth Bruce, eldest da. of 
Thomas, 2d earl of Ailesbury, and by her 
(who d. Dec. 1745) he left issue, 

1. George, 4th earl. 

2. James, 5th earl. 

3. Robert, 6. 20 Sept. 1726, in the armj, 
m. 27 Jan. 1759, Anne. da. of sir Cecil Bis- 
shopp, bart. father of Cecil, lord Zouche, {tee 
rAdt tUU.) and d, 20 Oct. 1768, leaving issue 
by her, (who d. 8 Oct. 1803,) 

1. Robert, 6th earl. 

2. Augusta, h, 8 July 1760, sometime 
maid of lK>nour to queen Charlotte. 

3. Charlotte, 6. 18 Feb. 1762, d, young. 

4. Thomas, assumed the name and arms of 
Bruce, by royal sign manual, 9 Dec. 1767 ; 
and, in Feb. 1741, succeeded his uncle, the 
earl of Ailesbury, as baron Bruce, of Totten- 
ham, and was, 10 July 1776, by patent, cre- 
ated earl of Ailesbury. (See marquett of 

5. Frances, m. Oliver Tilson, esq. 

6. Mary. m. 1st, Richard Powvs, of Hint- 
lesham HiUly oo. Suffolk, esq. ; ana 2dly, Tho- 
mas Boulby, eso. 

The earl d. 5 July 1732, and was succeeded 
by his eldest son, 

GEORGE, 4th earl, m. Mary, 3d da. and 
co-b. of John, 2d and last duke of Montagu 
(by Mary, 4th da. and co-h. of John Church- 
ill, duke of Marlborough). On the death of 
his father-in-law^ in 1749, he took the sur- 
name and arms oi Montagu, and, 5 Nov. 1766. 
was created marquess of Montbermer ana 
duke of Montagu, and, 21 Aug. 1786, baron 
Montagu, of lK>u^hton, with limitation to 
James, 2a son of his da. Elizabeth, ducb^s of 
Buceleuch. By his wife, above mentioned, 
(who d. 1 May 1775,) he had issue. 

1. John, who was created, 8 May 1762, 
baron Montagu, of Boughton, and d, unm. 11 
April 1770. 

2. Mary; 5. Henrietta; d. young. 

4. Elizabeth, m. Henzy, 3d duke of Buc- 

eleuch, K.G. 

His grace d. 23 May 1790, when the titles 
of duke of Montagu and marquess of Mon- 
tbermer became extinct ; the barony of Mon- 
tagu, of Boughton, descended to James, 2d 
son of his da. Elizabeth j and the earldom of 
Cardigan devolved on his next brother, 

JAMES, 5th earl of Cardigan, b. 10 April 
1775, was created baron Bnuuneli, by patent, 
17 Oct. 1780 ; succeeded his brother^ George, 
duke of Montagu, in the earldom of Cardigan , 
23 May 1790, m. Ist, 23 Nov. 1760, Anne, 
eldest da. of (George, viscount liewisham, son 
of William, 1st ean of Dartmouth, and by her 
(who d. 12 Jan. 1786) had no issue ; and 2dly, 
28 April 1791, Elizabeth, sister to George. 4th 
earl of Waldemve, ana by her (who a. 23 
June 1823^ haa no issue. 

The earl d. 24 Feb. 1811, and was succeeded 
by his nephew, 

ROBERT, 6th earl, 6. posthumous, 96 April 
1769, m. 8 March 1794, Penelope-Ann, 2d da. 
of George-John Cooke, of Harefield Park, co. 
Middlesex, esq. and by her (who d. 2 Feb. 
1826) had issue, 

1. Elizabeth-Anne, 6. 6 March 1795, m. 

20 Aug. 1816, the hon. John Perceval, eldest 
son of Charles Geotge, lord Arden, and 2dly, 
16 March 1824, the rev. WUliam-John Brod- 
rick, son of the Archbishop of CasheU, and d, 

21 Nov. 1824. 

2. James, b. 13 Aug. 1796, d. young. 

3. Jamks-Tiiomas, 7tbearl. 

4. Harriett-Georotana, b. 18 Dec. 1799, 
m. 20 March 1820, Richard- VVUliam-Penn 
Curzon-Howe, earl Howe. 

5. Charlotte- Penelope, 6. 17 Feb. 1802, 
m. July 1820, Henry-Charles Sturt, of Crit- 
chell House, co. Dorset, esq. 

6. Emma, 6. 13 Sept 1804, m. 10 Oct. 1827, 
David Pennant, of Downing, co. Flint, es([. 
who d, 15 Feb. 1835. 

7. Mary, 6. 4 July 1806, m. Aug. 1828, 
Henry-Thomas, earl of -Chichester. 

8. Augusta, b, 26 Jan. 1808, m. 30 June 
1827, Henry-Bingham Baring, esq. M.P. ma- 
jor in the army. 

9. Anne, 6. 29 June 1809, m. George - 
Charles, earl of Lucan. 

10. Emily, 6. 6 May 1811, d. an infant. 
The earl d, 14 Aug. 1837, and was succeeded 
by his eldest son, 

JAMES-THOMAS, present and 7th earl. 

Jff«r Apparent — 

CreatUnu — Baronet, 1611 ; Baron Brudenell. 
of Stanton Wyvill, co. Leicester, 26 April 
1627 ; Earl of the county of Cardigan, 20 
April 1661. 


ROBERT-SHAPLAND CAREW, Baron CAREW, of the county of Wexford, 
BO created by patent, dated 13 Jane 1834, and 
Baron Carew, of Cutleborongh, co. Wexford 
aforesBid, in ^e Peera^ of the United King- 
dom, by patent, July 1638 ; married, Catharine- 
Jane, da. of Anthony Cliff, of Abbey Broney, 

CO. Wexford, esq. and has issue, 1. RO- 

BERT-SHAPLAND, b. 26 Jan. ISltt ; 7. 

SHAPLAND-FKANcts, b. ID Feb. 1916; 3. 

Anne; *. Ellen. 

Arhi — Or, three litiu pUMnt uble. Catsr — An 
heraldic aulelope, puaant aablp, bornoi, and 
tufWd or. Sltpohteri — Two heraldic antelapea 
Motto — " Kil ■dmirwi." To wonder at notbing. 

ga]e», horned and tuft^ o 

the CO. of WatfrTord ttmp. Idng ChwiH 11. 

Robert Carew, of BilfynunonL oo. WUiT- 
ford, m. Eliisbeth, da. and co-h. of John 
Shapland, of Wexford, enti, and had issue, 

1. RoBKBT, M.P. far \^ aterlbrd, d. t. p. 


3. TiiOHAs, of Ballrnamoui, m. Eliubeth- 
Rice, da. of Junes Mi;, of Ma;£e]d, co. Wa- 
terford, esq. and had iwue, 

Robert-ThomM, of Ballynaioona, d. 11 
Waj 1833, al 9a. 

4. Elizabltii, n. 1745, Chriatmas Paul, of 
Waurford, esq. 

Shapland Carfw, of CaMlebni', e«a. id 
son. barrinter-al-Uw, and M.P. for wWr- 
ford, n. Dorothy, da. and co-h. of Isaac Uob- 
■on, esq. and d. 1781, leaving isaue, 

1. RoatBT-SllAFLANt.. 

5. Eluabetii, m. Richard PoweT,ofChMh- 


1. DoBOTur, n. Samuel Boyse, esq. 
t. SabiIM, n. Michael Creagh, esq. 
S. Ellen, ■■. sir John Newport, bait, of 

— Morris, of co. Waler&rd, 

, of Wexford, mod also for the 
' of Wateribrd, m. Klitabetfa, da. and Kile 
if Emanuel PiKot, of Dyaert, m tjueen'B co. 
. and d. 1829, leavinK isaue, 
. ROBERT-SHAPLAND, created lord 

I, Eleanoh. 

itir AppartBt — Hon, BoBaar-SBArUND 

SEW, hii lordship's son. 

'rmiioiu — Baron Carew, in the PeHsge of 

land 13 June 1834 ; Baron Cirew, in that 

be United Kingdom, July 1838. 




GEORGE HOWARD, Earl of CARLISLE, Viscount Howard, of Morpeth, 

•Baron Dacre, of Gillesland, K.G. P.C. ; Lord 
Lieutenant of the East Riding of Yorkshire; 
bom 17 Sept. 1773 ; succeeded his father, Fre- 
derick, late earl, 4 Sept. 18125; married, 21 
March 1801, Georgiana ^ Dorothy Cavendish, 
eldest da. of William, 5th duke of Devonshire, 

K.G. and has issue, 1. OEORGE-WIL- 

LIAM-FREDERICK, viscount Morpeth, b. 18 
April 1802, P.C. M.P. for the West Riding of 

Yorkshire, and Secretary for Ireland ; ^2. 

Caroline-Gboroiana, 6. 24 June 1803, m. May 
1823, the hon. Williain-Saunders-Sebright Las- 

celles, 2d son of the earl of Harewood ; 3. 

Georouna, b. 10 May 1804, m. 7 March 1822, George-James Welbore, 1st lord 

Dover, father of Henry, present viscount Clifden, in Ireland ; 4. Frederick- 

George, in the army, b, 8 June 1805, M.P. for Morpeth, accidentally killed 17 

Nov. 1833 i 5. Harriett-Elizabeth-Gborgiana,^. 21 May 1806, m. 28 May 

1823, George-Granville, duke of Sutherland ; 6. William-George, b. 23 Feb. 

]808i 7. Edward-Granville-George, b, 23 Dec. 1809, commander R.N. 

M.P. for Morpeth ; 8. Blanche-Georoiana, b, 11 Jan. 1812, m. 7 Aug. 1829, 

William, earl of Burlington ; 9. Charles-Wentworth-George, b. 27 March 

1814; 10. Elizabeth-Anne-Dorothy-Georgiana, b, 8 Dec. 1816; 11. 

Henry-George, b. 22 May 1818; 12. Mary-Matilda-Georgiana, b. 28 Jan. 


ARMS"- Quarterly of six : let, g^es, a bend between six cross crossletts fitcb^ argent; on 
the bend an eecocheon or, charged with a demi-lion, pierced throaffh tlie mouth with an 
arrow, within a double tressure flory counterflory, all gules, and aoove the escutcheon a 
mullet sable for difference, Howard ; 3d, gules, three lions passant guardant or, and a 
label of three points argen^ Thomas of BRoniERTOM, son of king Edward I. ; 3d, chequy 
or and azure, Warren, earl Warren and Surrey; 4th, gules, a lion rampant argent, 
Mowbray, dnke of Norfolk ; 5th, gules, three escallops argent, Dacrb ; 6th, harry of 
eight argent and azure, three chaplets of roses proper, Greystock. Crest — On a 
ehapeSQ gnles, turned up ermine, a lion statant guaraant, with the tail extended or, 
ducallj gorgea ai^nt. Supporters — Dexter, a lion argent, charged with a mullet sable 
for difference. Sinister, a bull g^les, armed, unguled, ducally gorged and lined or. 
Motto—'* Volo non yaleo." 1 am willing, but not able. 

Lord Wiluam Howard (3d son of Tho- 
mas, 4th duke of Norfolk, by his I2d wife, 
Margaret, sole heiress of Thomas, lord Aud- 
ler, of Walden), is the ancestor of this branch 
of the noble &mily of Howard ; lord William 
m. Elizs^th, sister and co-h. of George, lord 
Dacre, of GiUesland, whose elder sister, 
Anne, was wife of lord William's elder 
brother, Philip, earl of Arundel. In the 
division of the inheritance of the Dacre«. the 
earl of Arundel obtained the castle of Grey- 
stock, in Dacrelsnd, and lord William became 
poBSMsed of Gillesland and the castle of 
Naworth, which were originally granted 
temp. Henry III. to Herbert de Valhbus, or 
Vaux, and which passed to the family of 
Multon temp. Edward I. by the marriage of 
Maud, only da. and h. of another Herbert de 
Vaux, with Thomas de Multon ; and from the 
MoltODS to the Dacres, temp. Kdward III. 
by the marriage of Margaret, only da. and h. 

of Thomas de Multon (grandson of Thomas 
above named), with Ralph de Dacre, from 
whom George, lord Dacre, of Gillesland. 
above mentioned, was 8th in descent. Lora 
WUliam also became possessed of the castle 
of Henderskclf, in Yorkshire, the site of 
Castle Howard, the present residence of the 
earl of Carlisle. Lord William d. 1640, hav- 
ing had issue, five sons and three das. ; of the 
sons, Philip, the eldest, was father of sir 
William, famer of Charles. 1st earl of Car- 
lisle ; and sir Francis, the 2a son, who d. 1659, 
by Mary, da. of sir Henry Widdrington, his 
2d wife, was ancestor of the Howards of 
Corby Cfastle. co» Cumberland. 

CHARLE&, the 1st earl, was, 20 April 
1661, created baron Dacre, of Gillesland, 
viscount Howard, of Morpeth, and earl of 
Corlislejfn. Anne, da. of Edward, lord How- 
ard, of Escrick, and by her had, 

1. Edward, 2d earl. 



3. Frederick-Christiav, killed, at the 
battle of Luxemberg^ 1684. 

3. Mary, m. sir John Fenwick, bait, who 
was beheaded Jan. 1697. 

4. Anne, m. sir Richard Graham, of Ne- 
therbj, co. Cumberland, bart. aftemt'ards 
yiscount Preston, of Scotland. 

The earl d. 24 July 1686, and was suc- 
ceeded by his eldest and only surriring son, 

EDWARD^ 2d earl. m. Elizabeth^ da. and 
co-h. of sir W illiam Uvedale, of \^ ickham, 
CO. Hants, knt. and relict of sir William 
Berkeley, knU 3d son of Charles, yiscount 
Fitzhardine, and had issue, three sons and two 
das. who all d. untn, except 

CHARLES 3d earl, who, 23 April 1692, 
succeeded his father; 1st lord of the treasury-', 
constable of the Tower of London, and goyer- 
nor of Windsor Castle: m. Anne, aa. of 
Arthur Capel, Ist earl oi Essex, and by her 
had issue, 

1. Henry, 4th earl. 

2. Sir Chavllka, K.B. a general, and col. 
3d drsfoon guards, d. unm, 1765. 

3. Eliza betii-Anxe, m. 1st, Nicholas, lord 
Lechmere, who d, t, p. 18 June 17^27^ when 
tJie title became extinct ; and 2dly, sir Thomas 
Robinson, of Rokeby Park, oo. York, bart. 

4. Anne, m. 1st, Ilichard, yiscount Irwin; 
and 2dly, Jam«i Douglas, esq. 

I'he earl d. 1 May 1738, and was succeeded 
by his eldest son, 

HENRY, 4th earl, K.G. b. 1694, m. 1st, 
27 Noy. 1717. Frances Spencer, da. of Charles, 
earl of Sunaerland, and h. of her mother, 
Arabella, da. and co-h. of Henry Cayendish, 
duke of Newcastle, by whom (wno d. 27 July 
1742) he had issue, 

1. Charles; 2. Henry; 3. Robert; all 
d. young. 

4. Arabella, who, 1741, m. Jonathan 
Cope, esq. son and h. of sir Jonathan Cope, 
of Breweme Abbey, co. Oxford, bart. to 
whom she carried the seat and manor of Oyer- 
ton-Longueyille, part of the Newcastle estate, 
and d. 1746. 

5. Diana, m. Jan. 1749^ Thomas Dun- 
combe, of Helmesley, co. \ ork, esq. and d, 
18 March 1770. 

His lordship m. 2dly, 8 June 1743. Isabella, 
da. of William, 4th lord Byron, oy whom 
(who<f. 22 Jan. 1795) he haa issue, 

6. Frederick, 5th earl. 

7. Anne, fc. 1744. 

8. Frances, 6. 1745, m. April 1768, John 
Radcliffe, esq. and d. April 1808. 

9. Elizabeth. 6. 1747, m. 1st, 16 Feb. 
1769, Peter Delme, eso. ; and 2dly, 13 Jan. 
1794, captain Charles Gamier, R.N. (who 

was unfortunately drowned 16 Dee. 1796,) 
and d. June 1813. 

10. Juliana, b, 6 July 1750. 
The earl d. 4 Sept. 1758, and was succeeded 
by his son, 

FREDERICK, 5th earl, K.G. 6. 28 May 
1746, m. 12 March 1770, Margaret-Caroline, 
da. of Granyille Leyeson-Gower, 1st mar- 
quess of Stafford, and by her (who d, 27 Jan. 
1824) had issue, 

1. George, 6th earl. 

2. Isabella-Caroline, 6. 3 Sept. 1771, 
m. John, 1st lord Cawdor. 

3. Charlotte, b. 15 Noy. 1774, d, unm. 

4. Susan-Mabia, b, 26 Feb. 1776, d. 28 
Jan. 1783. 

5. Louisa, b, 3 March 1778, d. May 1781. 

6. Elizabeth, b, 13 Noy. 1780, m. John- 
Henry, duke of Rutland, K.G. 

7. William, 6. 25 Dec. 1781, gometime 
M.P. for Sutherlandshire. 

8. Gertrude, fr. 30 Jan. 1783, m. 23 June 
1806, WUliam Sloane Stanley, of Paultons, 
CO. Hants, esq. 

9. Frederici, b, Dec. 1785, a major 10th 
hussars, killed at Waterloo, m. 6 Aug. 1811, 
Frances-Susan, only da. of William-Henry 
Lambton, of Liunbton Hall, Durham, esq. (and 
sister of John-George, earl of Durham,) by 
whom (who re-m. 16 June 1819, hon. Henry- 
Frederick-Compton Cayendish) he had 

1. Frederick- John, b, 1 March 1814, 
M.P. for Youghal, m. 1 July 1837, 
Fanny, da. of William Cayendish, esq. 
and sister of the earl of Burlington. 

2. \'ilUers-Frcderick- Francis, 6. 18 Noy. 
1815, and d. 30 Noy. 1823. 

10. Henry-Edward-Joiin, in holy orders, 
D.D. prebendary of York, dean of Lichfield, 
and rector of Donnington, b. Dec. 1795, m. 13 
Jul^ 1824, Henrietta- Elizabeth^ da. of Ichabod 
W^n^ht, of Mapperley, co. Notts, esq. and 
has issue, 

1. Julia-Maria, b, 25 May 1825. 

2. George, 6. 20 June 1826. 

3. John-Henry, b, 30 Noy. 1827. 

4. A son, 6. 7 June 1832. 

5. A da. 6. 16 June 1834. 

6. A da. 6. 3 Aug. 1835. 

7. A da. 6. April 1839. 

The earl d. 4 Sept. 1825, and was succeeded 
by his eldest son, 

GEORGE, present and 6th earl. 

Heir Apparent — Georoe- William-Frede- 
rick, yiscount Morpeth, eldest son of the 

Creation*— Baron Dacre, of Gillesland, Vis- 
count Howard, of Morpeth, and Eu-1 of 
Carlisle, 20 April 1661. 




Porcheater, of High Clere, co. Hants; horn 8 
June 1800; succeeded his father, the late earl, 
16 April 1833; married, Aug. 1830, Henrietta- 
Anna, eldest da. of lord Henry-Thomas How- 
ard-Molyneux-Howard, deceased, and niece of 
the duke of Norfolk, and has issue, 1. HEN- 
RY-HOW ARD-MOLYNEUX, lard Porchei' 

ter, b, 24 June 1831 ; 2. Eveline, b. 21 Dec. 

1834; 3. Alan-Percy, b. 21 Nov, 1836; 

4. a SON, b. 18 June 1838. 

Arbis — Per pale, azure and gales, three lions ram- 
pant ai^ent ; a crescent for difference. Crest — A wyyem, wings elevated vert; in the 
mouth a sinister human hand couped at the wrist gules. Supporters — Dexter y a panther 
argent incensed proper spotted with hurts and torteaiuc alternately. Sinister, a Hon 
argent; both ducally gorged per pale azure and gules, with chain reflexed over the 
backs or, and charged on the ahoulder with an ermine spot sable. Motto—" Ung je 
serviray." One I will serve* 

For the early part of this pedigree, see 
£aW of Pembroke and Moxtgomery. 

The hon. William Herbert, a major-gen. 
in the army, 4th son of Thomas, 8tn earl of 
Pembroke and Montgomery, m. Catherine- 
Elizabeth Tewes, of Aix-la-Cfhapelle, and by 
her had issue, 

1. William, d. youn^. 

2. Henry, 1st earl of Carnarvon. 

3. Charles, 6. 1743, m. July 1775, Caroline 
Montagu, da. of Robert, 3a duke of Man- 
chester, and d. 5 Sept. 1816, «. p. 

4. Caroline-Robert, in holy orders, (so 
called after queen Caroline,) d, unm. 2 Feb. 

5. Georgiana. 

HENRY HERBERT. 2d son, was cre- 
ated baron Porehester, ot High Clere, co. 
Hants, 17 Oct. 1780, and earl of Carnarvon^ 
5 Julv 1793, b. 20 Au^. 1741, m, 15 July 1771, 
Elizabeth-Alicia-Mana Wyndham, sister to 
George, 3d earl of Egremont, and by her (who 
d. 10 Feb. 1826) had issue, 

1. Henry-George, 2d earl. 

2. Cuarles, 6. 5 July 1774, R.N. drowned 
by the upsetting of his boat while ^oing ashore 
in the harbour of Dijon, in Spain. 12 Sept. 
1809, having m. 9 July 1800, Bndget-Au- 
gusta, 4th da. of John Byng, 5th viscount 
Torrington, and leaving an only da. 

Augusta-Elizabeth, m. 10 May 1824, sir 
rrancis Vincent, bart. 

3. William, in holy orders, rector of Spof- 
foith, CO. York;, 6. 12 Jan. 1778, m. 17 May 
1806, Letitia-Emily-Dorothea, 2d da. of Jo- 
shua, 5th viscount AUen. and has issue, 

1. Heniy-WaUam, 6. 7 April 1807. 

2. Louisa - Cathenne - Georgiana, 6. 17 
Dec. 1809. 

3. Frederick-Charles, b, 25 Feb. 1819. 

4. Cecilia-Augusta-Henrietta, b, 28 May 

4. Georoe, in holy orders, vicar of Tiben- 
ham, CO. Norfolk, 6. 21 July 1779, m. 1 Sept. 
1806, Frances, da. of Francis Head, esq. and 
d, 27 March 1825, leaving issue, 

1. Maria-Justina- Frances, d. 5 Feb. 1808. 

2. Frances -Georgiana -Caroline, 6. 15 
Sept. 1809. 

3. George, b, 2 July 1812, d. 9 Sept. 

4. Caroline-Honoria-Louisa, 6. 11 Oct. 
1813, d. 16 March 1838. 

5. £lizabeth-Alicia-£mily-Anne, 6. 22 
Jan. 1816. 

6. Catherine-Stepney, 6. 26 March 1818. 

7. Agnes-Katinka, b. 15 Nov. 1820. 

5. Percy, 6. 1780, rf. 1 April 1784. 

6. Algernon, 6. 12 July 1792, barrister-at- 
law, m. 2 Aug. 1830, Miirianne, 6th da. of 
Thomas Lempriere, esq. and has, 

1. Robert-George- wyndham, fr. 12 June 

2. A son, 6. 2 June 1837. 

7. Frances^. 5 June 1775, m. 5 Dec. 1797. 
Thomas, lord Ducie, now earl of Ducie, ana 
d. 22 Aug. 1830. 

The earl d. 3 June 1811, and was succeeded 
by his eldest son, 

HENRY GEORGE, 2d earl. 6. 3 June 
1772, m. 26 April 1796, Elizabeth-Kitty, da. 
and sole h. of col. John Dyke-Acland, eldest 
son of sir Thomas AclandL hart, by whom 
(who d, 5 March 1813) he nad issue, 

1. Henry-John-George, 3d earl. 

2. Edward-Charles-Hugh-Herbert, 6. 30 
March 1802. 

3. Harriet-Elizabeth, b. 23 June 1797. 
. 21 April 1829, rev. John C. Stopleton, and 


rf. 22 Nov. 1836. 


4. EhiLv, n. 4 Oct. IBIS, Philip Piuej, 
esq. M.P. eideat Kin of the hon. Philip Piuej, 
uncle of the eul of Radnor. 

5. TiiKRUA, b. 6 Dee. 1803, d. 13 Sept. 


— Hkh>v-Hoha>i>-Molv- 

Cnotioiu— BuoD PorcheWer, IT Oct. 1780 ; 
knd E>rl of CiniUTon, 3 Jul; 1793. 


THOMAS HENRY DALZELL, Earl of CARNWATH, Baron Dalzell and 
Libberton, and a Baronet of Nova Scotia; bom 3 Sept. 1787; sacceeded bis 
father, Robert- Alexander, late earl, I Jan. 1830; mamtd, 9 Sept 1834, Mary- 
Anne, eldest da. of tbe right hon. Henry Oralt&n, and relict of John BlachfonI, 
of Altadore, co. Wicklow, esq. 

Bte<I, 18 Sept. 1638, hutin Daktll; and, in 
law, advuicrti to the diftnitj of emrl of Cam- 
vath ; in. Mvgaret, da. of sir Robert Crich- 
ton, ofCiuny, and bad issue, 

1. RoBiPT, Id earl. 

i. John, of Glens, whoae Hon, sir Robert 
was created a hart, of Nots Scotia 1666, and 
iJ. 1685, leiring ■ son. 

Sir John, of Glens, btber of Robert, 6lh 

3. Marv, n. air James Muirhead, of La- 

Ahiii — Sable, a naked man in pale proper. 
Crest — A dw^r erect proper, pomel 
and hilt or. Suftortebb — Two men in 
complete armour, the . viiiora of their 
helmets up, each having a ahield on the 
exterior arm, and holdini a spear in the 
interioTbaDd,allproper. Motto — Idare. 

TtiB origin of the name of E>slse11 is thus 
atated bv Niabel, and other Scotch genealo- 
Ki"t8. A farourite and near kinsman of king 
Kenneth II, having been taken prisoner bj 
the Picis, was alain, and eiposed hanging an 
a jfibbei. The king, ei<«edingly grieved at 
this indipnitj, offered ■ great reward to anj 
one who would undertake lo recover the body ; 
but the danger of the attempt was so immi- 
nent, that tor some time no one could be found 
to adventure it, till the ancestor of this family 
came forward, and said to the king, "Doit 
Ztll;" which, in the ancient Scottish lan- 
guage, Hignified, *^ I dare ;" and, having suG- 
cpMfuil)' performed hia nndettaking, took 
Daliell for his surname, and a naked bod; 
■unpended on a gibbet for his armorial en- 
signs. In bis remarks on the Ragman Roll, 
however, Xisbet sava the surname is local, 
and derived from the lands of Daliell, oo. 

The first of the name on record is Thohas 

DE Diuii.i- wbo was one of the Scottish 

e fealty to king Edward I, 

nt family is descended from 

Koaiar ne U*UBL^ of Ikliell, wbo d. 1551, 

kod was great-grmndfather of 

ROBERT DALZELL, of Dalndl, ore. 

1KI6. The present (i 

II Douglas, of Hawick, 

The earl d. 1639, and was ascceeded by hi>« 
eldest son, 

ROBERT, 3d eari, was fined £10,000 bj 
the estates of Scotland, for having given b- 
fonnation to king Charles 1. of their design to 
lake up arms against him ; afterwards attended 
that monarch in the field, and was at the 
battle of Nasebv, 14 Jane 1645. He m. Chrii 

tian, da. of sir Williai ~ " 

and had issue, 

1. Gavin, 3d earl. 

I. WiLLiAM,(J. linn. l&ir. 
The earl d. 1645-6, and was succeeded by hia 
eldest «,n 

CAVIS' 3d earl, distinguished like his 
father for his loyalty, was taken priaoner at 
the battle of Worcester, and detained in con- 
finement for some yean ; n. let, Hai^aret, 
eldest da. and co-h. of David, lard Carnegie, 
eideat son and heir-apparent of David, 1st 
earl of Soutbenk, and had issue, 

1. JiUES, 4tb earh 

I. John, 5th earl. 

3. Jean, R.Claude Muirhead, of I^chop. 

The e -' - -" " '^ - '- -' ■'■- 

ander i^^rskme, 

had no issue ; he d. June It. _, 

ceeded by his eideat son, 

JAMES, 4th earl, m. Mary, «d da. af 
George Seton, id earl of Winton, by whom 
be bad an only da, 

Mabv, m. lord John Kay, Id son of John, 
3d marquess of Tweeddale. 

The earl d. without male inue 1663, and 
was succeeded by his brother, 

JOHN, 5tb earl, d. «nm. June 1703, and 
waa succeeded by his Id couain, 



ROBERT, 6th earl, (greftt-grandson of 
John DalzelL of Glene, 3d son of the 1st 
earl,) who followed the example of hia ances- 
tors in their attachment to the House of Stu- 
art, joined in the rebellion of 1715, and being 
taken prisoner at Preston, was impeachea, 
and sentenced to death, but was afterwards 
pardoned for his life, Uiough his titles re- 
mained forfeited till the j were restored to his 
descendant, the late earl, in 1836. The earl 
m. Ist, Grace, 3d da. of Alexander Mont- 
gomery, 9th earl of Eglinton, by whom he 
nad issue, 

1. EuPHEMiA, d, young. 

S. Margaret, d, unm, 1781. 
He m. 2dly, 3 June 1720, Grizel. da. of Alex- 
ander Urquhart, of Newhall, oy whom he 
had issue, 

3. Au&XAXDER, his heir. 

He m. 3dly, Margaret, da. of John Hamilton, 
of Bangour, by wliom he had issue, 

4. Elizabbtii, d, young, 12 Dec. 173r. 
And 4thlT, 19 June 1735, Margaret, 3d da. of 
Thomas Vincent, of Bamborough Grange. 
CO. York, esq. and by her (who d. 11 A^ii 
1758) had issue, 

5. Robert, b. 1738, and d. 31 July 1788, 
having m. 24 May 1761, Elizabeth, da. of 
Richara Acklom, of Wisetom Hall, co. Notts, 
esq. and tearing issue by her, (who d, 14 
May 1817^ 

1. Elizabeth, b. 19 March 1766, d, unm, 
24 March 1819. 

2. Robert-Alexander^ who was restored 
to the honours of his ancestors. 

The earl d» July 1737, and was succeeded by 
his eldest son. 

ALEXANDER, (called 7th,) earl of 
Camwath, m. Miss Elizabeth Jackson, and 
had issue, 

1. Richard, 6. 23 July 1753, m. 1775, 
Elizabeth Johnson, and d, 5 July 1782, in his 
iather*s Ufetime, leaving an only da. 

Elisabeth, 6. 1776, m. Alexander Grier- 
son, of Lagg, esq. 

2. Robert. 

3. Margaret, 6. 31 Jan. 1757, m. 1778, 
sir Robert Grierson, of Lagg, hart 

4. Alexander, 6. 23 Aug. 1760, d, unm. 9 
Aug. 1788. 

5. Euzabeth, 6. 25 May 1763. 

6. John, b. 19 Nov. 1765, d. unm, 30 Nov. 

7. James, fr. 18 Oct 1767, d. 1782. 

8. David, b, 29 May 1777, d. 1779. 

The earl d. 3 April 1787, and was suc- 
ceeded in estate by nis eldest surviving^ son, 

Robert, who never assumed the title; b. 
7 Jan. 1775, m. 18 March 1783, Anne, da. of 
David Armstrong, of Kirtleton, co. Dumfries, 
and br her (who d. 21 Feb. 1797) had issue, 

1. JOHN. 

2. Margaret, m. 20 Aug. 1818, major 

Dougal Stuart-Dalzell, of the marines. 

3. Euzabeth. b, 20 Oct. 1790, m. Henry 
Douglas, esQ. 3a son of sir Charles Douglas, 
of Kelhead, Dart. 

Robert Dalzell, esq. d, 13 Feb. 1808, and 
was succeeded by his only son, 

John, in the royal navy, 6. 18 Aug. 1795, 
killed in action off New Orleans, 10 Oct. 1814, 
unm. when all the issue male of Alexander, 
eldest son of the 6th earl, became extinct, and 
the representation of the family devolved on 

esq. only son of Robert, 2d son of the 6th 
earl, who was restored to the dienitiefl of his 
ancestors by act of parliament, which received 
the royal assent 26 May 1826, and became 
7th earl of Camwath: a lieut.-gen.; 6. 13 
Feb. 1768, m. 1st, 23 Sept. 1789, Jane, da. of 

Parkes, of Cork, esq. and by her (who 

d, 3 Sept. 1791) had, 

1. Elizabeth, 6. 12 Aug. 1790, d, 3 May 

The earl m. 2dly, 26 April 1794, Andalusia, 
da. of lieut.-ool. Arthur Browne, lieuL-gov. 
of Kingsale, and by her (who d. March 1833) 
had issue, 

2. Catharine-Anoalusia, 6. 7 Feb. and 
d. 1 May 1795. 

3. Robert-Arthur, b, 1 May 1796, d, 30 
Dec. 1799, 

4. Thomas-Henry, 8th earl. 

5. Arthur-Alexander, 6. 15 Sept. 1799, 
in the army. 

6. Andalusia, 6. 11 June 1801, d. 2 Feb. 

7. Robert-Acklom, 6. 17 Dec. 1802, d. 20 
Jan. 1804. 

8. Harry-Burrard, 6. 11 Nov. 1804, m. 
16 Nov. 1827, Isabella Campbell, and has 

1. Arthur, 6. 8 April 1829. 

2. A son, 6. Oct. 1838. 

9. Charlotte-Marianne, 0. 28 April 1806, 
d. young. 

10. Emma-Maria, 6. 28 March 1809. 

11. Eleanor-Jane-Elizabeth, 6. 4 Nov. 
1810, d. unm. 4 May 1836. 

12. Charuitte-Augusta, 6. 24 July 1812. 

13. Vincent-Carnwath, 6. 2 Apnl 1815, 
d. an infant. 

14. Robert -Alexander -George, 6. 19 
Aug. 1816, in the army. 

The earl m. 3dly, 11 Oct. 1838, Jane, 
widow of major Alexander Morrison, of Gun- 
nersbury Park, co. Middlesex, ana dying 1 
Jan. 1839, was succeeded by his eldest son, 

THOMAS-HENRY, present and 8th earl. 

Heir Pretumptive — ^The hon. Arthur- Alex- 
ander Dalzell, the earl's next brother. 

Crtatioru — Baron Dalzell and Libberton, 18 
Sept. 1628 ; Earl of Camwath, 21 April 1639 ; 
Baronet of Nova Scotia, 11 April 1666. 

HENRY-THOMAS BUTLER. E*rl of CARRICK. co. Tipperary, and Vi»- 
couDtlkerrin, JntheBameco. ; fcoi-nlSFeb. 1834; Bucceeded his father, Somereel- 
Richard, late carl, 4 Feb. 1838. 

AnuB— Or, > chief indented u 


thers, uid isauant therefivni ■ dm)i- 
blcoD riaine, &11 ardent. Suffortebs — 
Dtiur, K Mam, wingB inverted argent, 
beaked, roembered, and belled or. Si- 
nUteTj a male gnffin aivent, beaked, 
membi^iYHl, anoed, collared and cbained 
or. On eacli supporler a crescent for 
difference. Montfc—" Soyea ferme." 

It has been Mated, nnder tbe article Oa- 
MONDK. tliat Edmund le Boteler, earl of 
Carrick, bad two sons, 

1. Jahes, who waacieated earl of Ormonde, 
And whose ileaeendanta were earla of Ormonde 
and Carrick, till the death of Thomaa, 7th eari 
of Ormonde, and 8th of Carrick, without isiue 
male, 1515. 

a, John, aoceator of the pi«aeDt earL 
EiRhth in deeceat from John, waa 

Sir Pierce Butler, of Liimallon and 
Clonaniilchou, who waa crpated. It Mav 
lew. viicouDt JIvrTin, in. Ellen, da. of Wal- 
ler, 11th eail of Ormonde, and, having 
■urrived hia eldest aon, wofl succeeded bj bu 

Pierce Id Tiacoont, n. Ellen, da. of John 
Brran, of Bawnmore, and bad ianie, 

jAHrj, 3d riacouni, m. Eleanor, eldest da. 
and co-h. of col. Daniel Redman, of Bally- 
lincli, to whom that eaatle and a cooaiderable 
portion of the estatea belonging to it were 
confirmed by act of lettlement, ump. Charles 
II. and deacended, b; hii marriage, to their 

PiiRCE, 4th risconnt, who, bv Alicia, 
eldeit da. of Mumafh, Tuooimt Blesinton, 
liad an onl}' aon, 

Jmn, 6tb viscount, who d, without israe 
171S, and waa aucceeded by hia uncle, 

James, the 3d viscount), who m. Alsrgaret, 

niauiu, (Bluer ui i^uu-iea, ou eari o» reter- 
borougn, and by her (who d. May 1743) had 

Jakes, 7th viacoont, who d. JO Oct. 17S1, 
and waa aucceeded hv hia brother, 

count, created earl of CarrM 10 June 1740, 
and m. IB May 1745, Juliana Boyle, eldest da. 
of Henry, In earl of Shaunoo, and bv her 
(whod. Sa Feb. 1804) had ia— 

1. Hen 


5 Aug. 1747, d. in Dec. fol- 

a. James 

3. p'lEBCE, b. 15 Aug. 1750, m. 24 Dee. 
1774, Catharine, eldest da. of Richard Roth, 
esq. 1 took the aumtune of Cooper, in addition 
to that of Butler, and d. 5 May 1886. 

4. MABOARE^twiuwitbherbrother Pierce, 
m. 7 Oct. 1768, Edmund Butler, 11th viscount 

5. Hembietta, b. 30 Jan. 1748, m. S Oct. 
1771, Armar-Corry, lat earl of B«lmore, and 

Tbe earl d. 15 April 1774, and wM nc- 

ceeded by hia eldest son, 

HENRY-THOMAS, 9th viHSunt and td 
earL b. 19 .May 1746, n. 7 Aug. 1774, Sarah, 
9d da. and co-b. (with her aiater CMbarine, 
baraneas MaaaeyJ of Edward Taylor, of 
Askeaton, eaq. and had issue, 

I. Som^BiET-RicHARD, 3d earl. 

a. Henry-Eiuvird, col. in tbe army, 6. 

3 Dec. 1780, ta. 6 Jan. 1813, Jane, da. of the 

late Clotworthy Gowan, esq. by whom (who 

d. at Coblenti 30 July 1834) he baa isnie, 

1. Henry-Thomaa, b. the army. 

t. Juliana, b. 1814, d. IRIS. 

3. Someraet, b. 1816, d. 16*3. 

4. Charles, ft. lBt3. 

5. Pierce, b. 1B«5. 

6. James, b. 1827. 

He m. idly, *9 Nov. 1S36, Francea-Maul- 
verer-Parker, 8d da. of John Parker Toulaon, 
of Skijpwith, CO. York, esq. 

S. FiEHcE, in holr orders, b. 18 Jan. 17B9, 
d. it May IBOB having m. 17 May 1806, 
Maria-Sopbia, 3d da. of John Vemon, of 
Clontarf Castle, esq. and leaving by ber, 
(wbo m. Sdly, Walter Fawkes, eaq.) an only 


Eliiabetb, m. 6 April 1835, Francis 
I lawks worth Fawkea, esq. of Famlev 
Hall, CO. York. 



4. James, h, 96 April 1791, d, unm. Sept 
1834. ^ 

5. AxNE, 6. 3 Aug. 1776, m. 5 Sept. 1798, 
Henry, 6th lord Farnham. 

6. JuuANA, b. 20 Sept. 1783, m. Somerset- 
LowiT Corry, earl of Belmore. 

7. Habriet, 6. 11 Dec. 1784^ m. 19 Dec. 
1806. Francis Saraee, of Kircubin and Holy- 
wood, esq.; and 2dJy, 27 Aug. 1829, Matthew 
Ford, esq. 

8. Sarah, 6. 31 July 1787. m. 12 Oct. 1812, 
the hon. Charles-Harward Butler-Clarke- 
Southwell-Wandeaford, brother of Jamea, 
marauess of Ormonde. 

The earl d, 20 July 1813, and was succeeded 
by his son, 

SOMERSET-RICHARD. 10th viscount 
Ikerrin, and 3d earl of Camck, one of the 
representative peers for Ireland, b, 28 Sept. 
1779, m. 1 Sept. 1811, Anne, eldest da. of 
Owen Wynne, of Haadewood, co. Sligo, esq. 

and niece of John Willoughby, earl of Ennis- 
killen, and by her (who d, in childbed 22 
Oct. 1829) had issue, 

1. Sarah, 6. 29 July 1812, m. 8 Dec. 1832, 
William-Thomas, earl of Clancarty. 

2. Anne-Margaret, b, 22 Oct. 1829. 

His lordship m. 2dly, 11 Feb. 1833, Lucy, 
3d da. of Arthur Ffrench, esq. and had issue, 

3. Henry-Thomas, 4th earl. 

4. A SON, b, Feb. 1835. 

5. A DA. 6. Nov. 1836. 

His lordship d. 4 Feb. 1838, and was suc- 
ceeded by his eldest son, 

HENRY -THOMAS, present and 4th 

Heir Pretumptive — Hon. Butler, the 

earl's brother. 

Creatioru — Viscount Ikerrin, co. Tippe- 
rary, 12 May 1629: Earl of Carrick, 10 June 



Nottingham, and Baron Carrington, of Bulcot 
Lodge, in Ireland, Colonel of the Buckingham- 
shire militia ; by a royal licence, 26 Aug. 
1839, be and bis issue assumed the surname of 
Carrington instead of Smith; horn 16 Jan. 
1796; succeeded his father, Robert, late lord, 
18 Sept. 1838; married, 17 June 1822, Eliza- 
beth-Catherine, 2d da. of Cecil Weld, Ist lord 
Forester, and by her (who d, 23 July 1832) has 

issue, 1. Mary-Isabella, b. 8 April 1824; 

2. Cecile-Cath brine-Mary, h, 12 Sept. 

1829; 3. Robert, h, 26 May 1831, d. Feb. 


Arms — Or, a cherron cottised between three demi-griffins, the two in chief respecting 
each other in sable. Crest — ^An elephant's head or. Supporters — ^Two griffins, wines 
eleyated sable, the dexter charged with three fleurs-de-lis, the nnufer with three tiefous 
■tipped or. Motto — ^*' Tenaz et fidelis." Perseyering and faithful. 

Thomas Smith, of Nottingham, esq. was 
possessed of the manor of Keyworth, and 
other estates in that county; he had issue, 
two sons, 

1. Thomas, who succeeded at Keyworth, 
and was ancestor of Thomas, of Keyworth, 
whose only da. and sole h. Elizabeth Smith, 
m. 1775, sir Philip Hales, of Blackford House, 
00. Wilte, hart, and 

2. Abel, m. Jane, da. of George Beaumont, 
esq. and had issue, 

1. Sir George, created a hart. 31 Oct. 
1757, grandfather of sir Robert- Howe Brom- 
ley, present hart, (vide Debrett*s Baronetage) 

S. Abel, who was an eminent banker at 
Nottingham, m. Mary, da. of Thomas Bird, 
CO. Warwick, esq. and d, 12 July 1788, »t. 
71, learing issue by her, (who d, 1780,) 

1. Thomas, d. unm, 1769. 

2. Abel, m. Elizabeth Appleby, and d. 
1779, leaving issue, 

A da. Mary, m. 99 Nov. 1804, rey. John 
Sarg^eant, M.A. 

3. Robert, 1st lord Carrington. 

4. Samuel, of Woodhall Park, co. Herts, 
6. 14 April 1754, and d. 12 March 1834, hav- 
ing m. 2 Dec. 1783, Elizabeth-Frances, da. 
ot Edmund Turner, of Panton House, co. 
Lincoln, esq. and had issue, 

1. Sophia, 6. 14 Oct. 1784, m. 19 July 
1803, William Dickenson, esq. 

2. Frances-Anne, 6. 16 Dec. 1785, m. 18 
April 1806, Ch&ude-George Thornton, 

3. Mary, 6. 1 April 1787, m. 25 June 
1811, Thomas Daniel, esq. 

4. Abel, 6. 17 July 1788, M,P. for Hert- 



fordshire, m. 1st, 28 Aaff. 1822, lady 
Mary-Aime Lesley, da. of Alexander, 
7th earl of Leven and Melville, which 
lady d. 22 March 1823; and he m. 
2dly, 12 July 1826, Frances- Anne, da. 
of sir Harry Calvert, hart. G.C.B. 
and has, 

1. A da. 6. 15 Aug. 1827. 

2. A son, 6. SO Dec. 1829. 

3. Ada. 6. 3 July 1831. 

4. A son, 6. 24 Apnl 1833. 

5. A da. 6. March 1835. 

6. A son, 6. 10 Jan. 1837. 

7. A da. b. Feh. 1839. 

5. 8amuel-Geor&:e, 6. 19 July 1789, m. 
4 July 1821, Ei^enia, da. of rev. Ro- 
bert Chatfield, D.C.L. by whom (who 
d, Jan. 1838, set. 34) he had issue, 

1. Samuel, b, 1822. 

2. Frederick-Chatfield, 6. 1823. 

3. Rowland, b, 6 Dec. 1826. 

4. A son, 6. 24 Feb. 1829. 

5. Eugenia-Mary, 6. 15 Feb. 1831, 
and other issue. 

6. Caroline, h, 4 Aug. 1790, m. 13 July 
1814, major-gen. Thomas Carey, and 
d. 17 Feb. 1816. 

7. Lucy, b, 21 Oct. 1791, d, unm. 25 
March 1820. 

8. Henry, 6. 12 Dec. 1794, m. 14 July 
1824, lady Lucy Leslie, da. of Alex- 
ander, 7th earl of Leven and Melville, 
and has issue, 

1. Henry- Abel, b, 7 March 1826. 

2. Robert-MelviUe. 

9. Barbara, 6. 12 Julv 1797, m. 25 Oct. 
1836, James-John Gordon, esq. R.N. 

10. Charlotte, 6. 15 Aug. 1800, m. 19 
Oct. 1825, the hon. Alexander Leslie- 
Melville, brother of the earl of Leven 
and Melville. 

5. Gborgs, of Selsdon, co. Surrey, a banker 
in London, b, 30 April 1765, m. 12 May 
1792, Franoes-Maiy, da. of the late sir John- 
Parker Mosley, hart and d, 26 Deo. 1836, 
leaving issue, 

1. Geoive-Robert, b, 2 May 1793, M.P. 
for Wycombe, m. 5 May 1818, Jane, 
eldest da. of J. Maberley, of Grosvenor 
Square, esq. and has issue, 

A son, 6. 16 Sept. 1839. 

2. Oswald, 6. 7 July 1794, m. 18 March 
1824, Henrietta-Mildred, da. of the 
very rev. Robert Hodgson, dean of 
Carlisle, and has issue, 

1. IsabeUa-Mary, ft. 24 April 1825. 

2. 21 Oct. 1826. 

3. Erie-Carrinffton, b. 25 May 1828. 

4. Laura-Charlottp, 6. 2 Aug. 1829. 

5. Beilby, 6. 12 Aug. 1830, d. April 

6. Franoes-Dora, 6. 29 July 1833. 

7. A da. 6. 25 Feb. 1835. 

8. A son, 6. 7 Aug. 1837. 

3. John-Henry, b. 30 Oct. 1795. 

4. Thomas-Charles, b. 19 March 1797. 

5. Frances-Mary, 6. 27 Nov. 1798, m. 
30 April 1822, the rev. R.-Mosley 

6. Georgiana-Elizabeth. b, 7 June 1801, 
m. 30 Oct. 1824, the rev. Edward- 
Serocold Pearce. 

7. Edwazd-Peploe. 6. 1 Feb. 1803, m. 
93 March 1824, Henrietta-Frances, da. 
of Charles Bayley, esq. and by her 
(who d, 18 Dec. 1824) liad issue, 

Mary -Anne -Bayley, b. 25 Nov. 

8. Arthur, 6. 22 June 1804. 

9. Emilv, 6. 11 May 1806. 

10. Catherine, b. 5 Aug. 1807, m. 10 
Aug. 1830, Edwu^ ^^ igram, esq. 

11. Edmund, b, 16 May 1809. 

12. Mosley, b, 31 Oct. 1810. 

13. Sophia-Sarah, b, 28 Aug. 1812. 

14. Allred,6.5 Jan. 1815. 

15. Augusta-Mazy, 6. 15 Oct. 1816, m. 
4 Oct. 1838, Lewis Deedes, esq. 

6. William. 

7. Henry, d. an infimt. 

8. John, of Blenden Hall, Kent, a banker 
in London, m. 1st, 1 Dec. 1793, Sarah, da. 
of Thomas Boone, esq. (who d. 23 8ept. 
1794) ; and 2dly, 6 Jan. 1800, Miss Tucker, 
da. of lieut.-col. Tucker, by whom he has 

1. John-Abel, M.P. for Chichester, 6. 
1801. m. 26 Dec. 1827, Anne, da. of 
sir Samuel Clarke-Jervoise, Imrt. and 
has issue, 

1. Jervoise, 6. 3 Oct. 1828. 

2. Dudley-Robert, &. 27 April 1830. 

3. A da. fr. 1835. 

4. A son, 6. 31 Oct 1836. 

2. Martin, 6. 6 July 1803, m. 8 July 
1831, Louisa, 3d da. of sir Matthew 
White-Ridlev, hart. 

He m. 3dlv, 1 Mav 1811, Emma, da. of 
Egerton Leign, of High Leigh and Twemlow, 
CO. Chester, esq. by whom he has issue, 
A son, b. 31 Aug. 1838. 

3. Emma, b. 14 Feb. 1812. 

4. Caroline, b, 2 May 1813. 

9. EuzABBTH, m. William Manning, esq. 
and d. 29 March 1789. 

10. Lucy, (rf. unm. 6 July 1835. 
ROBERT, 3d son, was b, 1752; created 

baron Carringtony in Ireland, 16 July 1796, 
and baron Carrington, of Upton, oo. Notts, 
in the peerage of Great Britain, 20 Oct. 
1797; cantain of Deal Castle. F.R. A.S. 
and D.C.L. m. 1st, Anne-Bolaero, da. of 
Henry-Boldero Barnard, of South Cav«, oo. 
York, esq. by whom (who d, 9 Feb. 1827) he 
had issue, 

1. RoBKRT-JoHN, 2d lord. 

2. HARRiBTT,m. 28 June 1819, John-Frede- 
rick Crewe, esq. nephew of lord Crewe. 

3. Catharine-Lucy, m. Philip-Henry, eari 

4. Charlotte, m. Alan-Hyde, 2d baron 

6. Jane, d. unm. 7 O^t. 1837. 

7. Louisa-Mary, d. 6 April 1830. 

8. Georoiana. 

9. Emily, 6. 16 April 1797, m. 1822, lord 
Granville Somerset. 

10. Eleanor -Sarah, d. Nov. 1816. 

11. Ann, d. 11 May 1806. 

His lordship m. 2dlv. 19 Jan. 1836, Char- 
lotte, 3d da. of John Hudson, esq. and widow 



of the rev. Walter Trevelyan. and dying 18 
Sept 1S38, wtm succeeded W his onlj son, 

ROBEBT^OHN, present and td lord. 

Heir Pmumptw^— None. 

Creationt — Baron Carrington, in Ireland, 
16 July 1796 ; Baron Carrington, in £ngLand, 
80 Oct. 1797. 


JOHN THYNNE, Baron CARTERET, of Hawneg, co. Bedford, P.C. F.S. A. ; 
bom 23 Dec. 1772; succeeded his brother George, late baron, 19 Feb. 1839, 
sometiine vice-chamberlain of the household; marriedy 18 June 1801, Harriet, 
da. of Thomas Master, of the Abbey, co. Gloucester, esq. lady of the bedchamber 
to the princess Sophia; by whom his lordship has no issue. 

son of Thomas^ 2d riscount Weymouth, by 
Louisa, da. ol John, earl Granville, («m 
Marqueu of Bath,") inherited the estates of 
his maternal granafather, and took the sur- 
name of Carteret, by act of parliament, 
1776. He was created, S9 Jan. 1784, buron 
Carteretf with remainder to the 3d and other 
younger sons of his brother, the 1st marquess 
of Bath. His lordship tL unm. 17 June 1826, 
s^ed 91, and was succeeded, according to the 
limitation of the patent, by nis nephew, 

GEORGE, 2d baron. P.C. 6. 23 Jan. 
1770, m. 12 May 1797, Harriet, da. of Wil- 
liam, 2d viscount Courtenay, by whom (who 
d. 13 April 1836) he had no issue, and dying 
19 Feb. 1839, was succeeded by his next 

JOHN, present and Sd baron. 

Heir Prtsumptive — None. 
Creatt<m— 29 Jan. 1784. 

Arms — Quarterly; 1st and 4th, harry of 
ten or and sable; a crescent for difference : 
2d and 3d, argent, a lion rampant, tail 
nowed gules. Crest — A reindeer or, 

collured sable. Supporters ^Two 

winged stags ^Ira, attired or. Motto — 
** Loyal devoir." Loyal duty. 



JOHN PROBY, Earl of CARYSFORT, Baron Carysfort, of Carvsfort, co. 

Wicklow, in the Peerage of Ireland ; and 
Baron Carysfort, of Norman Cross, co. Hun- 
tingdon, in that of the United Kingdom; a 
laeutenant-General ; bom 1780 ; succeeded his 
father, John-Joshua, the late lord^ 7 April 

Arms — Ennine on a fesse gules, a lion passant or. 
Crest — ^An ostrich's head, erased at the neck, 
argent, ducally gorged, anci holding in the beak a 
key or. Supporters — Dexter^ an ostrich areent, 
ducally gorged, and holding a key in the beaSc or. 
Sinister^ a talbot sable. Motto-— '^ Manua hec 
inimica Qrrannis." This hand is hostile to tyrants. 

Rakdolps Prosy, of the city of Chester, 
sKtied at Brampton, oo. Huntmgdon, at the 
close of the 15th century, and by his wife, da. 
of Bernard, had two sons, 

1. Ralph, of Brampton, living 1580, d. 
1605, without issue. 

2. Sir Peter, of Brampton, served the 
office of lord mayor of London l622| d. 1624, 



leaving by Elizabeth, da. of John Thorough- 
good, of Chivers, co. Essex, esq. five sons and 
one aa. 

1. Sir Heneage. 

2. Edmund, D.D. a considerable bene- 
£Eu;tor to Jesus College, Cambridge. 

3. Charles. 

4. Henry. 

5. Emanuel. 

6. Walsingham m. William Downtall, esq. 
Sir Heneage, the eldest son, b. 1600. 

sheriff of Bucks, m. Helen, da. of fklwara 
Allen, of Finohlej, oo. Middlesex, esq. and 
by her had, 

1. Sir Thomas, 1st bart. 

2. John. 

Sir Thomas Proby was created a bart. 
1662, and m. Frances, da. of sir Thomas Cotton, 
of Connington, bart. by whom he had issue, 

1. Thomas, d. unm, 

2. Alice, m. Thomas Wentworth, of Har- 
rowden, co. Northampton, esq. bj whom she 
was mother of Thomas, 1st marquess of Rock- 

Sir Thomas represented oo. Huntingdon 
in several parliunents. and dying with- 
out issue male, 1689, tne title became ex- 
extinct : but the estates descended to his bro- 
ther John, who m. Jane, da. of sir Richard 
Cust. bart. (ancestor of the earls Brownlow,) 
and nad issue, Frances, d. unm, ; but dying 
1710^ his estates devolved to his male heir, 
William Proby, esq. governor of Fort St. 
George, Madras ; m. Henrietta, da. of Robert 
Cornwall^ of Borrington, co. Hereford, esq. 
and had issue, EditcA, m. sir John Osborne, 
of Newton, co. Tipperaiy, bart. and an only son, 

John, represented oo. Huntingdon in par- 
liament, m. the hon. Jane Leveson-Gower, 
eldest da. of John, lord Gower, (by Catha- 
rine Russell, da. of John, duke of £(edford,^ 
and had issue by her, (who d, 10 June 1726,) 

1. John, 1st lord. 

2. WiLUAM. d. unm, 

3. Thomas, killed at the attack of Tioonde- 

4. Charles, capt. R.N. commissioner of 
Chatham dockyara, m. Miss Pownall, and had 

1 . Charles, rector of Stanwick, oo. North- 
ampton, m. 1st, Susan, da. of George 
Cherry, esq. chairman of the victualling 
board ; and 2dly, his cousin. Catha- 
rine, 2d da. of the dean of Licnfield. 

2. Baptist-Leveson, d, an in&nt. 

3. Sarah, m. admiral Pigott. 

4. Henry-Frands. 

5. Charlotte, m. 1st, to col. Thomas Pit- 
cairn; and 2dly, to the rey. John 
Ferrers, rector of Beddington, oo. 

6. Beatrice, m. commissioner Charles 
Cunningham, of Woolwich dockyard. 

7. Elizabeth, m. admiral Titchichogoff, 

of the Russian navy, d, 

5. Baptist, dean of Lichfield, D.D. who 
d, 16 Jan. 1807, haying m. Mary, da. of the 
rey. John Russell, and had issue, 

1. Bantist-John, in holy oraers, yicar of 
St. Mary's, in Lichfield, m. Mary-Su- 
sannah, youngest da. of sir Nigel- 
Bowyer Gresley, bart. and d, 1829, 

aged 68. 

2. Charles, in holy orders, canon of 
Windsor, vicar of Tashbrooke, co. War- 
wick, and of Twickenham, oo. Middle- 

3. Joshua-John- Brownlow, in the service 
of the East India Company in Bengal. 

4. Mary, 6. 1764, m. Francis-Humber- 
stone M'Kensie, lord Seaforth, and d. 
tr Feb. 1829. 

5. Catharine, m. her cousin, the rev. 
Charles Proby. of Chatham, rector of 
Stanwick, co. Northampton, eldest son 
of commissioner Proby. 

6. Caroline, m. Edward Groye, of Shen- 
stone Park, oo. Stafford, esq. since d, 

7. Susan, d. 

8. Anne. 

6. Caroline, d. unm. 

Sir John Proby^ the eldest son, represented 
CO. Huntingdon m three suocessiye parlia- 
ments, was b. 25 Nov. 1720, K.B. a lord of 
the admiralty 1757, sworn a privy counsellor, 
and created baron Carysforty of Carysfort, co. 
Wicklow, 1752 ; his lordship m. 97 Au^.l750 
the hon. Elis. AUen, sister and oo-h. with her 
sister. Frances, baroness Newhaven, (who d. 
1781,) of John, 3d viscount Allen, by whom 
(who d, March 1783) he had issue, 

1. JoHN-JosiiuA, 1st earl. 

2. Elizabeth, b. 14 Nov. 1752, d, 19 March 
1808, having m. Thomas-James Storer, esq. 
who d. 10 Nov. 1792. 

His lordship d. 18 Oct 1772, and was suc- 
ceeded by his only son, 

JOHN-JOSHUA, K.P. 2d lord, who was 
advanced to the dignity of earl of Carysfort 
1789, and created a peer of England 21 J an. 
1801, by the title of baron Carysforty of Nor- 
man Cross, co. Huntingdon, 6. 12 Aug. 1751, 
ambassador to Berlin 1800, and to St. JPeters- 
burgh 1801, m. Ist. 19 March 1774. Eliiabeth, 
only da. of sir William Osborne, of Newtown, 
CO. Tipperary, bart. by whom (who d. 1783) 
he haa issue, 

1. Wiluam-Allen, lord Probyy capt. R.N. 
6. 1779, d. unm, at Surinam 6 Aug. 1804. 

2. John, 2d earl. 

3. Granvills-Leveson, capt. R.N. m. 5 
May 1818, Isabella, da. of tne hon. Hugh 
Howard, of Bushby Park, oo. Wioklow, and 
nieoe to the earl of Wicklow, by whom (who 
d. 22 Jan. 1836) he has issue, 

1. Frances. 

2. Elizabeth. 

3. John-Joshua. 

4. Granville. 

5. Isabella. 

6. Hugh. 

7. Theodosia. 

8. A son. 6. 18 Jan. 1836. 

4. Emma-Elizabeth, d. 24 May 1791. 

5. Gertrude, 6. 14 March 1782. 

The earl m. 2dly, 12 April 1787, Eliiabeth, 
sister of George, 1st marquess of Bucking- 
ham, by whom he had issue, 

6. Charlchte, 6. 10 Feb. 1788. 

7. Frances, b, 13 March 1789. 

8. GBORGE,6.18Nov.l790.d.l9Aprill791. 

9. Elizabeth, b. 19 April 1792, m. 2 Feb. 
1816 William Wells, of Hohne House, Hants, 
capt R.N. who d. 3 Aug. 1826. 



The earl d. 7 April 1828, md was sno- 
eeeded by his eldest Burviring son, 
JOHN, present and 2d earl. 
Hsir PruuimptiB&-'Tbe hon. Gbanville- 

Lbveson PaoBTy the earl's brother. 

CrMtioni-^Barony S3 Jan. 1752; Earl, 18 
Aug. 1789; Baron Carysfort, of Norman 
Cross, 00. Huntingdon, 21 Jan. 1801. 


ARCHIBALD KENNEDY, Earl of CASSILIS, and Baron Kennedy, in the 
Peerage of Scotland, and Marquess and Baron Ailsa, in that of the United 
Kingdom. — See Marquess of AILSA. 


RICHARD HANDCOCK, Baron CASTLEMAINE, of Moydmm, co. West- 

meath, succeeded his father, Richard, late lord, 
18 April 1840; hom 17 Nov. 1791 ; married^ 17 
April 1822, Margaret, 2d da. of Richard 
Harris, of Dublin, esq. and has issue,^— 1. 

Florinda, b, 9 March 1823; 2. Mary, b. 

17, and d. 30 June 1825; 3. RICHARD, 

b. 26 July 1828, 4. Annetta, b, 16 April 

1828 1 5. Inchiquin, b. and d. June 1^; 

6. Robbrt-John, b. 19 Sept 1830;— ^7. 

a son, b. 5 Aug. 1834U 

Arms— Ermine, on a chief sable, a dexter hand 
between two cocks argent. Cbest — A demi-lion rampant azure, holding a loxenge 
argent, charged with a cock gules. Supportsiu — Dexter, a lion guardant asure^ and 
SmiMter^ a cock proper. Motto— '^ Vigilate et orate." Watch and pray. 

WixxiAM Haxdcock, of Twyford, co. West- 
meath, esq. (descended from a famihr of oon- 
si<lerable antiqui^ in the county of Lancas- 
ter,) was elected knight of the shire, co. 
Westmeath, in the 1st parliament after the 
restoration of Charles II. and appointed one 
of the council of Connanght ; he had a grant, 
12 Feb. 1680, of a patent, erecting his estates 
in Westmeath into a manor, bj uie name of 
the manor of Twyford, with ample privileges ; 
m. 25 Julj 1652, Abigail St^e^, sister of 
sir Thomas Stanley, knt. and had issue, 

1. Thomas, who succeeded. 

2. Sir WiLUAM Handcock, knt. recorder of 
Dablin, M.P. for Athlone 1692. b, 10 Sept. 
1655, m. 31 May 1685, Elizabeth, da. of Ni- 
chous Coddington, esq. d. Sept. 1701. 

3. MiCBAXL. 

4. Stxphbn, dean of Clanmacnois, h. 3 
Sept. 1657; attainted 1689, bv king James's 
parliament, but restored on the accession of 
William and Mary. He was father of Gns- 
tavus Handoock, of Waterstown, member for 
Athlone: m. July 1725, Elisabeth, da. and 
sole h. of Robert Temple, of Mount Temple, 
esq. d. 25 Oct. 1757, leaving issue, Rooert 

Handcock, of Watentown, member for Ath- 
lone 1751, 6. 15 April 1728, m. 4 July 1751, 
Elizabeth Vese]^, eldest da. of John, lord 
Knapton, and sister of Thomas, Ist Tisoount 
De Vesci, and had issue by her, (who m. 2dly, 
Edmund, yiscount Pery,) an only son, Gusta- 
tus-Hanacock Temple, of Waterstown, who 
assumed tbo surname of Tetnple. 

5. Matthew, archdeacon of Kilmore, m. 
Elizabeth, da. of sir Elias Best, knt and was 
ancestor of Matthew Handcock, deputy quar- 
ter-master-general of Ireland. 

6. John. 

7. Stanley, capt. of the Eagle man-of-war, 
drowned off Scilly 1707, with sir Cloudesley 

8. Adam, d. unm. 

9. Charles, d, unm, 

10. Hannah, m. Robert Rochefort, speaker 
of the house of commons, and afterwaros lord 
chief baron of Ireland, (by whom she was 
snrandmother of Robert Rochefort, 1st earl of 
Belvidere,) d. 2 July 1732. 

11. Sarah, m. Chichester Phillips, esq. 

12. EuzABETH, m. 1696, Duke Gifiard, of 
Castle Jordan, co. Meath, esq. 




Thomas Handcock, of Twyford, eldest son 
of William above named, represented the 
boroagh of Lanesborough 1692, b, 28 May 
1654^ n, 5 Jolj 1677, Dorothj Green, and 
had issue, 

1. WiLUAM, who succeeded. 

2. EuAH, ancestor of John Handcock, some- 
time lieut.-goTemor of Kingsale, and of Ro- 
bert Handcook, deputy quarter-masttr-gene- 

5. Thomas. 

4. Samuel. 

5. Sarah. 

6. Abigah, m. Edward Lneas, esq. 

7. Maey. 

8. DorothyI m. the rev. William Walsh. 
WiLUAM^ Handcoci, of Twyford, eldest 

son and heir of Thomas, m. Susan Warbur- 
ton, and had issue, 

1. WiLUAM, m. Elizabeth Vesey, Sd da. of 
the right rev. sir Thomas Vesey, hart lord 
biAop of Onory, sister of Joim, Ist lord 
Knapton, and by her (who m. Sdly, Agmon- 
desham Vesey, of Lucan, esq. Comptroller 
and accomptant-general of Ireland) nad no 
issue, r 

' 2. tvEbRG^, d, without issue. 
- 3*. Thomas, d. without issue. 

4« Richard, dean of Achonnr, who suc- 
ceeded his eldest brother at Twyford, and 
carried on the line. 

5. RoBSRT, m. Sarah, da. of Richard 
Blackburn, esq. and had issue. 

6. John-Gustatus, member for Ballyshan- 
non, b, 1731, m. 6 Aug. 1755, Margaret- 
Caroline Wilson, d, 1766. 

7. Abigail, m. Mark Rainsford, esq. 

8. Susan. 


. 10. Susanna. 

Richard Handcock, of Twyford, in holy 
orders, dean of Achonry, 4th son of William, 
snooseded to the estate on the death of his eldest 
brother without issue, m. Sarah, only child 
and sole h. of Richard Toler, of Ballintore, oo. 
Kildare, esq. d, 25 July 1791, leaving issue 
by her. (who d. 1 July 180S,) 
' 1 . W ILL! AM, 1st baron and viscount Castle- 

2. Richard, 2d booron. 

9. Sarah, m. Richard St. George, esq. And 
d. Feb. 1820. 

4. Susanna, m. Franeis Edgeworth. esq. 

5. DoROTHT, m. John-Loftos Cuivpage, esq. 
and d. 3 Dec 1830. 

6. Mart, m. Michael Telford, esq. 

7. Elizabbth, d, ufim. in March 1840, et. 

8. Annr, m. John Maunsell, esq. 

created, 24 Dec. 1812, baron C(uti«fiMtn«, 
with remainder to his onlv brother. ]Ricbard, 
and the heirs male of his oodj, and, 12 Jan. 
1822, advanced to the digmty of viscount 
Casttemaine ; oonstable and governor of Ath- 
lone: b, 28 Aug. 1766, m. 20 March. 17B7, 
Flonnda, eldest da. of William, 1st eiri of 
Clancarty, by Anne (Gardiner, sister* of Loke^ 
viscount Mountioy, bat dying without issue, 
7 Jan. 1839, tLe viscounty became extinct, 
and the barony devolved on his brother, 

RICHARD, 2d baron, b. 14 U%y trOT; 
m. 13 Nov. 1790, Anne, 3d da. of Arthw 
Ffrench, of Ffiench Park, oo. Rotoommooy es(|. 
and had issue, 

I. Richard, 3d baron. 

2. WiLUAM. 

3. Arthur, m. April 1817, Margaret, 
youngest da. of Dawson Downing, of Rose- 
gifl, CO. Londonderry, esa. 

4. John-Gust A VU8. in noly orders, rector of 
Aimadu£fl^ CO. Leitmn, m. 13 Nov. 1807', 
Frances Flood, da. of John-Howard Jessop, 
of Doory H^ co« Longlbirdy esq. and tf. 
1838, leaving issue, 

A son, 6. 16 Jan. 1836. 

5. Gboroe, m. 16 Feb. 1833, Eliabeth- 
Anne, youngest da. of RobertrHenry Ffinench, 
of Dublin, esq. and has issue, 

1. A son. b. 22 Jan. 1835. 

2. A da. 6. Sept. 1836. 

6. HsNRY-RoBERT, in the anny. 

7. Charles. 

8. Robert-Frsnch. 

9. AuciA, III. 27 April 1813, Richard- 
Boyle Bagley, esq. and d, 13 An^. 1628. 

10. Sarah, m. iieut.-ool. Chnstoplier Ha- 

II. Anns, m. 14 Oct 1830, eol. Sempro- 
nins Stratton. 

His lordship d. 18 April 1840, and was 
succeeded by his eldest son, 

RICHARD, present and 3d baion. 

/fetTilppamt— Richard, his lordship's 

CrMtitm— 24 Deo, 1812. 



ROBERT STEWART, Earl of CASTLE-STEWART, Viscount Stewart, and 

Lord Stewart, Baron of Castle-Stewart, co. Ty- 
rone, in Ireland, and a Baronet of Nova* Scotia ; 
succeeded his father, Andrew-Thomas, the late 
earl, 26 Aug. 1809 ; bom 19 Aug. 1784 ; married^ 
23 April 1806, Jemima, sole da. of col. Robin- 
son, of the royal artillery, and has issue,—!/ 
EDWARD, viscount Stewart, b. 10 Sept. 1807, 
m. Feb. 1890, Emmeline, only sunriTine child 
of Benjamin Bathurst, esq. and grandda. of the 
bishop of Norwich;— -«2. Charles-Knox, b, 23 
April 1810, fit. April ia35, Charlotte-Ruffles- 
Dniry, only da. of Quintin Thompson, esq. and 
has a «o», b. 2 March 1837 ;— — 3. Robert, b. 24 Sept. 1812, d. imm. 1832 ^— 
4. Andrew-Thomas, b. 28 Nov. 1815, m. 22 Dec. 1835, Catherine, sister of 
Richard, viscount Powerscourt, and has, a son and heir, b. Nov. 1836 ;7——^. 

Wiluam-Hampden, b.ll Sept. 1817 ; 6. Julia, b. 8 July 1819, unfortunately 

burnt to death 20 April 1837. 

Arms— Qaart^Iy of four: 1st, the royal arms of Scotland ; Sd, or, afessechequy azure and 
argent, and in chiefs label of three points, gules, Stewart ; 5d, argent, a Bidtire between 
ibur roses ^es, ; 4th, azure, a lion rampant argent crowned or, Galloway ; the 

whole within a border compony ardent and azure. Crist — An unicorn's head, oouped at 
the neck arspent, armed, cnned^ and tufted or, between two olive branches proper. Sup- 
porters—Two dragons, sanguuie or blood colour. Motto — Forward. 

This branch of the royal house of Stewart 
is descended from Robert, duke of Albany 
and regent of Scotland, 3d legitimate son of 
king Robert II. Murdoch, 2d duke of Al- 
banv, succeeded his fiither Robert, as regent 
of the kingdom, but was beheaded, with his 
two eldest sonii, 1495. His 3d son, sir Jamrs^ 
(somamed the Gross^) fled to Ireland, ana 
was father of Axdrew, created, by long James 
III. lord ATaodale^ but d. without issue 1488; 
and of Walter, whose son, Andrew, suc- 
ceeded to the titles and estates of his uncle, 
and became 2d lord Avandale. His son ana 
heir, Andrew, 3d lord Arandale, exchanged 
his barony of Arandale for that of Ochiltree, 
and was thereafter styled, by consent of the 
regent and parliament of ScoUand, lord Ochil- 
tiee. From him descended, in the 4th degree. 

Andrew, Sd lord Ochiltree, who sola 
that barony to his cousin, James Stewart, of 
KiUeith, son of James, earl of Annan, a 
yoonger son of Andrew, let lord Odhiltree, 
and was created, 1619, baron of CastU Stewart, 
in Ireland. He had issue, three sons, 

1. Andrew, fd lord* 

9, John, 5th lord. 

3. Rorert, of Irry, oo. Tyrone, great*gpreat- 
grandfather of the 1st earl. 

His lordship d. 1699, and was succeeded by 
his eldest son, 

Andrew, Sd lord Castle-Stewart, d, 1639, 
learing issue, 

Andrew, 3d lord, who d. 1650, leaving 
an only da. 

Mart, m. Henry Howard, 4th earl of Suf- 
folk; and 

JosiAS, 4th lord, who d, without issue 
1663, when the title devolved on his unde, 

John, 5th lord, who d. nnm. about 167B, 
and the title remained dormant, till, in 1774, 
it was claimed by and allowea io Andrew- 
Thomas Stewart, esq. as heir male of Robert, 
of Irnr, 3d son of the Ist lord. 

ANDREW-THOMAS, who thus became 
6th lord Castle-Stewart, was created viscount 
Castie-Steteart SO Dec. 1793, and advanced, 
39 Dec. 1800, to the dignity of earl of Castle- 
Stewart^ m. 25 July 1781, ^arah. da, and co-h. 
of the non. Godfrey liU, judge of the court 
of common pleas in Irelana, and had issue, 

1. Robert, 2d earl. 

3. Andrew-Godfrey, 6. 8 Dec. 1790, m. 
10 Jan. 1814, Sophia-Isabella, eldest da. of 
George-Lennox Conyngham, of Spring Hall, 
CO. Londonderry, esq. and has issue, 

I. Andrew ; 2. Thomas ; 3. George. 

4. John^ 5. Charlotte (twin with John). 
6. Henrietta; 7. Emily; 8. Burleigh. 
9. Olivia: 10. Robert. 

II. Sophia, b. 12 Aug. 1830. 

12. Anna, b, 22 Aug. 1832. 

13. Carolme, b. May 1837. 

14. A da. b. 24 Sept. 1838. 

3. Caroline, b. 23 Aug. 1785, m. 16 Jan. 
1815, major-gen. sir James Bathurst, K.C.B. 
2d son 01 Henry, lord bishop of Norwich. 

4. Harriet, b. 30 Dec. 1785, d, youi 

5. Sarah, b. 31 March 1787, m, 


. 15 Sepi 


1SS6, rev. George OiimMMd, M.A. of Red- 
bnroe, to. Hem. 

6. Anne, b. IS D«c. 17S8, d. S June 1793. 
The earl d. 16 Ang. 1B09, uid iru suooeeded 

bj bis BOD, 

BOBEBT, pieMnt and Sd ewl. 

Htir Jppuvnt — Edwiu, naooiuit 8t«w- 
AHT, eldest SOD of the ewL 

Crastinu— Baron, T Nor. 1619 ; Baionet of 
Nan Scotia, 1637 ; Viaooont, SO Dec. 1793 ; 
Earl, S9 Dec IBCW. 


Buon Greenock, in the Peerage of Ibe United 
Kingdom, and Baran Cathcart, in Scotland ; P.C. 
K.T. K.A.N. K.A. K.S.A. and K.T.S.; lat« 
AnbasMdor to the C^url of SL Peteraburg; « 
Geiieml ia the arm;. Colonel 2d regimeol of 
Life-gnarda, Vice-Admirel of Scotland, and Go- 
remor of Hull ; succeeded hia father, Charles, aa 
Baron Cathcart, of Scotland, 1776. Hia lord- 
ahip commaDded the land forces in the expedi- 
tion against CopeDhagen, 1807; and, on his 
return, was created a Peer of the United King- 
dom, 9 Not. 1807, by the titles ofBaron Greenock 
and Viscount Cathcart; and, 16 Jaly ISU, ad- 
vanced to the dignity of Earl Cathcart; bom 17 Sept. 17&&; marrud, 3 aae 1770, 
Klizabeth, da. of Andrew Elliot, esq. governor of New York, and uncle of the 

first eari ofHinto, and has issue, 1. William, capt. R.N. i. 30 Jane 1782, d. 

of the yellow fever at Jamaica, & June 1S04, 2. CHARLES-MURRAY, lord 

Grfenock, major-gen. in the army, commander of the forces in Scotland, and 
governor of Edinburgh Castle, b. 21 Dec. 1783, K.C.B. and K.S. W. m. 30 Sept. 
1818, Henrietta, 3d da. of the late Thomas Mather, esq. and has, 1. Elixahttk, b. 
3 July 1821 ; 2. Htnrietta-LouUa-Franea, b. 23 April 1823 ; 3. Ckarltt, b. 23 
Nov. 1S24, d. It Feb. 1826 ; 4. Alm-FrtderUk, b. 15 Nov. IS28 ; 5. Augtutiu- 

Wmmg, b. IS Ang. 1830; 6. AdeUitk, b. 13 July 1833; 3.' Frederick, b. 

28 Oct. 17BQ, colonel in the army, K.S.G. late secretary of embassy at St. 

Petersburg, m. 18 Nov. 1S27, Jane, da. and h, of M'Adam, esq.; *. 

Louisa, b. 14 June 1791 ; 6. Gborge, b. 12 May 1794, lieut.-col. in the army, 

K-S.W. m. 24 Dec. 1824, lady Georgiana Greville, da. of the counless of Mans< 
field, and has, 1. Jane, b. 21 Oct 1825 ; 2. LomMa-Margartt, b. Sept. 1827, it. 13 
March 1836; 3. Gtorguma-Maru, b. 20 April 1829; 4. Alice, b. 7 Sept 1S30; 
6. George, b. 13 Dec. 1833; 6. Ejmly-Sarah, b. 29 Vov. 1834; 7. a rfn. 6. 1830; 

a. Mary-Elizabeth, b. 22 Sept 1797; 7, Augusta-Sophia, b. Nor. 

IWO ; 1 8. Adolphus-Fhederick, in the army, b. 38 June 1803, m. 2 July 

wings inverted, proper. 

Or this Eunily whose a 
their landi, co. Renirew, 
now situated, was Ritnald de Kilhairt, wh. 
lived at the end of the llth oentury, tnd whose 

8ir Allin, was crested baion Catheart, 
by James IL 1447; he was in gnat favour 
with Jamea 111. who appranled hun warden of 
the W«it Uarchea, near England, 1481, and 
for his KTviees rewarded him with the rrani 
f the barony of Dundmiald, and the lands of 

it argent SurrOBTEas — T* 

Tarbot, in King's Kyle, and appoinled him 
master of the artilleiy ; mim wbcon desoended 

Aluin Catbcast, Ttli lord, m. Eliiabetfa 
Dalnin)de, ds. of James, lit Tisoount Stair, 

1. AtXAH, drowned on his passage to Hoi- 



His Unrdflhip d. 1732, and was succeeded by 
his son, 

Cbarleb, 8th lord, who was first groom, 
and afterwards raitlanaa of the bedchamber, 
to Idng George Ii . ; coL of a regiment of horse 
in Ir^nd, and goyemor of Duncannon ; but 
going on an expedition with admiral Vernon, 
aeainst the Spaniards, in the West Indies, 
mere he was appointed to the command of 
the land forces, ne <i. at St. Christopher's 
1740 ; m. 1st, Mary Maiyett, da. of sir John 
Schaw. of Greenock, hart, and had issue, 

1. CfsABLxs, 9th lord. 

2. Elbamob, m. sir John Houston. 

3. Mary-Anne, m. William, 6th lord Na- 

His lordship m. Sdly, 1739, the relict of Jo- 
seph Sabine, of Tring, co. Herts, esq. and by 
ha (who SI. 3dly, 1745, lieuL-col. Hugh Mac- 
gnixe) lie had no issue. He was succeeded 
by his son, 

Chabub, 9th lord, b. 21 March 1721. 
SI. 24 July 1755, Jane, da. of lord Archibald 
HamilUm, goremor of Jamaica, brother to 
Jamea^ duke of Hamilton, (by Jane Hunilton, 
da. of James, 6th earl of Aberoom, ancestor 
to the present marquen of Abercom,) and by 
her (wno d, 30 Nor. 1770) he had issue, 

1. WiULiAM-ScsAw, 1st earl. 

2. Charx.s8-Ai.lan, coL in the army, b. 28 
Dec. 1759y <2. on his passage to China, 10 June 

3. John, 6. 23 April 1761, d, Jan. 1762. 

4. Abcsibald-Hamilton, in holy orders, 

M.A. prebendary of York, rector of Methler, 
and yicar of Kippaz, co. York, 6. 25 July 
1764, m. 3 June 1790, Frances-Henrietta, da. 
of John Fremantle, esq. and by her (who d* 
26 April 1821) had issue. 

1. Frances-Louisa, b. 19 Aug. 1794. 

2. Archibald-William, 6. 1796, d. 14 Deo. 

3. Marianne-Elizabeth, h, 12 Oct. 1798. 

4. Catherine-Selina, 6. Aug. 1800. m. 4 
Noy. 1839, Robert Smith, of Capen- 
hurst House, co. Chester, esq. 

5. Frederics, b, 13 May 1804. 

6. Charlotte, 6. 1 Noy. 1806. 

7. IsabeUa-Soi>hia. 6. 29 Dec. 1806, m. 3 
Noy. 1829, sir Samuel Crompton, hart. 

8. Elisabeth-Sarah, b, 28 July 1814. 

5. Janb, 6. 20 May 1754, m. 26 Dec 1774, 
John, 4th duke of Atholl, K.T. 

6. Mabt, b. 1 March 1757, m. 26 Dec. 1774. 
sir Thomas Graham. G.C.B. &c. since created 
baron Lyrudoeh, ana d, ft6 June 1792. 

7. Louisa, 6. 1 July 1758, countess of Mans- 
field (tee that title)* 

His lordship d. 21 July 1776, and was sue- 
oeeded by nin son 
WILLLAM-s6hAW, present and IstearL 

Heir ilpparmt— Chables-Mubbat, lord 
Gbexnock, eldest son of the earl. 

Creathnt — Baron Cathcart, in Scotland, 
1447 ; Viscount Cathcart, and Baron Green- 
ock, 9 Noy. 1807; Earl Cathcart, 16 July 



Viscount Kilcoursie, in King's County, and Lord 
Lambart, Baron of Cayan; bom 30 Dec. 1815; 
succeeded his grandfather, Richard-Ford- Wil- 
liam, late earl, 21 Noy. 1837; in the armv; 
married, 24 July 1838, Caroline- Augusta, da. 
of Edward-John, lord Hatherton, and has 

issue, a SON, viscount KUcourtity b, 21 

Oct. 1839. 

Abms — Gules, three cinquefoils argent. Cbe87>— On 

a mount a sagittary drawine his bow proper. 

SuppoBTEBs — ^Two men in blauc armour, gamisned 

with gold to the waist, their helmets adonied with 

plumes of six ostrich feathers argent and gules alternately, and their legs clad in ted 

trowsen, fringed gold. Morro— '' Ut quocunque psratus. Prepared on eyery side. 

OuysB Lam BABT (descended from an an- 
dent family of that name settled in Yorkshire 
and Northumberland) was appointed goyer- 
nor of Connaoght, 1601, and, 17 Feb. 1617, 
created bwon of Cdnm. He d. 1618, leaying 
a ion, 

CHARLES^ 2d lonL who, 1 April 1647, 
was created yisoount Kileounie and earl of 
Canm, m. Jane| da. of Richard, lord Robartes, 
of Tmro, and sister of the 1st earl of Radnor, 
and bad issue. 

RICHARD, id earl, who, by Roae. da. of 
sir Jsmes Ware, knt. had issue, 

CHARLES, Sd earl. He m. Castellins. 
sister of St. Leger Gilbert, esq. and baa 

1. RicHABD, 4th earl. 

2. Henry, whoae son, 
RiCHABD2j>ecame 6th earl. 
RICHARD. 4th earL m. Margaret, sister 

of sir Patrick Traat, ana had isnie, 

FORD, 5th earl, m. 24 March 1741, Elixa- 


beth,d».i]f Jm«i WBle,«w|. tadlu 
», d. M»y 1775. 

Miehad Cro 

1. Soi 

. «. Gl! . . 

but. A. «1 M>T 

Hie eul d. Z9 Sept. 177t, uid wu suc- 
ceeded bv 

BICHABD, eth earl, aoD ofthe lioo. Henr; 
Lunbut, Id BOP of the 3d earl, m. 1st, SiqiluL 
h. of the hoQ. Oliver l^mbut, 4th wm of 
^harlei, 3d earl of Caran, bj whom he had 
no iune; and 3dl7, 13 Nor. 176i, Elkabeth, 
eldest da. of Oeoi^ Darii, eaq. a conunu- 
Honer of the navv, and by ber (who A. 17 
Feb. ISll) had uane, 
, 1. RicH<RD-F<niD-Wii.LiAii, Tth earl. 

4. SoFHU, h. 1767, i. unm, 

5. EuiABtniJiNK, h. 16 April 1775, m, 
9 Nov. 1793, William-Heary Kicketti, ew]. 

.R.N. nephew of John, earl St. Vincent, 
.O.C.B. (which marriage waa diiaolved bj 
ent, in April 1799,) and iihe 

act of narlia 
T*-m. March : 

ceeded bj hia only ■on, 
earl, K.C. a gen. in the annj^ goTemor of 
Calabot Castle, and coL45threnmentoffix>lj 
h. 10 Sept. 1763: m. lit, 8 Jul; 1781, Ho- 
nora, youngeat da. and oo-h. of sir Henr; 
Oonld, knt. one of the jnd^ of the coart 
of canunon pleas, in England, and by ber 
\v\a> d. 1 Oct. 1813) had uane 

1. RlCTI 




...._, id d, 19 Feb. 1785. 

S. HoNont-EuzABETH-HESTU, 6. WAprU 

1784, n. 1st, 9 June 1B05, e^it. John Wood- 

rate, who d. in Not. 1806 ; and 3dl;, i April 
809, capt. G. F, Harvey. 

3. AuCU-MlBOilRBm-NDRTBIlORK, b. 1 

Aof . 17B5, Ilk 5 Jan. IMS, PhOip-Dviaoinbe 
Pauneefote - DaBoanbe, of Bnck-hill, co. 
Bucks, an. d. 3 April 1818. 

4. S<>FBi«-AiiiNT«, b. It March 17S7, d. 
15 May 1798. 

5. Richasd-Herht, b. and d. April 1788. 

6. G KOBo E-FsEDERici-AiTouaTDS, nicount 
Kifcourn*. b. 9 March 1789, la- 14 Mbt 1811, 
Sarah, ordj da. of J. P. Coppin, of Cowley, 
near Oifbrd, eaq. and d. 28 Dec. 1838, har- 
ing had isMe by ber, (who d. 30 Dec 

1. FaiDERicT-JoBN-WiLLUMiBthearL 
t. Henrietta-Angana. 

4. Julia. 

5. Oliier-Geor^, to whom, and to hia 
listers, the queen was r^eaaed, by royal 
wairant, 16 Joly 1899, to grant the 
rank and precedence of a Km and 
daughters of an earl. 

7. EnwiKD . Henry - Wksiwohth - Vil- 
LiEBs, 6. 4 May 1791, d. 13 June » 

The earl™. M " ' 

da. of William A 
Isle of Wight, e> 

the army, d. «6 Dec'. 1839. 


March 1818, in the army. 

10. Ltdia-Gundbed, b. 4 Mardi IBSl. 


>. «dly, 11 Aug. 1814, Ly^ «d 
km Arnold, of SUtwood, in the 

[, b. 9 Dee. 1815, in 
i-Ford-Hkh>t, b. t 

The earl d. « Not. 1837, and was .mc- 
oeeded by his grandson, 

sent and 8th earl. 

Hiir Apparent — Viaeoont Kilcoursie, bis 
lordsbip^i BOD. 

emotion*— Baron, IT Feb. 1617; Viawxmt 
and Earl, 1647. 


Baron Cawdor, F.R.S. and a fAroily Trustee of 
Ihe Brilisb MnKum; bom 8 Nov. 1700; suc- 
ceeded hia father, John, late lord, aj Baron 
Cawdor, 1 Jane 182t ; adraDced to the dignity 
of Visconnt Emiyn, of Emlyn, co. Camarthen, 
and Earl Cawdor, of Castletnartin, co. Pem- 
broke, & Oct. 1S27 i Hurried, b SepL 181S, U4y 
Elizabeth Thynoe, eldest da. of Thotnaa, 3d 

marqneu of Bath, K.G. and ba* isaoe, 1. 

Emlfti, b. II June 1817; 2. EyiLY-CAAo- 

LINE, A. 6JaD. 1819; 3. GEORCIAHA-Is*BELt.A, 

b. 1 Hay 1830; 1. Elizabeth -Lucy, b. 16 Jan. 1822i 5. M«ht-Loui>a, 

b. 7 Jan. 1836; 6. Archibald-Geohoe, b. II Jon. 1837; 7, WiLum- 

Hbhrv, (. 1 Jnly 1839, d. 29 May 1830; 8. Blanch e-Charlottc, b. 10 Aug. 

4. 3 Sept. IS31 ; 0. Adelaide, b. 13 Aug. 1833, d. 30 April 1833; 10. a da. 

6. aSHarch 1836; — -11. rckild, atill-lum, 13 Dec. IS3B. 

Aatu — Quarterly of four : : 

, a stag's head caboahed sable, Calder; Id, gironny of eigfat 



«ar ttd fdhi^i OjsmfBmLM, ; 3d, ifga&t, a Xymfhtd or aooiflot g«U<)y e^le, abo CAnratti^ 
4di9 guloB « ONMS <yr^ Lost. CRin^— A «wan proper. SuppOBTEBfr— IVxter, a lion ipMr^ 
dant gules. Sinttter, a stag proper. Motto— ^ mindfiiL 

Tau noble ftmOy >> ^ jonioc branch of the 
house of Argyll, being descended from sir 
JoBN CmmvbeiXj (3d son of Archibald, earl 
of Aigrll,) who, about the commencement of 
the 1^ century, m. Morella. da. and sole h. 
of sir John Calder. of Calaer. From him 
descended sir Hugh Csmpbell, of Calder, 
whose son, 

Sir Alexanpeb Campbbxx, m. Elizabeth, 
da. of sir John, snd sister and sole h. of sir 
Gilbert LorL of Stadmoole Court, co. Pem- 
broke, bait, by whom (who d. SepL 1714) he 
^JoBX Campbexl, of Cawdor Castle, 'eo. 
Kaim, and of Stackpoole Court, co. Pem- 
broke, esq. represented the latter county in 
parliament 1727, 1734, and 1748, was ap- 
pointed a lord of the admiralty 1736, and of 
the treasury 1746 ; he was goremor of Ches- 
ter, and lieut.-col. of the horBe-gusrds, m. 
Mary, eldest da. and oo-h. of Lewys Pryse. 
of uogaithan, esq. and d. 1775, baring naa 


1. Pbysb. 

2. JoHM-HooKs, lord Lyon for Scotland, m. 
Eostaehia, eldest da. and co-h. of Francis 
Basset, of Heanton Court, co. Deron, by 
Eleanor, sist^ of William, 1st viscount Cour- 
tenay, and had issue, 

1. Matthew, d. s» p. 
f. Harriett^ d. tiam. 

3. Eustachia, m. her cousin, admiral sir 
George CampbelLG.C.B. 

4. Chartotte, m. sir Thomas Gage, hart. 

5. Louisa-Caroline, m. Henry Hulton, 

3. Albxanbbr, a UeuL-col. in the army, 
m. Frances, only da. of Philip Meadows, esq. 
(son of sir Philip Meadows, kniffht^marshal,; 
by Frances Pierrepont, sister of Evelyn, the 
last duke of Kingston, and d. No^^ 1785, 
leaving issue, 

1. Sir Heniy-Frederick^ K.C,B. and 
G.C.H. b, 1769, gen. m the anny, and 

col. 25th foot. 111. IQ April. 1808. Emma, 
da. of Thomas Williams, of Marlow, 
CO. Bucks, esQ. and hss ifsvie; . , » , -.i 

1. George-Herbert-Fredenck* . 

2. Henrietta-Frances. 

3. Frances- Augusta, ^_ 

4. Anne, m. 8 July 1751, Matthew, lord 

Pryss Campbell, the eldest son, was mem- 
ber for the counties of Cromarty and Nairn 
1762, and appointed a lord of the treasury 
1766 : he m. Sarah, da. and co-h. of air Eo* 
muna Bacon, hart, and d, 1768, leaving iasue 
by her, (who d. 20 May 1767,) 

1. John, 1st lord Cawdor. 

2. Sir Gboroe^ G.C.B. admiral oi the 
white, m. his cousm, Eustachia, da. of John* 
Hooke Campbell, and d. 28 Jan. 1821, with- 
out issue. 

3. Sabab^ m. 12 Sept. 1782, Thomas Wode- 
house, baRister-^t-law, 3d son of sir Armine 
Wodeoouse, bart. and brother 'of Johni^ 1st 
lord Wodehouse. 

4. A DA. d. 26 Sept. 1829. teL 76, 
He was succeeded by his elaest son, 

John Campbell, who was created a peer 
of Great Britain by the title of baron Cawdor^ 
of Castlemartin, co. Pembroke, 21 June 1796, 
m. 27 July 1789, Isabella-Caroline Howard, 
eldest da. of Frederick, 5th earl of Carlisle, 
K.G. and had issue, 

1. John-Fredebick, 1st earL 

2. Geoboe-Pbyse, capt. R.N. m. 13 Oct. 
1821, Charlotte, da. of gen. Isaac Gascoine, 
but has no issue. 

His lordship d. 1 June 1821, and was suc- 
ceeded by his eldest son, 

JOHN-FREDERICK, present and 2d 
lord, and let earl. 

Heir ilpparent-— John - Fbedebick - Vauo- 
ban, viscount Emlyn, the earl's eldest son. 

Creatiom — Baron, 21 June 1796 ; Viscount 
and Earl, 5 Oct. 1827« 



Charlemont, co. Armagli, Baron CS&ulfeild, of 
Cniarlemont, in the same co. in the Peerage of 
Ireland, and Baron Charlemont, of GharlemOBt, 
CO. Armagh, in that of tiie Un i lc d Klng^m, 
K.P. ; Lord-Lieutenant of the county of Ty- 
rone, a-Truatee of the Linen Matrafactiite, and 
one of the Representative Peers and P.O. ibr 
Ireland ; ham 3 Jan. 1776 ; succeeded bisfaltt^r, 
James, the late earl, 4 Aug. 1799; ereated 
Baron Charlemont, of Charlemont, afotesftSd, 13 
Feb. 1837, with remainder to his brother, the 
hon. Henry Caulfeild ; mmrritd, 9 Feb. 1802, 



Anne, yonngest da. and co-h. of William Bermingbam, of Robs Hill, co. Galway, 
esq. (a lady of the bedchamber to her majesty,) and had issue, 1. James- 
William, b. Aug. 1803, d, at Abberille 13 Jan. 1823; 2. William-Francis, 

h, April 1805, d. 1807 ; 3. Maria-Melosina, b. Jan. 1807, d, nnm. 4 March 
1827; i. Emily-Charlotte, b, June 1808, d, tmm. Oct. 1829. 

Arm»— Barry often argent and gules, on a canton of the second a lion passant euardant or. 
Crest— A dragon's head erased gules, gorged with a collar gemell argent. Supporters 
—Two dragons, wings elevated, gules, each gorged with a collar gemeU argent. Motto 
>-.<< Deo duce, ferro oomitante." Goa my leader, and my sword my companion. 

Sir Toby Caulpbild, having served many 
offices of high trust in Ireland, during the 
reigns of queen Elisabeth and king James I. 
was, by the latter monarchy ti Dec. 1690, 
created baron Charltmonty with remainder to 
his nephew, sir Wilxjam, who became, on 
his uncle's aeath, 1627, 2d baron, and d. 1640, 
leaving, besides other issue, three sons, suc- 
sessively barons Charlemontj 

1. Toby, 3d baron, murdered 1641. 

t. Robert, 4th baron, also d. 1641. 

3. WiLUAX, 5th baron of Charlemont. 
created viscount Charlemont 1665, and had 
issue by Sarah, da. of Charles Moore, 2d vis- 
count Drogheda, 

1. William, 2d viscount. 

2. Toby, of Clone, co. Kilkenny, who had 
issue, col. WiUiam Caulfeild, of Raheenduff, 
Queen's co. lieut.-govemor of Fort George, 
in North Britain, who m. and had issue, seve- 
ral sons, none ot whom left surviving issue, 

1. Wade Toby, of Raheenduff, capL Sd 
dragoon guards, m. Ist. Auff. 1765, 
Janet, da. of James, 3d lord Kuthven, 
by whom he had, 

1. A da. 

He m. 2dlyy Anne, da. of Jonathan 
Cope, of Orton Longueville, co. Hunts, 
esq. relict of John Cowper, esq. ana 
sister of sir Jonathan Cooe, of Brew- 
erne, CO. Oxon, hart, by wnom (who m. 
2dly, Mons. Francois le Chartier, 
formerly of the nirdes du corps k 
cheval of Louis AVI. de Belleville 
of Normandy^ he had issue, . 

2. £dwin-Toby, of Raheenduff^ esq. 
R.N. who IS m. and has issue, 

Henry, Sophia, and Louisa. 

3. Sophia F. JVI. 

4. Edward-Warren, in holy orders, 
m. and has issue. 

5. Emma - AshweU, m. Frederick- 
William Campbell, of Barbuck, 
N. B. esq. and d. Aug. 1817. 

2. John, in holy orders, archdeacon of 
Xilmore. m. and had issue, 

1. Col. William Caulfeild, of Be- 
nown, CO. Athlone. 

2. Thomas, R.N. 

William, 2d viscount, m. 11 July 1678 
Antm Margetson. only da. of James, arch- 
bfsliop of Armagh ; and dying 21 July 1728, 
was succeeded by his son, 

J A MM, 3d viscount, m. Elizabeth, only da. 
of Francis Bemsrd, of Castle Bernard, esq. 

judffe of the court of common pleas, (ancestor 
of the earls of Bandon,) and had issue by her^ 
(who m. 2dly, 9 Oct. 1740, Thomas Adderiey, 
of Inishannon, co. Cork, ok).) 

1. Jambs, 4th viscount. 

2. Fbancis, m. Oct. 1769, Mary Eyre, only 
da. of John, lord Eyre: Leaving London 9 
Nov. 1775^ accompaaiea by his lady, eldest 
da. and a female infant, to attend his place in 
the senate, as representative for Charlemont, 
he was lost in a tremendous storm in their 
passage to Ireland ; he left issue, 

1. James, a major in the army, who took 
the name of Eyre, before that of Caul- 

2. Eleanor, m. William-Forward, 3d 
earl of Wicklow. 

The viscount d. 21 April 1734*, and was suc- 
ceeded by his eldest son, 

JAMES, 4th viscount, K.P, 6. 18 Aug. 
1728, created earl of Charknumt 23 Dec. 1763, 
it appearing from the rolls of the court of 
chanoezy t&t James I. by letters under his 
sig^ manual, dated at Westminster 16 July 
1622, directed the chief governor of Ireland 
to cause letters patent to pass under the great 
seal, containing a grant of the dignity of an 
earl to the then lord Charlemont, but which 
was never put in execution ; m. 2 July 17^, 
Mary, da. of Thomas Hickman. <So. Clare, esq. 
descended from the noble family of Windsor, 
viscounts Windsor, which title became ex- 
tinct 1728, (who d. April 1807,) and had 

1. Fbancis- William, 2d earl. 

2. Jambs-Thomas, 6. 1 Aug. 1776, d. 8 
Sept. 1793. 

3. Henry, of Hackly Lodge, co. Armagh, 
6. 29 July 1779, m. 30 Auff. 1819, Elisabeth- 
Margaret, 2d da. of Dodwell Browne, of 
Ralines, CO. Mayo, esq. and has issue, 

1. James- Molyneux, 6. Oct. 1820. 

2. Heniy-WUliam.'6. April 1822. 

3. Zoe-Margaret, 6. April 1824. 

4. EuKABETH, h, 13 Dec 1773, d. vitm. 26 
Aug. 1830. 

Tne earl d. 4 Aug. 1799, and was succeeded 
by his son, 

FRANCIS-WILLIAM, present and 2d 

Heir Prsfumpttve — ^The hon. Hbnby-Caul- 
rsiLO, only brother of the earl. 

CrMttorw— Baron. 22 Dec. 1620 ; Viscount, 
8 Oct. 1665; Earl, 23 Dec 1763; Baron 
Charlemont, in the Peerage of the United 
Kingdom, 13 Feb. 1837. 




▼ille. Baron Tullamore ; horn 28 April 1801 ; 
succeeded his father, Charles-William, late 
earl, 31 Oct. 1835; married, at Florence, 26 
Feb. 1821, Harriett-Charlotte-Beaujolois, 3d 
da. of the late col. John Campbell, of Shawfield, 
and niece of the duke of Argyll, and has issue, 


Tullamore, b» 8 March 1822; 2. Henry- 
Walter, h. 7 May 1823, d. 30 Nov. 1830; 

3. Kathbrine-Eleanora-Bbaujolois, L 12 

Nov. 1824; 4. James, b. 22 Oct. 1827; 

6. Alfred, b, 19 Feb. 1829; 6. Julia, b. 

and d. 15 Jan. ia32. 

Abms — Qoarterly ; Ist and 4th, vert, a cross crosslet or. Bury ; 3d and 3d, azure, on a chief 
indented or, three mullets pierced gules, a crescent for difference, Moorb. Cre8t»— Ist, 
a hoar's head couped at the neck or, pierced through the neck m)m behind with a spear. 
Bury ; 2d, out of a ducal coronet or, a Moor's head couped at the shoalders, proper, 
wreathed round the temples, or and aznre, Moore. Supporters — Two Moors in golden 
armour fringed at the Uiighs and shoulders with feathers alternately rules, vert, azure, 
and areent, wreathed round the temples, or and azure, and having gol&n buskins on the 
1^, tneir exterior arms extended and holding an arrow, point downwards, proper. 
Motto— '< Virtus sub cruce creedt." Virtue increases under the cross. 

John Moors (descended horn sir Thomas 
Moore, of Croghan, knt. foimp. queen Eliza- 
beth, younger brother of sir Edward Moore, 
knt. ancestor of the marquess of Drogheda) 
r ep r e s e nted King's County in parliament, 
was called to the privy council by George I. 
1714, and, by the same monarch, was created 
b«on TuUanunre ^ Oct 1715, m. Marv, da. 
of Klnathan Lum, of Dublin, esq. and had 
issue, (besides other children, who d. young,) 

1. Charles, 2d lord. 

2. Jane, m. 27 Jan. 1724, William Bury, 
of Shannon, esa. and had issue, 

1. John, ot whom hereafter. 

2. Charles. 

3. William. 

4. Richard. 

5. Thomas. 

6. Jane. 

7. Georgiana, m. Richard, 4tb viscount 

8. Mary. 

9. Elizabeth. 

His lordship d. 8 Sept. 1752, and was suc- 
ceeded by his only son, 

CeARi.ES Moore, 2d lord Tullsmore, b, 
April 1712 ^ was appointed a privy oounsellor, 
gov. of Kmg's County, and muster-master 

gen, in Ireland : and advanced to the dignity of 
earl of CharlevilU 16 Sept. 1758. The earl m. 
13 Oct. 1737, Hester, only da. and h. of James 
Coghill, esq. descenaed from the Cojghills of 
Coghill, CO. York, snd d. ?dthout issue 17 
Feb. 1764, when the earldom became extinct, 
but the estates devolved to his nephew, 

John Bury, the eldest son of the hon. Jane 
Bury, above named ; b. 1 Nov. 1725, tn, Ca- 
tharine, 2d da. and co-h. of Francis Sadler, 
of Sopwell Hall, co. Tipperary, esq. and d. 4 
Aug. 1764, leavingissue oy her, (who m. 2dly, 
6 Jan. 1766, Henry Prittie, lord Dunalley,) 
an only son, 

CHARLES-WILLIAM, 6. 30 June 1764, 
created baron Tullatnore 7 Nov. 1797, vis- 
count CharlevUU 29 Deo. 1800, and earl of 
CharUffUU, 16 Feb. 1806; m. 4 June 1798, 
Catharine-Maria, da. and sole h. of Thomas- 
Townley Dawson, esq. of the Cremome 
fSunily. and widow of James Tisdall, esq. and 
d, 31 Oct. 1835, leaving issue, an only son, 

CHARLES-WILLIAM, present and 2d 

Heir Apparent — Charles - Wiluam - 
Ozoroe, lord Tullamore, the earl's son. 

Crtatumt — Baron, 7 Nov. 1797; Viscounty 
29 Dec. 1800; and Earl, 16 Feb. 1806. 


JOHN-CHAMfiRE BRABAZON, Baron CHA WORTH, of Eaton Hall, iv 
die 00. of Hereford, in the Peerage of the UDJted Kingdom, bo created 10 Sept. 
1831 : Earl of Heath, Lord Brabazon, and Baroo Ardee, in that of Ireland.— See 


GEORGE STANHOPE, Earl of CHESTERFIELD, and Baron Stanhope, of 
Shelford, P.C. (omSSHay 1805; succeeded 
hia father, Philip, the late earl, 29 Aug. 1815; 
a Lord of the Bedchamber to King George 
IV. and late Hailer of the Stag-honnda i mar- 
rud. Nor. 1830, the hon. Anne-Eluabath 
Forester, eldest da. of Cecil, lat lord Forester, 
andhaaiNDe, 1. GEORGE-PHI LIP- CE- 
CIL-ARTHUR, loTit Stankopt, b. 6 Sept. 
1831 ; 2, EvBLVN, b. 3 Oct. 1834. 

Abmi — Qauterl;, etnine and fulei. Crot — A 
tower arare, iMuant thereGrom ■ demi-lion nm- 

Ct or, ducallr crowned eal««, and holdinr be- 
pOHTUu — DirttT, a wo& dunllT crowned or. 
5mu((r, a talbot eimine. Motto ' " A Deo et rege." From God and ibe king. 

Bia JoHH STANHaFE, fait, cominon ances- 
tor of the earli of Chraterfield, Stanhope, and 
Harringlon, was descended Iram an ucient 
and knightly familv of that name, cettled in 
die coaoties of Nottinghun and Derby, as 
early ai the reign of Heniy III. Hia great- 
nandfatheT wu knighted st the battle of 
BUckbealh 1497, and d. 1511, leariDg issne, 
Anne, who m. the protector Somenet ; and (ii 
Michael, who was inTolved in that duke 'b mis- 
fortunes, and beheaded 1551. Sir Michael's 
3d son, sir John, was created lord Stanhope, 
of Harrinnon, 1605, and left an only son, 
Charles, Id baron, on wboae death i.v. in 1647 
that title became eitinci ; and bta eldest son, 
■ir Tbomai, waa father of the sir John first 
meotianed. This sir John, by his IM wife, 
Cordelia, da. and oo-h. of Kicbard Alington, 
of Horsehealh, co. Cambridge, eaq. waa ncher 
of pBiur,lat earlof C)Haler£e)d;andbybia 
Sd wife_, Dorothy, da. of Thomas Trentham, 
be bad issue, beaides other children, air John, 
tnoeator of the earla of Harrington. (See tluil 

PHILIP, 1st earl o( Chesterfield, was 
creMedbaron£lanA0p(,ofSbeiroTd,co. NotU, 
7 Not. Ifil6, and advanced to the earldom 4 
Aog. 16S8 ; IB, 1st, Catherine, da. of Francis, 
lofdHaatinn, eldest ion of George, 4th eai4 
of Huntingdon, by whom be had eleven sons; 
of whom fire d, infimta, two were slain in the 
' wars, and onlj' two left issue, Tit. 

1. HiHBT, n. Catherine, da, and eo-h, of 
Thomas, lord Wollon, and d, in hi- *--•—■- 
lifetime, leariuK issue by her, (who wi 
by king Charles II. couDles of Ch 
for life ; ntn. 1st, to John Vanden Kirckbo- 
Ten, alias Poliander, lord of HeenTliett, in 
Holland ; and idly, to Daniel O'Neale, aaq, 
and d. 1677) an ouly son, 
Fhiup, Id earl. 

t. Abthl'k, anoestOT of the prewnt earl, of 
whom hereafter. 

The earl m., idly, Anne, da, of air John 
Packinglon, by whom he had issue, 

3. Ai.aiAHDU,«OGestor of the earls ofStan- 
hope. (Sa thai tUU.) 

The earl d. 1656, and was niooeeded by his 

PHILIP, Id earl, n, lat, Anne, da. of Al- 
gernon Percy, earl of Morthumherland; Idly, 
Elisabeth, ^ of Jamea Butler, duke of Or- 
moude ; and 3dlT, Elisabeth, da. of Charles 
" — ler, earl of Camarroo, by whom he had. 

I-, 3d earl. 


I. Chirles, who took the so 
ton, and ■>. bat d. >. p. 1704. 

3. M*Hy, m. Thomas Coke, ofHelboum, 
CO. Derby, esq. 

4. C^TBiRiNR, n. God&ey Cbu'ke, of ChU- 
cot, CO. Derby, esq. 

The earl d. 17 Jan. 1796, and was succeeded 

^PHIU'P, 3d earl, ■>. Elisabeth, da. of 



Geor]ge Saville, marquesB of Halifax, and had 

1. pRxup-DoRitER, 4th earl. 

S. Sib Wiluam, K.B., thrice m. but d, 

5. JouNy a lord of the admiralty, d. unm. 

If 4o* 

4. Chablbs, d. unm. 1736. 

5. Obbtruoe, m, air Charles Hotham, of 
Soarborongh, hart. 

6. Elizabeth, m. Samoel Hill, of Shenstone, 
00. Staflcndy esq. 

The earl d, 17 Jan. 1726, and waa sue* 
oeeded br hia aon, 

PHILIP-DORMER. 4th and celebrated 
earl of Chesterfield, K.G. ambaaaador-extra- 
ordinary to Hqlland, lord-ateward of the houae- 
hold 1730, lord-lieat. of Ireland 1745l and 
secretary of state 1746, m. Melosina de Schu- 
lembergf who, in 1722, was created countess 
of Wakungham, and baroness of Aldboiongfa. | 
The earl d. «. p. 24 March 1773, and his widow 
16 Sept, 1778. 

By the death of this earl s. p, the male issue 
ofrienry, eldest son of the Ist earl, failed, and 
the titles derolved on Philip Stanhope, esq. 
whose descent from Arthur, 11th son of the 
same earl, we now proceed to state. 

ABTiiun Stanhope was seated at Mansfield 
Woodhouse, co. Notts, m. Anne, da. of sir 
Henry Salusbury, of Llewenny, hart, and left 
issue, an ody suryiying son, 

Chablxs, m. Frances, da. of sir Francis 
Topp& bart. and had issue, 

1. iRAMCiay d. unm^ 

2. MiCBABi, D.D. 

3. Henbt, IB. Miss Jackson, of Nottingham, 
and left isaae, a da. 


4. ToppB. 

5. CHARI.KS, grandfather of sir Henry-£d- 
wyn Stanhope, who was created a baronet 
1807. (See Debntt't Banmetage,) 

6. Gebtrudb. 

7. Maby-Tbeophiijl, d. unm, 

8. Catbbbxne, m. Wogan. 

9. Euzabbtb, m, Richard Aspinwall, of 

Micbaxi. Stanhope, D.D.2dson of Charles, 
was a canon of Windsor, and d, 8 July 1738, 
haying m. Penelope, da. of sir Salathief Loyel, 
knt. baron of the exchequer, and had issue, 

1. Abtbub-Cbarlbs, father of the 5th earl. 

2. Sir Tbomas, coL of marines, d. unm. 7 
March 1770. 

3. Febdinano, d. 11 Feb. 1790, haying m. 

Mary, da. of Phillips, by whom he left 


1. John, 6. 1744, d. 1 Dec. 1800, rear-ad- 
miral of the red, m. Caroline, da. of 

'' Dent, esq. by whom (who d. 8 

Oct. 1830) he had issue. 

1. Philip, lieut-col., d. unm, 1830. 

2. Henry, capt. R.N. 

3. Charles-George, capt. in the army, 
m. 6 Noy. 18&, Jane, eldest da. of 
sir James Galbraith, bart. and d. 
23 Jan. 1833. 

4. Caroline, m. 7 July 1807, rey. J. 
S. Rashleigh, 

5. EKwu 

2. Michael, m. 18 Oct. 1790, Miss Hamil- 

3. Arthur, comptroller of the foreign let- 
ter office, 6. Oct. 1752, d, 24 Aug. 1836, 
haying m. 23 Jan. 1784, Elizabeth, da. 
of rey. Robert Thistlethwaite, D.D. 
by whom (who d. 22 Feb. 1837) he had 

Ehxabeth, h. 7 July 1785, m. 16 
Aug, 1810, £yelyn-John Shirley, 
4. LoyxLL, under-secretary of state, d^ttBin. 
1 Sept. 1783. 

Abthur-Chables, eldest son of Dr. Michael 
Stanhope, m. 1st. Mary, da. of sir Andrew 
Thomhaugh. of Oberton, oo. Notts, by whom 
(who d. 18 March 1748) he had no issue ; and 
2dly. 25 Aug. 1750, Margaret, ^ and oo-h. 
of Charles Headlam, of Kerby, cot York, esq. 
and d, 9 March 1770, learing issue by her, 
(who d, 1764,) 

1. Philip, 5th earl. 

2. Mabgabbt, h. 10 June 1754, m. 26 Dec. 
1776, WUliam Smelt, esq. 

PHILIP. 5th earl, K.G. succeeded, as 
before statea, on the death of the 4th earl, in 
1773 ; he was master of the horse to the king ; 
6. 10 Noy. 1755, m. 1st, 16 Sept. 1777, Anne, 
da. of Thomas Thistlethwaite, D.D. of Nor- 
man Court, CO. Hants, and by her (who d. 20 
Oct. 1798) had issue, 

1. Habbiett, 6. 9 April 1788, d. 22 Noy. 

The earl m. 2dly, 2 May 1799, Henrietta 
Thynne. da. of Thomas, Ist marquess of Bath, 
and by her (who d. 31 May 1813) had issue, 

2. Elizabeth, b. 15 Feb. 1802, d. unm. Noy. 

3. Gboboiana, 6. 15 Feb. 1803, to whom 
their majesties and the princess Augusta stood 
sponsors in person; m. 14 Noy. 1820. Fre* 
derick West, eso. only son of Fredericx, son 
of John, 2d earl Delawarr, and d. 14 Aug. 

4. Geobos, 6th earl. 

The earl d. 29 Aug. 1815, and was suc- 
ceeded by his only son, 

GEORGE, present and 6th earl. 

Heir Apparent — Geobge-Phiup-Cecil-Ar- 
THtfB, lord Stanhope, the earl's son. 

Crcattofu— Baron, 7 Noy. 1616; Earl, 4 
Aug. 1628. 


haven, co. Cork, and Baroo of Ratbdowne, co. 
Dublin, succeeded hia father, Richard, the late 
nt, 37 Feb. 1831 ; born 14 Dec. 1800; 
^,30 Aug. 1822, Hary, only larriTing 
da. of the late Robert Mom, esq. and baa 
iuue, 1. RICHARD-WALTER, 6. 26 July 

I 1823; ^2. William-John-Glanville, b. July 

1924; 3. MARY-HENRiBTTA,i. S Jan. 182«; 

*. Sophu-Catherinb, b. Jin. 1828, 

6. Hehry-Weyund, i. 8 Oct 1838;— 6. 

Charlotte-AdG[jIIDE, b. 13 Aug. 1831 ; 7. 

JvUA,b.3O0ct. 1833; 8. Charles-Cork- 

WAUis, b. 13 Sept. 1834, 8. Suban-Haroaret, b. 15 Feb. 1837; 10. a 

gON,i.7NoT. t83». 

Aaiu — Anue, a Eberron, between tbree mnlletR, or. Crist — A n>at'a bead eraaed argent 
bonu gtdd. SurpORTiaa — Two unieonu tr^nl, gorged with ^apleu of rosea f^ulei, and 
having a chain of the lamerefleied oret their backs. Motto — " ProbitM renu bonoa." 

This £unilj has been of great aatiquitr CD. 
Salop (■Huming their Bumune from Chet- 
wynd, m that oounw). Adih di Chetwyhd 
n. Agnes, da. of John, lord Loiel, lord of 
Minster Lorel, co. Oxford, and b; ber had 

Isa^lli, da. and h. of Philip de MUton, with 
whom he had the lordshipa of Ingresstree, 
Salte, and Orelwj'che, oo. Staflbi^ and to 
bin succeeded WiLujM, his son, of Oddeston, 
CO. Leicester. He had issae, two sons, air 
Roaui, m. Joan, the eldest da. of sir Ralph de 
Grendon; he bad with her the Lndship of 
GrendoD, oo. Warwick, and had issue, sir 
William CuETWYHD.of Icgresstree, wbohad 
two sons, RiciuRD and John ; and a da. Mar- 
garet, m. William Purefa;, esq. of Sbirefbld, 
CO. Warwick; Richabd, the eldest son, n. 
Thonuuine, da. of William Frodihata, esq. 
and by her had sir Fhimp CHETWTNn, who 
M. Eleanor, relict of Edmund, lord Ferrera, 
of Chartley, (ancestor of the marcjueas To wns- 
hend,) da. and h. of sir Thomas de la Roche, 
and bj her had issue, a son, Witlian, who, 
dying before his father, " 

CHETWTHn, of Ridje, near Blore- 
3. Stafibrd, esq. who was father of 
tLTEs, Ist risoonnt Chetwyod. 

WALTER CHETWYND, eldest son, 
was created Tisoount CAstwynd, of Bearhaven, 
-Q. Cork, and baroo of Italhdinirtu, co. Dub- 

' , 19 June 171T, with limitation to the hein 

mala of his fittber. He n. Marr, da. and co-b. 
to John Berkeley, discount Fila-Haidinge, 
who li. 3 June 1741 : bis lordship d. without 
issue, tl Feb. 1735, and was loooeeded by bi* 

JOHN, id risanint, amhsaaador to the 
court of Spain, who had issue, 

1. WiLUAH-RicHABD, IN. Elisabeth, da. of 
Williun WoUaston of Finborough H^ Suf- 
folk, and rf. in his biher's blttime, 1765, 
leaving an only da. who n. John Parsons, 

'1-.C.,. , . .. 

was mother of John-Chetwynd, ei 

3. FntNCis, d. unn. 30 Jan. 180S. 
The viscount d. tl June 1767, and wal 
succeeded by his brother, 

WILLIAM-RICHARD, 3d Tisoount, re- 
sident at the republic of Genoa 1714; n. 
lionoim, da. of William Baker, esq. consul at 
Algiers, by Deborah, da. of sir Lamard Ro- 
binson, kut. (sooeator to Baron Rokeby,) by 
whom (who d. nt6) be had issue, 

1. William, 4th nseount. 

t. Mabt, n. tht hOD. and rev. Henry 
Roper, SOD of Uenrr, Bth lord Teynham, and 
i 1758. 

3. Deborah, if. 17SB. 

4. LucT, d. 1784. 

5. EsTHEB, d. 1 March 1806. 

6. Thomas, d. at sea. 

7. John, in holy orders, si. Judith Pigott, 
by whom be had issue, two das. and a boo, 

William, n. Penelope Carleton, and had 

I. John; t. Penelope. 
3. Lucv ; 4. Emily. 
He was kuled in an actioa with the 



rebels, at Strntfield, in Ireland, June 

His lordship d, S April 1770, and was suc- 
ceeded bv his eldest son, 

WILLIAM, 4th Tiscoont, b. 25 Nov. 1721, 
m. Susannah, youngest da. of sir Jonathan 
Cope, bart, by whom (who d. 3 March 1790) 
he nad issue, 

1. WiLUAM, b. 26 Jan. 1753, d. 1779. 

2. JoHN-WHmcOBB, 6. 10 Feb. 1754, d, 

3. RiCRABD, 5th viscount. 

4. Granvixxs* Anson, a major-general, 
chaiiman of the victualUng office, and store- 
keeper at Sheemess, b. 2^ Sept. 1758, d. 2 
Dec. 1834, m. 29 July 1783, Martha, only da. 
of the late Henry Stapylton, of Wighill, oo. 
York; esq. ; and, by royal sifn manual, took 
the name of Stapmon ; by ner (who d. 20 
Not. 18^) he had issue, 

1. Harriet-Honora, b, June 1784. 

2. Charlotte, 6. 12 Nov. 1786, d. an in- 

3. Esther-Susannah, b, 1 March 1806, 
d. unm. 3 Nov. 1839. 

4. Henry-Richard, major in the army, 6. 
23 Jan. 1789, m. 12 Dec. 1820, 5lar- 
garet, da. of George Hammond, esq. 
and has issue, 

1. Henry-Charles, 6. 12 March 1822. 

2. Granville-George, b. 22 Mardi 

3. William. 

4w Margaret, 6. 1829. 

5. Margaret. 

6. Diana-Clarissa, m. Sept. 1824, Peter- 
Mere Latham, M.D. and d« 28 Sept. 

7. Augusta, d. 19 Feb. 1824. 

8. Granville- William, 6. Au?. 1800, m, 
30 June 1825. Catharine, aa. of John 
Bulteel, of Fleet, co. Devon, esq. and 
has issue. 

5. Susannah, b, 26 May 1762, tn. 1782^ 
Munbee Goulboum, of Jamaica, esq. and d. 
his widow 6 Oct. 1818. 

6. Andbrlechtia-Claeissa, b, at Brussels 
7 April 1765, m. 2 May 1806, lord Robert 
Se3rmour, 3d son of Francis, Ist marquess of 
Hertford, K.G. 

His lordship d. 12 Nov. 1791, and wss suc<« 
ceeded by his son, 

RICHARD, 5th viscount, b, 29 Sept. 1757, 
m. 30 July 1781, Charlotte, sister to Ralph 
Cartwright, of Aynho, eo. Northampton, esq* 
and had issue, 

1. CRAaLOTTS, b, 14 Sept. 1793. 

2. Esther, 6. 22 Sept. 1797. m. 13 Auff. 
1825, Edward Goulboum, of the Middle 
Temple, esq. sergeant-at-law, and d. 26 March 

3. Mary-Catharins, 4. Susannah, twins, 
b. 8 Sept. 1798, d. infants. 

5. Richard- Walter, 6th viscount. 

6. Mary-Anne, 6. 27 April 1802. 

7. Wiluam-Josiah, 6. 20 Nov. 1804^ d. 
Jan. 1805. 

The viscount d. 27 Feb. 1821, and was sue* 
ceeded by his only son, 

RICHARD-WALTER, present and 6th 

Heir Apparent — ^The hon. Richard- Walter 
Chetwynd, the viscount's eldest son. 

Creation— 29 June 1717. 



Staomer, and a Baronet ; succeeded his father, 
Thomas, the late earl, 4 July 19261 bom 23 
Aug. 1804 ; married, 18 Aug^. 1828, lady Mary 
Brudenell, da. of Robert, 6th earl of Cardigan, 
and has issue,-^— 1. Harriett-Mary, b* 25 
June 1829 ; ■ 2 . Susan -Emma, h. 17 Dec. 
1831 ; ■ 3 . Isabella-Charlotte, b. 20 April 

1836; *. WALTER- JOHN, lord Pelham, 

h. 22 Sept. 1838. 

ARM8--Quarterly : let and 4th, azure, three pelicans 
vulning themselves argent; 2d and 3d, g^ies, two 
pieces ot helts with buckles erect in pale, the buckles upwsrds arsent. A coat of aug- 
mentation, sssumed in memory of sir John Pelham, havmg aflsisted in taking John, king 
of France, prisoner at the battle of Poictiers. Crest — A peacock in pride argent. Sup- 
fovnxt-^hexter, a horse of a mouse dun colour ; and Sinister, a bear proper, each collared 
with a belt argent^ buckle and pendent or. Motto—'' Vincit amor patrue.' The love of 
my country prevails. 

Hsntv PazJiAM, vounger brother of Tho- | Holies, duke of Newcastle,) «. Frances, da- 
mss, lord Pelham^ (ifather of Thomas Pelham | and co-h. of John Bine, of Kodwell, co. Bus- 



■ex, Miq. uhI d. tTtl, iMving itme, fbur <Ua. 
*n. Eliumth, m. Thonm Pellun, of CaU- 
6e\d, Mq.; Gbacb, h. WiUJain Poole, «q.; 
FRixmri". sir Fnuieia Poole, but. ; Litcy, 
m. Talbot Velverton, earl of Sdhsi; ud one 

' TiKHU Pelhmi, of BtMucer, oo. Souex, 
in. Annettt, di. of George Bridgee, of Dor- 
teuhire, Mid d. 1737, l^nng uiue br her, 
(who d. 9 Oct tTSS,) one da. 

Henhiiita, n. 1st, Richard Temple, of 
Ronuej, 3d son of Heurj, Tiacoimt Pahsen- 
ton; and tily, Oe<a^, 15lh loid Aberga- 
Tenny : and one too, 

■ THOMAS, ft. !8 Fob, 17*8, anooeeded, on 
the death of his ooiuiii, Tbomu, duke of 
NewcaMle, 1768, to the title of baron Pel- 
ham, of Stanmer, which had been conierred 
on ^ mid duke 5 May 176», with ■ apwial 
limitstjon to this Thomu and hii iuue male. 
He was by patent, S3 June ISOl, created earl 
of aiehater, m. 11 Ma; 1754, Anne, da. and 
h. of Frederick- Meinhanlt Frankland, ew]. 
6th son of sir Thomas Frankland, bart. and by 
her (who d. 5 Handi 1B13) he had iMue, 

1. TnoHAS, td earl. 

S. HEHaiETrt'ANKE, 6. 9 Sept. I7S7, », 
George Leslie, lOtb eul of Rothes. 

3. HENHr,6. 10Jaly]7S9,M. 2 Nov. 1788, 
Catberioe, eldett da. of Tboma* Cobb, esq. 
(br Udy EUubeth Bereaford, aiater of the IH 
margueaa of Wateriord,) and d. 16 Jan. 1797, 
learing two das. 

1. Catherine-KUnbeth-Anne. 
I. Fannr, m. 6 May 1834, Jamee-HamU- 
ton nfurny, etjq. R.N. 

4. Frances, b. 4 Dee. 1760, m. George, 
4th viscount Midleton. 

.5. LiTY, h. M Feb. 1763, «. » Dec, 1794, 
John, lit earl of SbefSeld, and d. 18 Jan. 

6. AnEi-u, *. 19 July 176*. 

7. GEoaoe, D.C.L. i. 13 Oct. 1766, W. 7 
Feb. iat7, eonaeerated bishop of Bristol ISCCt, 
transUted to the see of Exeter 1807, and to 
that of Lincoln 1810; ■■.14 Dec. 1791, Mar;, 
dk. of sir Richard Rjcroft, bart but by her 
(whoij. 30 Match 1837) had no inuc. 

The earl d. B Jan. IBOS, and was soooeeded 
by his eldest son, 

THOMAS, Jd eari, ft. SB April 1756: 
Bununoncd to the house of peers 1601, and 
placed in his father's barony of Pelham ; at. 
16 July 1801, Mary- Ken rietta- Juliana, da. of 
Francis, 5th duke of Leeds, and had iseae, 

1. Thohas, ft. W June IBOi, d. 11 ManJi 

4. Aheua-Rose, b. 17 Jane 1806. 

5. FaEDEHiCE-THO¥U, commandeT R.N. 
K.T. 6. 9 Aug. 1808. 

6. Fbamces, twin with FredeTick,d.7Sept. 

7. Johh-Thohas, ft. 21 June IBll, in holy 

8. HENRisTT.t-J(iuAN«, b. !7 March 1813. 

9. CATHiRiNa-GioKCMHA, i. 13Ja]7l814, 
n. 36 Oct. 1B37, hoD. and rei. Lowther-John 
Barrington, son of Geoi^e, 5th viscount Bar- 

10. Lucv-Anne, ft, U Oct. 1B15. 

The earl was a privy coonsellor and joint 
postmaster-general, d. 4 July 1836, and was 
succeeded by his eldest surviving soo, 

HENRY-THOMAS, presented 3d earl. 

Hiir Appumil— WALtu-JoHN, lord Pn- 
BAH, the earl's eldest son. 

CrsBtiOTU— Baron, S May 176«; Eari of 
Chichater, S3 June 1801. 


MONDELEY, Earl of Rocksnvaee, ViBconnt 
_ ^ Mnlpos, Baron Cholmoodeley, of Namptwich, 

~ '" CO. Chester, Baron Newburt{b, co. Angleaey. 

Viscount CholmoDdeley. of Kella, Baron New- 
burgh, co. Wexford, in tbePeerafce of Irelaod, 
and a Bart, P.O. Deputy Great Chomberlafn 
of England ; bam 16 Jan. 179-2i aocceeded bis 
fatber, George- James, late marquess, 10 April 
1827; numerf. 20 Oct. 1812, Caroline, 2d da. 
of lieut-gen. Colin Campbell, then liesL-go*. 
of Gibraltar, by wfaom (who d. 12 Oct 1816) 
be had no issne. The inartiiieaa as. 2dlf, 1 1 
May 1830, lady Susan Somerseljda. of Henry- 
Charles, 6lh duke of Beanrort. 

AnMi — Gules, in chief two eaquires' helmets argent, and in base a garb or. Cber — A 
demi-griSn sable, wings elevatal or, holding between the paws an esquire's belnet ar- 
gent. Si'FPOHTERt — Dtzter, a griffin sable, beak, clavra, and wings elevated or. 5jiuMrr, 
a wolf or, collared vaire. Mono—" Cassis tulissima virtus," Virtue is the aafeM 

r 1 I « 



Tmtwo gieat Ch^dm (amilieB of Egerton 
and Cl^€|liBond^|ey are both deflcended from 
the sa3»e opaunon anoeston William le fiel- 
wardy who waa baron otMalpafl, in that 
eouD^y under the Norman earls palatine. 
David de Malpaa, the eldest son of William 
le Belwardy was ancestor of the E^^ertons; 
and Robert, the 2d son, having, by gift of his 
father, the lordship of Cholmondeley, settled 
there, and aasumea the local name, which has 
been condnned in his descendants. 

Eleventh in descent from the said Robert 

Sir Hugh Cbolmonoelby, of Cholmon- 
deley, who was knighted in 1558; and d, 
1601, leaving issue, five sons, of whom, 

RoBBBT, the eldest, was created a hart. 
1611, viscount Cholmondelejr, in Ireland, ba- 
ton Cholmondeley, of Namptwich, co. Chester, 
1645, and in the following year earl of Lein- 
Bter, in Ireland ; but <L s.p. 1699. 

TaoMAs, the 4th, was ancestor of the Choi- 
inondeleys, of Vale Royal (<m Baron Dela- 
iMrc); ana 

Huoii, the 3^ was fiither of 

Robert Chounondelev, who succeeded to 
the estates of his unde, the earl of Lein- 
Bter, was created viscount Kells, in Ireland, 
1661, and tL 1681, leaving issue, 

Hugh. 8d viscount and 1st earl, created 
boron Chalmondeley 1689, viscount MalpaSy 
and earl of Cholmondeleyy 1706, with re- 
mainder to his brother, and deceasing unm. 
1725, was succeeded by his brother, 

George, 2d earl, a general in the army, 
governor of Guernsey ; m. Elisabeth, da. to 
Baron Ruytenburg, and hj her (who was na- 
toialked by act of parliament 1703-4, and 
who d. 17M) had, 

1. Henrietta ; S. Mary ; both d. unm. 

5. EuzABEi^, fli. Edward Warren, esq. 

4. George^ 5d earL 

5. James, % general in the annv, m. Pene- 
lope Banr, da. of James, 4th eari of Barry- 
more (by laizabeth Savage, da. and sole h. of 
Richard, earl Rivers) ; by this marriage, the 
house and estate of Rocuavage, co. Chester, 
were conveyed to this fiunily, and are now 
poflpesied by the present marquess of Chol- 

The earl wa« created, 15 March 1715, baron 
Newburgh, In Ireland ; and 2 July 1716, 
baron oTNewburgh, in Anglesey (both during 
his brvther'a lifetime)) he d. 7 May 1733, and 
was sncoeiBded by hia son, 

GRQROE,3d earl, d. 2 Jan. 1703, K.B. 
chaaceEor of the duchy of Lancaster, &c. m. 
14 ^i^t 1723, MaiT, only da. of sir Robert . 
Wd^le, 1st earl of Oribrd, K.G. by which ' 
mamaf«e thfr estate of Houghton Hall, co. 
NorfoU^ was oMiveyed to this fiunily; and by 
her (wiio d; 1791) W issue, 

1. Gtoao% viscount Maln«9, 6. 17 Oct 
1724^1^111. 19 Jan. 1747, Hester, da. and 
b. 01 sir Francis Edwards, of Shrewsbury, 
bart. The viscount a. 15 March 1764, leaving 
issue by his lady, (who d. 10 April 1802^ 

1. OBORGE-JiMEs, Ist marquess. 

2. Hester, b, 1755, m. 6 Sept. 1773, Wil- 
liam Clapoot Lisle, of Upway, eo. Dor- 
set, esq. 

2. Robert, in holy orders, reekr df Her* 
tingfordbury, and St. Andrews, Hertfoid, b, 
2 Nov. 1727, and d. 6 June 1804w halving m. 
30 Nov. 1746, Mary. da. of Mr. Arthur Wof- 
fington, and by her (who d. 4 April 1811) had 

1. George-James, receiver-general of ex* 
dse, b. 5 March 1752, and d. 5 Nov. 
1830. haviuf m. 1st, 7 Aug. 1790. Mar- 
cia, da. of John Pitt, of Encomoe, co. 
Dorset, esq. by whom he had issue, 

1. William. 

2. Horace-George, in holy orders, b, 
11 Oct. 1796, m. 31 Aug. 1825. 
Mary-Elizabeth, da. of Godschall 
Johnson, esq. by whom (who d. 
18 April 1837) he has issue, 

1. Mary-Louisa, b. 4 June 1826; 

2. Elixa-Jane, b. 4 April 1828. 

3. Harriett. 

He m. 2dlv, 10 May 1814, Catherine, da. 
of sir Philip Francis, K.B. (which lady 
d. 11 Sept. 1823) ; and 3dly, 4 Oct. 

1825, Maria-Elizabeth, da. of John- 
Thomas, 2d viscount Sydney, by whom 
(who re-m. 9 Feb. 1832^ Charles, 2d 
earl of Romiiey) he had issue, 

4. Frances-Sophia, b. 18 July 1826. 

2. Elizabeth, d. young. 

3. Horatio, d. jroung. 

4. Marv- Henrietta, b, 4 April 1754, 
kiUea, 2 Oct. 1806, by the overturning 
of a barouche at Leatherhead, oo. Sur- 
rey, in attendance on her royal high^ 
ness the princess of Wales. 

5. Robert-Frands, 6. 24 June 1756. 

6. Jane-Elizabeth, b. 22 Opt. 1758. 

7. Margaret. 5. 8 July 1763, m. 3 Dec 
1783, sir WiUiam Bellinebam, of Belr 
lingham Castle, co. Louth, hart. 

8. Frederick : 9. Charlotte ; both d. young. 
Georse. 3d earl, d. 10 June 1770, and waA 

succeeded by his grandson, 

GEORGk-JAMES, 4th earl and 1st mar- 
quess, K.G. G.C.H.; 6. 11 May 1749; created 
earl of Roehsavagef and marquess of Choi- 
nunuUUy, 22 Nov. 1815: m. 25 April 1791, 
Georgians-Charlotte, 2d oa. of Perenine Ber- 
tie, avke of Ancaster. (and^ with ner aister 
PrisciUa, baroness Willoughby de Ereeby, 

^'oint hereditary great chamberlain of Eng- 
and,) and by her (who d. 23 June 1838) had 

1. George-Jahes-Horatjo, 2d marquess,. 

2. Charlotte, b. 16 Feb. 1795, m. 18 May 
1818, col. Hugh Seymour, 2d son of die late 
lord Hugh Seymour, and a. 24 June 1828. 

3. Williajc-Henry, 5. 31 Aug. 1800, %t. 
28 Feb. 1825^ Maroia-Emma-Geoigiani^ da. 
of the right bin. Charles Arbuthnot, and has 

1. Marcia-Charlotte-Emma, b, 22 Nov. 

1826, d. 7 April 1828. 

2. Charlotte-Georgiana, 6. 4 Feb. 1828. 

3. Charles-George, b. 9 July 1829. 

4. Maroia-Susan- Harriett, 6. 18 April 

5. A da. 6. and d. Aug. 1832. 

6. Henry-Vere. 6. Oct, 1834. 

7. l^ma-Caroline, 6. 11 Nov. 1837, d. 
26 Jan. 1839. 

The marquess was many yean lord steward 


of tie honiehoM ; he died 10 April 16ST, uid 
wu «nee«ed«d br hij eld«M iod, 
GEOHGE-HORATIO, pnwnt tad M 

Hitr PrdumpliM — Lord William- HenBv 
CHnutoNDELEV, the nurqoew'B brotber. 
CrMliiHu— BiTooet, tt Mb7 1611 ; ViMODDt 

1715 ; Bnvn CbolnaDdeleT, of Namptwidi, 
10 April 1689 ; Vbooont Mtlpu, ind £«ri of 
Cbolmondeley, C7 Dec 1706; Banm New- 
bargb, b the lile of Anglewj, t Jul; 1716 ; 
HunDew of CholninuleleT,*od Eail of Bock- 
unge, n Not. 1815. 


Ranger of Wychnood Forest, eo. Oxford ; bam 
30 Dec. 1779; married, 26 Not. 1600, Frances, 
da. of AuguBtuB-Henry, 3d duke of GrmAon, 

K.G. and baj iwue, 1. FRANCIS, b. 6 

OcL 1802, D.C.L.; H. Gborgb-Auoustus, 

cnpt. 60th foot, b. 6 Feb. 1804, ni. 17 Jan. 1834, 
Charlotte, odIv da. of col. Munroe, of Teaninick, 
CO. Rom, and hoa iuue, I. Ckarlotte-Francat- 
B<ina,b. I&Octl834; 2. Faimg-IiiAelU-CatlM- 

ri»*, b. 21 July 1837 ; 3. Augustus-Alnehic, 

b. 26 March 18U7, capl. 43d foot, m. 6 Feb. 
1B36, Helen-Maria, 2d da. of mBJor-gcneral air 

Archibald Campbell, bart.; *. Willi *ii-HENHr, 6. 12 April IftlO, in holy 

orders, TJcar of Urchfoot, WilU, m. 23 Jan. 1B38, Elizabeth-Rote, 2d da. of T. 

Thomhill, of Woodleya, esq. and has issue, William' Frannt. b. 10 OcL 1838; 

^^-6. Henry, b. 5 July 18Mi 6. Jdhn-Welborb-Sunoerland.A. 12 March 

1816; 7. Robert-Charles-Hen HY, b. lA June 1817, in the army; 8. 

CHiiRLBS-FHEDBtiicK-OcTAvius, b. 9 Sept. 18Z4i Q. Caroline-Elizabeth, (. 

28 June 1906, m. 23 Jane 1830, Robert, lord Clonbrock ; 10. Francu-Euza- 

BBTH, 6. 24 Aug. 1808; 11. Louisa-Diana, b. 2 Jan. 1819i 18. Euzahbth- 

Charlotte, b. 17 Feb. 1822. 

Aaiag — Qoarterlj: IM and 40, qoarterly, argent and gules, <m a bend lable three eaeallopa 
argent, in the !d and 3d qoarten » iret or, Sfenceh; 3d aDd9d,uble, a lionnmpant 
argent, on a canton aigent a croaa gale*, Cuurcrill. Chdt — Out of adncal coronet or, 
a griffin'n head, wings elrrated and expanded argent, gorged witii a coUar gemel gnlea. 
BuFFOSTEHa — Dfxbrr. agTiffin, wingi eleTtted per fnaa argent and or, plain oallam^ and 
chained ubic, the collar charged with three cacallopa argent. SnutUr, & wjrern, wiogi 
elevated or, collared and chained ai the dexter. Motto — " Dien defend le droit. Ood 
defend* the right 

Mis lordship ii the Sd son of George, 3d 
dnke of Marlbnmogh, K.G. and brother to 
the late duke. 

For hit lordA^^t gmeafcigy, ta* Duttm of 

HttrAj^oTtnl — FaANciBjhia lordship's eld- 
CrMtim-^Bajon, 11 Ang. IBIS. 


ROBERT JOCELYN. Baron CLANBRASSIL, of Hyde Hall, co. Herts, in 

the Peerage of the United Kingdom, K.P. Earl of Rodeiii Viscount Jocelyn, and 
BaroD Newport, in Ireland.— See Earl of RODEN. 




Dunlo, of Dunlo and Ballinasloe; Baron Kil- 
coDiiel, of Garbally, co. Galway, in the Peerage 
of Ireland, and Viscount Clanc arty and Baron 
Trench, of Garbally, in that of the United King- 
dom; also Marquess of Heusden, in the Nether- 
lands; botm 21 Sept. 1803; succeeded his father, 
Richard, late earl, 24 Nov. 1837; mamed^ 8 
Dec. 1832, lady Sarah Butler, da. of Somerset- 
Richard, dd earl of Carrick, and has issue, 
1. RICHARD-SOMERSET, mrotint Dunlo, b. 

13 Jan^ 1834; 2. Fredrkick, h. 10 Jan. 

1836; 3. William, b, 17 June 1837; 4. 

Anne, b. 27 March 1839. 

Arms — Quarterly: Ist and 4th. argent, a lion passant gules between three fleurs-de-Us 
axure, on a chief azure, a sun m splenaour, Trsnch ; Sd and 3d. argent, a chief indented 
■able. Lb Pobr. Over all (being an augmentation granted to tne earl by the long of the 
Netherlands, and which he was permitted to bear by royal licence dated 18 Aug. 1824) 
an escocheon or, enaigned with the coronet of a marquess of the Netherlands, and charged 
with a wheel of six spokes gules. Crests — 1st, a dexter arm embowed in armour, the 
hand g^rasping a scimitar proper. Trench ; 2d, of augmentation (granted as above) a lion 
rampant or, imperially crownea, holding in the dexter fore-paw a naked sword areent. 
pomel and hilt gold ; and in the sinister a sheaf of arrows also or ; 3d, a stag's neaa 
caboshed argent, attired or, and between the attires a crucifix, Le Poer. Supporters— 
Dexter, a lion gules, sem^e of fleurs-de-lis or. Sinister, a sta^ guardant proper, attired or, 
between the attires a crudfix, and supporting with tne sinister fore-paw a lance resting 
bendwise over the shoulder proper, and thereon a banner of the arms of Le Poer. 
Mont* — ** Consilio et prudentia," By counsel and prudence ; and over the crest of aug- 
mentation^ ** Hbusden-Heusdsn." 


This &mily, which has been ennobled in 
two branches, assumed the name from the 
town of Lm Tranche, in the province of Poitou, 
of which they were formerly possessed. The 
first of the £unily in England was 

Frederick de la Tranche or Trenche, a 
protestant nobleman who fled from France 
after the massacre of St Bartholomew, and 
settled in the oo. Northumberland in 1574; 
he m. 1576, Margaret, da. of Thomas Sutton, 
eso. and had issue. 
1. Thomas, his heir. 

3. Jambs, rector of Cloneell, in Ireland, 
and possessed of estates in Cavan, m. 1605, 
Margaret, da. of Hugh, viscount Montgo- 
mery, of Ards, and haa issue, an only da. 
3. Adam-Thomas. 

Thomas^ the eldest son, m. 1610, Catharine, 
da. of Richard Brooke, of Pontefract, co. 
York, esq. and had issue, 

Fredbrick, who settled at Garbally, in Ire- 
land: m. 1632, his cousin, Anna, only child 
and h. of the rev. James Trench, and d, in 
1669, leaving issue, 

1. Frederics, ancestor of the earls of 

2. John, dean of Raphoe, ancestor of lord 

Frederick, the eldest son, b. 1663, suc- 
ceeded at Garbally; from whom descended 
the 1st earl's ^randfiither, Richard Trench, 
esq. who m. Elizabeth, td da. of John Eyre, 
of Eyre Court, oo. Galway, esq. and naa 

Richard Trbnch, of Garbally^ esq. 6. 
1710, was returned to parliament for the oo. 
Galway, which county his father had repre- 
sented for thirty-seven years. He m. 15 
March 1732, Frances, only da. and h. of David 
Power, esq. (descended m>m the barons de la 
Poer, and, in the &male line, from the lords 
Muskerry, afterwards earls of Clancartr, by 
the marriage of John Power, esq. with laena, 
da. of Cormac, lord Muskeriy,) and d, 1768, 
having had issue by her, (who d. in 1793,) 

1. Frederick ; 2. David; both d, infants. 

3. Wiluam-Power-Keatiko, 1st earl. 

4. John-Power, a major in the army. 

5. Eyre-Powbr, a lieut-gen. in the army, 
and late col. 5th garrison battalion, m. 1797, 
Charlotte, eldest da. of gen. Johnson, of 
OvCTstone. co. Northampton, and widow of 
sir John Burgoyne, of Sutton, co. Bedford, 

6. Nicholas-Power, m. Jane, da. of sir 
Richard Butler, bart. and d. SI Aug. 1824. 




7. Elizabeth-Power, m. Jobn Nugent, of 
Clonlost, CO. Westmeath, esq. 

8. He«ter-Power, m. Walter Taylor, of 
Castle Taylor, co. Galwaj, esq. 

9. RosE-PowER, m. James Galbraith, esq. 

10. Jane-Power, d, 

11. Anne-Power, m. Charles Cobbe, of 
Newbridge, co. Dublin, esq. grandson of 
Charles Cobbe, archbishop of JDubtin, and A. 
17 Dec. 1835, set. 80. 

earl of Clancarty, A. 1741, succeeded his 
father as knight of the shire for Galwa^r 
1768. which he continued to represent until 
25 Nov. 1797, when he was advanced to the 
dignity of baron Kikonnel; created viscount 
Dunlo 3 Jan. 1801, and earl of Clancarty 11 
Feb. 1803. The earl m. 30 Oct. 1762, Anne, 
eldest da. of the right hon. Charles Gardiner, 
ister of Luke, viscount Mountjoy, and 

and sister , , . 

by her (who d, 8 July 1829) had issue, 

1. Francis, d, an in&nt. 

2. Richard, 2d earl. ' 

3. Charles, <i. an inBunt. 

4. Power, D.D. archbishop of Tuam, h. 
11 June 1770, m. 29 Jan. 1795, Anne. da. of 
Walter Taylor, esq. of Castle Taylor, by 
Hester-Power Trench, and d. 26 March 1839, 
leaving issue, 

1. Hester, b. 15 Nov. 1795, d. iinm. 

2. Anne, b. 8 April 1797. m. 15 April 
1823, James O'Harm, of West I»dge, 
CO. Gadway, esq. who is dee. 

3. Florinda, b. 1799. m. 16 Dec. 1818, 
Thomas-Trudock Booky, esq. 

4. Eliiabeth, fc. Sept. 1800, m. 15 Jan. 
1830, Henry Oascoyne, esq. 

5. William, in holy orders, m. 26 Dec. 
1830, his cousin, lady Louisa Trench, 
da. of the 2d earl of Clancarty, and has 

Harriet, 6. 17 March 1835. 

6. Frances, m. 18 March 1840, her cousm 
Charles, 2d son of Charles, archdeacon 

. of Ardagh. 

7. Power, in the army. 

8. Emily. 
5. William, rear-adm. R.N. and secre- 
tary to the commissioneiB of customs in Ire- 
land, b, July 1771, m. Ist, 1800, Sarah, da. 
of John-Loftus Cuppage, esq. and had issue. 

1. William, in holy orders, fc. 2 Feb. 

1801, m. 26 March 1827, Mary-Anne, 
eldest da. of Edward Hardman, esq. 

2. John, in holy orders, 6. 11 March 

1802, m. Jan. 1834, Ellen, youngest 
da. of Charles-Rice Davis, casq. 

3. Florinda, ft. 10 Feb. 1806, d. 28 Jan. 

4. Anne-Dorothea, b. 23 March 1807, d. 
an infant. 

5. Richard, 6. 16 June 1808, d. 7 Nov. 

6. Power, 6. 28 Nov. 1809, d. 28 Sept. 

7. Harriette, b, 13 May 1812, m. 31 
March 1835, rev. William Newton 
Gwinness, and d. Nov. 1839. 

He m. 2dly, Jan. 1837, Margaret, widow of 
Arthur Handcock, esq. 
6. Charlf«, 6. Dec. 1772, in holy orders, 

D.D. archdeacon of Ardagh, m. Miss £l#ood, 
and d, Oct. 1839, leaving israe, 

1. Frederick, in holy orders. * 

2. Chailes. m. 18 March 1840, his oou«n 
Fanny, 4th da. of Power, archbishop of 
Tuam, above mentioned. 

3. Anne. 

4. Henry. 

7. Thomas, b. 1774, rf. 14 July 1795. 

8. Luke-Henrv, 6. Nov. 1775, d, 1799. 

9. Frederick, 6. Nov. 1778, d. 16 June 

10. Sir RoBERT-LE-PoER, K.C.B. K.T.8. 
col. in the army, b. July 1782. m. 21 Nov. 
1805, Letitia-Susanna, 2a da. ot Robert Dil- 
lon, 1st lord Clonbrock, and d. March 1824, 
leaving issue, 

1. Fanny-Catherine. 

2. Elizabeth. 

3. WilU«n, ia the nrmy. 

4. Emily. 

5. Augusta. _ ^,., 

11. Anne, b. 1764, m. 1 Oct, 1789, Wil- 
liam Gregory^ of Coole, oo. Oalwwy^ esq. 
keeper of PiMenix Park, ftnd^ d. 21 N^T'- 

12. Florinda, 6. 5 Aug. I7d6, m-^^ipiaaa, 
2d viscount Caatlemaine, upon ^whewe de- 
cease, 7 Jan. 1839^ that digni^ became 

13. Louisa, d, 1785. 
14. Elizabeth, 6. June 1784, m. 15 April 

1805. John MK^hntoch, of Drumctfy t*. 
Louui, esq. 

15. Harriet. 6. Sept. 1785, m. Jan. 1805, 
Daniel-Toler Osborne, of Beechwood, co. 
Tipperary, esq. grandson of sir Wuliam 
OsDome, hart. 

16. Frances, 6. Oct 1787, m, Hemy, earl 
of Rathdown. 

17. Louisa, 6. March 1789. 

18. Emily, b, Sept. 1790, m. 14 April 
1810, Robert Latoucbe, of Harriestown, co. 
Kildare, esq. d. 3 April 1816. 

The earl d. 27 April 1805, and was suc- 
ceeded by his eldest son, 

RICHARD, 2d earl, b. 18 May 1767, 
G.C.B. G.C.H. P.C. one of the represenU- 
tive peers for Ireland: custos rotulorum co. 
Galway, and col. of the Galwav mflitia : on 
the restoration of the prince of Orange to the 
sovereignty of the Netherlands, in 1813, he 
was appointed ambassador to the Hague : and 
was, m 1818, created, by the king of the 
Netherlands, marquess of Heusden, which 
title his majesty was graciously pleased (by 
sign manual, dated 16 Aug. 1824) to allow 
hmi to accept ; created baron Trench^ in the 
peerage of the United Kingdom, 4 Auff.1815, 
and viscount Ctenrtirfy, 1824 ; m. 9 Feb. 1796, 
Henrietta-Margaret, 2d da. of the right hon. 
John Staples, and had issue, 

1. Wiluam-Thomas, 3d earl. 

2. RicHARD-JoHN, 6. 22 March 1805, cap- 
tain in 52d regt. 

3. Robert, b. Oct. 1809, in the navy. 

4. Louisa-Augusta-Anne. 6. 23 Dec. 1796, 
m. 26 Dec. 1830. the rev. William Trench, 
her cousin, son otthe archbishop of Tuam. 

5. Henrietta-Margaret, 6. 13 Oct. 1799, 
m. 28 Feb. 1825, Thomas Kavanagh, of 
Borris, CO. Kilkenny, who d, Jan. 1837. 


6. finiur-iFLOAiNOA, Ik 7 Nov. 1800. 

7. Frances-Poweb, h, 92 Jan. 1803, d. 28 
Dec. 180*. 

8. LucT. m. 11 Sept 18S5, Robert Max- 
welly of CbarloTille, oo. Cork, esq. and d. 

The earl d. 24 Nov. 1837, and was suc- 
eeeded by his eldest son, 

WILLIAM-THOMAS, present and 3d 



Heir Apparent — Richard-Somkhset, 
count DuNLo, the earl's son. 

Creations— Bvon Kdconnel, of GarbaUr, 
25 Nov. 1797; Visoount Dunlo, of Dimlo 
and Ballinasloe, S Jan. 1801 ; Earl of Clan- 
car^, 00. Cork, 11 Feb. 1803; Baron Trench, 
in the Peerage of the United Kingdom. 4 
Aug. 1815; Viscount Clancartj, 1824; Mar- 
quess of Heusden, by the king of the Nether- 
lands, 18 July 1815. 



Newbrook, co. Mayo; bom 1806; succeeded 
his brother, Charles-Barry, late lord, 3 June 
1829 ; married, 1 May 1825, Maria-Helena, 2d 
da. of Robert Persse, of Roxboroush, co. 
Galway, esq. and hns issue, 1. JOHN- 
CHARLES-ROBERT, 6.28 Nov. 1826; 2. 

Denis-Arthur, b. 6 Nov. 1829; 3 . a son, 
b. Feb. 1832 ; i. a son, fr. 2 Feb. 1834. 

Arms — Asure, a bend oottised between six crosses 
pat^ or. Crest — On a rook a falcon rising 
proper. Supporters — ^Two lions azure. Motto 
•^" Spes mea Christua.' ' Christ is my hope. 

For the origin of this family, see the title 
Earl of hvc Ay, 

Jobs BiNCHASf, of Newbrook, (descended 
fnnn the same ancestor with the earl of 
Lacan^) m. 1 June 1738, Elisabeth, eldest 
da. of sir Arthur Shaen, of Bishopetown, 
hart, grandson of George, 16th earl of Kil- 
dare^ oy Margaret, da. of Morgan Magan, 
of Tocherstone House, co. Westmeath, esq. 
fafterwards the wife of Robert Dillon, of 
Gonbrock, esq.) and had issue, 

Henry, of Newbrook. m. Letitia, 3d da. of 
Denis Daly, of Rafforo, esq. (by Anne de 
l^urrh, sister of John, 11th earl of Clanri- 
caroe,) and had issue, 

JOHN, created, 31 July 1800, baron Clan- 
morrit, of Newbrook. b. "1762, m. 21 May 
1791, Anna-Maria, only da. of ^arry, Ist ris- 
count Avonmore, and nad issue, 

1. Yelterton, d, young. 

2. Richard, d. young. 

3. Chahles-Barrt, 2d lord. 

4. LETrriA-MABiA, 6. 27 July 1793, 


Robert-Joseph Ffrench, of Rahasane, co. 
Galwar, esq. and d. his widow Not. 1832. 

5. Denis-Arthur, 3d lord. 

6. Anna-Maria^ m. Bentiuok- Walter Yel- 
Terton, of Ballea, King's County, esq. grand- 
son of Barry, Ist riscount Ayonmore. 

7. Louxsa-Catharinp, m. 1838, rey. Ben- 
jamin-Chapman-Frederick Yelyerton. 

8. Carounb-Harriett, d, 1820. 

9. Julia. 

10. Henrietta, d, young. 

His lordship d. May 1821, and was succeeded 
by his eldest son, 

CHARLES-BAERY. 2d lord, b, 1796, 
m. 1816, Sarah, da. of Walter Lambert, of 
Caatle Lambert, oo. Galwar, esq. (who 
re-m, 29 May 1830, Edwanl-S. Hielonan, 
esq.) but d, s, p. 3 June 1829, and was suc- 
ceeded by his only brother, 

DENIS-ARTHUR, present and 3d loxd. 

Heir Apparent-— Hon. John C.-R. Bixo' 
HAM, his lordship's eldest son. 

Creationist July 1800, 


Baron of Dunkelin, in the Peerage of Irelamd ; 
and Baron Sonierbill, of SomerliiU, co. Kent, id 
tlie Peerage of tbe United Kingdom', Ambaua- 
dor Exlraordinary and PleDipoteuliaiy at the 
Court of St. PeterabuTg; Lord-Lieulenant co. 
Galnay, K.P. P.C.; bom 20 Dec. 1602; auc< 
ceeded bis fnther, Jobn-Thomaa, the late carl, 27 
July 1808; advanced lo tbe dignity of Marqaess 
of Clanricnrde, in the Peerage or Ireland, OcL 
1825, and created Baron Somerhitl, aforesaid, 4 
July 1826; marnnf, 8 April ]a25, Harriett, only 
da. of the late right boo. George Canning, and of 

the late vjacounteaa Cannlnu. and haa issue, ]. Euiubeth-Joan, b. 22 Feb. 

1826; 2. ULICK-CANNING, lord Dmkeliit, b. 12 July 1827. 3. Emilt- 

Chjirlotte, b. IB Oct. 1828; 4. Catherine, b. 17 Nor. 1629) 5. Mar- 

OARCT-ANNe, (.20 May 1831; 6. Hubert, i. 30 Nov. 1832; 7. Harriet- 
Augusta, b. 16 Feb. 1834. 

Arhs— Or, « crou gnlea, and in the dexter canton a lion nunnml, atble. Crest — A ot-s- 
mountainsejuitgvudant, proper, plain colttred and ohained, or. Supportirb — Twoeau- 
R-mounuun eturdaBt, proper, plain collared and ebained, or. Morro — " Uug ittj, ong 
fay, uni; loy?' One king, one faith, one law. 

The fiunily of De Burgb rsnkB amoag 
tlie most ancient in the united kingdoms. 
Hubert de Burgh, eirlof Kent, was one of the 
Ereateat lubjecu in Europe, in the reipis of 
kinn John and Ilenirlll- Ilia uncle, Adelm 
de Bui^b, Mtlled in Ireland, and was ancestor 
of Richard de Uurgh, lord of Connaught and 
Trim who d. 1343, leBring two sons, 

l.W*LTEH, earl of Ulster. 

S. William, ancestor of iheearlsofCUnri- 

UucE, 1st earl of Clanricarde, was so 
created I July 1513. From him the title 
descended in a direct line to 

Uuci, 5th earl, who was created, tl Feb. 
l&U. marquess of Clanricarde, and earl of 
St. Atbons, in Englaadi but dying without 
issue, 1657, those titles became extinct, snd 
the eaildoia of Clanricarde devolved on his 
first oousJD, 

RicHtRo, 6th earl, who also d. without 
Issue, and was succeeded by his brother, 

Wilujim, 7tb earl, father of 

DABD, 8th earl, (who d. withoDt issue,) 

ofTudworth, CO. 1 
house of commons in England, ind afterwards 
chancellor of tbe exchequer, and widow of 
Hugh Parker, esq. eldest son of sir Henry 
Paner, of Henington, co. Warwick, bart. and 
had issue by her, (who d. 1 Jan. 179*,) 
I. John, if. an in&ul. 

3. JoHN-SKYTHjlith earl. 
3. A^KE, m. Denis Dalr, esq. of Rafonl, 
o. Galway, ' • — ■ - — 


^, 1794. 

:v, m. 1 May 1741, George Jen- 

ddIj son of adm. sir John Jennings, 

Herts, and d. 1! Feb. 

Park, ( 


The earl d. 99 .\dt. 17(6, and was 
ceeded, hy his eldest son, 

John-Skyth, lltb earl, *. 11 Nor. 
m. Hester, youngest da. of sir Henry A'iii 
of Stoke Dahemon, co, Surrey, hart, ani 

lord blonhrocV, an^ d. » (Jet. 1BS7. 

Tbe earl d. 11 April 17B<, and was nic- 
oeeded by his eldest son, 

HENRY, 12tb esrl, b. B Jan. 17*3. a privy 
connsellor, K.P. snd goTeraor of U^way; 
advanced to the dignity of marquess of 
Cbinriciirdc, IB Aug. 17B5. Tbe msrqneas 
m. 17 March 1785. Urania-Anne, oulv da. 
of Geoi^e Paolett, IStb maniueas of Win- 
cbesCer, snd by her (who m. toly, coU Peter 
Kington, who was killed at the attack of 
Buenos Ayres, M May 1B07; and 3dly, M 
MsyiaiS, adm. sir Joseph Sidney Yorke,knt. 
anil K.C.B. half-hratber of Philip, rmii of 
Hardwickc, K.G. who d. 4 May 1831) had 
no issue. The marqueaa d. 8 Dec. 1797, 
when tbe marquessate became extinct, and 



was Bueoeeded in the e&rldom by his only 

John-Thomas, 13th earl, b. 32 Sept 1741, 
ft gen. ia the aimy, col. 66th foot^ governor 
ofiiull, and gov. co. Gfdway. His majesty 
was pleased, 99 Dec. 1800, to grant (in de- 
fimlt of issue male of the earl) the dignity of 
countess of Clanricarde, co. Galwav, to the 
first and every other da. of the boay of the 
earl, as they shall be in priority of birUi and 
seniority of age; and the dignity of earl of 
Clanricarde, to the heirs male of the body of 
such first and erery other da. lawfully bom in 
the like succession, according to the priority 
of birth and seniority 6f age. The earl m. 17 
March 1799, Eliza, da. of sir Thomas Burke, 
of Marble Hill, co. Galway, bart. and haa 

1. UucK-JoHN, 3d marquess. 

2. Hesther-Catherine, b. 16 Jan, 1800 { 
m. Howe-Peter, marquess of Sligo. 

3. Emily, 6. 13 Aug. 1807, m. Thomas, earl 
of Howth. 

The earl d, 37 July 1806, and was succeeded 
by his only son, 

ULICK-JOHN, 14th earl and present 

Heir Apparent — Uuck-Cakming, lord Dun- 
KEUN, the marquess's son. 

Creatioru — Baron and Earl, 1 July 1543; 
and in 1800^ Earl of Clanricarde, with re- 
mainder, in failure of male heirs, .to the das. 
of the 13th earl; Marquess, 1835; and Ba- 
ron Somerhill, in the United Kingdom, 4 July 


RICHARD MEAD£, Earl of CLANWILLIAM, Viscount Clanwilliam, of the 

Barony of Clanwilliam, co. Tipperary, Baron 
Gilford, of the Manor of Gilford, co. Down, and 
a Baronet of Ireland, G.C.H. D.C.L. ; horn 15 
Aug. 1795; succeeded his father, Richard, the 
late earl, 3 Sept. 1805; created a Baron of the 
United Kingdom, by the title of Baron Clan- 
william, of Clanwilliam, co. Tipperary, 28 Jan. 
1828; married, 5 July 1830, lady Tllizabeth 
Herbert, da. of George, 11th earl of Pembroke, 

and has, 1. a SON, lord Gilford, h. 3 Oct. 

1832;: 2. Selina-Catherine, h, 16 Sept. 

1831 ; 3. Robert-Henry, h, 16 Dec. 1835; 


a SON, h, 29 Oct. 1839. 

Arms— Gules, a chevron ermine, between three trefoils slipped argent. Crest — An eagle 
with two heads displayed, sable, armed or. Supporters — Dexter, an eagle close sable. 
Sinitter, a falcon close proper, both plain, colh^ed, and chained or. Motto — ^* Toujours 
pret" Always ready. 

Ths fionily of Meade, anciently written 
Meagh, haa been seated for many centuries in 
the CO. Cork. Smith, in his history of that 
county, mentions, that at Meadestown was 
formerly a castle built by the Meades, that 
they had the patronage of the i>rebend of 
Lisieary, and that many of this ancient fiunily 
were interred in the abbey of Butterant. A 
descendant of this house was William Meagh, 
sliss Meade, consecrated bishop of Kildare 
in 1540, and a privy counsellor to king Henry 

Sir JoHTT Mkade, knt. eldest son and h. of 
John Meade, of Ballintobber, esa. m. Cathe- 
rine, da. of sir Dominick Sarsfield, viscount 
Kilmallock, and premier baronet of Ireland, 
and d. 1626, leaving issue, 

WiLUAM, who m. Euzabeth, da. of sir 
Robert Travers, knt. and Bad issue, 

1. Sb John, Ist hart. 

2. Patvick, a brigadier-gen. in the army, 
d. 1« Feb. 1711. 

3. RoaxBT, m« Frances, da. of sir Peter 

Courthope, of Courtstown, co. Cork, knt and 
oo-h. of her brother, col. John Courthope, who 
was shun at Namur, and had issue, 

William-Meade, dean of Cork, who m. 
Helena, da. of Biyen Townsend, of 
Castle Townsend, co. Cork, esq. and 
was ancestor of the Meades, of Bally- 

4. Dominick, in holy orders, who left 

The rev. Percy Meade, who m. Elizabeth, 
da. of Henry Tonson. of Spanish Island, 
CO. Cork, esq. (granafather of William, 
1st lord Riversaale). 

5. JocELYN, d. unm. 

6. Elizabeth, m. John Galway, of Lota, 
CO. Cork, esq. 

7. Eleanor, to. Godwin Swift, esq. of 
Gray's Inn, attorney-general of the palatmate 
court of Tipperary, eldest son of the rev. Tho- 
mas Swifl^ of Goodrich, co. Hereford, (only 
son of William Swift, prebendary of Canter- 
bury in the reign of Queen Elisabeth^) and 




nncle of the celebrmted Joomtluui Swift, dean 
of St. Pattiek'g. 
Sir John, tat htaei, wu appointed attorney- 
n. to Jamea, dnke of York, judge of the oo. 
ipperary, member for the oniyeraity of 
Dablin 1669, knt of the shire for Tippenvy 
t€99f and created a bart. 29 May 1703 ; m, 
1st, Mary, da. and h. of James Copping, 
esq. who d. without issue; si. Sdly, Eliza- 
beth, or Eleanor, id da. (and co-h. with her 
sister, who m. James, 3a visoottnt Ikerrin) 
of col. Daniel Redman, to whom the castle 
of Ballynich, with its extensive estates, ac- 

Sttired under the commonwealth, were con- 
nned b^ the act of settlement, on the resto- 
ration of king Charles II.; and had issue, an 
only da. 

1. Elizabeth, m. 1st, 5 March 1699, sir 
Ralph Freke, of Castle Freke, hart.; and 
3dly, James, 4th baron Kingston, and d. Oct 

Sir John m. 3dly, 14 June 1688. Elizabeth. 
4th da. of Pierce Butler, viscount Ikerrio, ana 
had issue by her, (who d, Dec. 1757,) 

2. William ; 3. James ; both d. young. 

4. SirPiEiiCB; 5. SirRiCHARo; successive 

6. Helbn, m. 1711, Richard Ponsonbv, of 
Crotto, esq. M.P. for Kinsale, and d. witnout 
issue 28 Maroh 1743. 

7. Catharine, m. 1st, 28 June 171.5, Tho- 
mas Jones, of Osbertstown, co. Kildare, esq. 
(grandson of sir Theophilus Jones, of Osberts- 
town, privy counsellor to Charles II. 2d son 
pf Lewis Jones, bishop of Killaloe, and bro- 
ther of Hennr Jones, bishop of Meath, and 
of Ambrose Jones, bishop of Kildare) ; and 
2dly, Nehemiah Donellan, esq. knt. of the 
shire, CO. Tipperary. 

8. Mary, m. 28 Feb. 1727, Dennis McCar- 
thy, of Colorhran, co. Cork, esq. 

9. Jane. a. uitm. . 

Sir John a. 12 Jan. 1711, and was succeeded 
by his eldest son. 

Sir Pierce, who (dying a minor and unm,) 
was succeedea by his only brother. 

Sir Richard, 3d hart. m. 1 April 1736, 
Catharine, 2d da. of Henry Prittie. esq. grand- 
father of Henry, Ist lord Dunalley, and had 
issue by her, (who m, 2dly. 6 Oct. 1748, the 
right hon. sir Henry Cavendish, of Doveridge 
Hall, CO. Derby, hart, and d, 21 Mareh 1779,) 
an only son, 

1. Sir John, 1st earl. 

2. EuzABETH, m. Joseph-Dean Bonrke, 3d 
earl of Mayo, and archbishop of Tuam. 

Sir Richard d, 27 April 1744, and was suc- 
ceeded by his only son, 

JOHN MEADE, Ist earlof Clanwilliam, 
and 4th bart fr. 21 April 1744; created, 17 
^iov. 1766, viscount Clanttilliamf and baron 
of Gilfordj and advanced to the dignity of 
earl of Ctanvilliam, 20 July 1776 ; m. 29 
Aug. 1765, Theodosia^ only da. and h. of 
Eobert*Hawkins Maeinll. esq. (nephew and 
h. of sir John MacgiU, oart.) by nis second 
wife, Anne, 2d da. of John, Ist earl of Dam- 
ley, and by her (who d. 2 March 1817) had 

1. Richard, 2d earl. 

2. Robert, d. younff. 

3. RoBLAT, 6. 29 >eb. 1772, gen. in the 

umjj eol. 12th CdoC. late llsat.-gov«BM» •( 
the Cape of Good Hope, si. 20 Jane aSOT, 
Anne-Louisa, da. of gen. sir Jolm Dalling, 
of Borwood Park, eo. Surrey, bart, and has 

1. Robert, b. 1809, in the army. 

2. Theodosia,6. 27 Jan.l8il.a>.ll June 
1836, Shafto Adair, esq. eldest son of 
sir Kobert-Shafto Adair, of Flizton 
Hall, CO. Suifolk, bart. 

3. John, b. 23 March 1812. 

4. I.<ooisa. 

5. Anne, «. 15 July 1833, David Thor- 
low Cunvnghame. esq. eldest son of 
sir Davia Cunyngname, bart, 

6. Catherine, si. 18 July 1836, Mortimer 
Ricardo, esq. 

7. Adelaide, b. 17 Feb. 1818. 

8. Rose, 6. Aug. 1819, d. young. 

9. Caroline. 

10. Edine. 

4. John, b. 1775, Ueiit.-geB. in the army, 
and C.B. consul-jg^eneral in Spain, ai. 2 Oct. 
1816, hon. Urama-Caroline, da. of the iMm. 
Edward Ward, and sister of Edwanl-Sooth- 
well, 3d viscount Bangor, and has issue. 

5. Pierce, 6. 21 Nov. 1776, in holy ttders, 
archdeacon of Dromove, m. 6 A|Mril 1801, 
Elisabeth Percy, 2d da. Of Hiomas Pertfy, 
late bishop of Dromore, and d. 22 Nov. 18^, 
leaving issue by her, (who d. t6 Sept: 1823,) 

1. John-Pieroe, b, 12 Jan. 1809. 

2. Thomas-Percy, b, 22 Dec. 1802, fel- 
low of AU Souls, Oxon, d. vnm, 4 June 

3. Theodosia-Barbara, b. 24 March 1804, 
SI. 11 April 1833. rev. John Whaley. 

4. Edward-Richard, 6. 30 Nov. 1805. 

5. Henry-Hugh, 6. 19 Feb. 1807, d. 20 
March 1824. 

6. Edward, in the army, killed in Erypt 

7. Anitb, b. 24 April 1768, m. 7 April 
1788, William Whaley, esq. 2d son of Riehatti- 
Chapel Whaley, of Whaley Abbey, oo. Wick- 
low, esq. and d. 20 April 1826. 

8. Catha^ikEj b. 7 Oct. 1769, si. Richard 
Wingfield, 4th viscount Powerscourt. 

9. Theodosia-Sarah-Frances, hi. gen. lord 
Howden, G.C.B. and K.C. ' 

10. Mblesiita-Adelaide, m. John Brmba- 
xon, 10th earl of Meath. 

11. Rose-Maria-Arabella -Sarab. 

The earl d. 19 Oct. 1800, and was sueoeeded 
by his eldest son, 

RICHARD, 2d eari, 6. 10 May 1766, m. 
1st, at IchnsclutB, in Ebhemia, 6 Oct. 1793, 
Caroline, countess of Thmm, Sd da. of Joseph, 
count of Thunn, by Wilhelmina, eoimtesa of 
Ulfeld, both of thie most ancient nobility in 
Germany, and related to many of the reini- 
ing princes, and had issue by her, (who tf. 6 
Aug. 1800,) 

1. Richard, 3d eari. 

2. Robert, d. young. 

3. Caroune, b. 26 Aug. 1794, si. 10 July 
1811, count Paul Sioheny, chamberlain to 
the emperor of Germany, son of count 
Sicheny, magnate of Hungary, and d. 29 
Aug. 1820. 

4. Seuna, b. 2 May 1797, m. 14 June 1821, 
Charies-Gabriel-John-Franoa, ooont Chun- 



Martiutay'^ditmbeilaiii to the emperor of 

a. RuiMAy 0. S Mtreb 1803. 
Tke Mrl m. ^dlj, 6'Jiilj 1806, Marnrec- 
Irene, cU. of John Samey, of Somerset House, 
liondon, esq. and widow of John Harconrt. 
of Ankerwjrk^ and of Molrneux, last lord 
flhnldhaim, ana d, 3 Sept. ibuowing, and was 

succeeded by iiis onlj son, 
RICHARD, present and Sd earl. 
Htftr Apparent — Lord Gxx^pohd, his lord* 

ship's son. 

Creation*— Baronet, 1703; Viscount and- 

Baion, 17 Nov. 1766; Earl, SO Jul^ 1776; 

Irish titles. Baron of the United Kiaffdom, 

38 Jan. 18S8. 


JOHN FITZOIBBON, Earl of Clare, Viscount Fitzgibbon, Baron Fitzgibbon, 

of Lower Connello, co. Limeriok, in the Peer- 
age of Lreland, and Lord Fitzgibbon, of Sidburj, 
CO. Devon, in Uiat of the United Kingdom, P.C. ; 
Goyemor of Bombay ; ^iii 2 June 1792 ; suc- 
ceeded his father, John, tlie late earl, 28 Jan. 
1802; married, 14 April 1826, Elizabeth- J ulia- 
Georgiana, da. of Peter, Ist lord Gwydir, and 
of lady Willoughby de Eresby. 

Arms — Ermine, a saltire gules, on a chief argent 

three annulets g[ules. Crbst — A boar passant 

gules, charged with three annulets in fesse aiw 

gent. Supporters — Dexter, a lion rules. StniUer, 

a griffin, wings elevated, argent Motto— '^ Nil admirari." To be astonished at nothing. 

The family of Ft'txf i66on, the chief of which 
was styled the White Knight, otherwise Clan- 
tibbon^ k descended from the Fitz^eralds, 
Barons Offaley , progenitors o( the great houses 
of Kiidare and Desmond ; from the same origin 
•re descended the Knights of GUn, and the 
Vall^, and the Knights of Kerry, otherwise 
the Black Knights. These titles were con- 
£en«d by the earl of Desmond, as a count 
iMlatiae^ on junior branches of the house of 
FitagenUd; in the like manner as Hugh Lupus, 
the earl of Chester, created his inferior barons. 

The elder branch of the Fitzffibbons ter- 
minated in an heirees, who carried the estate 
to the Kingston family ; as thus described by 
Smith, in nis History of Cork. vol. i., p. 46 : 
via. **The White Knight, otoerwise styled 
Clan-GibboHf was descended from Gislebert, 
or Gilbert, called by the Irish Gibbon, the 
eUeat son, by a td wife, of John Fita-Gerald, 
ancestor of the houses of Kiidare and Dea- 
BBond : they had Isfge possessions in this ter- 
ritoiy.aiMurt of which is now the estate of the 
light iioo« the lord baron of Kingston, whose 
grandfather, sic John King, was, 4 Sept 1660, 
so created by king Charles 11. The 1st lord 
m. Catharine, da. of sir William Fenton. knt., 
and dame Margaret Fits-Gibbon, his wife, sole 
heiress to the family of the White Knights." 

Thomas Fitzgibbon, of Ballylander, co. 
Kerry, esc)., ancestor of the earls of Clare, re- 
pnsentative of the collateral male line of the 
White Kiiigbts, assigned his estate to lord 
Kingston, tor its better protection from the 
fbrfeituiea then directed against the families 
of Roman Catholics ; but his lordship and Mr. 
Fitigibboii sfaortlT after died, both leaving in- 
fiuit families; ana as no legal ze-assignment 

of the estate was perfected, it was never re- 
covered. His son, John Fitzgibbon, M.D., 
was father of Thomas Fitzjribbon, of Bally- 
seeda, co. Limerick, who left issue, four sons ; 

1. John. 

2. Patrick. 

3. Thomas. 

4. Gibbon, 

John Fitzoibbon, of Mount Shannon, co. 
Limerick, esq., eldest son of Thomas, h, 1708, 
was call^ to the bar 1731, at which he prac- 
tised with eminent success; on his entering 
the profession of the law, he published, ** Notes 
of Cases determined at Westminister, ' the ac- 
curacy of which was admitted by lord chan- 
cellor Hardwicke ; 1777, he published " An 
Essay on Commerce ; " 1768, ne was returned 
to parliament for James-town, and afterwards 
for NewcasUe, co. Limerick ; he m. Ellinor, da, 
of John Grove, of Bally himock, co. Cork, esq., 
sister of Richard Grove, esq., (whose da. ana 
sole h. Mary m. Francis-Charles, 1st earl of 
Annesley,) and d. 11 April 1780, having had 

1. John, d, unm, 

2. John, 1st earl of Clare. 

3. Arabella, m. James-St-John Jefferyes, 
of Blarney CasUe, co. Cork, esq. 

4. Euzabeth, m. 12 June 1763, William 
Beresford, lord Decies, archbishop of 1 uam, 
and d, 24 Aug. 1807. 

5. Ellinor, m. Dominick Trant, of Dun- 
ketUe, CO. Cork, esq. ^ _ 

JOHN FITZGIBBON, Ist eari of Clare, 
lord high chancellor of Ireland, b. 1749. was 
educated at Oxford, and thence proceeded to 
the Irish bar, where he soon became conspicu- 



oa<; ITSlihewuappoimedMtoniej-geiwnl- i 

1789, lord fairh chucf llor, mud creUjed Inn) 
Fitifibbon, of Lower Connello, co, Limericl ; 
1793, created TiicoDDt f'idfibftini, of Lamerick, 
00. limerick ; 1795, adTuced to thp dignilj 
of «rl of CVsr; sod 1799, cmt«l * hkt of { 
tlie United Kingdom, b; tlie title of^ baron 
FiOgihbim, of Sidbai7, Co. Deioo. Tfae earl 
o. 1 JdIv 1786, Anne, elde« da. of Richard- 
Chapel Whaley,of wfuOey Abbey, co. IVick- 
low, caq., and bj ber bad uaue, 

1. JoRN, Sd earl. 

i. RicHAHD-HoiAaT, fc. I Oct. 1793, uaher 
of the conri of chanceiT, lord lieutenant aod 
M.P. to. I jmerick, cotonel of the limerick 
militia; ■•■ 11 Jalj 1825. Diana, eldectda.of 
(he late Charles Woodcock, «q., and has 

1. Florence, b. Vi Aug. 1635. 

>. 90 HaT 


3. John-Cbariea-Henry,b. t Majr 18S9. 

4. Elinor-Sophia- Diana, b. IS Harcl- 

3. IsAaELu-ANNi; 4. I.0UU1 ; both i. 

5. 1>a>ilu-Mjkt-Ah!<c, b. to Jan. 17M. 
The earl d. £8 Jan. 1B03, and waa nuxwded 
by hit eldest son, 

JOHN. Sd eart oT Clue, and banin Fit>- 
gibbon, of Sidbury, ro. DeTon- 

Htir PrtnaipliK— The hon. Richibd-Ho- 
BART FiTzoiiBON, aoly brother of the eaH- 

Crfatimu — lord Fit^bbon, of Lowei Con- 
nello, 1789; VisODuuI Fit^bboD, of Limerick, 
SO Dec. 1793 ; EaH of Clare, 10 June 179.') ; 
U>rd Fitasibtran, of Sidburj, in the Peerace 
of England, «4 Sept. 1799. 


Lord Hyde, of Hindon, (n Count io the king- 
dom of Priusia,) P.C. G.C.B. gometime Envoy 
Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiarjr at 
the Court of Madrid; bom 98 Jan. 1800; sdc- 
ceeded hia uncle, John-Chariei, late enri, 22 
Dec. 1838; niarrir4,4 June 1639, laity Catherine, 
da. of the earl of Verulain, and widow of John 
Ilarham, of Stockbridge, co. Bants, esq. 

Abhs — Argent, acrom pilea charged with fire eaol- 
li^ or. CauT — A Iioa rampant argent, dncally 
crowned or. Scppobteu — Two eagles, winga ex- 
panded and inverted table, beaked, membered, and 

dncally crowned or and charged on the breaat with a plain crow, argent. Hono — 

" Fidei eoticola erui." The croaa i> the teat of bith. 

THOMAS VILLIERS, l»l earl of Cla- 
rendon, was youngeil aon of William, Id earl 
of Jenwj, 6. 1709, m. 30 March 17W, Char- 

01 Jernfv, ». 17W, m. 30 ItJareh liVi, L bar- , 
lotte Capel, da. of William, 3d earl of £s«ex, 
(by hii l>t wife, Jane, da. and co-h. of Heniy ! 
ilydc, the laal earl ofClarendcn and Rochea- 
tflr, Hon of Laurenc^ earl of Rochp*(er, 

Jaungeal aon of air Edwaid Hyde, earl of 
'larFidon. appointed in Jan. 16^, lord hieh 
chancellor of^England); 3 June 17.^6, he was 
created baron Itwf ; 14 June 1776, advanced 
lodiedipiily of earlof Ciamtdon; in 17aj, 
bia Pruuiao majenty, aa a mark of esteem, 
mnled lo him and hii iuue the honour of 
bearini; liui arma on the body of tlie Pruesian 
eagle, which hononr his majesly was pleased 
til [RTmit hia lordship lo accept. By her lady- 
■hiii (who d. 3 Sept. 1790) he had issue, 
i. Tii'»i», id eart. 
3. J<>Hir-C>iiBL», 3d earl. 
.1. UuiBbE, reKistrar at Gibraltar, clerk of 
the council, and registrar of the duchy ofLan- 
caMer, and ranger of Cranbome Chase, b. 23 
Nov. t7m,m. 17 April 1798, Thereaa Parker, 
Mm of John, F.arl of Morley, and d. i\ 

March 18t7, leaving iasoe, 

«. Thomaa-Hyde, b. V> Jan. ISOl, barris- 

ter-at-law, secrelaij to the board of 
control, (t. 3 Dec. ISii ; advanced with 
his Burviving brothers and sisters lothe 
rank and precedency of earl's children, 
by a royal warrant, 13 Feb. 1839. 
S. Charles-Pelham, b. 19 Jan. 1801, M.P. 
for Wolverhampton. 

4. Maria Thema, b. B March 1803, n. 6 
Nov. 1830, Thoma*- Henry Lister, of 
Armytage Park, Co. York, esq. 

5. FredeHck-Adolphus, b. 17 Feb. 1805, 
d. « Nov, 1806. 

6. Edwaid-F.mest, b. S3 Marrh 1806, a 

; sioner for the sde and settlement of 

I waste lands of the orown in British ™- 

I looies, and a oommiHioaer Ibr the co- 

: loniiatian of South Australia, n. 1 Ang. 

1835, Elisabeth-Charlotte, da. of Tho- 
mas-Henry, lord Rsvenaworth. 

7. Henrv-AIontajnie, h. 4 Jan. 1813, 1 

holy unien, vicar of Kenilworth, co. 



Warwick, m. 31 Jan. 1837, Amelia- 
Maria, eldest da. of William Hulton, 
of Hulton Park, esq., and had issue, 
Charles-AuguBtus, who tL tT Aug. 

8. Augustus- Algernon, R.N., K.I.S., 6. 
14 April 1817. 

4. Chahlotts-Baiibara, h, 27 March 1761, 
d. 1 April 1810. 

His lordship d. 11 Dec. 1786, and was suc- 
ceeded by his son. 

THOAf AS, Sd earl, 6. 25 Dec. 1753, rf. 
unmi, 7 March 1834, and was succeeded by his 

JOHN-CHARLES, 3d earl, 6. 14 Nov. 
1757, SI. 5 Jan. 1791, Maria-Eleanor, youngest 

da. and co-h. of admiral the hon. John Forbes, 
onlv brother of George, 4th earl of Granard, 
and had issue, 

1. Mary-Harriett, 6. 24 Feb. 1796,(i.unm. 
20 Jan. 1835. 

The earl d. 22 Dec. 1838, and was suc- 
ceeded by his nephew, 

present and 4th e^H. * 

Htir Pretumptive — Charles-Pelham Vil- 
uERs, esq., the earl's next brother. 

Creatiotu — Baron H^de. of Hindon, 3 June 
1756, with remainder, m aefault of issue male 
of the dignity of baroness of Hyde, to Lady 
Charlotte, his wife, and the heirs male of her 
body ; and Earl of Clarendon, 14 June 1776. 


EYRE MASSEY, Baron CLARINA, of Elm Park, co. Limerick ; horn 6 May 

1798 ; succeeded his father, Nathaniel-Williain, 
the late lord, Jan. 1810 ; married, 9 Sept. 1828, 
Susan-Elizabeth, youngest da. of Hugh Barton, 
of Battle Abbey, Sussex, esq. and has issue, 

1. Annb-Emily, b, 23 June 1820; 2. 

a SON, h. 29 April 1890; 3. Hugh-Bar- 
ton-Augustine, b. 15 Aug. 1832, d. 26 Sept. 

1833; 4. a son, b. 8 Jau. 1836; 6. a 

SON, b. 21 April 1837. 

Arms — Argent, on a cheyron between three fhsils 
sable, a Uon passant or. Crest— Out of a ducal 
coronet or, a bull's head gules, armed sable. Sup- 
porters — ^Two grenadiers in the uniform of the 
S7th foot, each supporting on his exterior side his musquet, baronet fixed, and the butt 
end on the ground, all proper. Motto — " Pro libertate patris." For the liberty of my 

This famfly is a junior branch of the barons 
Maasey, of Duntryleague, co. Limerick. 

EYRE MASSEY, the Ist lord Clarina, 
grandfather of the present lord, was younger 
brother of Hugh, lord Massev. His lordship 
was b. 24 Msy 1719 ; entered early into the 
ann;|r, and mras much employed on foreign 
senrioe ; he was present at the battle of Cul- 
loden 1746, and commanded the grenadiers 
at the taking of the Havannah, Niagara, &c. ; 
was a general in the army, marshal of the 
army in Ireland ; col. of the 27th or Enniskil- 
len regiment of foot ; ^yemor of Limerick, 
and of the royal hospital of Kilmainham; 
created a peer 27 Dec. 1800, for his long 
and eminent sendees in the West Indies, 
America, &c. ; he m. 27 Dec. 1767, Catharine 
Clements, 3d sister of Robert, 1st earl of 
Leitrim, and by her (who d, Jan. 1815) had 

1. Georoe-Clements, 6. 1 Oct. 1771, d. in 
the West Indies Noy. 1796. 

2. Natrakiel- Willi AM, 2d lord. 

3. Haxnah-Emilt, b. 16 Dec. 1768. 

4. Catharine- Jane, b. 19 April 1770, m. 
3 Sept 1802, John Stack, of Ballyconry, co. 
Kerry, eso. 

His loroship d. 17 May 1804, and was suc- 
ceeded by his only suryiying son, 

lieut.-gen. in the army, b. 23 Alay 1773, m. 
29 May 1796, Penelope, 2d da. of Michael- 
Roberts Westropp, esq. and by her had issue, 

1. Eyre, 3d lord. 

2. Nathaniel-Henry-Charles, major in 
the army, 6. 5 Sept. 1803, m. 8 May 1828, 
Emily, da. of Dayid Lyon, esq. deceased* 

3. George-Lionbl, 6. 31 Au^. 1805, m. 17 
Noy. 1832, Rebecca-Anne, widow of John 
Cann, esq. of Hayerhill House, Herts, and 
has issue, 

1. A da. 6. 1 Noy. 1833. 

2. Emily, 6. 2 April, d. 12 Noy. 1836. 

3. A son, 6. 24 Dec. 1837. 

4. Catuarine-Jane, b, 13 March 1797, m. 
2 March 1821, lieut.-col. Sempronius Strat- 
ton, and d. 3 July 1821. 

5. Wilhelmina-Frederica, b, 19 Nov. 
1801, to whom his royal highness the duke of 
Gloucester stood sponsor, m. 25 March 1818, 
Robert-RoUo Gillespie, esq. and d, 2 June 

His lordship d, in the island of Barbadoes, 
Jan. 1810, and was succeeded by his eldest 

EYRE, present and 3d lord. 

Heir Apparent — His lordship's eldest son. 

Creation— n Dec. 1800. 


Oooegal, in tbe Peenge of the United Kingdoin, m> created 20 Jam ItlSl ; and 
Earl or Leitrim, Viscoimt aod Bnrou Leitrim, Id that of Ireluid. — S«e Earl of 


WILLIAH-HENRY VANE, Ditse aod M*Raiiut of CLEVELAND, Earl of 
Darliagton, Vueount and Barou Barnard, of 
Bama^ Culle, in the Bidiopric of DDrbHm, 
and Baroa Raby, of Raby Caatle, co. Dorham, 
Lord-Lieatenanl, Vice-Ad mi rat, and Catlos 
Rolulorum co. Durbatii, K.G. ; 6oni 37 July 
1766; auccceded hia father, Henrr, the late 
nrl. S Sept. 1792, u Earl of Darlington, 
ViecouDt and Baron Barnard : advanced to the 
dignity of Marqaeu of Cleveland, ft Oct 1S27, 
and further created Baron Raby, and Duke of 
Cleveland, 29 Jan. 1833 ; marrird, 1st, l!f Sept. 
1787, Catlierine, da. and co-h. of Harry, 6lli 
and last dnke of Bolton, by wbom (who 4. 

17 Jnne 1807) he had, 1. HENRY, «rr/ of Dartingtm, col. in the army, 

■od M.P. for the aoutbern division of Shrojialilre, b. Ifl Ang. 1788, m. 16 Nor. 

ISOe, Sophia, eldest da. of John, 41b earl Poulelt, K.T. ; 2. Loiiisa-Catke- 

RiNK-BARBAitA, 5. 4 Jan. 1791, m. 23 Jn)y 1813, Francis Forester, esq. brotherof 

lord Forester, and d. S Jan. 1821 ; 3. Williah-John-Fhederick, (who baa 

assumed the name of Pawlet,) b. 3 April 1792, m. S July 181&. Caroline, 

youngest da. of William, earl of Lonsdale, K.G. ; 1. Casoline-Mart, b. 8 

Feb. apd d. 11 May I7D6; &. Augusta- Hen Ritrrri, b. 26 Dec. I79B, m. 2 

Jane 1817. Mark Milbanke, of Thorpe Hall, co. York, esq. ; 6. Lauxa, b. 6 

Jan. 1800, tn. 24 Feb. 1823, William-Henry Meyrick, esq. lieut.-co). in the 
army; 7, Arabella, b. 2 June 1801, m. 24 April 1831, the hon. Richard- 
Pepper Arden ; 8. Harrt-Georcg, b. IS April I80S. secretary of legation at 

the coort of Stockholm. The duke m. 2dly, 27 July 1813, Elizabeth, da. of Mr. 
Robert Russell, of Newton Hoose, Bedale, co. York. 

Abhi — Qurterlj, In uid Ath: anw, Ifanv kft hand gaoDtlets or, Vine; Id and Sd. 
tlie royal anna of king Cbarlca 11. debruised by a baton sinister etmiiie, Mtzrov, doke 
of Clnrland. CiFjin — 1st, ■ hand erect iu anaour, gnapiu); a <la^;^r proper, pcHnel 
sod bilt gold, \ AUT ; fd, on ■ cbapeaa, fpiL^ Inmed up ernune, a hon statant 
purdaotor.dacallj crowned unre, snd gorged widi a collu', counter compoDj, erauDe 
and amrc, Fiteiot. SL'proBTuu — Dtxier, a fiou guardast or, collaied and crowned as 
tbe cmt- Sinitttr, a gr^bamid argent, collared ma tbe deiter, being tbe sai^nrten of 
FitxroT, dake of Clevelud, and gnatM to tbe ibea marquess, bj royal wsnwi(, }Sn. 
X.B. Tbe former iopportet* of the carls of IHrlinfrton were^Ilerttr, a griffln, wings 
rleral^ Tgnt, gorrpd witb a plain collar aiure, cbai^ widi three left hand gauntletB 
or. .Iratiter, an snielope or, wiOi a like collar, charnd witb Ibree marllets gold. Uotto 
— " NaetSBert, nee tmide." .\eitber laJdy, nor diffidisitly. ^ ' 

Th>* fitsulj was seated at llilden, co. Kent, I lisle, and mff iW W to princ*, CBadCr^bis 
Umf. llmrj VI. in which coun^ thev ob- eldest »n, sir Hsiit VW joLwItaBA (bll 
tainrd pnMnuians by marriage with Isabel ' account will be iiiiuM in C ftfaail M l ^ ^ ktorr 
Perball, an hrirrm John Vj>e, of Hilden, of tbe Bebdhoe,) was bebcaded- o^1&ni|er- 
iMd tmai, RuHtKO, ancestor of the earls of ' hill, 14 Juat l£et, laiiaz iuue, ti 
ffcOowfixuf, and JoB», ancestor of tbe Sir CHscroma Ttn.ln lord BBiifM, 

dalwari.VieUiid. who war, at the tevateUML swasTor^ 

r H«ttry Vaoe, of Baby Castle, icrest- prirr cDunadjavatedbaroD lknuinf,aCBM^ 
dsoa ofJolm above naBcd, was biigbted, : aard Castle, B July 109; ai. Eliisbefh, da. 


tf Jases I. ; he was member for Car- of Gilben tlolles, earl of CIsre, i 



cn-h. of John, dnka of NewcaiUe, lad d, iS I 
Oct. ins, luTiDg, 
1. GiLi»T, Idlonl. 

S. WiLLiAH, cremled, 1720, TiscouDt ftm 
in tbe peer^e of IreUnd, it. ftUy 1734, \ 
Wtuu uige, 

Willim, Id VueooDt Vane, d. 1789, I 
nbcn the tilla becane extinct. 
GiuMiT, U lord Bamanl, m. Mvy. d*. of 
Morgan Raadall, esq. and b; her (who d. 4 
Aug. 173S) had usoe, 
1. HsNav, in earl ofDarlini^n. 
S. MoBoiN, comptivlleT of the itamp office, 
IB. Margaretta, da. of Robert KDivbl, esq. 
and onljr siller and h. of Robert, last lonl 
Catberlong-b, and d. Ma; 1739, Icaring iaaoe 
bj ber, ( wbo d. in tbp ume montb.) 

1. Morgan, eamptroller of the Mamp 
oSoe, b. 1T38, n. lit, Anna-Mana- 
Marfant Upton (wbo d. i. p. 19 Jolj 
1768): Sdlj, Sarah Brookes (wbo 
d. t. p.) ; and 3dlj, Catherine Brookes 

llenrr Moi^ 
1806; and 

Moigtn, b. 


Frederick NieholsoD, b. 19 Dec. 

3. CaOeriiw-Marr, b. fT March 
1790, d. iinm. 19 Feb. 1810. 

3. Tboimi, of Staindrop Hall, d. uam. 19 
Feb. 1758. 

4. GiL>KBT,Iieat.-coI. in the arm;, d, unn. 

5. RiHDLE, d. •inn. 

6. CBtaLu,orMountId>,oa.Korfblk,iii. 
Feb. 1776, Eliaabeih, eldest da. of Richard 

Henrietta - Eliiabelb - Frederica, m. SO 
Aug. 1795, sir William Laogbam, bart. 
and iJ. 11 Nor. 1809. 

7. Ahnb, d. nam. 

8. Eliubitii, n. tir William Hotnbk, 

9. iisK, n. Thonu Suiuum, of Stock- 
gmre, Bocks^ esq. 

His lordship d, 8 Sept. 1793, and was sac- 
seeded hy his boo, 

HekrVj lat earl, wbo wu, 3 April 1754, 
created nscount Banuard and earl of Darling- 
ton. His lordahip n. 171^, ^htki da. of 
Chariea Fitarn, lit dukfl o^ Clvrelaad, and 
co-h. of her brother. William, id and Uit 
dake ; and b; her (who d. 39 Sept. 17i3> had 

1. 'Hehrv, 8d eari. 

a. Fhidibici, b. 3e June 1732, and d. 
1801, «. lit, HenrielU, auter to air William 
Meredith, hart, by whom he hi ' 
who th. it Feb. 1795, capt. 

4. Anne, n. 1st, the hon. Chsrlea Hope- 
Weir, brother to James, 3d earl of Hope- 
touu ; and tdlj, the hon. bris.-K^n. Oeorga 
Monaon, bod of John, 1st lord Miupon^ and 
d. 14 Sept. 1766. 

5. MiBv, M. Oct. 175«, RJph Out, of 
Cocken, oo. Durham, esq. and d. II Apcil 

6. HisHirTTA, b. 26 Deo. 173B, and d. 
unm. March 17M. 

His lordship d. 6 March 1758, and was 
succeeded by his son, 

HEHHr, 2d earl, b. 1726, n. 10 Uartb 
1757, Margaret Lowther, sister to James, let 
earl of Lonsdale, and by her (who d. 11 Mpt. 
1800) had issue, 

1. WiLUAH-HsNBV, present duke. 

2. GsACE, d. an infimt. 

3. ELizABcni, d. young. 

The earl d. 8 S^ 1792, and was succeeded 
by bis onlj son, 

WIIXIAM-HENRY, lit maiqnen and 
present duke. 

Hrir ^ppamil— Henby, earl of Dabuno- 
TON, son of the marqueu. 

Cruiimi— Baron Barnard, 8 July 1699: 
Viscount Barnard and Earl of Darlington, 3 
April 1754: Marqnesa, 1827; Baroil Raby 
aod Duke of Clareland, 1833. 


HENRY AGAR-ELLIS, Viscount CLIFDEN, Baron of Clifden, co. Kilkenoy. 
iD the Peerage of Ireland ; Baron Mendip, 
CO. Samenet, and Baron Dover, of Dover, 
CO. Kent, in that of Great Brilain ; bom 
2S Feb. IB25, succeeded his fatber in llie 
bnrony of Dover, 10 July 1S33, and hie gtand- 
fatlier, Henry 'Wei bore, late viscount, in liia 
Irish bonoura and the barony of Hendip, 13 
July 1836. 

Abhi — Qaarterly: 1st and 4th, or, on a eniss 
sable, five crescents «Kenl, Llus; Id and 3d, 
aioTB, a lion rampant or, AoAn. Caui — A 
female figure naked pmpor, with hair Bowing 

173 CUFDEN. 

down to ber wtaat or. Supporters — ^Two gTeyhonnds, sable, tbe dexter cbarged on tbe 
body with three crescents or, and the sinister with three crosses moline voided argent. 
Motto—'' Non haec sine Numine." These things are not without a Divinity. 

His lordship's paternal ancestors originally 
came firom France. 

Charles Agar, of Yorkshire, esq. m. Ellis, 
da. of Peter Blancheville, esq. of the co. Kil- 
kenny, settled at Gowran^ co. Kilkenny, and 
d, there 14 Feb. 1696. His son, 

James Agar, of Gowran Castle, esq. (mem- 
ber for many years of the Irish parliament for 
the borough of Leighlin, and subsequently for 
that of Gowran,) d. 30 Nov. 17^5, having m. 
1st. 10 Jan. t69iy Susanna, da. of John Alex> 
anoer, esq. who d, without issue ; and 2dly, 
Mary, eldest da. of sir Henry Wemyss, of 
Danesford. knt. and by her (who <2. 18 April 
1771, aged 106) had issue, , 

1. Henry, his heir. i 

9. James, m. 6 July 1741, Rebecca, only 
da. of William, lord Castle Durrow, and sister ' 
of Henry, viscount Ashbrook, d. 1769, leaving j 

1. George, 6. 18 April 1754, created, 6 
June 1790, lord Callan, and elected, 
1800, one of the twenty -eight represen- 
tative Irish peers, d. Oct. 1815, wnen his 
title became extinct. 
S. Charles, b. 28 Mav 1755, in holy or- 
ders, archdeacon or £mly. 
3. Mary, ft. 3 July 1743, m. 30 Aug. 1760, 
Philip Savage, esq. 

3. Ellis, created countess of Brandon, in 
ber own right. 1 Aug. 1758, m. 1st, 4 March 
1726, Theobald, 7th viscount Mayo; and, 
2dlv, 17 Aug. 1745, Francis, Slst lord Atheniy, 
ana d, without issue 1789, when the earldom 
of Brandon became extinct. 

4. Mary, m. 1743. James Smith, of Tinny, 
CO. Wicklow, esq. (son of Edward Smith, 
bishop of Down and Connor). 

Henry Agar, son and h. of James, sat in 
the parliament which assembled at the acces- 
sion of George II. 1727, for the borough of 
Gowran ; m. 29 May 1733, Anne Ellis, only | 
da. of Welbore Ellis, bishop of Meath^ and ' 
sister of Welbore Ellis, 1st lord Mendip, in 
England*, d. 18 Nov. 1746, leaving issue by 

1. James, 1st viscount Clifden. 

2. Welbore-Ellis, 6. 1735, one of his ma* 
jesty's commissioners of the customs, and 
deputy muster-master-general of England: m. 
21 Oct. 1762, Gertrude Hotham, 3d da. or sir 
Charles Hotham, hart, (by Gertrude Stan- 
hope, eldest da. of Philip, 3d earl of Chester- 
field,) d. without issue 1805. 

3. Charles, archbishop of Dublin, created 
earl of Normanton (iee that titie). 

4. Henry, in holy orders, rector of Inis- 
carra, co. Cork, m. Mary, oa. of Benjamin 
Tyrrell, of Oxford, and d, 14 May 1798, leav- 
ing issue, 

1. Charles-Welbore, in holy orders, d. 

2. Henry, of Bombay, m. and has issue. 

3. Gertrude. 

5. Diana, d, Julv 1814. 

JAMES AGAR, 1st baron and viscount 
Clifden, was a privy counsellor in Ireland, one 
of nis majesty's commissioners of the customs, 
and postmaster-general in that kingdom ; 6. 
25 March 1734. Previous to his elevation to 
the peerage, he represented for many years 
the county of Kilkennj^ in parliament. He 
m. 20 March 1760, Lucia, eldest da. of John 
Martin, esq. and widow of the hon. Heniy- 
Boyle Walsingham, 2d son of Henry, earl of 
Shannon, and had issue by her, (who d, 26 
July 1802,) 

1. Henry- Welbore, 2d viscount 

2. John-Ellis, in holy orders, 6. 31 Dee. 
1763, m. 1 March 1792, Harriet Flower, 2d 
da. of William, 2d viscount Ashbrook, d. 
without issue 3 Jan. 1797, and his lady (wha 
m. 2dly, Pryse Loveden Pryse, esq.) 12 Jan. 

3. Cbarles-Baonall, barrister-at-law, 6. 
13 Auff. 1769, m. 15 Nov. 1804, Anna-Maria, 
only da. of Thomas Hunt, of Llanhydroch, 
CO. Cornwall, esq. and sole h. of her great 
uncle, Henry Robartes, 3d earl of Radnor, d, 
11 June 1811, having luid issue, 

1. Charles, fr. 18 Dec. 1805, d, young. 

2. Thomas, 6. 18 March 1806, who has 
taken the surname of Robartes. 

3. Edward, 6. 12 Sept. 1811, d, 1818. 

* Tbe fiunily of EUi* was settled from the 
time of the Conquest at Kiddal Hall. co. York. 
Sir William EDis, knt. went to Ireland as 
secretary to James Talbot, earl of Tyrcoimel, 
lord-lieut in the reign of James II. and ac- 
ouired estates there. His brother and heir, 
Welbore Ellis, sucoeasivelv bishop of Kildare 
and of Meath, m. Diana, da. of sir John Bris- 
coe, of Amberley Castle, co. Sussex, and 
Broughton, co. Northampton, (bv Anne Knol- 
Ijrs, only da. of Nicholas, earl of Banbury, by 
his first wife, Anne, da. of Mountjoy. earl of 
Newport,) and by her left issue, two cliildren ; 
1. Anne, 6. 26 Aug. 1707, m. 1st, the before- 
mentioned Henry Agar, esq. and 2dly, George 
Dunbar, esq. and d, 14 April 1765 ; 2. Wel- 
^'''-^ b» 1713| appointed, 1749, a lord of the 

admiralty; 1755, vice-treasurer of Ireland; 
1763, secretary at war; 1765 and 1770, again 
vice-treasurer of Ireland ; and 1782, secretary 
of state. The 13th of Aug. 1794, he was 
created a peer by the title of lord Mendip, of 
Mendip, co. Somerset, with remainder to tbe 
issue male of his sister. He m. Ist^ Elisabeth, 
da. of the hon. sir William Stannope, K.B. 
who d, 1 Aug. 1761, without issue; and 2dly, 
Anne, sister and h. of the late rieht hon. Hans 
Stanley, governor of the Isle of Wight, who 
d. vrithout issue Dec. 1803. His lonUbip d. 
Feb. 1802, and was succeeded in the barony 
by his great-nephew Henry- Welbore, viscount 
Clifden, who, pursuant to his uncle's wiU, 
assumed the name and arms of EUis. 



4. Anke-Emilia, 6. 5 Dee. 1765, d. Sept. 

The fiacoont d. 1 Jan. 1789, and was suc- 
ceeded by his eldest son, 

HENRY-WELBORE, 2d viscount, clerk 
of the privy council in Ireland, and recorder 
of Gi>wran, F.S.A.; b, 22 Jan. 1761; suc- 
ceeded his great-uncle, Welbore, lord Mendip, 
in the English harony, 2 Feb. 1802; m. 10 
March 1792, Caroline Spencer, eldest da. of 
George, 3d duke of Marlborough, K.G. (by 
Caroune Russell, only da. of John, 4th duke 
of Bedford,) and by her (who d. 23 Nov. 
1813) had issue, 

1. Caroline- Anne, b, 26 Oct. 1794, d. 12 
May 1814w 

2. Geoboe-Jaxes-Welbore, created baron 
DoveTj in the peerage of Great Britain^ 23 
June 1831 ; m. 7 March 1822, Georgiana How- 
ard, 2d da. of George, 6th earl of Carlisle, 
K.G. (by Georgiana, eldest da. of William, 

5th duke of Devonshire,) and d. 10 July 1833, 
leaving issue, 

1. Henry, 3d viscount. 

2. Lucia- Caroline -EUsabeth, b, 9 Jan. 

3. Caroline-Anne-Harriett, b. 12 March 

4. Leopold-George Frederick, b. 13 May 

5. George- Victor, b, 21 April 1830. 

6. Diana-Mary-Blanche-Georgiana, b. 5 
Jan. 1832. 

The viscount d, 13 July 1836, and was suc- 
ceeded by his grandson, 

HENkY, present and 3d viscount. 

Heir Presumptive — Hon. Leopold-Georob- 
Frederick, his lordship's next brother. 

CreatioM — Baron, 27 July 1776 ; Viscount, 
10 Dec. 1780: Irish honours. Baron Mendip, 
13 Aug. 1794; Baron Dover, 23 June 1831: 
JE^lisn honours. 


HUGH-CHARLES CLIFFORD, Baron CUFFORD, of Chndleigh, co. Devon ; 

ham 29 May 1790 ; succeeded his father, 29 
April 1831 ; married, at Paris, 31 Aug. 1818, 
and afterwards at Ugbrooke,9 Jan. 1819, Mary- 
Lucy, only da. of Thomas Weld, of Lulworth 
Castle, CO. Dorset, (afterwards a cardinal,) and 
by her (who d. June 1831) had issue,—!. 

CHARLES-HUGH, b. 27 July 1819 ; 2. 

William ; 3 . Henry ; 4. Constantius ; 

6. and 6. two other children. 

Arms — Chequy or and azure, a fesse ^es. Cres'^^ 
Out of a ducal coronet or, a demi- wyv e rn gules. 
Supporters — Two wrvems purpure. Motto— 
" Semper paratus." Always leaay. 

This family is descended from a younger 
(hut now the eldest remaining male) branch 
of the ffreat house of Clifford, lords Clifford 
and earls of Cumberland, so celebrated by 
antiquarians and historians, and claiming a 
direct male descent from Kichard. duke of 
Normandy, grandfather of king William the 
Conqueror. EArly in the 15th century, sir 
Lewis Clifford. 3d son of Roger, baron de 
Clifford, settlea at Ugbrooke, near Chudleigh, 
CO. Devon : 8th in descent from him was, 

lord high treasurer of England in the reign of 
Idng Charles II. and created, 22 Anril 1672, 
baron CUffardy of Chudleieh, co. Jjevon, m. 
Elizabeth, da. and co-h. ox William Martin, 
of Lindridge, co. Deron, esq. and d. 1673, 
leaving issue, 

HlH^H, 2d lord, m. Anne, da. of sir Tho- 
mas Preston, of Fumess ; he d, 12 Oct. 1730, 
and was succeeded by his son, 

HUGH, 3d lord. m. Elizabeth, da. of Ed- 
ward Blount, of Blagdon, co. Devon, esq. 

(sister to Mary, wife of Edward, 9th duke of 
Norfolk,) by whom he had issue, 

1. Hugh, 4th lord. 

2. Edward, b, 1727. 

3. Henry. 

4. Thomas, a posthumous son, b, Aug. 1732, 
and d. 16 July 1787, having m. 1761, Barbara, 
youngest da. and co.-h. of James, 5th lord 
Aston, of Forfar, in the peerage of Scotland, 
(by Barbara Talbot, da. of George, 14th earl 
of Shrewsbury,) and by her (who d, 1786) 
had issue. 

1. Sir Thomas-Huffh, of Tizall, co. Staf- 
ford, hart, took tne surname of Consta- 
ble only by royal sign manual 1821, 
created a bart. of the United Kingdom 
22 May 1815, (tee Debrett'a Banmet- 

2. Edward-James, d, an infant. 

3. Henry, of Lincoln's Inn, d. 22 April 
1813, having m. 21 Jan. 1813, Anne- 
Theresa, youngest da. of Edward Fer- 
ri^rs, of Baddesley Clinton, co. War- 



i . I 

wick, esq. 

4. Walter, 6. 1773, d. at Palermo 1806. 

5. James-Francis, b, 16 Aug. 1774. 

6. Arthur. 6. 5 July 1777, m. May 1809. 
£liza>Matilda, 2d da. of captain Dcmaja 
Macdonnel, of the ancient family of 
Glen^^arry^ N. B. 

7. Lewis, twin with Arthur, d. unm, July 

8. Oeorre->>Lattibert, b, 9 Jan. 1779, m. 
1812, Marr, eldest da. of Walter-Hill 
Coyney, of Weston Coyney, co. Staf- 
ford, esq. and has issue, 

Charles, 6. 1 Jan. 1813. 

9. Barhara-Elixaheth, 6. 11 Nor. 1763, 
d, unm, 1792. 

10. Mary. b. 31 March 1765, m. Dec. 
1792, Charles, eldest son of sir William 
Wolseley, bart. and d. 1811. 

11. Anne, b. 98 April 1770. 

12. Lucy-Bridget, b. 19 July 1771, m. 
14 June 1796, Thomas Weld, of Lul- 
woeth Castle, oo. Dorset, esq. d, 1 June 

13. CoDstantia. 

5. EuzABETH, d. an infant. 

6. Mary, m. 1766, sir Hugh Smythe, of 
Acton Bumell, co. Salop, hart. 

Hugh. 3d lord, d. 1732, and was suooeeded 
by his eldest son, 

HUGH, 4th lord, m. 1749, Anne, da. of 
George-Henry Lee, 2d and last earl of Lich- 
field, (who, by his mother, Charlotte Fitsroy, 
was grandson of Charles II.) and had issue, 

1. Trances, 6. 7 Oct. 1752, d. unm. April 

2. Anna- Elizabeth -Masia, 6. 17 May 

3. Maria- Anna-Rosa, 6. 24 May 1755, d. 

4. Hugh-Edward-Henry, 5th lord. 

5. Charles, 6th lord. 

6. Robert-Edward, b, 16 Oct. 1767, d. 
unm. 18 Feb. 1817. 

7. Thomas-Edward, 6. 5 Dec. 1774, m. 17 
Nov. 1807, Henrietta-Philippina, barooeai de 
Lutzow, of Schwerin. ana d. 2 April 1817, 
leavinff issue by her, (who d. 20 Nov. 1822,) 
three das. of wnom, Laura-Maria, eldest da. 
m. 25 July 1833, Ambrose-Lisle Phillipps, 

8. Charlottb, 6. 1 Feb. 1773. 

His lordship d. 1 Sept. 1783, and was suc- 
ceeded by his son, 

b. 2 July 1756, m. 1780, Apollonia, youngest 
da. and co-h. of Marmaduke, last lord Lang- 
dale, and by her (who d. Dec. 1815) had no 
issue. His lordship d. without issue, 15 Jan. 
1793, and was succeeded by his next brother, 

CHARLES, 6th lord, b. 28 Nor. 1759, m. 
29 Nov. 1786, Eleanor-Maty. da. of Hairy, 
8th lord Arundell, of Waraour, by whom 
(who d. 24 Nov. 1835) he had issue, 

1. Anna-Maria, 6.24 Feb. 1788,d.l4Jnly 
1805. ' y 'f 

2. Christiana-Maria, b, 4 Feb. 1789, m. 
11 Feb. 1811, Humphrey Weld, of Chidiock, 
CO. Dorset, esq. 

3. Huoh-Charles, 7th lord. 

4. Louisa-Mary, 6. 25 Nor. 1791, d. 24 
Sept. 1792. 

5. Charles-Eteaard, b, 18 Aug. 1793, d. 
2 Jan. 1794. 

6. Euzabbth-Mary, b. 5 Sept. 1794. 

7. Charlotte-Mary, b. 17 Feb. 1796, m. 
27 Jan. 1817, the hon. Charles JLangdale, 2d 
sunriring son of CharleS^Philip, lord Stour- 
ton, and d. 31 March, 1819. 

8. Charles-Thomas, h. 27 May 1797^ m. 
15 Jan. 1822, Teresa, jDungeat da. of Marina- 
duke - William Haggetston - Constable -Max- 
well, of Eyeriagham, co. York, esq. aadliaa 

1. A da. b. 1 Sept 1823. 

2. A son, 6. 20 Feb. 1825. 

3. A da. 6. 19 July, 1826. 

4. A son, 6. 8 Sept. 1828. 

5. Eliza-Mary, 6. May 1830, d. 4 Oct. 

6. A da. ft. 12 Jan. 1833. 

9. Edward-Charl£s, b. 14 Sept. 1798, d. 
the 17th of the same month. 

10. ApoLu>NiA,twinwith Edward-Charies. 

11. Mary-Lucy, b. 22 Nov. 1799, ■•, 1 Aug. 
1825, hon. Charles Stourton, eld^t son of lord 

12. Louisa-Maria, 6. 13 May 1801. 

13. Edwaro-Charles, 6. 5 I^eb. 1803. 

14. Walter-Charles, b. 26 April 1804. 

15. Robert-Henry, b. 31 Oct. 1806, in the 
army, d. unm. 10 June 1833. 

His lordship d. 29 April 1831, and was suo- 
oeeded by his eldest son. 

HUGH-CHARLES^resent and 7th lord. 

Heir Apparent — Hon. C/Harlzs-Hvgr Clif- 
ford, son of the present lord* 

Crsotum— 22 April 1672. 



/ .1 ' I H I * ' ' •' '* 

i . 


JOHN BLIGH, Baron CLIFTON, of Leighton-Bromswold, co. Huntingdon, 
and Hereditary Higb Steward of Gravesend and Milton, co..Kent; Earl and 
ViABooDt Baniley, and Baron Clifton, of Rathmore, in Ireland.--See £arl of 



wick ; bom 9 Not. 1791 ; succeeded bis brother, 
Robert-Cotton-St. John, late lord, Oct. 1832; 
married, 25 Oct. 1831, lady Elizabetb-Georgina 
Kerr, da. of William, 6tb mnrquess of Lothian, 

and has issue, 1. Emily-Harrietf, b. 6 Sept. 


2 March 1834; 3. Mark-Georoe-Kerh, b. 

13 Nov. 1836 ; i. Mary-Louisa, b. 29 Nov. 

1836; 5. Walter-Rodolph, b, 6 Jan. 1838; 

*— — 6. Adela-Elizabetii, b, 22 May 1839. 

A R MS — Quarterly of 4 : Ist, argent, a chevron between 
three spindleB sable, Trefusis; 9d, or, a fi^sse 
daneett^ between three billets azure, the fesse charged with three bezants, sad each billet 
with a lion rampant of the field, Rolls ; 3d, argent, six cross crossletB fitch^, three, two, 
and one, sable ; on a chief azure, two mullets pierced or, Clinton ; 4th, quarterly, or 
and gules. Say. Crest — A griffin sejant, wings elevated or ; the dexter claw resting on 
an antique shield argent. Supporters — ^Two greyhounds amnt, plain collared and Imed 
gules. Motto— '* Tout vient de Dieu.** All thmgs come m>m God. 

JOHN DE CLINTON (descended from 
Geoffiry de Clinton, chamberlain to king 
Henry 1.) was summoned to narliament 27 
Feb. 1299. From him desoenaed, in a right 
line, EDWARD, 8th baron, K.G. who was 
created, 4 May 1571, earl of linooln, and the 
baraoy remained mei^^ in the earldom till 
the death, without issue, 1692, of EDWARD, 
5th earl and 12th baron, when the earldom 
devolved on his cousin and h. male^ FRAN- 
CIS, 13th earl, and the barony fell mto abev- 
ance between the issue of his aunts, Arabella, 
wife of Robert Rolle, and Margaret, wife of 
Hugh Boflcawen, and so continued till, in 
1721, the long was pleased to determine the 
abeyance in nvour of 

HUGH - FORTESCUE, son and h. of 
Hugh Fortescue. by Bridget, da. and h. of 
the above-namea Hugh and Margaret Bosca- 
wen. He was created, 1746, earl Clinton, 
but d, s. p. 1751, when the barony again fell 
inta abeyance between Margaret Fortescue, 
his sister and h. and Margwet, countess of 
Orford, who was da. and iole h. of Samuel 
RoUe, son and h. of Robert Rolle, and Mar- 
garot Clinton above named; but Margaret 
Fortescue dying unm, 1760, the dignity de- 
volved on the said MARGARET, countess 
of Orford, and on her death, 1781, descended 
to her son GEORGE, earl of Oriord, who d. 

$. p. 1791. when the barony devolved on 

FUSIS, of Trefiisis, co. Cornwall, esq. as 
mat-great*grandson and h. of Francis ire- 
tusis, esq. by Bridget, da. of Robert Rolle 
and Arabella Clinton. He claimed and was 
allowed the barony in 1794, and became 
15th baron, b. 5 Oct. 1764, m. 28 Aiuril 1786, 
Albertina-Marianne. da. of Jobn- Abraham- 
Rodolph Gaulis, ot Switzerland, by whom 
(who d. 7 Feb. 1798) he had, 

1. RoBERTrCoTTON-ST. JoHN, 16th lofd. 

2. Marianne, d. 3 March 1806. 

3. Anne-Matilda, b, 28 June 1790, m. 
27 March 1827 the hon. and rev. Edward 
Moore, 3d son of Stephen, 2d earl of Mount- 

4. Charles-Rodolpii, 17th lord. 

5. Georoe-Rolle-Walpolb, capt. R.N. 6. 
8 April 1793, m. 8 Jan. 1839 Margaret Frances, 
2d aa. of John- James, of Houghton Lodge, 
00. Hants, esq. and has issue, 

A ion, b, Oct. 1839. 

6. Louisa, b, 29 Nov. 1796, m. John, lord 

His lordship d, 28 Aug. 1797, and was suc- 
ceeded by his son. 

April 1787, m. 4 Au|^. 1814, Frances-Isabella, 
eluest da. of William-Stephen Poynts, oi 



Cowdnij Park, co. Siist^x, t*n. ]hiy o( lite 
bedchamber to the queen dow^fer, (whorc-i*. 
1835, col, sir Horace Seymour, M »on of lord 
H, Seymour,) but d. I. p. Oct. ISSS, aod wu 
succeeded by bu next brocber, 


Heir ^pTurml — Hod. Chmt.ei ■ Haxa' 
Rolls Tiefi'sis, hi* lordabip'a eldeit lOD. 

CnelimST Feb. 1*99. 

EDWARD HERBERT, Barok CLIVE, of Plnsiey, co. Wexford; Baron 
Clive, Baron Powin, Baron Herbert, Viscount Clive, aiid Earl of Powia, in 
England.— See Earl of POWIS. 



1 CLONBROCK, of Clonbrock, co. Galway ; one of 
the representative peers for Ireland; bom 39 
Hnrcli 1807; succeeded his father, Luke, late 
lord, 13 Dec. 1826; marrinf, 23 June 1S30, the 
hon. Caroline-Elizabeth Spencer, da. of lord 

Churchill, and has issue, 1. LuKe-Ai-MBRic, 

S.ftJuly 1833, rf. Feb. 1833; -a. LUKE-GE- 
RALD, b. to March 1B34; 3. FitNNT-Lc- 

TiTljl,i.aOct.1837; 1. CiII(oune-AN:I 

Ar^nt, 1 lian rampant belveen three cres- 
, eacb irith an estoile betireea the bonis ffnle*, 

all a lesse aiare. Crist — On a ch^ieau 
itt, turned up ermine, a (sloon hsio^ argent, 
" " ;B»~D««*r, a griffin, wings 


3N, of Clonbrock, M.P. Ibr 

the borough of Dannnnon, d. 11 June 1746, 
leaving issue, by Marniel, his iriFe, da. of 
Morgan Morgan, of Toghenton House, co. 
Westmeath, esq. (relict of air Arthur Shaen, 
ban.) a son, 

LuiE, of Clonbrock, his successor, whom. 
Bridget, da. of John Kelly, of Castle Kelly, 
CO. OU"ray, esq. by Honona de Burgh, da. of 
John, 9th earl of Claaricarde, and had issue, 

1 . RoBEUT, ] St lord. 

9. Lvti, m the army, m. IT Feb. 1785, 

Margaret- Augusta de Burgh, sister of Henry, 

Isle marquess of Clanricarde, K.P. by whom 

(who iJ. i90ct. 1B3T, Et. 83) he bad iMue, 

Henry-Luke, *. 19 Jan. 17B6, in holy 

orders, sometime rector of Lytchett 

Mallraiers, co. Donet. 

S. John, d. March 1790. 

4. H0NOB14, ■1.1778, Walter Lambert,esq. 

Jan. 1776, Lf'titis, only da. and h. of John 
Green, of Old Abbey, co. Limerick, esq. by 
Catherine Toler, eldest sisler of John, lord 

1. LfsE, ad lord. 

». CATHlKIxil-BnTDOET, 6. 11 Dec. 1776, 

m. 10 June 1797, Richard, Tiscounl Etmis- 
more, eldest sou of the earl of Listowel, and 
d. 13 Oct. 18SB. 

3. Letitm-Si-s.ns*, 6. S3 Sept. 17W, ■- 
SI Not. 1805, the hon. col. air Robert le 
Poer Trench, K.C.B. and K.T.S. youngest 
■on of William, Isl earl of Clanearty, who d, 

His lordship i. IS July 1795, and was suc- 
ceeded by hiionly Bon, 

Ll'KE, «d lord, 6. » April 1780, n. 6 Jan. 
1803, Auastssia, only da. and h. of Joseph- 
Henry Blake, In lont Wallscourt, by Louias- 
Catberine, 3d da. and co-h. of Thomas Birm- 
inBham, earl of Loutb,) and b; her (who d. 
.1 June 1816} had issue, 



1. RoBKETy Sd lord. 

ft, Joseph, d, an infimt. 

S. Louisa, 6. 2 Aug. 1805, m. Nor. 18«7, 
John CongreTie, of mount Congrere, oo. 
Waterford, esq. 

4. LrnrxA, b. 1 Sept. 1809, d, unm. Feb. 

His lordship d. 13 Dec. 18S6, and was suc- 
oeeded by his only son, 
ROBERT, present and 3d loid. 

Heir Apparent — His lordship's son* 

Creations June 1790. 



the Peerage of Ireland, Baron Cloncurry, of 
Cloncarry, co. Kildare, in that of the United 
Kingdom, and a Bart, of Ireland ; P.O. for Ire- 
land ; bom 19 Aug. 1773 ; succeeded his father, 
Nicholas, the late lord, 28 Aug. 1799 ; created 
Baron Cloncurry, in the Peerage of the United 
Kingdom, 1831 ; married, 1st, at Rome, 16 April 
1803, Eliza-Georgiana, youngest da. of lieut.- 
gen. Charles Morgan, late commander-in-chief 
in the East Indies, youngest son of Nathaniel 
Morgan, of Warton Wythe, co. Caernarvon, 
esq. and had issue by her, (his marriage with 
whom was dissolved by act of parliament, 7 April 1811, and who fit. 2dly, Jane 
1819, the rev. John Sandford, rector of Nynehead, co. Somerset,}— «-l. Anne- 
Valentine^ (a son,) h, 7 April 1805, to whom her royal highness, Anne, duchess 
of Cumberland, stood sponsor, d. 5 Jan. 1825,'-— —2. Mary-Margaret, 5. 10 
Feb. 1804» m. 1st, 30 Sept. 1820, John-Michael-Henry, baron de Roebeck, 
(from whom she was divorced by act of parliament,) and 2dly, 3 April 1828, lord 
Sussex Lennox* His lordship m. 2dly, 30 June 1811, Emily, 3d da. of Archibald 
Douglas, esq. eldest son of lieut.-gen. Archibald Douglas, sometime M.P. 
CO. Dumfries, and relict of Joseph Leeson, esq. who d. before his father, Brice, 
earl of Miltown, had succeeded to the earldom, and has issue,— -3. Emily, b. 
15 Jan. 1813, J. April 1825;-*— 1. Valentine-Maria, b. Aug. 1815, d. young; 

• 5. EDWARD, 6. 13 Sept. 1816, m. 17 Sept. 1839, MissKirwan, da. and h. 

of John Klrwan, of Castle Hacket, co. Galway, esq. ; 6. Frederick-William, 

h. June 1819, d. Feb. 1824, 7. John-Cecil, b. Oct. 1820. 

Arms — Argent, on a chief indented sable, three garbs or. Crest— Oat of a ducal coronet 
or, a demi-man in armour represented in profile, his visor closed and holding in his right 
hand a sword erect, all proper ; the helmet adorned with a plume of three feathers, the 
centre one argent, the two others gules. Supporters — Dexter, a bull sable, armed and 
unguled argent. SinuUr^ a ram argent, armed and unguled or. Motto— *< Virtute et 
Nomine." By virtne and the protection of Heaven. 

Sir Htroii de Lawless, of Hoddesdon, co. 
Herts, settled in Ireland temp. Henrv II. and 
obtained a grant from the crown of tne manor 
of Sfaangenagh, co. Dublin, where he erected 
a castle, the ruins of which are still visible. 
Richard Lawless was provost of Dublin 
1311. and held the office of chief magistrate 
for three successive jears. Stephen Lawless 
was consecrated bishop of Limerick 1554, 
and d. on Innocents' day, 1359. 

Walter Lawless, of Tidbot Inche, co. 
Kilkeninr, had a grant from James I. 9 May 
1608, otaeven manors, situate cos. Tipperary, 
" aterfiud, aod Kilkenny, with rights of pa- 
tron»g«, to be held for ever, in capite, oy 

Iniight's service; he m, Margaret, da. of 

Robert Wrothe, eaq. and d. 1627, leaving an 
only son, 

Richard, who succeeded at Talbot Inche, 
m. Marg^et, da. of Patrick Den, of Grenan, 
CO. Kilkennv, esq. and d, 1670, leaving issue, 
two sons, of whom, 

1. Thomas, the younger, was ancestor of 
lord Cloncurry. 

S. Walter, the eldest^ attaching himself to 
the cause of king James 11. 1689, forfeited his 
estate. He m. Anne. da. of John Bryan, of 
Kenkinstown, co. Kilkenny, esq. and had 
issue, five sons, 

1. Richard, killed at the siege of Limerick 

S. Sir Patrick, who served in the armies 



orPfailipV.HnfcorSpaiD, wbocreMeil 
him B kmf:ht of the muntrun order, 
and sent him kmbundar U> the court 
of Frtnoe, durina the reeencj of tbf 
duteof Oil<«o«;liew»«iifterw»rdg ap- 
pointed ^T enjor of M aiorca, wher« b^ d. 

3. Johu,iDrolTedinhiiinih(Y'ia[iaiiider. 

4. Tbomu ; 5. June* ; both rf. joung. 
TH01..S U»LtM, td Hta of Richini, of 

Talbot IdcLp, by .Marfw^ Uen, ». EUnbetb, 
d>. of Jamei Butler, of KilkeuDj, oq. wid d. 
I7IM, lenrino; issue, 

John LtvuEu.of Sbukill,ra.DubliD,«H|. 
n. Fnuic>-«, dk. of John I'aber, of CrumliD, 
enq. and had issue, Ptirr, ancestor of the 
bmilv sealed al Sbankill, and 

John, n. Eliiabeth, da. of Richard Mac- 
donnel, wui, and had issue, an onlj son, 

HoHEHT La-li*!!, of AbLniioo, CO. Lime- 
rick, m. .Mar7, da. of Dominiirk lladaor, esq. 
and d. 16 .March 1779, leaiinB uwue, 

1. Sir NacnOLiis, Jsi baron tloncurrj-, 

«. Marv, b. 13 Oct 17J6, m. SO Sept. 
175?, Patrick Lavless, of Dublin, esq. and d. 
at tlie cutle of GalleriUe, in Xormandj, 13 
Oct. 1767. 

CloncuiTT, ft. 30 Oct. 1735, renided at the 
cattle or'Gtllerille, a seat belonRinK lo his 
familT in N'onnand;, until, confonnine to tbe 
established reli)pon, lie relumed to Ireland, 
and vas elected to parliament for lifford 1776, 

r(>.plec1ed for tbe mu 1)0100211 17B3, wbich 
he continued to reprewnl till 1789. He ww 
created a banniet 90 Jnoe 177G, and a peer of 
Ireland W SepL 1789, bj the title of lord 
CLmeiamii m. 31 Oct. 1761, Marffaret, only 
da. of Valenline Browne, of Dublin, esq. and 
" imue bj ber, (who d. 10 Feb. I79S,> 

if. jonng. 
ie-Browke, a lord. 
., ft. 10 Ang. 17T8, if. M 

ft. An. 

,, ft. Auk. "66, -. 

It Whaley, of Wbaley Ab- 

■nd d. his ' 

i widow 18 

1. Robe 

!. V*LES1 

3. XrcHOL 
Feb. 1S03. 

4. Mahv- 
Jnne 1800, 1 
bey, CO. Wicklow, e 
Oct. 1830. 

5. V...ivTise-AuciA,b.ltSept.l767,ai. 
3June laoi.the bon. air Francis- Nathaniel 
Burton, G.C.H. twin brother of Henry, 1st 
marquess Conyneham. 

6. CHABLOTTt-Loiin, ft. « Jan. 1769, 
firtt wife of Edward Plunkett, present lord 

His lordshiB d. S8 Aug. 1799, sad was 
succeeded by hia ion, 

VALENTINE-BBOWNE, present and 

Hrir jlpparoit — Hon. Enwino Lawlesj, 
his lordship's eon. 

rnutidni — B&ronet of Ireland, 90 June 
1776; Baron Cloncnn7,oo.Kildare,MSept. 
1789 ; and Baron Cloncurry, in ibe Peerage 
of the United Kingdom, 1831. 

' JOHN-HENRY SCOTT, E«rl of CLONMEL. Viaconiit Clonmel, and Baron 
Eiriirorl, of Liaaon-Earl, co. Tippemry ; bom 4 Jan. 1816 ; succeeded his father, 
TiiOfnas, late earl, IB Jan. 1*38; martied, 27 April 1838, Annette, eldest da. of 
Ulyuep, lord Donnea, mod has, a SON, lord EarU/ort, b. 2 March 1839. 

tta. a captain in tbe army of kii^; William 
111. fell in tbe field, charging the enem; at 
the head of his troO|>, m. Margaret, da. and 
h. of Henry Oraisby, of Tubberrady, CO. Ros- 
common, uid had issue, one son, 

MirHAEi., who m. Misa Puroell, of the an- 
cieni family of Purcell, titular barons of 
Looghmoe, and had issue, 

Thohas, ofMahobber, d. ; and 
JOHN SCOTT, lit earl orC1onmeLft.a 
June 1739, sppotoled solicitor-general of Ire- 
land, 15 Dec. 1744 \ altomer-general, 3 Nor. 
1777 ; prime sergeant-at-law, Dec. 178S ; 
lord-chief-jualice of the king's bench, 1784; 
. __ advanced to tbe dignity of baron Enr/i/cin, 
KFS— I 10 May 1784; viscount CUmmel, 18 Aug. 
■ar! of Cl„nmtl, SO Dec 17S3. 
St, 1768 Catharine- A nne- 

Itriitr, a lemale figure representing Ji 

tic*, holding in the right hand a sword I Tht •zm^, «■. ^dl, ajud, i.^auiKruir-miii 
rriwt, and in the left a pair of scales Maria, da. of Thomas Matbew, of Thomi 
" ■ ■ r, a like fignre represent- town House, and sister of Francis, 1st 
ting her left hand - - ' ' -J" 

liiK Mercy, i 
swurd rerened. 

Mono — Fear In 


issue bj her, (who d. 1771,) 
■> " -ilinL The earl w 

li. ol Patrick Lawless, of Dabtin, eu. (by 
', Thoius Scott, | Alary, sister of tbe 1st lord Cloacony,) and 



by her (who d, 5 Nov. 1829, »t. €7) had 

1. Thomas, 3d earl. 

3. Charlotte, b, 11 May 1787, m. John- 
KeeinMldf present earl Beauchamp. 

The earl d. 23 May 1798, and was suc- 
ceeded by his only son, 

THOMAS, 2d earl, //. 15 Aug. 1783; m. 
9 Feb. 1805, Henrietta Gieville, 2d da. of 
Geoi)^ earl Brooke and earl or Warwick, 
i^nd had issue, 

1. Harriett, &. 2 Dec. 1805, m. 20 June 
1827, the hon. Edward -Mostyn Lloyd-Motf- 
tyn, eldest son of lord Mostyn. 
r 2. I^oursA-AuGusTAj b, 3 Dec. 1806, m. 3 
Dec. 1828, John-Hamson Slater, esq. 

3. Charlotte-Rachael. b, 12 July 1806. 
m. 30 April 1830, Henry Arbuthnot, esq. 2a 

son of the right hon. Charles Arbuthnot. 

4. Caroline-Sophia, b. 7 Feb. 1810. 

5. Frances-Mary, b. 6 Nov. 1812. 

6. Sophia- Lou ISA, b, 24 Nov. 1814. 

7. John-Henry, 3d earl. 

8. Charles-Granthabi, b. 1 March 1818, 
lieut and capt. in the Scots fusileer guards. 

9. Augusta-Anne, 6. 1 Feb. 1820. 

10. Georoiana-Gertrude, (twin with Au- 
gusta,) d. 19 Apnl 1821. 

The earl d, 18 Jan. 1838, and was suc- 
ceeded by his eldest son, 
JOHN-HENRY, present and 3d earl. 

Heir Apparent — Lord Earlsfort, his lord- 
ship's son. 

Creations — Baron, 10 May 1784 ; Viscount, 
18 Aug. 1789 ; and Earl, 20 Dec. 1793. 



West Harling, co. Norfolk, so created by pa- 
tent. 15May 1830; 6o}*n 14 April 1779 ;marriedy 
14 June 1808, Charlotte, eldest da of the right 
hon. Thomas Steele, and has issue,-*—* 1. 
WILLIAM-NICHOLAS, b. 24 July 1814; 

-2. Henribtta-Susanna, b, 5 June 1809; 

•S. Maria-Charlotte, h. 3 June 1810, m. 

13 July 1830, George-Edmund Nugent, esq. 
eldest sou of general sir George Nugent, of 
Westhorpe, hart; — — i. Emily-Frances, b, 
8 March 1812, m. 11 April 1833, John-Moyer 
Heathcote, of Connington Castle, co. Hunts, 
esq. ; 5. Louisa-Harriett, b. 17 Nov. 18^1. 

Arms — Quarterlv : Ist and 4th, argent, on a chevron gules between three bugle horns 
sable, stringea of the second, as many mullets pierced or. Colborne ; Sd and 5d, gules, 
on a chevron, between three doves argent, as many pellets, Ridley. Crests — 1st, a 
stages head couped proper, gorged with a ducal coronet, and pendent therefrom a bugle 
sable, stringed gules, Colborne ; 2d, a bull passant gules, Ridley. Supporters — Dexter, 
a bull gules, charged on the shoulder with three mullets, two and one, pierced or. 
Sinitter^ a 8ta!g proper, gorged with a ducal coronet or, and pendent therefrom oy a string 
gules, a bugle sable. Motto—'' Constans fidei." Constant to his faith. 

His lordship is next brother to sir Matthew 
White Ridley, bart. (See Debrett's Baronet- 

Heir Apparent — Hon. William-Nicholas 
RiDLEY-CoLBORNE, his lordship's eldest son. 
Creation— 15 May 1839. 


CHARLES ABBOT, Baron COLCHESTER, of Colchester, co. Eues; Iot% 
12 March 1788 ; a Captain in the Royal Navy i 
ancceeded bii falher, Charlei, the Ut lord, B 
May 1836: nuoritd, 3 Feb. 1836, Eltubcth- 
Suaan, aiiter of Edtrard, lord EUeDbamngh, 

and haa iaane, 1. a D*. (lill-borD, 14 Not. 


Armi — Galea, on a ch^TTon Wtween three petn 
or^ u maay croaHs n^ly uure; the whole 
within a lingie tnsmre gold. Crext — Onl of i 
doctl coronet or, an uoicom^H head, emune, anoed, 
crined, and tufted of the firat, between aii onrich 
feathen,arg«it,quilled,KDld. SuppoaTiaa — Two 
imiCDnis, ermine, anned, imEuled, crined, ind 

Wfted or, gomi with a collar auue between two single treaanrea, gnle 
refleied OTer the backi, ^Id. Mdttq— '• Deo, patris, amkia." To Ood, 
and my &iendc. 

ilea, and ehitn 
my coontij, 

H[S lordahip'a prandftther, the rev, Johm 
Abhtt, D.D. rector of the paruh of All 
Saints, Colcheater, and »metime fellow of 
Baliol College, Oifoid, waa». at Shifteabury, 
and biptiied there 4 Sept. 171T. He d. »9 
April 1760, hBTine had uaue, by Sarah, hia 
wife, da. of Jonathan Farr, aon of the rev. 
Tbomu Fan-, M.A. Tiear of Long Whitten- 
hain, CO. Berka, (which Sarah m. tdly, Jere- 
midi Bentbam, eaq. and d. ft Sept. 1B09, 
aged 7G, and waa buried in Weatminater 
Abbey,) two sona, Tii. 

I. Jon>'-F>Bit, of the Inner Temple, Lon- 
don b. 1756, d. without iuue « SepL 1794, 
K. Maiy Pearw, grandda. and lumring de- 
aoendant of William Peaioe, eaq. brother of 
Zachary, lord bishop of Rocheater, dean of 
Wenminater, which lady <I. 11 Dec. 1793. 

9. CHARLES, 1st ford Colcheater, b. at 
Abingdon, CO. Berka, 14 Oct. 1757, appointed, 
leOl, chief aecretary to the lord heat, of Ire- 
land, and keeper of the priTy >eal ui that 
country; elected, IBOt, speaker of the houae 

I, which hieb office he conliniMd 
to fill till 1R17, at the cloae of which scMicin 
be retired fkom its arduous duties, and waa 
created, 3 June 171B, baroa Colcaottr: a. 
£9 Dec. 1796, EUaabelh, eldest da. of sir 
Philip Gibbea, of Sprini Head, in the ialaad 
of Barbadoes, bart. and bad isaae, 
1. Ch*blh, M lord. 

S. PHiuF-HEKai, b. 10 June ISOf, bar- 
riater-al-law, recorder of Monmouth, d. 8 
Jan. 1B35, baring h. 31 Dec lBf9, f 
Cecil, da. of the late re*. Charlea ai 
Eliiabeth Talbot, and bad issue, 

I. Cbarles-Henry-Philip, b. 11 Maich 

t. Henrietta-Eliiaheth'-Aniea, 6. 1 Jan. 
His kirdihip d. S Hay 1Bi9, and waa *DC- 
ceeded by bis eldest son, 
CHARLES, present and 3d lotd. 

e*. Charlea and Udy 

PntiMtp«)ii>~CuaLza-H ix 
his h>rdahip's nephew, 
" - -'- -1817. 




JOHN COLYILLE, Lord COLYILLE, of Calross^Yioe-Adiiiiral of the White ; 

one of the 16 Representative Peers for Scotland 
in the present parliament ; succeeded his father, 
John, the late lord, 8 March 1811; front 15 
March 1768 ; fnaf-ried, 14 Oct. 1790, Elizahetb, 
sister of sir Francis Ford, hart, and by her (who 
H. 19 Aug. 1839) had issue, an only da. Amblm, 
who d, an infant. 

Arms — Quarterly : lit and 4Ch, argpent, a crou moline 
sable, CoLviLLB ; Sd and 3d, gules, a fesse cbequT 
argent and azure, Lindsay. Crest — A hind's head, 
eouped at the neck, argent. Supporters — Dexter. 
a rhinoceros. Sinigter, a figure of Hercules, habited 

in a lion's skin, and holding his club on his left shoulder. Motto — ** Oublier ne puis." 

1 can nerer forget. 

The family of ColviUe. in North Britain, 
sprang firom that of the CoUnlle$ in England, 
who nad accompanied William the Con- 
queror from Normandy. Philip de ColvilU 
settled in Scotland in the ISth century, and 
flourished in the reigns of Malcolm IV. and 
William the Lion ; was one of the hosta^s 
for his soTerdgn's freedom, by a conrention 
with Henry ll. of England ; he was ancestor 
of sir Robert ColvUUf who was master of the 
household to James IV. and fell wiUi his 
royal master at the fatal battle of Flodden- 
field, anno 1515; he was succeeded by his 
son, sir Jame$ CoivUte, director of the chan- 
cery to James V. and one of the senators of 
the college of justice on its first institution ; 
his son. 

Sir JAMES CoLViLLE. of Esst Wemyss, m. 
Margaret, da. of sir Rooert Douglas, of Loch- 
leren, (ancestor of the earU ofmorionS) and 
by her had two sons, James, 1st lora Col- 
▼ille, and AUtander, commendator of Cul- 
rosB, ancestor of the present lord. 

JAMES, Ist lord, acquired great reputa- 
tation as a military commander in the wars 
under Henry IV. of France ; on his return, 
he was in great farour with his sovereign ; he 
was create a baron, by the title of lord Col- 
viUMy of Cubofls^ 80 Jan. 1609, to him and the 
heirs male of his body, with remainder to his 
nearest lawful heirs male, hereditarily, beai^ 
ing the name and arms of ColvilU; he m. 
Isabel, da. of Patrick, lord Ruthren, and had 

1. James, who d, unm, before his fiither. 

2. Robert, who d. also before his father, 
leaving issue, 

James, Xd lord. 

3. Jane, m. sir James Campbell, of Lawers, 
and had issue, 

John, afterwards earl of Loudoun, lord 
high chancellor of Scotland. 
His lordship d, 1680, and was succeeded by 
JAMES, 2d lord, who d, without issue 

1640. On his death, the title, according to the 

?atent of creation, devolved on his cousin, 
ohn^ eldest son of Alexmder Colville, com- 
mendator of Culrossj above named, broUier of 
the 1st lord ; but neither this John, his son, 
grandson, nor great-grandson, ever assumed 
the title, which conseouently does not appear 
upon the union roll. In 1728, however, John 
ColviUe, 6th in descent from Alexander, 
claimed the barony, and was declared, by a 
resolution of the house of lords, 27 Majl723, 
to have made good his claim, and his name 
directed to be added to the roll of peers, ac- 
cordixij^ to the date of the patent of 1609. His 
line ofdescent we now proceed to trace. 

Alexander ColviUe, commendator of Cul- 
ross, brother of the 1st lord, left a son, John, 
who survived the 2d lord, and on whom the 
title of right devolved ; he was father of Alex- 
ander, father of John, father of another 

Alexander, who m. Mary, da. of sir 
Charles Ersldne, of Cambo, nart. and had 

1. John, 3d, or, more properly, 7th lord. . 

8. Charles, who after many years' mili- 
tary service, during which he was engaged in 
most of the batdes under the dukes of Marl- 
borough and Cumberland, became colonel 
69th regiment of foot^ a lieut.-gen. in the 
army, and d, unm, 1775. 

3. Alexander. 

4. Georoe, M.D. 

5. William, d. unm, 

6. Penelope ; 7. Mary ; both d, unm, 

8, Maroarbt, m. Alexander Blair, esq. 
and d. 1794. 

9. Isabel; 10. Anne; 11. Catherine; 
all d. unm, 

JOHN, 3d. or 7th lord, was colonel of a 
regiment at toe seige of Carthagena, and d, 
there 1741, leaving issue, 

1. Alexander, 4th, or, more properly, 8th 

8. Georoe, in the army, d. unm. 

3. John, 5th lord. 



4. Cm* 

a, opt R.N. wlio peruhedwith all 
the crpw in tbe Sunderluid, of 70 gaoM, at 
Pondichtny, 1761, unn. 

6. MAaoinFT, m. Paul Cutlemw, of 
HoTseley, co. GIoucmIpt, em, 

r. El iziBETir, ■». Robert Fetrie, ew). 
His lordpliip hbs luiweeded by hu eldeit son, 
: ALEXANDER, Stb lord, irbowu a du- 
tinguubed aiTal officer, and a Tice-admiral of 
tbe white ; n. Eliiabeth Erakine, da. of Alex- 
ander, eth earl of Kellie, but d. witbout issue . 
S4 Maj 1770, and was euoceeded by his bro- , 

JOHN, 9th lord, 6. S4 Jan. 17S4. 
lordsbip entered early into the arm^, 
engaged in almost all tbe actirs militarj sei 
Tice of tbow days; m. 18 Julj 1758, Miss 
Webber, and bj her (who d. b Aug. I7S8) 
had a aumerouB issue, of which two soni and 
two das. only auryiyed him, 

1. John, 9lb Jord. 

S. Sir Ch.iii-m, G.CB. G.C.H. K.T.S. 
gm. in the armj, and col. 5Ih foot. He wu 
aeyerel; woundnl at Badajos, in Spain, 181V, 
and commanded, !4 June 1819, at tbe atorm- 

iof of Cambra]' ; h. 7 Aog. 17T0, ■. 16 Fi'h. 
181B, Jane, eldest da. of W, Mure, of Cald- 
well, esq. and has issue, 

1. Charles-Joha, L 13 Not. 1818. 

3. Anne-Amelia, b. 6 Dec. 1819, m. 30 
Jul; 1839, Francia-Jaek, yisrounl 
Newry, eldest son of the earl of Kil- 

5. Cathnine-Dorothea. ft. IS Jan. I8»I. 

4. William-James, ft. 8 March 18«7. 

5. A da. ft. at tlw Mauritiua, 10 Aug. 

ti. His esq. catit. in the king's dragoon guards, 
and WM ' 4. Catharine, ft. 13 March 1773, m. 19 
tar; ser- ' June 1792, the rey. Roger Frauklaod, ran of 

admiral sir llMMDas Fmnkland, of Thirkleb]-, 

00. York, hart. 

His lordsbip d. 8 March 1811, and was nic- 
ceeded b; his eldest son, 
JOHN, present and 10th lord. 

Crsalioo— 30 Jan. 1609. 


Bhurlpore, in tbe Enal Indies, aiid of CovWr' 
mere, co. Cheater, Baron Combermere, of Cow- 
beroiere, and a Baronet, P.C. G.C.U. G.C.H. 
G.T.S. and K.S.F. ; iHle Commander of tbe 
Forces in the Leeward lalnnda, Goyernor of 
Sheerness, General in the Army, and Colonel of 
tbe lat Regiment of Life Guards ; took tbe name 
of Slaplelon, in additiou lo and before Collon, 
I 21 Nov. 1827; married, 1st, I Jan. 18UI. Aonl- 
Marin Pel ham-Clinton, eldest da. of Thomas, 3d 
duke of NewcHBtle, and by her (nbo d. 31 May 
1»07) had isaue,- 1. Robert-Henry- Staple- 
ton, b. 19 Jan. 1802, rf. 13 Feb. UHl ; 2. and 3. Two sons, who d. infanW. 

His lordsbip m. 2dly, 22 Jnne 1814, Caroline, 2d da. of Willlam-Fulke Greville. 
esq. cousin of the earl of Warwick, and by whom (who d. 25 Jan. 18.17) he had 

JMue, 1. Cxrolike-Fbances, J. 181S, «i. 23 Aug. 1837. Arthur, e«rl of Hille- 

boroogh, eldest son of the ninrr|neBB of Downshire ;^ 5. WELLINGTON,*. 

24Noy. 1818, in tl.earniy;- B. MELioaA-E>iiLV-ANN*-M*Ri*. 6.25 Oct. 1825. 

His lordship m. 3dly. 2 Oct. 1838. Mary-Woolley, only da. of Robert Gibl.ings. 
of Gibbings Grove, co. Cork, esq. Hia lordship npresented the borongb of 
Newark in three successive parliaments. His lordship entered the army as a 
lieut. in the 23d. or Welsh fuaileer^, 1791, when he was at Westminster school, 
and was soon after promoted into the dragoon guards, in which regiment he 
served in Flanders under the duke of York, 17B3 and 17W; in 1794 he obtained 
the rank of major, and was shortly after appointed lieut.-col. 25th light dra- 

Bions (now 22d); be had the command of that regiment at tbe Cape of Good 
ope, 1796, whence he proceeded with it to Madras, and served Ihe whole of the 
year against Tippoo Saib ; be disliiiguisbed himself particularly at the battle of 
Mallavillv, a few days previous to the arrival of the army before Seringapatsm. 
His lordship retnrned to England, and commanded the leth dragoons in Ireland 
ree years ; was then placed on tbe staff in England, and remained till Oct I81W, 



when be was sent with a brigade of cavalry to Portugal ; was at the battle of 
Talavera, and in all the subsequent actions, to the end of the Peninsular war ; 
he was commander-in-cbief of the cavalry, and second in command to the duke 
of Wellington, at the battle of Salamanca; and received the order of the Bath 
for his distinguished services. He received the repeated unanimous thanks of 
both bouses of parliament, in conjunction with the duke of Wellington, &c. ; and 
on bis return to England, after the battles of Talavera and Salamanca, was on 
both occasions thanked in his place in the bouse of commons. In 1813 be was 
appointed to the command of the 20tb dragoons, and the same year be had the 
grand cross of the Tower and Sword bestowed upon him by the prince regent of 
Portugal, and the grand cross of the order of Ferdinand, &c. by the king of 
Spain. Upon the conclusion of the war, 1814, be was advanced to the dignity of 
tlie peerage for bis brilliant services. In 1817, be was appointed governor of 
Barbadoes, and commander of the forces in the West Indies ; and in 1825, copfi- 
mander-in-cbief of the forces in Bengal, for bis services in which command* 
and particularly tbe capture of Bhurtpore, be was elevated to the rank of 

Abus — Quarterhr: let and 4th, azure, a chevron between three hanks of cotton argent* 
and pendent from a ribbon a representation of his cross and clasps of service, Cotton ; 
2d and 3d, argent, a lion rampant sable, Stapleton. Crests — 1st, a falcon, wings ex- 
panded and inverted proper, beaked, membered and belled or, holding in the aexter claw 
part of a belt proper, buckled gold, Cotton ; 3d, (of augmentation,) on a mount vert, a 
dragoon of tbe 80th regt mounted on a black horse, and in the act of charging : 3d, out of 
a ducal coronet or, a Saracen's bead oouped at the shoulders aflront^, wreathea round the 
temples, argent and sable, Stapleton. SuppoRTfa^<— Two falcons,, wings expanded and 
inverted proper, beaked, membered and belled or, murally gorged gules. Motto — " In 
utraque fortuna paratus. In every situation prepared. And over the crest of augmen- 
tatioUf ^* Salamanca." 

This fiunily is said by some authors to 
derive its name from the village of Cot- 
ton, or Coton. co. Salop, and to nave seated 
there anteceoently to the Norman con- 

Sir Hugh Cotton, knt. t«inp. king John, m. 
£Iizd»etb, da. of Hammon Titley, of Titley, 
CO. Chester ; and from him descended, in a 
direct line, William Cotton, esq. temp. 
Henry V. m. Agnes, da. of Williun Young, 
of Cainton, co. Chester, esq. and had issue, 

John Cotton, m. Cecilia, da. of Thomas 
Mainwaring, co. Salop, esq. and by whom he 
bad six sons. 

Sir George, 9d son, knighted temp. Henry 
VIII. seated himself at Combermere, co. 
Cliester, ^an abbey of Benedictine monks^ 
was esquuTB of the body to Henry VIII. 
steward of Chester, and Chesterland, keeper 
of the castles of Hold Chester, &c. and also 
chamberlain of the household to prince Ed- 
ward, and a privy counsellor, m. Mary, da. of 
John Only, of Cateby, oo. Northampton, and 
had issue, four das. and one son, 
^ Richard Cotton, esq. m. 1st, Mary, da. of 

sir Arthur Mainwaring ; 2dly, ScUliard : 

and 3dly, the relict of John Dormer, esq. ana 
had a numerous issue, of whom George 
Cotton, eldest son, m. Mary, da. of 


George Bromley ; their eldest son, Thomas, 
*R. 1^ Frances, da. of viscount Kilmorej; 
and idly, Elisabeth^ da. of sir George Cal- 
▼eley, and oo-h. of her brother, sir Hugh 
Calveley, of Lea, co. Chester, by which Sd 
lady he had issue. 

Sir Robert Cotton, (1st baronet.) was 
knighted at tbe restoration of Charles II. and 
created a bart. by that monarch, 29 March 

1677; he represented co. Chester thirty^-six 
years in parliament; m. Hester, da. and sole 
heiress of sir lliomas Salisbury, of Llewenny, 
CO. Denbigh, bart. and had issue, five sons 
and eleven daughters ; d, 1712, and was suc- 
ceeded by his 4th son. 

Sir Thomas, 2d bart. m. Philadelphia, da. 
and sole heiress of sir Thomas Lynch, of 
Esher, co. Surrey, governor of Jamaica, and 
left issue, seven sons and six das. of whom 
Philadelphia, m. Thomas Bovcott, esq. ; and 
the other das. d, unm,; of the sons, the 

Sir Robert-Sausbvry, succeeded to the 
title, and was 3d bart.; represented the co. 
Chester in the Ist parliament of Geo. II. ; m. 
Elizabeth Tollemache, eldest da. of Lionel, 
first earl of Dysart, and, dying without issue, 
was succeeded by his youngest brother and 
the 7th son. 

Sir Lyncii-Salisbury, 4th bart. m. Eliza* 
beth, da. of Rowland Cotton, of Etwall, co. 
Derby, esq. and had issue, 

1. Sir Robert-Salisbury. 5th bart. 
3. Rowland, m. Elizabeth, da. of sir Wil- 
loughby Aston, hart 

3. George, dean of Chester, m. Miss Tom- 

4. Thomas, m. Miss Attwick. 

5. Henry-Calveley, m. Matilda, da. of 
John Lockwood, esq. d, 15 May 1837, a^t 81. 

6. EuzABETM, m. col. D'Avenant. 

7. Mary, m. the rev. Mr. Finch. 

8. Philadelphia, m. Henr^ Shelley, esq. 

9. Hester-Salisbury, w. sir Corbett Cor- 
hettf of Addersley Hall, co. Salop, bart. 

Sur Lynch was representative in several 


parliMnenls far eo. Doibigb ;uiddjin^l7T5, 
ni neceeded bj his Mat «oq. 

Sir Roiekt-Salusurt Cmron, 5th bart. 
n. 1767, FnuKca. co-beire« of Junea-IliiMel 
Slapleton, of Boddrjddon, co. Denbigh, eaq. 
ind bad iMU«, 

3. William, in holy onleis. 

4. Lykcu, col. in the vmj, d. in the £ut 
India 1799, le«Tini; s tridox, Louiu-Mar- 
nret, who m. S Manb 1807, gea. the bon. 
Kir MilliMD Liunlpy, G.C.B. aon of Richud, 
4di earl of Sorborongh. 

5. Fhancu, m. 179S, EobtTt, 11th tm- 

connt Kilmotej. 

6. Fehilopi, d. 1736. 

7. Hnru-HABiA. 

8. SorniA, n. (9 Dec 1B03, sir Heni;- 
MunwuinK Mtinwvinc.of OrerpeoTer, og. 
CbeMer, but. ukd d. !4 Ma; 1838. 

Sir Robert repreaented eo. Cheater in te- 
rentt pariumenla, and dying 1807, waa nie- 
oeeded by bia Sd aoa, 

STAPLETON, 6tb but. ud lit baran 
and Tiaooont Comberowre. 

TOO, 17 Ma; 1814; Vi* 

KILLULTAGH, co. Antrim; alao Harqueu and Earl of Hertford. Vueoani 
Beauchamp, Loiil CoDway, aod Baron of Ragley, in England, K.G. G.C.H. be. 
—See UiRQUis of HERTFORD. 


HAM, EarlofMount Charles, Viacoant Conjpg- 
ham. Mount Charles, nod SUne, Baron Conynj- 
bata, of Moanl Charles, co. Donejcal, in Ireland, 
and CuBlos Rotulomm co. Clare ; Baron Minster, 
of Hineter. co. Kent, in the United Kin^on, 
K.P. G.C-H. and P.C; late Lord Chamberlain 
of the Household, and a Major in the Army; 
bem II June 1797 ; succeeded bis father. Henij, 
1st marquess, 28 Dec. 1832; marritd, 33 April 
1824, lady Jane Paget, da. of the marquess of 

Anglesey, and has, 1. GEORGE-HENRY, 

tail of Movnt C/utrhi, b. 3 Feb. 1825; 2- 

Jane, (. I June 1828; 3. Frakces-Cecima-Maria, b. 10 Nor. 1827; *■ 

Euzabeth-Georgiana, b. 15 June 1829; 6. Cecilia- Augusta, b. 20 July 

1831 ; 7. Francis, b. 24 Sept. 1832; 8. a da. still-bam, 9 Feb. 1838. 

Aiiig — Argent, a shalce fork beEween three mulleta sable. Cum — An naicon'a tmd 
erased argent, armed or, crioed and tutted sable. SiippoiiTsiis — Dtiter, a horse argeDl, 
hoofs and mane or, and charged on the breast with an eagle displared gold. SimiUr, ■ 
■tag proper, attired, unguled, and charged on the breast n-ith a griSn's nead erased or. 

Motto — Over fork orer. 

r>ontM,orMount Chules, 

(great-grandaon of William Coaj-ngham, 
bishop of Arejll, 1539, j;ounBe»t son of VVU- 
liam, 4th earl of Gleneaime,) railed a rept. 
of dragoons at hia owa eipenae, with wbieb 
he joined king William at the Bovne: at. 
Maiy, da. of Robert Leslie, biihop ofltaphoe. 

and wu alain in an engagessent near Coloo- 
ney, b Sept. 1691, learing issue, 

HRNnr, a msjor-gen^ral in the inny, 
knight of the sbire for Donegal 169S, gorpr- 
nor of Lerida, and lieot.-«en. of the kin^ 
of Spain'a annr in ITOS; be deAMed chr 
French at the battle of St. Esteren's, but 



reoeiTed a wound, of which he d, 10 Jan. 
1705 ; hem, Maiy, da. of sir John Williamfl, 
of Minster Court, oo. Kent. hart, and widow 
of Charles, lord Shelbume, and had issue, 
1. Albert, d. young. 


3. Hknby. 

4. Susan. 

5. Margaret, d. young. 

6. Mary, m. Francis Burton, esq. 
William, the eldest son, of Slane Castle 

and Mount Charles, m. Constance, da. and 
co-h. of Thomas Miodleton, esq. of Stanstead 
Mountfitchet, co. Essex, and dying without 
issue, 26 Oct. 1738, was succeeded by his 

Henry, Ist earl Conyngham, representa- 
tiye for Sandwich in the English parliament, 
▼ice-admiral of Ulster, ffovemor co. Done- 
gal and Londonderry, ana a privy counsellor, 
created bajron Conyngham, ot Mount Charles, 
3 Oct. 1753; viscount Canynghamy 20 July 
1756; and advanced, 14 Jan. 1781, to the 
dignities of earl and baron dmyngham, with 
remainder of the barony, in defiiult ot issue 
male, to his nephew, Francis-Pierrepoint 
Burton, eldest son of Mary Conyngham. The 
earl m. Dec. 1774, EUen, only da. and h. of 
Solomon Merrett, esq. and dying without 
issue, 3 April 1781, the earldom became 
extinct, but the barony devolved on his 
nephew, Fraads-Pierrepoint Burton, 2d lord 

Tne veiy ancient family of Burton was 
seated (as by some traditions) for many gene- 
rations prior to 1460, at Riclunond, co. York. 
Sir Edward Burton, for his services and un- 
shaken loyalty to the house of York, had the 
honour of knight banneret confened upon 
him by Edward IV. after the battle of St 
Albans, 1460 : he afWrwards settled at Long- 
nor, 00. Salop; and his son, sir Robert 
Burton, knt. nad the first grant of arms, 22 
May 1478; lie m. Christa Stapletom da. of 
sir John Stapleton, knt. and relict of Robert 
Cressett of Upton Cressett, co. Salon: his 
son, Edward, m. 1st, Joyce, da. of Henry 
GruBn ; and ^dly, Jacosa Coyney, of Weston 
Covney, oo. Stafford, in 1524 ; lus eldest son, 
John, m. Elixabeth, da. of Thomas Payne, of 
Beslow, CO. Sussex, esq. d. 1543 ; his eldest 
son, Edward, m. Anne, da. and co-h. of Ni- 
cholas Madaocks, d. 1550; he narrowly 
escaped during the persecution of the Pro* 
testants, Ump, queen Mary; dying of exces- 
sive joY at the death of the queen, and being 
refosiea interment in his parish church of 
Sl Chad, Shrewsbury, was buried in the 
gsrden at Lonipaor, where the tomb still 
remains ; his eldest son, Thomas, m. Catha- 
rine, da. and co-h. of William Biest, of 
Atcham Grange, co. Salop, d. 1619 ; his eldest 
ton, Edward, m. Elizabeth Newton, d. 1642. 
His descendants, in the elder brancn, resided 
at Longnor until 1735, when it was carried 
into the family of Lingen, by an heir female ; 
but their eldest son, Robert lingen, took the 
name of Burton, (by act of parliament 1748,) 
pursuant to the wul of his maternal neat- 
uncle. The above named Thomas ana Ca- 
tharine had a 2d son, William, who by his 
wife, Susan Lee, was father of William Bur- 

ton, author of '' Comments on Antoninus," 
&c. ; and the said Thomas and Catharine had 
also a 4th son, Francis, and a 5th son, Thomas ; 
both of whom went into Ireland 1610 ; from 
this last Thomat BwrUm, the present mar- 
quess is lineally descended : he m. Anne, da. 
of Thomas Sheppard, of Galoot, co. Salop, 
esq. whose son, Samuel, m. Margery, da. of 
— Harres. esq. (firom their 2d son, Benja- 
min, the' Burtons of Dublin and Burton Hall, 
in Ireland, are descended); his eldest son, 
Francis, m. Alice, da. of Thomas Tilson, esq. ; 
their son, 

Francis Burton, esq. 6. 1 Dec. 1696, 
M.P. for Coleraine and the co. Clare, and a 
privy counsellor, m. Mary, 3d da. of lieut.- 
gen. Henry Conyngham, of Slane Castle, and 
sister of Henry, earl Conyngham, and d. 20 
March 1743, leaving issue by her, (who d. 

1. Francis-Pierrepoint, 2d lord. 

2. William, of Slane Castle, 6. 1733, teller 
of the exchequer, vice-admiral of Ulster, go- 
vernor of Donegal, a privy counsellor, and 
sometime a lieut.-«ol. 12th regt. of dragoons, 
d. unm. 31 May 1796. 

3. Mary, d. unm. 

4. AucE, m. 22 Sept. 1743, sir George 
Gore, hart, and d. 23 April 1745. 

Francis-Pierrepoint, the eldest son, suc- 
ceeded as the 2d lord Conyngham 3 April 
1781, and m. 19 March 1750, Euxabeth, eldest 
da. of the ri^ht hon. Nathaniel Clements, and 
sister of Robert, earl of Leitrim, and by her 
(who d. 15 June 1816) had issue, 

1. Henry, 3d lord, and 1st nuvquess. 

2. Sir Francis-Nathaniel, lieuL-ffOver- 
nor of Canada, and G.C.H. twin brother of 
the marquess^ h, t6 Deo. 1766, m. 4 June 
1801, Valentme-Alicia, 2d da. of Nicholas, 
lord Cloncurry, and d. 27 Jan. 1832, having 
had issue, 

1. Francis-Pierrepoint, 6. 9 Aug. 1806, 
and d. 30 April 1825. 

2. Henry-Stewart, h, 16 Sept. 1808, m. 
24 July 1836, Alicia-Mary, only da. 
of the rev. Veach Simpson, D.D. 

3. William-Conyngham, 6. 31 Dec. 1809. 

3. Catharine, m. 26 March 1785, the rev. 
John-Shirley Fermor, of Sevenoaks, co^ Kent. 

4. Ellena, m. 11 Dec. 1777, Stuart Wel- 
den, esq. 

5. Henrietta, 6. 1765, d. unm. 8 March 

His lordship d. 22 May 1787, and was suc- 
ceeded by his eldest son, 

HENkY. Sd baron and Ist marquess, 
K.P. G.C.H. a general in the army: h, 26 
Dec. 1766 ; created viscount Conyngnamy 6 
Dec. 1789; earl Conyngltam ana viscount 
Mount CharUt, 21 Nov. 1798 ; and marquess 
Conyngham, earl of Mount CharUs, and vis- 
count Slanty 22 Jan. 1816; created also a 
baron of the united kingdom by the title of 
baron Minster. 17 July 1821 ; m. 5 July 
1794, Elisabetn, eldest da. of Joseph Deni- 
son, of Denbies, co. Surrey, esq. and had 

1. Henry- Joseph, earl of Mount Charles, 
b. 6 April 1795. d. Jan. 1825, unm, 

2. Francis-Nathaniel, 2d marquess. 

3. Elizadbth-Henrietta, b, 20 Feb. 1800, 



n. t March 1S96, Cbvie*, fr\ of Abo^rne, 
rldMt aon of the iiun|U«ss of Huntl;, tad d. 
S4 Auk. 1839. 

4. WiLLiAd-BuBTos, b. 1* Feb. ISCH, d. 

5. A 

b. «l Oct, 1805, 

K.t.H. M.P. for Canlerbury, i 
secretsrj of lention st " 
1 833, Henrietta- Msris, 41 
Ist lord Fotftlei, ud hat 
1. William-Hi 

3, Albert- Den 

3. Kenrietta-Eliubeth-Sophii, 6. 85 Dec. 

5. Inbelli-Muu, b. It April 1839. 

6. HiaiiiETT-MiBii, b. t JuIt 1810, -. 
» Dec. 1832, Br WOliain-Meredhb Somer- 
ville, of Somerrille, oo. AleMh, but. of 

7. CiiARLOTTi, d, jcnng. 

The man|ue«9 d. S8 Dec. 183!, and WH nic- 
ceeded hv bu eldeAt ac 

Id nurquFMi. 

Htir Appareitl — GFoRct-IIiNRi, e 

Mount Charles, the mlrqaew'E eldest 


1, 14Jui 

6 Dec. 1789; ViKount Mount Chula uid 
Eul CanyDghun, n Not. 1798; Manjuaa 
Conjnghom, £«rl of Mount Chirk*, Hid 
Vinount mane, 13 Jul. 1B16; Buoa Min- 
(ter, of Mioater, co. Kent, IT Jul; 1811. 


EDMUND BOYLE, Earl of CORK and ORRERY. Viscaant DniiKnrraD, co. 
WBlerford, and Boyle, .of KiDalmesky, Lord 
->A Boyle, Baron of Youghall, co. Cork, Bnroa of 

BandoR Bridge, and Lord Boyle, Baron of Brog- 
)iill, CO. Cork, in the Peerage of Ireland-; and 
Baron Uoyle, of Mar»ton, co. Somerset, in that ef 
Great Britain, K.P. ; b General in the army; 
bom 21 Oct. 1767 ; succeeded his father, Edmund, 
Ibe late earl, Oct. I7»8; man-ied, OcL 1795, 
Isabella-Henrietta, 3d da. of tbe late Wiilism 
PoynU, esq. of Uidgbam House, co. Berks, and 

has issue, 1. Isabella-Elizabeth, i. 4 Feb. 

1707. (t. unm. 27 Dec. 1829; 2. Edkund-Wil- 

LIAM,Tiiconnt Dungnrrao, i.2 April 1798. d. I Jan.IB26; -3. GeoKOE-RtCHAHn, 

(. 32 Sept. 1799, d. 9 Sept. 1810 ; 4. Charles, viscount Dungnrvan, b. G Dec. 

1800, M. 10 March 1838, lady Caiberine St. Lawrence, da. of William, 2d earl 
of Howlh, and d. 25 Aug. 1834, leaving issue, 1. EDMUND-ROGER- 
ROBERT, vitcouni Dungarvan, b. 19 April 1829; 2. WilUatH-Georgt, b. 12 
Aug. 18.141; 3. Edi»utid-JohH,b. 25 y or. 1831; 4. Lmata-Curolina-Elizabeli.b. 

3 Juoe 1833; 6. Emily-Mary, b. 20 July 1834 ; 5. John, b. 13 March IWO. 

m. 10 Dec. 1836. Cecilia, da. of the late baroness, and sister of lord De Ros, and 
had issue, 1. Hfmy-Edmund, 6. 4 Feb. 1837, d. 9 July 1838; 2. Ckarlotu- 

Henrietta. b. April 1838, d. 18 May )839 ; 6. Lucv^Geokgiana, b. 19 March 

1804, rf. 31 Aug. 1827; 7. Louisa, b. 10 Sept. 1800. d. 30 May 1826; 8. 

Robert- Ed WARD, b. March 1809, in the army, aide-de-camp to tbe lord-llettt. of 
Ireland; 9. Richahd-Cavbndish-Townshend, b. 28 Feb. 1812, in holy 

Aant — Per bend embattled argent and gules. Crest — Ont of a dueal coronet or, a Iiod'i 
head per pale embattled argent and gules. SurpoRTEHa — Two lions, the lUitet pet pale 
PiDbattledgulei And argent; theijnuiir, per pale embattled argent and gulea. Mono— 
" X'irit poit funera rinus." Virtue sumves the grave. 

Sin Richard Hovi.e <son of Roger Bovle, 
of I'n-stun, CO. Kent) was a priry oounsellor 
in Ireland; created, G Seul. 1616, baron 
BvgU, of Youghall, and, U Oct. 16S0, via- 
eoant liuR^rtian, and earl of Cark. He d. 
161.1, leating four sons, who were all elevated 

1. Richard, succeeded his father as earl of 
Cork; waa created, Ifrtl, baron Clifford, of 
r^aneaborough, and, 1663, earl of Barli«ll"if 
in England; d. 1697, and was succeeded by 
bia grandson, Ciiarlfi, eaK of Cork and 
Burlm)^n, father o( Ric 

Cork, &c.: 



iflsuey 1753. the English honours became 
extixicty ana the Irish devolTed on his kins- 
man, John, 5th earl of Orrery. 

2. Lewis, created baron Bandon Bridge, 
CO. Cork, and yiscount Boyle, of Kinalmeaky, 
t8 Feb. 1697, slain at the battle of Xiscarrol, 
164$, $, p. 

3. RoosR, created earl of Orrery, of whom 

4. Francis, created Tisooant Shannon, 
which title became extinct on the death of 
his grandson and heir, Richard, 2d viscount. 

Kobeit Bojle, the celebrated philosopher, 
was also a son of the Ist earl of Cork. 

ROGER, 9d son of the earl of Cork, was 
created, 98 Feb. 1698, lord Boyle, baron of 
BroghiU and, 5 Sept. 1660^ earl of Orrery; 
m, Margaret, da. of Theophilus Howard, earl 
of Suffolk, and by her had issue, 

1. Roger, 2d earl. 

2. Henry, ancestor of the earls of Shannon. 
{See that title,} 

He d, 1679, and was succeeded by his son, 
ROGER, 3d earl, d, 1698, leaving issue, 
LIONEL. 3d earl, d, f. p, 1703 : and 
CHARLES, 4th earl, K.T. ; who was 
created a peer of Great Britain by the title of 
baron BoyU, of Marston, 5 Sept. 1711, m. 
Elizabeth, da. of John Cecil, earl of Exeter, 
and d. iO Aug. 1730, learine issue by her, 
(who d. 12 Aug. 1722,^ an only son, 

JOHN, 5th earl ot Orrery, who became 
also, OB me death of his kinsman, Richard, 
4th earl of Cork, 1753, 5th earl of Cork, m. 
Ist, 9 May 1728, Henrietta, youngest da. of 
George Hamilton, 1st earl of Orkney, and by 
her (who d. 12 Aur. 1732) had issue, 

1. Charles, lord Dungarvan, b. 27 Jan. 
1729, m. Susanna, da. of Henry Hoare, of 
Stourhead, co. Wilts, esq. and by her (who 
m. 2dly, Feb. 1761. Thomas, lord Bruce, of 
Tottenham, createa, 10 June 1776, earl of 
Ailesbury) he had issue, 

1, lienr^, d. 1756. 

2. Henrietta, m. John, let viscount 

2. Hamilton, 6th earl. 

3. Elizabeth, b, 7 May 1731, m. sir Tho- 
mafi Worsley, bart. 

The earl m. 2dly, 30 June 1738, Margaret, 
da. and sole h. of John Hamilton, esq. and by 
her (who d. Oct. 1758) had issue, 

4. Edmund, 7th earl. 

5. Lucy, b, 27 May 1744, m. 1765, George, 

5th viscount Torrington. 

6. Catmerine-Agnes, d. 
The earl d. 22 Nov. 1762, and was succeeded 
by his son, 

HAMILTON, 6th earl, who d, unm. 17 
Jan. 1764, and was succeeded by his brother, 

EDMUND, 7th eari, b. 2 Dec. 1742, m. 
Ist, 25 Aug. 1764, Anne, da. of Kelland 
Courtenay, eso. niece to John, 4th earl or 
Sandwich, (wnich marriage was dissolved 
1782,) and had issue, 

1. Richard, viscount Dungarvan, 6. 27* 
May 1765, d. young. 

2. Lucy-Isabella. 6. 10 Aug. 1766, and 
d. 7 Sept. 1801, havmg m. 28 July 1792, the 
hon. and rev. George Bridgeman, brother to 
Orlando, earl of Bradford. 

3. Edmund, 8th earL 

4. Sir Courtenay, rear-admiral, F.R.S. 
K.C.H.; b. 3 Sept. 1769, m. 16 April 1799, 
Caroline-Amelia, da. of the late William 
Povntz, of Midgham House, co. Berks, esq. 
and has issue, 

1. Courtenay- Edmund- William, captain 
R.N. groom of the privy-chamber, b, 

3 Aujp. 1800, m. 12 Not. 1836, , 

da. of William- Wallace Ogle, of Causey 
Park, CO. Northumberland, esq. 

2. Carolina, b. 26 Mav 1803, maid of 
honour to the queen dowager. 

3. Charles-John, 6. 10 May 1806. 

4. Mary-Louisa, 6. 12 Not. 1810. 

5. Cavendish-Spencer, b, 12 May 1814, 
in the army. 

5. Charles, 6. Oct. 1775, d. unm, Nov. 

Her ladyship d. 10 Dec. 1785, and his lord- 
ship re-m, 17 June 1786, Mary Monckton, 
youngest da. of John, 1st viscount Galway. 

The earl d, Oct, 1798, and was succeeded by 
his son, 

EDMUND, present and 8th earl. 

Heir Apparent — Edmund -Roger-* Robert, 
▼iscount Dungarvan, grandson of the earl. 

Creations — Lord Boyle, Baron of Youg- 
hall, 6 Sept. 1616 ; Viscount Dungarvan, co. 
Waterford, and Earl of Cork, 26 Oct. 1620; 
Baron of Bandon Bridge, and Viscount Kin- 
almeaky, 28 Feb. 1627, with remainder to the 
heirs male of his father ; Lord Boyle, Baron 
of Broghill, 28 Feb. 1628; Earl of Orrery, 
CO. Cork, 5 Sept. 1660; Baron Boyle, of 
Marston, co. Somerset, 5 Sept. 1711. 


lAMES HANN, Earl CORNWALLIS, Vbcoant Brone, B&ron ConiiraUia, of 
Eye, 00. Snlblk, *im1 a Banuwl ; bom aO S«pt. 
1778 ; Baccecded hu fatlicr, Jamea, tlie late earl, 
20 Jan. 1834 ; took the nunc of Mann onlf, Ij 
royal lifn tnaoDal, 1BI4 ; marritd, 12 Dec. 1804, 
U aria- Isabella, oaly da. of Francis Dicking, etq. 

and by her (who (L Ifi Jan. 1833) had iMue, 

I. HeNKY-JAHES^ALFRIDUt, b. 16 NoT. 1806, d, 

yoDQg ; %, Frbdekick-Hohaci, b. 34 Jan. 

1812, d. Toang; 3. CHARLESJAMES, 

■ nimtan ttrowu, h. 16 Dec. 1913, d. 27 Dec. 

183A, 1. Jehima-Isabelu, 6. 2S Dec. 1806, 

m. 12 April 1828, Charles Wykeham MartiD, 

eaq. eldctt aon of Fteone* Wykeham Martin, 

««q. of Leeda CaMle, Kent, and Chacombe Priory, co. North ampton, and d. IT 

Dee. 1836. HU lordship m. 3d]y, 22 Jan. 1838, Laora, da. of William Hayei, 

Asiu— Qnsrterlj: lit and 4th, iabl?, on a fewa embattled coonter embattled betreen 
three goali puunt u^ent, u man; pelleti, Mann; Id ind 3d, sable, pMt d'eao, oit 
fi«K argent thrw Corniah cboiighi of tb? Gnt, beaked and membered (piles, Coshwillu. 
Ckut»— lit, ideiDi-dngon, wings tlcTMed sable, gnttte d'eaa, Minh; U, od a huhiiiI 
Ten, B ban lodgpd snd regirdsnt vt^^t, attired or, and wrestbed nNmd the neck wilk 
laurel vert, Cuhkwiliji. SurniHTEu — Two stags sr^t, sttired or, and wmtM 

le neck with laurel, ti 

Thu fiuailj derires its oririn from John 
ConNWALijs, who was aheriiF of London 1378, 
and d. 1384. His onl; soa, JaiiN, settled at 
Bnnne, Co. Suffolk, which, till tbe death of the 
late marquesa, oontinned to be tbe principal 
reaidenee of tbe fiunilf. Beventh in lineal 
descent (rom this John was 

Frf.dehici, lit baron Comwl'u, created a 
bait. 4 Mar i&tt, and adranced to the dignilj 
of baron tom^rallii of Eje, co. Snflblk, «0 
April l£til, n. 1st, Kliubeth, da. of sir John 
Asbburnham, (ancestor of tbe earbt of Ash- 
banduun), and had issue, 

1. Cm.sle., »d loni. 

t. Fbedebics, m. but d. $. p. m. 

3. GtOKOX. 

4. llENSiIm-MAiTA,,!. oaai. 

His lordshm m. Idly, F.liiabeth, da. of sir 
Henry Crofts, and bad issue, 

5. JtNE.M. William Duna)mb,es^. 

tie d. 166!, and was succeeded by his son, 

CiiiHT.n, Id lord, m. Margaret, da. of Tbo- 
msa Planled, esq.; he d. 1673, and was 
succeeded hj his eldest surriring and only 
■on, that left issue, 

CII.II.F.S, 3d lord, m. 1st, Elisabeth, da. of 
sir St^bm Foi, knt. (ancestor of the earls 
0( Ilchest«r, and the barons Holland); and 
3dlj. Anne, duchess of Monmouth snd Buc- 
clnich, relict of James, duke of Monmouth; 
hie d. 1609, and was succeeded by fais only 

I, 4tb lord, m. 1 June 1699, Char- 

is viocit ioTidiam." Vir 

lotte, da. and sole h. of Richard Butler, earl 
of Arrmo, baron Weston, in England, fd son 
of James, duke of Ormonde, and by iter hid 

1. 'CiuaLis, 1st earl and 5<h laid. 

«. JAMES, h. 16 Sept 1701, d. IS May 17*7, 

3. Stifben, major-gen, i- '' ' ■" 

. p tbe army, i. *3 

Pearson, and d. without 
issue May 1743. 

4. John b. 93 Dec. 1706, m. Sarab, da. of 
tbe rer, Hugh Dale, and by her (who d. 9 
Jane 1768) be left an only surviriDg da. aoil 

Sarah, m. the rer. Waller Earle. 

5. RiCBiBD, b. 17 Sept. ITOS, d. una. July 

6. EnwARO, (twin with Frederick), b. n 
Feb. 1713, a gen. in the amy, and goToiMt 
of Gibraltar, d. 14 Jan. 1776: bSTingn. 17 
March 1763, Mary, da. of Charles, Id >ia- 
coum Townshend, and by her (who i. !9 
Dec. 1776) had no issue. 

7. Fhiderice, (twin with Edward), D.D. 
archbishop of Canteibary, n. 8 Feb. ITW, 
Caroline, da. of W illiam Townsbend, esq. snd 
d. March 1783. 

8. William; 9. Hinbt; botbif.ainu 
10. CtiiaLOTTs; ll.ELiziBETH;lt.MiHv; 

al! d. nan. 

Ilia lordship d. 19 Jan. 17M, and was suc- 
ceeded by his eldest scm, 

CHARLES, 5th lord and 1st earl, ». t° 
March 1700, chief justice in eyre south of 



the Trent; If May 1740, he was appointed 
constable of the Tower of London ; and, 90 
June 175Sy he was created visoount BroiM, 
00. Snffblk, and earl CcmvxiUis; m. Not. 
172S, Eliaabeth, da. of Charles, 3d viscount 
Townshend, (hj Elisabeth, da. of Thomas, 
lord Pelham. and sister to tne duke of New- 
castle^, and oj her (who d, 1 Deo. 1785) had 

1. Cbakles, 2d earl and 1st marquess. 

S. HKiniY, d. April 1761. 

3. James, D.C.L. 4th earl. 

4. Sir William, G.C.B. b. 20 Feb. 1743-4, 
admiral of the red, and vice-admiral of the 
united kingdom, d. 5 July 1819. 

5. Elizabeth, m. July 1753, Bowen South- 
well, esq. nephew to Thomas, 1st lord South- 
well, in Ireland, and d. 1794. 

6. Charlottk, b. 8 April 1756, m. Spencer 
Madan, D.D. bishop of Peterborough. 

7. Mart, m. 13 Aug. 1769, Samuel Whit- 
bread, of Ardington, co. Bedford, esq. and d, 
97 Dec. 1770. 

The earl d. 23 June 1762, and was suc- 
ceeded by his son, 

CHARLES, 2d earl and 1st marouess Com- 
waUis, K.G. a gen. in the army, col. 33d regt. 
of foot, constable of the Tower of London, 
and gov.-gen. of Bengal from 1785 to 1792, 
and a second time 1804; his lordship was 
advanced to the dignity of marquess Com- 
waliUf 15 Aug. 1792 ; and, on the 15th Dec. 
following, received the unanimous thanks of 
both hoiues of parliament for his distinguished 
military services in India; b, 31 Deo. 1738, 
m. 14 July 1768, Jemima^Tullikins, da. of 
James Jones, esq. and by her (who d. 14 Feb. 
1779) had issue, 

1. Charles, 2d marquess. 

2. Mart, b. 28 June 1769, m. Nov. 1785, 

Mark Singleton, esq. principal storekeeper of 
the ordnance. 

The marquess d, at Gausepoor, in Bengal, 
5 Oct. 1805, and was succeeded by his only 

CHARLES, 2d marquess, 7th baron, and 
3d earl, b. 19 Oct. 1774; m. 17 April 1797, 
Louisa, 4th da. of Alexander, 4th duke, and 
sister of Geor^ 5th and last duke of Gordon, 
K.T. and had issue, 

1. Jane, b. 5 Oct. 1798, m. Richard, 3d 
lord Braybrooke. 

2. Louisa, 6. 24 Feb. 1801. 

3. Jemima, 6. 29 April 1803. m. 2 Sept. 
1824, Edward Granville, lord Ebot, son of the 
earl of St Germans. 

4. Mart, 6. 17 Nov. 1804, m. 7 April 1825, 
Charles Ross, esq. 

5. Elizabeth, b. 16 Jan. 1807. 

The marquess d. 16 Aug. 1823, when the 
maitmessate became extinct, but the earldom 
devolved on his uncle, 

JAMES, 4th earl, D.C.L. b. 23 Feb. 1743, 
consecrated bishop of Lichfield and Coventry, 
1781 ; sometime dean of Windsor, and reg^ 
trar of th^ most noble order of the g^arter; 
m. 30 April 1771, Catharine, da. of Gal- 
fridus Mann, of Bocton-Malheib, co. Kent, 
esq. and by her (who d. 17 Sept. 1811) had 

1. James, 5th earl. 

2. Horace, b, 28 March 1780, d. unm. 

3. EuzABETH, b, 5 March 1774, d. unnn 

The earl d, 20 Jan. 1824, and was succeeded 
by his only surviving son, 

JAMES, present and 5th earl. 

Heir Preiumptive — None. 

Crtationt — Baronet, 4 May 1627 ; Baron, 
1661 ; Viscount and Earl, 1753. 



CO. Cambridge, bo created by patent, 20 Jan* 
1836; P.C. D.C.L. Lord High Chancellor 
of Great BritaiD, Official Visitor of Oriel 
College, Oxford, and of Pembroke and Ca- 
tharine Halls, Cambridge, and an Official 
Trustee of the British and Hunterian Mu- 
aenma. Hia lordship was called to the bar 
by the Society of Lincoln's Inn, 23 Nor. 
1804; appointed a King's Counsel, 1826; 
Solicitor-general to the Queen, 1830; re« 
ceived the honour of knighthood, 26 Feb. 
1834, on being appointed Solicitor-General 
to the King ; on the 29 Sept. in the same year he succeeded sir John Leach as 
Master of the Rolls, and was sworn a Member of the Priry Council, and, 523 
April 1835, was appointed one of the Lords Commissioners of the Great Seal, 
and so continued till his eleyation to Hie woolsack in Jan. following; bom 29 
April 1781 ; married, 30 June 1821, Caroline, da. of William Wingfield, esq. by 

Lady Charlotte-Maria, da. of Henry, Ist earl of Digby, and has issue, 1. 

Charlottb-Marm ; 2r Frances-Mary, h, 1823; 3. CHARLES-ED- 



WARD, h. 30 April 1824 ; i . William-John, h. 15 Aag. 1825; 5. Caro- 

LiNE« b. 18 July 1828; 6. Emily-Harriet, h. 1829; 7, Hbnry-Lbslie, ft. 

28 Nov. 1830; 8. George, b, 21 July 1832; 9. Frederick, b. 4 Aug. 

1835; 10. Elizabeth-Theresa, b. 27 Feb. 1837; 11. Evelyn (a da.) b, 

19 Jan. 1839. 

Arms — Sable, on a bend or, between two nags' beads erased ar^nt, tbree fleurs-de-lis of 
the field. Crfst — A earners bead erased or, bridled, lined, nnged, and gorged with a 
ducal coronet, sable. Supporters — On either side a horse argent, bridl«l, and gorged 
with a ducal coronet, sable ; pendent therefrom, an esoocheonor, charged trHfa a fleur-«e- 
lis of the 3d. 

The family of Pepys is of considerable an- 
tiquity in the county of Cambridge. William 
Pepys, of Cottenham^ in that county, son of 
Hooert ^epys, m. Margaret, da. of Robert 
Whiston, of Cambridge, ana left issue, two 
sons, vis. John, ancestor of a branch of the 
family settled in Norfolk, and William, m. 
Alice, da. of John Smith, of Wighton, co. 
Norfolk, whose son John d. circk 1589, learing 
issue by his wife, £dith, da. and h. of sir Ed- 
mund Talbot, of the Isle of Ely. 
■ 1. John, of whom hereafter. 

2. Robert, d. unm, 

3. AroLLO, of Hinchinbroolce, d, unm. circ& 

4. Talbot, of Impington, oo. Cambridge, 
. Beatrice, da. of sir John Castle, of Raving 


ham, CO. Norfolk, and d. circi 1665, let. ^rck 
84, leaving issue. 

5. Thomas, grandfather of Samuel Pepys, 
aecretanr of the admiralty, president of^tiie 
RoytU Society, and author or the Diary, who 
d. 1703. 

6. Paulina, m. sir Sydney Montagu, father 
of the 1st earl of Sandwich.* 

7. A DA. m. sir Gilbert Pickering, of Tich- 
marsh, co. Northampton. 

8. Faith, m. Robert Beale, of Whittlesey, in 
the Isle of Ely. 

John Pepys, ofCottenham, eldest son, in. 
Elizabeth, da. of John Bendish, of Steeple 
Bumstead, co. Essex, (who re-m. Richard 
Cracroft,) and had issue, 

1. John, ofCottenham, who d. t. p. 

2. Richard, of whom hereafter. 
. 3. Thomas, d, t. p. 

4. Samuel, of Steeple Bumstead, m. Mar- 
caret, da. and sole h. of Richard Rooks, of 
bwavesey, co. Cambridge, and d. circk 1665, 
set circJi 66^ learing issue. 

5. Edith, m. John Williams, ofCottenham. 

6. Ellen, m. George Beech, of Colworth. 

• Richard Pepys, esa. 9d son. was bred to 
the bar, and appointea lord cnief justice of 
Ireland 1665 ; he d. 1688, leaving a son, Ri- 
cbsrd, whose son, John, m. Mary Gibson, and 
left issue, 

William Pepys, of London, banker, m. 

Hannah, da. of Dr. Richard Russell, of Leweik 
CO. Sussex, relict of Alexander Weller, ana 
d. Sept. 1743, aet. 42, leaving issue by her, 
(who d, Nov. 1762, st. 63,) two sons, 

1. Wiluam-Wellbr, of whom hereafter. 

3. Sir Lucas, M.D., r.R.S., physician ge- 
nend to the anny, created a baronet, 22 Jan. 
1784; b. 24 May 1741, m. Ist, 30 Oct, 17T2, 
Jane-Elisabeth, countess of Rothes, by whom 
(who d, 2 June 1810) he had issue, 

1. Sir Charles, 2d bart., (who with hia 
brother Henry and sister assumed the 
surname and arms of iMlie,) b, 28 Sept. 
1774, d. t, p., 1832, and was succeeded 
bv his next brother, 

2. Rev. sir Henry, present and 3d bart. 
rector of Sheep Hall, co. Herts, and 
Wetherden. co. Suffolk, prebendarf of 
Exeter, and one of her majesty's chap- 
lains in ordinaiT ; b. 21 Sept. 1783, at. 
15 Feb. 1816, Euaabeth-Jane, voungest 
da. of tlie rev. James Oaks, of^Tostock, 
CO. Suffolk (who d, 12 Dec. 1816). 
(See Debrett*s Baronetage,) 

3. Henrietta, b. Mav 1777, m. Williana, 
earl of Devon, and d, 16 Dec. 1839. 

Sir Wilijam-W^eller Pepys, bart. so 
created 23 June 1801, a master in chancery, 
b, 1 Jan. 1740, m. 24 June 1777, Elisabeth, 
eldest da. of the right hon. William Dowdes- 
well, chancellor of the exchequer, and d. June 
1825, leaving issue by her, (who d. 21 Oct. 

1. Sir William-W^eller, present bart. 6. 
4 May 1778. (See DebretVt Baronetage.) 

ated baron Cottenham as above. 

3. Henry, B.D., bishop of Sodor and Man, 
b. 18 April 1783, m. 27 Jan. 1824, Maria, da. 
of the right hon. John Sullivan, and has issue. 

4. Maria-Elizabeth, b. 12 Oct. 1779. 

5. Isabella-Sophia, 6. 3 July 1785, m. 12 
Jan. 1813, the rev. Thomas Whateley, vicar 
of Cookham, 00. Berks. 

6. Anne-Louisa, 6. 23 March 1789. 

Heir Apparent — Hon. Charles -Edward 
Pbpys, his lordship's eldest son. 
CreatiMi— 20 Jan. 1836. 



JAMES-THOMAS STOPFORD. Earl of COURTOWN. Viscount Stopford, 

Baron Coartown, co. Wexford, in the Peerage 
of Ireland ; and Baron Saltersford, of Salters- 
ford, CO. Chester, in that of Great Britain ; ham 
27 March 1794; succeeded his father, James, 
the late earl, 16 June 1836; married, 4 July 
1822, lady Charlotte-Albinia, da. of the late and 
sister of the present duke of Buccleuck, and by 

her (who rf. 29 Feb. 1828) has issue,- 1. 

JAMES-HENRY-GEORGE, viscount Stopford, 

b, 24 April 1823; 2. Edward-Sydney, 5. 29 

Aug. 1824; 3. Isabella, h, 6 Feb. and d, 

March 1826 ; ^4. Barrington, h, Jan. 1828. 

ARMs^-Aznre, sem^ of cross crosslets and three loienges, or. Crest — A cockatrice winin 
elevated, proper. Supporters — ^Two stags, proper, plain collared and chained, and ea3i 
eharged on the shoulder with a lozenge, or. Motto — " Patriae infelici fidelis." Faithful 
to an unhappy country. 

JAI^ES stopford, Ist earl of Cour- 
town, (whose ancestor, James Stopford, of 
Saltersford, co. Chester, lineally descended 
from NiehoUu de Stockport, one of the eight 
barons oo. Chester, settled in Ireland 1641,) 
was created, 19 Sept. 1758, baron of Caurtown, 
CO. Wexford ; and, 1« April 1762, was ftir- 
ther advanced to the dignities of viscount 
Stttpfordy and earl of Cauriown, The earl m. 
24 Feb. 1726, Elizabeth, only da. of Edward 
SmTtfa, bishop of Down and Connor, by whom 
he had issue, 
. 1. James, 2d earl. 

2. Edward, 6. 1732, a lieut-gen. in the 
army, m. 1 Oct 1783, Letitia, da. of William 
Blacker, esq. and d. 22 Oct* 1794, leaving 
issue by her, 

1. Edward, eapt. R.N. b, 4 July 1784, 
m. 26 Oct. 1821, Marian-Helen, widow 
of Archibald Cockbum, esq. and d, 
19 March 1837. 

2. James, lieut.-col. b, Sept. 1785, d. 13 
May 1823. 

3. William- Henry, major royal artillery, 
m. 3 March 1825, Mira-Sophia, da. of 
lient.-col. Robert Bull, C.B. (who d. 9 
July 1830.) 

4. Jane, m. 31 July 1809, Lambert Blair, 

5. Geoi^e, in holy orders. 

6. Thomas, commander R.N. d, 15 Oct. 

7. Elizabeth-Catherine, m. 27 Dec. 1815, 
James Blair, esq. 

3. Thomas, D.D. lord bishop of Cork and 
Ross, d. 24 Jan. 1805. 

4. JosKPH, 6. 1741, in the army, d, 29 June 

5. PniLip, 6. 17 Feb. 1743, R.N. d. unm. 

6. EuzARETH, d» young. 

7. Francbs ; 8. Mary ; both d. unm. 

9. Akne, 6. 1734, m. 28 May 1758, Walter 
Hore, of Harperstown, co. Wexford, esq. and 
d. March 1808. 

10. Catherine, d, unm, 

11. Charlotte, 6. 1745, m. June 1774, 
Stephen Ram, of Ramsfort, co. Wexford, esq. 
and d, his widow 23 July 1831. 

His lordship d. 12 Jan. 1770, and was suc- 
ceeded by his son, 

JAMES, 2d earl. K.P. created, 7 June 
1796, baron Saltersford^ of Saltersford, co. 
Chester, b, 28 May 1731, m. 16 April 1762, 
Mary, da. and co-h. of Richard Powis, of 
Hintlesham Hall, co. Suffolk, *esq. (hy Mary- 
Brudenell Montagu, sister to ueorge, late 
duke of Montagu,) and by her (who d. 3 Jani 
1810) had issue, 

1. JAMEs-GEOROB,3d earl. 

2. Sir Edward, G.C.B. and K.T.S. lieut.- 
gen. in the army, and col. of the 4l8t regt. of 
foot, b. 28 Sept. 1766. d. unm, 14 Sept 1837. 

3. Sir Robert, G.C.B. G.C.M.G. admi- 
ral of the red, b, 5 Feb. 1768, m. 29 June 
1809, Mary, da. of Robert Fanshawe, esq. 
commissioner of the dock-yard at Plymouth, 
and has issue, 

1. Robert- Fanshawe R.N. b, 19 Dec. 

2. Christiana- Fanshawe, b, 6 March 1814. 

3. Eleanor, b, 10 Dec. 1815. 

4. James-John, R.N. b. 17 April 1817. 

5. Henrietta-Maria, b. 21 Dec. 1818. 

6. Louisa-Catherine, 6. 24 May 1820. 

7. Arthur-Fanshawe, b, 16 Feb. 1822. 

8. Charlotte- Anne, b, 2 Oct 1823. 

4. Richard-Brucr, in holy orders, chap- 
lain in ordinary to her majestv, canon of 
Windsor, prebendary of Hereford, and rector 
of Barton-Segrave, co. Northampton, //. 4 
March 1774, m. 19 Nov. 1800, Eleanor Powis, 


Riiiler to Thomia, }d lord Lillbrd, aod hu 

1. GtOTge, b. 29 Aug. 1801. 

S. Eleuar-EUubeth, 4 b. Sept. 1301, .. 

86 July 1832, Ambrtae Iiled,or Eclon, 

CO. h orthunpum, «aq. 

3. Richard- Heniy, conuuuider R.N. b. 
12 Not. 1803. 

4. Chirla, ft. 19 Ju. 1805. 

5. Williun-Bruce, i. 1 April, 1806, n. SO 
June 1B37, Caroline- 1 lirriet, ds. of the 
hoD, Upor^ Genaaiar, and niece of 
Chirin, duke of Donet. 

6. Jamn-Sjdnej, b. 14 April 1806. 

7. EdKard, b. SO Aug. 1809. 

8. Lucj-Cbarlolte, 6. 16 Oct. IBIl. 

9. Robert, b. 16 April 1B13. 

to. UWrrielt-Jane 6, 19 Sept. 1816, 
The earl d. 30 March IBIO, and was luc- 
ceeded by hia eld«tt loa, 

JAMES-GEOHGE, 3d eari, K.P. P.C.; 
b. IS Aug, 1765, m, 99 Jan. 1791, lady Marr, 
eldeal da. of Kenrv, 3d duke ot Bucdeucli, 
K.G. rby Eliubeth-Brudenell MantB)[u, da. 
and sole h. of George, 4th earl, and 1»I duke 
of MonlBKU, K,G.) and by ber (wbo d. tl 
April 18:^1} had ianie, 

1. Jauu-Tuoius, 4th emA. 

i. Euwaud, b. 11 June 1795, capt. and 
lieul,-c(il. in tlie Caldatream guarda, m, 4 
Julj' 1B30, Iloratia-L'barlotle, da, of Thomas 
LoekKood, eaq. and (ridow of Richard Tib- 
betu, Mq. by w^om (who d. 9 Feb, 1838) he 

♦, CaroUne-Mary, b. 14 July 1836, d. « 
Marrh 1B37, 
3. HiHav-SctiTT, b. tl OcL 1797, i 

n holy 

1816, ....,,„LL„, U 

Browne'i Hill, co. Carlow, eta. by lidy 
Charlotte Bourke, da. of JoKph, 3d earl of 

4. MoNT.Of, b. 11 Not. 1798, cut, R.N. 
K.C.H. ; m. at Malta, 85 Aug. 18S7, Cordelia- 
Wiinfreda,!d da, of mijor-geaeral rir George 
Whilmore, K.C.H., commanding officer of 
engineer! m that iilaud, and baa ianie, 

1. A ion, b. 83 June 18if8, 
«. A da., b. 84 Jidy 1S31. 
3. A ion, b. Feb, 1838. 

5. M*BT-Fii*KCES, b. n Feb. 1801, lady of 
the bedchamber to tbe dncbeaa of Kent, d. uam. 
IB April 1839, 

6. Robert, b. 33 Nor. 1801, d. Sept. 1SJ8. 

7. Eueabeth-Anni, b. 9 Jan. 1805, d. 88 
May 1838, 

8. JiNE,». tSFeb, lB06,n. 11 April 1833, 
rer. Abel-John Ram, of {^loaartiu, co. Wei- 

to. Cahounk, b. 17 Sept. 1811, d. an ia- 

and Earl, It April, 1768; Baroa ^tenford, 
in England, 7 June 1796. 

Viacoupt Deerliurat, co. Gloncester, High 
^^ Steward of Tewkeebnry, and late Recorder of 

■V* Worcciter; bom 16 Gel. 17S4; sDCceedcd his 

father, George-Wiltiam, late earl, 26 March 
1831; married, 16 Jan. 180S, Emma-SiisaDna, 
2d da, of William, lit earl Beaucbarop, and 

br ber (who d. 4 Atig. 1610) had iasae, 1. 

Georoe- Willi AM. viacount Decrhorat, h. 3& 

Oct. 1808, M. 1& March 1836, Harriet- Anne, da. 

of Bir CharlcB Cockerell, bart, and d. H Not. 

' 1938, tearing iwae, 1. Maria- Emma- Kalherine, 

b. 13 Dec. 1836; 2. GEORGE- WILLI AM. 

vuroimt DeerAurit, i. 9 May 1838, The earl at. 

2dly,in North Britain, 32 June, and in Worceitenhire. 9 Noi. 1811, lady Mary 

Beauclerk, da. of Aubrey, Ath duke of St. Albana, and baa iaaae,— — 3. Mart- 

AooiiSTA, i. II May 1B1Z, m. SMay 1833, hon. Henry-Edtrard Pox, eldest son 

of lord Holland , 3. Henrv-Ahelius, in tbe army, b. 16 Oct. ISIA, im, 3 An^. 

1837, Caroline, da. of James Dundaa, of DuodaB, eaq. and hai iiaue, 1, a da. 
6. 26 May 1838; 2. a da. h. and d. 25 Feb. 1830. 

AnMt — 9ahlp, a fesw ermine, between tbree crraoenta or. CanT' — A cock golea, comb, 
KKItlen, and 1#gii, or, standing on ■ garb feMeiviM or. SirrroaTEni — Two eagln, wiags 



fftpanded and interted argent, beaked and membered of. Motto^^' Candide et oon- 
atanter." Sincerely and constantly. 

Thomas Coventry, of Croome-DabitoL co. 
Worcester, sergeant at-law and justice ot the 
common oAas, d, 1606, learing issue, besides 
other children, two sons, 

Thomas, 1st lord Coventry; and Walter, of 
whom hereafter. 

Thomas, Ist lord Cotbntry, 6. at Croombe- 
Dabitot, CO. Worcester, 1578 ; was elected 
recorder of London 11 Nor. 1615; 1625, 
he was appointed lord-keeper of the great 
seal ; and, 18 April 16S8, was created baron 
Coventry, of Aylesbury, co. Worcester ; (ex- 
tinct 1719 ; ) m. 1st, Sarah, da. of sir Edward 
Sebright, of Besford. co. Worcester, knt. and 
had issue by her, 

1. Thomas, 2a lord. 

2. Elizabeth, m. sir John Hare, of Stow- 

His lordship m. Sdly, Elizabeth, da. of John 
Aldersey, of Spurstow, co. Chester, by whom 
he had issue, 

3. John, father of sir John Coventry. K.B. 
M.P. for Weymouth, remarkable for naving 
his nose cut, which occasioned the passing of 
the act from thence styled the Coventry act, 

4. Francis, thrice m. and left issue, an only 

Francis, who li. unm, 1681 ; and two das. 

5. Henbt. appointed ambassador, 1671, to 
Sweden, and on his return from thence, was, 
3 July 1672, nuuie secretary of state; d. unm, 
7 Dec. 1686. 

6. Sir WiLUAM, knt. secretary to the admi- 
ralty and to the duke of York, and one of the 
oommisaionera of the treasury, d. July 1686. 

7. Anns, m. 1st, William saviUe, esq. (by 
whom she waa mother of George, marquess of 
Halifax,) and 3dl v, Thomas Cluchele, of Wim- 
pole, CO. Cambridge. 

8. Joan, m. Henry-Frederick Thynne, esq. 
ancestor of the marquess of Bath. 

9. Margarkt, m. Anthony, 1st earl of 

10. Dorothy, m, sir John Packington, hart. 
Thomas, 1st lord, d, 14 Jan. 1640, and was 
succeeded by his son, 

Thomas, 2d lord, m. Mary, da. of sir 
William Craven, knt. and sister to William, 
earl Craven, and bv her had 

GzoROE, 3d lora ; and 

Thomas, 5th lord, and 1st earl. 
His lordship d. and was succeeded by his son, 

George, 3d lord, m. Margaret, da. of 
John Tnfton, earl of Thanet, and d. 15 Dec. 
1680, leaving issue, a da. 

Maroarit, who was 1st wife of Charles, 
2d duke of Bolton, and d. 1682, t, p, ; and an 
onhr 8<», 

John, 4Ch lord, d. unm, 25 July 1685, and 
was succeeded by his uncle, 

THOMAS, 5th lord, created, 26 Apnl 
1697, viscount Deerhuntj and earl of Co- 
'tientTy, with remainder (the issue male of 
Thomaa, 1st lord, by his 2a wife, being all ex- 
tinct) to W^illiam, Thomas, and Heniy, sons 
of Walter Coventry, and grandsons of Wal- 
ter before named, younger brother of the 1st 

The earl d, 15 July 1699, leaving iasue, two 

Thomas. 2d earl, and Gilbert, 4th earl. 

THOMAS. 2d earL m. Anne, da. of Henry 
Somerset, duxe of Beaufort, and d. 1710, 
leavinr an only son, 

THOMAS, 3d earl, who d. at Eton School 
1712, and was succeeaed by his uncle, 

GILBERT, 4th earl, who d. 1719, leaving 
an only da. 

Anne, m. sir William Carew, of Anthony, 
CO. Cornwall, whereupon the barony of Co- 
ventry, created in 1628, became extinct, and 
the earldom and viscounty devolved, pursuant 
to the especial limitation, on 

William, eldest son ot Walter, son of Wal- 
ter, younger brother of the 1st lord. 

WILLIAM, 5th earl, m. Elizabeth, da. of 
John Allen, es^, by whom (who d. 23 Nov. 
1738) he had issue, 

1. ThomaS'^Henry, 6. 27 March 1721, d. 

2. George- Willi am. 6th earl. 

3. John-Bulkeley, o. 21 March 1724, who, 
by virtue of an act of parliament, assumed the 
name of Bulkeley ; and d. March 1801. 

His lordship d, 18 March 1751, and was 
succeeded bv nis son. 

GEORGE-WILLIAM, 6th earl, 6. 26 
Anril 1722, m. 1st, 5 March 1752. Maria, 
eldest da. of John Gunning, of Castle-Coote, 
CO. Roscommon, esq. (by Bridget, da. of The- 
obald Bourke, 6th viscount Mavo,) and siirter 
to Elizabeth, late duchess of Hamilton, and 
baroness of Hamilton in her own right, and 
by her (who d. 30 Sept. 1760) had issue, 

1. Euzabeth-Anne, d. Aug. 1756. 

2. Mary- Alicia, 6. 9 Dec. 1754, m. 25 
June 1777, sir Andrew Baynton, hart, (which 
marriage was dissolved by act of parhament 
in June 1783), and d. 8 Jan. 1784. 

3. Anne-Margaret, 6. March 1757, m. 1st, 
20 Oct, 1778, the hon. Edward Foley, 2d son 
of Thomas, lord Foley (which marriage was 
dissolved by act of parliament in May 1787) ; 
and 2dly, 15 Julv 1788, capt. Samuel Wright. 

4. George-William, 7th earl. 

The earl m. 2dly, 27 Sept. 1764, Barbara St 
John. da. of John, 10th lord St. John, of Bletso, 
by wnom (who d. 21 Nov. 1804) he had issue, 

5. John, 6. 20 July 1766. d, 12 Nov. 1829, 
m. Ist^ 1788, Miss Anne Clayton, by whom 
(who IS deceased) he had issue, 

1. Frederick, 6. 4 Feb. 1791, m. 17 Oct. 
1819. Louisa, only da. of sir Henry 
Halford, hart, and has issue, 

1. Frederick, 6. 6 Sept 1820. 

2. Barbara- Louisa, b. 2 Jan 1822. 

3. Louisa-Caroline-Josephine, b. 3 
July 1823. 

4. Matilda-Barbara, b, 19 March 

5. St. John. b. 5 Jan. 1828. 

2. John, 6. 14 April 1793^ m. Elisabeth, 
da. of the rev. M. Wilson, and has 


1. Anne, d. 15 Dec. 1836, act 20. 

2. John ; 3. Jane ; 4. William. 



5. Chulea-Fanner, b. tS Aug. 18U. 

6. A dk. A. 8 March 183!. 

3. Caroline, 6. 27 Sept. 1789, m. S5 June 
18S4, Hugh MaUett, of Aah Houae, co. 
DeTon, em. 

4. Anne, b. 1795, m. 17 July 18!3, her 
cotuio, Thomu-Williun Coreatrj, esq. 

The boD. John CoTentrj, m. SdlT. Aug. 
1809, Auna-Maru, id Ak, of Fraocis Etm, of 
Clifford Pl&ce, co. Hereford, eaq. and relict of 
Ebeneter Pope, esq. (who d. SB March 1837). 
6. Thokas-VVilliah, b. !4 Dec. 1778, d. 
AprQ 181G, haTini; n. Miju Clarke, and hj her 
(who d. Dec. 1806) had, 

1. Thomas- William, bamiler-at-lav, m. 
17 JdIj 18S3, hii couno Anne, id da. 
of the hon. John CotedIi?, and hii 

i. Auguata-EleanoT. h. 1 March 1S30, 
George- Edward Pocock, esq. eldest sou 
of sir George Pocock, bart. 

3. Julia-Catherine, m. id Aug. 1BX5, Au- 
gustus Pocock, esq. Sd ion of sir George 

. Pocock, ban. and d. 9 Oct. 1826. 

4. Laura, d. nam. 31 JuIt IBST. 

The earl d. 3 Sept 1809, and vas suooeeded 

GEOnbE- WILLI AH, Tlh eail, b. ta 
AprU 1758, ™. l»t,18 March 1777, UdyCathe- 
rine Ilenle;, da. of Robert, lit earl of Nor- 
thington, and bj her (who d. 9 Jan, 1779) had 
DO issue. The earl m. tdljr, 10 Jan. 1783, 
Peggy, Xi da. and co-h, of sir Abraham Pit- 
ches, of StreathaiD, co. Surrey, kot. and by 
her (who d. 15 Jan. 1840) had uwue, 

1. Gijy 


I, Bthei 

i, b. n Sept. 1785, ™. 
16 May 1B06, major-gen. air WiUoiurhby Cot- 
— ■"■■■ idK.C.H. 

m. ir Feb. 1807, H.-W. Bamea, of Rciexe. 
CO. Surrey, eeq. 

4. EiitLT-EijuuTB, ^ an inbot 17 May 

5. JoRR, b. 30 Jane 1789. 

6. Tuaius-HEMRT,iJ.aniiiEtnt Sept. 1791. 

7. Tll()H«>-HaNav, b. 18 Sept. 179*. 

8. Jam-Ehilv, b. 3 June 17M, il 3 June 
1838, Jamei Goding, eeq. 

9. WiLu*M-J*»Es, 4. t Jan. 1797, m. t6 
July IBM, MaiT, da. of Jima L^, of Ja- 
maica, esq. and hai iimie, 

1. Eleanor-Julia, b. 5 Jane 1813. 
t. Frederiea-Mary, b. 6 Feb. 18*5. 

3. William-George, b. b Sept. 18«e. 

4. Gilbert-Tbomaa, b. « Apnl IBtS, d. 
AprU 1830. 

5. Heni7-Williain, (. S4 Dec. 18S9. 

6. Barbara- Frederica-Beaujolaia, b. 13 
Feb. 183«. 

7. A do. stiU-bom, 14 May 1835. 

8. A SOD, b. 38 Ainil 1837. 

9. A SOD, still-born, 19 July 1839. 

10. Bahsaba, b. IS July 1799, ■. 23 July 
1818, Alexander-Charles Crawfiird, eaq. only 
Bon of sir James C. of Kilbimer, but. : and 
it. 4 SepL 1838. 

11. Sophia, ft. 30 No>. 1801; «. lst,S June 
81, air Boger Gresley, bart. who d. U Oet- 


Tbe earl d. S6 Mareh lS3t, and was nic- 
ceeded by hia eldest ton, 

GEOBGE-WILLIAU, praent and 8th 

Heir Aypartnt — G EOBOi-WiLUAv, riscDO nt 
Deehhumt, eldest eon of the earl. 

Cruijinu — Viscount Deerhnrat, and E«ri of 
Corenuy, 36 April 1697. 

HENRY WELLESLEY, Baron COWLEY, of Wellealey, in the co. of Somer- 
aet; ao created 31 Jan. IS38,P.C. BndG.C.B.; 
late Arobaaaador Extraordinary and Miniater 
Plenipotentiary at the Court of France; bom 
2U Jan. 1773 ; married, iBl, 2» Sept. 1803, lady 
CbaHotte CadogHD, 2d da. of Charlea-Sloane, 
Ist earl Cadogan, and by her (bia marriage 
with whom was djeaolved by act of parliament 
IHIO, and she rt-m. the marqueaa of AnKlesey) 

be bad issue, 1. HENRY-RICHAllD-F. 

secretary of legation at Stutgard, b. 17 July 
1604, ffi. 23 Oct. 1B33. OHHa-Cecilia, da. of 

Charlotte, baroness De Ros; 2. William, 

capt R.N. ; 3, Charlotte-Arbuthnot, b. 26 Jan. 1807, m. 17 May 1831, lord 

Robert GrosTenor, sod of the marquess of Weatminater; (. Gbrald, in holy 

orders. Hia lordship n. 3dly, 27 Feb. 1816. lady Oeorgiana-Charlotte -Augusta 
Cecil, eldest da, of James, lat marquess of Salisbury, and has issue, 6. Oeor- 
siANA-CHAHLOTTB'HARy, b. II June 1817. 



Akms — Quarterly : let and 4tliy gules, a cross argent, between twenty plates, five in each 
quarter, saltirewise, Wellesley ; 2d and 3d, or, a lion rampant gules, ducally gorged 
gold, Cowley. Crest^— Out of a duoal coronet or, a demi-Iion rampant gules, holdmg 
a spear erect proper, and thereon flowing a pennon argent, charged with the cross of St. 
Georse. Supporters — ^Two lions gules, ducally gorged, and chained or, and charged on 

fliA mr%tmi\Amr wrifh ttn AnnnlAf fntr AiiftnMtiwieut IM/vr>rrk__'' P/wvA nniini oaf tiAAOOaariiifn." 

the shoulder with an annulet for difference. 
Moreover one thing is necessary. 

Motto—'' Porrd unum est necessarium.' 

His lordship is the youngest son of the late 
earl of Momington, and brother of the duke 
of Wellington, the marquess WeUesley, and 
lord Marytx>rough. 

For deaeentf ue Marqutst Wsllesley. 
Heir Apparent — ^The hon. Henry-Ricuard- 
F. Wellesley, his lordship's eldest son. 
Creation — 21 Jan. 1828. 



Fordwich, Baron Cowper, of Wineham, and a 
Baronet of England and Nova Scotia ; (a Count 
of the Holy Roman Empire ;) bom 26 June 
1806; succeeded his father, Peter-Leopold- 
Louis-Francis, late earl, 21 June 1837 ; married, 
7 Oct. 1833, lady Anne Florence, eldest da. and 
co-h. of Thomas-Philip, earl De Grey, and has 


viscount Fordwich, 6. 11 Xune 1634; 2. 

Henry-Frederick, h, 18 April 1836 , 
Henri etta-Emily-Mary, h, 26 March 1838. 

Arms — ^Arrent, three martlets gules ; on a chief engrailed of the last three annulets or. 
Crest — ^A lion's jamh erased or, holding a cherry branch vert, fructed gules. Supporters 
— ^Twodun horses close cropped (except a tuft on the withers) and docked, a large blase 
down the face, a black list down the back, and three white feet, via. both hind and the 
near fore foot. Motto — *' Tuum est." It is your own. 

Sra William Cowpsr, of Ratling Court, 
CO. Kent, (2d son of John Cowper, alderman 
of London, and sheriff of that city 1551,) was 
created a hart. 4 March 1643: he was im- 
prisoned for his loyalty during tne usurpation, 
but survived the troubles, and d, 1664; his 
eldest son, John, having d. in his lifetime, and 
under confinement for loyalty, he was suc- 
ceeded by his grandson. 

Sir WiLUAM Cowper, 2d bait, who m. 
Sarah, da. of sir Samuel Holled, and had issue, 
two sons, 

1. Sir William, 1st earl. 

2. Spsvcbr, a judge of the common pleas, 
ancestor of a numerous family, and grand- 
father of William Cowper, the author of the 
Task, &e. 

Sir WILUAM COWPER, 1st earl Cow 
per, and 3d bart was appointed, 1707, lord 
nigh chancellor of Great Britain: he was also 
appointed lord high steward, 6 Feb. 1716, for 
the trial of the rebel lords. He m. 1st. Ju- 
dith, da. and heiress of sir Robert Booth, by 
whom (who d, April 1705) he had a son, d. 
young \ by his 2a wife. Sarah, da. of John 
Clavermg, esq. of Durnam, who d. 5 Feb. 

1. William, 2d earl. 

2. Spencer, dean of Durham, who, May 
1742, m. Dorothy, da. of Charles, 2d viscount 
Townshend, and d. without issue 25 March 
1774, and his lady in May 1779. 

3. Sarah, d. unm, Dec. 1758. 

4. Ann, m. 1731, James- fxlward Colleton, 
esq. and d. ft6 March 1750. 

The earl d. 10 Oct. 1732, and was succeeded 
by his eldest son, 

WILLIAM, 2d earl, b. 1709. m. 27 June 
1723, Henrietta, da. and co-h. of Henry, earl 
of Grantham, and by her (who d. 13 Oct. 
1747) he had issue, 

1. Caroline. 6. 20 June 1733, m. 24 July 
1753, Henry Seymour, esq. brother to £a- 
ward, duke of Somerset, and d. 3 June 1772. 

2. George-Nassau, 3d earl. 

His lordship m. 2dly, 1 May 1750, Georgiana* 
Caroline, da. of John, earl Granville, widow 
of John Spencer, esq. and mother to the Ist 
earl Spencer, by whom (who d. 21 Aug. 1780) 
he haa no issue ; the earl assumed the surname 
and arms of Clavering, in obedience to the 
will of — Clavering, esq. his mother's bro- 
ther, who left him his estate on that condition. 



ud decMiing 18 Sept. 1764, wu moeeeded 
bj- hu on!j «on, 

GEORGE-NASSAU, 3d mtI, b. 96 Aui. 
1T38 ; crested, 3 Jan. 1778, ■ count of iBe 

HolyRomanEmpireiiH. ! J. 
\t. of Fr - - - ■ 

Tbom (wbo d. M norence 5 

1. CEo'llGE-Al.'GL'STUS,4theU'L 

«. pET£ll-LEOPOLD-LoiIS-Fn*SClS,SthMrl. 

3. EDWABD-SptscER, 6. 16 Julj 1779, M.P. 
tor Hertford 1819; m. 23 ittj 1806, Cmllierine 

Simgett di. of ThDmBH-Much Phillippa, of 
ireudon Puk, co. l^iowEer, p«q. and d. tt 
Kice I Feb. IBiS; ud his widow n-n. 19 
Jin. 18*7, the rer. J.-II. Hamilton. 

The eu-l d. ■( Florence i2 Dec. 1789, uid 
wu succeeded by bis son, 

GEOHGE-AUGUSTUS, 4lh e«l, b. ei 
Aug. 1776, wbo, djins 18 Feb. 1799, unm. 
WM succeeded by his brother, 

CIS, 5th ewl, ft. 6 May 1770, m. SI July 
1805, the hon. Emilj-Marj Lamb, da. of Pe- 

niatoD, Tiaoount Melbonme, br wbom (wbo 
Tt-m. 16 Dec. 1839, Hen^-John, Tiaoount 
Palmerston ) he had laaoe, 

S. E«lI.Y-C*I.OLlSt-CirMElllNE-F«.KCES, 

b. 6 tint, IBIO, oi. 9 June 1830, Anthony, 
lord Ashley, eldest sou of the earl of Sbkltes- 

3. Wn 
of the o 

raa in waitiair I 

.-c£> b. 11 D«c. 1811, one 
I of Greenwich Hospital, a 
> ber majestj, aDd M.P. 

■s legation at Horeice, b. 9 June 1816. 

je»tJ„ - 

5. FstNCEs-r-u 
The earl d. 31 Jur 
by his eldest son, 

GEonoe-AuOLtrvs-FaEoiRici, preseat and 

Htir Appamt — Viscount Fordwicb, the 

Cnotiinu — Baronet of England, 4 March 
164!; Baron, 14 Dec. 1706; Viaoount and 
Earl, 18 March 1718. 


Roxburgh; bom 12 Aug. 1809; aucceedcd bit father, Jamea-Edward, the late 
lord, 5 Sept. 1819. 

ARM! — Gules, three cranes argent. Catsr 
— A crane sleeping with the head under 
the wing, the deiler claw lifted up and 

a lady, richly habited, her head adorned 
witb feathera, and holding in her right 
band a bunch of atrawberies. SiaiUtr, a 
buck proper. Motto — Thou shall want 

rieston, waacapt. of the guards to king Jamea 
VI. aod by him created IT Kdt. 1609, baron 
CroRilauii ; ■. Ssrah, eldest da. and co-h. of 
John Cranitonn, of Cranaloon, and bad iiiue, 

1. John, Sd loirl. 

S. J«MEa, btber (by Eliaabeth, da. of 
Francia Stewart, earl of Bothwell, bia id 
wife) of 

WiLUAK, 3d lord. 
He d. 1617, aod was sacceoded by lua oUeat 


WILLIAM, 3d lord, wbo, attending king 
Charles II. to the battle of Worcener, 1651, 
was there taken prisoner, and lent to the 
Tower of London, where he nmaiDed aereral 
years, his estates being sequeatersd, and him- 
self excepted out of Cromwell's iudeninitT; 
he «. Mary Leflle;, da. of Alexander lit earl 
ofLeTen, and had a son, 

JAMES, 4th lord, «. Anne, da. of sir 
Alexander Don, of Newton, bart. and by 

1. James, 6lh lord. 

2. W1I.M.IH, m. Anne, sister of air David 
Murray, of Stanhope, hart, and d, V5i. 

3. Charles, d.uRsi. 

4. Geoboe, m. Maria, da. of Thomaa Bris- 
bane, esq. and d, SO Dec. 1788, learing issue 
by her, (who d. 27 Oct. 1807,) 

1. Henry, m. 1st, Christina, da. of — 
Smart, esq. by whom be had iasoe; and 
Idly, 11 Oct. 1803, Mary.Anne, da. and 
co-h. of sir John Whilefoord, ban. 

t. George, a lord of aesnon in Sootland, 
by the title of lord Corehouae. 


a. 15 Feb. 1780, 




4. Jane- Anne, m. tS June 1797, Godfrey 
Winceslaus, count Furgstall, a Stirian 

5. Helen D'Arcy, m. 26 July 1790, Dou- 

fald Stewart, of Catrine, who d, 11 
une 1828. 

5. Anne, m, Gabriel Selby, of Paaton, co. 

6. Jean, d, unm, 1796. 

7. Mary, m. Archibald Merget, esq. 

Hifl lordship d. April 1768, and was succeeded 
by his eldest son, 

JAMES, 6th lord, m. Sophia, da. of Jere- 
miah Brown, esq. by whom (who m. 2dly, 
10 Not. 1775, Michael Lade, esq. and d, 26 
Oct. 1779) he had issue, 

1. WiLUAM, 7th lord. 

S. Brown, a. 1754. 

S. James, 8th lord. 

4. Charles, m. Elizabeth Turner, and by 
her (who d. 22 Feb. 1781^ had issue, 

James-Edmund, 9th lord. 

5. George, col. in the army, d, at Surinam 
8 March 1806, unm, 

6. EuzABETH, 6. Sept. 1751. 

7. Charlotte, d. 31 March 1764. 

His lordship d, 4 July 1773, and was succeeded 
by his son, 

WILLIAM, 7th lord, h. 3 Sept. 1749, /i. 
unm. 1 Aug. 1778, and was succeeded by his 

JAMES, 8th lord, governor of Grenada, 
capL R.N. He commanded the Belliqueux, 
of 64 euns, in the engagement between or 
Samuel Hood, 1st viscount Hood, K.B. and 
Comte de Grasse. 25 and 26 Jan. 1782, and 
received the thauEs of both houses of parlia- 
ment for his distinguished eallantry, 17 June 
1795: m. 19 Aug. 1792, Elizabeth, youngest 
da. of Lewis-Charles MontoUeu, sister of lady 
Elibank and lady Burges, and by her (who a. 
22 Feb. 1814) had no issue. His lordship d, 
21 Sept. 1796, and was succeeded by his ne- 

Ja'mES-EDMUND, 9th lord. m. 25 Aug. 
1807, Anna-Linnington, eldest aa. of John 
Macnamara, of the Island of St Christopher, 
esa. and had issue. 

1. A DA. b, 15 Aug. 1808, (2ee. 

2. James-Edward, 10th lord. 

3. Eliza-Linninoton, 6. 15 Aug. 1812, m. 
24 Feb. 1838, Richard Ford, of Heavitree, co. 
Devon, esq. 

4. CTharles-Frederice, b. 1813. 

5.' Anna-Caroline, 6. 23 Dec. 1812. 
His lordship d, 5 Sept 1818, and was succeeded 
by his only son, 

JAMES-EDWARD, present and 10th 

Heir Presumptive — His lordship's brother, 
hon. Charles-Frederick Cranstoun. 

Crsfltiiwi— 17 Nov. 1609. 


WILLIAM CRAVEN, Earl of CRAVEN, co. York, Viscount Uffington, and 

Baron Craven, of Hempstead Marshal, co. 
Berks; bom IS July 1809; succeeded his 
father, William, late earl, 30 July 1825; mar- 
ried, 5 Sept. 1835, lady Emily-Mary, 2d da. of 
James- Walter, earl of Verulam, and has issue, 

1. Elizabeth-Charlotte- Louisa, b, July 

DERICK, viscount Uffington, h, 24 Aug. 1838; 
— ^-d. a DA. h, 9 Dec. 1839. 

Arms — Argent, a fesse hetween six cross crosslets 
fitch^ ^ules. Crest — On a cha|>eau gules, turned 
up ermme, a griffin statant, wings elevated er- 
mine, beaked and membered or. Supporters — ^Two griffins, wings elevated ermine, 
beaked and membered or. Motto—'' Virtus in actione oonsistit." Virtue consists in 

Sir Wiluam Craven, knt. lord mayor of 
London, 1611, left issue, William Craven, 
odebrated for his gallantry under Gustavus 
Adolphiis, long of Bweden ; he was created 
bsxon Craven 1625, and earl of Craven, and 
viseoBiit UfintfUm, 1664. hj a patent, 11 
Dee. 1665, the Mronj of Chiven was limited, 
in the ev«nt of dk^ 'earl's death without issue, 
to sir William Craven, great-grandson of 
Henry Craven, nncle of the lord mayor ; pur- 
suant to which limitation, on the death ot the 
early 1697, the banmy devolved on 

William, 3d lord Craven, (eldest son of 
the said sir William, who d, 1695,) m. Eliza- 
beth, da. of Humberstone Skipwith, esq« and 
dving 9 Oct. 1711, was succeed^